dear yoi or killing stalking fandom,

there is literally no similarities between these two stories. One is about ice skating and fluffy shit, while the other is about psychological and physical abuse plus angst and terrifying shit. And if your argument to defend the correlation is, “well they both have a canon gay couple!”. Please go fuck yourself, ok thats a little mean but honestly if that’s all you look for in shows then youre not watching the right ones. Yoi is more than the relationship between viktor and yuuri, it’s a fucking sports anime not a yaoi. Sure it has a gay canon couple, but dont let that take away from what the anime really is about. And Killing stalking is about wayyyy more than having a “canon gay couple”, which honestly i dont even really consider them a couple. for heavens fucking sake one of them abuses the other and the other is in constant fear of his life. This manga isnt supposed to be lovey dovey and shit, its supposed to keep you on ur toes and thrill you. 

So again i say, if the only similarity you see between Killing Stalking and Yuuri on Ice is the gay part, then you can go promptly fuck urselves :)

(also i feel like everyone is just gonna keep doing this not always bc of the gay part, but bc its now sorta ironic? if that makes sense)