BTS reaction to looking at your sketch book


Jin would be excited to look through your sketchbook with you. He would carefully turn the pages and his eyes would constantly be moving so he wouldn’t miss a single detail. When you both were finished, he gave a silly smile. “I know something really handsome you can draw!” He laughed, blowing a kiss.

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Yoongi would feel honoured that you let him see your sketchbook. He knew it was almost like a window into the artist’s heart. He had a small gummy smile as he looked at the pages, studying every single stroke of the pencil you made on the white paper. “Baby…Thank you for trusting me enough to look at your drawings. They’re amazing.” Yoongi murmured, still smiling happily.

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Hoseok would be super excited that he got to look through your sketchbook finally. With a huge smile, he looked at all your different works in astonishment. As he glanced through, he turned the page to a particularly special piece you had made. Once re realized, his face lit up brighter than sunshine. “Ahhhh…Y/N!!! Is this me!? This is so good!” Hobi admired it for a moment longer then pulled you into a warm hug.

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While you were out in the kitchen getting yourself a drink, Namjoon noticed your sketch book open on a work in progress. He stood and looked at it for a while, impressed by how well everything was put together on the page. When you came back, he gave you a smile. “I really like that, baby. Where did you get the idea for that?” Once he asked that, you both sat talking about its meaning and the meaning of your other works for hours.

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You were sat drawing on the couch comfortably, wrapped in a velvet-feeling blanket. Jimin noticed, and quickly cuddled up to you so he could watch. He always loved to watch you draw every once in a while. His eyes followed the movement of your hand as you drew. To him it seemed so flawless. “You make it look so easy.” He’s say, laughing a little bit. “Can we look at the other ones in your book, too, princess?” Jimin questioned, giving you big puppy dog eyes.

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Tae saw your sketchbook laying on the sidetable next to your bed. He couldn’t help himself. he just had to take a peek. He was just so curious about the things you drew. He opened the book, and as he studied all of the drawings the pages held, his eyes grew wide. He was so engrossed by your art, he didn’t notice you standing in the door way watching him. You let out a fake cough, which made Taehyung jump and almost drop the book. “A-ah! Jagi! I-I’m sorry! I couldn’t help myself… but these are so good! How do you do this!?”

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Jungkook was happy you let him look at your art. He knew you were a little nervous about it, but he didn’t know why. As soon as he saw the first page, he knew the rest of the pages would be filled with masterpieces. He looked at you and smiled his signature bunny smile. “I love them! Maybe… we could draw something together sometime? Maybe something for ARMY?” He loved that you both had something that you two could share that was so special to you two.

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When you and Rocky kiss for the first time

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okay but like can we talk about how rocky is also my bias wrecker because like astro is 99% bias wreckers and 1% bias like??? WHY???

Words: 883

Fluff all the way yasss this is 201% fluff you guys

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”Hi,” Minhyuk smiled widely, looking at you.

“Hi,” you greeted him and opened the door you were holding a little bit more so he could enter your apartment.

“I brought these,” he said, lifting a plastic bag, probably filled with snacks.

You smiled widely. “Nice,” he gave you the bag and you left him in the hallway and went into the kitchen.

“Wow,” you exhaled, looking at all the things he had bought. “Are you sure you didn’t need to rob a bank to buy all this?”

He came in, chuckling. “I promise nothing.”

You nudged him while chuckling too when he stopped next to you.

“What are we watching tonight?” he asked.

“I was thinking superhero movies,” you said, taking the snacks out of the plastic bag.

He smiled at your statement. “Sounds nice,” he helped you with the snacks.

You went into the living room after grabbing a few cans of soda and a few bottles of water from the fridge. You laid all your snacks and drinks on the small table in front of the sofa and sat down on the sofa. Minhyuk did the same and sat down next to you.

“Come on,” you said. “He’s pretty handsome.”

Minhyuk shook his head. “I beg to differ,” he gave you a look. “What’s so great about a blonde man with a huge hammer?”

“Look at his eyes!” you pointed at the TV.

“Mine are prettier,” he said.

“Well, yeah, but he’s still handsome,” you argued.

You looked at each other, you both wanted to have the last word in this playful, silly argument.

“Admit it,” you said, narrowing your eyes.

“Never,” he said, narrowing his eyes.

You nudged him and he did the same. You kept nudging each other for quite a bit until it turned into a pillow fight.

“Yah!” you yelled when he chased you around the sofa, holding the biggest pillow you had. “That’s unfair!”

“No it’s not!” he said, not giving up.

You pouted. “You’re going to hurt me!”

He lowered the pillow and threw it on the sofa, looking somewhat apologetic. “Sorry, I didn’t think about that.”

You acted like you accepted his apology for a bit before grabbing the pillow with an evil smile. “Ha!” you laughed, holding the huge pillow up.

“I knew you would do that!” he said, grabbing a smaller pillow.

“Then why did you give it to me?” you asked, proud of yourself for getting the pillow.

“Because you are my weakness,” he said, making you both cringe at the cheesiness.

“Okay, look,” he approached you carefully. “Let’s make peace?” he reached out his hand.

You looked at him for a bit before sighing and grabbing his hand to shake it.

“Throw that away please,” he said, looking at the big pillow you were holding with your other hand.

“You throw yours first,” you said and he obeyed immediately. You threw yours away too. You tried to make him let go of your hand that he was still holding but he didn’t let go.

“Ha!” he pulled you closer and wrapped his arms around you tightly.

“Hey!” you whined, trying to break away from him but he didn’t budge.

“Got you,” he grinned and you looked at him with a pout.

“You’re so sly,” you said.

“Sorry,” he chuckled but didn’t let go.

“Come on, let go of me already, please?”

“I’ll never let go,” he said and you cringed, making him chuckle a little. “Sorry,” he apologized, amused, and let go of you.

“I’ll go get some more soda,” you said and walked away, into the kitchen. You opened the fridge and took a can of soda out. Minhyuk came into the kitchen too but you didn’t notice him until you shut the fridge’s door and turned around. He made you stand against the cool fridge.

“What now?” you asked, surprised.

He smiled a little before leaning closer and kissing you. It was a gentle, sweet and warm kiss. It was the first kiss between you two so it felt really special to you.

You couldn’t help but giggle when he pulled away.

“What?” he asked, amused.

“Nothing,” you said, blushing.

“Why are you lying? What is it?” he questioned.

You looked at the can of soda in your hands because you were nervous.


You just smiled.

“You liked it that much?” he was amused by the sudden change in your behavior.

“It was okay,” you walked away, unable to stand so close to him any longer. He followed you.

“Okay?” he asked with disbelief.

“Yeah,” you couldn’t help but smile at the thought ‘we just kissed’.

“Come here,” he chuckled when you put the soda on the small table in the living room. He grabbed your arm and pulled you closer gently. This time you dared to look at him.

“Are you shy?” he asked with a smile.

“No,” you lied, forcing yourself to look at him.

“Yeah, and you are as red as a strawberry for no reason,” he pointed out, making you put your hands on your cheeks.

“It’s not my fault, you kissed me out of nowhere,” you mumbled.

“Is it a bad thing?” he asked.

“No,” you said.

“Good,” he grinned and then leaned in to kiss you again.

Only yours - Nash Grier Imagine (smut)


[Y/N - ‘your name’]


I’m getting dressed to go to a party with some of my friends and my boyfriend Nash Grier. The only reason we were even invited to Bethany’s house party, was due to Nash being the schools best quarter-back.

“Y/n are you finished yet? We have to go in like five minutes!” Rachel (A/n: I decided to name some people so it’s not too confusing) called from downstairs.

“I am ready I just need to make sure I look good tonight, I want Nash to think I look sexy, not cute and innocent like always!” I yelled back at her so she could hear.

“Jeez I’m not deaf, I’m outside your room right now, there’s no need to yell.”

“Whoops, sorry, and come in I need you to tell me if I look good or not.”

Rachel opened the door, only to stare at you in shock.

“What? Is the dress too much? Should I change into something not so risqué?” I was freaking out thinking all the bad possibilities. What if I don’t look good? What if it’s all too much?

“No, no, it’s just-” she took a second to look me up and down, noticing my tight mid-thigh red dress stuck to me like a second skin (and made my ass look good, if I do say so myself) and the long sleeves made it look better as it was a low-cut dress, my black pumps made me taller almost the same height as Nash himself, “-you look hot. God you clean up nice! You look hot in that dress and those heels, don’t get me started on the heels!” She clapped her hands like a child on Christmas.

“Why thank you, didn’t think someone seeming to be as innocent as me could look this good, right?” We giggled and looked in the mirror for a final check up.

I put my hair out and curled it into loose curls. I put the last touches of my makeup as I did a smokey eye, with a subtle eyeliner and put on some nude pink colouring lip balm to finish off the look.

*ding dong*

“Okay the boys are here, how do I look?” My best friend asked as a nervous expression took over her natural features.

“You look hot, trust me, Cameron’s going to be blown away!” She gave me a nervous smile as we descended down the stairs.

Once we reached the door we both looked over at each other. I gave her a reassuring thumbs up. She opened the door to reveal a handsome Nash Grier wearing a black long sleeved top with a silver long necklace handing loosely around his neck, black skinny jeans with cuts on the knees and black vans, his hair looking naturally perfect, way better than mine to be honest. And a bad-ass looking Cameron sporting a black denim-like vest, a white t-shirt, black skinny jeans with a cut in one knee and black vans also.

“Hello ladies, my you do look ravishing!” Cameron exclaimed with a bad British accent. Whilst Nash couldn’t get his eyes of me, his mouth hanging open and his eyes wandering my body, looking me up and down. Cameron, noticing Nash’s quietness, nudged his friend back into reality.

“Wha-uh y/n you look-”, his eyes checking me out intensely, “-beautiful as always.” I blushed at his stuttering and walked outside, closing the door behind me.

“Why thank you Hamilton, you do look very good if I do say so myself,” I whispered into his ear as we made our way to Cameron’s car.

“The dress may look hot, but it’ll look stunning laying on the floor,” I whacked his arm causing him to chuckle. I blushed a deep crimson and hid my face behind my hair.

Once we made it to the party, all we could see were sweaty bodies grinding everywhere. Cameron and Rachel took off to get drinks leaving Nash and I in the middle of the dance floor, thankfully there was no awkward bodies rubbing against us.

I turned around and found Johnson making out with his girlfriend and Gilinsky taking shots. Rachel and Cameron were grinding on the far side of the house and Shawn leading his girlfriend upstairs with a devilish grin. Jacob and Bea were taking body shots and Aaron, Taylor and Matthew were in the pool outside. The others engaging themselves into any other activities they could find.

“So y/n, what’d you say we take a couple of shots and then make our way over to the dance floor huh?” I nodded letting Nash lead me over to where Gilinsky was filling up three shot glasses with what I presume to be, Vodka.

“Oi, Jack! Two shots here!” Nash yelled over the loud boom of the bass. Jack simply nodded and filled up two shot glasses and placed then right in front of us.

“There you go, don’t drink to much I may have put a little something in there for you two, aka my not-so-special mix of sprite, tequila and vodka!” Jack winked at me making me blush and Nash to clench his fists.

“Okay, come on Nash, on the count of three. One, two-” I looked over at Nash to see he was looking straight back at me, “-three,” we downed the shots, but I won due to me being able to unhinge by jaw like a snake (A/N if you get that reference I love you).

“Do you need a sippy cup Nashly?” I joked as he started dribbling the vodka due to him laughing too hard.

“Hilarious!” He shouted causing me to laugh. Nash just stared at me, smiling and grabbed my hand, leading me to the dance floor.

I started to dance to the beat of the music. But then it just turned to me grinding on Nash, whilst he held my hips.

“Oh god, y/n what you do to me,” Nash whispered in my ear as a low groan escaped him.

“I have no idea what your talking about,” I whispered back innocently. We were dancing for about five minutes, until Nash had to use the bathroom. I didn’t mind because I found Rachel and Cameron and started dancing with them. I was swaying my hips freely until I felt two hands touch my waist, but I knew for a fact they weren’t Nash’s.

I quickly spun around to be face to face with a drunk Gilinsky.

“Okay now Jack, why don’t you go sit over there and make out with Sadie instead?” I asked calmly. I didn’t want Nash to see, he seems to get really jealous and protective around me.

“No! I want to dance with you, cause you look hot!” He slurred his words making me laugh as he almost fell over saying the word hot.

“Oh come on now Jack, you don’t want to dance with me, look Sadie is telling you to come over to her!” I pointed at her, standing only a few feet away making eye-contact with Jack smiling widely.

“O-kay! Bye bye y/n!” He waved at me like a little kid and I couldn’t help myself giggle at the cuteness of it.

I turned around only to bump into a hard chest. I looked up, only to be face to face with Nash. He was red faced and had his hands balled up into fists by his side. His beautiful blue eyes, almost black in colour, staring intensely down at me.

“What were you doing with Jack? Did he touch you? Huh?” I smirked, jealous Nash is my favourite.

“We just danced that’s all,” I whispered into his ear so he could hear me better.

Nash roughly grabbed my hand and lead me to a vacant room upstairs.

I closed the door and had my back facing Nash.

“No one else gets to touch you like I do, you got that?” I nodded my head closing my eyes at his close proximity of my back. His warm breath fanning over my neck, causing goosebumps to rise.

Nash abruptly turning me around and slammed me against the wall, causing me to let out a loud gasp. His lips were on mine in a instant. My hands found there way into his hair, pulling at the brown roots, earning a moan from him. His large hand lifted me up and I wrapped my legs around him, his hands making there way to my ass, squeezing it. His tongue traced my bottom lips, asking me for entrance, I denied only for him to grab my ass harder causing me to gasp, letting his tongue in. His tongue exploring my mouth and meeting mine.

His mouth made its way to my jaw and neck sucking harshly at the skin, obviously leaving a rather large hickey.

He pulled me closer to him and found his way to the bed, tossing me carelessly on to it. His whole body hovered over me, he took off his top, throwing it away, showcasing his toned abs. My hands felt all the way up then ‘til they reached his head, yanking his head to reconnect his lips to mine. His mouth went back to my neck. He began leaving hungry trails of love bites from the top of my neck to my collarbones. He tugged at the bottom of my dress.

“This has to go,” he said in-between kisses. I lifted my self off the bed slightly giving him the chance to pull the dress over my head and throw across the room.

“Told you you’ll look better without it,” I smirked as his eyes widened at my matching white lace underwear. He looked back into my eyes and I saw the were a deep shade of blue. His hand made its way to my back and unhooked my bra, tossing the material on top of the dress.

His mouth began greedily sucking on my left breast and his right hand roughly massaging the other. My head shot back and my hands pulling more at the long hair. His mouth wandered from my cleavage to my stomach, leaving a trail of sloppy wet kisses. He reached the hem of my panties and looked back up at me, his eyes connecting with my own lust-filled ones. He took the white lace off, with his mouth. I moaned loudly at the erotic sight. Nash slowly licked a line from my entrance, right to my clit, flicking his tongue slightly, making me squirm underneath his teasing.

“Nash,” I moaned dragging out his name, “please.”

No more words were ushered as his mouth made its way onto my heat sucking and nibbling harshly. His tongue flicked my clit repeatedly causing my hips to buck up. A strong arm was placed on my hips to keep me still. I looked down only to see his blue eyes peaking up from behind my heat. I almost came at the sight. Suddenly his tongue made its way into my entrance, as his fingers began rubbing me. His tongue was darting in and out, his fingers rubbing faster. I moaned loudly. My orgasm approaching.

“N-Nash, I’m gonna c-cum!” I screamed the pleasure was overwhelming.

His tongue and fingers left me. My head shot up at him.

“Why’d you stop!?” I glared at him, he just chuckled.

“I was just warming you up, baby girl,” he ripped open a condom and put it on.

“Warming up for wha-” I was cut of as his dick slammed into me making me scream in pain and pleasure. No matter how many times we’d have sex, I’d never get used to his size. His head thrown back. A thin layer of sweat already forming.

“You’re so tight, baby girl! Who makes you feel this way? Huh? Say it, who?”

“Y-you do Nash!” I moaned the pleasure overwhelming.

“I want you to scream it baby girl. Whose cock makes you feel this good? Whose dick pumping in and out of you makes you moan loudly? Huh? Who’s tongue can make you cum in seconds? Who can give you the best orgasm of your life? Scream it baby girl!”

“NASH!” I screamed as my orgasm took over me and I came on his dick.

“F-fuck y/n!” He moaned my name as he came. We rode out each other’s climaxes.

Nash took off the condom throwing it away in the bin and collapsing next to me. He grabbed my waist and pulled me closer to him causing us to be spooning position. I giggled as he started kissing my neck softly, making me squirm in his arms.

“You’re mine, and only mine,” he breathed into my ear.

“Only yours.”

A/N: well that was a roller coaster, I thought I’d give you guys a small taste of my smut writing skills. If you want to see more smuts, just send request for them


Pairing: Castiel x Reader

Words: 1,352

A/N: this was fun to write - it’s where soulmates are real, and the possibilities don’t necessarily have to be human

Your tiny fingers clutched the soft blanket, pulling it higher up to your face. Your mother shut the lights off and the door began to shut before you squeaked up-

“Mama, who put the stars in the sky?”

Quietly she flicked on the nightlight, and a soft orange glow filled the room. She moved towards the window and drew back the thin curtain.

“Wow” you whispered, looking up at the million stars. “How did they get there?”

“Well some people say god put them there. Or maybe the angels helped him out” she smiled and tucked a stray hair behind your ear.

“The angels? They helped?” you asked, sitting up in your bed.

“Yes, they did. They scattered the stars across the sky just for you” she said and you giggled.

“How do you know it was more than one angel?”

“Maybe it wasn’t. Maybe there’s a special angel lighting up this world just for” she booped your nose, “you”.

Smiling you threw yourself back onto the pillow and kicked around a bit until you were satisfied with the blankets.


The smell of sharp whiskey and sizzling burgers hit your nose like a welcome home once you swung the bunker door open. Dean was biting into some huge contraption of a sandwich and you walked down the metal staircase before dropping your duffel.

“Hey” he greeted and you nodded, taking and pouring yourself a glass of the honey liquid.

“Tough hunt?” he took another bite.

“Wait ‘till you see Sam” you smirked and he looked up to see his brother walk through the door with a shirt coated in blood.

“It was only one werewolf!” Dean exclaimed, dropping his sandwich.

“Four!” you and Sam shouted at the same time. Dean pursed his lips and took a swig of his drink before continuing his meal.

“Nuh-uh” you said, grabbing it from his hands. “I deserve this” you took a big bite into it and watched the joy leave Dean’s eyes.

“Bitch” he muttered before disappearing into the kitchen. The sound of the stove igniting echoed through the bunker. Quickly you walked to your room and changed into pajamas, waiting for Sam to shower so you could start another movie marathon.

“Oh and Y/N!” Dean’s shouted into the halls.

“What?” you swung your door open and stuck your head out.

“Cas is coming, he has some information about Crowley!”

“Cas as in Castiel?” you shouted back and heard some sort of grunt in reply. You’d never met the angel before. It was either you were on a hunt, in your room, or asleep - you never got to actually meet him.

Hours later your fingers were coated in butter and your eyes stuck to the screen. Dean continuously tossed chips at you until you chucked the remote at him. Sam was fast asleep next to you and finally the credits began to roll.

“Not bad” Dean stretched and yawned.

“I like when-” you were cut off by a strange noise and immediately stood up, punching Sam so he’d wake up.

“What the hell was that?” you asked, peering into the library.

“Calm down, it’s just Cas”

“Cas?” you began, following Dean towards the war room. “He makes that noise whenever he-”

Your eyes couldn’t decide where to land. “Oh” you muttered, “I got it” you said, looking at his wings tucked neatly behind his back.

“What?” Sam asked, walking in behind you.

“You must be Y/N” he reached out a hand awkwardly, something the brothers must have taught him.

“I don’t think you want to shake my hand” you wiggled your fingers, “All butter-y” you said. He let out a soft laugh and his blue eyes locked on yours. You continued to look behind him, at the top of his wings. They were black as night with dark blue shining off the edges.

“Something up with your neck?” Dean scoffed and you rolled your eyes, retreating into the kitchen to wash your hands.

How could the boys not be distracted by the sheer mass of the man? His presence filled the entire room with this incredible comfort you couldn’t put into words. Castiel was practically glowing.


Leaning back in your seat you reached for another glass, trying to focus on what they were discussing.

“What do you think, Y/N?” Sam turned to you and you snapped your attention upwards.

“Uh, yeah. Good idea” you said and they all nodded in agreement. You exhaled and took another sip.

“I need some air” you said, pushing yourself back from the table. Some cool air normally sobered you up.

“Cas, why don’t you go with her?” Dean suggested.

“Alright” he said and walked in front of you. Slowly he took a seat on the bunkers front steps, the stone was cold beneath you.

You looked up at the stars and a laugh bubbled up from your throat.

“What happened?” Castiel asked, his blue eyes shining in the starlight.

“It’s just funny. My mother used to tell me that an angel scattered the stars in the sky just for me. And well, you’re an angel. I never dreamed I’d meet one” you said, and took another look at his wings to assure yourself you weren’t dreaming.

“Your mother was correct” he said and you furrowed your brows. “I scattered them. My brother Michael began the job, but after a few million he said it was enough. But I didn’t think it was bright enough and so I threw them across the galaxies. That way the humans could see in the dark” he said and you stared at him, wide eyed and mesmerized.

“Just for me” you whispered and he smiled.

Crickets sounded in the high grass, and little fireflies began flying in the night sky. You wrapped your arms around yourself and looked at Castiel.

“Your wings must be exhausted from all that work” you commented, inching closer to him.

“What?” he turned to you fast. Castiel squinted his eyes at you and tucked his wings further into his back.

“From scattering the stars? I mean the miles you must’ve flow-”

“No. My wings. You are able to see them?”

“Well, yeah. Can’t Sam and Dean?” you asked and he slowly nodded his head no. He clasped his hands together, then apart, then together.

“I don’t understand” you said quietly, tilting your head.

“Have you ever heard of soulmates?”

“Yes, but-”

“Well my father, your God, designated a soulmate for each human. And in the rare case that a humans soul was pure and beautiful and only inclined towards good, that meant their true soulmate is an angel” he explained, but questions still swirled in your mind.

“You can see my wings,” he continued, “That’s the sign. You are my soulmate, as I am yours” he said. He reached out a hand to you and you clasped it tight. You couldn’t deny the feeling of security swelling up inside you.

“Can I?” you motioned towards his wings and he nodded. You ran your fingers through them, and a moan like sound escaped his lips. Giggling you rested your head on his shoulder.

“I’m that good, huh?”

Castiel laughed and ducked his head down. “They are very sensitive” he said.

You looked up at him and nestled further into his shoulder. A secret the two of you held felt so special you could hardly contain it.

“Are your lips that sensitive too?” you asked and he looked confused, shocked actually.

“I don’t understand”

You smirked and leaned forward, pressing your lips to his. Instinctively he cupped your face in his hand, pulling you in closer with the other. You moved slowly with him, practically feeling your lips swelling up. You ran your hands up through his hair and back down to hold his neck.

He pulled away and stared wonderingly into your eyes. You smiled and pressed your nose to his, every breath felt on the others lips. You reached behind him and ran your fingers gently down the sides of his wings, feeling him exhale deeply while you did. Castiel glanced towards the sky, and you followed his eyes, staring up at the stars you were promised. 

The ones that were lit just for you. 

Constant Interruptions

Pairing: Klaus/Asana

Requested: @thenatlovesyou

Summary: As a doctor, Asana is helping Amelia through her pregnancy and has wanted to bring the topic up with Klaus for some time. Each time she tries to talk about it with him, she is interrupted and eventually they have a fight. Klaus, upset that Asana can easily talk to her friends about important things but is scared when she comes to talk to him. 

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Alright so what if after the only other two people other than Marinette and Adrien (Rose and Ivan) get akumatized, someone becomes an akuma a g a i n and people are like, wait, what about those two. Or literally everyone else has and they just look at Marinette and Adrien and they're kind of angry and jealous

I’m still waiting for the day everyone in the class has been akumatized, and everyone’s casually talking about it? “Do you guys remember Hawkmoth’s voice?” or like “I have pictures of me as an akuma, it’s awesome” When they all realize the only ones missing are Adrien and Marinette, so they’re like “What makes you two so special?” and both are like “?????? (shrug)” so Adrien and Marinette kinda drift away from the group. 

Adrien strikes up a conversation, though; that they’re very lucky they haven’t been targeted, and they’re both like, laughing awkwardly? Bless.