When all your friends are posting pics with their significant other for Valentine’s Day but you’re still single

The One With The Interruption
  • *221B*
  • John: *knocks on Sherlock's bedroom door*
  • Sherlock: *in a sexy voice* Come iiiiin. I've been waiting for youuuuu.
  • John: *enters* Hey, I was just wondering- *shouting* for God's sake! *backs runs out in horror* what the hell are you doing?
  • Sherlock: *following, pulling on a dressing gown; annoyed* What does it look like? I was- I was taking a nap.
  • John: *averting his eyes* Since when do you take naps in that position? *groans* tPlease tell me you weren't waiting for me...
  • Sherlock: *frowns* Don't flatter yourself. I'm seeing someone from work *thinking* I'm seeing a woman from work!
  • John: *impressed* That really fit Hopkins woman?
  • Sherlock: ...
  • Sherlock: Sure.
  • John: *quickly* Well, in that case, just give me a second and I'll be out of your hair. I'll just get a jacket and when I get back, I don't want to know anything.
  • -knocking-
  • John: *grimaces* Maybe that's her... *approaches the door*
  • Sherlock: *panicking* Okay, umm...
  • John: *opens the door*
  • Sherlock: *relaxes* It's just Grant and Mycroft...
  • John: *frowns* I thought you two were at dinner?
  • Greg: Well, we were! But Mycroft was talking so loudly on his phone they told us to leave.
  • Mycroft: *texting* I had to talk loud because that awful music was loud!
  • Greg: *frowns* It was important.
  • Mycroft: *sighs* They'll be other meals, Gregory.
  • Greg: *narrows his eyes* You'll be lucky.
  • Molly: *entering, happily; flipping a bottle of champagne, giggling to herself*
  • Molly: *sees everyone; suddenly shy* *grins widely; falsely excited* I'm so glad you're all here! My lab finally got new scalpels!
lili & cole on betty & jughead

“But what I found when I was really diving in — because once we started putting Jughead and Betty together, I started diving into try and find out if that’s a narrative that even exists in the digests, and it turns out, it is. It’s a narrative that’s existed for a long time. There are a handful of digests in which Jughead would say things like ‘Oh, Betty, if I did like women I guarantee you would be the one I would marry outright. You are the best person around.’ He would say these things that are really romantic and cute with an appreciation for Betty and I think it’s become clear to me now that Roberto has taken off with that.” –cole 

“This is a new universe, this is a new take on Jughead, and he is this tortured damaged kid — this Holden Caulfield — who is looking for someone who can relate to him on a personal level and that narrative itself is also beautiful. While I think that [asexual] representation is needed, this Jughead is not that Jughead. This Jughead is not Zdarsky’s Jughead and this Jughead is not the aromantic Jughead. This Jughead is a person who is looking for a kind of deeper companionship with a person like Betty..and Betty ends up being this super nurturing, caring, catering person that with Jughead’s super screwed-up past they end up diving into each other and it ends up being a beautiful thing. How are people going to respond? Truthfully, they’re probably going to be quite incendiary about it at first. Do I think that’s ill-placed? No. Do I think they should give it a shot? Yeah, I do, because I think that after filming thirteen episodes, it makes sense to me and if it makes sense to me as the person who’s dumping so much time and so much argumentation into trying to represent Jughead correctly, it will make sense to other people as well.” –cole

It’s important to remember that — though Betty and Archie when they were younger were this cute couple — Jughead, Betty and Archie were the three childhood friends. So Betty knows Jughead probably just as well as Archie does in certain ways and she is also this sort of nostalgic force of what was once morally just. I do believe Jughead is absolutely obsessed with what was once Riverdale, and Betty still represents this morality and purity that he associates to this more ‘Peter Pan’-like childhood version of Riverdale. He finds great comfort in that and becomes easily accessible and resonates with him.” –cole

So there are a couple episodes — I won’t spoil too much — where you definitely get to see Jughead without a hat on, but we’ve saved it only for real vulnerable and personal moments. Yeah, you only see Jughead without his hat on in super vulnerable moments, because we kind of sold it as like his security blanket of sorts, and so – when he’s willing to take it off – it becomes this kind of special, vulnerable, personal thing. I think the first time he loses his hat is a moment with Betty.” –cole

“I’m really excited for people to see it. I hope their reaction is good. I mean, a lot of people– everyone has their own couple that they want to work on the show, but I think Betty and Jughead’s relationship as it progresses is really quite beautiful and they’re very supportive for one another, so I hope people appreciate that. And I think they will. Kind of all things aside, Jughead and Betty make each other happy.” –lili 

Jughead was this character that was very much searching for a comfort and companionship in other people, and he ended up finding that within this super nurturing, care-taking, loving figure that Betty Cooper has become. And I think it makes a lot of sense narratively, the way the show has taken place, that the two of them end up sort of teaming up and becoming this force of investigation and companionship. And, you know, it’s very much a– It’s something deeper and more romantic than what I think people are going to expect, which is nice.” –cole

I think Betty makes Jug happy… Brings out, you know, the happiness in him.” –lili    

“I think, in this show, he’s not a romantic and not asexual. I argued in the beginning, creatively, that he should be both, but in this show, he’s kind of a tortured youth that ends up finding a comfort and a resonance with another person who’s going through a lot of trauma. They end up forming this kind of beautiful, honest union, and I think that, to me, is a narrative that works with this universe of Jughead.” –cole

Betty and Jughead end up being a wonderful match.” –lili 

“I think Betty sees someone who genuinely cares for her and that’s not to say that Archie doesn’t, but I think Archie is preoccupied with other things and other women in his life. Jughead on the other hand is just dealing with his own family issues, which he doesn’t share with Betty until later on in the season. But he just really cares about Betty because she’s so lovable and I think he can’t help it. But Betty sees this genuine, outsider in him and she can relate because I think Betty feels like an outsider at times too. I think that is what draws her to him a little bit because they both don’t necessarily fit in.” –lili 

“I think they begin to learn a lot more about each other’s family histories and family life, especially when Betty finds out about Jughead’s homelessness and it’s kind of beautiful to see Betty accept Jughead’s past and conquer it with him.” –lili 

“Betty is best friends with Archie, which means she grew up with Jughead. They know each other, and they’re friends. Jughead is more outwardly dark and brooding, and Betty wishes she could be more like that. On the outside, they couldn’t be more different, but a lot of what Betty feels on the inside is what Jughead presents to the world — and that’s something that she hasn’t been able to do, out of pressure from her parents. She can’t present weakness to the world, and that’s what attracts her to Jughead. She’s attracted to his darkness because she relates to it. She feels like an outsider at the end of the day, which is why they make such a great pair. They’re both outsiders.” –lili 

I think that she can appreciate his moodiness and his darkness because she has that within her self as well and I think that Jughead is a very caring and passionate guy and Betty helps bring out that side of him.” – lili 

“They team up in that way — it starts with them working together, then their bond just gets closer. Jug helps Betty search for Polly, and she helps Jughead with [upcoming] family problems. It’s a beautiful friendship and maybe turns into something more.” –lili 

Jughead finds a kind of comfort in Betty, and Betty finds a comfort in Jughead that allows them to step outside of the shit in their private lives for a moment. They really end up exploring it across the episode, and well, it works. It does. Jughead really cherishes few people and when he does, he goes full throttle with it, and Betty is the same. They’re both looking for comfort… and they find it.” –cole

“I had sort of read it as, well, if Jughead can be a force of clarity in Betty’s life in that moment where she’s sort of hyperventilating and panicking – if his romance with Betty can be the thing that allows her to see clearly, that’s something I think he [would take] pride in.” –cole 

There is more than just a friendship there. It’s more than just platonic. But I think sex and being sexual is the last thing on both of their minds because they both obviously have a lot of family issues they’re dealing with. And even being sexual teenagers—again, they are more mature, while Archie is still stuck in that headspace. It just shows the different levels and the different maturities of the characters. At this point, Betty and Jughead are taking their time. That’s so much more satisfying to me as an audience member because it makes when they kiss so much more special.” –lili

When you put two passionate people together like that—especially when they’re trying to find Polly—a very intimate relationship comes out of it, and that’s what you see happens. In last week’s episode, Jughead was all about helping Betty. In tonight’s episode, Betty is all about helping Jughead. It’s a give and take, not one-sided, which may have happened in a less mature relationship.” –lili 

“They are pulled together because Betty keeps her darkness on the inside, and I think Jughead wears it on the outside. They are slowly drifting together because she’s attracted to his darkness and his ability to come to terms and live with his dark side, whereas she pushes it away. He doesn’t necessarily try to push his bright side away; it just doesn’t come out very often. I think Betty brings out that side in him.” –lili

“As a couple they– They’re like the investigative journalistic duo here, working at the Blue and Gold. And I think their relationship started off being the journalists, being the two detectives in the school, and then it kind of branched into something romantic for both of them.” –lili 

They compare themselves to Romeo and Juliet a couple times because he’s from the wrong side of the tracks and she’s the perfect girl next door. So I think there’s a star-crossed lover kind of aspect.” –lili 

“I think they’re both romantics, and being put in a situation where they’re solving a murder kind of brings you close to someone, and I think they have a deep appreciation for each other. I think it’s really, it’s real and it’s there.” –lili 

“I think in the following episodes, specifically episode 10, Bughead stops truly being like some sort of perfect, joyous thing; And the two of them start to investigate: Okay, can these personalities actually be compatible? Jughead is kind of the loner of Riverdale, and is intimidated by intimacy– and that gets explored. Betty’s this kind of person who’s outwardly striving for perfection, or people expect perfection of– and that also gets explored. And, so, it gets complicated, but understandable and real.” –cole 

“I think, from our show’s perspective– They’re both so opposite on the outside in their appearances, but they’re very similar on the inside. They’re both kind of these tortured souls in a way, don’t you think? So, I mean, they’re both kind of on the outside in a sense, and that’s what I think kind of brings them together a little bit.” –lili 

I think that similar passion was also the sort of thing that brought them close at the end of the day. I think there’s truth in that.” –cole 

lili on b*rchie & the love triangle 

“It’s more about the relationships between the characters. A lot of people go into this show thinking that this guy has to choose between these two girls, and that’s the plot of the show. But that’s very much not our show. These characters are working through real issues. The main plot point of Season 1 is Jason’s murder. It’s definitely not the love triangle. I don’t think there’s even that much of a love triangle. Betty has already accepted the fact that Archie doesn’t love her that way, and she knows you can’t force someone to think differently about you. She needs to move on.

Archie is such a mess! They’re just two people who are so much better off as friends, but she doesn’t realize it just yet. That’s OK. She’s young. She’ll realize it eventually.

“He’s a confused teenage boy. He doesn’t know what he wants, romantically or for his future. He’s just lost. She has sympathy for him, but she’s trying to protect him. At the end of the day, she doesn’t want him to get hurt or wrapped up in something dangerous. I think her opinion of him, as a person, doesn’t change, but her opinion of him, as a romantic figure in her life, changes. She grew up with him as a best friend, and when you grow up with a guy as a best friend when you’re a girl, it’s hard not to see yourselves becoming romantically involved. You’re like, “We’ve been best friends. Why don’t we just be together?” That’s what she thought. Maybe she wasn’t really in love with him. Maybe she just thought she was because it felt like the right thing to do. It wasn’t easy, but it was easier than you would think for her to get over the fact that they shouldn’t be together, romantically. She just had an idea in her head of the perfect couple that was Betty and Archie, but in reality, it wasn’t there and it wouldn’t have been as good.

“In the comic books, Archie just kind of picks between each girl every other day. No girl wants to watch a girl on television be pulled apart by a guy every which way. You want a girl who doesn’t let someone do that to her.

“No, I wouldn’t say that necessarily. I think there will always be the undertone of that famous love triangle, but for right now at this point in the season, Betty and Archie are kind of going off into their own little romantic endeavors instead of with each other.

It was important to us that Archie did not come between these girls. He does for a second, but the main goal of our show – and Roberto [Aguirre-Sacasa] talked about it beforehand – is that Archie is not going to stand between a friendship between these two girls who are destined to be best friends. They are classic frenemies, but on our show, they’re just friends. They just love and care about each other. Betty has a different love interest in the show. She comes to terms pretty fast with the fact that Archie doesn’t see her in a romantic way. She gets it and can’t be mad at him for not feeling a certain way about her. And she can’t get mad at Veronica for wanting to be with Archie ‘cause she gets how great of a guy he is. Veronica wasn’t intentionally trying to hurt Betty.” 

At first I thought, yeah of course they’re gonna end up together; at the end of the day, end of the series, that’s what’s right and what’s meant to happen. Now, I’m not so sure. I think Archie and Betty are so much better off as friends, and it’s kind of like when you’re so close to a person of the opposite sex, if things were to get romantic, it would feel so wrong.” 

K.J. is such a Betty and Archie [fan]! He wants them together!” 

“No, I feel like when he was introduced to the Archie story he was told Betty and Archie are endgame, so I think that’s what he sticks to and thinks must be the right thing. But you do see maybe some flares of jealousy; it comes with the territory when your best friend is with someone else. It’s like, “Who is this person?” It’s this territorial thing for your best friend.

Happy one year anniversary UNDERTALE !

Breakfast on the Patio

AN: Enjoy some early morning fluff.

Thanks to @whore4batfam for letting me write this.

It’s inspired by this post!

Early morning breakfasts are a tradition for you and Bruce. During the summers the two of you sit on the porch and talk quietly while Alfred works in the kitchen. The kids are typically still asleep, so the two of you enjoy the quiet and your special alone time together.

    Which is why, you’re more than a bit surprised when Damian storms out onto the patio. Your youngest wakes up early. It’s a fact of life. It is also a fact that he spends this time in the morning training. Setting down your orange juice, you and Bruce turn to face him. Before you can even ask what’s wrong, he shouts, “You need to have a baby!”

    You choke on nothing, and as you cough, Bruce’s hand pounds against your back. As the fit subsides you look up at your youngest, “Excuse me?”

    “I refuse to be the baby any longer. Grayson, Todd and Drake are constantly using it as an excuse to keep me away from things. I’m not allowed near Joker, because I’m the baby. I can’t drive the batmobile, because I’m the baby. No Damian, you can’t diffuse that bomb, you’re the baby!

    Your voice is hoarse as you say, “Damian … it’s not that simple.”

    He scoffs, “What are you talking about? Father adopted three children without you, and I’m the result of a drug induced one-night stand. How hard is it? Have a child together, adopt, I don’t care just as long as it is younger than me. Because I am done being the baby.”

    You watch him storm off and turn to your husband. He smirks at you, “Well that’s one way to ask for a younger sibling.”

You can feel a blush spreading to your cheeks, “Bruce!”

He smiles at you, and before you can blink he’s out of his seat and crouching in front of you, “Haven’t you ever thought about it? A little baby?”

You splutter for a few seconds, before finally saying, “Yes, but we’re super-heroes, and CEO’s. We don’t have time for a baby.”

    “Is there ever really a good time to have a baby?”

    “When you’re not constantly out until three am, and working nine hour days.”

    “We could take a step back.”

    You raise an eyebrow in questions, “We or I?”

    He meets your gaze, “We. With the boys around we have more than enough help protecting Gotham, and we could start working regular hours at the company.” You sink back into your seat. His voice is a whisper when he asks, “Have you really not thought about it?”

    You’d be lying if you said you hadn’t. You wanted a child, but you’d been unwilling to upset the balance of your boys. They were finally on good terms with Bruce, and Damian had always been one to be jealous. But at the same time, you yearned to hold that little baby in your arms.

    Almost as though he can see the gears turning in your head he asks, “Sweetheart, do you want to have a baby?”

    You smile, “I do.”

    He smiles, before kissing you.

    When you pull back you say, “Imagine Alfred’s reaction when we tell him.”

    “It’ll be quite Joyous Mrs. Wayne, I assure you.” You look over you shoulder to see the butler watching the two of you through the kitchen window. You roll your eyes, you were surrounded by snoops, and you were convinced Bruce came by it naturally.

    With a smile you say, “Let’s try for a baby.”

Flashes (Part 3)

Summary: Soulmate AU. “The fault, dear Brutus is not in our stars, / But in ourselves, that we are underlings.” - William Shakespeare (Julius Caesar)

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x reader

Word Count: 2,012

Warnings: language, fluff, angst, it’s actually kind of optimistic???

A/N: Well, I did it…at least I tried. The lovely @minervaem challenged me (sort of) to do an angsty story. I’m warning you now, it’s not gonna be pretty.

Reader has her first flash, and stumbles upon some intriguing information…

Part 1 - 2 - 3 - 4

Originally posted by rainy--blog

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anonymous asked:

Hiiii can you write one where you and H have been dating for years, you find one of your friends got engaged really soon and H says something like "when you know, you know" and you start to think he doesn't want to get married to you since it's been so long and get distant?

“Y/N, I have to tell you something!” your best friend who you’d known since what felt like forever exclaimed to you as soon as you picked up the phone. 

It was about midway through the day and you had just finished cleaning out your closet when your phone started ringing, as you were trying to be productive on your day off of work. Harry was at a meeting but was meant to be back within the next hour or so. 

“What is it?!” you responded, feeling excited already just because of the tone of excitement in your friend’s voice. 

“He finally proposed! Y/N I’m getting married!!!” she almost shrieked, forcing you to pull your phone slightly away from your ear in order to save your ear drum. And you couldn’t help that your first instinct upon hearing the news was for your face to fall and heart to race, and not out of joy. But you immediately picked yourself back up and responded to your friend with the same tone of excitement, sharing your congratulations to her and her husband-to-be. And you were so happy for her, for them, because this was your best friend from childhood and she meant so much to you and you knew her now-fiancee was perfect for her.  

But once you two had finally ended the conversation and you put your phone back down on the table, your expression immediately fell again as it had upon first hearing the news. Pulling out the chair at the kitchen table, you sat down and your mind immediately went to work.

You and Harry had been together for almost four years now, and nobody was getting any younger. You were easily at marrying age, and you’d known for awhile that you would be more than happy to spend the rest of your life with him. But he just never made a move, never even hinted at the idea of spending his life with you. You had secretly been hoping for the past few months, almost year now, that he would propose or at least bring up the idea of marriage. But still, nothing. And you didn’t want to bring it up because you were worried you’d freak him out and scare him off or something, not that he would just pick up and leave because you two were so close now and had such a special relationship…a relationship that seemed like it had naturally progressed to a place where marriage would be the next step. 

You were so lost in this train of thought that you didn’t even notice Harry coming in the front door, and you were startled when he walked through the doorway into the kitchen, a smile on his face. 

“Sorry babe, didn’t mean to scare you,” Harry smirked as he walked over to kiss your forehead before taking off his jacket and grabbing a glass of water.

“Mmm, it’s okay, just thinking,” you smiled halfheartedly as he sat down at the table across from you. 

“Oh, Y/N, the funniest thing happened today. So we went by the studio and there was this girl waiting outside and -”

“Y/F/N just got engaged.” You interrupted Harry, not trying to be rude but growing more and more anxious each second and not in the mood for one of his stories that you always pretended to laugh at even though it wasn’t that funny. You were getting fed up and it was obvious to Harry, who’d never experienced you purposely interrupting him before. 

You watched as his brows furrowed, his mouth still open from when he’d been interrupted in the middle of his sentence. He paused before responding to your statement. 

“That’s great! Wow that should be a fun wedding,” he smiled, but the way he looked at you told you he wasn’t about to ignore your interruption, something you never did. 

“Mmm, isn’t it though?” you remarked, and Harry couldn’t tell if you were being sarcastic or not. 

“Erm, yeah, I guess when you know, you know,” Harry answered.

That was enough for you. Mumbling in agreement, though clearly not meaning it, you cleared your throat and stood up.

“Yeah I, uh, gotta go check on the laundry,” you murmured before walking out of the kitchen and into the hall, leaving a confused Harry sitting at the table. 

A frown formed on his face, as he’d been in a great mood and excited to talk to you. He assumed you were just in a mood or something, but he was not one to let conversations like these just slide. 

Getting up and walking to find you sitting on the end of the bed in your shared bedroom, clearly not checking on the laundry, Harry sat down next to you. 

“Please tell me what’s wrong, love.” Harry put his hand on your knee and tried to make eye contact with you, but you just couldn’t right now. And you suddenly felt exhausted, not wanting to do this with him right now.

“Harry, I just, can we just not right now. I think I’m just gonna take a nap or something,” you told him calmly, still not looking into his eyes. 

Even more confused and concerned now, Harry figured it was best to give you some space. Sighing quietly, he took his hand from your knee and stood up before leaning down to press a soft kiss to the top of your head. 

“I’ll be in the living room,” he told you sweetly as he left you alone. 

Sitting down on the couch to watch tv, Harry pulled out his phone and saw your friend’s post on Facebook about getting engaged. His eyebrows raised when he saw in her caption that she and her now-fiancee had been together 2 years. 2 years. 

Looking up from the screen, the numbers started running through Harry’s head as he realized that it had been almost 4 years since the two of you had started dating. And that’s when it hit him, that that’s what you were upset about, even though it would have seemed pretty obvious to most people. Harry just thought it was an unspoken fact that he wanted to spend his whole life with you, but he realized that now was the time to make plans and to finally ask you the question you had been hoping to be asked for so long now. 


Day 4: Favorite Relationship (Aidan & Josh)

Imagine Rafael being your secret admirer

(A/N: For @autumnslioness-dearie, I hope you and everyone else enjoys this. Sorry if this isn’t my best and that it’s short. I know my imagines are short recently but I’m just super busy and want to get everyone’s request done so they aren’t waiting too long. Also , ’m super tired writing this but I didn’t want you waiting any longer because I know I take ages!) 

Imagine Rafael being your secret admirer

The day the first one arrived, you definitely needed it. Without a doubt, it had been one of the worst days of your career. Everything was going wrong, evidence thrown out and cases dismissed, to even mentioning the fact that all of these things were scheduled back to back. So when you finally dragged yourself back down to your office for the first time that day it was about 7:00 in the evening. Your assistant had gone and switched on the lights expecting the office that you had left over twenty-four hours earlier. And for the most part, it was expected, except for one thing.

A bouquet of flowers, on the corner of your desk.

Your assistant obviously had brought it in but you were confused by it nonetheless, mostly because you hadn’t expected it. There was no card but it didn’t even matter because they were your favorite flowers, tulips. The same sort of ones you would plant with your mom when you were a kid. They did bring a smile to your face and the next day when you asked for the card from your assistant she said it didn’t come with one.

You assumed it must have been a mistake or it was a bunch that was delivered late that were intended for your birthday a few weeks earlier. You liked having them there, you usually hated having live flowers because they died in your care, but you took good care of them. They lasted two weeks.

Even your colleague complimented them.

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anonymous asked:

19+21 from the "things you.." prompt list!! also i love you and your blog so much, shawn is so so so lucky to have u!


So i combined 21 with 16 because they ended up workin kinda the same so here is 



“Pleeeeeaaassseeeee, just tell me where we’re going?” You ask Shawn, holding his arm that is extended with his hand resting on your thigh and leaning your head on his shoulder. You even try batting your eyelashes and giving him the puppy dog eyes that usually win him over every time, but he is still keeping quiet. You can see the slight smirk start forming on his face, but it quickly goes away when he remembers that he can’t let the secret slip.

For your two-year anniversary, Shawn decided that he was going to take you on a secret trip, but it had to be a surprise. For weeks you have been trying to squeeze it out of him, but he would never budge, so now you’re playing every card you have to try and get him to spill. It’s not that you don’t like surprises, you just find great pleasure in weaseling them out of him.

“Fine, then no more kisses from me!” You exclaim in a huff, leaning back into your seat with your arms crossed over your chest and your eyes forward on the road.

“What? Babe, that’s not fair!” He yells at you, flashing you a hurt look. You and Shawn have this tradition that you have to give him a kiss at every red light you come to, no matter what the circumstances, whether you are in the middle of a fight or there are people in the car with you. You absolutely adore this special tradition that the two of you have, so he knows you’re desperate to get him to crack.

“You heard me! No tips, no lips!” You argue with a smug look on your face. You see that you’re rolling up on a red light, and you think he’s bound to cave now.

“Fine, deal,” He starts, and you gasp with joy thinking that you’ve won. “We’re going to the top of the world.”

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ChaBin /’Cha bean’ ‘Cha bin’/

noun: 1. Hakyeon loves Hongbin a lot, but Hongbin tends to tease him (says he doesn’t like N) 2. Both have known each other the longest since they were trainees 3. Hongbin thinks Hakyeons stage presence and affection towards members are one of his good points 4. N literally says the nicest things about Hongbin (He’s hardworking, skills are perfect like his apperance, etc.) 5. Did a dance cover of Britney Spears, “Toxic” at a concert once 6. Were in a web drama called, “얘네들 MONEY?!” (What’s up with these kids!?) 7. During trainee days, Hongbin felt he was “trapped” and quit. He managed to leave for about 2-3 months before N, personally, went and found him and convinced him to comeback. Hongbin, to this day, thanks N for making him who he is now

Synonyms: NBin

Dating Raph would include…

Protectiveness. Raph shares this trait with Leo. He naturally wants to protect those he loves, his s.o. above all. He would escort you to places and text you often. He would not want to teach you to fight, in fear of hurting you, though might later be persuaded.

Him being affectionate. At first, Raph would only show affection in private. He would hold and kiss you whenever you were away from prying eyes. Eventually, he would become more comfortable with showing you affection.

Him being jealous. It’s not that he doesn’t trust you, it’s that he doesn’t think he’s enough for you. He’s brash and angry and pretty much a giant. He would become jealous if you spent too much time with other people, especially one of his brothers. Raph has the lowest self esteem of his brothers, which contributes to this.

Lots of spooning. Raph likes closeness and always loves to be your big spoon. If he gets too comfortable, he’ll convince you to stay, not wanting to lose your presence.

Him being amazed. He looks in the mirror and sees a mutant. A giant turtle. How can you look at him and love what you see? How the hell did he get so lucky??

Him spending a lot of time at your place. While you are often at the lair, Raph loves your apartment. His brothers aren’t there a lot, so it’s a special place for just you two.

A locket. I have this headcannon that Raph would stumble upon an old, bronze locket. He’d clean it up and put a little photo of the two of them together inside and give it to his s.o.

Late night visits and talks. Raph would often come at night. He’d tap on your window and wait to come in. Sometimes he wants to talk, other times he just lays down and holds you.

Him showing you a different side of Him. Raph isn’t too good at communicating his feelings. He tends to bottle things up. But you would see things about him that no one else would, giving you a better understanding of the turtle.

Him ranting. Raph butts heads with his brothers often, Leo the most, and will often rant to his s.o. Once he ran out of steam, he’s just want to stay with you for a while.

Him loving you strongly. Raph feels with everything he has, 100%. His s.o. is everything to him. He needs them so badly though he won’t always say it.

Lots of neck and shoulder kisses, with a light bite here and there. Oh and push up kisses too…

Silent communicating. You would be able to tell what Raph was feeling and act accordingly. Affection when he needed it or giving him space.

Raph being absolutely terrified.
He’s never loved anyone this strongly before. You’re his world, his everything. He’s so scared of messing up and driving you away. What if he hurts you? What if he loses control of his anger and you suffer because of it? What if he isn’t enough for you?
He wouldn’t speak about these feelings often but his s.o. would most definitely be aware of them. When Raph looks at you, he sees the sun, the moon, and the stars. He remembers all those stupid love songs and everything.

The Answer’s In The Air: A Miles/Phoenix Mix

Yes. It happened. I’ve been replaying the Ace Attorney games and now here it is. A mix for these nerds. This mix is actually really chronological and the songs are a mix of their separate point of views, so I’d really suggest checking out my annotations to see which stage of the relationship each one refers to/whose POV it is.

This is my first fanmix that has been published to Playmoss first and my first mix about like…solely guys I’ve ever made. Period. SO CONGRATS YOU TWO YOU MUST BE SOMETHING SPECIAL. Also yes there’s an Ace Attorney font you can download and I used it for the graphic.

1. Enough to Go By| Vienna Teng//2. Given It All| Haley Kiyoko//3.An Act of Kindness| Bastille//4. Stray Italian Greyhound| Vienna Teng//5. INSIGHT (English Cover)| Y. Chang and Sapphire//6. Enemy| Jesca Hoop//7. Phoenix Burn| Alpha Rev//8. Hurts Like Hell| Fleurie//9. In My Veins| Andrew Belle//10. Vindicated| Dashboard Confessional//11. Count on Me| Bruno Mars//12. Kimi Janakya Dame Mitai (I Think It’s Gotta Be You) (English Cover)| Y. Chang//13. Aishiteru (I Love You) (English Cover)|Lucy//14/ Freeze You Out| Marina Kaye//15. I Try to Talk to You| Hercules & Love Affair ft. John Grant//16. Some Guy| Anthony Rapp//17. I Do It All For You| SoMo

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Detailed chronological annotation plus lyrics under the cut:

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It really does make sense as to why Ruby would develop feelings for Sapphire and truly care for her. After all Sapphire is one of the only people that truly knows and understands Ruby. Sapphire was the first person to figure out both sides of him whilst also accepting both of those sides.

Which makes Sapphire the only person to not only know and understand Ruby, why he does certain things or acts a certain way but also the only person to truly accept him for who he really is.

Also, much like how Sapphire feels about Ruby, she reminds him of how he used to be as well as how he is now. She’s rough, tough and strong willed but she also has that sensitive side, even though she keeps it hidden most of the time (similar to how he hides his true feelings).

So not only does Sapphire accept Ruby for who he is, she helps Ruby to accept himself and that side of him he had kept hidden away as well as the person that he had become due to insecurities.

And so with that, both Ruby and Sapphire help each other realise who they really are and accept themselves and each other for who they were as well as who they want to be.

Wife Nayeon

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Nayeon would be the best wife ever. She would be so proud that she was married with you that she would show you off to everyone. She would give little kisses all over your face saying how cute you are.

She would be constantly teased by the Twice members about being too cute and romantic with you, specially the younger ones. “Yah really, you two are so sweet with each other that I think i got diabetes.”

She would talk to you about having kids all the time. She would want at least two and one of them had to be adopted. Whenever the kids subject popped up, “we have to adopt” would be the first thing she would say. She would be such a good mom.

She would keep you away from the hate and you would constantly have to see her trying to deal with the ridiculous hate coments about your marriage and about Twice. Some of them didn’t bothered her but some were just too mean for her to take it. So sometimes she would be really sad over some thing she read online and you would have to comfort her.

Your relationship would be ps great that people would just be envious. Even if you have fights it’ll all be ok because you loved each other enough to fix whatever’s wrong.

Hello! Here is the official calendar for #johnroseweek/#grimdorksweek!

OCT 15th - favorite pesterlog !!

Everyone has that one conversation between Rose and John that touched them the most. Sunday is dedicated to that particular moment you love!

OCT 16th - childhood :0

These two have been friends for quite some time before the beginning of Homestuck. What kind of memories could have taken place?

OCT 17th - headcanons !

Everyone has these two personalized to a certain degree! What is something about them that you love to speculate about? Today is dedicated to what makes these two so personal and special to you!

OCT 18th - casey / viceroy

The (un)official lovechild of these two: Casey/Viceroy Bubbles von Salamancer. Thursday is dedicated to their under-appreciated child/viceroy.

OCT 19th - music / lyrics :o

A form of media that hasn’t been seen very much in the tag is that of music! Friday is a day for music, for lyrics that you think suit these two, and for songs that make you think of them!

OCT 20th - favorite moment !!!

Is there a particular scene with John and Rose that stands out to you the most? One that you appreciate more than you probably should? Saturday is all about that moment you love more than most!

OCT 21th - what could have been … ?

Arguably the most self-indulgent day in this already self-indulgent week. What is a scene, a moment that you wish could have happened? What’s something that you would gladly add to the webcomic, had you been given the ability to do so? Go wild.

Thank you for your patience and excitement!! Have fun and plan accordingly!

VIXX Saying ‘I Love You’

N – Hakyeon is so affectionate and loving with his members you’d think he’d be that way right out the gate with you. Not so. He’d be warm and unbelievably giving, so much so that you may not even realize he’s holding a part of himself back. It’s not like you’d have to scale an emotional wall per se, more like his heart’s tucked away in a secret room waiting until he’s seen enough from you to indicate the sincerity of your feelings. Because if he loves you, it would be intensely and with every fiber of his being. If things don’t work out between you two it’d take him a long time to recover, so he’d want to make sure you’re worth the risk. The first time he tells you would be a conscious decision to do so in a comfortable environment, eyes shining and confident.

Leo – Would be the type to feel those emotions strongly from early on but almost fight against them in an effort to protect himself. Opening up to you, exposing himself and his feelings would be difficult at first. But once he did, hang on because he’d love you deeply and until you gave him a very good reason not to. So initially he’d be a bit reserved with you until he’s decided you return his feelings and are ‘safe’ to express his own. He may even wait to hear it from you first. When he begins touching you more frequently, even little gestures like fixing your clothes, would be the precursor to him confessing to you. That day he’d say the words softly but with conviction. And after opening up his affection and clinginess would increase dramatically. 

Ken – Surprisingly he’d have the most balanced reaction out of all of them. Unlike the others he wouldn’t hide his heart nor get swept away by his feelings. Ken has a gift for being a mood maker but that shouldn’t be confused with being impulsive. There is a deliberateness behind most of his actions and would not be swayed by a rush of emotions. He’s one to ride the wave not be pulled under by it. In the beginning he’d be very flirty and confident, so you’d know right away he was interested, but he wouldn’t extend his sentiments any farther than he truly felt them. When he did drop those special words it wouldn’t be during something super silly or serious. Just one of those moments where he felt it was right to take that next step, and you needed to know where he stood in the relationship.  

Ravi – Some may think he’d fall in love quickly and know it right away. While he’d definitely be aware of being drawn to you he wouldn’t realize his feelings had grown into love for a while. Wonsik loves with his whole heart but doesn’t always express that clearly unless he’s intentionally focusing on it. His mind is always elsewhere, and he can be very internalized. Constantly moving from one thing to the next. Oddly his revelation wouldn’t come when he was away, but when he saw you again after being gone. That surge of joy, of belonging would hit him and he’d get it. Even so he’d think about it first before telling you because he’d want to make sure before saying something prematurely that could end up breaking your heart.  

Hongbin – His sarcastic nature might lead people to believe he’s a cynic, but he’s most certainly not. Bean would be one to fall in love quick and hard. If his feelings were reciprocated he’d get swept up in all those fluttery new romance emotions and declare them as soon as he felt the first stirrings. If you were the type to do the same he’d be walking on air he’d be so happy. They only thing that would hold him back a little would be his shyness, but that wouldn’t last long once the two you started dating. So he wouldn’t wait for some special moment. The two of you could be laughing at a movie or window shopping. As soon as he felt it, he’d tell you and desperately hope you said it back because anything less would sort of crush him.

Hyuk – Sanghyuk doesn’t reveal much of himself emotionally unless he’s under extreme pressure. It’s true he’s playful and gregarious with his hyungs. But he’s very good at hiding his stronger emotions such as fear, worry, and in this circumstance, love. He’d still be experiencing the emotions just not showing them to you right away. Like N, he’d seem fully engaged but still be guarding his heart as he figured you out and how serious you were about him. Once he’s sure he won’t be left out on a limb by himself he’d confess. Because he’s relatively inexperienced he wouldn’t want to make a big production out of it. He’d say it casually while you two were in the midst of doing something else, like he wasn’t holding his breath until you answered.