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Happy 34th Birthday, Sebastian Stan! | August 13th, 1982 ♡


tri·um·vi·rate [trahy-uhm-ver-it, -vuh-reyt] 

1. Roman History; the office or magistracy of a triumvir.
2. a government of three officers or magistrates functioning jointly.
3. a coalition of three magistrates or rulers for joint administration.
4. any association of three in office or authority.
5. any group or set of three.

Enjolras | Courfeyrac | Combeferre

The moment i found my OTP

I remember staring at the screen with my hand over my mouth as i whispered these two dorks are in love


I ship itAndrew Minyard & Neil Josten (All for the Game Series by Nora Sakavic)

“Ninety percent of the time the very sight of you makes me want to commit murder. I think about carving the skin from your body and hanging it out as a warning to every other fool who thinks he can stand in my way.“

"What about the other ten?”  


Inside Reign: Syd & Pinoe

-So you guys do seem like you get along pretty well.
-Not really.


Day 4: Favorite Relationship (Aidan & Josh)


“People who are meant to be together will always find their way back to each other. They might take detours in life, but they’re never lost" 寻路

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#3 Years with HunHan

Samurai Bravo; College Dorms and First Meetings

Chapter One.
College Dorms and First Meetings
Dedication: C2ndy2c1d
So I thought I would make a little thing for my dear friend and what went from a small idea of a drabble turned into this amazing idea of a college adventure of them bonding and male friendship between two very different guys. So this will be more then a drabble, it will be a drabble series inspired by C2ndy and her Laundry Day comic. What better way for the two to meet and be forced to interact then college? Everyone! Do the monkey!

——-Line break——-

It was a mystery to everyone around how Johnny had gotten into college and many wondered if he had cheated when spelling his name correctly. Maybe it was the fact he was slowly realizing the views everyone had on him were far from positive and that maybe if he applied himself, he could make something of himself and use his fabulous sense of style and design and become a fashion artist. He had always enjoyed doodling and he knew the female body well and how every body curved differently, because oh mama, did Johnny love the way every girl was different. Curves, lanky, short, tall, thin or big. That was to say he didn’t appreciate a guy now in then but come on, what guy could ever look as good as this one man army?

Johnny flexed by reflex at the thought.

Unpacking his clothes into small dresser he was given on his side of the dorm room, he was almost concerned as to who his room mate would be, he didn’t think the dorms were co ed as there weren’t any babes walking through the halls all casual and the few he saw were giggling over their boyfriends. So yeah, he had a feeling that he would be rooming with a guy. Putting the bright pink boxers away, Johnny looked to the single box of cereal his momma had packed for him to take with.

“Mmm. Frosted Sugar Bits. The great taste of frosted sugar in bits.”

With how absorbed he was in the box of cavity causing cereal, Johnny was obviously to the figure stepping through the door. Really, he wasn’t trying to be sneaky, he was trying to simply move about as most others did though with how he could walk up and behind the fit figure of his room mate easily and without notice, Jack wondered if maybe he should try harder to make noise as he walked and be less of a samurai even if just for a while. Instead of contemplating it much more, he tapped the blondes shoulder.

Johnny jumped, tossing the cereal to his bed and turning, swinging his arms out in karate chops and legs in low, awkward kicks. “I’m a master of karate here! But no matter what, no one touch the hair.” He warned and chopped at the air. Noticing the amused looking man, Johnny put his hands down and looked him over. Tall, fit, odd bathroom like dress, hair in a ponytail, squinty face. Oh my god!

“I know what you are! You’re a hippie!”

Confusion settled onto jacks face, cocking his head to the side and slowly moving to put his simple, small suitcase onto the twin bed on the other side of the room. He was waiting silently for an explanation and as he did, he could swear he saw a fly buzz through the room and go through the blondes ears before cleaning one ear out with a pinkie. Jack finally caved in, closing his eyes for a moment and glancing to Johnny, slowing his speech gently just in case. He didn’t want to say something that went over his room mates head and caused any tension.

“I am not a hippie, my friend. This is the traditional clothing of a samurai who has dedicated their life upon the ways of honor, sacrifice, kindness and fairness upon all amongst the lands-”
“Soooooo you’re a hippie thats been made in China?”

“ … No. I am a samurai.”

“Right, what did I say?”

Already exhausted from the first meeting, Jack felt it would be easier to focus upon unpacking and trying to fit in a bit more to the college scene as it was called. As much as he loved his robes and the comforts of his wooden scandals, he needed to blend in, continue the search for Aku and vanquish the evil upon these lands-

“Enough about you though, let’s talk about me, Johnny Bravo. Wanna see me comb my hair real nice?”

“Not exactly.”
“Can you do the monkey?”

It had been less then five minutes and Jack knew … he would be tested well by his room mate who had moved past Jack to go through the clothing and small possessions he had acquired.

“Oh it’s one of those fancy bread slicers, let’s get some butter and make some pizza.”

“Please! Put down my sword!”

“Is that a codeword for Chinese food?”

Very tested.


invented // jimmy eat world

David Tennant on Huff Post Live, 16/11/15, #3
  • Interviewer: Congratulations, you've just had another baby, so marvelous stuff
  • David: Thank you, thank you
  • Interviewer: You did say that your children have seen you play the Doctor now, and one of them - I think it was your third child? Second or third child - you've got so many I'm sorry!
  • David: There's hundreds of them! Thousands of them!
  • Interviewer: One of them - you were their favourite, and now you're no longer their favourite
  • David: They're very fickle though, aren't they, children
  • Interviewer: So with baby number four, are you just going to not let her watch anyone else but your Doctor?
  • David: [Laughs} Yes I'll maybe do some kind of social experiment and pretend there were no others. I don't know how long that will last, though; it's quite ubiquitous, particularly in the UK, it's quite hard to ignore the fact there were more than one...especially as her grandfather used to be one as well. Little bit complicated.