you had me before
and you will have me again

If Tyler Posey can break up his engagement with a girl he literally worshipped and has known for 10 years, Zayn can most definitely break up with some chick he’s known for 2 years. Celebrity couples are dropping like flies this year. ‘Zerrie’s’ time is just around the corner!

my aunt lives in this province which people say is like inhabited with voodoists and witches and paranormal creatures. so one night she was walking with some friends to her mother-in-law’s home. and she heard a strange chirping sound that sounded idk unbirdy and deep. and then some giant batlike creature zoomed right above her and disappeared. she got so pissed and then she was like ‘YOU SCREWED UP PISSHEAD COME BACK HERE AND FIGHT ME YOU DISEASED NIPPLE’ so then it actually flew right back to her but then it didn’t come back for a third time and they all just stood there frozen for a second but my aunt was like ‘hell yeah biach’ and so my goal in life is to be fearless like her

there was this girl in my presentation group today defending the blurred lines song, saying it’s not about rape and that it was just a nice song (and she also liked the video, she thought it was funny???!!???) and then went on to slut shame miley cyrus. 

title: want you all the time
rating: PG‑13
words: 12,893
summary: Liams meet. Liams hit it off. Louis isn’t a fan of this. And it’s all Miley Cyrus’s fault.
notes: If anyone is wondering ‘why Liam Hemsworth and Miley Cyrus?’ well… it will be explained. Basically, we’re ridiculous and make our jokes into fic.

BO$$ Music Video

Oh god,the comment section is a pain in the ass.Tbh there wasn’t anything wrong with the whole music video.Calling them sluts does not make sense.I even bet that those people who comment like that doesn’t know what slut means (It means a girl who haves sex with a lot of guys) And i’m pretty sure none of that happend in the video.The haters probably doesn’t even know what the whole video and song meant.I wasn’t surprised they only judged the clothing and loved the song.But you know we gotta deal with it.Haters are going to hate.Lets all listen to my miley cyrus

i don’t really understand when people completely bash and flame one direction because i don’t really listen to their music but they’re honestly much better role models than some other popular “music” artists out there

nicki minaj i am looking at you

anonymous asked:

i got a pup six months ago and named him zayn ( i was drunk when this happened idk why ) and what am i going to do my mom keeps saying things to him like "zayn get back here" and "zayn you silly dog" and i dont know if i regret naming him zayn or not ://

noooo, please, don’t ever regret naming him zayn. that’s actually adorable and just lovely, please. like, i bet this puppy of yours makes you just as happy as zayn does? thus why you called it after him. and, honestly, we are all sad that he’s left the band but he didn’t leave us! he’s done a lot for us all these years and will continue doing so. zayn’s an incredible person and i just want him to be okay, even if that means no more ot5 anymore. zayn is going to get better and so are we. please, don’t regret it not only one second. it’s actually an amazing thing, love.