Don't Speak. Just Think. (Dick Grayson X Reader)

Hello, can you do this prompt with Dick from the telepathy AU please? I really like this prompt for some reason 😁 “I know you can read minds and I really like you so I’m constantly filtering my thoughts whenever I’m with you and it’s super hard so quit making fun of how I think about fighting girraffes okay it’s my go-to thought whenever I imagine you shirtless”

A/N: I didn’t follow the prompt 100% because I got carried away but I hope this is still good!

Dick groaned in frustration as the rapping on his door grew more impatient with every second.

“I’m coming!” He mumbled as he unlocked his bedroom door, his annoyance instantly drained away when he saw you standing in front of him, smiling sheepishly. “(Y/N)?”

“Hey, Dick,” you greeted. His eyes scanned over your body and he felt himself blush; you were wearing nothing but a loose T-shirt and boy shorts. He’d also noticed that you were nervously wiping your hands on your thighs. “I had a nightmare, can I sleep in your room?”

Dick nodded, letting you in. It wasn’t an uncommon practice for you to sleep with him. You two had been friends for almost ten years and no one understood your trouble with sleeping more than he did.

Sometimes he worried about what would happen if he was gone one day, he wondered how you’d cope. Being a telepath wasn’t easy, your nightmares were evidence of that.

Skipping joyfully past him, you leapt straight into his bed, wriggling underneath his thick comforter. Dick chuckled when he saw your head peeping out from under the blanket, your eyes watched him intently as he crawled in beside you.

The moment he’d made himself comfortable, you turned to face him and wrapped yourself around his arm. You snuggled into the crook of his neck and sighed, the nightmares that haunted you every night at the back of your mind.

“You’re such a great guy, Dick,” you whispered, “it’s funny how you’re still single,” he tensed up slightly, “you loser,” you teased kindheartedly.

“Hey,” he chided, a deep laugh escaped his lips. He could feel his face turn hot as you pulled him closer to you. Your chest was pressed against his upper arm, your hands held his forearms while his hand ended up sandwiched in between your knees. It was such an intimate position; but neither of you minded.

“Goodnight, Dick,” you breathed, closing your eyes. Your hot breath brushed against his ear and Dick felt himself stop breathing. The way you held onto his arm and the way you breathed so close to his face was too much for his hormone-filled self to bear.

As he desperately retreated to his usual “don’t think about (Y/N)” thoughts, your eyes shot open.

“Dick…” you mumbled suspiciously, “why’re you thinking about giraffes fighting?”

He breathed deeply, his head slowly turning to look at you. Dick prepared a lame excuse but oh gosh, the way your eyes looked at him through the dark, the way you were starting to lean closer to him; he couldn’t speak. His mouth opened a fraction but no words escaped his lips. He swore his heart was about to jump out of his chest at the rate it was beating.

It was then you could feel his thoughts change. From the goofy scene of the world’s tallest animals battling it out in the safari to… him and you. Dick Grayson was thinking about you; kissing you, hugging you… making love to you.

The moment you ducked your face into his collarbone in embarrassment, Dick knew he was in trouble. The nerves that previously stemmed from his thoughts of loving you now came from the sheer fear of losing your friendship. He’d opened his mouth to try to explain himself but you stopped him, using your free hand to cover his mouth.

“Don’t speak,” you said, slowly looking up at him, “just think.”

And finally for once, Dick Grayson didn’t try to actively suppress his thoughts about you. His fantasies of holding your hand; kissing you; playing with your hair; making you writhe under him from sheer pleasure; he thought about everything.

You could feel your own heart start to pound wildly. The man you’d silently loved for more than ten years had loved you all along.

As you watched his thoughts fly through his mind, you could only hear him saying one thing:

I love you. I love you. I love you. I love you…

“I love you, too.”

Me: Okay I know it was a mistake to start getting attached to the Phantom Troupe but I’m Team Kurapika, so well, I’ll like the Phantom Troupe but I won’t get too attached, and if they die, well, they had it coming, there’s nothing I can do about it.

Phantom Troupe members: *starts dying*


Tim Drake/ Red Robin X Reader-Boxes

“All of those HGTV shows never show the pure exhaustion and effort needed to move into an apartment,” Tim groaned, flopping onto the carpet floor.  “Can we take a break?”

You snorted, still sorting through all of the boxes that were labeled for the kitchen, “We both agreed that we would finish sorting through the boxes and then take a break.”

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You Stupid Idiot. (Damian Wayne X Reader)

Request: Hi love i was windering if you can do an older damian and reader where the reader is damiand best friend amd gets jealous when the reader when they start to date. So he starts ignroing the reader until they get in an arguement ? Idk how to end this babe ahve a good day 😱

A/N: ((SORRY FOR BEING SO INACTIVE LATELY IVE BEEN TRYING TO STUDY AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE BC MY O LEVELS ARE THE END OF OCT AND THESE EXAMS ARE SUPER IMPORTANT I CRI BUT ANYWAYS)) ❤️ I’m not sure if this can live up to your expectations but I hope you like it! I hope you have a good day, too!

You shuffled uncomfortably as you felt his familiar glare burning into the back of your head. Your date looked up from the menu and smiled at you sweetly, “is everything okay?”

You nodded and gave him a smile in return, sighing in relief when he went back to browsing the restaurant’s menu. You tried your best to do the same but couldn’t, for the life of you, ignore the annoying presence you felt just behind the window nearest to you. You’d seen him on the roof when you arrived just minutes before.

Excusing yourself promptly, you exited the establishment and stood in front of the alleyway beside the building. You crossed your arms and looked up at the roof, rolling your eyes in annoyance when your suspicions were confirmed.

“Get down from there.” You demanded, your tone stern and cold. You weren’t used to speaking to him this way but his recent behaviour had been getting on your nerves.

The shadowy figure of your best friend leaped off the building and landed gracefully in front of you. You looked up at him, staring into the white lenses of his domino mask.

Robin, or rather Damian Wayne, said nothing. You could tell from how tense he was that he wasn’t happy but neither were you, to be honest.

“Why do you keep doing this?” You asked, your previously firm tone faltered a little. You couldn’t deny the sense of relief you felt when he didn’t run away this time.

You could vaguely see his pupils look away from you. His jaw was clenched firmly, as were his fists. You could see the lines of his muscles flexing underneath his skin-tight costume. You found it hard to believe this was the skinny spoilt brat you’d met so many years before.

“Don’t just stand there and say nothing!” You exclaimed though you kept the volume of your voice low. When he didn’t respond, you felt your heart sting.

“You can’t keep doing this,” you grabbed his arms as you pleaded, “you can’t just stalk me on my dates with James-” Damian tensed up even further at the mention of your boyfriend, “- but ignore me twenty-four-seven! It’s not fair!”

In a split second, nausea hit you as the cold night air whipped at your face harshly after Damian grapple-hooked both you and himself off the ground and onto the roof of the building.

Before you could yell at him for the suddenness of his actions, you felt yourself go speechless when Damian grabbed you by the shoulders and looked intensely into your eyes.

“You want to know what’s truly unfair, (Y/N)?” He growled. “I have to watch you fall in love with another man but yet I can’t pick up the courage to change anything. I have all the wealth a human can possess, the skills of a trained assassin and the intellect of someone lucky enough to receive the highest form of education but yet…” he stopped, his grip on you slowly weakened though he never let go.


“But yet I still can’t-” you could tell his voice was on the verge of breaking. It broke your heart. The expression on his face was one you’d never thought could exist; the usually stoic and uncaring Damian Wayne was breaking and tearing up because of you. “I still can’t,” he continued, “tell you I love you.”

You didn’t know what to say as the shock of it all was too great. You’d never expected him to have such feelings for you; you never expected him to have the capacity to feel such feelings for anyone, really. But here he was, your best friend, the boy you’d fallen hopelessly in love with, telling you he loved you, too, thinking that you didn’t love him back.

“I am sorry,” he spoke up after a moment of complete silence between the both of you, “for ignoring you the past month. You’d been spending all your time with your boyfriend that I assumed you’d grown tired of me. My judgment was too clouded by jealousy and hatred that I never realised how ridiculous I was being and I-”

“Damian, love, please stop talking,” you piped up rather rudely in between his sweet speech that had begun to reduce itself to just nervous rambling. Damian looked taken aback as he looked at you with his eyes wide open behind his mask, speechless.

You could tell he was going through a rollercoaster of emotions but all you could do was laugh. His abrupt but wonderful confession lifted a huge weight off your shoulders, making you the happiest you’d been in forever.

“Just kiss me, you stupid idiot,” you grabbed him and pulled his body flush against yours, “because I love you, too.”

Danger Sense

Imagine being Bruce’s daughter 

Relationship: Family

Fandom: DC Comics

Character: Batfamily

The boys always jokes that you seemed to have a danger sense, that it was your power, you seemed shrugged it off and moved on with your life. However they were not wrong, your so called danger sense always kicked in just in time to save your own skin or the others. Dick and Jason had been saved many times by your danger sense. You guessed that it was just luck, sure you knew many people with powers but you were a part of the Batfamily. The member of the Batfamily doesn’t have powers they were simply human and that was it. However, this didn’t stop the boys from teasing you about it or mumbling thanks when you save their asses.

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Happy Little Kisses || Clark Kent x Reader ||

Prompt:  joyful kisses peppered across foreheads and cheeks between scattered giggles

Character: Clark Kent

Pairing: Clark Kent x Reader

Fandom: DC Universe { Superman }

Warnings || Rating: none….just fluff

Drabble or One-shot: Drabble.


Clark yawned into his hand, it was rather a boring day, nothing new at work, nothing happening with the Justice League. He just wanted something to happen at least. Sighing he glanced around the work room trying to find where you were, you always seemed to brighten or at least at some fun to his day.

Though not being able to find you he suddenly frowned.Shaking his head he found himself walking over to Lois desk.

“ you know why y/n isn't here?”

“Shes sick Clark, I’m surprised you didn’t here with that super hearing of yours….then again you were late.”

Flushing Clark averted his gaze though hearing that you were sick, he would have to get some things for you.

Lois watched him though standing up she shook her head.

“ not even ask me Kent.She’s sick, she did not get shot, just let the poor girl rest, don’t you dare give me those puppy eyes…Im not going too fall for that! Just let her re-..fine just get out of here and stop pulling that damn face!”

Clark grins though adjusting his glasses.

“Thanks Lois! I owe you one.”

“You owe me a lot Kent, now shouldn’t    you be checking in on them.”

Slowly backing out of the office Clark rushed off down the steps and bolted out of the building.Stepping in the ally Clark took off into the air flying to the shared apartment.

Sniffling, you tried your best not to cough. You always hated getting sick since that meant you just had more work to make up.

Groaning you felt dizzy any time you moved.You just wanted to throw up, holding your stomach you slowly push off the couch. Wanting some form of liquid in you, you slowly made your way to the kitchen.

Trying not to stumble you then went through a coughing fit.

“Y/n…"You could practically hear the pout forming on the man's face. You didn’t question how he got in without you hearing him but that didn’t matter, since he was here for you.

Clark frowned as he placed some sports drink on the counter.With two long strides the man was by your side in a instant.

"You shouldn’t be out of bed! I should have stayed home with you.”

“Clark, it's just a cold"Coughing you then gave him a tired smile leaning into his broad chest.He just rubbed your back gently and gave your forehead a kiss.

"Well you have me now."Smile the man lifted you up with ease then carried you to the bedroom.

"Always the hero."Teasing him, Clarks cheeks seemed to turn as red as his cape.

"I have to be here for my princess~” placing his glasses on the bedside table you could feel yourself melting in his blue eyes.

Pouting you cheeks while blushing yourself you quickly hid your face as he he chuckled himself.

“I think you should sleep y/n” he states but he was taken back by your question.

“I don't understand how one guy can be so attractive.”

Giving you a small smile Clark just pressed his lips against your cheeks cooling you down.

Sighing you gave him a blissful smile relaxing in his arms.

“You’re so beautiful"smiling he heard your giggles as he continues to give you small kisses.

"Clark…what if you get sick” sneezing he just shook his head as he let his fingers run threw your hair.

“I’ll be fine…you’re the woman I love , it's my job to take care of you."He states beaming.

Slowly blinking a few times you gave him a tired smile coughing against his chest.

"Hmm love you"You muttered as you drifted off to sleep.

"I love you too.”

Loving (Snart x Reader)

Request:  Leonard snart x reader smut with sweet fluff??

Originally posted by daydreamer-2002

You giggled, climbing on top of Snart, to which he rolled his eyes. Sneaky hands found their way to your rear, gently massaging the flesh through your underwear. Snart pulled you close, resting his head on your shoulder, lovestruck eyes watching yours. You were overwhelmed with an urge to kiss him, so you did just that.

The kiss was slow, loving. Even as your tongues tangled, the kiss didn’t get any less caring, only the passion rose with every passing second. Soon, your hands were gripping at the back of his neck as you flipped you over, moving down to your neck to leave love bites and hickeys along his way.

You pulled him back up after a while of him playing with your breasts, stating you were ready for him. Apparently that was all he needed to be sure.

Slowly he pushed into you. So slow, so fucking gentle. Your heart swole with love when he was finally fully seated within you.

Snarts arms encased you gently, holding you against his body.

“What are you doing?”, you asked amusedly, returning the hug.

“Wanna hold you for a second…” Just then you heard the love in his voice, the doubt he had in himself.

Without a thought, you pressed several kissed all over his face, everywhere you could reach was unsafe of your loving lips. Soon you had him chuckling.

Encasing his lips with yours, you bucked your hips into his, willing him to finally move.

Like everything else in your love making, his thrusting was slow and loving. You were panting, hands gripping his shoulders to pull and hold him close as you neared your climax. Snart wouldn’t go much faster or harder, but the steady pressure against your walls had you moaning.

You tumbled over the edge. It wasn’t the most intense orgasm you ever had, but as it faded, a tingling feeling of love and trust stayed within you.

Before he could pull out, you pressed your lips against his in another loving kiss, making sure he knew how much you loved him. And by the way he kissed back, you knew he loved you too

  • Dick Grayson: Well, you know what? You did tell me once that you thought that monogamy was unnatural.
  • Barbara Gordon: Yes, that's true. Before I realized that we were symbiotic. Like a clown fish and a sea anemone.
  • Dick Grayson: What? What are you talking about, Nemo? That doesn't sound very romantic.
  • Barbara Gordon: I disagree. You and I, we're bound to one another. So much so that I don't feel that I could survive without you. You nurture me. You protect me. You are my home. If I were to damage that by a meaningless dalliance, it would be like killing myself. Something that I would never do.
  • Dick Grayson: That sounded a little better.
  • Barbara Gordon: I would never let anything compromise the life we share, Dick. I love you.
  • Dick Grayson: Okay, now that's romantic. I love you too.

Red and Black

Imagine being in a relationship with Jason and Roy.  

Relationship: Lovers

Character: Jason and Roy


Gifs: Found on Google.


You were sick, Jason and Roy had been gone for three weeks on a one-week long mission, of course, you worried how could you not. But right now you laid on the couch curling up in a fleece blanket wear one of Jason’s shirt and a pair of Roy’s sweatpants. Your head was hurting because your nose was stuffed up, your throat hurt from coughing just your whole body ached. You wanted nothing more for your boys to come through the door before you could finish that thought the door was kicked opened as Jason was carrying Roy on his back. You stood up too quickly which made you light head, catching yourself you looked at Jason and Roy

“What happened?” You looked at Jason as he laid Roy on the couch.

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A/N: My second anon request for a Spencer x Male Reader. This is one where the reader is small in stature and everyone kind of wonders how he came to be on the team, but he comes to prove himself and it’s revealed that Spencer and the reader have feelings for each other. @coveofmemories


“I don’t mean to be mean, at all,” Derek started, trying to clarify his words to Emily, “but what is Y/N doing on the team?” He grimaced as the words came out, realizing it sounded really derogatory; he didn’t mean it that way. “It’s just that our budgets are always being cut, so you’d think that anyone joining the team would have to bring something different than what we already do.”

Emily nodded her head, knowing what he meant. Y/N was really nice; she really liked him. He was sweet, kind of like Spencer, but as far as she knew his intelligence wasn’t extraordinary like his.

Derek continued, “I mean, he’s fairly small, so I can’t imagine he is amazingly tough. As far as I know, he isn’t Pretty Boy level of genius. He doesn’t speak a ton of languages like you, so how did he get here?”

“I don’t know,” she said matter of factly, “I guess we’ll see in time.”


“How the hell are we going to get in here?” Derek said, having, for one of the first times in his life, unsuccessfully kicked down a door. It was reinforced with steel and they didn’t have time to get a tech to the scene to knock it down.

“Here, let me try,” Y/N said, kneeling down to look at the doorknob.

“You think you can pick it?” Spencer asked, the obvious awe at the possibility laden in his voice.

“I think I can actually,” he said, pulling out the small lock picking kit he’d had with him since he was a kid. “When you want to get into your brother’s room as a kid, you learn how to pick locks,” he said, deftly moving the instrument through each piece of the lock. “I’ve gotten pretty good at it over the years.”

A few moments later, Y/N heard the lock click. “I got it,” he said excitedly. “If I move, I may lose my grip. Spencer, can you turn the doorknob for me?”
Spencer grabbed the doorknob, his hand dangerously close to Y/N’s. He didn’t want to admit the tingles that traveled through him every time he got physically close to him. Y/N was really nice and he’d been comfortable talking with Spencer since he started. He was a little shyer with everyone else. Spencer had no clue about Y/N’s sexual orientation; it had never been brought up, but Spencer did harbor a slight crush on the new guy. 

“Y/N, that’s amazing,” Derek said stupefied.

After searching the apartment and coming up empty-handed, someone walked into the room. It wasn’t who they were looking for, but whoever it was panicked and started running.

“I’ve got the fire escape,” Derek yelled, “everyone go another way!”

Hotch made his way to the north exit of the building with Emily. JJ took the east entrance. Derek had the west, and Spencer and Y/N took the south entrance. They ran out of the entrance and saw the witness running down the block. Y/N took off, leaving Spencer in the dust as he turned the corner and saw the man jumping over the fence.

Y/N followed, his nimble body flying over it with ease. “Stop!” he screamed. “FBI!” As the man turned about, not knowing where to go, Y/N tackled him to the ground.

Spencer had finally turned the corner and was fumbling over the fence as Y/N and the witness were sparring with each other. Y/N was pinned underneath the witness, but he easily blocked himself from the barrage of hits that came his way. He pushed the heel of his hand up into the witness’s nose, just barely dodging the fountain of blood that poured out of him. Once the man was distracted, Y/N kneed him in the balls, pushed him off of him and to the side, and turned him over, clasping his hands behind his back.

“Damn, Y/N,” Spencer said, “you’re a lot quicker and tougher than you look.” He took out his handcuffs and threw them to him. “Nice job.”

“Thanks, Spencer. We all have our strong suits. You’re a genius. Emily is a walking Rosetta Stone. Derek can kick pretty much anyone’s ass and I’m quick, fairly intelligent and know how to pick locks like a champion,” he said. “You ready to take this fine gentlemen into the BAU and see what he was trying to hide from us?” 

“Absolutely. Plus, I have to tell everyone what a fast runner you are. You run track in high school or college?”


After the witness had been interrogated and let go (he had a small outstanding warrant that the BAU had no interest in), the team gathered back in the conference room to go over what they had and where they needed to go from here.

“Nice job, rookie,” Derek said, slapping Y/N on the shoulder. “Pretty Boy here says you’re quite the runner and you know how to handle yourself in a fight.”

He knew that Derek questioned his place on the team, so it was nice to know he had proven himself. “Again, that comes from growing up with a brother. You get into a lot of fights and you learn to block and fight or have more than one sprained wrist.”

“Seriously though,” Spencer started, emphasizing how impressed he was with Y/N’s speed. “Y/N just took off - he hopped the fence with ease. I got caught like eight times, but it’s like he ran hurdles in high school. Did you jump hurdles in high school?” he rambled, finally looking his way.

“As a matter of fact I did, Spencer,” Y/N replied, remembering his days on the track.

Spencer continued, clearly in awe of him. “Anyway, he took off, flew down the block, hopped the fence and despite being pinned underneath the guy at first, he managed to break his nose and all but handcuff him before I managed to get there.”

Y/N was just standing against the wall, reveling in the fact that he’d impressed Spencer. Since he started at the BAU, Spencer had been the only one to try and get to know him well and he’d started to develop a crush. He’d never say anything, but he would date Spencer in a hot minute if he asked. He was so sexy, sweet and insanely intelligent. He was pretty much everything Y/N dreamed of. “Stop,” he said, waving his hand, “It was nothing. When you grow up like I did, you develop a particular set of skills.”

“Well, they’re impressive ones,” Spencer said.


Four days later, they’d been able to catch the unsub and been granted a couple of days off. As Spencer walked into the comic book store, desperate for the newest Black Panther issue, he saw Y/N, whose face was buried in on older Captain America comic.

“That’s not the one where they claimed that Steve was a Hydra agent, right?” Spencer asked, getting Y/N’s attention.

“Oh fuck no,” he replied, closing the comic to look at Spencer. He couldn’t help but stare at Spencer’s lips as he glanced around the store, undoubtedly trying to eye whatever comic he’d come in for. “That storyline was such crap. Cap was designed for the purposes of punching out Nazis and this guy wants to claim Cap was a Hydra agent all along? I don’t accept,” he said defensively.

Spencer laughed. “My thoughts exactly. I’m in here for the newest Black Panther.”

“Issue 4?” Y/N asked. “You’re gonna love it. I just read it and I’m gonna buy it for my collection.

They had even more in common than Spencer had previously realized. He didn’t know if Y/N was gay or bisexual, but he’d never know if he didn’t ask. “Ummm…Y/N, I don’t want to come off presumptuous or anything, but would you be interested in going out with me?”

Y/N’s heart skipped a beat. He needed clarification. “Like on a date?”

“Yea,” Spencer replied, “Like a date.”

Y/N smiled. Yes. “Why don’t we go across the street, grab a cup of coffee and come back here and talk about comic books some more? Because I’d love to know how many comics we both read.”

Spencer looked down, shuffling his feet. “That sounds great,” he said, moving towards the door toward the coffee shop. “So I have to ask, are you firmly a Marvel fan? Or do you like DC too?”

"Love you... g'night..." (Tim Drake X Reader)

Request: Can you do something where Tim is overworking himself and the reader literally has to pull him out of his chair and make him his favorite foods and put on his favorite movies, and cuddles with him until he falls asleep? Thank you! Thank you!

A/N: 💛💛

For the past twenty minutes you’d been watching your boyfriend’s head loll side to side as he sat in front of his laptop. You knew Tim had a habit of overworking but goddamn he was literally on the verge of falling asleep and he still wanted to finish his assignment? It wasn’t even due any time soon!

Tired of seeing Tim destroy his own health, you walk over silently before wrapping your arms around him, your hands placed against his chest. You rested your head on his shoulder and sighed, “Tim, you need to get some rest.”

He slurred something incoherent before his head lolled forwards once more, his forehead slamming against his laptop, effectively forcing him awake once more. “What the fu-” he gasped, suddenly very alert from the impact.

You couldn’t help but to laugh a little at dazed expression, his eyelids were beginning to close again. You could hear his stomach grumbling faintly. You rolled your eyes; he doesn’t sleep and eat? Gosh.

“C'mon honey,” you pulled him off his chair, “that’s enough for one night.” You did you best to support his slouching body and pushed him onto your shared bed. “You stay there and sleep for a while, I’ll get you some food,” you put on a faux authoritarian voice.

After a good half an hour, you returned to the bedroom with a bowl of chicken soup to see him still in bed but he had his laptop with him. “Tim, what’d I say-” you placed the bowl down on the bedside table and grabbed his laptop, “-about sleeping?” You quickly shut the device down and placed it back on his study desk.

Tim simply watched you, too tired to retaliate, his arms in mid air like he wanted to grab his possession back but just sort of gave up half way. He slowly brought his arms back down as you grabbed the warm bowl of soup and climbed irl bed with him.

“Here,” you said softly, bringing the spoon up to his mouth, “eat.” He gladly obliged, devouring every drop of soup you fed him within minutes. Tim’s heart fluttered whenever you smiled at him with relief, happy that he was finally eating. He never understood how you could be so patient with someone like himself.

“Alright, let’s go to sleep-” you declared after placing the bowl back on your nightstand, ready to turn off the lights.

“Wait.” You turned back to Tim, eyebrow raised. He just stared at you, as if he forgot what he wanted to say for a split second. “Let’s…” he started, squinting his eyes in concentration before his face lit up in realisation. It was so comical you couldn’t help but to snort. “Let’s watch a movie.”

Before you could even agree, he’d grabbed his laptop and brought it to bed before turning off the lights. For someone who was definitely sleep deprived, you were surprised he could move so smoothly. Honestly, you wanted to stop him because it was getting really late, but seeing the way he excitedly selected a movie on his laptop, you decided to oblige and join him.

After he’d chosen one of the many films on his computer, the two of you laid on your stomachs, and rested on your elbows while watching the movie. Tim’s head rested against your shoulder and after a while, you could tell he was falling fast asleep. His head would constantly roll back and forth, as if he was struggling to keep still.

Halfway through the film, you knew this boy was a goner so you turned off his device and laid it on the floor by the bed. You hugged him carefully and gently repositioned his half-conscious body, laying his head on the pillow.

Tim’s eyes were still half-opened, there was a tired smile on his face as he looked at you in the darkness of the room. “(Y/N)… love you … g'night.” He mumbled before pulling you closer to him, burying his face in your collarbone, his legs slowly tangling themselves with yours.

You returned the embrace and pressed a kiss to the top of his head, his messy hair tickled your nose. “Goodnight, Tim, I love you, too…”

Unconventional Engagement -- Wally West x Reader

I found a prompt that was just perfect for a Wally West x Reader fic. This will also let you guys get a feel for my writing style if you’ve never read any of the stuff I’ve written. It’s a bit on the long side…I’m sorry! I apparently don’t know how to write short fics.

In any case, enjoy some goofy fluff my lovelies!

Word Count: 1488

The sensation of lips grazing over the exposed skin of your right shoulder slowly drew you out of your deep slumber.

A lazy smile found its way to your lips as you let your boyfriend continue before making it known that you were awake. His chest rumbling with soft laughter alerted you to the fact that the man lying beside you was more than aware of your current state of consciousness. The bed beneath you shifted as Wally sat up halfway, one hand planted to support him while his free hand gently pushed your (H/C) bangs from your sleepy eyes. He wore a goofy smile on his handsome face. You scowled playfully up at him.

“I don’t remember telling you to stop.” You stated flatly. The teasing sparkle in your (E/C) eyes let the speedster know that you weren’t serious.

“I know. If it were up to you, we’d spend the rest of the day cuddling in bed and nothing would get done.”

“Unlike some, I have a normal person job and like to have lazy days on the weekends when I don’t have to worry about adolescents paying attention to the lesson.”

The redhead chuckled at your response. “I’m sure your students are always paying attention. You’re too hot to ignore.”

You rolled your eyes at that. The mere thought of your male students thinking you were attractive made you feel uncomfortable. You shuddered in horror the more you thought on the topic. Shoving those thoughts away, you pushed the covers off you and sat up. Your legs hung over the edge of the bed and your hands were placed on either side of you. Twisting your neck from side to side, a relieved sigh escaped your lips at the loud pop! your actions resulted in. Wally made a mock disgusted noise behind you. You snorted at his reaction before standing up from the bed.

As you started to head toward the door, Wally’s hand lightly grasped your wrist. When you looked back at the speedster, he was pouting at you.

“Stay here with me.” He demanded still pouting.

You narrowed your eyes at him. “Weren’t you the one making fun of me for wanting to spend the day cuddling in bed?”

His cheeks flushed pink at your words and his grip on your wrist loosened considerably. You smirked in triumph. Gently pulling free from him, you leaned over and placed a feather light kiss to his cheek. A sweet smile decorated your lips as you pulled back to look into his green eyes.

“Come on, you don’t want to miss breakfast. I’m making pancakes~!”

At the mention of the breakfast food, Wally sped out of the bed and into the bathroom. You laughed at his behavior, shaking your head as you headed to the kitchen. You quickly gathered the ingredients you needed and proceeded to begin the process of making the promised pancakes.

You had just placed your third perfectly golden brown pancake on a plate when Wally’s cell phone rang. The two of you had agreed long ago to charge your phones in the kitchen and not in your room to minimize distractions when spending time together.

Not bothering to check the caller ID, you swiped your finger across the screen and placed the device up to your ear. “Good morning to you too, Dickiebird.”

“Morning (Y/N)!” The raven-haired hero chirped happily. “How was your date last night?”

“Fantastic. Thanks for getting us that reservation. We never would’ve gotten in otherwise.”

Dick chuckled at your comment. “Well, there are some perks to being a billionaire’s son.”

You both shared a hearty laugh at his joke. A breeze flew past you letting you know that your boyfriend had entered the room. He smiled at you and gestured to his phone in question. You mouthed ‘Dick’ to him which he nodded in reply. He held out his hand, offering to take the phone from you so you could focus on your task.

“Hey Dick, Wally just got out of the shower. Do you want to talk to him?” You asked.

“Just tell me, did you say yes?”

“To what?”

There was silence on the other end of the phone. Your brow furrowed in confusion. You drew the phone away from your ear to check and see if the call had disconnected somehow. Once you were certain that wasn’t the case, you placed the device back to your ear. At this point, Wally also had a confused look on his face.

You spoke back into the phone. “Dick? You still there?”

A beat of silence, then he spoke again. “Yeah, I am. Listen, I can’t talk for much longer. Just let Wally know that I’ll call him later.”


“Thanks (Y/N). I’ll see you later.”

“Yeah, you too. Later Dick.” You trailed off as the sound of a call ending filled your ear. Still confused, you turned to your boyfriend. “Dick said he’d call back later. He sure was acting weird.”

“Babe, this is Dick Grayson we’re talking about.”

You smiled at his statement. You handed the phone to Wally and refocused on what you were doing. Luckily, you hadn’t burned any pancakes during that odd conversation with your boyfriend’s best friend. He slipped the device into his back pocket then wrapped his arms around your waist. You tore off a piece of the next pancake you finished and held it up for the speedster to eat. He gladly accepted and munched happily on the food you’d made for the two of you.

“Have I ever mentioned how good at cooking you are?”

“You could stand to mention it more.”

Again, you felt the redhead’s chest rumble with laughter. He placed his chin on your left shoulder and sighed in bliss. His eyes were closed and he wore a content expression on his freckled face.

“What did I do to deserve such a talented, sassy, beautiful girlfriend like you?”

You giggled at his question. “Beats me. How’d I end up with a goofy, flirtatious, handsome boyfriend like you?”

“It must have been fate.”

The two of you fell into comfortable silence. You continued to make pancakes and feed small pieces to Wally. After a few more minutes of silence, Wally sighed once more. He nuzzled his nose into your neck and breathed in deeply, enjoying the natural scent you gave off. You smiled softly at his actions.

“I’m thinking a spring wedding, or maybe fall. I don’t want it to be too cold though.”

“That’s nice and all,” you began, “but we’re not engaged Wally.”

You felt Wally stiffen. His entire body felt like it had tensed up. Worried, you turned your head to see him better.

His face had gone pale and he had a ‘deer in the headlights’ expression on his normally cheerful face. Wally’s green eyes seemed to widen beyond what was humanly possible and his mouth hung open in disbelief. His arms that had held your waist tightly had gone slack and hung limply by his sides.

Concerned, you reached up and cupped his cheek gently. “Wally? Are you okay sweetie?”

Your concerned tone seemed to snap him out of his stupor. His disbelieving expression quickly morphed into a guilty one then into a sheepish smile. The speedster chuckled nervously as he reached up with one of his hands to grasp your hand. His free hand also reached out and took your other hand and he held both in between the two of you. You tilted your head to the side in confusion.

“What’s up?” You asked trying to keep the concern from your voice this time.

Wally chuckled nervously again. “This isn’t exactly how I had planned this to go. Last night was when I had decided to ask you. How did I manage to forget?”

The last part seemed more like a question to himself more so than to you.

Then, everything seemed to click.

“You mean…?”

“(Y/F/N) (Y/M/N) (Y/L/N), will you marry me?” Wally asked softly. He brought your joined hands up to his chest causing you to step closer. His green eyes bore into your (E/C) eyes, begging for you to say yes.

You shook your head slightly and laughed softly. “Only you would propose to me so casually. What am I going to do with you?”

“Marry me?”

“I’d be crazy to say no.”

Wally shouted in delight and quickly dropped your hands. Clasping you around your waist, he lifted you into the air and spun the two of you in a circle. Your laughter mingled with his and filled the small apartment. Finally placing you back on your feet, Wally leaned forward and placed his lips against yours. You leaned into his chest to deepen the kiss. After a few moments, you two parted and smiled at each other giddily. Wally leaned his forehead against yours.

“I love you, (Y/N).”

“I love you too, Wally.”

Your Daughter

“Are you still awake…?”

Relationship: Lovers

Fandom: DC Comics

Character: Dick

You can’t remember that last time you got a good night sleep if you were not awake worrying about you husband, Nightwing, then you were up taking care of your newborn. Tonight was one of those nights where your daughter just won’t go to sleep. Sitting in the rocking chair you sang a soft melody to her. Your prays were answered as the small child stop crying and eyes started to close. You carefully got up as you kept singing to place her in her crib. Once you made sure she was still asleep you slipped out of the room leaving the cracked out a bit.

“Y/N? Are you still awake?” You heard Dick from the kitchen, he must have just gotten home. You thought to yourself as you walked towards the kitchen.

“Ya. Your daughter wouldn’t let me sleep.” Dick chuckled lightly.

“She is your daughter too.”

“Not when she keeps me up all night. That part she gets from you. Freaking Nightbirds, the lot of you.” He chuckled again before pulling you close to him and kissing you on the lips.

“I love you.” You smiled up at him and kissed him back.

“I love you too.”

anonymous asked:

On the vein of superheroes: have you ever considered superhero/villain au + *love potions*?

I’m gonna assume Ace/Marco unless you say otherwise most time, I’m sorry. that’s my default.

Teach laughs as Superboy, Ace, groans on the ground, clutching the broken nose that the Kryptonite had weakened him enough to allow, still too close to the glowing, sickly green of the crystal, “You think you can stop me? You think that I can be defeated before I use this?”

It’s a test tube with something bright and shimmering in the depths, that reminds Phoenix of something he saw in a cartoon when he was young. He can feel his heart stop even when he can’t understand what it is.

“Love potion,” Teach says standing closer to Superboy and Marco’s heart is in his throat. It’s in his throat and he wants to step between them, except he’s too far away to do it. “Can you imagine? Superboy in love with me.”

“Fuck you,” Superboy growls, blood on his teeth and eyes glaring up as he struggled to push himself upright. “If you do that, I would rather fucking die.”

“Oh, you won’t be able to live without me,” he smirks, dumping it on Ace’s head, smirking as it soaked his hair. “Darling.”

“Yes,” Ace, and Marco can feel his heart break as he watches Ace smile at Teach, says purring.

Teach grins, sliding the Kryptonite into a lead lined book, “Do you need help up, darling?”

Ace smiles excepting it and moving closer to him, closer and closer, and slamming his fist into Teach’s face, smirk as he stumbles backwards, the box held tightly in his grasp.

“Ace?” Marco asks looking at him hopefully.

“You would think people would remember that I’m not human and I’m not my mother. I’m both and I’m not always effected by things that one or the other would,” Ace grins tossing him the box. “Thought I could play along.”

Marco waits until they’re finished and Teach is being dragged off in handcuffs to grab the front of his uniform, kissing him harshly, “I was horrified.”

“I’m sorry,” Ace offers rubbing a thumb over his cheek. “I like you?”

“I like you too.”