Tim Drake/ Red Robin X Reader-Boxes

“All of those HGTV shows never show the pure exhaustion and effort needed to move into an apartment,” Tim groaned, flopping onto the carpet floor.  “Can we take a break?”

You snorted, still sorting through all of the boxes that were labeled for the kitchen, “We both agreed that we would finish sorting through the boxes and then take a break.”

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Danger Sense

Imagine being Bruce’s daughter 

Relationship: Family

Fandom: DC Comics

Character: Batfamily

The boys always jokes that you seemed to have a danger sense, that it was your power, you seemed shrugged it off and moved on with your life. However they were not wrong, your so called danger sense always kicked in just in time to save your own skin or the others. Dick and Jason had been saved many times by your danger sense. You guessed that it was just luck, sure you knew many people with powers but you were a part of the Batfamily. The member of the Batfamily doesn’t have powers they were simply human and that was it. However, this didn’t stop the boys from teasing you about it or mumbling thanks when you save their asses.

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Loving (Snart x Reader)

Request:  Leonard snart x reader smut with sweet fluff??

Originally posted by daydreamer-2002

You giggled, climbing on top of Snart, to which he rolled his eyes. Sneaky hands found their way to your rear, gently massaging the flesh through your underwear. Snart pulled you close, resting his head on your shoulder, lovestruck eyes watching yours. You were overwhelmed with an urge to kiss him, so you did just that.

The kiss was slow, loving. Even as your tongues tangled, the kiss didn’t get any less caring, only the passion rose with every passing second. Soon, your hands were gripping at the back of his neck as you flipped you over, moving down to your neck to leave love bites and hickeys along his way.

You pulled him back up after a while of him playing with your breasts, stating you were ready for him. Apparently that was all he needed to be sure.

Slowly he pushed into you. So slow, so fucking gentle. Your heart swole with love when he was finally fully seated within you.

Snarts arms encased you gently, holding you against his body.

“What are you doing?”, you asked amusedly, returning the hug.

“Wanna hold you for a second…” Just then you heard the love in his voice, the doubt he had in himself.

Without a thought, you pressed several kissed all over his face, everywhere you could reach was unsafe of your loving lips. Soon you had him chuckling.

Encasing his lips with yours, you bucked your hips into his, willing him to finally move.

Like everything else in your love making, his thrusting was slow and loving. You were panting, hands gripping his shoulders to pull and hold him close as you neared your climax. Snart wouldn’t go much faster or harder, but the steady pressure against your walls had you moaning.

You tumbled over the edge. It wasn’t the most intense orgasm you ever had, but as it faded, a tingling feeling of love and trust stayed within you.

Before he could pull out, you pressed your lips against his in another loving kiss, making sure he knew how much you loved him. And by the way he kissed back, you knew he loved you too

Occupational Therapy [a Barry Allen AU] (Pt. 6)

a/n: i got a whole list of ideas for this story from @totallythamy

| Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 |

“I-I want y…you t-to meet my f-fo-foster dad.” Barry sputters, looking at you bashfully. Your eyes widen a little bit and you huff out a nervous laugh. “I-… in-invited him to th-therapy tod-ay. I h-hope you ar-aren’t mad…” he winces, picking up the cup with a lid; one of your ideas, so his drinks won’t spill.

You put your hand on his, feeling it twitch on the table, you smile, sipping your coffee. After you swallow, “I can’t wait to meet him!” you stand up, dumping the remains of your drink and placing your mug in the sink. You try to contain your excitement; Barry had told you stories of Joe, how he took him in after his mother was killed and dad went to prison. “Speaking of, we need to get going. You might be constantly late, but I am not. So, come on. I’ll let you bring the coffee with you; not that you need it…” you mutter, grabbing his gray puffy jacket off the hanger.

When you hold it out, he slides his arms in, pulling it up his shoulders; he tugs your long black petticoat down, fabric bouncing with his hands as he puts it over your sapphire striped sweater. You grin, plucking the keys off the table and rushing to the car. He follows after, shutting the door and locking it. When he plops in the passenger seat, you start the engine, cringing at the loud puff and wheeze.

The drive takes a little less than twenty minutes, before you know it, wheels turn into the parking lot. Barry grins from ear to ear, not waiting for the car to stop as he swings the door open, jumping out and standing on wobbly legs. He looks like a newborn baby giraffe when he walks sometimes. “Barry!” you scold playfully; car screeching to a stop.

He totally ignores you, running towards a tall black man; his crimson scarf flapping around his neck. “Joe!” he beams, attacking his foster dad in a bone-crushing hug, hands balling into fists against the man’s back. Joe laughs, flinging his arms around the skinny boy, patting his back. You pull the key, opening the car door and getting out, trying not to coo at the sight.

Joe pulls away, gripping Barry’s shoulder with a wide smile, almost matching your own. “I missed ya, Barr. Happy you’re finally trying this.” he hums, fixing his black beanie, eyes shifting to you, then to the boy. “Well, are you gonna introduce me or not, son?” he muses, watching his boy’s mouth open in shock, blushing. “I’m Barry’s foster dad, you can call me Joe.” he smiles, holding his hand out to shake.

You latch on with both of your hands, shaking his gently. “It’s good to meet you; I’ve heard so much about you! Nice to finally put a face to the name!” you chuckle, letting go of his rough hand. Barry’s hand shakes, motioning for you to continue. “Oh right! Sorry, I’m Y/N, Y/N Y/L/N. Barry’s friend-girlfriend. His girlfriend; his girl.” you rush out awkwardly, cheeks tinged pink; both from embarrassment and the cold weather..

With a smirk, Joe scratches his goatee thoughtfully, pointing at you. “So you’re the girl he wouldn’t stop gushing about to Iris-”

“O-okay, th-that’s en…enough of that! L-let’s g-go in, b-babe.” he staggers out, wrapping a hand around your waist, speed walking through the set of double doors. A giggle passes your lips when he glances back at Joe with wide eyes.

You rest your palms on the shiny black granite top, showing your teeth to the receptionist. “Hi! We’re here for an appointment for Barry Allen-” you slap his chest with the back of your hand. He mutters a quiet ‘ow’ and rubs the spot. You cringe, “Sorry.” you hear Joe snort, lips shut tight. “It’s with Dr. Rice.”

The receptionist nods, pointing down the long hallway with a manicured nail that looks like a Santa hat. “Fourth door on your left, sweetie.”

“Thank you! By the way, nice nails!” you compliment, impressed. If you could get your nails like that… She thanks you, wishing you a Merry Christmas as you saunter down the hallway. “Let’s see…one…two…” you mumble, counting the doors as you pass by, “…three….four! Here we go!” you cheer, opening the wood door.

Barry gulps, stepping in the room, feeling Joe’s hand on his shoulder. The room is shaped like a square, a cream wallpaper on the thin walls and a tile flooring with blue specks, various crafts hang around the room, creating a more…childish feel. There’s a small kitchen with a stove, a sink and a mini fridge pressed to one wall.

The doctor shows up in a few minutes; she’s tall and appears as old Joe, graying blond hair swept up in a ponytail. She introduces herself, going over Barry’s file with the three of you. “You have chronic muscle spasms, right Mr. Allen?” she asks in a nurturing voice; he nods, keeping his hands in fists. “Alrighty then, we’re going to start slow, okay? This might seem…ridiculous, but it’s going to help in the long run.” she explains, getting up to get something. “I want you to write your full name on the dotted line.” she directs, pointing to the paper in hand with the thin pen.

Looking at you and Joe for support, Barry breathes in. You flash him a smile. “O-okay…” he hums, uncurling his right hand to grab the pen. He uncaps it, leaning down. In a shaky motion, he begins to write a messy B, followed slowly by an A, then R T H O L O M E W. He frowns, knowing it looks like children’s writing instead of a twentysix year olds.

“You’re doing great, Barr.” Joe encourages, seeing him stop at the R in his middle name. You hum in agreement, rubbing his shoulder soothingly. He breathes in, creating the Y and moving to his last name. A. L. L. E. N. The L’s look more like squiggles then actual letters but Dr. Rice reassures him he’ll get better with time. This was only the beginning of his occupational therapy after all.

The next half hour they talk about what he has trouble with and things like that. Dr. Rice waves them out the door, excited to meet next week. Joe hugs Barry tightly, “Proud of you, son. Maybe next time Iris will come.” he sighs, letting go of the boy. He turns to you, wrapping you up in his arms, “Nice meeting you, Y/N. I’ll see you guys soon.” he nods, rubbing your shoulder and heading to his silver Nissan.

Before Barry can open the car door, you push his back against the vehicle, tangling your hands in his scarf. “You’re gonna do amazing here, babe. I love you.” you kiss his lips.

He blinks, “I-I lo-ove you, t-too.”


A/N: My second anon request for a Spencer x Male Reader. This is one where the reader is small in stature and everyone kind of wonders how he came to be on the team, but he comes to prove himself and it’s revealed that Spencer and the reader have feelings for each other. @coveofmemories


“I don’t mean to be mean, at all,” Derek started, trying to clarify his words to Emily, “but what is Y/N doing on the team?” He grimaced as the words came out, realizing it sounded really derogatory; he didn’t mean it that way. “It’s just that our budgets are always being cut, so you’d think that anyone joining the team would have to bring something different than what we already do.”

Emily nodded her head, knowing what he meant. Y/N was really nice; she really liked him. He was sweet, kind of like Spencer, but as far as she knew his intelligence wasn’t extraordinary like his.

Derek continued, “I mean, he’s fairly small, so I can’t imagine he is amazingly tough. As far as I know, he isn’t Pretty Boy level of genius. He doesn’t speak a ton of languages like you, so how did he get here?”

“I don’t know,” she said matter of factly, “I guess we’ll see in time.”


“How the hell are we going to get in here?” Derek said, having, for one of the first times in his life, unsuccessfully kicked down a door. It was reinforced with steel and they didn’t have time to get a tech to the scene to knock it down.

“Here, let me try,” Y/N said, kneeling down to look at the doorknob.

“You think you can pick it?” Spencer asked, the obvious awe at the possibility laden in his voice.

“I think I can actually,” he said, pulling out the small lock picking kit he’d had with him since he was a kid. “When you want to get into your brother’s room as a kid, you learn how to pick locks,” he said, deftly moving the instrument through each piece of the lock. “I’ve gotten pretty good at it over the years.”

A few moments later, Y/N heard the lock click. “I got it,” he said excitedly. “If I move, I may lose my grip. Spencer, can you turn the doorknob for me?”
Spencer grabbed the doorknob, his hand dangerously close to Y/N’s. He didn’t want to admit the tingles that traveled through him every time he got physically close to him. Y/N was really nice and he’d been comfortable talking with Spencer since he started. He was a little shyer with everyone else. Spencer had no clue about Y/N’s sexual orientation; it had never been brought up, but Spencer did harbor a slight crush on the new guy. 

“Y/N, that’s amazing,” Derek said stupefied.

After searching the apartment and coming up empty-handed, someone walked into the room. It wasn’t who they were looking for, but whoever it was panicked and started running.

“I’ve got the fire escape,” Derek yelled, “everyone go another way!”

Hotch made his way to the north exit of the building with Emily. JJ took the east entrance. Derek had the west, and Spencer and Y/N took the south entrance. They ran out of the entrance and saw the witness running down the block. Y/N took off, leaving Spencer in the dust as he turned the corner and saw the man jumping over the fence.

Y/N followed, his nimble body flying over it with ease. “Stop!” he screamed. “FBI!” As the man turned about, not knowing where to go, Y/N tackled him to the ground.

Spencer had finally turned the corner and was fumbling over the fence as Y/N and the witness were sparring with each other. Y/N was pinned underneath the witness, but he easily blocked himself from the barrage of hits that came his way. He pushed the heel of his hand up into the witness’s nose, just barely dodging the fountain of blood that poured out of him. Once the man was distracted, Y/N kneed him in the balls, pushed him off of him and to the side, and turned him over, clasping his hands behind his back.

“Damn, Y/N,” Spencer said, “you’re a lot quicker and tougher than you look.” He took out his handcuffs and threw them to him. “Nice job.”

“Thanks, Spencer. We all have our strong suits. You’re a genius. Emily is a walking Rosetta Stone. Derek can kick pretty much anyone’s ass and I’m quick, fairly intelligent and know how to pick locks like a champion,” he said. “You ready to take this fine gentlemen into the BAU and see what he was trying to hide from us?” 

“Absolutely. Plus, I have to tell everyone what a fast runner you are. You run track in high school or college?”


After the witness had been interrogated and let go (he had a small outstanding warrant that the BAU had no interest in), the team gathered back in the conference room to go over what they had and where they needed to go from here.

“Nice job, rookie,” Derek said, slapping Y/N on the shoulder. “Pretty Boy here says you’re quite the runner and you know how to handle yourself in a fight.”

He knew that Derek questioned his place on the team, so it was nice to know he had proven himself. “Again, that comes from growing up with a brother. You get into a lot of fights and you learn to block and fight or have more than one sprained wrist.”

“Seriously though,” Spencer started, emphasizing how impressed he was with Y/N’s speed. “Y/N just took off - he hopped the fence with ease. I got caught like eight times, but it’s like he ran hurdles in high school. Did you jump hurdles in high school?” he rambled, finally looking his way.

“As a matter of fact I did, Spencer,” Y/N replied, remembering his days on the track.

Spencer continued, clearly in awe of him. “Anyway, he took off, flew down the block, hopped the fence and despite being pinned underneath the guy at first, he managed to break his nose and all but handcuff him before I managed to get there.”

Y/N was just standing against the wall, reveling in the fact that he’d impressed Spencer. Since he started at the BAU, Spencer had been the only one to try and get to know him well and he’d started to develop a crush. He’d never say anything, but he would date Spencer in a hot minute if he asked. He was so sexy, sweet and insanely intelligent. He was pretty much everything Y/N dreamed of. “Stop,” he said, waving his hand, “It was nothing. When you grow up like I did, you develop a particular set of skills.”

“Well, they’re impressive ones,” Spencer said.


Four days later, they’d been able to catch the unsub and been granted a couple of days off. As Spencer walked into the comic book store, desperate for the newest Black Panther issue, he saw Y/N, whose face was buried in on older Captain America comic.

“That’s not the one where they claimed that Steve was a Hydra agent, right?” Spencer asked, getting Y/N’s attention.

“Oh fuck no,” he replied, closing the comic to look at Spencer. He couldn’t help but stare at Spencer’s lips as he glanced around the store, undoubtedly trying to eye whatever comic he’d come in for. “That storyline was such crap. Cap was designed for the purposes of punching out Nazis and this guy wants to claim Cap was a Hydra agent all along? I don’t accept,” he said defensively.

Spencer laughed. “My thoughts exactly. I’m in here for the newest Black Panther.”

“Issue 4?” Y/N asked. “You’re gonna love it. I just read it and I’m gonna buy it for my collection.

They had even more in common than Spencer had previously realized. He didn’t know if Y/N was gay or bisexual, but he’d never know if he didn’t ask. “Ummm…Y/N, I don’t want to come off presumptuous or anything, but would you be interested in going out with me?”

Y/N’s heart skipped a beat. He needed clarification. “Like on a date?”

“Yea,” Spencer replied, “Like a date.”

Y/N smiled. Yes. “Why don’t we go across the street, grab a cup of coffee and come back here and talk about comic books some more? Because I’d love to know how many comics we both read.”

Spencer looked down, shuffling his feet. “That sounds great,” he said, moving towards the door toward the coffee shop. “So I have to ask, are you firmly a Marvel fan? Or do you like DC too?”


Red and Black

Imagine being in a relationship with Jason and Roy.  

Relationship: Lovers

Character: Jason and Roy


Gifs: Found on Google.


You were sick, Jason and Roy had been gone for three weeks on a one-week long mission, of course, you worried how could you not. But right now you laid on the couch curling up in a fleece blanket wear one of Jason’s shirt and a pair of Roy’s sweatpants. Your head was hurting because your nose was stuffed up, your throat hurt from coughing just your whole body ached. You wanted nothing more for your boys to come through the door before you could finish that thought the door was kicked opened as Jason was carrying Roy on his back. You stood up too quickly which made you light head, catching yourself you looked at Jason and Roy

“What happened?” You looked at Jason as he laid Roy on the couch.

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The Bodyguard

Originally posted by vrdantt

Warnings - Blood, violence 

Being a personal bodyguard to one of the most notorious criminals lurking around Gotham city was not easy especially when he had more enemies than Batman himself. Despite the ever impending danger, you enjoyed your job. Standing at Mr J’s side was a real privilege in the Gotham underworld not to mention the access you had to weaponry if there was a specific weapon you desired Mr J simply gave it to you. You always were grateful for when he did that.
After a few months, you began to show your rebellious nature which was well known within the underworld; you were certainly good at your job; taking pride in your work no matter who you were hired to protect.

Mr J was currently dealing with some of his many associates, yet he didn’t seem to desire to interact in the proper manner; you were bored and tired of the man’s attitude so as directly as you could you aimed your gun at the man’s foot and shot him in it.
“What the hell, keep the bitch in check would ya?” The man spat, you smirked as you stepped closer towards the man your heels tapping on the concrete, standing in-front of the man you smirked, flicking your pocket knife open and closed.

“This bitch may work for Mr J but let me make this one clear to you. I have no owner. I control my own actions and if I believe that you are being disrespectful to Mr J, then I will make sure you remember your place. You work for Mr J, not the other way around.” The man sent a glare to the Joker, yet the Joker stood there amazed by your rebellious nature. It had been part of the reason he had found your whereabouts to see if you were interested in working for him. Your reputation was known but Joker had to admit that people’s words did not do you justice by any means.

“I would count yourself lucky, I was going to shot you in the head. Now your going to get me the weapons I asked for or I will allow Y/N to do as she pleases.” The man swallowed hard as you shot him a wicked smirk.

“I’ll get them for you. I’ll get them for you.” With that the man ran away, leaving you with an accomplished feeling. No-one would mess with Mr J while you were around.

Back at the Joker’s headquaters, you were cleaning off your knife, someone had dared to try and attack Mr J, biggest mistake of his life. After already being angered by the weapons dealer earlier and with the stupid goon testing your patience; you lost it taking your anger out on the goon, stabbing him repeatedly making sure everyone knew that while you were around no-one would mess with him.

Joker was standing behind you watching you curiously as you wiped your blade, before working on sharpening your most trusted knife. The way you appeared to be so concentrated on what you were doing. The way you were so ruthless yet so feminine. He admired how you moved your hair out of your face. To him you were the perfect; he knew he shouldn’t have these thoughts about you. Yet you were willing to go above and beyond to protect him to ensure his safety; he was certain that he wanted you by his side for the foreseeable future but for now, he must keep his feelings a secret. But he knew one day he would tell you. He had too.

anonymous asked:

Are you a DC fan too? :D I know you don't take requests, and I'm not sure about suggestions, but it'd be cool to see Harley Quinn in your style one day! I love your art so much and you're such a huge art inspiration for me!! Keep being awesome! :)

I’m a fan of both–I enjoy them all (-: 

I’m not currently taking requests but I’ll keep the suggestion in mind. Normally I just go with a character that fits my mood at the time, or the playlist I’m currently listening too. (Made this doodle listening to ‘Coming For You’ by The Offspring) I’m that simple hahah ^^’

Thank you so much! Have a great weekend :D


Place To Call Home

Imagine being Bruce’s daughter, when your mother dies you move into the manor. After finding out about your family night time activities you ran away and get kidnapped.

Relationship: Family

Character: BatBoys  


Gifs: Found on Google.


It had always been my mother and I, of course, mother told me about my father. They had dated for a few months, but things just didn’t work out. Two months after the break up she found out she was pregnant, she didn’t want to push a baby into his busy life she so never told him. When asked what his name was she said that it didn’t matter and moved on. Mom ran and owned one of the most popular restaurants. The local mod wanted a cut of the money she said no, so they blew the building up. I was one my way to the restaurant of school when I heard the explosion. I watched from the sidelines as the firefighters put out the flames from the bomb. They then started to dig through the rubble, and that’s when I saw her. My mother’s body was bloody and broken; I let out a scream as I fell to the ground.

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My Sun

Imagine being broken after Jason death.

Relationship: Lover

Character: Jason Todd

Warning: Cutting and Attempted Suicide 

Gifs: Found on Google.

A/N: N/A

Dear lord, when I get to heaven
Please let me bring my man

After Jason’s death something in me had broken, my will to live was gone. I wouldn’t leave my room, I would hardly eat, and I just shut down. Jason was my life my everything; Jason was the reason I was alive. On the streets Jason protected me, he shared his food with me, made sure I didn’t get sick. When Bruce took us in he was the one to push me to explore the manor with him instead of staying in my room.

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