You’re home.

Well, not the you that I want to be home. But the you I’m allowed to have.

I still don’t believe yet that there was a purpose to your death. But if there was, I’d think it’s all the love you’ve inspired. A lot of people have told me how you’ve influenced them, before and after your passing. Seems your quiet grace was more noticed than I realized.

I’ve also heard from some people that my words were scaring them, that they were extra worried about me. It’s great to know that people care. But you know that for as dark as my existence is without you right now, as badly as I want to see you again, I still want to be here and the grief will change with time. There are still a lot of things I want to see and do, things we were going to do together and we will. I’ll carry you with me.

I said I was never much of a writer but for some reason I need to write to you. I’ve always been one to bottle it in, pretend I’m fine, squash the emotion and let it rot inside me. But you don’t deserve that. You deserve for me to scream my pain from the mountains. If only for us.

You were so much more than this little box I’m left with.

You were mornings watching those bunnies. Afternoon naps and evening cuddles. You were agility in the sunset. Races around the fence for the sheer joy of running. You were early mornings when I was the only one who got up, you knew it was agility time. You were rough wrestling and chase games with Chandra, who could handle it, and quiet games with Jake, who couldn’t. Knowing far more than it seemed a dog should know. You were trying again, just one more time. You were quiet touches and speaking with your eyes. You were walks on forest trails and swims in mountain lakes. You were that connection, that orbit we traveled around each other.

You were bravery in the face of your fears.

And you helped me be that too.

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hello love! i was just wondering, how did you find out about fiction kin (and what was your opinion of it before)? and how did you find you were kin with calliope? (im sorry if this is a little odd, i just genuinely want to know, fiction kin is so cool /.\)

oh! hmm, i foUnd oUt aboUt kin from one of my friends like a year ago? or less? im not sUre when, bUt my friend told me he was kin with sans from Undertale and i had no idea what that meant, so slowly by slowly he started to edUcate me on the topic, and i also started to edUcate my self. thoUgh if im being honest, at first i had a hard time comprehending it, it was jUst so different? bUt i kept an open mind to it. 

and as for how i foUnd oUt i was kin with calliope, it was weird? becaUse when i first got introdUced to her in the comic i was like “oh my god i love her so mUch she is me” bUt i didnt make the connection? bUt then he foUnd oUt he was kin with sollUx and then i did more research aboUt it and was like “oh,,dang maybe im calliope?” bUt it took a long time from when i had the idea to when i actUally told him becaUse i was kind of scared to admit it? i felt like i was copying him. oops! bUt yeah i came to the conclUsion i was kin with her when i started seeing pictUres of her and my brain kept going “me me me me me me me me” and jUst how mUch i related to her and everything going on in canon. calliope jUst resonated with me so mUch.and i got really strong feels with her. i had her as a synpath at first bUt then changed her to an ID aboUt a month ago, when i finally came to the conclUsion i was her. 

im really happy im calliope, it really gives me a sense of identity. makes me feel more real, for the most part. 

thank yoU for this ask! i really enjoyed this! i hope i answered this in an, okay way? im not very good at answering stUff like this sorry! u_u

Unfinished fic conversations from my phone notes.
  • *holding up a hand knit sweater* “The ‘D’ stands for douche bag!”
  • “I’m a vampire.” “Oh, is that why you have such a weird fascination with my neck?” “No, actually that’s unrelated.”
  • “So, I know we kind of left off on the wrong foot–” “Oh, you mean when you left me at the alter and disappeared for a year? Yeah, Clarke, I remember.”
  • “I stayed with–” “Yeah, I know where you were.” “What?” “He called me that night. I told him you weren’t my problem anymore.” “That’s not fair…” “Not fair? You left me on our wedding day without so much as a goodbye! If you didn’t love me, you should have just told me.” 
  • “You can’t kill a priest! You’ll go to Hell!” “Only if you believe in that.” “Can’t be that bad.” “I’m probably going there anyway.”
  • “Well, I can do everything you can do, only I can do it wearing five inch heels.”
  • “What happened!?” “He wasn’t cooperating!” “So you tasered him?!” “I panicked!”
  • “So the hair gave it away?” “And your butt.” “My butt?” “Yeah. That skintight bodysuit does wonders for your ass.” “Huh.” “It’s a cute ass.”
  • “You remind me of him.” “Really?” “Yeah, only you smell better and you’re a hell of a lot prettier!”
  • “Stop it! You’re making me blush!” “I bet that’s not the only thing I can do.” “I think I liked it better when you didn’t talk.”
  • You have gorgeous eyes.” “What about me?” “You’re pretty too.” “You don’t have to lie to him, he knows he’s ugly.”
  • “Contrary to popular belief, I do have a sense of humor.”
  • “I think this is the least dangerous present you’ve ever gotten me.”
  • “Hey, if we survive this, will you marry me?” “If we live I’ll do a hell of a lot more than that.”

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I'm infatuated by you. Completely and utterly enchanted by the way you have touched me, not just physically but emotionally and mentally. You've made me feel things that I thought died inside me a long time ago. I don't know how you managed to do it but you did, I told myself I wouldn't fall for anyone ever again but you changed my mind. You made me fall and you made me fall hard as fuck. But the thing is, I'm not scared, because you've caught me so far. I trust you. I fucking love you.

Go on/off anon and pretend were the person you want to talk to and get everything off your chest.

It All Happened So Fast

I want to fight for you. Everything about you makes me want to keep you safe. The first time you kissed me and when you told me you loved me back still stick to my memory like glue.

I can’t help but turn to memories of you and I. Moments where you were all mine. In various stages of undress. Hesitation melting away as lust took over completely.

I’ve never felt like this before. Is it just me or do we need to get out of here? Go back to my place and get into a little trouble? I’ll strip for you, if you’ll dance for me. Take it all off and give me a show. 

I don’t mean to offend. It’s just, you’re so beautiful and it’s making me go a bit crazy. And your lips… they’re just so kissable. Kiss me. Everywhere. Let’s take time and get to know each other on an intimate and passionate level.

What I want most right now is the feeling of your body on top of mine. I’ll lay back and watch as you go to work. You’re exactly what I want. What I need. You’ve got my attention, there isn’t another soul in this world right now besides yours and mine.

Don’t think I won’t return the favor. Your body will be treated like the precious entity it is. Let me give you everything you’ve been craving. You know I’ll take my time, making sure that you’re beyond satisfied.

When we’re together I feel my heart doing jumping jacks. Everything about you just makes me feel like I’ve found the one. Is that too much? Maybe I should keep this to myself.

I could see myself spending my life with you. I don’t think you understand. I’m sure I’d do anything you asked me to. You’re what I’ve always been dreaming of. My love for you can’t quite be articulated with words alone. I guess I’ll just have to show you.


You said you were going to make me feel so good                                                I wouldn’t be able to feel my legs. 

You said you were going to make my body experience things                               I didn’t know were posible to feel. 

You said you wanted me so badly, you could already taste me in your tongue.

I thought you were talking about sex but all you had to do is call me beautiful and with a smile in your face told me that you love me. 

And I knew that this was what getting fucked up really felt like. 


“I love you, too”

“I love you.”

You told me casually as you fixed your gaze upon me studying, while simultaneously fighting sleep and rewriting the smudged patterns of my Socio 101 notes on a Moleskin notebook.

“What?” I stopped dead in my tracks and stared at you. You gave me one of those boyish grins that feels like sunlight shattering through dark clouds. I grinned back. I love you, too.

“I love you.”

You shouted on top of your lungs in the middle of a rave. Your words are swallowed by the latest The Chainsmokers song and incessant drunken chatter and chants of laughter.

“What?” I shouted back as we continued to dance. You wrapped your arms around my waist and kissed me instead. I love you, too

“I love you.”

You told me while we were tracing the many different constellations in the galaxies above us, my head on your chest as we laid down in comfortable silence on a desolate grass bed in the field.

“What?” I playfully asked, recording this moment that transcends above the cataclysms and clamors of life. You sighed and closed your eyes. I love you, too

“I love you.”

You whisper into my ear as we sang the dormitory’s theme song, which could easily be our song, too. The air is festive and euphoric, we were festive and euphoric.

“What?” I mouthed to you, eyebrows raised as you continued to sing the last few lines. You pulled me closer and brought my left hand to your lips. I love you, too.

“I love you.”

You told me as you reach for me at midnight, shivering cold in the air-conditioned room, separated by the spaces between blankets and comforters. Half-asleep, I asked, “What?”  You draped your arm around me and enveloped me in your warmth. I love you, too.

“I love you.”

You reassured me between tears and waves of my uncertainty. What were we? What was this? And instead of divulging into the obvious, you looked down on the asphalt pavement of the empty street. And even then- I love you, too.

Do you remember the day I pulled you aside to talk about a boy who exhausted my smile? Because I don’t. But apparently this was the day I broke your heart, and I never knew. There were no tears in your eyes, I couldn’t feel the earth split in two. You gave me a beautiful smile and wished me well, but as it turns out you had your own love to tell.
One night, months later, we sat on a dock looking at the reflections of constellations in one another’s eyes. I almost told you how I felt, but your words brought a tension, a shift in the atmosphere - and in that moment I would have given anything to disappear. You asked me if I loved him, while only inches from my face, and I told you that I thought so, but that wasn’t quite the case.
I never knew you were an option, I never knew that you cared, I never knew of your intentions or else I would have been prepared to open up my heart and plainly bare my soul. How could you not realize, you were the piece that made me whole? I thought it was obvious, but then again, so did you - and in the end, the both of us were left without a clue.
Fast forward: stuck at a birthday party neither wanted to attend, light-hearted flirtation in whispers through the end. A comment too serious left me longing for more, and with the mention of a journal, you walked out the door.
Years later, you’re with a beautiful girl who I’m sure is your dream and I’ve still yet to read the pages from the years of love I can’t redeem. I stood there while you kissed her, not longing to depart, and I wonder if you realized the moment when you broke my heart.
—  Excerpt from a book I’ll never write #190 // Grazia Curcuru
First Met

Do you remember when we first met?  I do. You told me you were Chat Noir.  I told you I was maladroit.

I still can’t believe you actually called me miss Maladroit.

It’s funny now.

Because I’m still maladroit.

Do you remember when we first met?  I do. We hit a bit of a rough patch at first, didn’t we, My Lady?

I still can’t believe you actually threw me at our first akuma.

It’s funny now.

Because I’m still falling.

Do you remember when we first met?  I do. I thought you really would pull such a mean prank on me.

I still can’t believe you actually were a nice guy past the first impression.

It’s funny now.

Because I’m still looking past first impressions.

Do you remember when we first met?  I do. The rain was coming down when I managed to explain.

I still can’t believe you actually got caught in my umbrella now.

It’s funny now.

Because you still give me a really good feeling.

I’m still maladroit.

I’m still falling.

I’m still looking past first impressions.

You still give me a really good feeling.



It’s nice to meet you.


“Harley, why can’t you see it? He’s a fucking monster!” You exclaimed. She scoffed, “You’re just jealous.” She rolled her eyes. “Of what? He hits you! He’s manipulated you, time and time again.” You told her. “He loves me! You’re just jealous because you don’t have someone you loves you like he loves me.” She told you. 

“That isn’t love, Harles. I love you! I care about you and-” 

She interrupted you, “Just leave. I don’t need you anymore.” You sighed. “When you figure out what  a monster he is, I’ll be there for you.” You told her before walking out. 


You yawned, rubbed your eyelids and turned on the lights. It was around midnight, but you were starving. You opened the fridge and pulled out some leftovers, which ended up on the floor when you saw Harley in her pig-tails and make-up. 

“Jesus, Harley.” You muttered. She looked to be crying and the closer you got to her, you saw a  dark bruise under her eye. “Did he do that?” You asked her and she nodded. “I’m sorry, Y/N.” She apologized. “It’s okay. You were blindsided.” You told her. “Go take a shower, I’ll find you something comfortable to wear.” You said. 

She shot up and hugged you tightly. “Thank you.” She whispered. “No problem.” You smiled. She headed towards the bathroom and you picked up the food and threw it into the trash can. You then looked for some pajamas she could wear, having your gun with you at all times in case Joker decided to stop by. You weren’t going to let him hurt her again. 

I never really did like the way my glasses looked on me. But you told me I looked really good in them. From then on, I always reached for my glasses, thinking they made me look better.

When I put on lipstick, I remember the way you said “that looks good on you” so I would spend time trying on different shades of red, wondering what you would think of them.

The way your eyes lit up when I put on the black dress, and when you told me I looked so great it in, made me think I looked my best in that dress. I would put it on and stare at myself in the mirror, thinking of when your hands were wrapped around my waist and your eyes were staring into mine.

Every time I put on that one shirt, I remember how it was your favorite. You loved the way I looked in that shirt. I wore it a lot, for you. I still wear it a lot, hoping you’ll notice me in it.

You always made fun of me because my socks never matched. Now when I put on a matching pair, I want to show you. I know that sounds weird, but it seems like a thing between us.

You’re everywhere. Everyday. How can you forget about someone when they’re everything you see? How can you lose feelings for the person whose name is the definition of every feeling you’ve ever felt?
Tell me, please someone tell me, how to stop this pain. Tell me how to stop thinking of you. Tell me how to stop making my life about you.

—  {via cheerupsavvy}
I really wanted to love you.
I really did but you wouldn’t let me.
I can’t do this anymore.
I’ve tried and tried but you always push me away.
I would like to apologize for giving up on us but I can’t.
I’m exhausted from feeling insignificant.
I would have shown you a different type of love but I have to go now.
I can’t love you if you don’t want my love.
I just wished you would have told me what you wanted.
You were too vague.
I need certainty.
I really don’t want to give up but I am telling myself to because I don’t want to get hurt either.
—  T.C - I can’t keep hurting myself

I thought the memory of you was gone-

I thought it buried underneath the years.

But now it rises, bright as Vulcan dawn,

And I remember you, and Earth, and tears.

Your tears were falling like the rains of Earth;

You were the storms and roses of Earth’s spring.

You could not know that, almost from my birth

The rites of Vulcan bound me to T'Pring.

I could not break those ties; I had no choice-

Returned to space, left you and Earth behind.

But still I heard the echo of your voice,

Found rain and wind and roses in my mind.

You told me that you loved me, and you cried.

I said I had no feelings. And I lied.

                                                    - by Shirley Meech.


rumbelle week -> day 5: one heartbreaking scene -> the townline scene from – 4x12

Do you remember the first time you saved my life? You traded for me. I thought I… I saw something in you, something good. Well, I found that gauntlet today. And that’s when I… I finally realized that all the signs I’d been seeing were correct. You’d never give up power for me, Rumple. You never have. You never will.You told me that gauntlet could lead you to… to someone’s weakness, to the thing they loved the most. Well, you know where it led me, Rumple? To the real dagger. Your true love is your power.I tried to be everything for you, Rumple. But I wasn’t. And I… I lost my way trying to help you find yourself. Not anymore.

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What would it be like if our shadows were people who loves us in our past life?

It seems more fitting to a poem or a short story doesn’t it? A few short words like

They told me I could be with you again, stay with you even as things have changed

We are sewn together at the feet, touching every second of every day but you cannot feel me. I can feel you… perhaps that is enough

Sometimes, when I linger, I see you have two shadows perhaps even three or more. Who are they? You’ve never mentioned them, but then again, you’ve never mentioned me.

It doesn’t hurt like I thought it would, watching you love again. You’ve lived so vibrantly and beautifully, it is enough that I had my time with you. What hurts the most, the thing that tortures me in my incorporeal existence… 
When the world is at it’s brightest, i am as close to you as I can be. But when the world turns to darkness… 
I vanish. Just like the first time… Even as you are reborn again and again I know I wasn’t there when you needed me most. And I never am, as much as I struggle and cry out I can not find you in the dark.

I miss you… I’m sorry.

Do you remember how we played, when you were just a little girl? Painting shadow creatures on the wall with the tiniest flashlight in you hands. And how when you were a bit older you told your friends you weren’t scared of the dark like they were. Was that because you knew I was there? You’ve always been so brave.

It’s so bright out today. You’re talking about going out and enjoying the sun and I hope that you do. The shadows are the strongest in the light. Maybe I can walk with you.

Sometimes you stare at your shadow. Do you know that its me? Can you feel it watching you too?

There were times when I felt alone and you had been there for me. There were times when I felt sad and you told me everything was going to be just fine. There were times when I felt pain and you could do nothing, at all. But you put an enormous effort to make me laugh for at least a couple minutes. There were times when I could do nothing but laugh at you. There were times when I could do nothing but fall in love with you all over again. Yeah, there were times. Some of them good, some not. There were times when I couldn’t fall asleep because my heart was tearing apart because of something you said or did. There were a bunch of times when I decided to hide my feelings so I could make you happy. If only I was smart enough to realize there would be no happy ending with that. Well, and there’s this time when I decide I am too tired to keep playing this game of yours. Oh yeah, I’m pretty sure you do love me. Just not enough to make me happy, right? I’ll pray for you to change and be a better person, ‘cause dude, you deserve to have a bigger and healed heart. But the thing is: So do I. I deserve to be happy, and since you can’t make that like I can, I’m so sorry. Yeah, I’m sorry you’re suffering because of that, but I’m suffering way more than I can handle. And I’m not even showing you that, ‘cause you’d be even worst. It really is a shame you don’t care like I do. 'Cause if you did, things would end up differently, or wouldn’t end up at all. Well, I gotta go. Otherwise I’ll be running late to meet the happiness inside me, and she’s been waiting for a long time now. God bless you, be happy, and don’t forget to live, ok? Bye.

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about 4 months ago, i messaged u here and told u i wanted to kill myself bc i missed him and didnt wanna live w/o him. u told me to hold on a little longer, that i'd be okay. i did, and now im finally better, im over him and im happy for once in my life, and no one is the reason for my happiness. i am. i barely ever remember him and my life is amazing now. so thank u, laura. u were part of why i stayed strong through all of this. i owe u a lot!

This makes me so freaking happy. Youre so strong and i really hope you never feel that hopeless again. Stay strong darling, i love you x

Let Me Love You | Pt. 1

Pairing: Jimin x Reader x Taehyung

Genre: Angst

Word Count: 732



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”I never loved you, Y/N..”

Shocked, you looked up at him while placing your hand on your seven month old baby bump.


“I never loved you, Y/N. You were just a toy for me that I could play with when I was bored.

You winced after hearing his words. He never loved you? You were just a toy for him?

“B-But you said you loved m-me. You were happy when I told you that I was p-pregnant. W-What changed, Jimin?”

A laugh escaped his mouth. “And you believed all of it like a fool.”

You felt dizzy. His words were still echoing in your ears.

I never loved you! You were just a toy for me! You believed all of it like a fool!

Suddenly, he held your chin harshly and you locked your eyes with him. You could already feel the tears rolling down your face.

Clenching his jaw, he started talking. “I don’t want this baby in my life. I don’t want you, Y/N! Why can’t you understand this?”

“B-But she’s your daughter, Jimin..”

A sarcastic laugh escaped his mouth. “My daughter? I don’t want a daughter, Y/N. I never wanted this bab-”

You reached out and slapped him. “SHUT UP!”

“I trusted you! I believed in you, Jimin!”

You were sobbing now. He stood there, shocked because of your outburst, and stared at you.

Pushing him away, you started shouting again.

“Everything was fake!” Another push. “Every touch,” Push. “every kiss,” Push. “every hug was fake!”

You pushed him for the last time and yelled. “We were fake, Jimin! I hate you! I hate yo- Ahh!

Your hand went immediately to your belly and you started taking deep breaths. Jimin on the other hand run toward you with a worried look on his face.

“What’s wrong? Y-Y/N, tell me what’s wrong?”

Eyes wide open, you looked at him. “She k-kicked. She kicked for the first time!“

“What? Where?”

Reaching out for his hand, you placed it on the spot where your little baby just kicked you seconds ago.

He kneeled down and waited curiously.

“I can’t feel anythi- W-Whoa!” Looking amazed, he waited for another kick. “Oh! Again! Whoa, this is incredible!”

Only when he started talking to his own child did you realize that your hand was on top of his. You stayed like that and hoped that he wouldn’t realize it.

He looked up at you and met your saddened eyes, the way you’re looking at him making him realize what was happening.

He stood up and you took a step back.

“I-I should go!”

“No, you’re staying here.”

Both of you turned your head to see the owner of the voice.

“Taehyung, I need to go..”

He walked toward you and stroked your baby bump.

“Hello princess, me, your uncle Tae came.”

“Oh, she kicked again.”

Taehyung smiled at you and kneeled down.

“Does that mean you missed me, Princess?” 

The way Jimin formed his hands into fists didn’t get unnoticed by you. He clenched his jaw and looked at you. “Y/N, I should drive you home.”

Taehyung stood up and wrapped his arm around your shoulders.

“I said she’s staying here.”

“Why are you deciding that for her?”

“Because this is not only your house. Im living here too.”

Taehyung started walking and dragged you with him. Feeling uncomfortable by this situation and Jimin’s whole boring stares, you looked up at him and whispered.

“Tae, I really should go home..”

“Shh! You’re staying here. That’s it.”

After hearing Jimin’s voice, both of you stopped walking.

“Yah Taehyung! Who are you to decide whether my girlfriend should leave or not?”

“Your girlfriend?” A sarcastic laugh escaped Taehyung’s mouth. “I don’t know if you can remember but you were the one telling her you never loved her.”

You looked sadly at your baby bump. He was right. He never loved you.

Taehyung hugged you a little bit tighter and talked while looking into Jimin’s eyes.

“And that’s why I’m going to take care of them. In this house. In front of your eyes.”