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Someone told me I shouldn't shame racists, because like fat-shaming, it doesn't work. What should I have said to that?

Fat shaming isn’t wrong because it doesn’t work, you fucking bozo, it’s wrong because being fat isn’t morally reprehensible (or wrong in any way), while being racist IS.

Seriously, you couldn’t figure this shit out for yourself?

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Sometimes you answer an ask and I swear it sounds so much like something that I imagine Dan would say Emily are you cat fishing us all

would you believe me if i told you that i was actually dan and i had a very close female friend who was kindly letting me use her pictures to portray an entirely different persona on tumblr so i could finally run a phan blog

I Confess - Drabble 11

Summary: The reader thought they knew what they wanted, only for them to realize they were wrong.

Prompt: #13 “I told you how I felt already and you made it quite clear you didn’t feel the same.” from @witterprompts

Characters: Dean x Reader, Sam x Reader (it’s kind of complicated, just trust me)

Word Count: 2644

Warnings: Angst, just angst. 

A/N: To whomever requested this, I hope you don’t mind that I sort of twisted the request just a tiny bit. But, this is the last drabble for my follower celebration! Thanks to all who participated, you’re the best. I bolded the prompt like usual, italics are what happened earlier in the day, and I hope you enjoy!

Follower Celebration Drabble Masterlist

Slowly you leaned your back against the wooden door, the muted click of its latch signaled your safety. With wide eyes you remained frozen in place. You urged your racing heart to calm, but it felt nearly impossible to take the gulp of air your lungs so desperately needed.

“This can’t be happening,” you muttered. The quiet whisper rung between the four walls of your room. You let gravity guide you down towards the cold hard tile and curled your knees tightly into your chest. The loose strands of (Y/H/C) hair fell to frame your face as you lethargically placed your chin onto your kneecap.

No. This was happening and there was no way that you could prevent the disastrous events that would ensue. You had given away something that you simply did not have to give, and there was a price to pay.  

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“When you told me that you loved me, I smiled and hid my face behind my hands. Instead of the joy I was supposed to feel, I felt a sense of horror and debilitating sadness because I knew, deep down inside, I just knew that it would soon end. Your heart was fickle and it was never mine.

As you asked me what was wrong, I replied calmly, as if the thousand daggers in my heart did not ache, "I’m just…too happy.” “

-excerpts from a book I’ll never write #17

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I was on a school trip and we happened to stop by the Big Chicken Place. Anyway, we get in line to order and there's two employees taking orders through the line. (Over 30 people in line.) Both of my friends order and then I order. The cashier asks, "Will that be all sir?" She pauses, looks at me, and says, "I just called you sir. I'm so sorry." My friends and I told her it was alright and we laughed it off. I know she felt bad for calling me the wrong thing, but it was still funny.

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I'm half-black and half-white young woman, and I currently go to school in the South. I live with three other white girls, and never have I ever been so exhausted before. My roommate basically said that I make my black heritage (WHICH I AM DAMN PROUD OF BY THE WAY), more superior than them. Also, I told them about some experiences I've had with my hair, and they basically invalidate them. I'm tired of the white girl tears, and I'm at a loss at what to do at this point.

If you can change your housing situation you should do that. Someone told me that white people don’t like it when we make them uncomfortable but they have no problem making us uncomfortable and it’s true. They will pick away at your self worth until you don’t know who you are anymore. They will gaslight you and make you feel like you’re wrong for their wrongdoings. You can try talking to them but just beware that white people are very fragile and most will do and say anything to stay in a position of power and comfort.

I feel for you. I hear you. We’re here for you.
– Jay

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sometimes when you have an issue, you have to go alllll the way back to the root and figure out the underlying cause that started it all…

so i’m sitting here thinking about why i have problems with men or relationships in general. i end relationships before they even get a chance to begin or i just tell people i’m not interested in relationships just so they won’t have to deal with me at all from the jump. 

i realized that at the very beginning, i’m talking elementary/middle school, i was very bold lol if i liked you, i’d make sure you knew it. i used to write poems to my crushes all the time or draw them pictures of their favorite cartoon characters; but i would always get rejected. i had my poems ripped up and thrown at me, boys saying “i don’t want that shit”, or just straight up being told i was weird. that alone really killed my self confidence and made me wonder if there was something wrong with me… and at a very young age. 

once high school came around, every guy i ever dealt with only dealt with me because they knew how affectionate and caring i was, so naturally i was the perfect “rebound” for them. frankly, i’m very kind, and i know how to make someone feel loved and appreciated, so it’s no surprise that i’d be used by heartbroken guys who didn’t understand their own feelings. i’ve had a few too many “i’m sorry jas, but i still have feelings for my ex” or “i don’t want to hurt you jas but…” conversations. those were the worst, because i knew i was never truly loved from the start and i was being used as a temporary fill in. as a result of all those situations, i’m never open to talk to anyone because my mind automatically tells me it’s either not real, not going to last, they don’t want to know me, or they don’t care about me as a person. that’s so toxic. i literally cut myself off as a form of protection. i know it’s bad because i only had one actual relationship ever and that was in 10th grade (and even he told me he had an ex he wasn’t over at the beginning). i’m 21 now and still don’t date. of course i’ve talked to some guys since then, but it never got anywhere because i detach once i start catching feelings out of fear of rejection, the same rejection i faced as a kid and teenager.

at least i’m learning though. as i’m typing this, i’m realizing more things, but i’ll save it for another post one day. i usually write this kind of stuff in my journal, but i’m just sharing it on here in hopes that someone can probably relate or get to the root cause of their relationship/trust issues.

One of the most popular pieces of writing advice given over the ages has been, “Write what you know.” That sentiment seems to be more given by folks of a certain age and older; I’ve seen several treatises against it both here and other places. I’m a firm believer in writing what you want to write, even if you know nothing about it, so I would be one of those writing those treatises. That’s not exactly what I want to encourage today, however. Recently, the excellent promptandpointers posted a pointer stating: “Try a new genre, a new sort of universe….” It struck me as one of the more important things for all writers, but especially those of us struggling with any kind of writer’s block.

We get told over and over, “Write what you know,” and we get ripped apart when we say or do something wrong or we don’t handle a character correctly or a plot only manages to be mediocre instead of excellent. We end up timid and afraid, unwilling to put pen to page when the quality of and reception to the outcome may not be very great. Get outside your normal. Write something new to you. Write in a new genre; write a character you’ve never tried before; write in a style you’ve never written in; write something completely outside your realm of normal. Maybe it’s not new to the world–maybe it’s not unique, maybe it’s full of cliches–but who cares? Give it a try anyway. Trying has never hurt anything and you can learn so much about yourself and your writing when you do. Writing can’t fail. Even the pieces that aren’t going to win any awards are worth it every time. The self-indulgent ones and the pompous ones, the ones without any message and the ones that end up a bit too preachy–you learn from each and every one of them.

For a while I was reading a series of books back-to-back-to-back, trying to get through all twenty in this series as quickly as possible so that I could keep better track of the series’ overall plot. These were historical fiction murder mysteries, and as I read each one, it became very clear to me that this author had a formula they plugged their plot into. I could start to pin down certain types of plot points to within three chapters of their occurring. While the formula definitely worked and the stories were intriguing and I couldn’t predict exactly what that plot point would be, the pacing of it became more and more obvious the more of them I read in a short (for me, anyway) amount of time.

I bring this up because loving a type of story and only writing that kind (or even a couple of genres) can severely limit your thinking. You can get into ruts and even find the very thing you love to write–the very thing you identify with yourself and you as a writer–stymies our imagination. Writing the same types of things can lead to linear thinking that closes off all the creative ideas for solving plot problems, designing settings and cultures, and even the very characters, their personalities, and interactions. Break yourself out of that mold and try something completely outside your comfort zone.

There’s courage in writing what we don’t feel confident about. Be willing to be wrong and to learn. Accept that it might suck exponentially compared to what you normally write. Don’t worry about it. Not everything you write has to go anywhere; writing for yourself is as valid as writing for others to enjoy. Struggling to write or struggling to come up with fresh ideas may be a symptom of being too comfortable. Shake yourself up every now and then. You never know what’ll come loose and what kinds of things you’ll find yourself conjuring when you give yourself the freedom to try something completely new. Even if you don’t end up liking what you write, that change of pace and mindset will give you a boost of energy and imagination when diving back into your preferred genre. Take that plunge; that adventure awaits.

it’s always something. but the thing is i’ve seen it all before. i’ve seen the nasty noisey negativists writing entire huge essays (that got a billion notes or upvotes) on why everything i’m doing is wrong - and then brendon small turned around and told fans to do EXACTLY what i’d been saying we should do for a year already at that time

so go nuts, spread garbage, whine, bitch, gossip, be negative, idc - just don’t bore me with it

if me getting the backing of brendon small and every huge metal band on earth last time convinces you of nothing then you’ve got bigger issues than Metalocalypse imo

\m/ (•ᴗ•) \m/

Is it okay to be afraid of change?

Like, especially with something you’ve so long held close that when it’s taken in a sense, is it alright to be scared of what’s to come or what will happen?

I like being carefree in this aspect, but of somewhat recent events, I…really am deathly afraid of change.

I don’t like my life planned out, I don’t like being told what’s right and wrong in the eyes of others.

But I’m so scared of what will happen in the future to myself and the people around me, I really can’t figure out a thing.

If you asked me at 12 what I wanted to do, I’d say inventor. If you asked me at 15, I’d say architect. Ask me now? I don’t know.

And I hate that.

I like being in charge of my own destiny, of what I’ll accomplish and who I’ll be. But I’ve been raised in such a sheltered environment with so much change around me, I want to cling onto what I know and keep it. And not let it slip away like everything else.

I just wish I didn’t have to be so scared of changes. I never like change, but I like change when I make change? If that makes any sense.

I don’t like change that’s out of my hands.

But that’s the thing that confuses me about what I’m going through right now.

Like, I’ve had intrusive thoughts about myself, self doubt, worry, stress, etc.

And yet, I feel like nothing might be wrong with me and I’m having some sort of phase.


And annoying.

I just want…I…

I don’t know what i want.


Millicent sat down next to her son in the livingroom “Hey baby, check out my new shirt? You like it?” she said proudly, she soon noticed his angry expression as he turned to face her.
“I… I don’t feel like talking right now ma.” he said seemingly a bit shaky.
“What’s wrong honey? Did something happen today at school?”
“No it’s all fine.” he said still sour “It’s all freaking amazing isn’t it.”
“Uhm Eli, please tell me what’s wrong.” Millicent said “I can tell you’re angry about something.”
“I told you I don’t want to talk about it!” he exclaimed angrily, standing up. He set off up the stairs and soon she heard him slam his door. Ellis was usually so calm and collected Millicent felt really scared that something bad had happened to him. After going upstairs and knocking on his door with no answer she went back downstairs to find her cellphone.

When I still went to church back in Seattle, I was in a study group led by this horrible mansplaining douchebag called Todd. 

One time Todd went off on a lecture about how Baptist churches believe that baptism saves you, so they baptise their babies just after they’re born. I told him that that’s not true. You’re thinking of Catholics and Lutherans and a few other early Reformation denominations. Baptists were the first protestant group to advocate adult baptism because, just like our church, they believed baptism was a symbol of salvation, not the actual thing.

He told me I was wrong. Keep in mind, I have a history degree, and my thesis was on the Reformation. I was also raised in a Baptist church. Where I couldn’t be baptised until I was at least 12, and passed a class about the beliefs of the church. Babies can’t pass that class, Todd.

Another time, I was bragging to the group about my uncle. He’s one of the best bass players in the country, as evidenced by the fact that he plays for the Marine band in the White House. Todd mansplained to me, “Well, that just means he’s the best in the Marines, not in the country.” I explained that my uncle was a civilian when he auditioned for the band, and then when he was offered a place in the band, he was given an officer’s rank and joined the Marines. Todd refused to believe me. Even though it was my uncle? I would know? if he was a Marine before he got that job?

Todd was such a dick. His is the face that pops into my head whenever anyone talks about having the confidence of a mediocre white man. 

Now I’m really pissed off. You call me ugly, basher and shit for what? Because I expressed MY opinion about Kaistal? I have never called them ugly or cheaters, I only think that their relationship is fake, that Sm made it up. If this is insulting then you don’t know nothing my dear.
So yeah if you want to call me basher do it, I can only pity you because you could have told me your opinion without being so fucking rude. People can talk without hating, you know? You could’ve told me yoy believe in Kaistal bc of this of that idk. But you decided to attack me and ok.
I’m a Kaisoo shipper and I’ve never ever hated Krystal or Jongin, so before you insult me try to think “oh well I don’t really know her so maybe I should shut up”.
You have been ridiculous because I’ve never done something wrong with them, but you decided to extend the all thing to all the Kaisoo shippers.
Last thing, I tagged Kaistal maybe bc I was talking about them??? So it was normal???

Flash fiction I wrote in class

Incomplete, told from Mia’s father Corey’s pov before he died. Obviously the ending would have made the writing better if I’d actually had time to write it. And don’t get me wrong, I do miss the Goths, but I write too much about them >.<

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Since you apparently don't mind talking about it would you share your coming out story? Like what was it like when you came out as trans to your parents/friends/classmates? How old were you? Also, I love your blog!! 😊

My coming out was very akward, I was fairly young, and I knew that something was wrong with me but I didn’t quite know what it was so I just told my parents that I felt like a boy, and at first my mum just brushed it off but as I got a bit older and my dysphoria got very bad she decided to take me to a doctor, and they said that I suffer from gender dysphoria. My mother will not let me go on hormones because she’s worried about me :/

As for my classmates, when I first moved to Aus I got permission to wear the boys uniform at the school I go to, so I just wore it and introduced myself as male, most people are accepting and if they’re no I just ignore them :D

I’m glad you like the blog

I- I just can’t get over Zuko and his arc. Everything he did - everything - was out of this insane drive to prove everyone wrong, to prove that he was worth something, and it amazes me that he never realized just how valuable he already was. 

His sister tells him ‘You waste all your time playing with knives. You’re not even good!’ and he masters dual swords.

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His sister is a prodigy and he’s told he’ll never catch up. He learns from dragons. He trains the Avatar. He takes her down (with the help of a very skilled waterbender)

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He’s left behind by his mother, cast out by his father, hunted by his sister, and Zuko still learns unconditional love. 

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His father tells him he’s worthless and unloved, that he was ‘lucky to be born,’ and he becomes a man that the world is proud of. 

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Anything his family said to him, he managed to turn around and build on it. He thrived on it, exploded from it, turned all the negativity into a positive path and it’s just… it’s amazing.

There’s just no end to my love for this character. No fucking end. 

Bonus: The weak, banished prince has fangirls for all the ages. Take that, Ozai.

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we’ve all heard of the fake dating trope… but have u considered.. fake exes trope…..

  • ‘my new romance-obsessed friend asked me who my last date was with and i was too embarrassed to say i’ve never been on a date so i blurted your name and it turns out they know you’ au
  • ‘i didn’t want to tell my friend who my real date last night was so i just pointed at a random stranger (you) but now they’re storming over to interrogate you and you’re playing along??? okay’ au
  • ‘a mutual friend tried to introduce us, but we already knew each other from LARPing but we’re both too embarrassed to admit that so i jokingly said we used to date and oh god now our friend wont stop interrogating us about it’ au
  • ‘im egging your house for a dare but your parent is a cop and they’re yelling at me so i told them that you were my ex and you wronged me and now you’re coming outside and please go along with this i don’t want to go to jail’ au
  • ‘my current partner is a huge asshole and i need a reason to break up with them so will you pretend to be my possessive and violent ex’ au
  • ‘we’re contestants on a reality show and we kind of hate each other so the producers told us to pretend to be warring exes for the ratings so now we keep inventing crazier and crazier things the other did while we were dating’ au