the way yall talk about kids and call them demons reminds me of how my brother and his friends would terrorize me and make me cry when i was little and then take pictures of me crying to humiliate me and then laugh about it. yall are just like that and you think it’s so funny.  children are innocent and deserve to be treated with decency.  if you don’t want kids thats fine, but that doesn’t give you an excuse to bully children and call them monsters just for existing.  it isnt cute or quirky to torment little kids.

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Genji, McCree n Lucio headcanons for their S/O who gets flustered and makes little soft noises in bed?

Sorry, wasn’t sure if this was sexual or not but I can’t imagine many noises being made in bed unless its because of sex


  • Literally, he just can’t get enough of you
  • Your the most perfect partner he can ask for
  • Your sweet, your passionate and you think his cowboy jokes are funny…or at least, you pretend to when no one else will and that’s good enough.
  • He loves how your ears turn pink when you get flustered or shy
  • And how you can never seem to sit still
  • His favorite thing though is the little noises you make in bed when he touches or excites you
  • McCree LIVES to hear these noises
  • They melt his heart and are honestly a huge turn on


  • Is utterly devoted to you
  • The fact that you can love him despite how different he looks…
  • It’s just like the universe made you for him, he thought, to maybe show him that he was still deserving of love..
  • One thing that always gets him hot is the way you bite your lip
  • Usually you do it when your thinking
  • And boy is it a turn on for him 
  • Just as much as a turn on as the noises you make in bed
  • You always get super flustered but the little whimpers and mewls of pleasure you let loose just drive his system insane


  • Is one of the sweetest boyfriends
  • Seems to have really good instincts when it comes it you
  • Whether it be to bring you a box of chocolates, to give you space or when your hiding your feelings
  • Lucio tries hard to make you happy
  • One thing he always gets him through the day is your smile
  • When the two of you are having sex or are getting ready to, those noises you make literally melts his heart 
  • He doesn’t even know how to process
  • Its just because you sound so happy
  • And one thing that all these boys are just so thankful are is the fact that you chose THEM, and that they are the one blessed to know you the way they do

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"Whoa, whoa! What's goin' on here?" A cartoon demon appears to have manifested at the child's side, already rolling up his sleeves in anticipation for a fight, "You think yer bein' funny, do ya? Pickin' on little kids? Buzz off @$$hole! Or I'll come over there an' make a jack-o-lantern outta yer HEAD!" (ink-imp)

When Bendy had appeared to their rescue, they did take shelter behind him a little bit, though they got a bit worried at how angry he was.

So, trying to lighten the mood and make it more fun, they tapped his shoulder and showed him the eggs in a basket they’d collected as their weapon of choice.

Do you wanna throw eggs at the bullies with me when they come around again?’ They asked with one hand, and a soft grateful smile. Bendy was such a nice friend~

someone: [makes a post about not liking glumshoe, isnt careful enough to strike out his url]

glumshoe, appearing within 3.15 seconds: hey just want to know why youre tagging hate and why you think its funny to harass and bully me? a 20+ year old minor? you practically just came to my house and kicked every member of my family you monster? im going to address you in front of my tens of thousands of followers instead of ignoring it like a normal human being but not because i want you to get harassed for crossing me or anything. also im trans so uh its kind of transphobic to address my lesbophobi

What Your Homestuck Ship says about you

Rosemary: You did it. The only solid 100% no ambiguity about it ship to make it to endgame. A wedding, a happily ever after, a decent amount of screen time and development; other ships wish they had what you had.

DirkJake: One of the few “big kisses” in the comic. You breath a sigh of relief that it never officially sunk and you hope they work through their problems.

DaveKat: You enjoy friends to lovers plots and that satisfaction that you ended strongly.

DaveJade: You had almost given up hope only for a small bone to be thrown at you at the comic’s end.

DaveJadeKat: You’ve got an aversion to conflict and a smart savvy way to rectify your warring ships.

JohnDave: You’re a stable individual, there’s a lot of you. You appreciate the chemistry inherent in the two leads of every story.

JadeKat: Patronshipper at your core. DaveJadeKat was a surprising victory for you.

Karezi: You probably hate the RetJohn, and the lack of a concrete conclusion bothers you.

Daverezi: They hooked up and broke up entirely offscreen. Why Hussie? Why have you done this?

DavepetaJade: The unexpected blend of DaveJade’s chemistry and JadeNep’s animal motif. A colorful and pleasant surprise topped off with a kiss; you weren’t expected, but you’re here. The color scheme isn’t tacky!

JohnVris: In the back of your mind “I will Remem8er You” is playing.

GamKar: There is a duality to you like Gamzee’s faces :o( and :o). You’re either happy for the touching moments or frustrated with how it was handled. Much like the enigmatic clown himself.

GamTav: The term cinnamon role is perhaps overused… but not to you. No matter what relationship dynamic you like, Tavros will always be one.

AraSol: You are hopeful. For all that’s happened in this hell comic, you are hopeful.

Equara: You watch your inbox like a hawk. Should you let your guard down… that anon will appear.

SolFef: You are sad often. You wish for a conclusion or an interaction, but there are none.

EriSol: It was a rollercoaster, and you appreciate it, hopefully. If not, wow, man that was a weird one, and I guess the Sprite reunion was cute? 

CronKri: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

EriFef: Sprite reunion FTW. There’s some feeling of conclusion to be had there at least.

JohnRose: You’ve been here a while. Anti Shippers are your bane.

JohnRoxy: You didn’t expect to be here, you didn’t expect this development; but you are thankful for it.

CallieRoxy: You like cute things, fluff, adorable au’s, etc.

JaneRoxy: DirkJake shipmates for life! A cute color balance for a cute ship.

Fefeta: You like Roxy. You search for appropriate puns. 

Vriska/Terezi: You are either happy as hell for this ship or annoyed that the finale snubbed you. 

JohnKat: There’s “that” meme going about, you think it’s funny. You are a Promstuck fan.

VrisKan: Your interest in Homestuck ebbs and flows, but you’ve also been here a while. Even if you’ve moved on, some part of you will always remember that elongated heart from when Vriska got decked.

KatNep: Nepeta’s convo to Jaspersprite is one of the most powerful moments in the comic and nobody can tell you otherwise.

Johnrezi: The ship you never knew you liked.

Les8fins: You have complicated feelings towards Aranea and even more complicated feelings about who Meenah should end up with. You like angst.

Meowrails: You are legion for you are many. All fans have been touched by this ship.

DaveRose: You are a game developer. Homestuck’s future is in your hands.

dont you think its funny that like,,, whenever Harry was wearing YSL and YSL only, Lottie was out there with multiple YSL backpack, sac de jour, the duffle bag, sneaker (if im not mistaken) and etc and now that Harry’s decked in Gucci, head-to-toe, Lottie suddenly gets lots and lots of Gucci pressies. I mean? Her first LFW as a guest (instead of backstage as MUA) she had a gucci backpack, then she got another Gucci for christmas and now, on her birthday, she got yer another Gucci sneaker???????? I, personally, think it’s hilarious.