Just had the cable guy come in and say “you have an xbox AND a PS4??”

Uhh, yeah… so? Am I really the only person who owns both? He gave me kind of an attitude about it, like ???

The Sword and Spear, Adventuring Company -

The Sword and Spear, Adventuring Company is hiring - part time and fulltime staff needed. A small Free Company founded by Caewen Renn and Madison Allard - as well as using the offices of Chantelle Rondelais.

Applications to be sent, in person, at the offices of The Sword and Spear Company house, at Three, Twenty Seven, The Mists in La Noscea.

No Sales Calls, please. We do not need a new batch of brooms, or some such.

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Alright, it is time to post this baby! - I have been meaning to for awhile, to be honest - but I recently moved, where I was like – yeee, moving, w/e - that shit will take a week, tops

fuck you foolish past johnny. rip me.

Anyways, up now and for your RP hooks! Look us up! Don’t be shy, either - don’t need to be in the FC to be a friend and join a Discord for RP shite

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“Lita is looking for it.” Santana sighed, holding Raven and trying to calm her down, while she screamed in her ear. “I’m looking, I’m lookin.” She groaned, ripping the sheets off the bed with one hand, before walking around the bathroom.

She went down to Mackenzie’s room, since the young girl was watching the baby earlier, and walked in like normal without knocking. “Where’s her pacifier?” She asked her daughter, who shrugged. “Look for it, please, I have a migraine, Mack and this isn’t helping.”

“Okay, do you want me to take Raven?” Mackenzie asked, jumping up to grab the baby, laughing when Santana moved back quickly.

“No, I just need her pacifier.” Santana replied, leaving the room and heading to Carter’s room. “Pacifier?”

“No thanks I have my own.” Carter replied.

“Do I look like I’m in the mood?” She snapped.


Santana sighed. “I’m sorry, I don’t feel well and I can’t find it, and she’s crying and I’m going to cry in a minute.” She reached in her pocket and handed him a credit card. “Go buY all the pacifiers you can find, postion them all over the house.”

She went to the bathroom and balanced the baby in her arms and washed her right hand quickly, sticking her finger in Raven’s mouth. “Come on, Ray, work with Lita.” The baby moved her head and continued to scream before finally caving and sucking on the latina’s finger. “Okay, let’s find your pacifier.”

For a couple of hours at least, we sat together on my couch and looked through most of my more recent photos, and it was such a nice way to spend an evening that I forgave Tinder for existing. Sarah’s face was so animated as she scrolled through each album, and watching her eyes light up when she remembered something special that had happened, or somewhere amazing we’d been, or someone cool we’d met… it was way more interesting than the photos. She was really enjoying herself. She was so pretty when she was enjoying herself.

The first of five commissions from Kickstarter-funded Solve for i, a wlw weekly web series-go-novel about falling for the straight best friend—something most of us can relate to! 

You can follow the story for free while it’s being posted, or purchase the book afterwards from my website, I’ve written other queer books, too! Thanks to the amazing @superrisu for art commission number one!

no but i really am leaving. 

thank you all very much for the support/love you have shown me over my time here. it’s very sad to be leaving because this blog has given me the most amazing network of friends. i’ve seriously met some of the greatest people because of this, and i’m glad to have had this opportunity. 

but sadly, people sent me some very…negative things last night. a handful were very very ugly and i wish not to elaborate so that it doesn’t upset anyone. it was too much to just brush off, and it really upset me. and i don’t like seeing the negative asks as much as anyone else. it upsets my friends, which upsets me more than the asks themselves. i’m also just not into osomatsu-san anymore! ;^P 

but most of my experience has been a great one, so thank you! i’m just a little too tired (physically and mentally) and i don’t think i can deal with rude asks atm. 

maybe we’ll see each other in the future! maybe i’ll come back one day, who knows? but for now, i am leaving. goodbye, everyone! thank you for being nice to me and jyushi! :^D

-mars, aka mod jyushi

HQ PICS (432 total) - August 20, 2016
Little Mix Perform at the V Festival Day 1

(I’ve said this many times before but please credit if you use these, I don’t think that’s asking too much - I won’t share from day 2 if people aren’t going to be respectful)

You Are Only Human Part 6 (Shimada Angst)

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5

“Let’s finish this quickly.” Muttered Genji as he flashed Hanzo a glance behind his green-tinted visor. Hanzo hummed in agreement, well-rested and leaning against the wall shared with the interrogation room, where Ikuto resided. A new bow slung over Hanzo’s shoulder, courtesy of Winston, awaited use.

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Things I Find Beautiful (Peter Parker x Reader)-Part 1

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A/N: OMG I love Tom Holland as Peter! I have so many ideas surrounding him! This is just a little one of the cute web-slinger. Enjoy! :)

Warnings: cute as heck! 

   Rain drummed against the windows of the Avengers Tower, causing you to sigh. All you wanted to do was head out on a trip to the park with your best friend, Peter Parker. You guys were now stuck inside, though. 

   As you were lost in thought, you heard a camera click from behind you. You whipped your head around to see the very friend you were thinking of, a camera held up to his face. “Are you taking pictures of me?” you asked, annoyed. Getting your picture taken was not something you welcomed freely.

   “Of course not, (Y/N/N), I’m just snapping a picture of the rain,” he mumbled, a goofy grin on his face. You just shook your head at Peter, a small smiling creeping it’s way onto your face.

   “So, Mr. Photographer, we really can’t go outside today, what do you want to do?” you ask, leaning over the back of the arm chair you were sat in. 

   Peter shrugged and innocently said, “I could kick your ass at Mario Kart again.”

   A playful rage built up inside of you and you stood up on the chair. “Oh, you are so on!”

   Intense gaming ensued, but in the end Peter won… again. You flung yourself back onto the couch and let out a huge sigh. “Unbelievable!” you exclaimed. “Between school and being Spiderman, how do you find time to get so good at the game?” Peter didn’t say anything. “Peter are you…” you were cut off though by yet another camera click. 

   You look over and there he was, crouched on the floor with camera in hand and pointed at you. “PETER?!” you shout at him. 

   He looks at you like a deer in headlights. “What’d I do?”

   “You keep taking pictures of me! You’ve been doing this for almost a week now! Don’t you have pictures to take for your big photography project?”

   “Yeah, yeah, I’ve been getting that done” Peter says in almost a whisper. “I should go work on it. Sorry,” he mumbles before getting up and walking out of the living room. 

   “Peter!” you call after him. You sigh and rest your head back against the couch. I have to stop yelling at him like that, you think. 

   That night after dinner with the Avengers, Peter escapes to his room before you can say anything to him. Your shoulders droop and you decide to leave him alone. You had some training to catch up on anyway. Being a prodigy of the Black Widow herself wasn’t going to happen by itself. 

   After training, you mustered up the courage to go see Peter and apologize to him. You knock softly on his door but there is no response. You open the door and peek your head inside. “Peter?” you say. 

   Peter is slumped over his desk, back rising and falling with his snores. You smile to yourself and let yourself in. Picking a blanket up off of his bed, you walk over to your sleeping friend. You drape the blanket over his broad shoulders and take a glance at his computer screen. His file folder is open and you see a file titled ‘′. You giggle and reach towards the mouse. Curiosity is getting the better of you. Besides, he normally showed you his pictures anyway and you loved seeing them. 

   You click on the file and a power point presentation pops up entitled ‘Things I Find Beautiful’. These should be interesting, you think. You hit the space bar so that the first image pops up. It’s an image of a fair. You know that fair, and you know that person in the image. It’s you. The image is gorgeous. The Ferris Wheel is large and lit up against the dusk sky with a side profile of you in the foreground.

   You click for the next image. Once again, there’s you. You keep clicking through the images. In every single one, there is you. A warm, bubbly feeling begins to well up inside of you. A heat rises to your cheeks and a shy smile creeps along your lips. The last two images of the project are very familiar. One is a shot in front of a rain stained window and the other is you on the couch, smirking at the ceiling as you make fun of your best friend. 

   The things he finds beautiful is you. Your heart races and you look down at your sleeping friend. This boy you have known for months now, thought you were beautiful. His hair was mussed up and his cheeks flushed with fatigue. His lips were parted slightly as he snored softly. Your smile grew wider and you ran your fingers gently through his soft hair. You bent down and planted a soft kiss to his cheek. “I think you’re beautiful too,” you whisper in his ear. A soft groan escapes his lips and you leave him be to sleep.   

A/N: Ooooo I might do a part two to this because I have some cute ideas for blushy Peter! Hope you liked it!