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smoking weed with fairy royalty

you’re sitting at the bottom of a swimming pool lit by neon lights, but instead of water the pool is filled with peach soda

you’re an alien visiting your human boyfriend on earth and you’re entering the earth’s atmosphere but you’ve done it like thirty times so you’re just chilling

everything is endless cornfields and stormy skies and the end of the world is coming so the radio’s playing apocalyptic tunes

you’re sitting outside dairy queen at 2am w cherry topped sundaes and you’re wearing your best friend’s faux fur jacket

you’re at 7/11 at night minding your own business but when you go to leave you realize the door won’t open and all the power goes out except for the slushie machine so now you’re just chilling on the floor in a 7/11 in the blue light & hum of a slushie machine

a tiny dancer living in a dusty music box

you’re really tired and it’s late and you feel numb but you’re laughing at memes and feeling intense love for your friends

when you’re in the woods alone and you’re following a tunnel to a house, you hear a sound behind you and when you look around you realize this tunnel doesn’t have a start or an end, and it never did

EXO Reaction: When you storm out after a fight

||| Anon asked: I was wondering if I could request an exo reaction where you have a fight and you storm out but then after a while they go looking for you when they notice it’s cold and/or raining and/or you’re in a dangerous situation |||

A/N: I changed it up a bit! Hope you don’t mind~

Park Chanyeol

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You quite literally slammed the door to his face, so you had to come back yourself to check up on him.

“Jagi~~,” he cried out, holding on to his nose. “No need to get violent.”

Xiumin/Kim Minseok

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He waited for you to come back for three hours before giving in. When he went outside he noticed that you hadn’t gone far, still standing by the entrance.

“It’s too cold after all?” he teased. “Come here you, I will warm you up.”

Chen/Kim Jongdae

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You were sitting in the park alone, rain pouring down on you when somebody lifted an umbrella above you. You looked up to see him.

“Jagi, I’m sorry. Please come back home.”

D.O/Do Kyungsoo

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He was used to your sudden outbursts and just continued to follow you till you calm down, making sure that nothing happens to you. After a good hour you turned around and came up to him.

“I’m sorry, I know your sorry too, so let’s just go get something warm before we both freeze to death,” he said, taking your hand.

Kris/Wu Yifan

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He was determined not to be the one to give in first but when he noticed a storm brewing outside he went looking for you immediately. By the time he found you he was soaking wet too.

“I wanted to find you so badly, I completely forgot to take the umbrella with me.”

Tao/Huang Zitao

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You left him alone and went to grab a drink by yourself. He was by your side immediately after other guys started flirting with you.

“I’m not with you for a few seconds and they stick to you like flies,” he said, wrapping his hand around your waist.

Kai/Kim Jongin

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He would chase you around, hoping to at least throw his jacket over your head to shield you from the rain.

“Jagi slow down~! Please forgive me, I don’t want you getting sick.”

Byun Baekhyun

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He would start whining and acting like a little kid, begging you not to leave him alone, so you would have no other choice but to come back.

“Annoying you till you forgive me works every time.”


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He hoped you won’t be stupid and don’t go out in this weather but you did it anyway. He found you after a few hours, freezing in the rain.

“At least think a bit before you storm out, you dummy.”

Lay/Zhang Yixing

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He would be a bit annoyed, having to almost carry you back home. 

“I said I was sorry, now you got yourself all wet and that means more laundry for me.”

Suho/Kim Junmyeon

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He caught up with you as soon as you went outside.

“Jagi, don’t be stubborn, you will catch a cold out here,” he said, putting his jacket over you shoulders.

Oh Sehun

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He watched you getting further and further away when some other guys approached you from another bar. He walked up to you in quick steps completely forgetting what you two were even arguing about.

“If you want to have any business with her, you have to go through me first.”

i got really used to sitting on the floor and hugging my knees ever since the elementary school (because if you sit still like this bullies will get bored of you fairly quickly in my experience), and this habit was still with me through college which had benches in the halls but i just really like sitting on the floor at this point, it’s comforting in a sense
like the only downside is weird looks and concerned teachers

Tom Holland Imagine

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When Tom told you he will be taking you to the set of Avengers your lost your mind, but soon got it back. Since you are big fan of Avengers you couldn’t wait you counted the hours till you would be going there. One of the biggest reason why you really wanted to go was to meet Chadwick. You’re a big fan of him, so having a chance to meet him is really something you weren’t going to let go. After meeting him you already planned to sit by Tom and support in his movie and be his little cheerleader, but first meet Chadwick. 

The day came fast. You got dressed and was in the car with Tom, smiling from ear to ear. 

“Is it just me or you are more excited to see the set then to see me?” he said as you danced in your seat. 

“That’s not true” you stopped dancing and looked at Tom. 

“We hadn’t seen each other for two weeks, when we picked you up you said hi and got in the car.” thinking back you realized he was right. 

“Oh baby, I’m so sorry” you leaned to him and gave him a big kiss, hoping he wouldn’t be mad, but Tom understood you, he has been in the same situation as you. Rest of the car ride Tom told you about the plan for the day and you already loved every moment of it. 

“We’re here” Tom said and you were out the doors. You stopped and looked around, you really were there. As you watched all the people walk around, work on the set Tom stood next to you. With a big smile you turned to him

“Thank you” and kissed him again. He really knows how to make you happy. As you looked back you saw someone who you really wanted to meet, your mouth opened up but no words came out. 

“What is it?” Tom said and looked in the same direction as you were looking, when he saw Chadwick he knew. “Oh got it. Let’s go” he took your hand and walked with you, when realizing Tom was taking you took Chadwick you stopped and didn’t move. “Let’s go” Tom laughed as he tried to movie you, but you stopped like a dog how was being brought in to the vet. You just looked at him and said 

“No. To scared” he laughed and stopped trying to move you. 

“If you don’t movie you can’t meet him and if you don’t meet him you’ll regret it for a long time” he said and slowly stepped backwards towards where Chadwick stood with everyone else. They all looked up at you and Tom. 

“I hate when you are right” letting out a nerves breath you walked with Tom. 

“Hey Tom” Chadwick said was you got closer. He looked at you and smiled. 

“Hey everyone. This is my girlfriend Y/N” they all smiled and said hi to you. 

“Nice to meet you Y/N” said Chadwick, took your hand and kissed it. Making everyone make sound around you. 

“You too” you didn’t feel as nerves as before. 

“So you are Tom’s girlfriend. Tell me something. Is he as annoying when he’s at home as he is in set?” Anthony said to you and it was obvious he was joking so you decided to joke around too. 

“Definitely. Snapping his fingers at me, asking me get him juice, so annoying” everyone laughed since people understood it all was just a joke. 

“You know I like you already better then Tom” Anthony said putting an arm around you “What do you say you play Spider-Man?” you laughed as Tom smiled and shaked his head. Then Chadwick joined in. He placed his hand on your waist and said

“You could be Spider-Women. I would really love to work with you. You could actually play my characters love interest” with that Tom moved in between 

“Okay, that’s  enough of meeting”  He took your hand and was going to pull you away from them. 

“Relax, man, we’re just messing with you” you laughed with everyone, still holding Tom’s hand. 

“Babe, it’s just a joke” you saw Tom was getting jealous, but there was no need for that. You only loved him. 

“I know” he say trying to play it off as if he was joking too. It was cute seeing Tom get a bit jealous. 

“But you do have a cool girlfriend” Sebastian said and smiled at you

“You too?” Tom yelled out making everyone laugh. Tom knew it was all just a joke. He liked that you were getting a long with everyone he worked with. 

Since that day you came to set almost everyday. kept Tom company and if he was filming you would hang out with everyone else: Anthony, Sebastian, Chadwick. It was nice to be friends with people you used to be a fan of now you were close, but you would never stop being a fan of what they do. 

There’s something about guilt.

The way it sits, deep in the pit of your stomach like an anvil, dragging you down, forcing you to sink to your knees until you sit, immobile, surrounded by the slow boil of it. The way it rises, like lead around your feet, your chest, your eyes, until you’re drowning in it, dead in it, poisoned by it. It’s how Alec feels now, even though he’s standing in his office, the cool breeze of Magnus leaving still feathering gently against his skin, the image of Magnus’s back still seared into his mind.

Guilt is a familiar thing for Alec. Guilt for loving Jace, and neglecting Izzy, betraying Magnus… betraying Magnus again.

I’m sorry, he wants to say. But he’s not, because he knows he did the right thing, he knows that this lie might have saved lies.

Except he’d seen Magnus’s eyes. The way they’d glistened with unshed tears and righteous anger, with hurt that made Alec’s gut clench with a painful twist. Again and again, he keeps hurting Magnus with his Nephilim ways, with blunt words that fall like a hammer, hard and heavy, breaking bone into shards that nestle deep into flesh.

In the farthest, most cowardly corners of his thoughts, he wonders, is this even a good idea? To be with Magnus and hurt the both of them at every turn, to do this when a river of blood runs between them, frothing and violent and unbreachable?

Maybe it’s a terrible idea… but it’s too late. Alec is in too deep, too far in love, to even fathom the possibility of letting Magnus go, of not seeing him every morning and not kissing him hello. The selfish, greedy side of him would rather tell a lie to protect Magnus than watch Magnus pass him by with an indifferent glance.

Right now, he wants to run after Magnus. He wants to pull him away from the portal he’s surely conjuring and turn him around until he’s plastered against Alec, silver buttons pressed hard into the cotton of Alec’s t-shirt. He wants to tell Magnus he knows that he’s angry, that his anger is justified, but that Alec’s actions are as well. And then he wants to hear Magnus’s throaty chuckle, to feel his ringed fingers running against Alec’s jaw, to know that all is well.

Alec pulls out his phone, staring briefly at the picture of the Tokyo skyline that he has set as his background, and the sense of guilt bubbles up again. Swallowing thickly, Alec tries to ignore it and sends Magnus a text before he can think too much.

I love you, he writes. Nothing more. He wishes he had more eloquence to explain everything, but this single thought crowds out everything else in Alec’s head. He thinks, for now, that it’s the only thing worth saying.

answering some common tags on that last post bc i can’t help myself:

- it has a porch fan so you can sit on your massive front porch and have air circulate

- it has a fireplace because it was built in the early 1900s when insulation was shitty and it was freezing at night. there was likely no heating system. alsocalifornia is fucking massive and it’s not all beaches and deserts……so many tags like “why does this have a fireplace it’s in CALIFORNIA” lol.  Pomona’s average temperature is 63 degrees and it gets down into the 40s in the winter at night.

So tomorrow is the big day - my hernia operation. I’m scared snotless and also very grateful that we have very good insurance to cover most of it. The fact that my body is falling apart slowly is why I’ve been AWOL as of late. (I also have an appointment with a rheumatologist in September to hopefully get my chronic pain down to a dull roar.) It’s been such a busy year, medically speaking, since we moved back to Michigan. I’ve been trying to get healthier, make better choices, and with each new diagnoses it seems to weigh more heavily on me. Bleargh. Who knows what the next year will bring? Hopefully more health and less pain -physical and emotional.

That being said, I’d appreciate any good thoughts or prayers that you have sitting around.

Thank you

Spiderman’s(?) Abs - Part 2

Request: Could u make a part 2 to this where he actually tells her he’s spider man and she is all cute about it and the same kinda snarky and adorable way she was in this!?

Request: Numbers 1, 16, 17, for the top thing. Theydon’t have to be in the same fic.

16. “If I had a choice to kiss you…or to breathe…well, i’d breathe,”

A/N: SO im including the first request and number 16 in this fic.

Word Count: 858 (so short)

Warnings: More Abs


You and Peter had been dating for about a month now. And after much persistence, you did eventually see Peter’s abs.

Mind you it was accidental.

So was finding out he was Spiderman.

One night, you were sitting in your bedroom doing your homework when suddenly someone tapped your shoulder.

You jumped out of your desk chair and screamed.

Behind you stood Spiderman.

“Spiderman? Oh my god. Why are you here?”

You could see Spiderman’s mouth moving under his mask but you couldn’t understand what he was trying to say to you.

“I’m sorry, you’re going to have to lift the mask off your mouth. I’m partial deaf and i read lips but I can’t understand what you’re saying,”

Spiderman was clutching his side, and you could see him wince in pain when he reached his arm up to lift his mask so it sat above his mouth.

“I’m hurt and I need help,” Spiderman said.

“What’s wrong?” You asked

Spiderman lifted his hand off his side, showing you the slash in his suit with blood slowly dripping through the cut.

“Oh god,” you muttered.

“Here, sit down,” You directed Spiderman to sit in your desk chair.

“I’ll be right back with supplies. You'e going to have to remove that suit,”

You left the room and went to your kitchen to retrieve your first aid kit. When you came back into your room, Spiderman sat in your chair with the shit puled off of his chest, leaving it dangling from his waist.

“Shit,”  you muttered yourself.

Spiderman was hot.

You put the first aid kit on your desk and opened it, pulling out everything you needed.

As you started to clean the hero’s wound, you couldn’t help but stare at Spiderman’s abs.

Peter. Peter. Peter. You love Peter. Peter is your boyfriend. Stop ogling the masked man who just showed up at your window.

When you were finished cleaning up Spiderman’s wound, you looked up at him.

“Thank you,” he said.

“No problem. You can sit here while you catch your breath, if you want,”

Spiderman nodded and sunk into the chair.

“So what happened?” You asked, pointing to his wound.

“I was attacked. Let me just say there were giant claws,”

“Can I ask you something else?”

“Why did you come here? And how did you know to not knock on my window? I mean did you knock on my window?it’s not like I’d know. But when I didn’t answer my window why didn’t you move on to someone else’s? Why did you break into my house to get my help?”

Spiderman went to say something but you but him off.

“Oh my god, you know me, don’t you? Ok so if I know you, and you know i’m deaf, I suppose that narrows it down to my entire school, my neighbours, my family, or a few people I’ve run into,”

“And you have abs so that really narrows it down to who it could be. I mean-“

Suddenly Spiderman shot out of his chair and jumped forward at you. He moved towards you and tried to place his lips on yours. You quickly moved your hand in front of your mouth to block his lips.

“Look, no offence but If I had a choice to kiss you…or to breathe…well, i’d breathe,”

“What?” Spiderman said

“I have a boyfriend. Now, I very much admire what you do, and if I didn’t have a boyfriend, believe me, your suit would have come all the way off, but I can’t do this,” you explained

“Well then I guess there’s something you should know,”

Suddenly Spiderman reached up and pulled off his mask.

“Oh my god, Peter,” you said

“Hey darling,” Peter smiled, leaning forward to kiss you.

You immediately pulled back.

“I have sO MANY QUESTIONS! First of all. I knew it. I knew it. I knew you abs. I also called it. You’re Spiderman. Why didn’t you tell me a month ago when I asked you if you were Spiderman? I’m kind of hurt that you didn’t tell me sooner. Oh my god my boyfriend is Spiderman,”

“Y/N, there was like one question in there, slow down,”

“Oh my god and you’re hurt. Peter are you okay?”

“Yes, I’m okay. Thank you for fixing me up,”

“I still can’t believe my boyfriend is Spiderman. I was right. This is a way better secret than you having a crush on me,”

Peter smiled, and pulled you back in for another kiss.

“Does this mean I get to see your abs more often now?”

Peter rolled his eyes, “Whatever you want Y/N,”

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Find a small thing to do everyday that gives your life meaning—for me, I will draw or write something and post it. Make a goal for each day, and that will give it meaning—give someone a compliment, make yourself and a friend some tea, clean the space around you. And, yes, some days you're gonna sit in bed and not do anything because you can't. That's going to happen. But, at some point you will have a good day and that will be meaningful, like those days are the pint of living. (2/3)

❤ (2/3)

Soft looks and touches

Summary: Y/N and Tom are starring in a romantic comedy together and when on Jimmy Kimmel Y/N can all but recall things Tom does and how they link to a memory

A/N: So the italics are flash backs but there small and in the middle of sentences if this makes sense fantastic if not let me know! 

You enter through the curtains and Tom has a hand on the small of your back, guiding you to the sofas where he sits on one of the blue ones and you sit on the other. He only removes his hand when you give him a reassuring smile and a pat on the hand that still sizzles from your own touch. He greets Jimmy for the both of you, he starts firing question straight away at both of you.

“So…” he starts rubbing his hands together so fast that he could cause a fire, “…this movie looks amazing but its different am I correct?” You, being the less experienced look to Tom for the answer like most Sunday mornings when you lay wrapped in each others body in a heat haze of your New York apartment, you’ll look into those exact brown eyes and ask questions like “what’ll happen next” or “you really think that?” “We decided to put a different spin on it yeah, my brother Harry had a really big part in the production and Y/N is just so creative you know? She’ll be up at two in the morning just brainstorming on this massive white board she has in her apartment.” With that the audience laughs and so does Jimmy but so does Tom. And this ripples around her mind like a woodpecker waking them up when they visit his family back in London. The rain splats on his bedroom window and she lays displayed in his arms like art and it hit him in that moment that he wanted to paint her but paint her future on her body for everyone to see. To flaunt marriage on her finger, a child on her stomach and Tessa’ s lead around her wrist but mainly his hands burnt into her hips. 

“So Y/N you were a small time actor if I’ve got that correct how is fame hitting you so far?” He enquires with a wink, bowing her head with a blush splashed on her cheeks she answer back with a wobble to her velvet tone. “It’s umm insane, I’m quite a closed person so when they told me to you know make my Instagram account open and my snap chat open it was strange. Then I had to post more and welcome hate accept it.” A lump form in her throat at the flicker of a memory she long hoped to forget but a trailing hand on hers sees to push it back to her mind. His fingers curl around hers in the same way as before, ‘Y/N isn’t pretty enough for the role’ the words were burnt in the news article and were the match to light the tears dripping down her face. Not knowing where to go she stands, paces, sits on the balcony for two hours until Tom comes how and finds her in her state of void where no one can reach her and she clings to rail like its the only this bounding her to Earth. A hand curls towards her and she clings to it.

After an hour of interviews they were roped into playing beer pong on live TV and Tom can’t throw to save his live but her on the other hand had gotten Jimmy’s team two parts drunk just by her throws alone. His hands rest on her hips and each time she he misses a head falls to her shoulder and a kiss is pressed into her skin before her go. They stood in an English pub surrounded by Tom’s old family and friends all for the Christmas holidays. She was deep in conversation with his mum when they heard cheering in the corner of the bar, giving a confused look curiosity ropes them to where Tom and his dad are almost chugging down beer after beer. Not in the families nature everyone laughs and Tom seems to glide over to her where she is ordering a coke, his hands slide over her hips in the black body con she sports. “Drunk by any chance?” She whispers, he giggles and right now she thinks he looks beautiful, heavy lids, pouty lips and flushed cheeks he simply kisses her shoulder and stumbles back to his contest that he does not win…

Let me know what you think, did you get a poetry vibe if so did you like it or not let me know, lots of love xx 

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maybe he finally showed us his room to destroy the mystery around it so people would stop assuming they share it. none of phil's belongings were in there besides the mirror.

Oooh, you got me, anon! Imagine me making finger guns at you right now. 

All I get from this ask is ‘buzzkill likes going onto other people’s tumblrs to make buzzkill-y statements.’ I published it, do you feel proud now? Is this what you were just sitting there on the other end of the computer daydreaming about? 

(Except his shoes were also on the dresser, and we only saw half the room. I mean we also only see three or four things of Dan’s that we know from his old room - the mirror, the moon chair, the teddy bear lamp, and the rug. Shit, does Dan even sleep there? It’s all a lie, it’s all a fake. Dan and Phil don’t even exist, and I am the coolest smartest person ever for being more skeptical than those silly people that think they’re real. Gah. Go me. Better go find someone to send this anonymously to on tumblr.)

I love how the kpop “community” is so vocal about “white washing”,“cultural appropriation”,“koreaboos”,“colorism” and what not,but this same people don’t do shit about actual issues in this industry like sexualization of minors,sasaengs,the dehumanization of idols,you know the issues that are ACTUALLY hurting someone,is cute watching yall pretend to be so “woke” while you sit on your butt the whole day and do nothing to change things,yall write a tumblr post about “things that should stop” and think you’re revolutionary.

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#1 Wonho 💗

“You got some soft lips and some pearly whites /
I wanna touch them in the dead of night”

Melting by Kali Uchis

Wonho X Reader [NSFW]

Originally posted by wonhuff

The opportunity rises occasionally. You’d sit the farther corner away from the boys and their recording camera as they worked dance covers. Your legs hugged tight to your chest, eyes darting from one face onto the other… lingering the longest on Wonho. Your lips curled upward slightly at the sight of his deep concentration that broke into a smile here and there – your stomach churning at cue.

Once the music came to its finishing seconds, and the boys did their last steps, you sat up straighter, eyes looking everywhere but at an approaching Hoseok. His hair was damp and slicked back from sweat and accompanied by a pearly white smile that sought out your validation. He squats down in front of you, trying to catch eye contact that you reluctantly gave him.

“What?” You asked with a surprisingly composed tone of voice despite how much your heart beat. It was hard to keep your cool when Wonho stood in front of you with his t-shirt clinging onto the hills and valleys of his toned stomach. Jesus… here to think you were better than this…

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“Harry, you’re out of milk an-OH FUCK OH I’M… SO SORRY… FUCK!”

Harry immediately stops and pulls the covers up.  “GET OUT MAN.”

There would be lot of yelling. 


“Fionn!” You’d shriek, covering up as much as possible.  

“I’M… FUCK!” Fionn turns to leave and nearly runs into the wall, and he slams the door a little too hard on his way out.

You’re the one who comes downstairs first after that.  “Fionn… are you okay?”

He’s sitting at the breakfast table, staring at his bowl of cereal without milk and he’s got the funniest look on his face.  “I’m fine… just… Jesus…”

send me Harry + y/n + Fionn best friend concepts


-he’s really quiet

-but when he does talk its usually some smart ass sarcastic comment, a pet name or a command

-he calls you Little Bird because compared to him you’re little

-he would take a long time to warm up to you but would always have a soft spot for you

-since the first time he saw you on an Umbrella Camera and saved your ass from Zombies he had a thing for you

-but first! you had to let the few months of living together in the Underground Umbrella living space create enough sexual tension to act on

-so lots of catching him staring at you

-and getting kind of mad he wouldent talk

-and then once he starts talking you pick up on movements and little micro-expressions that helped you learn a lot about him

-your first “date” would really just be him cooking you dinner and sitting there in mostly silence while he stares at you but for the first time its not super predatory

-he would soften up to you so much after that

-and the first time he called you Little Bird would melt your heart

-you’d be the one who’s more touchy but when he does do things like grab your hand its really sweet

-he’s actually a gentleman, he holds doors open for you always, he can actually cook (and wears a cute white apron because flour would wreck his black clothes), he always answers your calls when he’s on missions (even if its not a great time), he lets your curl up to him when he reads (i feel like he reads a lot down there by himself)

-he’d do the most to make you happy

-like any time he left the compound he would bring something sweet back

-you’re his weakness (other than his foot, you know what im talking about)

-super hella kinky rough table and wall sex

-yeah i dont know where that came from^ but its here now so go with it

-it would take something extreme for him to admit he loves you because its hard for him to talk about his feelings, like he thought you died or something and when he sees you alive he has to tell you

-he works out a lot and one day you stumbled across his gym deep in the compound 

-sex on gym equipment

-he’s so protective but in such like an ernest, he doesn’t want you to get hurt kind of way

-he actually really likes cuddling with you. i mean, he doesn’t cuddle. you cuddle next to him and sleep on his chest, but he loves it

-his biceps are literally the size of your head. he’s huge.

-grabbing his face and smushing it to kiss his cheek

-him allowing the grabbing his face and smushing it to kiss his cheek

-you smacking dat ass at least once

-he’d absentmindedly play with your hair while you sleep next to him when he reads late at night

-he likes looking at you. for him to have been either alone or with dumbasses for so many years, for him to finally have something beautiful to look at… he doesnt waste a moment of it

-it takes a special person to get to a level to have a relationship with Wesker (cuz he’s picky and quiet and those are not a good combo) but once he found you… it just clicked

Rfa + V = Saeran’s favorite sex position

Kicking off the mystic messenger requests with nsfw content! No one requested this but I figured I do it anyway to start off the mystic messenger requests.

All requests are open! currently there is no wait list so any requests that are sent right now will be finished within the day or the next day of me receiving it!

NSFW gifs below!!

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Bae Jinyoung Best Friends AU

for anon: ‘scenario bestfriend jinyoung’

  • on the first day of high school, you entered the classroom of your homeroom nervously, not knowing anyone at your new school
  • you were sitting awkwardly in your seat when literally the world’s most handsome guy walked in
  • he looked very cold, and had a scowl on his face, and you lowkey thought he looked like an asshole?
  • you soon found out that his name was bae jinyoung, but you never really got to know him
  • then one time, you got invited to a party by one of jinyoung’s friends from middle school, and ended up talking to jinyoung for almost the entirety of the party
  • you exchanged numbers/snapchats/etc and texted frequently, relying heavily on memes and stickers of each others’ face to communicate
  • and has fate would have it, when your seats were rearranged, you ended up next to each other
  • you would talk to each other, giggling and making jokes to try and pass the time
  • the teacher soon grew frustrated of having to constantly tell you two to be quiet, so she separated you
  • but that literally did nothing, because now you just mouthed to each other across the room
  • you two became inseparable, kind of deviating from your old friend groups and becoming your own independent duo
  • a lot of people started asking if you were dating, since you spent so much time around each other, but you just laughed it off
  • your friendship was filled with a lot of laughter and teasing each other, sending ugly snapchats at 1am
  • you soon learn that the scowl on jinyoung’s face when he had first entered the classroom was actually one of nerves
  • and you make fun of his ‘nervous’ look all the time
  • one time you were in class and you raised your hand to say the answer, and when you do that, you have to stand and say your name as well (like (y/n), the prince of france)
  • and you got the answer wrong, so jinyoung answers right after you
  • and he pulls the “(y/n)! the prince of germany!”
  • and you burst out into laughter because jinyoung had said your name instead of his
  • you never let him live that down
  • the two of you are super comfortable around each other
  • you’ll lean on each other’s backs during PE because you both hate physical activity
  • or if you’re forced to participate, you partner up and half-heartedly do the exercises
  • his hair has a habit of sticking up in the back, and you do the grandma thing where you lick your finger and smooth the hair down
  • and you two 100% have a super elaborate handshake
  • and you know how sometimes people will put stickers over their face in pictures that they post to sns if they don’t think they look good?
  • you do that, but you censor jinyoung’s face bc he’s too handsome -.-
  • all your female cousins ask you to give them his number when he goes with you to family events
  • and he just kind of laughs sheepishly as you glare at him
  • but you’re fiercly loyal to each other
  • one time, you heard a sunbae talking shit about jinyoung in the hallway and you went off girl
  • ‘bitch if you got something to say, say it to his fucking face, punk,” you yelled as jinyoung struggled to hold you back
  • he may appear sweet, but you and jinyoung are salty af
  • if someone you don’t like does something stupid, you trade knowing looks and roll your eyes
  • the masters of nonverbal communication
  • actual friendship goals wowow