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Prompt: or OQ middle school dance. That'd b cute. :)

Thank you so much for request! As always, sorry for taking so long to write it!

(I changed middle school dance to high school dance, hope you don’t mind) 

Hope you like it!! 

She looks beautiful. No, not beautiful, she looks gorgeous.

He cannot take his eyes from her. Her long dark hair is bound into a long ponytail and he cannot remember the last time a ponytail looked this good on someone. But on the other hand, she’s always an exception, everything looks amazing on her. She’s wearing a long light blue dress that hugs her curves in all the right places, her shoulders are bare and he feels the need to cover those shoulders with kisses.

Even though she looks gorgeous to him, she doesn’t feel very confident. He can tell from the way she’s looking around the room, making sure that people are not staring at her, and it’s no surprise to him – usually she dresses in black, avoids dresses, pants usually and a black t-shirt, but this night is different, it’s high school dance, and he had convinced her that she should wear a dress, just this one time (it took him hours to convince her).

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i can’t stand ppl who hold grudges on petty stuff. or if the person is trying to make amends for what they’ve done. and when i say this, i don’t mean in the context of abuse of any sort!!!!! it’s like, if a kid was a bully and decided to change their ways, i feel like being negative or unsupportive due to a petty grudge is backwards and weird. but this ESPECIALLY applies to people you don’t like. and i know, it’s hard! but holding a grudge against someone and being actively rude and mean to them, DESPITE ANY CHANGES THEY HAVE UNDERGONE, is completely awful. get off my lawn

Tiny Receipt

Okay so I’ve been sitting on this receipt for a while now. I wasn’t even going to post it because I didn’t want to deal with like a thousand anti’s swarming my inbox calling me a liar. I have told this to a few people who I talk to regularly. Believe me or don’t I’m only posting it because people’s spirits are low because of the baby stuff. ANYWHO…

So a few months ago I went up to NYC to stay with my moms friend. I’m gonna put it out there, she’s rich. Like very very rich, penthouse rich. They live on the upper west side. Basically they have money. Anyways while I was there I was walking around the city with my mother and her friend who we were staying with. My mom is like high key tourist, she’s not a city person to say the least so she asked her friend, “do you ever see any celebrities walking around?” Her friend said that she wouldn’t know them even if she saw them, she doesn’t know who like any celebs are but that they did see jake gyllenhaal at a doctors office once with her daughter. Then she proceeded to say, “but ask (her daughter) because she knows them all”.

I Skyped with her daughter a couple weeks later for help with a resume thing and while we were chatting I brought it up, just curious to see who she had seen because her mom made it seem like it was a few people. She said a few names, one of them being one direction. She then said a few more but of course my ears only heard one thing. I calmly tried to ask questions without being too obvious. She’s a fan, not an intense fan like she doesn’t have a tumblr or anything but she knows who they are. She said one day about a year ago she was running and at the end of her run she was headed back towards her parents apartment when she saw two members of one direction. She’s like “Lauren unless you knew them you would never in a million years guess it was them. The only reason I knew was because I was a fan.” She said at first she spotted Harry because “he’s tall and he didn’t have a hat on but he did have sunglasses, so I could see his hair that’s how I recognized him”. She couldn’t tell at first who he was with. Only that it was someone small, as they were walking on the other side, farthest from the street, and Harry was almost blocking them.

Eventually she noticed that it was indeed Louis. And that they were both very dressed down. She basically said that they were walking down the street very close together, Louis was holding a cup in his hand, she said he looked very tiny and vey cute. They were in a conversation and that she could hear them laughing. At one point Harry took the cup out of louis’ hand and drank from it. She said they looked very sweet and very cozy, like they were in their own little world. I asked her why she didn’t go up to them and she basically said 1) she was gross from running and 2) she didn’t want to bother them because nobody had recognized them and they looked like they were just enjoying their time together uninterrupted. So yeah nothing major but a cute little receipt. Like I say believe me or don’t. I personally trust her, she has zero reason to lie she knows who they are but could care less about their lives. Up until then she thought Harry was legit out of the closet. I had to let her in on a few things. 🙂🙃🙂.

Ziam Day Off

My half of an awesome collab with @majiksart!!!

Her Liam, my Zayn. Hope you like it! 😁
Click here to support Chris' top transition surgery

Chris. That’s me. and let me explain. 

I am raising money to fund expenses for top transition surgery. I am using 2016 as my year to be fully trans. What I mean by that is over the past couple of years I’ve been unsure of where I really belong because while I felt male all the time, I would look at myself and see my rather large chest and feel horrible and deflated. It took a while for me to realize that-that feeling was dsyphoria. So this year, I know who I am. There’s no more questioning for me, and I’ve never been more sure of anything. I’d spend literally hours on the trans tags on tumblr looking at all the before and after pics of people who have gotten the surgery I want, and I feel both excited for them and sad for myself that the surgery will take years and years for me to get on my own with the little money I make as a college student. I’m already facing debt with school, and this bill, if I’d have to raise the money by myself, is just not realistic for me. 

 So what this is, honestly, is a plea. I can’t do this by myself, and the dysphoria day-to-day is emotionally and mentally exhausting-I know I need this. If you can donate anything, even $5 would be a help. I hope to have achieved this funding goal and the surgery itself by the time I’m 25, which is in a few years. Please, help if you can and tell your friends to donate anything they can to help me become who I really need to be. 

I’m not talented in the way of anything like art or making things but I am willing to offer my writing as an incentive. If you donate (and we’ll word out the details like word count privately) I will write a drabble/fic of your choosing for you. It can be from any fandom I’m familiar with, and If you donate over $50, I will personally familiarize myself with your fandom If I don’t know about it and then write a fanfic for you. Any pairing, any scenario. I’m down with it if you help me out. Just let me know who are you and how much you donated and we can talk.

Now here are some cool numbers:

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Your Support means everything.

spoopyscaryskelesans reblogged your post “actually i meant i would have enjoyed homestuck a lot more if vriska, mindfang and aranea weren’t in it but okay”

I love how this post has the opposite of canon here. I don’t care about Vriska or Gamzee at this point, I just want Tavros to not be in this horrid ship. He deserves better than Gamzee, and Gamzee doesn’t deserve him. Can we acknowledge that’s how GamTav is treated?

I’ve seen this ship, loved this ship, and it’s always saying Tavros reciprocated feelings when he didn’t. And ultimately, Tavros is treated like a trophy that Gamzee can win, like. Tavros is a fictional person. Still a person.

I’m so done.

What do you mean “opposite of canon”. Are you seeing something I am not seeing on this panel? When did GamTav become a horrid ship? Did I sleep through some secret update no one is talking about?

Also, because you’ve chosen my post out of all posts fandom imposes reciprocation on Tavros on as an example of “that’s how GamTav is treated”,  I’m going to talk now, because excuse u. Why are you picking my post out of all posts to spread a personalized misinformation like that. It’s no different than writing “I hate GamTav but I reblog the art because (sth)” in tags. 


Alright, let’s deconstruct what’s happening on it then, just to clear it up (I’ll talk about Tav’s rejection in a moment). This gif is looping (of course), but there’s several actions that can be dissected from it that sort of don’t have starting point - so I’ll start at logical point:

1) First we see Gamzee sitting on the floor, talking to Dave, Tav’s body and his severed head behind him, Lil Cal wearing green tux, sitting by him;

2) Then he flashsteps toward Tav’s head - he touches it/picks it up (more blood on hand, the head shifts) and kisses it (more blood on lips - both Gamzee’s and Tav’s). He immediately sits back down after this.

3) Then he picks up Lil Cal and - while holding him - he goes back to Tav’s head and wipes off the blood from it and himself, making the head shift back to initial position;

4) He puts back down Lil Cal and sits down;

5) He flashsteps to his right, between his sitting place and Tav’s head for no apparent reason - then we go back to 1)

To be frank, I have no fucking idea what’s going on on this panel and I doubt anyone can really tell - because none of the participants of this scene comments on it or provides any other info. But I can speculate on the basis of knowledge. So (all of these have a “maybe” pinpointed on them):

a) Gamzee is trying to revive Tavros - because kissing has been shown as a way to revive a player; why is he kissing a severed head - we don’t know. We also don’t know whether he severed it or if it was already off because of crash landing Tavros had. It might be because his consciousness is telling him this is the right thing to do, but at the same time, he already is losing control over his mind to Lil Cal, so there’s no logic to his actions anymore. We’re too used to mind control being immediate (thanks to Serkets) that we’re immediately discarding the idea of subtle mind control that is happening gradually. Caliborn has shown us that mind control done by Lil Cal is really similiar to being taken over by the swirly lollipop juju

and Jane has shown us that you can actually fight such thing, even if she has given in pretty quickly.

It’s the same thing with Jack Noir and Jack English - they both weren’t taken over by Lil Cal immediately and it either worked subtly

or there was a fight. Or at least a valiant effort to fight it.

We know nothing on how Gamzee reacted when he found Lil Cal. Did he give in willingly? Was he fighting it? Is him abandoning Lil Cal to kiss Tav’s head a way of fighting it for the sake of friend he wanted to revive, only to be subjugated by the puppet to remove the signs of kissing?

2) Gamzee wasn’t kissing Tav’s head just to kiss it, he was collecting his blood. As we know, Gamzee had collected blood from all the dead bodies of his friends and Tav’s one wasn’t any different. Is this why he is actually wiping the blood off himself and the said head? Could it have to do with his last flashstep that sort of goes nowhere? Why does he have to pick up Lil Cal to wipe the blood off? Is Lil Cal giving him instructions? Not to forget that all the blood he was collecting he sold off later as “potions”, so something you can drink to get needed effects. If being mindcontrolled by Lil Cal is the same as being under influence of the horrid lollie, then inside of Gamzee’s head has to look like this:

Holy fucking double rainbows across the sky

In such world, if you drink the blood of your friend, something awesome might happen, like becoming a great kisser

and since it’s a mental parade, just do it, no reason to not to.

Okay, speculations OFF.  I talked far too long about this panel anyway. Instead, let’s get to the point, which is Tav’s rejection of Gamzee’s advances.

This is his reaction. We have seen such speculative, questioning expression on others

Where does it lead to? A freak out, because this is too much, this is too sinnister, too hot, too tempting, too stupid, too messed up, etc. etc. But that’s because both Karkat and MSPA reader were giving into the dirty throughts that sorta came out of their own private needs/kinks/call it however you want. If we’re to conclude it by rational parallelism, Tavros somewhere deep inside actually had some unspoken hots for Gamzee. And most likely, this made him freak out.

Tavros wasn’t ready to be in the romantic action then. It doesn’t mean he would be against it ever. And we’ve already seen that they both treat each other with respect and feel good around other, so if it came to Gamzee, he wouldn’t treat Tavros as a trophy and it wouldn’t be sort of a gross ship Vriska wanted to form with Tavros in meaning “I want that piece of Nitram ass, so I’ll take it, no matter what”. And I say it with absolute, 100% confidence it wouldn’t be bad, because there’s no more obvious stereotypes in this comic that actually fit romantically together.

Also, to anyone suggesting that:

a) a clown (any clown) would hurt a butterfly willingly or out of malice

b) a clown doesn’t “deserve” a butterfly or vice versa

shame on you. 


Yall just like legit don’t understand like for real the crush level is on like a thousand with @molotowcocktease // @boobarina real talk like i even asked her permission to post these pics from her snapchat on my page so like this is legit but still, and I did that to show her that I don’t mean no disrespect not no like weird s*** it was just a legit fan reaching out and had she said no I would have respected that also but she bae & she know it lol

After my Political Science class, someone went up to the professor and tried to tell him he was being racist. The lecture had briefly explored anarchy and the reasons a civilization might not adopt a government, and the professor had taken the position that anarchy isn’t very stable and typically doesn’t provide the best outcomes for citizens in that environment.

So this little shit, who is white, mind you, walked over to this guy after the lecture and said pretty much the following:

“Many non-white civilizations live without governments, such as Native American tribes, so aren’t you being racist by saying that anarchy is generally not a good idea?”

You can’t make this shit up.

I JUST WATCHED THE BELLARKE SCENE AGAIN WHAT MADE ME CRY FOR TEN MINUTES AND IT TOOK ME EVEN LONGER TO CALM DOWN anyways what if after Roan knocked Bellamy out he frees Clarke so he can take her with him and she pushes Roan away to run to Bellamy and falls on her knees and then softly touches his face, like he did with her. Kisses his forehead and wispers in his ear “thank you for coming after me” and then Roan takes her away and she can’t take her eyes off of Bellamy and she hopes he´s gonna be ok and she´ll see him again coz she did not realize until now how much she cares about this boy how she’s lost without him and how it would kill her if he’d get hurt WHY AM I DOING THIS TO MYSELF