i wasn’t the only one who started crying when i saw these panels right holy fuck

EDIT: it seems the pages have been taken down by hussie, i can only assume it’s because these are tomorrow’s updates and he had uploaded them by accident

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OH YEP YOU GOT IT. I'M SO SORRY.. (Kind of) but I bet iwa asked kindachi for advices once on oikawa. And God kindachi tried so hard to get legit advice, encourage iwa, and smile. "I think I like oikawa..." Iwa says, and kindachi digs his nail in his own skin so deep, he's sure he's drawing blood. "Yeah? It's quite obvious" kindachi lets out a choked out laugh. "w-what? Do you think he noticed?" And kindachi wants to say "no." But instead says "he likes you back. So don't even worry about it."

Kindaichi probably even encourage Iwa-chan to go and finally confess to Oikawa. “It’s obvious you both like each other just do it Iwaizumi-senpai” and he smiles while ignoring the pain in his heart and the urge to cry. The next day during practice he notices Oikawa and Iwaizumi acting super blushy with each other but Kindaichi tries to ignore it. After practice Iwaizumi goes up to Kindaichi in the locker room and tells him, “I took your advice and told Oikawa how I feel. um, yeah, now we’re together.” Kindaichi doesn’t turn around to meet Iwaizumi’s face, “I’m really happy for you!” and oh his voice starts to crack a bit and Iwaizumi notices. “Hey is everything ok Kindai-” “Iwa-chan hurry up~” Oikawa yells out. Iwaizumi quickly thanks Kindaichi, “you’re a good friend, thanks again” and walks out. Kindaichi doesn’t move from his spot, he can hear everyone leaving, he’s probably alone now but he still can’t move. He balls his hands into a fist and trembles. Kindaichi slams his head on the locker when he hears Kunimi’s voice behind him. “If you want to talk about it, talk about it. I already kinda knew” And as if those were the magical words Kindaichi needed, he turns around and hugs Kunimi unexpectedly and cries. Kunimi doesn’t say anything and pats Kindaichi on his back. “You’ll be ok.”  


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You might be onto something with that sideburns theory. GD did get some messages of "kill yourself" during the heartbreaker era and the drug scandal one if i'm not mistaken and him being the insecure little bunny that he is, some scary thoughts might have crossed his mind, but he said Seungri was one of the people that helped him smile again. Bless Ri and his clownish ways!

orange-unnie came to talk to me about this too and she’s watched the Loser MV fancam (i haven’t bc im trying to stay as much unspoiled for it until its release as i can) and she says from what she’s seen of it there may be a definite suicide theme in there :/

i have to say, when i first heard the song and even when i read the lyrics i thought this was a bit of a classic BigBang style emo song, i didn’t expect it to turn out to be quite so dark. Those themes, T.O.P’s racy scenes, and who knows what the other members are gonna do in the MV too, well wow, seems like they’re really going out to make some big waves with this first comeback song

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Aw man don’t feel bad AT ALL BUDDY, I’m having fun w/this AU and I’m definitely gonna try and answer the rest of these asks ASAP but I definitely think I’m gonna…. Sorta chill on it v soon here aheh……

Here’s a Thing I Believe

An exercise, for the morning. Look here.

Look at that guy. He looks dangerous, don’t he? Never mind the bowl-cut mullet for now. He still has perhaps the most normal hair in the entire history of Yu-Gi-Oh! 

And don’t mind the belts on the arms. I don’t understand those, either.

Focus on his eyes … eye. He’s hiding something. And in the years I’ve spent writing stories about this man, while I’ve done my best to be an advocate for his redemption, I like to think that I’ve never forgotten the fact that he puts the anti in anti-hero. He’s a rampaging asshole, if you’ll pardon my language.

Something I never anticipated, though, occurred when I started up a new story last year. I wasn’t supposed to start a new story last year. I was supposed to focus on the ones I already had, fan-oriented and original fiction alike. But it was only a handful of days after my birthday, and I usually make irresponsible choices in December just because … well, birthday.

Anyway, this new story I started was the first in a sequence of three AU stories I have planned for 2015, and it taught me something: Seto Kaiba, that dangerous man, that most anti- of anti-heroes, is actually the cutest freaking thing in all of anime.

You just have to give him a chance to prove it.

Imagine a little boy, so flustered on his birthday because someone actually gave him a present that he can’t articulate himself. Imagine that same little boy, learning to swim for the first time because his parents never had the chance to teach him. Imagine that little boy, so scared of insulting someone he respects that he starts crying.

Imagine it. Can you? Maybe you can’t. But I can. And it’s adorable, and heartbreaking, and beautiful, and this man deserved better than he got. Yeah, he’s a billionaire. Yeah, he’s famous. Yeah, he’s a badass.

He still deserved better.

I stand by that. I will always stand by that.

More Guin stuff because hahaha if I let breathtaking self-loathing stop me from doing things I would literally never do anything. This one is dumb, and follows directly after the other one.

Guin woke up feeling like she had gotten hit by a truck, or perhaps had discovered some heretofore unknown metamorphic abilities and transformed into one gigantic bruise. She groaned, mostly because she wasn’t entirely sure she could do anything more ambitious than that, like move.

“December!” she shouted, after taking a moment to rally. He appeared next to the bed with a crack, looking irritatingly bright, and she made a face at him. Demons should not be morning people. There should be a rule.

“If you just called me in here to make faces at me, I really feel like there’s better ways that I could be using my time,” December said.

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Thankkkk you to all of my Mickey tea crowd source buddies!!

I’m leaning towards Grapefruit, Ginger Peach, and Hibiscus—for all that fruity goodness, with some sour notes that get you right in the hinge of the jaw

Some people do not understand the concept of, “Hi, I’m an introvert and I need my personal space after being with you for three whole days, please do not sit in my seat with me.”

Now that I’ve blow dried it and everything, it looks super cute. Like the ends curl up a bit and I look a lot younger. Maybe I should trim my bangs a bit tomorrow? LOL. Bangs I can usually do on my own now. But yaaas! It looks good! My mom agrees. Usually the cycle is her saying WHAT DID YOU DO???? and then it transitions to “you look better with short hair. keep it like this always!” But yeah, she thinks it looks nice too and that it suits me. 

I look like I belong in a shoujo manga. Where is my bishounen eye candy? 

honestly i hope chris and jeremy had to sit in a room and explain to scarlett why they believe that her character that she spent several years building and creating and fighting for, why they believe that character will only ever be a flirting sidekick 

Me watching the teens react to EXO like

Girl: *sees yixing* 

He’s just like justin bieber!

the red haired chicks: this is so tackyyy

Another dude: is this like, gangnam style?

Some other kid: they’re like the asian one direction!