self care!

things to do to take care of urself !!!!

- drink tea more often
- buy plants
- maintain your nails
- stay hydrated. water is great lol
- everything rose; face masks, lip balms, perfumes
- silk
- be kind to yourself!
- buy pretty things every once in a while
- take baths with classical music playing in the background
- read!!
- sing at the top of your lungs and dance as silly as you’d like

feel free to add on if you’d like :o)

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Why do you call your followers "beans." I mean, it's adorable, but I'm curious.

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This made me think because I’ve never actually been asked this question! I guess “beans” is in my vocabulary as a people term because my brother, Charlie, started using it years ago in place of other things like instead of “you silly goose” he’d say “you silly bean”, and now I use it for everything. One of my friends calls me elijah beans, I call my dog bean, I call you guys beans. Maybe we’re all beans?? These flesh bodies are an illusion???


Author’s Note: sorry to keep you waiting, cutie anon! i hope this is everything you wanted and more <333

Pairing: Kyungsoo x Reader (oc; female)

Rating: PG-13

Warnings: angst; infidelity; strong language

Word Count: 3,671

You wish you could blame it on gin.

You wish that sentiment, feeling, and action could be explained away with a casual smile and the dismissive tilt of a glass. In a perfect world, you’d call it silliness, you’d call it friendship. You’d call it amicable coupling - inventing a phrase and a concept with a laugh that tumbles freely from your open mouth.

But how do you explain years of longing? Years of sober pining and tired yearning, hours of an ache in the center of your chest when you’re alone and empty and far too desperate for his touch to sleep?

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every other post in this tag I stg

stans: omg you guys are fucking nerds, imagine how silly you’d look analyzing a different cartoon, just get a life so I can look at fan art in peace!

crits: that’s kind of a false equivalence and also why are you here, in this tag? go away

stans: lmao! these crits are attacking me!! because I made them mad!! over a JOKE!! o m g!!!

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thats why where are four of you, you silly sausages

we’d better get a fifth mod with no family who doesnt go to school and is completely neurotypical then 

- jess

SF9 Reaction to their S/O being close with her many siblings


Inseong: He’d be amazed, admiring how well you get along with your mostly younger siblings. You’d be silly with them, always making them laugh. Seeing you hugging them and being caring about them would make him love you even more than he already does and he’d have hope that if you two were to have a family in the future, you’d be just as caring and sweet to your children. Later, he’d tell you how sweet you were, making you blush and become embarrassed.

*admiring you*

Youngbin: Same as Inseong, but he’d a bit surprised because he’s never seen you so excited about seeing your family like this. He’d smile the whole time, watching you wrestle with your younger siblings and helping your parents out by watching them. He’d probably try to play with and talk to your siblings so that he could become closer with them.

*happy because he’s watching you being a great sister*

Jaeyoon: He would be so proud. He’d sit there thinking “That’s my girlfriend being the most amazing person on earth” and would probably be so impressed with you dealing with your siblings so well. While watching you, he’d just fall in love with you even more and then brag about you to the guys later. He’d totally become soft thinking about you taking care of kids.

*waving to your siblings*

Dawon: This little puppy oh my lord. He’d be so cheery and would love how sweet and caring you were being. He’d definitely try to help you out and loves seeing you smile while being with your family. Probably plays with the younger kids to help you out. He would admire you so much more than he already does and he would talk to you about it later, telling you how great of a person you are.

*being himself*

Zuho: He’d be the one who would just smile the whole time, watching you play games and bicker with your younger siblings. He’d enjoy seeing you with your family and would love to see you being super sweet and caring. Once you’re worn out, he’ll wrap an arm around you and envelope you in a hug, telling you you’re an amazing older sister to your siblings.

*telling you you’re a great sister*

Rowoon: Romom would be so enthusiastic. He probably ends up helping you. He’ll probably play games wit the younger kids and would cook for everyone. He’d admire you being so good to your siblings. Once you start bickering with one of your siblings he’d probably just laugh and love you even more since he’s never seen that side of you.

*watching you bicker*

Taeyang: I feel like he’d be more casual about it? He’s probably the type to just watch you and smile to himself like Zuho. He probably thinks about the future, thinking about you playing with your guys’ kids. He’d smile so much just thinking about it, you’d probably ask him if why he was staring at you and ask if he was okay and he would just nod while placing a kiss on your lips.

*being a cutie after being caught staring at you*

Hwiyoung: Secretly cries inside screams and fanboys inside becomes soft inside. His heart is probably fluttering like crazy just watching you be so sweet and caring. He’d be a bit surprised because you hadn’t told him you had this many siblings, but he would just watch you play duck, duck, goose with your 6 younger siblings. He probably laughs while watching you mess around with the kids.

*probably him inside*

Chani: Maybe a bit awkward? He’d just watch, not really sure what to do. But then one of your younger siblings, probably your really cute 5 year old brother, would beg Chani to play with you guys. So now, Chani is stuck playing tag with all of your younger siblings, and of course, he always goes for you and you tag him back because he never remembers to say ‘no tag backs’. Basically, he starts getting used to it and he starts to love your siblings, and of course, you, even more.

*Being a cutie while playing games with you and your siblings*

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I have so many requests to do you guys I’m sorry TT I’ve been on my PD101 account, so I’m sorry for not posting lately. 

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oh you silly thing :D I was just calling them creatures because they are such mysterious, amazing things to me 😍. They are magical 🌈I just wanna squish *squish squish* them, they're so cute 🤧

Oh sweetheart I’m only fucking with you(;


I am asking that the request submitted be SFW this go around though! I still got plenty of NSFW in the inbox please. So angst, fluff, romance, silly, anything you’d like, just make it SFW and I should be able to knock it out for you!

YouTube has a “more than a refugee” campaign going on. I’m sure they’re highlighting the wonderful contributions refugees make to the community, like the violent rape of women, children, and the elderly. Or maybe the widespread slaughter of locals in the name of their degenerate religion. Or maybe their time-honored practice of pedophilia and incest. Don’t you just love how the ruling classes are promoting the demolition of western society, and the establishment of the European Caliphate in such a cool, non-threatening way? Refugees are just people, like you, silly :D

anonymous asked: do the NOT lazy UT/UF/US skelebros react to their crush teasingly calling the lazybones "energy efficient"?


UF! Paps: he would probably blush and say “YOU ARE THINKING OF MY BROTHER. I AM FAR FROM IT AND I PREFER TO GET THINGS DONE WITHOUT PROCRASINATING.” And would be very huffy for a few hours. He basically feels offended.

US! Sans: “I prefer to get things out of the way instead of being lazy like papyrus, human! I am to magnificent to be energy efficient!” and he would hug you and call you silly, then he’d read the definition to you.

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Omg I read all the parts of Grey Area so far just last night and I'm v sleep deprived but it was WORTH IT

Oh my gosh, congratulations. You just read like 80k words, you champ! Sleep silly! :D I hope you enjoyed it!

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If you are a country artist you'd be silly to choose other than Blake if he turns his chair for you. He's a caring mentor with an awesome winning record, he knows country songs that works for you, he has an imprint with Influence, can take you on his tour, and will soon have 2 music venues with his face on it. #WinningCombination

Yeah, I think you’re right on this. I could see some artists trying to think about it strategically, like “I might get lost in the country artist shuffle on Team Blake, but I’ll stand out on Team Adam and make it farther in the competition ”, but that seems like a risky game to play. Blake is your best bet.

– M

Magcon Preference (When he's bored)

Hayes:He would always lay on your lap as you watched Tv, but sometimes he would repeatedly poke you and try to annoy you so that you can chase him around the house and then you two would end up in his room making out.

Shawn: He would sit back fiddling with his guitar, and ask you to come cuddle with him. He then would sing you a song while your head was resting on his chest.

Matthew: He would be taking pictures with you, making weird faces and post it on Instagram. Sometimes he would make you take a picture with his snap-back on and he would keep saying you looked ‘Adorable’.

Nash: He would make random videos of you and Skylnn. You would let Skylnn give you a makeover and then you and Skylnn would give him a makeover. Without him knowing, you took pictures of him with the makeup on, later he would find them on Twitter and Instagram and tackle you in bed.

Cameron:He would work out some what, but he would mostly come and lay down with you in bed and watch some movies. He would sometimes sneak his hands in places  where they did not belong. 

A/N: I know this isn’t the whole Magcon Squad ._. But I didn’t do my damn homework, so if you like this pleeease message me for any preferences!!!! I love you silly dirty fans :D