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Heh heh, Yuuri is truly Viktor’s match as he takes him by surprise with a passionate declaration that he will win gold for the next one.

And of course he gives him another tall order to fill as he has Yuuri promise him that he will not only win one for his career, but four more medals on top of that to help give him further incentive to make a full comeback while still acting as his coach.

It’s a pretty crazy endeavor for both of them, but after the year they’ve been through, there’s no way they’re backing down now that they know what they want.


They’ve met.

Dad: Weren’t you going to play?

Me: No I have to finish homework first.

Dad: ……..

Me: …………………

Dad: *gleefully runs over to the Nintendo Switch*


“My father was called Ned too,” she said.
“I know. I saw him at the Hand’s tourney. I wanted to go up and speak with him, but I couldn’t think what to say.” Ned shivered beneath his cloak, a sodden length of pale purple. “Were you at the tourney? I saw your sister there. Ser Loras Tyrell gave her a rose.
“She told me.” It all seemed so long ago.

–Arya VIII, A Storm of Swords

(Happy birthday Celia ♥)

coppertopging  asked:

56 and 44 for jiyong. Please and thank you!

56. “I’m late.”
44. “You need to see a doctor.”

“What’s the rush?”  Youngbae hurried to catch up to Jiyong, who was moving so fast he was several steps ahead of the bodyguards and managers who usually clustered around them in the airport.

I’m late,” Jiyong said impatiently, not even pausing long enough to look at his friend.  “I told you, I’m meeting _____ tonight, and we were supposed to land two hours ago.  She probably thinks I forgot.”

“She understands that flights are delayed sometimes,” Youngbae said, but Jiyong wasn’t listening. He pulled his phone out of his pocket and turned it back on, the beep of several incoming messages that had come in while it was on airplane mode echoing along the corridor.  Youngbae called out to him but it was too late - Jiyong, staring down at his phone and tapping out a reply to one of the messages, didn’t see that the hallway turned a corner, and walked straight into the wall.

He reeled back and sat down hard, clutching his face, his phone falling to the floor beside him and shattering the screen.  Blood started to drip from between his fingers as Youngbae and the bodyguards caught up.

“I’m fine,” Jiyong insisted, trying to stand up, but his legs wouldn’t hold him and he fell into a guard’s waiting arms.  Youngbae picked up his phone.  The screen was black.  “I have to go, I’m fine.” 

You need to see a doctor,” the guard holding him said.  Youngbae held up the broken phone. 

“What’s _____’s number?  I’ll call and tell her you’re going to be even later,” he said, grinning. 


I’ve thought so long about how to properly end my official time with this blog, especially since my last post was a Valentines Day one and that’s not very… finale-like.
I was worried, because while I knew I was going to do be dead for months either way, I really wanted to have a proper finish point, something I can look back on.

The journal, guys. Journal 3.
The journal is full of inspiring things, frankly, I’m in love with it. And it made me raise from the dead one last time, no- sev’ral timez! That’s right, I’m crappily drawing out more than one thing. This is not the last post. I think… I think there’s one more. It’s the least I could do, after such a journal, after such a journey with this blog. 

So, prepare for a lot of Journal-3-insider jokes or references!
Have you noticed that on the page in the first half of the book where Ford says he’s a sucker for Jelly Beans, he trashtalks toffee peanuts in the same breath?
Have you noticed that when Dipper describes at the end of the book how everyone exposed Finale Stan to things he knew very well, he mentions that Stan’s favorite foods are bacon…and toffee peanuts?

Needless to say, this dumb idea was INCREDIBLY fun to draw. Seriously, it was a blast!

Just this one time I encourage you to delete my caption, as this post doubles as my place to lengthily say all these things important to this blog, and me. The pictures… can stand on their own, haha.

What kills me most: besides her smug look, is the fact that she purposely turned the jersey around. 

Others had the front showing & yeah, some had the back with their name showing. 

But this wasn’t just “hey that looks like fun, David I want to do it give me your jersey!”.

It was “hey this looks like a great opportunity to have a little fun & troll the hell out of the gillovny fandom

Because she could have shown her support with the jersey facing the other way & no one would have been the wiser. But hell, why not just give us all something to freak out about at the same time? 

Two birds: one stone.