Drug Wars (Pt. 4)

mafia!Jungkook x Reader

Warnings: There will be very explicit sexual content, violence, drugs, graphic descriptions of everything, so please don’t read if you’re easily triggered and please don’t do drugs.

A/N: I don’t know, I’m sorry. You should probably read from Part 1, because this will just spoil everything for you. Also, I don’t know why I keep doing that thing with the milk, just view it as a metaphor. None of these pictures are mine, credits to the owners. 

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 | The Real Drug War

The air was cold and filled with cries.

“Where are you taking him?!”

You were running, each step echoing through the empty corridor – you kept shouting, but he didn’t stop.

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BPD is like taking drugs on a roller coaster and the world keeps moving faster and faster in bright, vibrant colors and it should be fun and lively and for a while it is, but then you want it to stop and it won’t and you can’t control it and it keeps going faster and faster and faster.

BPD is like that moment when you’re completely alone after a party and it’s late and you have to clean up and there’s no one left to help you and you realize that everyone was only there for the fun and not for you at all and you’re all alone with a mess you don’t have the energy to clean.

BPD is like your consciousness is in a glass box, separated from every feeling. You can see the feelings, notice them, they twirl around you, but you cannot access them and you feel distant and almost inhuman. You are trapped away from your body, unable to access it, just able to control it.

BPD is like flying on the broadest wings in a clear blue sky. The pure beauty surrounding you, peaceful and majestic. Floating on clouds, free and safe. You can see no danger, you can see no unhappiness, therefore it does not exist. Not to you. The world is good and vibrant and you are ecstatic.

BPD is like fire, destructive and ravaging and merciless. Endless anger, monstrous and terrifying and wild. It is being out of control and unstoppable, even if you want to stop. Destroying the things you love, breaking and burning and watching it all crumble in your own hands.

Why are you so afraid?“ He asked angrily, ” why is it so hard for you to trust me, as a friend at least!“
“Because friends are overrated,” I said, I should’ve stopped when I saw the brown in his eyes widen. I should’ve lied like I always do.
“It’s not like marriage; there’s no vows that need to be said. It’s either they hurt you, or you hurt yourself with expectations that won’t be met. ”
“How can you possibly think that?” He said.
He stared ridiculously at my face.
“because they’re drugs; you know they’re bad for you, but you take them anyways thinking you can handle it.” I watched him walk away, his back looked exactly like the others before him. Friends are careless. They always leave, and I’m left alone cleaning up the mess.
—  Excerpt from a book I’ll never write #4

Carrie Fisher was my first hero. She fought sexism, with people arguing about her weight and looks for years, she had to put up with that drivel all through her return to star wars and yet she prevailed and schooled the world on her women should be perceived. 

She fought mental illness and was open and acknowledged her bipolar disorder with grace and was so calm with it. She survived her battle with drugs and played one of the most iconic characters that will forever be remembered in history. She changed the game.

Part of feminism isn’t just proving that women are strong and capable it’s also admitting that women can be awful and disgusting. It’s the flip side of destroying the ‘women are delicate angels’ myth. Don’t pretend women don’t beat, murder, and rape. They do. And stop glorifying women who do god awful things just because they do it in heels and lipstick ok that drug cartel woman is not someone you should be idolizing.

Dear Evan Hansen,
We’ve been way too out of touch. Things have been crazy, and it sucks that we don’t talk that much. But I should tell you that I think of you each night. I rub my nipples and start moaning with delight. I’ve gotta tell you, life without you has been hard has been bad has been rough, and I miss talking about life and other stuff. I like my parents, I love my parents, but each day’s another fight. If I stop smoking drugs, then everything might be alright. If I stop smoking crack, If I stop smoking pot, then everything might be alright. I’ll take your advice. I’ll try to be more nice. I’ll turn it around, wait and see. 'Cause all that it takes is a little reinvention. It’s easy to change if you give it your attention. All you gotta do is just believe you can be who you want to be.
Sincerely, Me

I should have listened when people told me to never fall in love,
for love is a drug.
Once you get a taste, you want more,
and my god am I addicted.
He’s always on my mind,
and even though he’s no good,
I still think he’ll make me better.
I still hope that maybe he will be good for me.
—  a.a.
'The Blacklist': Red's Connection to Liz Finally Revealed?
Warning: This story contains major spoilers from Thursday’s episode of The Blacklist. Read at your own risk! Who survived the ultimate showdown...

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Is Red actually Liz’s father?
JON BOKENKAMP: I think it’s best to let the show and its characters answer that. Anything that’s meaningful is in the scripts and on the screen. Everything else is noise.

Should we trust what Red told Kirk about being Liz’s father or was he just telling Kirk what he wanted to hear?
Well, he did say he was her father and he sounded like he meant it. That said, he was also heavily drugged with god knows what. I’ll let you decide.

Kirk says there’s nothing that could stop him from killing Red, and yet he actually stopped. What can you tease of what’s really going on and when we’ll find out what Red whispered?
The truth is, we’re not going to find out what he said. That whisper was a secret between the two men who loved Katarina. Besides, if you really knew what Red said the show would probably be over.

Could Red actually be Katarina?
That’s funny — I’ve heard that theory before and it’s a wild one. I’d love to have someone walk me through the logic of exactly how that would work. I’ve also heard that Liz is Tom’s sister, Liz is a robot, and Ressler is Tom’s brother. All great theories, by the way.

Everyone has suspected that Red was Liz’s father since the beginning. Why did you decide to go this route?
Ultimately this is a ‘chosen one’ story. Elizabeth Keen is clearly incredibly important to Red. Why? That’s what we’re slowly revealing over time, and trust me, the answers are all there. As you pointed out — the father theory is only one of many. For me, it was never so much about is he her father or is he not — but why is this young woman so important to Raymond Reddington?

Red seemed to know inside info on Katarina and Kirk’s relationship. How would he know that?
We’ve already established that Red had an affair with Katarina, and I think one can only assume she told him many intimate details about her actual husband, Alexander Kirk.

Red says Kirk is gone. Is that really the last we’ve seen of him?
I think it’s pretty certain this is the last we’ve seen of Kirk.

Kaplan left the woodsman behind. What’s her next move? Is she against Red now?
I think Mr. Kaplan is just lucky to get out of that cabin alive. She’s lucky to escape Red. She’s hitched a ride and off to god knows where.

Have we seen the last of Kaplan?
Ugh. I hope we haven’t seen he last of her. I love having Susan Blommaert on the show. That said, I also loved having Alan Alda on the show and we exploded his head with a neck bomb, so…

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yeah mexico is shithole bc y'all made it a shithole, your culture has no consideration of the future and then ya turn around and blame it on whitey, how fuckin convenient lmfaooo stop trying to shunt the blame elsewhere and realize your country is horribly corrupt and that's why you should be ashamed.

1. “y’all made it a shithole” - 500 years ago Europeans decided that they could do whatever they wanted with our land, people and resources. 171 years ago United States decided to invade Mexico, wave their flag in our capital and take half of our territory. 104y ago they financed a Revolutionary campaign to put their own puppet in the presidency. Since the 90′s US has been the primary consumer of Latin American drugs. 

we have our very intern problems, but ignoring a past determined by imperialist interests of, you guessed it, the ‘whiteys’ is beyond dumb. 

2. “ your culture has no consideration of the future”- (I don’t even know what do you mean with this but) We do have. We want a sustainable world because we actually believe in global warming. We want more education, cause we think it’s a right everyone should be able to afford, not a small elite. We want diplomacy, cause diversity and teamwork with international forces makes everyone culturally richer. We consider civil rights, cause we try to not have a segregated population in which your ethnicity or gender endangers your life. We want peace, a stable economy, fair opportunities, that’s why we have tried to sign trades. We consider a future in which fascism doesn’t win.

3.  “is horribly corrupt and that’s why you should be ashamed”- No one has ever said that we aren’t. We recognize that it’s one of our biggest problems and we’re fighting against it. Doesn’t mean we can’t claim respect.

Oh btw, hasn’t Trump blamed immigrants for every single problem America has? I quote you: how fuckin convenient.

it was the beginning of October and i always imagined we’d have the kind of love that doesnt wash away after one bad fight that we swear its nothing lets just stop talking about it. i should have known that one fight would be the ultimate toxic to our next 5 or 10 or even 50 i stopped counting. every fight i swore you’d wanna wash me out of your life and i hoped i wouldnt become a bad habit like your drugs. i wanted to be a good habit not one that ever made you sick. you and i, we’ve always been the kind to avoid our problems and disagree on about everything. you consumed my every thought, and i became a puppet under your control and i thought once i got away you would not be able to hold on to my strings, it’s as if the farther i pushed you away you held on to me even tighter. i wanted the kind of love that no one could talk you out of, not your family or your friends. i guess its funny how the thoughts in your brain show up on your skin and leave bruises in places you thought you’d never be able to hurt yourself, but i guess it felt better to get so drunk i couldnt walk straight than to have to remember how we ended up here. i left you way to many times thinking i was done but just like a bad drug i needed you at every single time i told myself i cant take it anymore just please come back. i thought i was addicted to vodka because it made you go away for a little bit, but when i was hungover instead of spinning in circles i was dialling your number so many times i swear ive memorized your voicemail. i still remember the night i called you and told you it was over, but i called you right back, i couldnt breathe and you said that you’d be right over a few hours passed and at 3am on an october morning the minus 15 weather was the last thing i was complaining about, i barely felt the cold, the tears from my eyes were warming me up. once you showed up, you smelled like coconut but i always wore vanilla and i dont wear red lipstick im into pretty pinks, so i knew when you said you’d you be right over it was going to be right after you’re done fucking her.
—  j

I’ve had my fair share of experience with drugs, I’m a “stoner” and use other drugs more often than I should. That being said, I educate myself on what I’m putting into my body. I am so tired of seeing people snort Xanax and muscle relaxers. I see people crushing pills when they clearly don’t even know what drug they even have.

If you’re going to do drugs, please at least educate yourself on the subject, you might learn a thing or two. Who knows, you might even realize that your method isn’t getting you as high as you could be. So please, if you’re inexperienced or doubting yourself, take a minute to Google it. Read forums, FAQs, learn risk reduction.

Risk reduction is key.
Education is key.

mbti types as ajj lyrics


intp: and i’m afraid of the mob mentality that makes otherwise normal people go blind / i’m afraid of the way that the world works and i’m afraid of the words in my notebooks

infp: you’re an irreplaceable human soul with your own understanding of what it means to suffer / and that’s a huge bummer

istj: the drugs you do were made by people who think in dollar signs / and that’s not very punk of you / maybe you should change your mind, reconsider the whole deal

isfj: and maybe we weren’t put on this earth to rape and pillage and ravage / because god created puppy dogs and god created kittens / and our love creates a power plant that generates this world / and if we stop now then we’ll just disappear into oblivion

entj: i wanna break apart my heart […] i wanna pick up the pieces / and plant them in the ground / and when a tree grows there / i want to chop that tree down / build it into a boat / and float it into a lake / and with dynamite / i will explode the thing / that makes me make mistakes

enfj: people are wasteful, they waste all the food / people are hateful, and people are rude / but god i love some people sometimes / because people are very, very special

estp: the skate park is only 15 songs away / and there’s nothing that i’d rather do on on this terrible fucking day / than break, break, break my bones and feel the pain of self improvement

esfp: and i am very resentful / that life isn’t art / and harry potter and voldemort are works of fiction, not our world

intj: but my heart / it has eyes / and my love / it has sight / even though / it may be a little cloudy

infj: hey dude i hate everything you do / but i’m trying really hard to not hate you / hating you won’t make you suck any less

istp: i had a dream / i had a dream tonight / that i cut off a piece of the baby jesus / to offend my friends / but the joke misfired, yes it did, oh yes it did

isfp: if that’s what gets your dick hard / telling people they’re bad at making art

estj: you can hope it gets better and you can follow your dreams / but hope is for presidents and dreams are for people who are sleeping

esfj: but now i’ve got my whole life to live and i’ve got all my love to give / to all you fuckers that i hate

entp: i am a blank page in a notebook / waiting to be filled with countless drawings of cocks

enfp: and i have seen / the darkest heart of humanity / and i truly believe / that we are capable of good as well

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so this may be a touchy subject, but .... the warriors of hope get punished, although they were manipulated by Monaca and Junko. Shouldn't the ex-remnants of despair try to redeem themselves too then? Otherwise it would seem kinda unfair to me. (Nothing against mod lili, you're doing a great job. I just wanted to know what the reaction of the characters would be).

It’s not the same. If you need an example let’s use this one : if someone was drugged against their will and did something very bad because of it. Would you blame them or would you blame the one who drugged them?

Now let’s take the same person but this time they were still able to think by themselves but acted this way because they were influenced by someone and only stopped doing so because they were stopped by force. Now, do you still think the two cases I explained to you are the same and should be judged in the same way?

(It’s okay I don’t mind, it’s an interesting thing to discuss! )

biowearables replied to your post: surprise, scanlan

There’s the part of my mind that finds this a really interesting character choice and is trying to be cool.. but was overriden by the part that had to turn the stream off because I could not watch them scream at each other anymore. :( -L

i think it would have been easier to watch if we’d been reading the story instead, tbh. scanlan is essentially mad that no one stopped to ask him what’s wrong when he never gave any indication that something was wrong and when he hid most of the indicators - like the drugs. when people did ask, he blew them off. he expected his friends to dig deeper, and maybe they should have, but most people will take a step back when someone’s like “nah i’m fine.” 

i also just have a huge issue with him being all “how dare you bring my daughter here” like 

clearly sam has never lost someone he couldn’t be there for. i have. i know what it’s like to find out later that someone you cherish more than life itself is dead and that you couldn’t hold their hand as they went–i know what it’s like to get there when a body’s been cold for a day and a half and that is not fun

scanlan was asking his friends to do two things: to keep kaylee away from his dead body (wow that’s horrible) or to LIE TO HER to make sure she never finds out–which then leads her to think that he abandoned her again like dude

if we’d been reading 100 pages of scanlan’s internal narrative, i think this would have gone much much better, but as it stands, scanlan’s hurt that people bought into the lies he fed them while giving them no indication of where the truth actually is. that’s not their fault

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I wasn'tready for that new one Kat, someone should stop you, but in a good way, like, take a brake woman, those WIPS and on-going fics must be dragging you down. (also thanks for the shikasai you've made my day)


I appreciate the thought, but I honestly don’t know what I’d do with my time if I wasn’t drowning in WIPs. Writing is my drug/escape/relaxation, so I’m good.  💕

There’s been plenty of covers floating around this month, of which likely 90% have been covers of Adele’s record breaking Hello. I didn’t expect that a Travi$ Scott cover would stop me in my tracks and keep me adoringly captivated the way Moxie Raia does on Drugs You Should Try It. The crisp, flawless clarity and sass of the American chanteuse’s voice cut through the sparse production of the cover effortlessly, much in the way that hotly buzzing artist Alessia Cara’s voice can strike chords. But there’s also an extra ounce of sultriness, an additional layer of BANKS huskiness to Moxie Raia that renders her cover haunting and gut wrenching dark. It likely doesn’t need to be said, but keep an eye on this starlet.

Made with SoundCloud
Tweaker problems

When you meet that one person who thinks they no FUCKIN EVERYTHING. They try and tell you how to light the pipe, how to load the pipe, how to hit the pipe. Then they try and act like they have EVERYTHING figured out. They’re annoying as hell. All they do is talk talk talk. They think everyone and there dog is a cop. They try and tell you how things should be done. When really your over here thinking to yourself….“what the fuck have they even bilked their eyes one time doing this whole conversation? How many times are they gonna keep looking up and around like someone’s fallowing us? Ugh this is embarrassing…stop looking around like we’re making a freakin drug deal when all we’re doing pumping gas shit..”
But really you can’t say shit bc this fool rich as fuck and buys all the dope so you gettin high as fuck evaday FO FREE.

234. We are not allowed to pretend to be deaf.

Okay. I’ll admit it. This prank was fun. - RL

What? You want a gun? Speak up! - SB

… We’ve ended the prank. Stop pretending to be deaf. - RL

You’re planning out my death?! How dare you?! Kids these days … - SB

No, I think he said, ‘We should do math’. - JP

He wants us to do drugs?! How horrible! - JP

I think he wants us to do mathematics. How horrible! - JP

He wants us to do mathematics?! That’s even worse. - SB

I’m leaving. - RL

Credit to @fandom-ideas for the prank and the commentary. Thanks again friend!

“you know you’re a bit too old for children’s fiction and ya. here, try clockwork orange and lolita. 1984 too. read *real* literature.”

shut. up.

a lot of children’s fiction I have read is a lot more creative, inspiring, and innovative than most of the adult fiction I’ve read will EVER be.

NO I don’t want to read about rape and sex and drugs and crime.

Just because you read only classics or adult fiction doesn’t make you sophisticated or as cool and edgy as you think you are.

And when you put other people down, you’re just being a jerk.

shut. up. right. now.