• Lily: So, the great Sirius Black didn't have a date for Valentine's day.
  • Sirius: Who says I didn't?
  • Lily: I saw you. You just spent the day with Remus in the library.
  • James: Ha, looking for a date with the librarian? I'm not surprised that you like older women, but really? The ghosts are younger and livelier than her.
  • Sirius:
  • Sirius: Congratulations, you caught me.
  • Sirius: I have refined tastes, not just anyone will do.
  • Lily: Are you all right, Remus? You've gone bright red.
  • James: See, you've traumatised our dear Remus with your weird courting.
  • Sirius: I've done nothing. Well, not yet.
  • Remus: Where's Peter? I haven't seen him in a while. We should go and find him. Actually, I think I know where he might be. I'll go and look.
  • James: What's up with him?
  • Sirius: I can think of a few things.

@scorbusly asked: Hello <3 Hope you’re having a nice day ^.^ I noticed an anon asking about Scorpius’ animagus form and I got curious. What do you think Albus’ animagus form (and patronus perhaps) would be? (I don’t think I have seen it asked before so I thought why not :3) ~ Besides, I can’t get over how pretty and perfect your art is. I just love how you draw their faces, their everything just - lost for words - . Thought you should know. <3 

Thank you so much for your kind words, and sorry for the late reply - it took me a while to think of animals that suit Albus! I finally settled for a fennec fox for his Animagus form (since he’s small but fierce) and a phoenix for his Patronus (inspired by this Patronus fic ). I especially like the symbolism of the phoenix because it’s reminiscent of his namesake, and I like to think that it reflects how he discovers a ‘new self(=rebirth)’ in his father-son relationship/interactions with Harry post-TCC? All the time-travel shenigans probably gave him a new perspective in life and his relationships with the people around him. :)



LAWL NO i am NOT part of any fangame and there is no fangame you had to read this for confirmation get shit on bub

But in all seriousness it took me a good while (2 days) to make these and this is my first time making talksprites and they came out quite nicely?? I’ve never seen anyone do pixel transformers talksprites so i wanted to try my hand at it I HOPE YOU GUYS LIKE IT as much as I had fun making this with tender loving care :3

(Might put these up for commission options idk, also do you guys have anyone you think i should try making a sprite of??)

Lance Headcanons
  • loves Cupcake Wars. he has seen every episode. anyone watching Cupcake Wars with him should be prepared to lose their hearing.
  • knows every word of My House by Flo Rida and belts it at the top of his lungs whenever possible
  • cites Wannabe by the Spice Girls as one of the best songs in human history
  • eats food while food is in the microwave/oven
    • Lance: *walks into the kitchen* Hunk: hey babe, dinner will be ready in like ten minutes. Lance: *opening the cupboard and grabbing the peanut butter jar* awesome, what are we having? Hunk: lasagna! Lance: *eating peanut butter straight from the jar* can’t wait! Hunk: ….what are you doing. Lance: eating a snack? Hunk: ……………
  • definitely drinks pickle juice straight from the jar
    • Lance: what? Pidge: you disgust me
  • hates shoes. finds them limiting. goes without them whenever possible
    • has some serious callouses because of it
    • has definitely stepped in gum barefoot
    • if he has to wear shoes he wears flipflips bc its the least shoe like shoe that exists
  • has clinical depression. he tries to hide it under jokes and fake smiles, but it’s there. he tries to talk about how he feels as little as humanly possible.
  • has two moms!!
    • hunk also has two moms, and that commonality is a large part of the reason their moms became friends. and because their moms were friends, they’ve been friends since birth.
  • is very passionate about his love of goldfish
  • will wear tank tops at every opportunity
  • very vocal when he sees someone being bullied in public. it’s the big brother in him. if he sees someone being picked on, he’s going to stand up for them, whether he knows them or not.
  • fun graphic tees are his jam. his only regret about leaving the garrison for space when he did is that he was wearing the most boring shirt in his closet. now who knows when he’ll see his star wars t shirt collection again??
  • Loud And Proud Bisexual
  • is really good at predicting the endings to movies??? no one likes sitting next to him in the theater bc he’ll whisper his prediction for all the plot twists and he’s always freaking right.
  • overuses the 💯 emoji
  • is anemic and needs to take iron pills to keep Big And Strong
  • sleeps nakey
  • also ends up kicking all stuffed animals/blankets/pillows onto the floor during the course of the night. even he doesn’t know how he does it.
  • lucid dreamer
  • is always the one who’s slightly blurry or has his eyes closed in group photos
  • snapchat story is always a liiiiittle bit too long
  • really bad at magic tricks
  • *throws balled up paper at trash can* “kobe!” *misses*
  • would lay down his life for nike products
  • at every social outing involving money ever: *nudges Hunk* “hey dude can you spot me”
  • hates crocs. with a burning passion. they are disgusting. why would any human being want them on their body. why.
  • loves fanny packs. practical. colorful. a bold fashion statement. he owns five.
  • in any and every social situation: *dabs*
  • really bad at accepting honest compliments. all of his confidence is exaggerated for humor. he’s low key really insecure, and so when people earnestly compliment him, he really doesn’t know how to take it.
  • great at braiding hair.
  • has about 20 snapchat streaks at a time
  • a lil bit of a helicopter friend. he doesn’t necessarily always know what to do what to make his friends feel better, but he wants to help, so he has a bit of a habit of hovering when he doesn’t know what else to do.
  • enjoys tofu a lot
  • his hair gets wavy when it grows out more
  • has never had a sunburn in his life. his tan lines though??? horrible 

Guest House We Got Married - ep 5: 

I feed u, u feed me :)

hyuk: where did u get the money?

hae: i have money all the time!

min: you should have brought money when u buy things

hae: if not, you shud have ask Cassey for cash before going…

min: HAHAHAHA donghae you are funny

hyuk: ………

then hyuk told hae: you are awesome~

hae smiled shyly~

while eating spicy pork cutlets no one feels spicy, but dh say: why do i feel that its spicy? so spicy..

hyuk: why are u crying?

hae: am i the only one who feels its spicy?

hyuk: how do you even live when you think this is spicy?

hae: so spicy

hyuk: why are you crying?

min: aigoo idiot… idiot…

hyuk: what are you doing? why are you crying in pork cutlet shop???

Only 1 bread left. Eunhae have to compete and wear shoes shaped like a big bear’s leg to find the bread and buy it.

hyuk arrived first, but hae told him he did not pay for the bread.

in actual fact, min has gave hae money before they went to buy bread, so after hae pay for it, hyuk attempt to snatch, thats why the backhug (:

eunhaemin rock paper scissors, the one who loose will eat spicy food, hyuk give min signal to cheat with scissors..but then.. donghae come out with a rock… which means.. donghae wins XDDD

hae: let me feed the friend that i love ..



Hello! Thank you kindly for your asks and lovely compliments, i’m all blush here!

To answer the question-no, i am not a rhack fan(the ship does have some of the most gorgeous art i ve seen ,but ,nope, the pair itself is not my cup of tea) ,Jack is reserved only for Nisha in my universe,but ship who you ship!:) and i m happy to read that you enjoy the sketches i make no matter what the ship is :D that’s the way it should be in this universe!*thumbs up*

I do love to sketch jack and rhys as FRENEMIES ,but Rhys is soo difficult for me to get right ,while jack just..jumps right out of my pencil and like “HELLOOO LOOK AT ME ,BABY,IM THE KING!”

“I’ve seen how you look at me when you think I don’t notice.”

“Hmm? When?”

“Earlier, with Sara.”


“Feeling broody?”

“I….don’t think we should talk about then when we’ve both had wine.”

“I think it’s the perfect time to talk about it. You said before that wine makes us both far too honest. So, talk to me.”

“I…have been thinking a lot about it lately.”

“Do you think you’re ready for a family?”

“Are you?”

“This isn’t about me. Are you ready?”

“I think so. I think I might have been for a while.”


“I keep looking at you and…just seeing it.”

“Us with a family?”

“I think we’d have cute kids.”

“Boy or girl?”

“Both. One of each.”

“Two kids, I think we can manage that.”

“Until they start growing up and we start missing having a baby.”


“Want to start trying?”

“Right now.”

Okay so I have a lot of thoughts. Bear with me while I try to articulate this.

First thing’s first: I am, to some extent, an optimist. You should know that going into this.

Second. A lot of people blame the writers for Sam’s lack of agency and the attitude Dean takes towards it. But I do not nor have I ever seen it that way. This isn’t an accident. The writers aren’t like “whoops this guy has no agency, this guy takes advantage of that and evidently doesn’t know how to apologize, clumsy us.” These are deliberate choices. They are character traits, and they reflect their arcs, their stories, and their progression perfectly.

Look. Look at season one. Look at Sam as that kid who gets ripped around and remembers a childhood where he was at his father’s and brother’s whim and had no say in anything. Look at Dean as the bossy older brother who likes being in charge, who thinks he knows best and is rarely able to concede anything. I don’t know why people thought these traits disappeared, because they never did. People act surprised when they re-manifest.

The fact is, Sam’s entire life has been ruled by external forces. He’s been taught that virtually every independent decision he’s made is wrong. Dean’s entire life has been about control, and solitary leadership, and the appearance of such. Guys in charge don’t apologize. They do what Dean did in this latest episode–they justify their failures until they’re blue in the face, and, sure, they admit failure when they have to, but they sure don’t say sorry. Dean can claim Kevin’s death as his fault but he can’t say “sorry Sam, I let an angel possess you against your will.” No, he justifies.

See. I expect that from these characters. And now, back to me being an optimist. I also expect it to change.

First of all, recently we’re seeing a ton of arcs and parallels and calls to how Supernatural has treated Sam’s mistakes and Sam’s agency and Dean’s famous inability to let go and apologize where he needs to. Dean and Cas had their heart to heart about how they “just got played.” Now, the pessimist in me is seeing this once again as Dean and Cas getting off consequence free (or relatively consequence free) and Sam being left in damnation. But the optimist is hoping it’s an enlightenment, where they will understand how Sam’s life has been and how the consequences he continually faces are not fair and frankly terrible.

Gadreel’s arc is of course a parallel to Sam’s, and while I don’t know where it’s going to lead, one can only hope good places.

Sam throws the angel possessing him out of his body, proving how strong and powerful and ultimately in control of himself he is. Will this fix everything? Of course not. Sam has depression and low self-esteem and a fractured relationship with his brother to repair first. But it’s most definitely a start, a showing of “look, Sam owns that body.”

Dean’s inability to apologize is of course tied in to Sam’s agency, because as long as Dean refuses to admit what he did was wrong, then Sam really can’t claim full agency. As long as the idea exists that Dean can do whatever he wants as long as he feels it best, then Sam does not have agency in that relationship. Which is where the bridge scene comes into play. Sam was willing to talk if Dean stayed. If Dean had stopped, Sam would’ve told him that he wasn’t mad because of the reasons Dean feels guilty. He would’ve taught Dean to (for once) think beyond his own guilt and pain and face up to the consequences of his actions. Sam wants an apology. He wants a promise for Dean to trust him, to not lie to him (something Dean has always demanded of Sam, I should note). He wants to be equals. He wants to have as much agency in that relationship as Dean does. Sam is getting closer to ready to claim agency of himself and his body, and maybe, tentatively, ready to force the idea that others should accept his own personal agency as well. Because the supernatural has screwed with Sam plenty, but the one who has done the most damage–mentally, especially–is Dean.

And Dean asked “What’s that supposed to mean?” He walks away, so he doesn’t get an answer. He’s evidently not ready. But I hope the question sticks with him. I hope when they reunite (which we all know must happen), we won’t get a “woe is to Dean, sweep the consequences under the rug and let him show man-pain” once more. I hope we’ll get a conversation. I hope they’re reaching the point where Sam can say: this is my body. And I am your partner. Treat me like you want me to treat you.

Long story short: This is the longest, most grueling arc in Supernatural. And they’ve set it up where I could potentially see the start of a real resolution. And I’m optimistic enough to tentatively hope that that’s where they are steering this show.

"I'm so old. I used to have so much mercy."

You know you’ve been in fandom for a while when you keep seeing the same topics of discussion rolling around and around and around.  nonelvis and braindamageeclipse helped me make a list:

- Do multishippers exist?
- If so, is multishipping unethical and/or inherently immoral?
- Do your shipping preferences reflect your basic nature, ie, good or evil?
- Is nuance for liars?
- Should we warn for slash? (This one has evolved!  We used to be told to warn for slash to protect homophobes.  Now it’s to protect asexuals, who absolutely aren’t homophobic even when they are weirdly specifically concerned with policing only gay sexuality.)
- Do lesbians count?
- Are bisexuals like multishippers ie non-existent?
- Is the sexism in this media in fact highly progressive?
- Hey, did you notice this glaringly obvious thing in a text aimed at children?  Only real fans will notice it.  
- We want to ship the older woman/younger man, but they just have no chemistry.
- Why aren’t there more fanworks featuring women and people of colour and other marginalised identities?  
- We’ll get right onto creating those fanworks just as soon as we’re done with these white guys over here.
- That pasty white villain with greasy dark hair is totally into that pasty white hero with clean blond or light brown hair.  
- He’s not really a villain!  It’s not his fault!
- Oh, there’s a woman there, too.
- Well, we’ll try to ignore that.
- We want to ship the white man/woman of color, but they just have no chemistry.
- Are you allowed to ship it if it’s not canon?
- Are you allowed to ship it if it is canon?
- This text is terribly flawed, so we’re going to keep throwing money at it until the creators learn better.
- Yes, hello, you’ve reached the Society for the Protection of White Dudes.
- Hi! I ship two white dudes, so I’m basically queer!
- This text has really awesome ladies.  I love the way they turn up, demonstrate that they don’t buy into the patriarchy as much as those other, lesser women, and then step back and let the menfolk get on with things.
- That woman of colour is so strong and perfect on her own, it would be really wrong to ship her with the hero.
- That one, too.
- And her.
- Is it just us, or do these women of colour just not look right standing next to a white guy?  Best not to ship them, just in case.
- All cultures are basically American, right?
- I mean, they would be, because the American experience is universal.
- We want to ship the lesbian couple, but they just have no chemistry.
- Are lesbians allowed to ship m/m and m/f pairings?
- Are lesbians allowed AT ALL?
- Are only survivors allowed to ship pairings I personally find abusive, and how much of their childhood/relationship trauma are they required to reveal to me before I permit it?
- We need more focus on characters who aren’t young, conventionally attractive white dudes. Now here’s 18,353 reblogs in a row of Chrises Evans, Pine, Pratt and Hemsworth.
- If only mainstream media recognised that people of colour are as varied in their experiences and motivations as white people.  Hey, let’s cast Idris Elba as all the black guys.  NAILED IT.
- We want to ship the over-35 characters, but ewwwwwwwwww.
- Female character-centric stories: plain old everyday boring, or super-nasty eat-your-vegetables boring?
- $CHARACTER test proves this is the most feminist/progressive media ever, despite no women actually having roles of consequence at all.

BTS Reaction #11

BTS reacting to you being innocent, but dancing sexily to girl groups

Seokjin: *nervously watches you*

“W-what happened to my little jagi??”

*tries to stop, but keeps ogling you as you dance*

Originally posted by bts-gfx

Yoongi: *closely watches you as you dance*

“Do me a favor and be like this around me”

“Whatcha mean Yoongi?”

*sighs and pulls you close*

“Have you seen yourself?”

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Hoseok: *his mouth is hanging open in shock when he sees you dance*


“Yeah it is hehe, did you like it Hobi?”


Originally posted by iyeols

Namjoon: *gulps and stares you down like crazy like a creep while you dance*

“What’s wrong Joonie? Are you okay??”

*he acts all confident and stuff*

“Maybe we should go home so you can do that dance with just me…” cheeky lil shit

Originally posted by yoonkooks

Jimin: *focuses on the way you sway your hips while you dance*

“Jagi, what the hell are you doing to me?”

“Did you like it Jiminnie?”

“I’d prefer it if you acted like that with me outside of dancing” *smirks like crazy*

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Taehyung: *eyes you so hard that his gaze literally burns through you*

“God, she’s so beautiful…why can’t she be more like this??”

“What’d you say Tae?”


Originally posted by ky-ngsoo

Jungkook: *freezes in shock but is lowkey eyeing all of your moves and curves*

“Y/N, how about we make this dance a duet?”

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10 Things I Learned While Shadowing an Orthopedic Surgeon

I’ve spent a good chunk of my summer following a fantastic orthopedic surgeon in the clinic (the hospital wouldn’t approve me for the OR booo). It was so much fun, and I learned a ton, not just about orthopedics but the qualities that a good doctor should have. I’ve seen a lot of great things that I thought you guys would find it interesting!

I’m slowly being pulled into a torrent of a competitive specialty and I’m terrified, but sometimes you just can’t fight the feeling. I’m still keeping an open mind of course! But maybe I’m into it. 

My experience is just one of many, and will be different from yours and others. This is just my take, so I hope you enjoy! 

1. Everyone gets osteoarthritis. EVERYONE.

You’re going to get it. I’m going to get it. Everyone will get it. It just depends on when. It’s such a major cause of pain, and there isn’t too much that can be done for it once it gets bad enough, except to get brand new joints. But! If you use your body the way it’s suppose to by doing plenty of walking and getting those shoulders, hips and knees in the groove it supposedly keeps you from getting the pains that ache and never leave. 

2. Charisma is king in this specialty. 

I haven’t done rotations yet, and I’ve only shadowed so many doctors, but I have never seen patients who were once ornery and pissed for waiting for 2 hours to have some staples removed melt into mush babies as soon as the doctor starts talking to them. He relates to the patients so amazingly. He had the way. I learned a ton of tricks and for the few times I got to in on my own, I got to practice my own form of doctor charisma. And let me tell you guys. Learn to do it. 

3. Joint replacements are not for the youth. 

THEY ARE FOR OLDER FOLKS. People in their 70s and 80s. People who will most likely not need a revision in 20 years. Sometimes it for people who need nothing but comfort. But more and more people in their 60s, 50s and even 40s need them on the regular. Luckily, technology evolves and joint replacements are made of better material, stronger alloys, and last longer than replacements from even 10 years ago. But technology can’t change the original purpose at least not yet. 

4. Try somewhere else for pain meds. 

Many hospital systems do not allow orthopods to prescribe long term narcotics for pain. They can only give the good stuff (if you count terrible constipation as good) after surgery and for a few weeks afterwards. You actually have to get them from a primary care or pain management doc. 

5. There no middle ground for cortisol. You either REALLY want the shot or you REALLY don’t. 

There is a face that patients make who have never had a large shot before. They clench up, shoulders rise, their eyes widen and search for anyone else in the room for confirmation that this won’t be completely terrible. It’s no little baby needle either. Those who accept grin and bear it, hopefully to become a little more seasoned like those who are basically ready to stick themselves. No fear, not a flinch. They’re ready and they want that relief. Rarely ever is anyone indifferent, or so I’ve seen. 

6. If you think you break your finger/toe go get checked out right away!

This is more of a PSA but fingers and toes heal really quickly, so after ¾ weeks they can’t do much to fix those tootsies. I saw at least 4 people who’s poor fingers were forever shortened, or bent to a new odd direction that are now fated to be that way forever. So don’t end up like with with a mutant pinky, and take care of your digits. 

7. Always and forever behind on patients. 

At least in this clinic. Let me tell you, the PAs at this office were on point. But when you only schedule 5 to 10 minutes per patient what do you think would happen! Sometimes it was a quick in and out, but with charisma comes conversation and with conversation comes a need for time. Plus people usually have a lot a questions when it comes to pain or surgery, and sometimes certain causes of pain can be confusing (like the difference between hip and back pain). But that’s just the way, for everyone. 

8. Sometimes it takes someone outside a specialty to figure out what the problem is. 

There was more than once instance where the orthopedic surgeon figured out a long undiagnosed genetic disease, or found that back pain was really due to a neurological reason, and not a bulging disc. And there were other times where he would receive information from a patient’s cardiologist or primary care doc saying they found s source of pain that was orthopedic in nature. From that I learned even if you are the master of your specialty, you may not always have all the answers which is why it’s so important for medicine to be a team.

9. There may not be many female physicians but there are plenty of female medical professionals and staff in an ortho setting.

It’s very true that women are a small minority of orthopedic surgeons (14% of residents currently) but that’s something that’s starting to take a shift. But that doesn’t mean an orthopedic service just the boy’s club it’s made out to be. Many of the PAs, nurses, PTs, and Athletic trainers were amazing, intelligent and talented women who were insanely important to the entire entity that is orthopedic medicine. And they were awesome and I can only hope to be as great as they are one day.

10. Orthopedics is good mix of consistent patient care and awesome surgery! 

I didn’t know very much about orthopedics until the summer before I started medical school. I had a good idea of what happened in a surgical setting and being as much of a people-person as I am, I wondered if that part of surgery would deter me. Turns out, orthopedics does a pretty good job of blending nonsurgical, (somewhat) long-term care with in-depth and (sometimes) complex procedures. I would say its a good blend of both worlds, and I guess I’m into that even if it scares me. 

Not all of this applies totally and wholly to the specialty orthopedic surgery, but I think it gives a pretty good representation of different types of medicines. Even if ortho doesn’t interested you, you’ve got to admit. It’s pretty cool.  

14. “If my parents knew what I was doing, they’d kill me.”

Your parents had always been very protective of you. I mean, you knew how take care of yourself, you were an agent but they still treated you like a baby sometimes. You were visiting your parents after not having seen them for a while. Unfortunately, they did not know you were seeing Loki but you knew they wouldn’t be happy.

"If my parents knew what I was doing, they’d kill me,” you say. You were currently sat on the roof of your house, cuddling with Loki while watching the stars. 

He smiles slightly, “I know, love but they should be happy for you. You have found someone that treasures you, someone that loves you, someone that changed because of you.”

You sigh, “I know but it’s a little more complicated. They still treat me like a child that can’t make her own choice, I don’t know how to tell them.”

He kisses the top of your head, “The truth will come out eventually, just make sure your ready for when it does.” You sigh, knowing he was right.

yo i’m grace and i made this banner in like literally 2mins i’m so sorry. this has been something i’ve been wanting to do for a while now since i have cerebral palsy and i literally have no physically disabled friends to talk to sO here we are! i feel like there will be other people who feel the same as me and need a safe place to rant and make friends so yeah 

(ps this is only for physically disabled peeps as i have not seen a network for us yet please don’t tell me i’m a bad person for not including people)

  • cards against humanity + group chats
  • selfie and post reblogs
  • support from fellow disabled peeps
  • rant about pain/doctors/school/ect without judgement and with people who get u 
  • i promise i’m gonna work really hard to up keep this we’re gonna be a big supportive family okay? okay
  • must have a physical disability  (this can apply to any physical impairment/syndrome/illness/ect. if u are unsure if you fit into this category message me but u probably do)
  • must blog about bands (the banner only has twenty one pilots but this is for band people in general) 
  • reblog this + fill out the form + mbf
  • once you get in (everyone who applies will get in) follow all members and track the disabledpunknet tag
  • i will release members/info by the end of this month (31st July)

track the tag #disabledpunknet for updates thank you!!

  • <p> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b>Me:</b> I should be writing<p/><b>Brain:</b> Ok yeah your right but first you should look up this video you have already seen a million times<p/><b>Me:</b> Oh yeah good idea *watches video* ok done time to write<p/><b>Brain:</b> Yeah, you could, but look someone just followed you<p/><b>Me:</b> Really!? Oh look they did that's cool. Ok, now I write<p/><b>Brain:</b> Sure sure, we'll do that but while you're here you should just check your tumblr for a minute see what's going on<p/><b>Me:</b> Ok ok<p/><b>Me:</b> ...<p/><b>Me:</b> <p/><b>Me:</b> You really don't want me to write right now do you<p/><b>Brain:</b> Not particularly, no :)<p/></p><p/></p><p/></p>

You and Tate had been watching movies all evening and you were both having a good time as it had been a while since you had spent any time together. “I’m glad we decided to do this. It’s been a while since we have seen each other”, he says. You smile, “I know what you mean. I missed me best friend”. Tate blushed, moving head head so that you didn’t notice the effect you had on him, “We should do this more often”. You smile, “We definitely should”. You both continued to watch the film, hiding your feeling for each other. Why did it have to be so hard being in love with your best friend.

Requested By: Anonymous

27. “Please shut up. I can’t stand how appealing your voice is.”

28. “Shut up. Just shut up.”

with Eric

“Shut up. Just shut up.” You repeat to Eric after he complains for the third time in a short while, “It wasn’t my fault okay?”

You had been outside on a mission together, on your way back to dauntless someone had attacked you and thanks to that you had missed your train. He really had the nerve to complain to you for getting assaulted by someone, like that was something you should have expected before it actually happened.

“Didn’t you see the guy coming?” He states annoyed while crossing his arms, leaning against a pillar.

“No Eric I did not or else I wouldn’t have let him hit me. Thanks for saving me by the way if you had seen him all along why didn’t you do something earlier.”

“I just thought you’d be useful for once and actually handle it on your own.”

“Well I did in the end didn’t I?”

“Yes very gracefully.” He snorts and shakes his head.

“Please shut up. I can’t stand how appealing your voice is.” You looked confused after you said it because you actually didn’t want to say that out loud. It was just a thought that had been in your head since he started to complain.

“What?” He asks.

“What?” You repeat, hoping he didn’t hear you the first time.

He grins and comes closer, kissing you roughly until you moan and open your mouth a little so he can slip his tongue inside.

Go away.

Part 2 since people seemed to enjoy part one. Thank you. <3 </p>

(D/n) = Diva’s name.

(E/c) = Eye color.

(H/c) = Hair Color

 Part One

Part 3

Sorry I forgot to put what those mean in the last chapter.

You stormed out of the ring. How dare him! Spanking you and still grabbing you from your hair…and he was still laughing at it!

“He’s an idiot…” You said angry as you walked out. So there you were in another city waiting for the matches to start, you were calmly and happily eating your favorite snack while scrolling down your phone. Your smile worn off as soon as you felt someone’s presence. You turn to look and saw Jon. Your expression went from happy to annoyed, the minute you frowned he smiled.

“Never seen anyone so happy to see me.” He said and you rolled your eyes.

“What do you want? Have you come to apologize?”

“Apologize for what? If anybody should be apologizing it’s you princess.”

“Why me? You deserved that slap; the way you talk to me and spank me was unacceptable.” You explain getting madder. He smiled and got closer to you.

“Oh come on doll face, you can’t pretend you didn’t like it. You look like one of the few girls that can handle Mox. Oh he would love to take you from behind while you beg for him to go harder.” He said and you cringe.

“God you’re disgusting get away from me.” You scoff and began to walk away while he chuckled and looked at you.

“You’ll come crawling on your knees for me princess just you wait and see!” He yelled and snorted. You rolled your eyes and put your earphones on ignoring his stupid comments. What a disgusting man, he’s awful! How does he still have the courage to come and tell you that after what he did? Ridiculous. The event was going to take place outside so you just decided to head to a nearby tree and sat under it. You put your earphones on and closed your eyes trying to relax until one ear bud was removed from your ear. You turned to look at who it was and saw Mox again. He put your ear bud in his ear; he turned to look at you with a smile.

“(Artist Name), huh? (He/She’s) okay, I haven’t heard them that much but I’ve heard enough to say that their music is okay.” He said with a cocky smiled. Your annoyed face came up again and you let out a sigh taking your ear bud again.

“What is up with you? Why are you following me?” You asked putting your phone away.

“I’m attracted to you.” He said and your eyes widen a bit. You got a bit red but hid it.

“So? Just because you’re attracted to me doesn’t mean you can keep bothering me. Why don’t you go bother someone else?”

“Because you’re my crush, and when someone has a crush all they want to do is spend their entire time with them.”

“Uh huh, right but look the problem here is that I feel a different way for you…you see…” You said and brought him closer to you by picking his shirt and pulling him to you.

“Yes?” He asked lost in you (E/c) eyes.

“I’m not attracted to you, you’re disgusting and rude, and you have no respected to women what so ever, and besides that you’re annoying. You think you’re all that when you’ve been slapped by a girl twice so I would really appreciate if you just go away and leave me alone until you have apologized and change that nasty attitude of yours.” You said and pushed him back while turning your head away from his sight. He bit his lower lip, you were perfect for him. He just wanted to grab you and kiss you and just fuck you right there at that time. He smirked and turned you to face him.

“I can’t change my ‘nasty’ attitude. That’s just who I am, but don’t worry. You’ll learn how to love me later. Just you wait; I’ll never stop bothering you until you say yes to at least one make out session with me.” He said with a light chuckled and caressed your chin. You slapped his arm away and looked away again.

“Go away.”

He chuckled and grabbed your hand giving it a light kiss. You blushed and quickly took your hand away from him. He chuckled and tried to get your attention but you would ignore him. He gave a sigh and gave up standing up leaving.

“I’m not giving up on you princess. No yet…not ever…” He said and left with a smile on his face. You rolled your eyes and smiled a bit. You then saw him leave and let out a sigh in relief smiling.

“He’s such an idiot. You’re crazy Mox.” You said smiling chuckling a bit. You smiled; wait you can’t smiled at this idiot, why is he making you smile?! You freaked out and looked down. You couldn’t possibly like this guy could you? No way. You shook your head and scoff,

“No way.” You said and looked at him from far away smiling a bit. “If only you could change Moxley, if only.” You said as you put your earbuds on and listen to music.

“This is going to be hard…how am I going to take her on a date if she keeps ignoring me and rejecting me? Should I just change? No I can’t, that’s my attitude like I said. It’s who I am… maybe being a little respectful to women can change the way she looks at me…just maybe…” He said to himself as he turned and saw a girl’s lipstick had fallen. He picked it up and looked at her.

‘This is you time to practice.’ He told himself and handed her the lipstick.

“You dropped this.” He said and the girl gulp, she looked at him and smiled nervously.  

“I-its okay you can keep it.” She said and began speed walking away. He looked at her with a confuse look.

“What the hell am I supposed to do with this?” He asked and looked at the lipstick. He sighed and shook his head throwing the lip stick on the floor. How in the world is he going to get your attention when every girl is scared of him? He looked at you from far and noticed you were looking at him. You saw him turned and quickly turned away. Did he see? Did he notice you starring? Yeah he did, he smiled at it and walked away. The match was starting and yours was obviously the first one. You were going to end this once and for all. Christina needs to know her place but you didn’t show her, you lost. You were all bloody from your forehead and had some deep cuts on your arms. You still stood up all bloody and angry, Jon found this hot. Well he found anything you did hot so…

“You think you can beat me? Look at yourself women; don’t embarrass yourself with the idea that you’re going to beat me.” Christina taunted and smirk throwing the microphone down and turning around. That moment you took the little power you had left and grabbed her by the hair pulling her to the ring floor and getting on top of her punching and slapping her until the referee separated you two.

“Don’t ever doubt me Christina.” You said as she walked away from the ring scared. You got out of the ring hurt badly. You went backstage and sat in a chair holding your arm in pain. The wounds were deep. You then saw Jon walking up to you with a smile; he was carrying a first aid kit. You looked at him as he grabbed a chair and sat next to you.  He opened the kit and took out some alcohol and put it on the cotton.  He grabbed your arm and started cleaning the blood off. You hissed a bit and he looked at you smiling a bit.

“Don’t worry hot stuff you’ll be good to go after this.” He said and once he removed all the blood he started putting bandages on the cuts. He was on his last cut and you just started laughing. He looked at you confuse and asked what was so funny.

“You taking care of my injuries is funny. It just doesn’t suit you.” You said with a laugh and his face went from smiling to a frown. He dropped everything and looked at you standing up.

“This is why I am the way I am, because when I try to be nice people just laugh or get scared. You can take care of your own injuries.” He said and kicked the chair. “Last time I’ll ever try to do something nice…” He mumbled angrily and walked away. You pouted and looked at him; you didn’t mean it in a bad way but rather in a nice one.  You sighed and shook your head putting the last bandage on your cut and put everything away. That when you realize that Jon could be nice when he wanted to he just had to show it more often. He’s super cute when he’s nice, it made you smile.

My advanced english class
  • Random Boy: *pointing at his best friend while looking at me* Do you know that feel when you really want to slap someone but you can't...
  • Me: ...because that would be animal abuse?
  • Random Boy: Oh. My. God.
  • *whole room gets silent*
  • Teacher: *bursts into laughing*

plxsmashadow  asked:

Star Trek AUs? tbh I'm looking towards crack and/or angst

(Hello there trekkie! :D I grew up with star trek so this should be interesting)

  • I was playing in the holodeck and broke it oh shit
  • i swore my phaser was set on kill but apparently it was on stun and now this alien’s super pissed RUN
  • oh shit i think i typed in the wrong destination for the teleporter where did you go?
  • i’m the pilot and you’re the head engineer and you always yell at me because i push the warp core too hard and it’ll break one day
  • the borg have captured you
  • i always have to go fixing the ship after battles and one day i find this super weird thing in one of the access ports
  • You’re the reckless red shirt and i’m the doctor and you’re the reason people always say the red shirts are gonna die i swear to god

Here you are! goodness, it’s been a while since i’ve seen star trek to be honest i should do that again :)