WELL MY DUDES. I never thought I would reach this milestone when I started up this blog now, what, 4 years ago? I am very grateful for each one of you and the input you give me in tags/asks/replies, I am truly TRULY grateful and I hope to be here for another while entertaining you guys with silly draws and sillier jokes. :’) 


simple - woozi

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I saw a question that someone asked a friend artist.. and I just have to say.

Don’t put yourselves down because you think “skilled, better artists” wont speak to you because you think your art isn’t good enough. Talent doesn’t make the artist decide on who they should communicate with! Personality does! We all know you try your very best, heck we were all there once too!!

Artists talents come in many different shapes and forms; if you try your very hardest and don’t give up that’s all that should really matter. We all appreciate you for your effort, don’t give up! Soon enough you’ll have someone looking to you the same way you look up to that particular artist.


There is a bit of a tough love that I’ve had to learn myself. You can’t entirely depend on someone else to help you with your art, you have to be pleased with it yourself. Sad to say but you won’t appreciate your art as much, because not everyone would like it, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t. Just don’t give up! Keep trying until you get it just right. Everyone draws/creates differently. Being fully depending on others opinions can grow tiresome and hurt overtime. If you really need it, ask someone you trust. (The outcome of their help should be more fulfilling.) People you ask should give helpful criticism, but don’t be upset if they correct it, after all you did ask for it. They aren’t putting you down (even if it comes off that way) they are or should be giving you helpful hints on how to adjust your art/creations if you are struggling to do it alone. You have to find your talent yourself, that is what makes you unique. Never be afraid to ask for help, someone out there will be willing to give you a hand.

Don’t give up.
Believe in yourself.
I believe in you, you can do it, you are all aspiring artists looking to find where you fit in with the world.~

how to thank you!?

so i not long ago hit 5k and im so shocked and grateful like i never thought this would happen

i want to do something for all of y’all as a thank u bc i love you guys soso much and im so blessed u follow me, i wanna give something back! im open to any suggestions of what u want me to do, could b blog rates, mini fics, a follow forever, some kind of ask game, honestly anything! lemmie kno what u think i should do~

“I need a life coach, scrap that, I just need someone to tell me what to do with my life. Yeah, that’d be great,” Sienna muttered to herself as she looked at the papers strewn across the large coffee shop table. She shifted through them, oblivious to the many people needing seats, and the few glaring at her as her belongings took up more than their fair share of space.

“Hey, it’s okay not to like yourself. I don’t think there is anyone who genuinely does.

But I do hope that you will love yourself. Because when you love something, you accept all of them, their imperfections and their wonderments… You are who you are and that’s special.”

i’m getting the keys to my apartment tomorrow?? i’m actually moving out to live on my own?? it’s still february and i’m already achieving one of my main goals for 2017?? i cannot believe, who is this, it can’t be me??

why you should appreciate soonchan

first of all, i see a lot of chansol, soonseok etc. shippers but!!!! let me tell you why soonchan should be noticed:

  • they’re extremely cute together
  • chan hugs soonyoung like… all the time when he’s next to him
  • chan always talks about soonyoung that he’s the best hyung etc.
  • they’re both great and creative dancers
  • they can’t stop smiling when they look at each other!!!!
  • they were on a date in a cafe bYE
  • they do heart together on fansigns,,a lot
  • soonyoung helps chan with things (for example mic during their reality show)
  • “you know i love you” that’s what chan said on one fine day while talking about soonyoung!!!
  • they sent hearts to each other
  • they hugged on scene and chan was smiling so bright helP me
  • during andromeda chan’s face was so close to soonyoung’s 
  • chan hugged soonyoung during andromeda, because he said soon is his favourite hyung
  •  soonyoung was lying on chan 
  •  chan did the “10:10″ thing and soonyoung did dinosaur thing 
  •  they shared food 
  •  that predebut video where soonyoung is playing with chan 
  • soonyoung feeds chan like,, a lot (v app etc) 

stan soonchan my friends, stan talent

My Mexican

for @fantasysci5

Faraday gets jealous. (Established relationship with some light period typical racism and homophobia.) 

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Newb Guide pt1: Getting Started

I figure a bunch of people are probably still joining and you should learn from my mistakes. SO! In this we’re gonna go over villagers and the best way to use them your first few days. The siege is over for the most part so things are different for you than they were for us.

Step 0: Set up your account.

Step 1: Create your first villager. Take your time and look through all the options. The art is BEAUTIFUL and you should definitely appreciate it. Pick one you will like because you can’t change it. You can abandon them and make a new one immediately but idky you’d do that. You CAN change their gender/marker/name whenever you want as far as I know so if you change your mind and want them to be a demi-boy later instead of a andronys or whatever else your heart desires you can!

Step 1.5: Do not buy anything for this first guide unless I put it in here. You will not need anything until later and you can work on other classes.

Step 2: You’re gonna be taken to a screen that looks like this

these are the careers. Oh look you can be a tailor I wanna be a tailor xazz-


You do not want to be a tailor. You want to be an explorer. That is the only way to get started. Your first villager absolutely MUST be an explorer to get started. Your villagers can have a total of FOUR different careers and can change those careers once a day.

Do NOT pick warrior right now. Warriors are currently broken and aren’t super useful. Also the more warriors the more likely the towns are going to be under siege because of how the game calculates if the town is defended. For now it is best if you have ZERO WARRIORS. 

You can be warrior or a doctor or tailor later. For now pick explorer.

Step 3: You start off with 500 FC and one villager slow. Use that FC and buy the next slot. The first slot is exactly 500 FC. You will make more, trust me. Make your second villager, make them an explorer as well. Gather on both of those villagers.

Step 3.5: Right now while the towns are no longer under attack you will get 20 gathers PER villager an HOUR. You get 50 gathers an hour total so you only need 2 explorers to get the most out of hourly gathering without losing gathering turns.

Step 4: Grind for a few hours to get materials. Sell all of the materials you get that are not rare/super rare. Trust me you will have more than enough of the common/uncommon ones.

Step 5: Once you get 1.5k (which should not take too long with 40 gathers an hour) buy your third villager slot. Now things will be slowing down some. Make your 3rd villager and pick their first career to be herbalist. If you have no seeds just wait an hour to gather to get some.

Step 6: On your herbalist plant your field full of the same type of plant. Herbology works on a percentage per plant species and you will fail several times. A full field and a row is usually enough to reach 100% on the seed. Also use common seeds first, it will let you get through the easy ones first and give your explorers time to gather uncommon/rare seeds. 

Step 6.5: Common seeds take 30 minutes to grow. Uncommons take an hour, rares 2 hours and I think super rares are 4 hours?

Step 7: Continue planting and exploring and gathering money. You should not have to sell things from your inventory at this time. You should just be focused on amassing as much stuff as possible. The more you gather the more stuff your explorers will come back with and they will come back with rarer things as well. Do not buy or sell anything and if your villagers become sick use the free clinic to cure them. YOUR VILLAGER CAN ONLY HAVE ONE DISEASE AT A TIME AND THEY DO NOT STACK.

Step 8: So now you have a lot of stuff and probably a lot of money. Or at least some money. Once you have 5k (easier if selling from your inventory but this game is a long play) buy your forth (and so far last) FC villager slot. You can now chose between a construction worker, or a doctor. They can also be duel purpose if you want. Personally I would go construction worker.

Step 9a: If you chose a construction worker, if you have enough wood (150) BUILD A NEW HOUSE. It takes 5 hours and like 500 FC. After 5 hours you can immediately open up villager slot 5 with NO COST. Construction workers are also good because they can make your herbalist new pots from 10 wood, which speeds up plant mastery and thus you can grow more plants and help your doctor sooner. YOUR FIFTH VILLAGER SHOULD BE YOUR DOCTOR.

Step 9b: If you chose a doctor then go to the village clinic and buy all the remedies and a couple of bottles. You will never have to buy the recipes again for that villager. Now see what you can make and just start crafting whatever you can. Potency starts low but you gain 5% potency each time you craft it. Unlike the herbalist there is no chance of failure to get the 5%. Once it is crafted it automatically gains 5% potency. Your herbalist should have enough stock to let you brew enough remedies by now. Your doctor is critical to keeping your pets healthy and able to gather and farm at top quantity because you get only one free clinic visit a day. This is especially important once you get into fighting.

At some point one of your villagers, I would suggest one of your explorers, needs to switch to construction so they can build a house for you. Then that villager can take the place of the explorer you just lost by making it construction for the day. You can chose to change it back later but right now that isn’t important. It IS important to keep seed flow coming in and making sure your herbalist is harvesting what he/she/they can.

Step 10: That’s it for the start up and as far as I’ve gotten. I have my own 5 villagers and this is the better way I would do it than what I have already. I know people are struggling and amazed I have 5 as it is; this is how I did it. 

don’t be angry at gillian for saying there wont be a season 11. be angry at chris carter for ending season 10 on a cliffhanger with no regard for the possibility that there wouldn’t be more. he’s an absolute disgrace of a creator, writer, and showrunner. if anyone at all is to blame, it’s him. gillian is just being honest with us which we should all appreciate. if you want to be mad at someone, be mad at chris carter.