people who are acturally happy about this ending shows that they really did not care about the characters.  Ichigo had so much pride in being a shinigami. Like we spent an entire arc about how Ichigo is sad about  how he lost his powers and him being depressed without them. so you’re telling me that you’re ok with Ichigo all of a sudden having nothing to do with the soul society and he is happy about it? Ichigo’s poem in Vol. 49 was about how he can’t keep up the speed of the world without Rukia but now he is totally fine not seeing her often? Ichigo literally turned into an ooc trophy husband.

Uyuu literally got treated the worst, not only did Kubo make into a doctor when he has shown he does not want to be one, kubo left him lonely away from the nakama.  I mean all we see of him in the color page is the back of his head! Not to mention my poor baby Chad, who is a pacifist, is all of a sudden a boxing star?  Do people not understand how ooc this is? 

Rukia is being written as a bad parent for forgetting her child when she herself was abandoned as a child. The Rukia we know would NEVER forget her child! I mean even orihime had goals in her life but she ended up being just a housewife.

So if you’re telling me that you care about the characters and that you like this ending then i’m calling BS.