“Because every time you see them happy, you remember how sad they’re going to be, and it breaks your heart. Because what’s the point in them being happy now, if they’re going to be sad later? The answer is of course, because they are going to be sad later.”

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Dai, Nobu & Tatsuki Q&A from the Kansai Univ. honor ceremony

I’m retranslating this from a Chinese fan blog; sorry if there are any mistakes! Thanks to the original translator~

Q: If you weren’t a skater, what job would you want to have?
Dai: Architect, makeup artist, dancer, lots of other things…
Nobu: Civil servant. Because it’s stable.
Tatsuki: A doctor.

Q: What you want right now is…?
Nobu: A house, for my family…
Tatsuki: [Academic] credits. This month was really busy, sometimes I had to take a plane from Tokyo to go to school.
Dai: A [romantic] partner, I haven’t had one for years…sleeping alone at night is so lonely.

Q: Favorite song?
Dai: ONE OK ROCK, TVXQ. I like gloomy songs.
Nobu: Yesterday I went to see a Fukuyama Masaharu concert. At karaoke I often sing Remioromen and Ketsumeishi.

Q: How will you spend the holidays?
Nobu: See movies with my family.
Tatsuki: Don’t want to see people during the holidays, I’ll mostly stay home.
Dai: I don’t like staying home during the holidays, I’ll probably hang around in Umeda. Or Chayamachi or Grand Front.

Q: What animal would you compare yourself to?
Nobu: A monkey or gorilla.
Tatsuki: A cat.
Dai: People always say I’m like a dog, I don’t know why. Maybe because I can never stop moving.
Nobu: So cute~
Dai: Thanks (lol)

Do you like any of the school’s cafeteria food?
Tatsuki: (with a very serious expression) Regarding the cafeteria, I’d like to suggest something. Because I’m not the same age as the other students, I always study and eat alone and go home alone. But the cafeteria only has tables with 4-5 seats, it’s hard for students to sit alone. I’d like for there to be some tables for one person.

/{ Closed; thedoctorintheflesh }\ [

He flailed about since it kind of took him by surprise. He knew that he really shouldn’t give into the kiss; he knew how territorial and protective he could be with those he cared about. He pulled away at the first chance.

“I… I really shouldn’t… you know how I can be… he’ll be cross if anything happened…” he trailed off, obviously flustered, “you do know that I could lose cohesion with the right frequency… he is quite able to actually kill me and make sure I don’t come back a second time.”

“Doctor, I thoroughly believe if I spoke to him and made a compromise he would have no issue. You and he are the same, no matter what you are made of. I love both of you equally, and nothing can change that.” She knew it would be awkward, but River wanted to work it out. The Doctor couldn’t always be with her, but he could. “Would you like to stay with me, sweetie? You know yourself, which means you know how he could never bring himself to stay with me for long periods of time. But you would be able to.”

Ever wonder what would have happened if Rose didn't go with the Doctor?

Okay, so has anyone else read the Ninth Doctor comic “The Cruel Sea?” If you haven’t, I highly suggest you do. This comic has one of those stories that I wish we had been able to see as an episode, mainly because it shows us so much of The Doctor and Rose’s relationship. I won’t go into super detail, but there’s this one part where it shows Rose not going with the Doctor and gets married to Mickey, who she later divorces. The Doctor comes again to see Rose as a single parent, and we begin to see just how lonely and desperate the Doctor has become.

He comes back again and reveals that he has now numbered his companions.

And then finally, we see that the Doctor has reached pretty much a Time Lord Victorious state and Rose is having none of it.

But besides that, the comic delves into the matter of trust between the Doctor and Rose and gives us these lovely panels:

I swear sometimes the comics and novels are more shippy than the show at times and it’s just wonderful.