KageHina Reminder

I’ll never get over the fact that first season opening gives us Hinata’s “tall, tall wall” speech

and you see all the other Karasuno members joining him on the court and it’s a really great emotional moment with the musical cues and everything

and then the second season comes rolling around and we get the same speech music and all and it’s so incredibly hearbreaking because of the flashback so emotional

but this time when we zoom in on the Karasuno gym court…

it’s just Kageyama.


Just. Kageyama.

illuminated by the fucking sun and everything like he’s a fucking angel or something wtf


Priorities, anyone??

Robin’s TEAppreciation Happyfest & call for prompts

So, in case you didn’t see my earlier post, I’m reposting it with a bit more detail.  Somehow or another, I won six - holycrapsix - TEAs this year.  This is only my second year in the Rumbelle/OUAT fandom, and I am so honored that I can barely speak.    So, first off, THANK YOU SO MUCH to everyone who voted for me and the following stories!  

This is No Game won Best Book AU!
Original Powers won Best Drama
Ruins of Camelot won Best AU!OUAT and Best Season Rewrite
Danns’ a’Bhàis (from OP and ROC) won Best OC

…and I got Best Author?  Seriously, you guys are SO great!  I’m going to be doing some one shots to celebrate this, so if you have ideas/requests, send them my way!  This is what I plan:

  • 2 ROC-universe one shots to celebrate the 2 TEAs it won
  • 1 OP-universe one shot (that’ll be a challenge for me, but I think I can do it)
  • 1 Danns’-centric something from either universe
  • 1 Thingy one shot or future event, as chosen by you.  (I’ll also have the next chapter of that up soon).

Also, because I love AUs and I won Best Author (still shocked!), I’ll be finishing off the next part of “A Softer Touch” soon and posting that.

If I get too many ideas, I’ll put them up to a vote for ya’ll to choose from.

I’ll take prompts for the next week, so 13-21 February.  Then, if needed, I’ll put them up to a vote

anonymous asked:

hi cess, i'm a new arashi fan and i'm just wondering how i join a livejournal community to watch subbed shows? i've never used livejournal before so i'm very confused on what i need to do to get added to a community :\

Hello and welcome to hell the fandom no way out

Hi! Okay, my advice is that if you’ve just created new account on LJ, you have to accumulate a certain number of comments and posts before most of the subbing comms allow you to join them. But make sure you’re not just spamming because that’s a dick move so don’t do that. lol. Not all of them requires this but most do.

You can find most of the active subbing comms in arashi_on which is a public comm that you can join by just clicking the “join community” button on the top left side of the page. Start from there and I’m sure you’ll find your way around. The most common thing to do before being able to join a moderated comm is to read their rules thoroughly and FOLLOW THEM. As long as you meet their requirements which is indicated in their introduction post, you’re good to go. After doing what they’ve asked you, click the join button then wait for them to accept you. :) If you’re looking for old subbed videos, it’ll be quite hard because most of them are either aren’t accepting new members / closed / have dead links already. But yeah, basically this is just what you’ll do before joining.

So I suggest, go make Arashi-related posts on your personal journal. Comment on the things you can comment to. Do not spam. arashi_on. Find comms. Apply. Enjoy. :) 

I can’t really give you comm names because as I’ve said, rules, but I’m sure you’ll get to them soon. Hope this helped a little bit. ^_^


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