Dear white people. Wow. Y'all really trying it. I get that being reduced to a race-based generalization is a new and devastating experience for some of you, but here’s the difference. My jokes don’t incarcerate your youth at alarming rates, or make it unsafe for you to walk around your own neighborhoods. But yours do. […] You don’t get to show up in a halloween costume version of us and claim irony or ignorance. Not anymore.


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Buttons and Sprinkles

Our cleric bought a donkey and cart, and named the donkey Sprinkles. Some days later, our ranger killed a deer, and our rogue discovered two fawns, killing one. The cleric adopted the other, naming it Buttons. After accusing him of wanting Buttons turned into a human for horrendous reasons, he began asking instead if Buttons - who, to clarify, was barely old enough to walk - could be fitted with armor and (eventually) used for a mount.

Party: “Buttons is a baby! Why not Sprinkles!?”

Cleric: *as if all of us were stupid* “Sprinkles is a donkey.

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Thank you for remembering Kinoshita and Narita in your karasuno art!!!

thank you for noticing them!!!