garrus: you. looked. smokin’. in that dress shepard. 
me: oh, vakarian, do go on! ;)
garrus: you got some looks…
me: oh?? ;D
garrus: so did i,
me: aaaah you’re sassing me, of course, you cheeky, smug bast–
garrus: though the ones directed at me said, “how did a turian like that get a girl like her?” …hell if i know.
me: oh. [wipes tear] oh, you sweet, precious man, i do not deserve you.

Welcome to the sinister circus: Jungkook

The sounds of rain hitting the cobblestone streets, footsteps running on the wet pavement and heavy panting were heard through the quiet, early evening streets as a young person ran down it heading in the direction of people chattering and laughing. The young figure, a boy who looked no older than 16, stopped behind a crowd of people standing in line to get into a beautiful multicolored tent decorated with wonderful lights and the figure tried to look over the people then began to push through to the front of the line. Fancily dressed men and women sneered at the young person who was dressed in drags compared to them, but the figure ignored their looks and continued on. The young boy stood behind a family with children around his age and tried to blend in as the people begin to enter the tent and go to their seats. The young boy stayed the back of the tent so he didn’t draw attention to himself and he jumped as the music starts. The young boy watched in awe at the majestic sight that was the performance in front of him and his eyes widen seeing how much people were enjoying themselves despite the fact of the horrors that were going on in the ring. After what seemed like an eternity, but what was really 2 hours, the show ended and everyone began to leave. The young boy waited until after all of the patrons left the tent before he moved up to where the rings were and he saw a light from the back of the tent. The figure went back toward the light and he found himself in a sort of a dressing room. His breathe hitched hearing gravel crunch underneath boots which were walking toward where he was and he hid behind a credenza holding his breathe so he wasn’t noticed. The figure stopped at the vanity then grabbed something and the young boy jumped from hiding when a dart almost hit him in the arm.

“What the hell was that for!? Were you trying to kill me?!” the boy yelled and looked to see a man standing there with a blank face.

“well, a certain bug should learn not to creep where they are not wanted,” the man said and sat down on the vanity chair while crossing his long legs over each other, “now, what can I do for you young man?”

“I wish to join your circus,” the boy said with pleading eyes.

“Sorry kid, but we aren’t taking in anyone right now,” The man said and turned around to begin to take off the make-up he was wearing.

“PLEASE, YOU HAVE TO LET ME STAY! I CAN’T GO BACK TO THAT PLACE! PLEASE, I WILL DO ANYTHING!” the boy yelled again and he flinched seeing the look he was given by the figure at the vanity.

“Anything huh? Are you willing to give up the one thing that is most precious to you?” the man said putting down the wet cloth.

“W-what do you mean?” the young boy stuttered and saw the man turn back around to face him then get up and walked over to him. The man grabbed his chin and held it firmly in his hand while a smirk comes onto his face.

“your sanity~” the man said and got even closer to the younger’s face then began to laughing the boy’s eyes widen and feeling him shake, “hahahahaha, you are so cute~! I’m sure you will fit in perfectly with the others~!”

The boy is shocked at the sudden change from the man and he watched as the man walked out then followed when he is motioned to. They walked in silence as the man lead the boy to a small trailer where he knocked on the door then a man walked out in just a pair of pants, a white wife beater, a pair of black boots, a whip on his hips and a cigarette in his mouth.

“What do you want Seokjin? I thought I wouldn’t have to see you until later,” the new man said and looked at the young boy behind the other man, now known as Seokjin.

“This young man wants to join our “family” Namjoon. I figured we could use some more help for the show,” Seokjin said and smirked seeing the other walk over to the boy to give him a once-over.

“Alright, bunk him with Jimin until we can get him his own place, but remind the other that he is not to be touched,” Namjoon said and began to walk back into his trailer then stopped, “and I mean it this time Seokjin.”

“Understood sir. Come on kid, let’s get you to your new “home”,” the other male said and walked over to another trailer that is slightly moving and shaking then he knocked, “Jiminnie, make yourself descent~! You have a guest~!”

The shaking stopped and a bit later a man with a mask on walked out then another male walked to the door while he leaned against it. The male leaning against the door frame was just wearing a robe that was slightly open and the young boy could see marks littering all over the other male’s skin.

“Seokjinnie hyung, why do you always have to ruin my fun~?” the male said and he finally took notice of the young boy next to the elder, “OH, and who do we have here~?”

The boy moved back a bit when he saw the male trying to get closer and the shorter male chuckled while going back to his trailer.

“This is our newest addition Jiminnie. Namjoon and I need him to bunk with you until we can get him his own trailer,” Seokjin said and pushed the boy to the other, Jimin, who welcomed him into his arms, “also, I was told to tell you not to touch him in THAT way.”

“Namjoon hyung is no fun at all anymore,” Jimin pouted and he looked at the boy who was very confused, “what is your name cutie~?”

“J-Jeon Jungkook,” the boy shyly said and he was brought into a trailer.

‘Jeon Jungkook….oh, how lovely that name is~’ a figure thought and walked away with a giant smirk on their face.

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Prompt: “I can’t describe you and it makes me mad.”

Character: Matt Murdock

Warning: Angst

“Mattie?” You unlocked the door to Matt’s apartment, expecting him to call out to you or be there in the main area, but it was silent. You gently closed the door behind you, walking your way into the apartment, the large windows provided an amazing amount of light during the day, and you quite liked Matt’s apartment it was simplistic, and neat, and he had amazing bed covers.  

The silence was almost eerie, and then it was sad when you found yourself standing in the doorway to his bedroom, Matt curled around a pillow staring blankly in your direction.

You walked forward, kneeling down besides his bed, a hand reaching out to brush away strands of hair from his forehead gently. He looked so sad…he looked so fragile it broke your heart. 

“Matt? Are you okay?” He didn’t speak, merely shook his head. He wasn’t okay, Matt Murdock was angry, and frustrated, and sad…and he hurt and not in the usual physical way he could deal with, but rather deep down inside his soul as if God had reached down and crushed it inside his fist. 

“What’s wrong, baby?” He was silent for a long time, just revelling in the way you stroked the back of your hand down his cheek, the way you pushed his hair from his face, and treated him so gently in hopes to cox him out of whatever had upset him so much.

“I can’t describe you and it makes me mad.” Your hand stilled, and your breath left you horrified, so sad, and you could feel tears collecting in your eyes. “I don’t mind being blind…I don’t…except when it comes to you…I just wish I could see you, describe you, dream about you.” 

Your hands moved to cup his jaw, turning his eyes to yours even though he could really see you, your thumb stroking the skin of his jaw. You smiled at him sadly.

“Oh, Mattie…but you can…maybe not the exact physical way in which I look, but you can describe me on a much more intimate level, Matt…you know me, you know me so well…you could describe my very soul…” And he could, he knew every facet of you, every dream, every nightmare, every fear, every love, and every thought that crossed your mind. He knew you better than any random person who say you did or ever would.

A watery smile feel over his features, and you let out a happy sigh at seeing him smile, that you had said something good. That you had helped. 

“I love you.”

“I love you too, you precious man.” 

When You Get The Title Of SKorea’s Visual and Holy Trinity (EXO)

Requested by a lovely anon <3 ( nations visual = the prettiest,  holy trinity = singer/dancer/rapper)

Feel free to send in requests guys! We do Reactions, Preferences, Fake Texts, and Scenarios! Just tell us who you want, what you want, and how you want it! <3  (MalexFemale, MalexMale, FemalexFemale)

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Author: Taebaby

SUHO: He would be really super proud and would prob brag about you for days like ‘Yeah, my girls like the best, whatevs’ *meanwhile, the others members are ready to strangle him because its the 72,463rd time he’s said it*

CHANYEOL: He’d be super turnt for you (such a supportive boyfriend) like he would be your hype man at the award show with you (or whever you recieve such a thing)

KYUNGSOO: He’d be cutely excited for you. Squishysoo would come out to play 

BAEKHYUN: His over dramatic ass would be extra and get super excited for you lik ‘Baek calm down damn’ 

JONGIN: He would just be really happy and proud and impressed by you and he’d let you know it(I love how Suho looks like he’s saying ‘YOU BETTER STOP’)

SEHUN: He’d just kinda be like ‘aww yisss my girl the best, the beeest. HOO! who’s the best? my girl the best’

XIUMIN: He’d be really happy too, but he’d control himself and keep from spazzing (even though he’d want to)

CHEN: If he could, he would’ve led a parade for you, always very proud of his jagi’s achievements 

YIXING: Would’ve been surprised that you won both titles (but not really because he thinks your the best thing to walk the earth) and would be very impressed by you


KRIS: Would be very proud, very proud Daddy!kris gonna let you know

TAO: This bitch precious man ‘I didn’t expect anything less, baby

LUHAN: He would be the one to foresee you winning and would’ve told you from the very beginning

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Matsu reaction to his female s/o pregnant with his baby?

((wow this was like, THE most requested imagine. not kidding i have like 20 of this request asfhskd ok here ya go, a lil lengthy but enjoy!))

❤️Oso: “Hah?” He leans back, a confused crooked grin smeared onto his face. You slide little plastic test across the table. “I’m pregnant.” You repeat. His expression stays static as he glances between your eyes and the red lines on the test. He suddenly jumps up, slamming his palms down. “Were gonna have a kid?!” “Ye-” “I CAN’T WAIT TO SEE THE LOOKS ON THEIR FACES!!” He shoots his fist up above his head. “I DID IT!!! It was THE ELDEST who won after all!” “Uh…” You tilt your head, a little concerned. “This cements me as the favorite son, ehehehe.” He rubs his finger under his nose. You had expected him to have some sort of reaction to the upcoming responsibility, unless… “Osomatsu.” You interrupt the weird little dance he was now doing. “Yeah, babe?” He looks down to you, enormous grin plastered on his face. “You seem to be taking this surprisingly well.” “Well, duh! I love kids! And mom’s gonna lose it, eheh!!” He happily plops back down onto the floor. “…Being a kid and raising a kid are opposite things, Osomatsu.” You raise an eyebrow, sceptical. “Raise? Eh?” “You’re going to be a father, Osomatsu.” You could see the gears turning in his head as his smile began to falter. His denseness never ceased to amaze you. “F…father.” He mumbles the word as though it had punched him in the gut. His expression is empty and he looks back up at you. “I’m a dad.” You nod. “Oh.” Despite his happiness, the fear of his lifestyle soon to be crumbling from under him was clear in his eyes. “Huh.” He stares at the floor in what appears to be a deep concentration. “Is it still okay to do you?” He glances up. “It should be. Probably at least until third trimester.” “I see~” He grins mischievously.

💙Kara: “Huh?” He stares at you eyes wide, mouth dropped into a little O. “Pregnant? You’re…expecting?” You nod. His thick eyebrows furrow and his eyes are glazed over in forming tears. “My honey! You’re saying that I’ve planted the seed of life into you? That I have fertilized you with my love? That you’re bestowing the beauty of fatherhood unto me?!” You roll your eyes and laugh. “Way to make this moment painful.” Huge tears are already rolling down his face, and he picks up one of your hands and squeezes it. His other hand shakily reaches forward to place on your lower stomach. He honestly looks as though he’s died and gone to heaven. You feel really embarrassed just looking at him, though. He’s too endearing. “A tangible result of our love. Mother Nature’s fusion of our beauty! Our carnal acts of passion bearing fruitful!” You burst out laughing. Taking this as a positive reaction, he squeezes you and continues. “The goddess Eastre has surely smiled upon us, my love. She has painted your womb with life.” Spouting out painful lines really is his forte, but nonetheless his sweet nonsense still manages to tickle you inside. He pulls you into an embrace, and you can feel his tears soak your cheeks and hair. “That’s a weird way of admitting you’re bad at pulling out.” You giggle, and can almost hear the blood rush to his face. “I truly am so happy.” He’s sobbing. You’ve never seen him cry like this. “I’ve jumped into the cycle of life that humans have carried on for an eternity.” He buries his face into your neck, and you smile. This was the true Karamatsu. The precious man you fell in love with. “I cannot wait to meet the fruit of my loins.” Never mind.

💚Choro: He blinks twice, processing what you just told him. He lunges forward, grabbing hold of your shoulders. “P-P-PREGNANT?! You’re pregnant?!” His pin prick pupils are vibrating in place. “Y-yes.” “With my child?!” “Of course with your child!” “Nonono I-I didn’t mean to imply- I just-” His hands fly off your shoulders and onto his own face. “I-I- can’t believe this-” His hands are frantically darting all over his face to confirm he’s awake. “I’m- I’m s-so happy!!!” Huge tears explode from his eyes and his little triangle smile is so big it could rival Jyushimatsu’s. “There’s so much to do!! I need to call my family right away!! We need to begin to do research, ah you should look into a healthy diet for each trimester, of course I’m going to need to begin babyproofing…I’ll start to look for a real job tonight too, and it’s never too early to invest in a college fund!” His finger was doing the stupid waggling thing it does when he’s on a rising rant. How did he have time to catch his breath? You weren’t sure where one sentence ended and one began. “We should start playing classical music for it immediately, and some idol works so that it will have taste in the best genres as well! I’ll definitely need to look into tutors so they can stay ahead of their work and not slack off. I’m worried the NEET mindset might be genetic, the fact that all of my brothers-” His face pales. “What if it splits?” He murmurs, and you can practically feel the dread in the pit of his stomach. “What?” He throws himself backwards onto the floor screaming. “What if you have a multiple birth?! What if you have sextuplets?! It could be some sort of family curse, oh god!” “I still question how mom survived us, the chances for you would be-!!!” You cup his cheeks in your hands and smile. “It’ll be fine.” You confidently whisper. He gazes at you with tearstained eyes, and then anxiously smiles. His dumb little frog grin is so sweet.

💜Ichi: His dark eyes stare into your soul. “Eh?” “I’m pregnant.” You repeat. His eyes widen, and he searches your expression. “Pregnant.” He echoes. His pupils shrink and he desperately searches the room, in a state of panic. He lets out a scream and tries to shit on the table. …After dealing with his panic attack or- whatever that was, the two of you sit in silence on your bed. “T-this is real?” You nod. “I…got you pregnant.” You nod. “The disgusting sludge I left in you got you knocked up.” You nod yet again. “My garbage, piece of shit sperm crawled up far enough.” You’re becoming increasingly uncomfortable with how he’s phrasing this. You aren’t sure what to do, so you just rest your hand on top of his. He begins to tremble, a second wave of panic coming on. He grabs his head in frustration. “AAUUGHHH AKATSUKA-SENSEEEEEEEIIIIIII!!!!” His raspy voice cracks as he yells. “Do you not want it?” You questing him, voice full of concern. “NO- I mean- YES- I mean…” He pauses, now shaking uncontrollably. “I don’t…not…want…” He mumbles. “I just can’t be a father.” You notice his eyes are forming little tears at the corners. “Why did you choose me, I’m worthless. Unburnable trash with no will to live. I can’t make a kid’s life anything but shitty.” You run your fingers through his hair. “You’ve raised so many kittens. You’re a natural.” He’s silent for a a while, seemingly contemplating on the situation. He finally sighs. “My mother will die when I tell her. She’ll love this.” He cracks a small (yet seemingly diabolical) toothy grin. “I’ll be the new favorite son.” You smile and squeeze his hand. He’s finding positivity, that’s good. It’s hard for him to. “And even if most of their uncles and even their own father will be shit, at least you’ll be there for all of them.” You’re touched by this, though his wording registers as strange. You search his face in confusion. “All of them?” “Th…the kids?” “I’m…probably just having one.” His scruffy little eyebrows furrow. “It’s…your first time, so you should have two or three…right? You probably…won’t have sextuplets your first time like mom did.” “Uhhh.” You glance back and forth. Were you missing a joke? “Ichimatsu.” “Hm.” “You know that…humans don’t have litters right?” A long silence. “Yeah.” He totally didn’t know.

💛Jyushi: “Ah.” He makes ‘the face’ and raises a floppy sleeve to cover his mouth. “Ne, ne, you’re saying there’s a baby in you?” “Well, soon there will be.” He lowers his sleeve, and he looks at you with an expression of complete whimsy. It’s rare to see Jyushimatsu like this. “Ahhh~” A lowered hum of understanding reverberates from his throat, and the smile now on his face feels so much more powerful than usual. “Jyushi-” Before you can speak he leaps on you. “MY ULTIMATE HOMERUN~!!!” He rubs his face against yours, and plants kisses that feel more like licks across your cheeks. “UWOOAH~!! WER'E GONNA HAVE A BABY!!! YOU’RE MAJORLY THE BEST!!! THANK YOU VERY MUCH AND ONE, TWO, HOMERUN!” The two of you lose balance and fall to the floor, but this does not deter his grip on you in the slightest. He begins to happily roll around with you. “Our baby! Our baby! It’ll be so much fun to play with!!” He laughs obnoxiously loud inches from your ear. “I’m gonna teach it how to be the ultimate pitcher!!! Or batter!!!! They can choose!” You shoot a concerned smile and reach to pat his head. “But if they don’t like baseball that’s alright too.” You hope you can keep his hopes from being TOO high. “Mm! It might like cats, like Ichimatsu-niisan! Or cute stuff, like Totty! Or ugly sparkly stuff, like Karamatsu-niisan! Ah. They’ll have to meet my brothers as soon as they can! It’s in your tummy right now, right? We can show them right now!!!” “Wh-” Before you can protest, he picks you up and sprints down the road at record speed.

💖Todo: “Uwaaa, a baby?! We’re pregnant?!” His eyes are bigger than saucers, and his mouth is curled into a tiny bright grin. You hand him a plastic test, and he happily squeals and snatches it from you. “Oh y/n!!!! I’m a daddy!” His eyes are sparkling, and he has the most precious pink glow on his cheeks. Suddenly his face contorts in disgust and he drops the test. “Eegh wait, you peed on this thing, right?” “Uhm, yeah. That’s how they work.” You smirk. He silently pulls sanitizer from his pocket and disinfects his hands. “But seriously, honey!!!” He drops the little bottle behind him. “This is scary, but so exciting! We’ll have the cutest little kid in the world, ehehe~” He clasps his hands together. “I’ll do my best raising them at home!” Your smile drops. “What do you mean…?” “Well, somebody has to stay with the child and keep the house tidy.” He cocks his head. “And that somebody is you?” You cross your arms. “Of course! I’d be the best househusband ever.” He taps a finger to his cheek. “So I’ll be the one working?” You quizzically stare him down. “Not while you’re pregnant, of course not!” “Shouldn’t you be the one to work?” You raise an eyebrow. “y/n, y/n, y/n~! You know I’m not one to follow gender roles!” A snarky little smile grows on his face. You sigh. “It’ll work out best that way anyways. This house had BETTER be spotless every day, though!” “Yes!!!!” He happily jumps on you, wrapping his arms around your shoulders. “I love you so much! We’ll do our best~!!”

BONUS ALLMATSU: You have all six of them gathered on the couch. “What’s going on?” Oso whines and throws his head back. “I was just about to go out and plaaaaay!” Choro pokes him. “y/n has to say something, and you will respect her!” “Uhm.” You stand in front of them, twiddling your thumbs, and they all immediately snap to attention. “I’m pregnant.” You announce into the silence, searching their expressions. Confused stares quickly become giant smiles and they all jump up to congratulate you. Your ears are ringing with their simultaneous voices . “Are you serious y/n?!” “You’re quite certain, my honey?” “I wouldn’t have thought…!” “I can’t believe it…” “EHH?! A BABY??” “y/n, that’s huge news~!!” And suddenly the question pierces your eardrums at exactly the same time. “Who’s the father???” They stare at you, excited and expectant. “Uh.” You were hoping they were bright enough to know not to ask this. “All of you?” “No, no, which one of us knocked you up?” Osomatsu excitedly questions. “I don’t know.” You look away from them. “We’ll need to acquire a DNA test, then.” Karamatsu rests his chin on his thumb. “We’ll love it no matter which of us is the dad!!!” Jyushimatsu happily shouts. They all nod in agreement. “Guys. You’re identical. There’s no accurate test in existence to figure that out. You all have the exact same genes anyways? It’s literally all of yours. It doesn’t matter who- uh- ‘fathered’ it.” They all seem to be a little heartbroken. Did it…really matter that much to them? “Well.” Osomatsu rubs under his nose. “I have the biggest dick, so there’s like, a 99% chance of it being me.” You flinch at his comment, and his brothers seem to be less than pleased at his bullshit. You decide to leave the room right as another enormous feud breaks out. So is THIS why polyandry is not usually a thing?

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Ugh. That pic woth Prom stretching. Can we talk about his arms?? Seriously, he's got it. If ones arms are the size of Gladios or noodles, if I like the feel of it when I grab it, that's that. I already know by looking that I like how his arms feel. I really want to touch them. I'd be lokey laughing to myself telling him to make a muscle while touching them. Can't let on that I secrectly enjoy such things to the other party. Whew. *Wipes brow* His arms though. 10/10

Yes omg, his arms and shoulders in proportion to his body = WOWOWOWOWOWOW <3333333333333 Prompto… I would not mind going out on a date with you, precious, attractive sunshine man <3 :D