David Tennant reacts to his tribute video @ National Television Awards 2015

Lynn: So the behind the scenes ‘documentary’ was pretty awesome. How much input did you and Jared have into creating your ‘characters’ for it?

Jensen: (raised eyebrows) You mean other than Misha says, ‘you’re going to be a tofu eating yoga master’, and I’m like ‘Oh, okay sure’?

Lynn: (laughing) Omg, I loved it so much!

Jensen: I wish we’d had more time, we shot it really quickly.

Lynn: well, it turned out perfect anyway.

Jensen: (teasing, in case it’s not obvious) Also it gives Misha something to do, he can come in and shoot a scene and then go off and make a documentary. And Jared got to exaggerate his character a little.

Lynn: Ya think?!

The entire time we were having this conversation, Jensen was laughing. Can you say eye crinkles?