Thank you

Message to bigbang:

Thank you


G-Dragon: thank you g-dragon. For being the amazing, talented, strong, beautiful, gorgeous, brave, fantastic leader and for being such a strong human being who deserves all the love and support you get! You, along all 5 of bigbang are so so sooooo important to everyone. You guide this 5 membered group to succes (along the others) as the great leader you are! The strong dragon that you are! Thank you so so much and i hope and wish that you are doing well and are happy!

No matter what VIP will always support you!


Top: Thank you! So very much for everything you do for this group and for us vips! Take care and know that we will always be there for you and everyone else! We will be forever with you guys to fight through everything and support& love you with all our hearts and souls! Your precious smile and happiness is so important to us! Take care precious darling! Watch your health and have fun the best you can! And whenever you have a hard time know that we and a lot of people (very very much people) are here for you! Forever!

Youngbae: thank you for being the amazing careful and sweet member! Along with all the other members you make us so very happy and we are so greatful and thankful to be able to experience such an amazing group grow and get stronger!

We will always be supporting you! You are so important! So precious! So amazing! Stay strong and take care!

Daesung: thank you daesung! For always making us happy and for you precious smile! You are our angel! Our precious sunshine! You bring us happiness so much! We all wish you the very best and stay strong through hard/difficult times! You guys are never alone! We will always be with you supporting you through everything! You are our Kang Daesung <3

Seungri: Our precious maknae thank yo uso very very much for what you have done for us and the group! You are so important in bigbang! Bigbang wouldn’t be the same without you darling! We want you tob e happy and know that we will always love you no matter what! And even if you experience hard times know we are here for you forever! VIP and Bigbang are forever <3

Thank you so much Seungri! Our precious panda! You are so strong so talented! So precious and so important!!

You are the world to us!

THANK YOU bigbang! For being wit hus for so many years already! For giving us a new sensation and happiness in music but also in our lives!

You all are so precious and important to us! All of your happiness and health are the most important to us all!

You all deserve so much and everything you have achieved you deserve it all! And so much more!

You 5 strong man! You are legends! You are kings! You are amazing! You are so brave and precious!

Thank you bigbang for giving us happiness! And giving us all the amazing music you produce together! Thank you for what you all do for us!  Thank you for being wit hus for 10 years and hopefully for many many more years!

We will always support you and love you no matter what! Know that we want the best for you and wish you all happiness and luck and health! You are so precious and important to us!

VIP and Bigbang are forever together! Always and ever!

We love you so much!! Thank you bigbang! Thank you so much! Thank you for everything!


David Tennant reacts to his tribute video @ National Television Awards 2015

Lynn: So the behind the scenes ‘documentary’ was pretty awesome. How much input did you and Jared have into creating your ‘characters’ for it?

Jensen: (raised eyebrows) You mean other than Misha says, ‘you’re going to be a tofu eating yoga master’, and I’m like ‘Oh, okay sure’?

Lynn: (laughing) Omg, I loved it so much!

Jensen: I wish we’d had more time, we shot it really quickly.

Lynn: well, it turned out perfect anyway.

Jensen: (teasing, in case it’s not obvious) Also it gives Misha something to do, he can come in and shoot a scene and then go off and make a documentary. And Jared got to exaggerate his character a little.

Lynn: Ya think?!

The entire time we were having this conversation, Jensen was laughing. Can you say eye crinkles?