Y'ALL I just fucken had my first session at the gym omfg so pumped lmao I literally was not gonna go I was so nervous but my pt was so nice and everyone there are super super nice and it was so nice and quiet when I went in wow like it was so chill and tbh I smashed out my workout lmao I’m a fucken gym god.

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What could have gone wrong? I took the board thrice already and from the last exam I really did my best even though it is difficult. I analyzed the problems carefully and applied all the knowledge I've gained but it is not still enough. I prayed to Him sincerely every single day, I even had my novena for the past years but it is not still enough. I don't know what to do now. I didn't give up even though tough times make me think twice. So, I guess this dream of mine isn't for me at all.

We know how hard it is for you and maybe we can never find the right words to really help you. But as the saying goes, “Rest if you must, but don’t quit”. God has His reasons and only you can realize what those reasons are. Good bless and good luck future CPA. 

Things I have learned since becoming an Adult™

-don’t tell ur coworkers jack shit. You might think they’re your friends but they will sell you out for a paperclip
-everything men tell you is a lie
-store brand vanilla ice cream is better than name brand
-pregnancy tests from the dollar store work just as well as $20 ones
-don’t lie to your doctor
-seriously don’t
-at some point your card will get declined for $6 and nobody but you will care. It happens to everyone at some point in their life
-you will become bffs with your mom (unless she’s a mean person, then skip this one)
-you’ll wish you took the advice adults gave you when you were younger, even though it annoyed you at the time
-people you went to high school with will become teachers, doctors, etc but they will still do drugs and it will be weird. That’s life, my dude
-never underestimate the power of new underwear


I think we’re in a really really good place now, which is we are as in on it [troyler] as our audience are, so regardless of how real troyler is; it’s fun and we’re all enjoying it 100%. I love Tyler. I really really genuinely do, he’s an amazing amazing amazing person and I couldn’t be happier to have him as a part of my online existence. -Troye Sivan

  • Me:*in the living room on my phone*
  • People actually watching the Olympics:Hey, whose flag is that? Red and green... It's Italy isn't it? Is it Italy?
  • Me:*glances up at the TV* It's Hungary.
  • Announcer:And so-and-so from Hungary...
  • People:...How do you know that?
  • Me:*sweats nervously* (The answer is 'anime' but do I really want to own up to that right now?)

fanon fenris: has a hair-trigger temper that goes off at the slightest mention of magic, swears all the time, violently threatens party members all the time, gets violent and aggressive every time hawke is pro-mage in a quest

canon fenris:  is always calm, mostly polite, and in control of himself aside from when he confronts his abusers (and when he’s mean to merrill. fenris ilu but no stop), never attacks or threatens any of your party members (yes, even anders), voices his disapproval but otherwise goes along with it if hawke is pro-mage

fanon fenris: picks on anders at every opportunity, is apparently seething with hatred for him, calls him an abomination literally every other word

canon fenris: doesn’t actually start most of their arguments; anders does (trust me, i checked), sounds bored in most of their conversations, is never violent towards anders, calls him an abomination in ONE conversation in the base game, and once in one of the dlcs

edit: fenris DOES threaten anders if hawke romances anders after fenris, specifically “break their heart and I’ll kill you”, but i will argue that even that is done out of love rather than him being an uncontrollable angry monster who does nothing but hate anders 24/7


There’s an old saying: the dead will have their revenge. It will have blood, they say. Blood will have blood.

Banishment cannot stop me. For all your triumph now, know this, Righteous, Red, Fool - I will return, and I will repay you hundredfold for what you have done.

A Million Roses (Bathed in Rock n’ Roll) by DeLilah

“I’ve just met you,” Louis says, “and I can already tell that you’re an absolute menace.”

au. harry sings in smoky dive bars; louis misses his flight home. they go to coney island in the morning. my current favorite favorite!

so fanfic appreciation is back~ (yay!) and also.. happy birthday Lila :)


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chapter 1 : motel 6


the wall and beyond;
               "beyond the wall the monsters live, the giants and the ghouls, the stalking shadows and the dead that walk… but they cannot pass so long as the wall stands strong and the men of the night’s watch are true.“


Besides, it was obvious he fancied someone else.  

                                                                                        There was just something about him.

so I was searching for an entirely different photo but then I found this and like.. why am I only just seeing this now?


You’re not who you were and neither am I. I don’t know if I believe in God anymore or heaven, but if I’m going to hell, I’m making damn sure I’m holding it off as long as I can. 

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This is the sort of person Allie Long is. 
I have endless stories from other Thorns fans like this- a lot of them not mine to tell, but this one was publicly shared, so I feel okay posting it. Time and time again, she will go out of her way to be kind and spend time and talk to the fans- especially the younger ones. 
She wasn’t tagged in this post. I’m not certain if it was retweeted onto her dash or if she occasionally takes a look in the hashtag.
What she did wasn’t anything that big, but it will undoubtedly make this little girl’s day. Least of all because Allie happens to be this little girl’s favourite player.

So…does this mean like we’re intersecting with the Taylor swift fandom now? Cause I’m gonna need y'all swifties to realize I’m gonna keep saying some nasty freak shit about ya girl’s boo and if you can’t handle the thirst, stay off my blog ✌🏽️my simple hoe self didn’t ask for all this high profile, trending worldwide shit lmao