People don’t change. I was the one to never agree with this quote, until you showed me otherwise. You did the same mistakes over and over again and eventually it drove us apart. People don’t change, or maybe they do - but you.. you never did. Don’t change for me now.
You’ll do your thing and i’ll do mine, because if people should ever change then it’s for themselves. And clearly, you like the way you are, even though you almost cried on the bathroom floor while telling me you hate yourself.
But i’m done fixing you, i’m done because when I try to fix you i’m the one to get hurt. So this is me doing a change for myself, for once. This is me letting you go.

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Being Boring

by Wendy Cope

‘May you live in interesting times.’ –Chinese curse

If you ask me ‘What’s new?’, I have nothing to say
Except that the garden is growing.
I had a slight cold but it’s better today.
I’m content with the way things are going.
Yes, he is the same as he usually is,
Still eating and sleeping and snoring.
I get on with my work. He gets on with his.
I know this is all very boring.

There was drama enough in my turbulent past:
Tears and passion - I’ve used up a tankful.
No news is good news, and long may it last.
If nothing much happens, I’m thankful.
A happier cabbage you never did see,
My vegetable spirits are soaring.
If you’re after excitement, steer well clear of me.
I want to go on being boring.

I don’t go to parties. Well, what are they for,
If you don’t need to find a new lover?
You drink and you listen and drink a bit more
And you take the next day to recover.
Someone to stay home with was all my desire
And, now that I’ve found a safe mooring,
I’ve just one ambition in life: I aspire
To go on and on being boring.

Missing Scene from 11x23 (ideally)

Just as Castiel was about to leave for Heaven, Chuck stopped him—God rather, “Castiel, a minute, please?”

Castiel stared at him curiously, he was so surprised that Chuck Shurley, of all people, turned out to be the one entity he’d searched for, for so long. He had been in God’s very Presence and he’d no idea. “I looked for you” he found himself saying.

“I know” God said softly. “I didn’t want to be found.”


God sighed “I wanted my children to learn. You can never learn if I solved all your problems for you.”

“But I needed you.”

“No, son” God forced himself to his feet and put a hand on Castiel’s shoulder “You never did. And that’s sort of the whole point. Parents can’t always bail their kids out of jail and they shouldn’t.”

“I don’t understand.”

“You will.” God took a breath “I want to tell you something, Castiel, and I want you to pay close attention. Take this to heart.”

Castiel nodded “Of course, Father.”

God squeezed Castiel’s shoulder “Castiel, my son, I’m proud of you.”

anonymous asked:

You tore me apart time after time. I tried so hard to fix everything. You'd get mad at me over nothing and I would instantly apologize. I wanted you 2 give the kindness and support I gave you. Why did you never love me in the same way I loved you? Treating everyone around you better than the person who was always there for you?You knew I had been hurt in the past, you treated me worse than he did. I feel like no matter how much I try no one will love me. Thanks a lot for acting like you cared.

I took a photograph of myself holding my phone to my ears. I know it may seem like a pointless picture, but it’s not.

You were the one I was talking to at that moment. You were the one on the other end of the line.

I took that picture because I was so happy at that time. You called me and face turned red. I felt ecstatic, elated and like I was on cloud nine.

At that moment, and every single time I talk to you, I think to myself how lucky am I to have these moments with you. I tell myself how lucky I am to have you.

But I never did, didn’t I?

Did you think it was fair to love her while I tell you how much I do? Did you think it was fair to hold my hand while wishing it was hers you’re holding? Did you think it was fair to sit next to me while she’s the one occupying your mind?

Did you think it was fair that I gave you so much while you gave her more? Did you think it was fair to make me believe that you love me while you loved them, too?

Tell me, did you think it was fair to show her off while I thought you were mine?

—  Did you think it was?

widowmaker is assigned to assess tracer after their run in. the task is simple; decide if tracer is a worthy threat and eliminate her if she is

so, the first day widowmaker perches on top of a tall building and watches tracer go for her morning jog–which she notes as peculiar since tracer’s powers let her move faster than anyone else.

day two is cold and widow notes two things; tracer likes her aviator glasses and she has an assortment of scarves.

day three, widow watches tracer help an old lady across the street and, when the old lady realizes who tracer is, blames her/overwatch failures for their world’s problems

widow considers putting the old woman to her coffin early.

day four; tracer goes to have dinner with a cute girl, who seems nice but they lack any kind of chemistry. the girl flinches away when tracer shows her the chronal accelerator…tracer goes back to her flat, walking slowly.

widowmaker watches from her perch as tracer undresses, briefly takes off her accelerator to collapse against her wall. widow watches as tracer fazes in and out of existence, holding onto herself

day five, widow deems tracer “not a threat”.