As a side note

If any of you need something funny to watch or just enjoy comedy there’s a really funny anime called Binan Koukou Chikyuu Bouei-bu Love and it’s about magical boys. Hahaha it sounds like I’m promoting it, but I don’t think many people know about it. 

But if you know of anything else that’s funny to watch let me know, I would really appreciate it. 

Oh yeah, and season 2 is airing right now. 

Goodnight my darlings!

I just said ‘oh you stupid twat!’ out-loud at myself because it’s 01:25 and I just now remembered that I’ve forgotten to eat anything again today.

So I’m going to do three things right now: first I’m going to make several notes with the words ‘eat something!’ on them and scattered them around the apartment where I know I can’t miss them tomorrow, then I’m going to actually eat something and then I’m going to go to bed and watch a film and try to get some well-needed sleep.

I wish you all a wonderful day/night and I hope that you’ll sleep well tonight. All my love to you my beloved bunch and I’ll see you again tomorrow<3

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Do you do one shots or whatever they're called? If u do can u do a fluffy one based on the massage one, s/o giving 2p Russia a relaxing massage please? I need one of those right now I have a test and a project due tomorrow 😥

Vladimir walked into his room with your favorite drink, where he allowed you to study all your work and papers so you could pass that test tomorrow. You’d been working so hard and he knew you needed that little break.
“(Y/N), I brought you a drink.” He set it on the desk and leaned on the desk watching you write down a few notes. “Thanks..” You muttered not even glancing up at him. As your hand started to cramp, you grabbed the cup and took a sip before grabbing your peril and writing again. He gently placed his hand over yours stopping your writing.“Let’s take a break for a moment. I’ll do something special for you.” He looked at you kindly showing one of his rare smiles which broke you to get up. “Alright, like what? ice cream or something?” He shook his head and sat you on the bed, getting your drink and sitting behind you. “Just try to relax as much as you can.”

He first rubbed your shoulders, easing out the tension and knots that formed from you being hunched over his desk constantly. A small smile formed in you mouth as he moved on lower to your back, digging his thumbs into a large knot. “This might hurt a little so Прости меня , моя любовь.” You winced for a while before a nice wave a pleasure washed over your body feeling like you were on cloud 9. He felt over your body more continuing his work before pulling his hands away.
Turning to face him, you kissed him lightly before lying down, motioning him next to you. “Thank you for that Vlad. I really appreciate it, helping me and all.” You snuggled into his broad chest smelling the light amount of cologne on him. “Your welcome.” He kissed the top of your head while stroking your back gently. “I love you.” You whispered with a smile
broadening wider then ever. “I love you too.”


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Name: Sarah

Nickname: Sooss

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Fave Color(s): Blue, green

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Average Hours of Sleep: Around 8

Lucky Number: Don’t really have on

Last Thing I Googled: Legend of Tarzan reviews (I watched it the other day, it’s OK)

Fave Fictional Character: Oh, man, you want a list? Rhett Butler from Gone with the Wind; Kevin from We Need To Talk About Kevin; Fred and George Weasley; Tyler Durden from Fight Club; Jigsaw from the Saw movies…Red from Orange is the New Black…I could go on, but I’ll shut up.

Number of Blankets I Sleep Under: One

Fave band or artist: Guns N’ Roses, Aerosmith, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Eminem, Tupac

Dream Trip: Road trip all around South America. 

Dream Job: Don’t really have one, but if we’re talking dream dream, then I wanna be the new host of Man vs Food and eat my way into a coma and get paid to do it

When Did You Create This Blog: in May of this year. The night before my final chemistry exam 😊 (hi kids)

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Last thing you googled: google translate, because sometimes when writing fanfiction you need a language you don’t actually speak

Favorite music artist: …lots. Actually, My Chemical Romance right now, because seventh grade has come back to haunt me. I also love me some Panic! At the Disco, Halsey, Lady Gaga, and EP.

Song stuck in your head: the mario theme i don’t know why please send help

Last Movie you watched: the new Ghostbusters, I saw it in theater a few days ago and I loved it it’s amazing Holtzmann makes me so gay

Last TV show you watched: ….no clue. I haven’t watched TV in a long time

What you are wearing right now: a Star Wars t-shirt and jean shorts. It’s summer and super hot rn

When did you create your blog: I’ve been on my main ( @youaremyrock-mydwayne-myjohnson ) for longer than I can remember, but this blog is only a few months old? somewhere between 3 and 5 months. 

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Do you get asks on a regular basis: no, sadly. please, if you’re reading this, talk to me. I want to talk to strangers on the internet about gay hockey, I’ll even write things. 

Why did you choose your URL: I made this blog right when the update that Jack got the nickname Zimmboni came out, so that’s where this one came from. And my main’s url came from a t-shirt and I’m very proud of it. 

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  1. what’s the last movie you saw? cloudy with a chance of meatballs 2
  2. last song you listened to? transgender dysphoria blues
    do i listen to anything else lmao
  3. last show you watched? sense 8 
  4. last book you read? the raven boys (my poly heart is loving the possibilities already)
  5. last thing you ate? porridge
  6. if you could be anywhere else right now where would you be? space
  7. which decade would you want to travel to? not the past lol
  8. if you won the lottery and got millions in cash, what would you do? pay my rent for my entire lease duration and get tattoos and piercings and concert tickets. id buy nice food and pay back my family and give my dad and bec money bc they need it. and id get an art gallery membership and go to the degas exhibit and buy all my textbooks and a new phone and pay for a psych and start t hopefully. 
  9. which fictional character would you hang out with for a day? ransom 
  10. what was the last fandom you joined? check, please!

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Hey wassup Casey Jones?! I jsut watched the new TMNT movie (you guys are famous by the way... Like really famous) and in the movie you were super amazing! But I'm not saying you aren't cuz you are really awesome!! I watched the movie with my family because my birthday is tomorrow. I'm not going to be Doug much for my birthday this year. I'm just going to go shoppinga little bit at the mall. Hope you have a great day! Oh and you did know you were famous right?

Happy b-lated birthday, but now I think I need to go tell the guys what ya said.

A movie ain’t exactly “secretive” or the “way of the ninja.”

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Do you know about the Great Pottery Throw Down tv show? It's like the bake off but with pottery! I'm watching bootlegs of it on dailymotion, and it's amazing and exactly what I needed right now with the state of the world. And I wanted to make sure you knew about it.

That sounds awesome! Thanks!

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“Put your music on shuffle and write down the first 10 songs that come on and your favorite lyric.”

I was tagged by @barnesrogerss tysm !! ily

1. Omen - Sam Smith

I was blinded, I’m not envisioned
The same face in a different frame

2. Pumped up Kicks - Foster the People

I’ve waited for a long time
Yeah the sleight of my hand is now a quick-pull trigger

3. Everybody’s Watching Me - The Neighbourhood

Assume that nothing needs me, all I’ve done defeats me
It looks like you were right again
And again

4. Come On Over - Royal Blood

this ain’t my house this ain’t your home
not when I’m feeling this alone

5. Girls/Girls/Boys - Panic! at the Disco

But girls love girls and boys
And love is not a choice

6. Riptide - Vance Joy

I love you when you’re singing that song and
I got a lump in my throat ‘cause
You’re gonna sing the words wrong

7. Stay - Kygo, Maty Noyes

It’d take a miracle for you to really try and change me

8. American Beauty/American Psycho - Fall Out Boy

You take the full, full truth, then you pour some out

9. Love Me Again - John Newman

Took you so low,
Where only fools go
I shook the angel in you 

10. I’m So Sorry - Imagine Dragons

I get mine and make no excuses; waste of precious breath

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I hope you people who are getting upset with Vernon for coming online to talk to the fans realize that he has no idea what’s happening here in America. so to tell him to go away and that he shouldn’t be on right now is such a rude and arrogant thing to do. I also hope you know that seventeen can’t say whatever they want on Twitter. even if he does have an opinion on what’s happening, he’s not going to say it since it could create a lot of problems. They are public figures. they do need to watch what they post and say. please stop sending him hate for wanting to brighten up people’s day.


oh my god… my heart physically hurts. everyone. EVERYONE. was there. creyes.


OKAYYYYY! I’ve seen spoilers, I know what happened - all I need is to watch it! But now, my little theory to calm some of you down a little…First, yes looks like Bea got stabbed, laying on the ground in pile of blood, we all think ‘right she’s dead for sure’, then Allie wakes up (I believe in last seconds of the episode). Think clearly and logically, what Allie will do without Bea (who’s the majorly main character in the show)? Allie without Bea is nothing and thinking in other way she might end up with suicide coz without Bea - no reason for her to live, especially when she’s so in love and loves her so damn much! Second, chill the fuck down guys…Don’t you think the beautiful Danielle Cormack on her Twitter would sound so hella excited about Season 5 if her character died? And third, clearly in this newspaper it says that she’s gonna continue the roll as Bea Smith in S5…Soooo?? Why shitting your pants? Yes the episode to me looks like am gonna cry my eyes out and end up having Wentworth diarrhea, but I know everything is gonna be just fine - Bea will once again survive death, Allie (as we all now finally know) alive…more of Ballielove storylines… So bring it on May 2017!!

Peace out!

Okay i really want to see Mary drag Dean out of the closet

Like she would see the way cas and Dean look at eachother and then like out of nowhere she’d be like “right confess your love to cas or you’re grounded” and then Dean would look at blushing like “but mum i–” and she’d cut him off with a glare saying “no buts Dean, go over there and fuck your angel on the kitchen counter and make sure you’re done by the time your lunch is ready. Now go”

And she’d just watch him smiling and high fiving sammy as he nervously walked up to Cas.

Like… This needs to happen in season 12.

Why It’s Important To Me That Bellarke Is Still (Mostly) Platonic

(inspired by a conversation with the always-genius @reblogginhood)

Don’t get me wrong– I definitely believe that Bellamy is well on his way to The City Of Loving Clarke Non Platonically, Population: Him, but as of where things stand for Clarke as of 3x16, it’s actually very important to me that their relationship developed as a friendship first.

First of all, I’m a hardcore sucker for platonic male/female friendships and if you doubt that, come ask me about Wallace and Veronica some time and watch me explode into a pile of tears and feelings.  And while I am firmly convinced that Bellarke will eventually be romantic on both sides, the fact that Clarke has a partner she trusts, loves, and relies on without a romantic entanglement means a lot to me because right now, that’s what she needs.

Let’s recap Clarke’s time on the Ground: she lands and while she’s busy attempting to find food for everyone, Finn starts flirting with her.  She’s not distracted from her mission (nothing distracts Clarke, not even great hair), but she eventually starts returning his affections.  Then her best friend dies– almost immediately after Clarke realizes he didn’t deserve her anger, and honestly can this show stop killing people Clarke loves immediately after she realizes she loves them jfc– and now she’s trying to navigate leading a bunch of kids who would prefer not to listen to her while also falling for the charming boy with floppy hair.  She gives in to her attraction to him and then the next fucking morning discovers that she was actually the other woman, and from then on it’s a nonstop shitshow of guilt, sadness, fear, stabbings, biological warfare, kidnappings, and mass murder.  It all culminates with Clarke telling Finn she loves him and then mercy killing him, an act that hurt her profoundly, no matter how necessary it was.

And then she meets the Grounder Commander.  (Okay, technically she met her before killing Finn, but their *relationship* as allies and eventually lovers really began after, when L.exa talked to her about Costia.)  Clarke starts building a tenuous alliance with her, built largely on the fact that Clarke was willing to kill Finn in order to achieve peace, and very quickly after that alliance is established L.exa kisses her.  Shortly after that L.exa admits that Clarke matters to her (not everyone, not you), and from there on out everything between them is colored by their attraction to each other.  It gets interrupted by the betrayal at Mount Weather, but once Clarke was able to let that go the romance is back on track, only to end tragically once again because it would appear this universe has a serious fucking grudge against Clarke.

But through it all, Clarke always has Bellamy.  Even at the start, when she didn’t like him much but was too hurt to spend time with Finn, Bellamy was there.  There wasn’t any romance yet, (save a little playful flirting in Day Trip and Unity Day, which are fun moments but not– for me– an indication of Twu Wuv so much as Two Flirty People Being Relaxed Around Each Other) but she knew she could count on him.  Clarke trusted Bellamy even before she liked him, and ever since then, he’s been her constant.  Bellamy was right there, walking next to her as they took Finn’s corpse to the pyre.  When everything fell apart at Mount Weather when the Grounder Army left, Bellamy was at her side, helping her come up with a plan.  When the only option left was mass murder he didn’t hesitate– he took on that burden with her.

Bellamy was the last person Clarke spoke to before she left Camp Jaha and that’s incredibly significant.  He was the one she trusted to take care of her people, and she said good bye to him (instead of to her mother or Raven, both of whom she loves just as much as she loves Bellamy) because Clarke knew he would let her leave.  In just under two months Bellamy had gone from adversary to the person she trusted absolutely, both with her people and with her pain.  She trusted him and he trusted her, and that was all they needed from each other.  There was nothing between them except for love, trust, and friendship.

Now, listen up because this is important: I am not saying that Finn or L.exa meant less to Clarke because their relationships were romantic.  Nor am I saying that Bellamy and Clarke’s friendship is somehow “better” than her other relationships because it isn’t “sullied” by romance or sexual desire, and if any of y’all use this meta as evidence of either of the above statements I will hunt you down and end you.  This is not a matter of which ship is “better” than the other because you can’t rank relationships like that.  That’s not how life works; you don’t look at your loved ones and assign them numbers in order of importance– you just love them. Sometimes you love them romantically and sometimes you love them platonically and sometimes you love them because they’re your family.  One type of love is not superior to the other and never will be.

My point, dear children, is that what’s important to me about bellarke’s still-mostly-platonic relationship is that it’s different.  Both Finn and L.exa were Love Interests from the start, but when Clarke has been at her absolute lowest– after losing Finn, after Mount Weather, after losing L.exa– she has always been able to count on Bellamy.  Even after his awful fuck-up with the handcuffs (and Clarke’s subsequent tazering of him, which was necessary from her POV but still rough), Clarke knows she can trust him. Nevermore demonstrated that even when Clarke’s a mess and Bellamy’s a mess and everything’s a mess between them, they’re still a team.  They still trust each other, and when Clarke is at her absolute lowest all season and offers to give herself up to a murderer in order to save her friends, Bellamy is right there, refusing to let her give up.

And that’s what Clarke needs right now.  She’s reeling from two lost loves in a very short period of time, but Bellamy is still there for her.  Sure, he might be falling in love with her (haha kidding he definitely is), but that’s a new development.  The core of their relationship– trust in each other– hasn’t changed.  In fact, you could say that trust is the foundation of everything they are together because before they even liked each other, they trusted each other.

Things are by no means perfect between them and it’s not ever going to be all soft focus and romance, but the fact remains that through all of the bullshit they’ve been through, Bellamy and Clarke have never once given up on each other.  And they don’t love each other this fiercely because they have insane sexual chemistry or because they want to get married and have each other’s babies (both of which I think are true), but because they love each other, full stop.  I absolutely love that, and I love that when (yeah, I said when, not if) we get romantic bellarke, it will be breaking the pattern for Clarke.  Trust is probably the most important element of a relationship, and Bellamy and Clarke’s trust in each other is absolute.

No matter what happens in that shitshow of a universe, Bellamy and Clarke will always trust each other.  And that, my friends, is a fucking epic start to a love story.