So… 800 followers! It feels weird, because it was only about two weeks ago we celebrated 700 followers… how fast time flies! Anyway, I just wanted to say a big thank you to every single one of you 800 people! If I could get to know each and every one of you I would. You’re all so supportive and kind, I honestly don’t think I deserve such positive, beautiful people in my life.

I follow around 900 blogs(!!!), so it would be too difficult to do a ‘Follow Forever’ thing, so instead I’ve made two lists. The first is my ‘Squad’ (ie, the nerds wonderful people who I speak to on a daily basis). The second list are other mutuals who I see loads but never build up the courage to talk to. 

If you’re not in either list but have followed me for a while then all I can do is sincerely apologise. Message me sometime, I’m sure we’ll become friends! I love each and every one of you, and I hope you’ll all continue to put up with me long into the future!

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What Color is The

It’s simple to wait
just a matter of space
the bulbs become castles
through which you see
your expansive breath.

The parade moves past
faces painted white
as I am dead and
you are dead we are
projecting our collective
denial of medicine and facts
that say we cannot be eagles.

A greater temptation
to fry your skin in the worldly
dough and live on your fingers
for a time as the wind
shivers and whispers
I love you to which you reply
fuck you for loving me
so softly

Our bodies that must leave
their beds, the sorrow of
toothbrushes brings together
several hierophants to declare
the saintliness of enduring
plastic. No further substance
injected directly but water
and the photosynthesis drip
as we become plants
crawling toward our necks
from below sight who
are violently trying to
touch beyond the stem.

You Must Love Me
  • You Must Love Me
  • Jay-Z
  • In My Lifetime, Vol. 1

You Must Love Me-Jay-Z

When Nas released Life is Good last week, suddenly everyone is ready to call him the greatest of all time once again.  It’s interesting to see people jump back on the ship they abandoned a decade ago.  Personally, I can’t complain.  I have always thought Nas is the greatest to ever do it, the greatest storyteller to ever grace the mic; however, in this Nas hysteria, people are starting to forget that Jay has spun his share of yarns.  People hear a song like (Nas’) “Daughters” or “Bye Baby” and say, “when has Jay ever put out something so real?  Sure Jay is dope, but Nas is really sharing a piece of his soul on this album."  True, Nas really opens up on this album, but let’s not forget a song like Jay-Z’s "You Must Love Me,” easily one of my top 10 “storytelling” songs of all time.