CASTING CALL- Let the battle for Earth begin

This is a homestuck and Steven Universe crossover ask blog. The humans are the civilians in the town where the “Crystal Gems” Reside. ALL TROLLS ARE GEMS. The sprites are half/gems. IF YOU ARE AUDITIONING TO BE A TROLL YOU MUST STATE WHAT GEM YOU ARE THE PLACEMENT AND THE SIDE OF BATTLE YOU ARE ON.





ALL BETA TROLLS- except Aradia and Gamzee 

ALL ALPHA TROLLS- except Aranea  



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the point is ur aq hypocrite bc u are the annoying part of the fandom??? thilbo shippers with the overused gifsets and dumb headcanons and the way u all dont understand a basic story lmao ur not better in tolkien fandom u are like the dumb sherlock fans hth

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“You guys are stupid, Sakura is the biological mother!”Really? Let’s go back a bit… 1) Sakura photoshops family pictures 2) There are no birth records3) Everyone are hiding something from Sarada4) NOBODY is telling her that Sakura is her mother 5) Sakura doesn’t know if her ‘husband’ wore glasses 6) DNA test (seriously, that is not Sasuke’s or Sakura’s umbilical cord. Read about their meaning in japanese culture, Karin wouldn’t keep someone else’s cord).8) Naruto’s ultimate speech about love

You must be the first troll anon I have… I swear I had to contain myself to not laugh while writing this.

1- Sakura used a Taka photo to create a multipanel frame, without cutting the rest of the photo, only using Sasuke’s part. There’s a big difference between that and photoshop. 

2- Of course there are no birth records. It has been foreshadowned that she wasn’t born in Konoha. 

3- Not even Naruto knows what’s behind all of this. The only ones hiding something are Sasuke, Sakura and Shizune. 

4- Of course, you moron, the story has to lead to the explanation in a couple of chapters. 

5- I read the raw and she was avoiding to answer Sarada’s questions about Sasuke for some reason we still don’t know. And he’s her HUSBAND, not her ‘husband’. 

6- Read about meaning you say? Read YOU about meaning, you ignorant. The mothers keep the cord to get a better relationships with their kids. 

Karin wouldn’t keep it? Did you forget who’s she’s working with? Are you so stupid that you can’t see why the cordon was there? No wonder where Shin’s sharingan came from… 

7 (not 8) The speech about love doesn’t make anyone the mother. It’s just a speech to make Sarada see that relationships are based love more than on time or blood.  

Next time, if you’re going to tak your salty ass here and pretend to give me lessons about a culture I studied for several years at least try to not shame yourself so much as you did now. 

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Ah... Poor thing. I think you are searching in the wrong place. If you want to read yaoi and incest go read it. If that's your thing, cool. But, turns out that, that is not Kishimoto's thing. You see? This is SHONEN. Do you know what is that? I bet you do. Do you see any romantic bond between Itachi and Sasuke? No. They love each other as the bothers they are. If you can't accept that they both like girls... You are reading the wrong manga. Ok, honey? *pat pat* You sure have no life.

You trolls are so funny XD

You must have no life if you’re worried about mine.

I don’t ship anything in this trashy series. I don’t like yaoi. Go take your irrelevant ass somewhere else, bye.

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Can you believe the latest gaiden chapter!?!?! Kish must be trolling with us I need this to clear up asap! Ugh SARADA IS SAKURA'S DAUGHTER!! -i need to get it out-

I’m not even panicking. I’m panicking more about the explosive fight scene I’m typing between Suigetsu and Sasuke in my Quietus fic. Lol.

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Hello, I just started dating a new girl. She is helping me to understand her feminist lifestyle. She already has me doing the dishes, the laundry, and cleaning the house for her. I even rub her feet for her when she gets home from work. But I don't want her to think she is forcing me to do this. How can I show her I support her?

doing chores isn’t a “feminist lifestyle”, it’s called BEING AN ADULT….which is something you must be struggling with if you’re spending your days trolling feminist blogs :) - mod rfp