i am SO HYPE for luke skywalker training rey and being like…….you must carry me on your back for miles and also do a handstand while levitating rocks and here are my socks mend them you must. because luke is a Massive Troll and no amount of angst ™ and hobobeard can change this. also: he doesn’t know how to train jedi. of course he fuckin doesn’t he got like five seconds of lessons from ben ‘i don’t follow the rules’ kenobi and a couple of days with a frog. hes just like: ‘rey! look at this sick flip! also. you need new clothes hunny, let’s get you some better boots.’ and rey ends up DECKED OUT in space ™ givenchy and prada and all that couture because no apprentice of luke’s is going to look like a basic starbucks desert bitch (rocking three buns and yeezy 2015 she may be, but that isn’t skywalker chic, not yet)

and yes the Last Jedi will probably be pain and tears but lemme just pretend for a moment that it is Luke Skywalker troll-dad glamming up his apprentice.

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Why are you reblogging old stale 2008 internet memes like the troll face..... please stop.... why must you torture me like this..... my eyes, they hurt

Don’t you wanna make a rage comic to express how you feel now

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For the Trollhunters Dadswamp: How did Strickler and Angor met?


I’ve never actually thought about that! Gimme a sec to think it over…

ok so, they most likely met up some point after Angor Rot escaped the Darklands. Probably a short time after Strickler decided he was sick of the changeling lifestyle (in which you must report in often lest one of the attack trolls be sent to hunt you down and make you tell it everything you know) and managed to escape himself.

I imagine him thinking about the famed assassin who was able to escape- how he and a loyal friend were able to take the very item The Witch made to control him and steal it back, and how he escaped recapture from Heimdrel and torture form Bhaltair- and how hey, if he could do it, why can’t I?

somewhere along the way he likely got sidetracked or had to willingly get lost to stop pursuit, and that’s when he ran into Angor Rot in the wilderness- likely gotten used to having a soul again and a lot less murdery than the last time he was seen by changeling eyes.

I guess they became friends on the long walk to Arcadia and by extension trollmarket.

> PHERES: Sell some books.
It’s a lovely night: just warm enough that being outside is actually tolerable despite the season, and a number of trolls must agree with you, because the event is bustling, enough that setting up your table rapidly becomes a hazard. When you’re not being walked into and having to dodge the elbows of other vendors trying to do the same, you’re stuck herding their lusii off of your table. One meowbeast has the audacity to actually hiss at you when you pluck it off the table and deposit it unceremoniously on the ground.
But eventually, it’s done. You’ve spent the past few weeks painstakingly making copies of each of your latest haul, and now they’re set out in a display at the front of the table, the covers facing with their dates featured prominently. The originals are set farther back, still visible, but out of reach from any curious hands - not so much to protect from thieves, because they’re all a little too clunky to fit under a coat or in a pocket, but because there’s a food vendor just around the corner, and you’ve spent far too much time repairing these books to let trolls get grease stains on the pages. “All books tonight,” you call out from your chair behind the table. You’re not shouting,  because you don’t need to: for once, you paid for your spot early enough that you’re in a perfectly acceptable location, right in the center of the vendors alley. Mostly, you’re just talking to anyone who shoots more than a passing glance at your table, whether it’s at the display or the boxes of less expensive books alongside it. “150 sweeps or older. Journals, autobiographies, first hand records of major historical events…”
Accusations of “Poe’s Law” are Microaggressive

So due to the fact that my blog has actually been resonating with many marginalized peoples, a few of my posts have managed to spread enough to catch the eye of some Nefarious Neckbeard types who make a living harassing feminists, and one thing I’ve noticed is that every piece of copyrighted material that they plagiarize (reblog) has been met with accusations of being a “Fake Feminist” troll blog.  Often times, they will reblog my post with the perfunctory little phrase “Poe’s Law.”

So if any of you have posted a rant or call out of something you felt substantially upset about and a user reblogged it with a comment saying “Poe’s Law” and you thought it was some inocuous slang term, let me unpack some things for you:

  • The term “Poe’s Law” is neckbeard speak for “I can’t tell whether this is a sincere post by a Feminist, or a fake post by an MRA to make Feminists look crazy”.
  • Well, that in ITSELF, is a microaggression.  This is their way of saying “your concern over problematic problem X is ridiculous.  No one could seriously care about something so trivial, so I’m going to say you must be a troll.”
  • Rather than feeling validated and empowered enough to boost the signal some more, they hope to make you wonder if your grievance about something like, sexist nomenclature in electronics hardware” (i.e. male plugs and female receptacles), is silly after all. They hope to shame you into passing on that reblog click. This is misogynist silencing tactic #1.
  • Nice try shitlords.  Nice try.