[It’s a nice day for a chemical wedding. This fic was requested by @superpinkkcat and it will be my first attempt at delving into puddin’s P.O.V a little bit so let me know what you think. I also took the film and the official movie novelization into account and put my own spin on it because I am not completely satisfied with how it went down in the book. WARNING: CLOSER TO THE END OF THE FIC THERE IS MILD SMUT, ANY WISHES FOR EXTENDED SCENES MUST BE REQUESTED. I do take all requests.]

I counted the street lights as we passed them in one of Mister J’s limousines, Frost was driving. Occasionally I couldn’t suppress the bubble of hysterical laughter, and I could feel Mister J watching me with a mixture of curiosity and satisfaction. I wanted to be with him always, this mad, twisted, intelligent man. Looking over to him, I put my hand over his where it rested on his thigh and he looked down at me.
“Where are we goin’ Mister J?” I asked.
“To a baptism, doll.”
I cocked my head to the side in confusion but decided not to ask any more questions. If he explains the joke it’s not funny anymore I recalled him saying once from one of our sessions. I felt his other hand close over mine and a small, almost inaudible gasp escaped me as I met his cool grey/blue eyes. The car had come to a stop and Frost had gotten out to open the door.
“Do you trust me?” He asked.
I nodded, letting him lead me from the limo. We were outside an old industrial building but I was hardly paying attention. All I could focus on was his hand clutching mine as he dragged me up a set of not very structurally sound steel stairs, pulling a pair of bolt cutters out of nowhere. Where could he even have hid those? The chain around the door handles fell with a clatter and he tossed the bolt cutters over his shoulder with little regard for them. And then my hand was back in his and I was watching him, not where he lead me. He walked so confidently, he looked so attractive in his sparkly suit, his grip on my hand was strong and he remained silent before letting me go abruptly when we arrived at our destination.
Looking to him, he just stared back at me and I took that as my cue to take in my surroundings. There was an odd odour in the air but I could not place it. There were unmarked crates around us and a few paces ahead I saw lights, bright lights shining from down below and I moved forward. There was no safety bar of any kind, no barrier to keep someone from just slipping over the edge and dropping down, down, down into the swirling pool of bubbling yellow liquid. Reading the name in stark black letters against the back wall a light bulb went off in my head: Ace Chemicals it said and I felt the back of his hand trail down my arm. 
“I was born down there, baby-doll.” He murmured.
I looked down into the rows upon rows of chemical vats. Turning to him, I slowly reached out and placed my hand on his chest. 
“It created you?” I asked.
“No, no, no, no, no, Y/N. It completed me, honey. Do you want it to complete you?” He purred.
I nodded and he grinned before becoming serious. “Question, would you die for me?” He asked.
It seemed like such an insulting question for him to ask. I loved him, I had thrown my life away just to be a part of his because I didn’t want that life anymore. He brought me to that realization, he helped me to understand the joke of the world, the joke of the bat. People were savages, you take a person into the wild and there are no morals, there is no law, they are just concepts hanging on by a very thin thread within our society. Let a person show you who they really are underneath it all and there is nothing worth saving in that. The bat was blind, ignorant, but we see. Mister J helped me see.
“Yes,” I said instantly, but he looked dissatisfied.
“That’s too easy,” He looked away, thinking for a second before continuing. “Would you,” he paused looking at me in a way I had never seen him look at me before and I waited for him to finish expectantly. He looked almost taken aback, distracted, and his eyes flicked to my lips but in an instant he shook his head to clear it and that beautiful look was gone. He began again, “Would you live for me?” He asked in his deep gravelly voice. 
Would I leave Y/N behind, would I leave who I was behind to be replaced with someone new? Someone potentially better? Dying for someone is easy, one shot, one stab, one small event and it was over but that isn’t what he was asking. He wanted to know if I would accept him as he is, if I would live with him and his unpredictable nature, if I would kill, steal, lie, and create chaos with him. He was asking if I would live a life, a mad, euphoric, and bloody life dedicated to showing the joke of human nature with him and there was no denying what I felt. There was no denying what I wouldn’t do for him. So again, without hesitation I replied, “Yes.” 
“Careful,” He warned pointing a finger at me, “Do not say this oath, thoughtlessly.” 
His left hand came over my mouth, his tattoo no doubt making a mock smile on my face but I couldn’t stop looking at him. I wanted to fall already, I wanted to fall. “Desire becomes surrender, and surrender becomes power,” He whispered, his hand moving as his fingertips trailed down my chin, and his index finger touched my lower lip. 
Warmth spread over me and oh, I wanted him. But he wouldn’t let me, I know he wouldn’t, he wanted my surrender. He wanted me to be reborn, and I wanted it too. 
“Do you want this?” 
“I do.” I said with conviction.
He rolled his neck, pleased with me, but he needed more and I was willing to give it. “Say it, say it,” he growled. 
“Pretty, pretty, pretty, pretty, pretty, pretty, pretty,”
“Please.” I said in a small voice that was half a beg, and half a husky whimper.
“Oh, God you’re so… good.” He praised me before taking a few steps back.
His eyes burned me, as I looked back down at the chemical pool. I could have just jumped but I wanted to watch him, I wanted him to watch me. I wanted him to see what I would do for him. He gestured to me in a way that said “Go on Y/N, go on baby, show me how good of a girl you can be”. Spreading my arms out I sold my soul to him as I fell.

***Mister J

I smirked, looking down at my birthplace where Y/N had disappeared. Well, that’s that. She’s gone, and now I can reclaim Gotham. Turning to leave and return to Frost I paused, her sweet little face appearing in my head and her sexy little voice whispering “I do” as she had surrendered herself to me. It angered me that I couldn’t keep walking. I wanted to pull her out of the vat just to shake her furiously and demand what spell she had cast. She had something over me, the moment she said those honeyed little words, and disappeared over the edge, she had something over me and I didn’t like it. In fact I loathed it. Rolling my neck in irritation I growled, whipping off my coat and diving over the edge after her. Hitting the chemical pool I felt juiced, I plunged into it like a bullet and my hands found her toned little body and I rose out of the depths of it with her… and she was beautiful.
Her skin was so pale now, so fine. There was no trace of her once golden glow, no, her skin was a perfect alabaster just like mine. He hair was a beautiful white and she wasn’t breathing. Why wasn’t she breathing? Anger flared within me, “I don’t think so Y/N, you do not get to leave me. You chose this, you do not get to die on me.” I growled and my lips covered hers.
I don’t know at what point it worked but her chest arched as she gasped, her eyes which had once been the darkest of blues now matched my own steely grey eyes. I felt a twinge of something, maybe irritation, or maybe it was the chemicals when I saw her… the real Y/N at last when she grinned, looking at me like I was her God. Her hand came behind my neck, her lips pressing against mine, and that sweet tongue of hers only confirmed how good it was that she was now mine.


He laughed, holding me in the vat of chemicals. My skin tingled, my mind was in a state of complete and total ecstacy as I laughed with him, clutching onto him as our clothes disintegrated creating a blue and red explosion of colour around us. He looked down at me then, his makeup running down his face and the almost creamy chemical residue covered us both but I had never loved him more.
“Lets go home, baby.”
Home. I grinned as he climbed out of the vat, going down the ladder that ran down its side. I followed, turning to him as I neared the bottom and I wrapped my legs around his waist and my arms around his neck. His fingers bit into my hips and I kissed him as he walked, needing his touch more than air and when we got outside I scarcely heard Frost say “What the hell happened to you two?” 
Mister J let me down and I turned to Frost, grinning, “Hiya Frosty, Muuuuahhhhh!” I gave his cheek a big kiss before climbing into the car, laughing, as Mister J came crawling in on all fours growling after me. 


I grunted as my cheek hit the stone wall of the shower, Mister J’s hand wound violently in my hair as he took me without any regard for the term ‘gentle’ but I had no protest, all I could do was moan. No dreams could amount to this, no feeling could ever be as good as how he felt inside me.
“Say it, say it Y/N” He ground out.
“I’m yours,” I panted, leaning back so I could cup the back of his neck and I heard his breath coming out in hard, purring growls in my hear. His hand came up to my throat and I gasped, feeling his teeth bite into my shoulder. 
“Say it, baby, say it!”
I could barely contain myself, let alone say anything. He stopped abruptly and I tried to move against him but he held me firmly in place.
“Puddin’”I groaned, needing him to move, needing him to take me.
“I said,” his hand tightened around my throat and I shivered, on the verge of begging. “Say. It.” 
“I’m yours, only yours, now and forever.”
“That’s right baby,” he whispered, and he took me without mercy.

Sex Is No Proof- Destiel (Supernatural)

Summary: Dean walks into Cas watching some adult films. When he finds out the reason is not for Castiel’s pleasure, Dean must convince Cas that he’s enough.

Word Count: 560

Warnings: Mention of Porn (no description) 

A/N: So I got this idea after watching the Pizza Man episode. Although there is mention of porn, this isn’t smut. It’s fluffy Destiel with a little insecure Cas and comforting Dean. Hope y'all enjoy!

Originally posted by superuunatural

“Cas…” Dean stared at the angel on the couch, his own laptop on Castiel’s lap. “What the Hell are you doing?”

Castiel never took his eyes off the screen. “I was alone.”

“We talked about this, dude. No porn.” He shook his head, walking over.

“You said no porn when I was around others.” As soon as Dean stole the laptop, he looked up and added, “And I wasn’t around others.”

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Sex Is No Proof

Summary: Dean walks into Cas watching some adult films. When he finds out the reason is not for Castiel’s pleasure, Dean must convince Cas that he’s enough.

Word Count: 560

Warnings: Mention of Porn (no description) A/N: So I got this idea after watching the Pizza Man episode. Although there is mention of porn, this isn’t smut. It’s fluffy Destiel with a little insecure Cas and comforting Dean. Hope y'all enjoy!

Originally posted by lonesomesam

“Cas…” Dean stared at the angel on the couch, his own laptop on Castiel’s lap. “What the Hell are you doing?”

Castiel never took his eyes off the screen. “I was alone.”

“We talked about this, dude. No porn.” He shook his head, walking over.

“You said no porn when I was around others.” As soon as Dean stole the laptop, he looked up and added, “And I wasn’t around others.”

Dean had a confused face at the site. “Red-tube, man? Where did you even get the account?”

He stood up. “Crowley.”

Dean rolled his eyes, then closed the site. “Of course. But why are you even watching this? You can’t understand jack about it.”

“You like porn, yes?”

Dean quirked an eyebrow. “Sure, as much as the next man, but-”

“And you like the way sex is portrayed in this films, correct?”

He nodded. “Skip to the punch line, Cas.”

“Crowley told me that you like people with experience. Well,” Castiel flicked his eyes away for a second, “before you, I was a virgin. I was just hoping to learn more efficient ways to please you in sexual activities.”

At that, Dean burst into laughter, placing his hand on Castiel’s shoulder for support. When the angle did not join with him, Dean calmed himself and took a breath. “Wait, are you serious?”

“You have never disappointed me, Dean.” His face held a slight hint of worry. “I just want to show you the same.”

“Do you honestly think I’m judging our relationship on the quality of your sex? Cas, please.”

“Members of those adult movies are very talented, I assume. It seems only reasonable that you would expect the same from me.”

Dean sighed, a comforting half smile on his face. He moved so he was just in front of Castiel, hands on both shoulders and gazing straight into his eyes. “Cas, porn stars are hired because of their skills under the sheets. But I’m not dating you because you’re good at sex, which you are anyway.

“And I could pick up any girl at a bar and have a good night, but you’re the only one that understands the life, understands my struggles, and is willing to put up with me when I’m going downstream, knee high in shit.

“I didn’t choose you because I wanted perfect sex. No, this isn’t some one night stand, Cas. You’re my boyfriend because you’re perfect as my boyfriend. Sex is only one part of a relationship, and I love you for every single part. I love you, just the way you are.”

Castiel began to smile. Being human had caused some insecurities he had never understood as an angel, but it also allowed him to feel this happy. “I love you too, Dean, I just want to prove it.”

“And you do, Cas, trust me. But sex is no proof. The way you always want to heal my tiniest cuts, the way you kiss me awake in the morning, the way you try your hardest to be romantic. That, that is proof. Anyone can be good at sex, but only you could be good at being my boyfriend.”

Castiel leaned into Dean’s chest, burying his face. Dean wrapped his arms around him. He whispered, “And plus, the more bad you are at sex just means the more I can to teach you,” and winked.

Film Recommendations: *these all have a trigger warning* *search before watching* (but ones with special trigger warning have***)


  • Welfare
  • Amy
  • Grey Gardens
  • Grizzly Man
  • Aileen: Life and Death of a Serial Killer
  • How to Survive a Plague*
  • Streetwise***
  • Hoop Dreams
  • Shoah*
  • Harlan County, U.S.A.
  • Wodstock
  • The Thin Blue Line
  • The Times of Harvey Milk
  • Detropia
  • Dont look back
  • Boy Interrupted***
  • The Bridge***
  • Metallica: Some kind of monster
  • Human Planet
  • Planet Earth

Gonna make you cry:

  • Dancing in the Dark*
  • Life is Beautiful
  • Short Term 12
  • Central Station
  • Lilya 4-ever***


  • Tomboy
  • Something Must Break**
  • Boys Don’t Cry*
  • Pariah
  • Saving Face
  • Freeheld


  • Harold and Maude*
  • The History of Future Folk
  • The Giant Mechanical Man
  • I’m a Cyborg but That’s Okay*
  • Monty Python and the Holy Grail
  • Scott Pilgrim vs the World
  • Beetlejuice


  • Tracks
  • It’s Such a Beautiful Day
  • Synechdoche*
  • Little Miss Sunshine
  • Phoebe in Wonderland
  • Benny and Joon

Mental Illness:

  • Wristcutters: A Love Story***
  • The Hours*
  • ‘night Mother***
  • Prozac Nation*
  • Skeleton Twins**
  • Before I Disappear***


  • The Craft*
  • Heathers
  • Fried Green Tomatoes
  • A Raisin in the Sun
  • The Others
  • Sybil*


  • Sophie’s Choice
  • 3 Girls
  • The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo Series (swedish version)***
  • American Psycho*
  • American Beauty*
  • Pan’s Labyrinth**

anonymous asked:

What's it like being a film major? I plan on studying film (I'm a freshman in college) and I would love to hear about your experience

Now I can answer this question since I have finally begun taking classes!

It’s pretty chill even though there’s a lot of deep thinking you have to do after watching certain films. 

How Mizzou sets up their film program is you first take an English/Film Studies class. For this class you are required to attend a film each Monday night, and all of the assignments and discussions that week will be about that individual picture. On Tuesdays we much submit three questions relating to the film and on Thursdays we must submit a close-reading of a clip from the film which is given to us. 

Why it’s considered an English and film class is because this class is helping us analyze film so we can write decent and provoking reviews. 

Other than that we have a film book which we are assigned to read chapters from, “Film: A Critical Introduction” and it’s the third edition. 

I’m also in a film studies FIG (Freshman Interest Group) which is a group of people who are majoring/interested in film, but sadly all of them are guys and I’ve been bullied a lot recently because of it. I’ve contacted my coordinator though. I guess it’s apart of being a future girl in the film industry. 

disconnectedrealist  asked:

Just curious, what did you not like about Inception? Love your blog by the way my "must-watch" movie listen had doubled because of you!

Thank you!!! <3 I hope you watch and enjoy some of them :)

And yeah idk, I really don’t like Chris Nolan. The more popular his mediocre films are, the less I like them. He blatantly steals a lot of his work from other people and then takes credit for it (Inception was an obvious steal of the anime called Paprika as well as the book Shutter Island)(Memento was an old short story that he adapted). It’s really gross and not at all innovative, yet 15 year old nerd boys want to shove his dvds up their asses. I’m just bored of that…whole…deal. I don’t like stolen work. Show me talent, show me original ideas, show me good scripts, show me less of whatever it is he thinks he’s doing. 

all of you complaining about kingsglaive and i spent all today going through 1,001 movies you must see before you die. while you were suffering i was watching the big lebowski. while you were wasting time i was meditating on what it means to live. while you wasted away your days on square in pursuit of vanity i cultivated inner strength. man I hate being a film studies kid