Some really good Documentaries I’ve watched on Netflix

Dark Girls:"This fascinating and controversial film that goes underneath the surface to explore the prejudices dark-skinned women face throughout the world. It explores the roots of classism, racism and the lack of self-esteem within a segment of cultures."
*The Central Park Five: "This documentary examines the case of five teenagers, all African-American or Latino, who were convicted of the brutal rape of a white woman in 1989."
*Frontline: Secret State of North Korea: "Using smuggled footage and never-before-told stories from defectors, "Frontline" investigates North Korea and its enigmatic young leader, Kim Jong-un."
*The Square: "This Emmy-winning, street-level view of the 2011 Egyptian Revolution captures the astonishing uprising that led to the collapse of two governments." (TW some gore)
How to Survive a Plague: "Faced with their own mortality, a group of mostly HIV-positive young people break the mold in taking on Washington and the medical establishment"
*Bhutto: This documentary examines the life of Pakistani prime minister Benazir Bhutto, whose assassination sent her nation’s political system into a tailspin.” (TW some gore/blood)
Reel Injun: "This superb documentary reveals the film industry’s effect on North American native people, who’ve been depicted in movies in wildly inaccurate ways"
Spies of Mississippi:In the 1960s, the state of Mississippi formed a secret agency that employed black spies to infiltrate and take down civil rights organizations.”
Outrage: ”Director Kirby Dick exposes the hypocrisy of gay politicians who publicly criticize the LGBT community while hiding their own sexual orientation.”
Nanking: ”This graphic documentary recounts a World War II-era tragedy in which Japanese soldiers murdered 200,000 Chinese citizens and raped tens of thousands” (TW blood, violence)
Frontline: Ebola Outbreak: “Go inside an emergency field hospital in Sierra Leone, where medical professionals are combating the vast Ebola outbreak that has killed thousands.”

[MUST READ]Padmé Didn’t Die of a Broken Heart

There’s something you missed.

I find it odd that one of the most pivotal and mysterious moments in the Star Wars saga is discussed infrequently, and when it is the case is closed. Some time between 2005 and now the greater part of people who’ve watched this movie have all come to the same conclusion, and all that is debated is if they like this course of events or not.

Of course, I’m talking about the end of Revenge of the Sith, one of my all-time favorite films. I haven’t been counting, but I’ve seen this movie 500 times, and I’m still finding new things to consider. The final hour of this movie is densely packed with information, but it doesn’t hold your hand. Where a lesser film would have wrapped thing up with an expositive voiceover, Revenge of the Sith demands that the viewer watches how things unfold, and then asks the viewer to put the pieces together themselves. Unfortunately, not everyone has put them together the proper way, and that leads to a lot of differing conclusions regarding the anticlimax of the movie.

I’m talking about Padmé’s death, the cause of which has been said by many to be “a broken heart.”

Yuck. Nope.

I’m here to tell you that this theory does not hold up, and I’m going to show you why. Listen to my case, consider the evidence, re-watch the movie, and rethink the flawed broken heart theory.

I. The term “broken heart” is not the droid’s diagnosis.

The only time anyone mentions anything about a broken heart is when Padmé is pleading to Anakin to stop being off-the-wall crazy. It’s an obvious reaction to what she’s hearing: he has admitted to turning against the Jedi order and killing children, siding with Palpatine, and even plotting to overthrow him. Of course she would be heartbroken! But it didn’t kill her. Would that news kill you? Nope. It didn’t kill her. Move along.

II. It wasn’t Anakin’s Force choke, either.

In a truly despicable move, Anakin physically hurts his pregnant wife because he thinks she has sided with Obi-Wan to kill him. He uses the dark side to choke her. After a few very intense seconds, he lets her go, and she collapses to the ground. The film makes great efforts to show you she is CLEARLY alive.

First, we can see her chest move up and down as she is unconscious on the ground. Second, Obi-Wan discretely checks to see if she’s living before the duel. Third, she talks to Obi-Wan once he is back on board the ship following the duel with Anakin. Anakin did not kill her by cutting off her air supply for a those moments. Such a consequence is completely plausible (not saying it isn’t) but the film makes sure to let you know many times that this did not contribute to her death.

III. Droids don’t know squat about the Force.

After arriving at Polis Massa, Padmé is immediately taken to the medical ward. She is directly cared for by medical droids, with organic(?) Polis Massans supervising the effort.

Let’s get one thing straight for all time: droids cannot feel the Force; droids cannot interact with the Force; droids do not understand anything about the Force unless it is programmed data provided by organics.

Clearly, what is going on with Padme in this scene has to do with the Force. Because Star Wars. With that in mind, let’s review the exact words the droid said to Obi-Wan:

DROID “Medically, she’s completely healthy. For reasons we can’t explain, we’re losing her.”
OBI-WAN “She’s dying?!”
DROID “We don’t know why. She’s lost the will to live. We need to operate quickly if we are to save the babies.”

For reasons we can’t explain, we’re losing her. That reason is the Force! We don’t know why. She’s lost the will to live. As if her connection to the Living Force was severed? Of course the droids would not be able to pick this up!!

No broken hearts here. Look at her face. Does this look like a person who does not want to live? She struggled to keep conscious and talk until the very bitter end. She does not want to go. Her will to live is strong.

So, why does it seem like the Living Force is being ripped away from her, stealing her life force in a vampiric manner? That sounds like a power one would have if they were able to cheat death.

Wait. I’ve heard that phrase before. <gasp!>

IV. “Have you ever heard the tragedy of Darth Plagueis the Wise?”

Yep. By his own admission, Palpatine learned everything his master knew, and killed him only after he could acquire nothing more.

Palpatine already knew how to influence the midichlorians to create life and save people from dying.

So, as Anakin was dying from his wounds on Mustafar, the Emperor siphoned the Living Force from Padmé and brought it to Anakin. Thus, she died as he was reborn as Darth Vader.

(FYI–don’t talk to me about his Darthness being conferred earlier in the film; this was just a title. When he rose in the black suit, Darth Vader was an entirely new persona for the being inside.)

But wait–none of this is part of the film! I am reading into it a little bit! I am making conclusions! Yes, exactly. The brilliance of this film is making you think deeply about the nature of the Force. There is nothing in the Star Wars canon that conflicts even remotely and plenty of evidence–by Palpatine’s own words–that support it.

(For the few years before the Darth Plagueis novel was made Legends, there was much more evidence that also supported this, but let’s stick with just the film for now.)

V. “I sense Lord Vader is in danger.”

But how can Palpatine affect Padmé when she’s all the way on Polis Massa?

Even while battling Yoda, Palpatine can feel something is wrong with Anakin all the way out on Mustafar. On this day, the Emperor is at the height of his power. The dark side is strongest, completely blinding the Jedi, who are effectively fighting against a rising tide. Palpatine is having the best day of his entire life. If he is aware of Anakin on Mustafar, he is completely capable to affecting Padmé on Polis Massa.

VI. “She was alive. I felt it.”

Darth Vader rises disoriented from the excruciating ordeal he has just been through. He was set aflame, only to be reconstructed in a torturous procedure. The only thing keeping him alive, surely, was the influx of Living Force from Padmé by way of Palpatine’s dark arts. It is no mere coincidence she died at the precise time the procedure was over.

The first thing Vader does is to inquire about Padmé. It’s not that he was unconscious–the movie makes it clear that he was awake through the entire procedure–it’s that he could feel her in the Force, and once the procedure was over he could not. He knew all along that his choke didn’t kill her. He is worried about this person he means to possess, and fears the worst.

PALPATINE “Lord Vader, can you hear me?”
VADER “Yes master. Where is Padmé? Is she safe? Is she alright?”
PALPATINE “It seems, in your anger, you killer her.”
VADER “I–I couldn’t have. She was ALIVE–I FELT IT.”
{Palpatine knowingly smiles}

The evidence is there. Anakin felt that she was alive, and then could not. Palpatine smiles in satisfaction. And here lies is the most damning evidence in support of my case–the one irrefutable fact no one can deny…

VII. There’s no other way Palpatine would know what’s happening to Padme.

Padmé was taken to a secret location, hidden from the Emperor and Vader. Palpatine was pretty busy in the events following his duel: he picked up Anakin and rebuilt him. If he wasn’t killing Padmé from afar, why oh why would he be aware of her death? There would be no news of it so suddenly; it had only happened seconds before he told the news to Anakin. This is the lynch-pin of Palpatine’s whole plan, the part that would enslave Vader forever in his despair. She had to die–right then–or else Vader would never truly be committed to the Emperor.

This movie and the subsequent movies also show that neither Vader or the Emperor knew anything of her location, or of the birth of Vader’s children. The Emperor’s power was at its height, but not omniscient.

The fact that Palpatine knew about Padmé’s death is the one big, huge giveaway that he was involved and that SHE DID NOT DIE OF A BROKEN HEART!

Once this deciding piece of evidence is given away by the film, the rest of the details previously shown to you all fall into place. But, don’t take my word for it–watch the movie. It’s all there. This is less of a theory than it is just a close watching of a film with many, many layers to uncover. I’m just going with the facts, here.

So please, please(!)–stop talking about murderous broken hearts in Revenge of the Sith. The film deserves better treatment than that, and you deserve to watch this classic one more time.

-Joseph Tavano 
*Article from RetroZap, definitely check out this site


Reasons To Love Peter Cushing

╙ His Dr Frankenstein

Valentine's Day? Nah son, Discernment Day

Don’t have a significant other? No problem!

Pray for your vocation! Whether it’s for your future spouse or your future community! Let God talk to you on this day and point you to where you are called to be. Just remember what the important thing is, treat yo’self and keep God number one.

Start the day off with prayer (obviously). Then make yourself an awesome breakfast. Bacon is a must (unless you can’t have bacon or are allergic or whatever). After breakfast, go to Mass and encounter Love Himself in the Eucharist. Make sure that you wake up early enough to eat so that you can fast for an hour before Mass though! Pray a rosary after Mass. Let Mama Mary remind you what this is all about: her Son.

After Mass, watch a/some good Christian films. Options include, but are not limited to: Old Fashioned (in theaters on February 14, 2014), Fireproof (on Netflix), Courageous, The Bible (Miniseries) (on Netflix), etc. Reflect on the film while you grab some lunch! When 3 p.m. rolls around, join our Church and pray the Chaplet of the Divine Mercy.

Afterwards, write a letter to your future spouse or future community. Unsure about who to? Write to God. Make Him a Valentine’s Day card. Ask Him to send His Holy Spirit to guide you. Since you’re already sitting down, crack open your Bible and find a verse you love. Connect it to how God is working in your life. Pray. Talk about what you desire. Talk about your hopes and dreams. He’s listening. He’s your Valentine. He’s your lover. You are His beloved. Grab some dinner and chill. Breathe. Rest. Love yourself and let yourself be loved by Him. Crack open a book about the Theology of the Body or find some videos about it on YouTube. It will help you no matter what vocation you’re called to.

End the day in reflection. Think about what love means to you and see if it aligns with the love Christ has for us and His Church. Lay down and rest in His embrace. For when you awaken, it’ll be time to go to Mass again!

Remember what this day is about. Let Love Himself pierce your heart. Let Him calm your storms. No matter where you are in life, He’s with you. He loves you. You are not alone. Turn a day that could end in sour feelings into a day offered up to the source of love.

We’re almost at the end of another week, and of February. Time is breezing by so fast! I’m trying to sort out my priorities and lately, school and work related activities are always on top of it. Fortunately, I still find time to sit down and post something in my blog that is worth my reader’s time. 

So without any further ado, here are fifteen interesting articles I’ve stumbled upon from the internet: *clap clap*

  1. Three Steps To Overcoming Creative Resistance
  2. 7 Romantic PH Travel Destinations (how about 7 beautiful must-visit places in the Philippines, regardless if you’re single or not loljk)
  3. Sons of The Sand by Nicole Villaluz
  4. Preview of Phineas and Ferb’s Future
  5. 10 Eye-Catching Graphic Designer Resumes
  6. Why We All Need To Practice Emotional First Aid
  7. 20 Films You Need To Watch In Your 20s
  8. 1969 High School Fashion
  9. 17 Websites That Will Make You Smarter (duolingo is a great app! I’ll blog more about it soon)
  10. Marco Tempest: The Electric Rise and Fall of Nikola Tesla
  11. Psychological Life Hacks
  12. Corgis Are Awesome
  13. The Heartwarming Letter J.K. Rowling Wrote To A Fan She Met On Twitter
  14. How to give more persuasive presentations
  15. 15 Super Unique Libraries Around The World

How about you guys? What awesome stuff in the ~interwebz~ have you stumbled upon lately? :)

Kingsman: The Secret Service (2015)

"Manners maketh man. Do you know what that means? Then let me teach you a lesson."

The best action movie I have seen in a very long time. With intense, well shot action sequences, Colin Firth and Taron Egerton shine. The story is so daring and completely original that it is a must see. As I was watching this movie I was thinking, “This is so great! My first five out of five of 2015!” But at the end, so many absurd and goofy things happened that I had to lower it. But all in all, absurdity aside, it’s a very good and entertaining film. A must see.

My Rating: ★★★★1/2

Movie Review : That Thing Called Tadhana

Warning: Before you continue reading this post, I must say, I’m giving my own thoughts and opinions about the film. Plus, spoooooiiiileeeer alert!!!! If you haven’t watched the film yet, I suggest you stop reading this and go to your nearest cinema house and watch the film. Now!

I’m giving this movie a 9/10 rating since it really had a realistic plot which added up #hugot feels in the film. Many people could actually relate to this film (—even I) and the cinematography and all was a really nice go.

The metaphors in this film were so rad. First, Mace (Angelica Panganiban) couldn’t leave Rome because her luggages were too heavy. Second, someone comes along and helps her with her “extra baggage” and that someone is Anthony (JM De Guzman). Third, the dream of Anthony and the nightmare of Mace after they got a massage. It was obvious that Mace’s nightmare was about her ex leaving her at a beautiful place; leaving her alone in spontaneity, he made her feel unwanted. For me, Anthony’s dream was about reality. From the start, he obviously likes Mace (well, duh) and in his dream he said they just walked along Session Road. Then when they got to Sagada and they forgot their luggages in Baguio but for Mace it was surprisingly alright. Lastly (I think), the whole short story Mace wrote. About the arrow and the heart pierced through him. There were too many metaphors that you wouldn’t notice unless you analyzed the film, which I actually did. Cause you know #hugot.

Relating the scenes I stated above to metaphors:

First : You can never go on in life with an extra baggage. Always keep the stuff that you need, NOT what you think you need, with you and keep moving forward.

Second : IRL, someone will always come your way to help you with those extra baggage, all you gotta do is to let them in, keep your guards down and just hope for the best.

Third : Anthony’s dream was about their (Mace’s and his’) journey together. Even if it’s just for a couple of nights or so, in the movie Anthony told Mace that if he’d be given a chance to give his dream an ending it would be Mace being ready upon the matter of her finally forgetting about her ex.

Fourth : In the bus/forgotten luggage scene, what surprised me was that Mace didn’t care anymore if they forgot their luggages and I think it’s a metaphor in relation to her finally being ready to move on with her life. Because, hello, the luggages were filled with memories of her ex all the way from Rome.

The last one : Anthony was the arrow and Mace was the heart. Mace’s ending of her story was too sad and bitin, then the voiceover of Anthony gave a new ending of it, though I think it subtly stated what kinda happened with Mace & Anthony in the ending. It was an open ending ‘cause I didn’t know if 1) They (Mace & her ex) got back together again (because it was her ex for 8 years) (8 YEARS, PEOPLE) 2) Anthony’s still chasing her 3) I have no idea at all.

But overall, the movie was so perf and I definitely recommend you watching it. The musical score was so nice it added up legit senti feels on the film.

It was such a nice movie. Hoping for more indie films to watch!

PS : photo above not mine, just edited it to fit my article

thegirlinthearmor asked:

I'd seen the Kingsman trailer at least 30 times before I went to see the movie last Tuesday and I must admit I felt in love with Taron/Eggsy right away. Although the end dissapointed me a bit bc I spend all the movie shipping Eggsy and Roxy so yeah

That’s exactly what happens when people come from watching Kingsman, Taron just has this charismatic quality about himself that just pulls you in. How did you like the movie after all the anticipation leading up to the film?

I quite liked the end of the movie, it’s really nice and refreshing to see a movie where the guy and the girl don’t end up with one another like all the other movies. As much as I like Eggsy and Roxy, I think they’re better as friends.


so ya know i watched this moVIE AND I LOVED IT? SO I DECIDED TO MAKE THIS Net for all people who love this awesome hella hotel yay!
my ask is always open!



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if you get in:

  • im gonna need your email so i can accept u in the network
  • i will ask u later for an icon and a desc for the net page
  • you can meet also new ppl who love this damn hotel and wanna live in it and talk about it and other films too!
  • also pls track the tag #tgbhnetwork


The Legend of the Neverbeast

I just watched the Legend of the Neverbeast and I am not okay!

This movie was so sad and touching but also so uplifting. I never thought much of Disney Toon Studios but this film has made my respect for it grow. I’m not exaggerating, I teared up - no - I bawled my eyes out! The funny thing is that I was not all that interested in this film from the get-go but now that I’ve seen it I must say that it’s one of the best of the franchise, definitely in the top 3 with the last 3 films. So when you get the chance, watch it, it’s definitely worth it. 

Although this is the last in the franchise, I’m hoping it’s success will warrant more films, even though this one wrapped up brilliantly. Hopefully Disney Toon will continue to make more films in general that have this amount of heart! Good job guys, A+!   

anonymous asked:

star wars?

THE OTP: han x leia. aka i will die getting to see them as an actual old married couple later this year.

M/F OTP: han x leia

M/M OTP: obi-wan x anakin (cries)

F/F OTP: none

Fav Female: leia organa solo
Fav Male: han solo (are you detecting a pattern) also anakin skywalker/darth vader because i really think he has one of the best and most classic hero-villain-hero arcs in all of fiction, who would ever imagine crying your eyes out at the death of vader in rotj after anh and esb

Least Fav Male: george lucas attempting to direct the films

Why I joined the fandom: because my father considered watching star wars an essential part of his children’s education and hence all three of us (my two sisters and me) became addicted at an early age

tauchawee asked:

If you had to pick your top five favourite horror films, what would they be? (mine are: Dracula (1931), Nosferatu, Nightmare on Elm Street, Frankenstein (1931), & American Psycho).

Yours are all very good picks, I must say but I would hate to have to pick my top five horror films!  

But here are some fives by category that I would gladly watch on a rainy day.:


The Curse of Frankenstein (1958)

The Horror of Dracula (1959)

The Kiss of the Vampire (1963)

The Plague of the Zombies (1966)

Taste the Blood of Dracula (1970)


Black Sabbath (1963)

The Blancheville Monster (1963)

Nightmare Castle (1965)

An Angel for Satan (1966)

Kill Baby Kill (1966)


The Girl Who Knew Too Much (aka The Evil Eye… (1963)

Paranoia (1969)

The Fifth Cord (1971)

The Case of the Bloody Iris (1972)

The Lady in Red Kills Seven Times (1972)


Hell Night (1981)

Psycho II (1983)

April Fool’s Day (1986)

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 (1986)

Prom Night II (1987)

anonymous asked:

EVERYONE MUST BUY(it's cheap and great for supporting their work) AND WATCH "SEA WALL", andrew scott plays alone in it, it's a short film. Watch it.

We actually made a post with the trailer and a link to where to buy(or rent) it a couple of weeks ago :) 

But yes, it’s a great short film and you should all watch it if you can! Fair warning though, it gets quite emotional i may or may not have cried…just a bit

P.s. so sorry I took so long to reply to this

50 shades of grey starts with the lady not wanting to be apart of BDSM until the man continues and she eventually likes it. This IS rape. This is being shown nationally.
Facts are that over 95% of rapists believe that everyone else with a penis would do the same and they don’t necessarily see there actions as rape. These people will be sitting next to you, in front of you, behind you in the cinema. And they will watch this film and think people with vaginas must want to be subs. And they’ll look around the theatre and see people of all genders and think well half of the people here would carry out these rape actions and the other half want it to happen to them.
Please don’t partake in rape culture. Please don’t watch 50 shades of grey. We already know the negative effects the media has on uneducated minds such as the result of American Sniper. Let’s not let the media shape uniformed minds negatively again. Stop the control films have on society and stop giving them publicity.

Sundance Film Festival Picks

I’ve grown to love movies a lot more lately which led to my scouring the internet for good titles. I stumbled upon the Sundance Film Festival website and browsed the list of movies.

I added Dope, Mistress America, Stockholm, Pennsylvania, and Ten Thousand Saints on my to watch list! I must admit though, I’m not one for indie(?) movies. I’m trying to widen my options and also trying to explore different movie genres—and basically everything in between!

Well, I’m off to dance practice in a little while. Hope you all have a lovely Saturday!

2015 Film Challenge #56: The Grand Budapest Hotel (2014)

Dir. Wes Anderson

Fox Searchlight Pictures

One of my personal favourites of last year, Grand Budapest Hotel is director Wes Anderson at his very best, containing a very basic story wrapped up in some of the most gorgeous filmmaking seen in years.

Aside from the fact the film is very funny indeed and includes brilliantly hammy performances from all of it’s cast, the sets and design throughout the whole film are wonderful to look at, each shot being perfectly composed, and the music is also massively entertaining.

The use of aspect ratios as a story device is genius, with the majority of the story shown in a 4:3 aspect ratio but some other time periods being shown in 1.33:1 or 2.35:1.

If you are a film fan, even if you disliked Anderson’s previous work, Grand Budapest Hotel is simply a must-watch.


Based on All You Zombies by Robert A. Heinlein, directed by Peter and Michael Spierig, and staring Ethan Hawke, Sarah Snook, Noah Taylor, Christopher Kirby & Madeleine West.

Premise: The life of a time-traveling Temporal Agent. On his final assignment, he must pursue the one criminal that has eluded him throughout time.

Review: Predestination just blew my mind. I didn’t really know what to expect when I watched the film, since I wasn’t familiar with the Robert A. Heinlein’s source material. The trailers were good but a little weak and now that I’ve seen the movie I understand why. 

Predestination is smart. Every piece of the puzzle is perfectly laid out so that the story pulls you in slowly, keeping your mind in sort of lazer sharp focus because it’s a time-travel movie and usually that’s what you need to understand these movies. But in this case that is exactly what will get you fooled. From start to finish, I was so into the story that the craziest of possibilities escaped me. I ate everything they fed me and was left dumbfounded once the story unfolded. I am doing my best not to spoil because the movie is an experience that I would encourage anyone to have. 

Predestination surpasses expectations and carefully untangles a knotted storyline that will slowly start to take all of its tragic, dramatic sense. 

Everything makes sense, it all ties together and the same thing goes for the cast, Ethan Hawke, Sarah Snook, and Noah Taylor are amazing. Each of them bring something specific to the table, creating this tight knit story that left me reevaluating everything I saw once an untangled knot in the storyline took its meaning. Sarah Snook & Ethan Hawke’s performances brought real emotional weight to the characters they’re playing. Particularly, Sarah Snook whose character could have drag this movie down the drain if she wasn’t utterly convincing.

The sci-fi aspects aside Predestination also touches so many current subjects and could be interpreted and/or seen in so many ways. The story becomes about Jane’s emotional journey and her transition into a man and throughout life. There is also something to be said about loving and accepting yourself in the movie but I can’t go too deep into that without spoilers.

Peter and Michael Spierig delivered a methodical, almost anal retentive film. It’s intense, a bit contrite but it’s a good film. 

Predestination is a great take on time travel and fate. A thought-provoking film with an entertaining and complex storyline lead by a great cast. 

What do you think?

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So Tom Hiddleston loves voice acting? I must find out if he’s read any books… I am such a voice person, you see, and I’ve fallen for his voice once and for all. Hell, I’m tempted to watch the film just to hear him speak. 

Nothing like a good voice to make me happy.