Yesterday evening, Algy’s assistant invited him to watch a unique - and at the time it was made, very courageous - film, The Great Dictator, created by the amazing Charlie Chaplin in 1940…

In case you are not familiar with this movie, Algy must explain that in this film Charlie Chaplin plays two “fictional” characters who look alike - the megalomaniac Tomanian dictator Adenoid Hynkel (top clip), who wants to conquer the world and eradicate all non-Aryans, and an innocent Jewish barber, who is eventually sent to a prison camp but manages to escape and is then mistaken for Hynkel himself, which enables him - at the very end of the movie - to broadcast to the whole world a moving, humanitarian speech often called The Greatest Speech Ever Made (bottom clip). 

Algy recommends watching this movie, at this time in the state of world affairs. Although the film is deadly serious, it is also brilliantly funny in the way it manages to ridicule the dictators Adenoid Hynkel and Benzino Napaloni without losing sight of the very grave subject.

[Note - only a small part of the Adenoid Hynkel speech is shown in the clip above, but the full speech is available in other clips on YouTube.]

[It’s a nice day for a chemical wedding. This fic was requested by @superpinkkcat and it will be my first attempt at delving into puddin’s P.O.V a little bit so let me know what you think. I also took the film and the official movie novelization into account and put my own spin on it because I am not completely satisfied with how it went down in the book. WARNING: CLOSER TO THE END OF THE FIC THERE IS MILD SMUT, ANY WISHES FOR EXTENDED SCENES MUST BE REQUESTED. I do take all requests.]

           I counted the street lights as we passed them in one of Mister J’s limousines, Frost was driving. Occasionally I couldn’t suppress the bubble of hysterical laughter, and I could feel Mister J watching me with a mixture of curiosity and satisfaction. I wanted to be with him always, this mad, twisted, intelligent man. Looking over to him, I put my hand over his where it rested on his thigh and he looked down at me.
           “Where are we goin’ Mister J?” I asked. 
           “To a baptism, doll.”
           I cocked my head to the side in confusion but decided not to ask any more questions. If he explains the joke it’s not funny anymore I recalled him saying once from one of our sessions. I felt his other hand close over mine and a small, almost inaudible gasp escaped me as I met his cool grey/blue eyes. The car had come to a stop and Frost had gotten out to open the door.
           “Do you trust me?” He asked.
           I nodded, letting him lead me from the limo. We were outside an old industrial building but I was hardly paying attention. All I could focus on was his hand clutching mine as he dragged me up a set of not very structurally sound steel stairs and he pulled a pair of bolt cutters out of nowhere. Where could he even have hid those? The chain around the door handles fell with a clatter and he tossed the bolt cutters over his shoulder with little regard for them. And then my hand was back in his and I was watching him, not where he led me. He walked so confidently, he looked so attractive in his sparkly suit, his grip on my hand was strong and he remained silent before letting me go abruptly when we arrived at our destination.
           Looking to him, he just stared back at me and I took that as my cue to take in my surroundings. There was an odd odour in the air but I could not place it. There were unmarked crates around us and a few paces ahead I saw lights, bright lights shining from down below and I moved forward. There was no safety bar of any kind, no barrier to keep someone from just slipping over the edge and dropping down, down, down into the swirling pool of bubbling yellow liquid. Reading the name in stark black letters against the back wall a light bulb went off in my head: Ace Chemicals it said and I felt the back of his hand trail down my arm. 
           “I was born down there, baby-doll.” He murmured.
           I looked down into the rows upon rows of chemical vats. Turning to him, I slowly reached out and placed my hand on his chest. 
           “It created you?” I asked.
           “No, no, no, no, no, Y/N. It completed me, honey. Do you want it to complete you?” He purred.
           I nodded and he grinned before becoming serious. “Question, would you die for me?” He asked.
           It seemed like such an insulting question for him to ask. I loved him; I had thrown my life away just to be a part of his because I didn’t want that life anymore. He brought me to that realization; he helped me to understand the joke of the world, the joke of the Bat. People were savages, you take a person into the wild and there are no morals, there is no law, they are just concepts hanging on by a very thin thread within our society. Let a person show you who they really are underneath it all and there is nothing worth saving in that. The bat was blind, ignorant, but we see. Mister J helped me see.
           “Yes,” I said instantly, but he looked dissatisfied. 
           “That’s too easy,” He looked away, thinking for a second before continuing.
           “Would you,” he paused looking at me in a way I had never seen him look at me before and I waited for him to finish expectantly. He looked almost taken aback, distracted, and his eyes flicked to my lips but in an instant he shook his head to clear it and that beautiful look was gone.
           He began again, “Would you live for me?” He asked in his deep gravelly voice. 
           Would I leave Y/N behind, would I leave who I was behind to be replaced with someone new? Someone potentially better? Dying for someone is easy, one shot, one stab, one small event and it was over but that isn’t what he was asking. He wanted to know if I would accept him as he is, if I would live with him and his unpredictable nature, if I would kill, steal, lie, and create chaos with him. He was asking if I would live a life, a mad, euphoric, and bloody life dedicated to showing the joke of human nature with him and there was no denying what I felt. There was no denying what I wouldn’t do for him. So again, without hesitation I replied, 
           “Careful,” He warned pointing a finger at me, “Do not say this oath, thoughtlessly.” 
           His left hand came over my mouth, his tattoo no doubt making a mock smile on my face but I couldn’t stop looking at him. I wanted to fall already, I wanted to fall. 
           “Desire becomes surrender, and surrender becomes power,” He whispered, his hand moving as his fingertips trailed down my chin, and his index finger touched my lower lip. 
           Warmth spread over me and oh, I wanted him. But he wouldn’t let me, I know he wouldn’t, he wanted my surrender. He wanted me to be reborn, and I wanted it too. 
           “Do you want this?” 
           “I do.” I said with conviction.
           He rolled his neck, pleased with me, but he needed more and I was willing to give it. “Say it, say it,” he growled. 
           “Pretty, pretty, pretty, pretty, pretty, pretty, pretty,”
           “Please.” I said in a small voice that was half a beg, and half a husky whimper.
           “Oh, God you’re so… good.” He praised me before taking a few steps back.
His eyes burned me, as I looked back down at the chemical pool. I could have just jumped but I wanted to watch him, I wanted him to watch me. I wanted him to see what I would do for him. He gestured to me in a way that said “Go on Y/N, go on baby, and show me how good of a girl you can be”. Spreading my arms out I sold my soul to him as I fell.

***Mister J

           I smirked, looking down at my birthplace where Y/N had disappeared. Well, that’s that. She’s gone, and now I can reclaim Gotham. Turning to leave and return to Frost I paused, her sweet little face appearing in my head and her sexy little voice whispering “I do” as she had surrendered herself to me. It angered me that I couldn’t keep walking. I wanted to pull her out of the vat just to shake her furiously and demand what spell she had cast.          She had something over me, the moment she said those honeyed little words, and disappeared over the edge, she had something over me and I didn’t like it. In fact I loathed it. Rolling my neck in irritation I growled, whipping off my coat and diving over the edge after her. Hitting the chemical pool I felt juiced, I plunged into it like a bullet and my hands found her toned little body and I rose out of the depths of it with her… and she was beautiful.
Her skin was so pale now, so fine. There was no trace of her once golden glow, no; her skin was a perfect alabaster just like mine. Her hair was a beautiful white and she wasn’t breathing. Why wasn’t she breathing?
           Anger flared within me, “I don’t think so Y/N, you do not get to leave me. You chose this; you do not get to die on me.” I growled and my lips covered hers.
           I don’t know at what point it worked but her chest arched as she gasped, her eyes which had once been the darkest of blues now matched my own steely grey eyes. I felt a twinge of something, maybe irritation, or maybe it was the chemicals when I saw her… the real Y/N at last when she grinned, looking at me like I was her God. Her hand came behind my neck, her lips pressing against mine, and that sweet tongue of hers only confirmed how good it was that she was now mine.


           He laughed, holding me in the vat of chemicals. My skin tingled, my mind was in a state of complete and total ecstasy as I laughed with him, clutching onto him as our clothes disintegrated creating a blue and red explosion of colour around us. He looked down at me then, his makeup running down his face and the almost creamy chemical residue covered us both but I had never loved him more. 
“Let’s go home, baby.”
Home. I grinned as he climbed out of the vat, going down the ladder that ran down its side. I followed, turning to him as I neared the bottom and I wrapped my legs around his waist and my arms around his neck. His fingers bit into my hips and I kissed him as he walked, needing his touch more than air and when we got outside I scarcely heard Frost say “What the hell happened to you two?” 
           Mister J let me down and I turned to Frost, grinning, “Hiya Frosty, Muuuuahhhhh!” I gave his cheek a big kiss before climbing into the car, laughing, as Mister J came crawling in on all fours growling after me. 


           I grunted as my cheek hit the stone wall of the shower, Mister J’s hand wound violently in my hair as he took me without any regard for the term ‘gentle’ but I had no protest, all I could do was moan. No dreams could amount to this, no feeling could ever be as good as how he felt inside me.
           “Say it, say it Y/N” He ground out.
           “I’m yours,” I panted, leaning back so I could cup the back of his neck and I heard his breath coming out in hard, purring growls in my hear. His hand came up to my throat and I gasped, feeling his teeth bite into my shoulder. 
           “Say it, baby, say it!”
           I could barely contain myself, let alone say anything. He stopped abruptly and I tried to move against him but he held me firmly in place.
           “Puddin’” I groaned, needing him to move, needing him to take me.
           “I said,” his hand tightened around my throat and I shivered, on the verge of begging. “Say. It.” 
           “I’m yours, only yours, now and forever.”
           “That’s right baby,” he whispered, and he took me without mercy.

Jim Brooks said, oh, I have a good idea, Mary. Take that hat, put it on your head, and now run into the intersection—and it’ll be all right. We’ll watch for cars. And throw it up in the air as if to say, this is my town and I’m celebrating my life that is taking place. And I did it and luckily, magically wasn’t hit by a car, although I got some pretty strange looks. And in fact, in, I guess, it must be in every episode, you can see this one woman in the background who looks at me as if not only am I the world’s strangest person, but that she would like to personally lock me up.
—  Mary Tyler Moore on the filming of her sitcom’s opening credits (x)


when i had all but given up on television, along comes this show, and i’ve been hearing about it from a few of you back when we were conversing about Birth of a Nation and other “slave movies”. just got Hulu (that is, a friend of a friend’s password…) and i just finished season 1 of Underground and i must say this is one of the best show/film/visual art i’ve ever seen.

i would probably rank this in the top 3 films i’ve seen about slavery, as well. i think we all know of a number of films and made-for-tv movies about slavery. some trash, some slightly trash, and a few that are really good. and when i say really good, i’m talking about historically accurate in content, visuals, relationships, etc., interesting/exciting plot, and, most importantly, a reverence for the history and for those that went through such an ordeal that isn’t just about shocking and awing. this is one of the REALLY GOOD ones. 

one of the things i can remember a number of you bringing up is the nuance of this series. and that is precisely why it is gold. there’s a lot of films and visual representations that sustain a lot of stereotypes and assumptions about slavery as opposed to really showing the complexities in identities and relationships and hierarchies. not every person enslaved that worked the field was ready for freedom; not every biracial person who worked in the house was docile and uppity; not every white person was a rich slave owner. there was nuance in the agency of (some of) the enslaved Black women who had relations with their “owners”. there was a complicated relationship between some overseers and those they oversaw. this series seems like it actually has an African American historian on the crew, as opposed to just a film made from general knowledge that’s been circulated about slavery.

but know that you need to mentally and emotionally prepare yourself before you watch this series. my dad refers to these films as ones that “make-you-wanna-go-kill-white-folk”. and i’m sure those emotions will come out. but for me, there was just a lot of crying and sadness and reflection. but that’s a sign of a good film. 

and i’m so ready for Harriet Tubman in season 2!!!! i can’t wait!

watch season 1 here for a fee; it’s also available on HuluPlus. 

Preference - Halloween

ooh yes i am getting in the spirit (and not studying for my math test WHOOPS)


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Scott and you decided to skip trick or treating this year, and do something a bit more adult. He would take you out to a fancy dinner, and the two of you would do some shopping afterwards, and watch some spooky films together. Cozy fall mornings with him would be a must. 


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You knew how much of a child Stiles was at heart, so you definitely would not try to convince him not to go trick-or-treating. In fact, the two of you would probably have some type of hilarious couples costume planned out months earlier. After a long night, the two of you would turn on the tv, and watch some of your favorite cartoons, and maybe (okay, definitely) some Star Wars.


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If your friends were available, all of you would go do something late at night like clown hunting, but if they weren’t and had other plans, somehow, Brett convinced you to watch the newest horror movie out. You hated horror, but Brett loved it, also because when you were scared you cuddled up to him. You would usually watch the scary movie pretty early in the night, so that the rest of the night you could hit up the mall, and come home for some non scary things on Netflix together. 


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Liam was kind of a scaredy-cat, so watching horror movies, or going out into the forest late at night (aka doing anything Brett would do), was a big no-no. Instead, your night would probably consist of coming home from trick-or-treating early, and spending the rest of the night at home cuddling and watching some seasonal movies, or your favorite old Disney films.

Author’s Note: No, I am not dead lol.

Watching Saving Mr. Banks

-Well aware of the actual historical events, yet I’ll give this movie a pass
-The actors are all amazing
-Dammit, Colin, must you make me cry every single time I watch this damn flick?!
-It’s probably best to have tissues on hand for basically the entire film
-Overall, I recommend this film for any casual Disney fan who is willing to let some historical facts slide for the sake of drama
-Also, this will probably be one of the few Disney movies, in which Walt himself is caught smoking, and at one point says, “Damn!”

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Get to Know Me Tag 💖

 Ok so I was tagged in three different tags but they all seem fun so I decided to morph them into one!!

Thanks to infiniteisaks, skamyou, and vildesevas for tagging me!

Name: Hols
Country: Australia
Height: almost (5’5)
Occupation: nothing,,, i am a high school senior
Hobbies: watching films and Cardio Barre
Favourite season (of the year not Skam I know what you were thinking: summer!!!!!!!!!!

Favourite Colour: #E3CEF6
Favourite Animal: fennec fox

Star sign: pisces
Favourite book: The Chaos Walking Trilogy
Last song you listened to: This Must Be My Dream by The 1975
Coffee, tea or hot cocoa: tea or hot choc!!! anything but coffee
How much do you use ketchup on a scale from 1-not at all, to 5-on all foods: like a 4, but only on food that it’s reasonable to have tomato sauce on
Average hours of sleep: 8-9
Last thing you googled: Moonlight Cinema Sydney
Last message you sent someone: “sweet as” (i love new zealand slang)

Who do you think will be s4 main?: still holding out hope,,,, although i dont think anyone would disappoint me
Favourite Skam character: jonas
Biggest not canon ship: Even X Season 4
Best Skam quote: “Everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about. Be kind always” 
How did you find out about Skam?: to be honest i have no clue   

Blog created: idk,,, definitely less than 2 months ago
Why did I choose my URL: because i love isak and noora
Number of followers atm: 1.3k

music part of the tags:

rules: put your music on shuffle, list the first 9 songs and your favorite lyrics from each, then tag 10 other people to participate. 

song #1: On Hold by The XX

“now you’ve found a new star to orbit, it could be love I think you’re too soon to call us old”

song #2: Pink Skies by LANY

“i love the way your green eyes mix with that Malibu indigo”

song #3: She’s American by The 1975

“don’t fall in love with the moment and think you’re in love with the girl”

song #4: Open Arms by RKCB feat. Demo Taped

“lost to my own devices, patience just seems to wear me down”

song #5: The Sunshine of Your Youth by Cheerleader

“has it been this way forever, and you’ve only noticed now?”

song #6: Teenage Miracle by TOWER

“still i had to lie and say that you can have it all”

song #7: XO by Nightly

“i cant focus when you’re with me, i cant sleep when i’m alone”

song #8: Talk Too Much by COIN

“you know i talk too much, honey come put your lips on mine and shut me up”

song #9: This Must Be My Dream by The 1975

“well, i thought it was love but i guess i must be dreaming, ‘bout feeling something instead of you”

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Coffee Shop - Yongguk angst

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Thank you so, so much to the person who requested this - it was so fun to write! I’ve never listened to B.A.P before so I had to do a little research, but here you go! I hope you like it.


You had never believed in love. You had grown up without having love around you and you hadn’t seen it first-hand. Sure, you had read about it and watched it in films but was it the same as actually seeing it for yourself?

And then you had met Yongguk. It was cliché, really - you had turned too quickly, spilling coffee on him and you had apologised profusely, blushing brightly as he laughed it off and declared that you must pay him back with a date. Of course you had accepted; he was incredibly charming.

Here you were, three years later, a wedding band around your ring finger. You were sure that you loved him with all your heart and you would give anything to see him happy - so why did his happiness and joy seem to be dwindling? Why did he seem to be spending more and more time with his members? You weren’t going to complain, of course, B.A.P was very important and must be a first priority - but were you not worth a text or a call back anymore?

You could blame it on your old paranoia’s, perhaps, but it seemed to you that Yongguk loved his work more than he could ever love you and you felt almost selfish to beg for his attention and time away from it. Wasn’t that an absurd thought? Maybe not.

It was one of those nights, again. You were home alone, trying to focus on the book you held in your hands, but you simply couldn’t. The clock on the wall was ticking too loudly, almost mocking you, constantly reminding you of all the time he wasn’t there with you. You felt so, so alone. This isn’t what a happy marriage was supposed to be like, although you weren’t really sure what that was - your parents constant unfaithfulness was the only marriage you had ever experienced.

You were twenty three years old. You had married incredibly young and other women your age were still going out every night with their friends and meeting guys. Why weren’t you out there, living your life? Why were you sat here, in an empty house, waiting for your husband to come home when he might not even do that? You sighed. You had had enough. He was never home anymore and you had seen him perhaps once in the last week. If he didn’t love you anymore, you would rather he tell you instead of stringing you along like this.

Half an hour later, you were sat on your shared bed with a suitcase next to you, fully packed. A friend of yours had agreed to let you stay in the spare bedroom for a while until you got back on your feet. Now all you had to do was wait until he was home for you to tell him you were leaving.

It was two hours later when he finally did and normally you heart would jump and soar with joy upon his arrival, but now it filled with dread.

“Y/N?” he called from the door, putting his keys in the bowl by the door. “Are you home?”

“I’m in the bedroom!” you called back gently. Your heart was racing. Is this what you were supposed to feel before you left your husband of two years?

“Jagi? Is everything oka- Y/N? What’s with the suitcase?” he asked, confused, as he pushed the bedroom door open to reveal his wife.

Tears began to form in your eyes as you looked up at your husband standing in the door frame, looking adorably puzzled. You hated yourself for hurting him like this.

“Yongguk…” you started, until you were overcome with emotion and you hesitated.

“What’s wrong, aga? Tell me.” he said in a hushed voice, coming to sit next to you on the bed and caressing your face. You pulled out of his hold gently and held onto his hands tightly instead.

“Yongguk, I’m leaving.” you finally said. His eyebrows scrunched together for a moment.

“Y-You’re leaving? You’re leaving me? W-what?” he whispered, tears of his own forming in his eyes. “Why?”

“You’re always working, Yongguk. You leave me alone all the time and I feel so terrible every time I distract you or ask you to come home.”

“B-But, you’re my wife. I love you. I can change, I promise! I’ll work less and come home earlier and we can spend more time together and-and-”

You stood up, pulling your hand out of his grip. He was making this difficult.

“I can’t ask you to do that, Yongguk. Your life should be devoted to your work and not only would the members hate me if I took you away, but so would your fans and they don’t deserve that. You need to find somebody else to love when you have more free time.”

“J-Jagi!” he cried as you grabbed the handle of your suitcase and pulled it off the bed, leaving the bedroom with it. He followed after you, taking your arm and pulling you to face him on the landing.

“Don’t leave me, please.” he whispered, tears pouring down his beautiful face. You gave him a watery smile and cupped his cheek, almost breaking down when he placed a hand over yours and leant into your touch.

“This marriage isn’t going to work out, Yongguk. I’m asking too much of you.” you said quietly, pulling away from him gently again and turned, making your way down the stairs. He still followed behind you, sputtering weak protests.

You made it to the front door, before turning and standing by the bowl where all your keys went. You reached into your coat pocket, pulling out your own set of keys and took the house key off, dropping it into the bowl. He broke out in a fresh bout of sobs upon witnessing this and clung onto your hand desperately.

“Please! Please, please, don’t go! I’ll leave B.A.P if I have to but please, please don’t leave me. I need you! I need you, I love you, don’t go.”

You tugged away, your own tears dribbling down your face. Never in your life had your heart ever felt so heavy and never had you felt so… miserable.

“Yongguk, please…” you said gently when he went as far as to get down on his knees in front of you. “Get up, Yongguk.”

“No! Not until you promise not to leave me, Y/N!”

“I can’t do that Yongguk.”

“Why? Why can’t you?!”

“Because you don’t love me as much as I love you and that scares me!” you shrieked finally, your emotions getting the best of you. It surprised the both of you but you were the first to react.

You turned, grabbing your suitcase again and yanking the front door open. He gathered his senses when he heard the door open and jumped up, sprinting after you as you unlocked your car and threw your bag in the passenger side, desperate to get away.

“No!” he shouted suddenly, making you jump as he spun you around and crashed his lips against yours. “I won’t let you leave!”

“Yongguk! Stop!”

“No, you stop! Stop this!” he yelled, holding you by the upper arms and staring desperately into your eyes.

“Let go of me, Yongguk!”

“Not until you stop trying to leave me! I love you more than anything in the whole world, why do you doubt my feelings?”

“Because you haven’t shown them, Yongguk!” your voice rose dramatically, almost cracking at the high pitch, and you shook him off, pushing him away from you. You held your hands out in front of you when he reached out to grab you again. “Don’t touch me!”

He froze at the tone of your voice. You had never been so hostile to him before and you almost felt bad for it, before you realised what situation you were in.

“J-Jagi…” he whispered, reaching out to you again but you shied away, scrabbling for the handle of your car door. You found it and you pulled it open, whirling and getting in. “Y/N!”

His hand stopped the car door from being shut and he leaned in close. You could have screamed in frustration.

“You said you would never leave me! We promised we wouldn’t leave the other, for better or for worse, don’t you remember?” he said desperately, searching for a foot-hold and a glimmer of hesitation in your eyes. He found nothing.

“Bang Yongguk, you left me a long time ago.”

His body slumped and you nudged him gently away, able to slam your car door shut. You turned the ignition on and reversed off your drive, accelerating away. He watched you go, taking his heart with you.

a post for new saw fans

just some shit you need to know (possible spoiler alert!)

-some watch the films (yes all 7) for the characters and plot. there are some who watch them for the gore and some who watch them for both. chose your adventure!

-yes, mark hoffman is an asshole and you don’t really know if you like him or not

-you either love or hate amanda young, there is no in between. but she must be protected either way

-lawrence gordon is the most badass character and also must be protected

-adam stanheight is one of the most misunderstood characters, but try to understand him and how important he is

-adam/lawrence is the most popular ship in this fandom


-some people ship amanda/hoffman and this is ok

-try not to get attached to a certain character because 8 out of 10 times, they die

-EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED. There are many twists in nearly every film


My Thoughts on “The Killing Joke”


Okay, okay, okay. After months and months, I’ve finally caved and watched the animated movie based on the famous comic book The Killing Joke. What did I think of it?

Well, first of all, I actually skipped the first 30 minutes. I thought that would be essential in order to enjoy the adaptation. So if you’re looking for a rant on how sexist and disgusting and useless the Barbara prologue (a 30 min “prologue” in a 77 min movie, yeah right…) is, I must disappoint you. I knew I wouldn’t make it through it, I mean those 30 minutes had me delay watching the film in the first place! And we all know it already, we talked about it extensively - the first half of the movie is utterly unwatchable and a nauseating insult to the awesome and badass character Barbara Gordon.

Moving on. Let’s focus on the ACTUAL adaption of the book.

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The 5 best films from China

Watching movies is a really great way to learn a foreign language. Chinese cinema & TV offers excellent listening practice and can also really help with reading if you use Chinese subtitles too.

That said, Chinese movies are also worth watching for purely entertainment purposes. Luckily for us, Ollie Guest of has compiled the following list of must-see Chinese films. Enjoy!

There aren’t many well-known Mainland Chinese films in the West. That’s a shame – there are lots of great Chinese films, so it seems like we’re missing out. People who are learning Mandarin are missing out in particular: They’re putting all that effort into learning Chinese, but don’t get to experience this important part of China’s culture.

So in this post, I thought I’d look at the 5 best Chinese films, according to IMDB. You can find all of them with English subtitles (and I’ve written the English titles here). So if you see one that looks interesting, give it a try and stand out from the norm!

Ip Man

This 2008 film is a biopic of the Chinese martial artist of the same name. Ip was a master of Wing Chun, a martial art, and taught Bruce Lee among others. This film focuses on his choices (as well as fights!) during the Japanese invasion of China.

Ip Man is actually the first film of a trilogy. The 2010 sequel showed the next part of Ip’s life – where he fled to Hong Kong to escape the Japanese and open a school. In the final film in the trilogy, he fights to secure the future of Wing Chun.

To Live

“To Live”, released in 1994, tells the story of a Chinese family between the 1940s and 1970.

This was a huge period of upheaval from China: First was the brutal civil war, which brought the communists to power. Then there was the Great Leap Forward, Mao’s plan to industrialize Chinese which led to severe famine. Finally there was the Cultural Revolution, a remaking of society along communist ideals.  

This film is powerful because it makes the viewer genuinely care about the characters as they try to endure their ongoing trials.

Raise the Red Lantern

Also directed by Zhang Yimou, this 1992 film is about China before the revolution, in the 1920s. It’s the story of a young woman who was forced to become a concubine to a wealthy man after her family went bankrupt. The other concubines all vie for their husband’s attention, as only his current favorite has a comfortable life. This competition is what causes the conflict – and indeed the tragic outcome – of the film.

The film has been described by critics as visually beautiful because of its use of red lanterns and was nominated for the 1992 Oscar for Best Foreign Language Film.

Beijing Opera = Image by Saad Akhtar from Wikimedia Commons. CC-BY-2.0.

Farewell My Concubine

This film doesn’t just teach you about history, it also teaches you about a traditional Chinese art form – Beijing Opera.

The 2 main characters are both orphans who were effectively forced into an opera troupe as children. There they undergo training and punishment so brutal that it’s compared to something from a Dickins novel. However the film also shows the viewer that this harsh childhood is what allowed many Beijing Opera performers to become great.

The film charts these boys through their lives – and uses 3 pairs of actors to show them first as children, then as teenagers, then as adults.

Although China’s 20th century history plays a large role throughout the film, the Cultural Revolution is particularly important. In a scathing attack, the film shows how it forced the characters to renounce each other and needlessly caused innocent people to be thought of as criminals.

The film ends with the 2 characters performing the Beijing Opera after which this film is named: “Farewell My Concubine”.

Farewell My Concubine is the only Chinese-language film to have won the Cannes Palme d'Or.


In the Mood for Love

The final film here, and another film which critics praise for its beautiful filming. This year 2000 film is set in Hong Kong in 1962. And it’s the first film here that isn’t largely about Chinese history!

Chow Mo-wan with his wife and Su Li-zehn with her husband all move into an apartment building on the same day. The spouses are regularly away so the pair start to spend a lot of time together as friends. Eventually they discover that their spouses are having an affair. They then realize they also have feelings for each other. Much of the film therefore centers on whether or not they too will have an affair. I won’t spoil it for you!

The same critic that I linked to above wrote that “It’s a film about, yes, love; but also betrayal, loss, missed opportunities, memory, the brutality of time’s passage, loneliness – the list goes on.”

The film won the Cannes Festival award for best actor.

Note: This film is mostly in Cantonese rather than Mandarin Chinese.

Wrapping Up

I hope you liked these suggestions for Chinese films to watch and found my descriptions interesting.

If you do watch any of these, your knowledge of China’s culture should really benefit: Not only will you know more about Chinese film-making, but when 4 of these 5 films are about China’s history, you’ll also know more about that!

And if you want to watch even more films from China, be sure to check out the list from which I got these 5.


You must be wondering why you ever put a nobody like me on a pedestal. Vulgar, disgusting, sexy, dirty…these are all words that are used to describe me. Just so someone’s film could take off, I was used as a boarding pass. Yet people say I’m vulgar. You made me dance, but nobody noticed my effort or sincerity. You were too busy noticing something else. Yet you label me disgusting. Don’t you worry, I’m leaving. Because except for me, everyone else here is honorable. But I must say, your honor is unbelievable. You make films about sex, you sell them, you watch them, you show them, you even present them with awards…but you’re afraid to acknowledge them. So wrap yourselves in your so-called honor, and I will carry on shedding my clothes.

                                                            - The Dirty Picture

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Saw your tags with the Anastasia musical. I'm curious to know.... (SPOILERS) What makes it so dark and different from the movie? Because I feel the movie is even pretty dark, so I'm just wondering what makes it so different. I'm probs never gonna get to see the musical so if you have answers, I MUST KNOW! <3

I’ma put this under a read more because of LOTS OF SPOILERS! also feel free to message me off anon if ya wanna link to watch something *completely* unrelated  and judge it for yourself *cough*

Please don’t reblog this post!

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Thanks for the tag :>

Last movie you watched:

Hmmm. I can’t really recall what was it, sadly.
*Giggles nervously*
It was, like, not so recent, as you can think. 
I watched some let’s-players recently, Storm Hawks series, parody WH40K related series…
But to save my life I can’t remember an actual film.

Last song I listed to:

It was my HMKids based playlist.
The last song was, probably “Titan”.
If doing this meme counts, I was listening to “Show Must Go On” from the parody video about Abaddon. Yes. Still WH40K.

Last book I read:

Finished reading “Galaxy in Flames”. 
Made it through the third book and still so little about Magnus.
Because of whom do you think I even reading it at all?!
Kiddin’ - books are rather interesting even in his absence. 

Aside from WH40K stuff - “Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children”

Last thing I ate

Tea with cookies. 
Do you know how much I love tea?

If you could be anywhere right now, where would you be:

IDK, really.
Speaking about out globe I am rather comfortable where I am now. 
Maybe wanted to visit my best friend who lives rather far away, but it’s night where she is.

Speaking about anywhere and no matter is it real or fictional - I always wanted to see the Valinor. Do not judge me. See Valinor and die, hehehe.

Where would I time travel to:

Rather comfortable where I am right now, thanks.
Past will probably be rather uncomfortable and the future… Maybe some utopia future I really want to see. Maybe not.
As with Valinor I will probably be very sad fluffy lizardass when I will be taken back to there. Like. I have seen cool things, that I will never see again. Sad.
Also I am that dumbass, who can ruin everything by stepping on a butterfly, ya know.

As a one more variant - maybe some day in my past to see and talk with people who had already passed away. One last goodbye of some kind.

Fictional character you would hang out with for a day:

There are too many of them!
Like. Really.
Giving in to my current little obsession, gimme Magnus, gimme-gimme-gimme. 
*Fangirl-mode slightly ON*

But really. I would be glad to hang out with a absurdly big number of fictional characters. Not that I think they would be glad, tho.

Guess there was no eight question, guess I’ll have to say…If I could fuck any fictional character…

I would probably be not interested in this.


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hi! i was wondering if you could describe what you thought was going through her mind during 'past the point of no return'? i've watched the 2004 film several times and can never seem to make up my mind on what christine must have been feeling at the time, especially since her relationship with eric was so complicated beforehand, and because she IS still giving a performance in front of an audience

   AWAY FROM THE MIRROR: hello nonnie ! firstly thank you sm for sending this and i can try my best as to what i believe to be going through christine’s mind ! 

  alrighty , so Erik joining in on the performance was not apart of the plan at all. i’m pretty sure they thought he would try to see her in box five or in the rafters basically anywhere else but never perform alongside her. christine thought this as well. although she knows how clever erik is , she’s suspicious she’s afraid but she’s conflicted because she doesn’t want him to get hurt or to get captured. When Erik sings that first note you see christine grow very shocked and surprised even stiff i think she was in disbelief that he actually joined her on stage. The song , the passion between them ; christine was very lost in the moment which is why we have those looks , those moments where she’s slack jawed and smirking ( which is my aesthetic ) because she does have this strong attraction for him , her fear of him shadows it but he is alluring he captivates her. through the moment of his solo I am fairly convinced christine was completely lost in the moment and forgot this was a plan , this was to capture him and she was falling prey into his trap. 

    Now Erik leading her and singing the end of his part you see christine retract her hand and look away abashed to me was her snapping out of her stupor and realizing well wait. why am i being lost in the passion of this song , and she’s a bit ashamed of herself for being attracted to him in this way after all that happened between them. the 2004 rendition to me is her not acting , she really was into it i believe that whole heartedly. 

   NOW THE FUN PART : HER PART. christine took his play , took his words and used it against him and became powerful in that moment which to her was a thrill. Erik has always been the dominate one , Erik has always had control over her and to see him unwinding at her words and her song made her feel powerful and in charge which she used in her advantage but she sang those words fully with the passion , with the force she did because she really felt that passion towards him. ( which is why raoul cries and i really feel for him because Erik and Christine’s passion and connection is so powerful and strong that it’s obvious she was not acting , it was obvious the draw they have to one another but you know Erik is psycho so ) but to sum it all up : The passion in PONR was pure on both their parts. it was not acting. however christine’s sensible side comes through which has her moments such as her retracting her hand , or her giving that look when he sings his reprise. Her mind, her smart side is shrouded over her emotions and wants because christine is a very emotional person and thrives on her heart over her mind which is not wise but it’s just who she is. her thoughts are a pendulum of her desire for Erik and the safety for all those around her and herself. tbh i can rant about this for hours but this is my best at summing it up i hope this makes sense! and thank you so much for sending this lovely hoped it cleared it up a bit

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So it looks like Lera is hanging out with her White Supremacist friend again....

Yup, Valeria ran out of friends since she dumped Olga, others turned their back on her quite long ago, so it looks like she had no other candidates for her brand new bestie but good old Yulya ‘Nordica’ Kharlamova. 

They just filmed together a vlog telling about how nasty americans make people think being “fat” and “ugly” is ok by spreading the ideas of body positivity all over the world and how it must be stopped. This was funny yet awkward to watch. Like, could you aww-so-perfect ladies mind your own business and leave those who are trying to find peace with their own selves alone? Because other people’s relationship with themselves is none of your business and you’re nobody to try to stop it.

Unfortunately my PC got broken so I can’t update the blog until it is fixed :( Sorry for not updating it lately. I’m working on that issue and will get back to updates as soon as it gets fixed.



here are some of my highly recommended must watch japanese series and movies! I have included my personal thoughts about it and some pictures would contain spoilers! 

BE READY TO CRY, LAUGH, GET MAD, AND GO CRAZY if you start to watch japanese dramas and movies. I swear to god they’re the best thing ever. everything is unique on it’s own. my favourites would be the tear jerker films though. 

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希天才: Ah f***.. too many characters can’t upload

First received my 11th debut anniversary congratulatory gift in China, I really can’t thank you enough. Many Chinese people have said to me and one of the most memorable was “Even from childhood, Kim Heechul have liked China, he knows Chinese martial arts and zombies that even we don’t know” thank you all. When I return to Korea I must watch a zombie film. I remember the first time I came to China and you guys called me “Queen”, Hangeng told me that in China there’s no long haired artist like me. So as not to forget the feeling of the beginning, I’m going to grow my hair long.
Once again thank you to all my beautiful flying petals (cr)