Happy Birthday, Baby

My gift to my KK, spnjensenlove02 - hope you had a fantastic day, my friend!!!

You stand at the sink, washing dishes, dejected. Not one phone call. Not one text. Not one thing to show you that Dean even remembered that it was your birthday. Honestly, you were a little pissed off. I mean, yes - he and Sam were working a case, and you knew he needed to keep his mind on what he was doing, focus on the job. But how long would a text take? ‘Happy birthday, baby.’ Just to show you were still on his mind. That nothing could keep him from having an occasional thought for the woman he spent his down time with, the woman he said he loved, the woman he had stopped his bar-hopping, female-chasing ways for. Sigh.

You had just finished up with the dishes when you heard a sound, the door closing, and a pair of heavy steps echoing down the bunker stairs.  You wandered that way, finishing drying your hands on your jeans, and came face-to-face with Sam, a hurried look on his face.  

“KK - good, you’re here.  Dean sent me to get you.”  He put a hand on your shoulder, an apology in his eyes as alarm played across your features.  "No, he’s okay. But he does need you.  You might want to grab some things for overnight, just in case.“

"Sam! Is he hurt?”

He shook his head.  "I told you, he’s fine.  But he needs to see you, and he couldn’t leave. So I’m taking you to him, okay?  Don’t worry.“

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Tagging game

c1. Tag the person who tagged you and let them know when you’re finished.

I was tagged by the super cute how-big-howblue-how-beautiful (I read your post and let me tell you that we have a lot in common xD lol)

2. Answer the questions and then tag 20 people. (feel free to ignore if you’ve already been tagged)

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1. How tall are you? 5′2

2. What is your hair color/style?  Still not sure if it’s a reaaally dark brown or black. And my style is curly, like super curly, no matter how hard I tried to make it straight, curly. And sometimes if I’m really lucky, wavy

3.What color are your eyes? Black

4.Do you wear glasses? Nah

5. Do you wear braces? Noup

6. What is your fashion style?  Something between cute, elegant and with soft colors… I think it’s called “romantic”


7. What is your full name?   Alba Andrea (first/middle name)

8. When were you born? september 24 1999

9. Not sure what the question is. Someone skipped it. Never skip Nine.

10. Where are you from/where do you live now? From Veracruz, Mexico. Living in Cancun, Mexico

11. Do you have siblings? Yes, one and a half. One younger brother and one half brother

12. What school do you go to?  High school? o.O

13. What kind of student are you? … I’m a nerd. I’m the super organized girl that knows exactly when you have to deliver a project. The one that has one of the best grades and reads in the free time. But if you don’t know me, you may believe that I’m the cheerleading captain that is super worried about her nails.

14. Do you like school? Weeeeell, I live with migraine, but yes, in general I like it. (ugh,  hate being so stressed all the time!!)

15. What are your favorite school subjects?  I don’t really have one,

16. What are your favorite TV shows?   Doctor Who, Orphan Black, Pretty Little Liars, House, Game Of Thrones, ghost whispers

17. Favorite movies?   Phantom Of The Opera, Corpse bride, Dear John( I prefer the movie than the book), tomorrowland, pitch perfect, crazy stupid love, the oranges, aquamarine, legally blonde, Monte Carlo, and a lot more xD

18. Favorite books?(aaah, I have to choose?) Passion rules, Harry Potter, Twilight, Pride and Prejudice, The games maker, the wild book, the rode to oxiana, exitence, splintered… and moreeee

19. Favorite pastime?  Read, photography, dance, sing (sometimes), sleep, watch tv shows, movies and eat xD

20. Do you have any regrets?  Yep, a lot to be remembered

21. What is your dream job?  Something where I can travel

22. Would you like to get married one day and where?  Yes, I don’t know. In a kind of forest maybe, or a green area… maybe the beach… still thinking about it.

23. Would you like kids one day? Yes. 2 or 3… but not 1 o.O poor little baby would be alone! and nope.

24. Girly girl, regular girl or tomboy, regular boy, boy boy?   …Girly girl…
25. Do you like shopping?  OMG YES! The difficult thing is stop me xD Specially if it’s forever 21 the shop we are talking about >:)

26. What countries have you visited so far? Mexico, Mexico,and…. Mexico

27. What’s the scariest nightmare you’ve had?  It was kind of an “end of the world” thing. everything was burning and destroyed and I was lost and crying o.O and I couldn’t wake up… it was weird o.O

28. Do you have enemies?  Ugh, yes. And I don’t even know why. That’s the worst
29. Do you have a significant other? Noup

30. Do you believe in miracles? Yes


Put your music on shuffle and write down the first 15 songs

1. Wake Me Up- Avicii

2. Wonderland- Taylor Swift

3. Come and get it- Selena Gomez

4. I Don’t Love You- My Chemical Romance

5. Let Her Go- Passenger

6. Demons- Imagine Dragons

7. Sorry- Clooney

8. Mine- Taylor Swift

9. Roar- Katy Perry

10. I Need Your Love- Calvin Harris ft. Ellie Goulding

11. All You Had To Do Was Stay- Taylor Swift

12. Breathe Again- Sara Bareilles

13. Trouble With My Baby- Paloma Faith

14. Wildest Dreams- Taylor Swift

15. I’m Not The Only One- Sam Smith

anonymous asked:

Okay so this isn't hate but it might seem like it if you're caught up in trans activism. You do realize you're ~born~ female, right. Female isn't a gender, woman\girl are gendered words. Every time you say shit like that, it erases the existence of female people and our oppression. Oppression is sex-based, gender is the societal rules ~based~ on sex, it's not actually an identity. There are female cats, trees, fish, etc. Sex is real. if ur not intersex, then You Are Female. Like it or not.

Hey terf did you mistake me for someone who cares?????? :) fuck off you transphobeeeeeeeeee

you lied. you lied. you lied. you lied. you lied. you lied. you lied. you lied. you lied. you lied. you lied. you lied. you lied. you lied. you lied. you lied. you lied. you lied. you lied. you lied. you lied. you lied. you lied. you lied. you lied. you lied. you lied. you lied. you lied. you lied. you lied. you lied. you lied. you lied. you lied. you lied. you lied. you lied. you lied. you lied. you lied. you lied. you lied. you lied. you lied. you lied. you lied. you lied. you lied. you lied. you lied. you lied. you lied. you lied. you lied. you lied. you lied. you lied. you lied. you lied. you lied. you lied. you lied. you lied. you lied. you lied. you lied. you lied. you lied. you lied. you lied. you lied. you lied. you lied. you lied. you lied. you lied. you lied. you lied. you lied. you lied. you lied. you lied. you lied. you lied. you lied. you lied. you lied. you lied. you lied. you lied. you lied. you lied. you lied. you lied. you lied.

for perksofbeingawaifu‘s birthday (sorry it’s late!!)

in which Levi gets stuck up a tree and Eren just happens to be walking by
(ft. Erwin the cat) it’s about 1.5k

This was not how Levi had envisioned spending his Sunday morning.

“Erwin,” he called, squinting slightly through the leaves of the tree. “Erwin, for fuck’s sake, get down.” The cat stared down at him smugly. “I don’t have time for this, I have shit to do, c’mon.” Those eyes stared back at him expectantly and Levi ground his teeth. “Please,” he added, unwillingly. The cat seemed happy enough with the forced politeness and to Levi’s relief began to tentatively make his way down towards his owner – until…

“Meow.” Levi was tempted to just walk away and pretend that he didn’t even own a goddamn cat. “Meow,” the cat continued more insistently – his paws tentatively pressing different branches in an attempt to find a way back down. He stopped, retreating further back for safety before turning his eyes to Levi and mewing quietly.

“You’ve got to be fucking kidding me,” huffed Levi, nonetheless starting towards the tree.

Levi wasn’t built for climbing trees; his feet scraped uselessly against the all too smooth tree trunk and it was only through a mixture of superb upper body strength and an unrelenting determination that he got anywhere. As it turned out however, that combination was enough to get him to the same branch as his cat – one a good few meters off the ground that Levi suspected would do more than a little damage if he fell.

“Okay Erwin,” Levi coaxed. “C’mon, let’s go.” The cat cocked his head to the side glanced between Levi and the ground and promptly jumped off of the branch and landed perfectly on the grass below. “Oh, so now you get down huh?” the man huffed, shuffling his way carefully back to thick trunk of the tree.

How had he gotten up again?

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Masterlist: Dreamscape Week

Day One:  Cheeks

Day Two:  Rats

Day Three:  Explosions

Day Four:  Howls

Day Five: Tongues

Day Six: Ashes

Day Seven: Thorns


Tbh i was supposed to make this FF about 1 month ago but i’m fucking lazy :^) also I know this edit sucks ass please bare with me i don’t know how to make edits ty. Anyways THANK YOU SO MUCH!! I’m so happy that I got my 1k even though i’m p sure most people have more than that but still i’m so h  a p  p y th an k y ou bless all of you tbh bc all my mutuals are great tbh and my followers are really nice and holy bless a ll of you i feel like i’m getting an oscar here ok also I love all of you tbh

also please tell me if I forgot any URL because i’m really dumb at this ok ty also i’m too lazy to sort it by the alphabet and shit so yeah

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Wow. I’m speechless.

A month and a bit ago, I reached 500 followers. Now, I have more than 1000

One. Thousand. This is a little hard to believe because I know I haven’t been as active as before, and there are some days where I haven’t posted anything. So I really am touched and thankful for every single one of you that follow me.  You must all have lost your marbles because I have no idea why you follow me - in my mind all I do is reblog other people’s GENIUS posts and also spaz out in the tags. So thank you, thank you so much. 

Since my last FF, I have made some more brilliant friends (who are, btw, all stunning - I mean have you seen the selfies I’ve reblogged?!). I’m looking forward to making even more.

Thank you for the best birthday present I can ask for. 

Bold = Mutuals ♥
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The above are only some of all the talented people I follow, I’d be here until next year if I were to include everyone! 

I follow a lot of people and I’m so thankful that none of you have posted any negative content ever. My dash is an incredibly positive space that I can escape to and it’s because of you guys. Thank you so much - much much love and HUGE HUGS to all of you. ♥

p.s. there are soooo many of you i wanna leave individual messages to, i’m really sorry if i haven’t. here’s me making a promise that i’ll be more active in talking to you because i want to know all of you. 

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anonymous asked:

Fav fan fictions?

i only read snamione so i hope that’s what you were asking for lmao

aaand that’s all i can remember rn

anonymous asked:

hii andy! excuse me, but if you dont mind me asking, what brushes do you use for your coloring and how do you get it to be that light? ur art style is really pretty!!

Hi!!! ♡ Ok!  ☆These  are the brushes I use!

and this is how I use them: 

☆Pen tool for lineart, ☆Marker tool for coloring, ☆and “water” tool for shading!

(I didn’t use the “water” tool here tho!)

I hope this helps!!! ♡

kittyoborodono asked:

YOU ROMANCED BLACKWALL TOO?? OMG!! What did you choose when you found out that he was Tom Rainier? I'm like so curious now. :3

I forgave him immediately and demanded he take me back to the barn for a quickie in the hay 


Things I Wasn’t Born With

these are some of my scars from self harm. i am almost two years clean from hurting myself, and although im not by any means proud of the marks i have made on my body, i am proud of the progress ive made by being clean for so long. you only have one body, so please, take care of it, nourish it and be nice to it. regardless of the circumstances, your past & mistake do not define you. please feel free to message me if any of you are struggling with something like this, i am completely willing to help. even if you just need a friend to talk to, do not hesitate to send me a message, my inbox is always open.
thank you to anyone who has taken the time to read this.

Horror Night || Mandy+Mo

Things hadn’t been easy for the cheerleader lately, her parents wouldn’t stop arguing over every tiny little thing when they were home, which was a small amount of time but still annoying for her. That wasn’t the worst part, her father set her up with the son of one of his old friends and she couldn’t have been more disgusted, she hated feeling like an object of his possession instead of his daughter. The only thing, or better said the only person, that made her feel decently after living that nightmare was her girlfriend Mo who barely got to see her because of her parents’ restrictions. She was clearly so tired of the whole situation and couldn’t wait for college, she already had everything figured out to move into the campus and finally free herself from her delusional family. Mandy had a tight hold onto her girlfriend’s hand from the moment she picked her up, at least they were at the movies and could get some privacy if they sat at the back of the theater like usual. Baby, are we really seeing a horror movie again? Mandy grumbled before pouting at the green eyed brunette and immediately starting to leave soft pecks on her lips, not even caring about the people around them. You know how scared I get, I feel like you’re just trying to get me to sit on your lap. Pervert. She whispered the last word with a playful smirk, she loved teasing her girlfriend.