State Fair AU’s

So I’m settled into the version I want to use but I had other thoughts and feelings about people meeting at a big state fair and wanted to share

Person A is a dressage rider and Person B drives a draft horse team. Meet over spilled hoof polish minutes before a show and end up making out in an empty stall after the show is over.

Person A: can I pet your cow? Person B: Not after I just spent an hour grooming it for the show you can’t. Person A: You missed a spot. 

Person A: *pets a chicken through the cage* Person B: Excuse me could you not touch my chicken??! Person A: there was some jerk that freaked her out I was just trying to calm her down. Person B: oh that’s…really sweet.  

Person A: YOU BUDGED IN THE SHOWER LINE DO YOU KNOW HOW DIRTY I AM RIGHT NOW? HOW COULD you I’m so tired my horse sneezed on me three times and I smell more like a horse than I do a human can I please have the key to the shower now before I start crying?

Person A: I got a little excited at the prospect of milk and fresh chocolate chip cookies but now I have a bucket of rapidly cooling cookie deliciousness and no one to share it with. Think you could help me out? *winds up eating cookies and drinking milk on a curb together until the bucket is empty*

Our kids just became best friends on a carnival ride I guess we’re going to be stuck together for the rest of the day. Oh you’re single? Better give you my number in case we get separated. 

I was just here for the concert but my friends dragged me down to this building and now I’m crying over how cute this little baby lamb is. WHAT DO YOU MEAN I CAN HOLD IT

I will admit that getting drunk in the beer garden and then going into the Haunted Mansion was a bad idea but my friends are gone and i’m scared and can I please just hold your hand? 

Person A: Why is there an age limit to who can build something at the Home Depot workshop?? I want to build a birdhouse too come on man. Person B: IDGF anymore we close in 10 minutes and you’re the only one here. Lets build a birdhouse. 

Person A (embarrassed having been caught making motor noises): What do you mean I can’t test drive this lawn mower. That person gets to. Person B: Sir/Ma’am, that child is 3 years old. Please get off the lawn mower. 

Person A *using a walkie talkie*: Kathy where did you go?! Person B *over the radio*: um, ma’am/sir this is the police station for the state fair. you should switch channels. Person A: Oh my god i’m so sorry I’m just lost wait are you the cop on the horse five feet away from me? Person B: …yes. Person A: can you help me? Person C: They go off duty in 10 minutes. they’ll help you with whatever you need. Person B: Dude. *pause* He’s right though. 

(some of these may be based on personal experiences at the MN State Fair over the years ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ) 


You Missed a Spot

“Hot tea with larmon?”

“No, I want Carmen”


This is who I really am

–HELLO ARTISTS! Thank you for waiting!–

The survey is now open for artists to apply for a spot in calendar!!! There is a total of 14 spots. One artist will be needed for the cover, one for the thank you page and back cover and 12 other artists for each month. 

The survey is HERE to apply!

This is for anyone to everyone who wants to take part and try! And do TRY OUT (you never know if you will get in or not)! We want to see a lots of cool and amazing styles! The more different the better! 

Our only rule is to just full out the survey as best as you can.  The survey must be fully fulled out! If any info missing in the survey it will cost you and your spot in the calendar. You have until September 5th 2016 at 11:59pm Toronto time (EST) to finish the and summit your part of the survey. Anything after September 5th will not be accepted.

Need more info look into our INFO & FAQ for more questions. Also ASK!

BEST OF LUCK - Spottyna


Dalia Royce is the best…


This shit is gold.


Best song ever?


Great thing, or the greatest thing?


I love Dalia.  I wish she could make music videos like this all the time.