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So if Lotor’s going to be indebted to the team after they shelter him from Zarkon, you think they might, um, have some interesting ideas on how he could pay that back?

u probably meant this to be smutty but all I can think of is them making lotor do all their chores and clean the castle lmao… imagine him with his hair up, on his hands and knees scrubbing things and all the paladins just watching like “make sure you don’t miss a spot there buddy” but also he looks SUPER pretty all sweaty and dirty and slightly mussed, so they’re like 😏😏

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Okay so in Batman Beyond there's an episode where Bruce and Terry go see a 'Batman Musical', just imagine that goes on in Gotham and Jason finds out and asks(forces/tricks) the batfam to go.

i’m finally answering this! i had a really rough week, which is why this took a while, but i kept thinking about this prompt and laughing, so thank you for that.

and on that note: are you serious, that’s amazing. i vaguely remember watching batman beyond but i don’t actually remember all that much about it. i’ll need to look this up.

but yes. yes. i want this to be a Thing.

i want to imagine it as something between holy musical b@man! and the ember island players. like. just picture the kind of crazy misinformed shit that these people are tossing into the mix because what’s the truth and what’s the lie, no one knows, they’re going to make a musical about batman and his however many kids/sidekicks anyway

(they people putting on this play are probably college students)

(stephanie has probably dropped by to help with set designs and laughed herself sick in the process)

getting back on track, how does jason find out about it?

there are two ways i think it could happen. one: jason loves lit. we know this. he collected first editions with alfred and bruce when he was a kid. in my personal experience, if you like lit, you almost definitely like theater in some sense as well. at the very least you’ve read plays. 

jason holds his goddamn red hood helmet like he’s hamlet and it’s yorick.

trust me, he likes plays.

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In An Instant (M)

Originally posted by jinkooks

Summary: Dancing around each other for years, both you and Yoongi have resigned to stay friends, never knowing the others feelings for each other. However, an impulsive decision from Jin might finally push you two together. Yoongi really shouldn’t have trusted Jin with his phone. BFF!Yoongi, College AU.

Members: Yoongi, ft. Jin being a true bro

Word Count: 6.5k

Warning: Smut

A/N: Okay so, I don’t know if anyone else’s university/school has this but there’s a FB/Instagram account for my school where you send in a message for your crush anonymously and the account publishes it for you, sometimes with a picture and the whole thing just made wheels turn in my head so now here we are.

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This Is War [7]

Summary: After being rejected by your best friend Bucky, Sam sets you up with one of his friends, on the condition that if the date doesn’t go well, you have to sign up for a dating app. The date doesn’t go well. As you begin to look for love in other places, Bucky starts to feel something he never felt before. Jealous.

Bucky Barnes X Reader

Word Count: 1178

Warnings: I think I swore once? 

A/N: Thank you for all of your comments on Part 6!! They made me happy :) Also Italics are flashbacks!

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Downfall 🌧️

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A/N: This was a little bit too cheesy for my liking, but it was something that was always in the back of my mind.  Let me know what you think!

You breathed in the wet air as you stood on the porch. Leaning slightly on the railing, you closed your eyes and listened to the pitter-patter of the rain. It was enchanting somehow. The way each drop created a tune of its own as the soothing melody coursed through your body, replacing all your worries with neutral thought.

You jumped when a pair of tattooed arms wrapped around your waist followed by a swift kiss to your hair. You relaxed into the lean body sighing at the warmth you didn’t know you craved.

“Whatcha’ yeh doin’ out here, pet,” Harry mumbled, hand rising to rub the sleep from his eyes.

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Marauders x Reader / Make it up. ❤

Request :Could you write little blurbs for each of the marauders, watching you (their girlfriend) putting on makeup? ( A couple paragraphs for each marauder)

Hello, lovelies! ❤Well I have to admit, that I may have changed it up, a little bit, cause it was hard to write it like that, but I hope you like this version of it! If you do then let me know, it would be really nice of you, to tell me what you think about it :) 

Warnings : Blurbs gone bad?! It may have turned a bit longer 😅And also…the Sirius one happened to go in a direction, that at first I did not plan at all…(kind of racy? idk you decide)

Originally posted by marauderseraimagines


“What is that? It looks like a torture device!”  

“Give it back, Jamie” you smirked at your boyfriend, trying not to chuckle “It’s just an eyelash curler” you rolled your eyes, and took it back from him.

“Y/N, are you seriously going to use that little, evil thing? Don’t even try getting it close to your eyeballs!” he exclaimed in protest, already on his feet, trying to get it out of your grip.

“Jamie!” you shouted, as he jumped on you, and began tickling your waist “Don’t be silly” you gasped, already out of your breath.

“I James Potter, have to protect you, and your poorly treated eyes. That’s my duty to fulfill” he laughed, and started placing kisses all over your face, making you giggle.

You have asked yourself far too many times, how it was possible, that every time you saw him, he made you laugh, even if you were in a bad mood. He was like a ball of sunshine, and pure energy, that radiated from him, in an infecting way.

“You are such a prat” you sighed, as he stopped, his head now hovering above yours.“Your prat, though” he winked at you, and kissed your forehead.

 “You know” you started, after a brief moment of silence “You actually missed a spot” you smirked up, at him, your eyes meeting his.

“Did, I?” he raised and eyebrow, a smug look on his face “Let me make it up to you then, love” 

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“Red, or pink?” you asked, while holding two different lipsticks in your hand.

“Hmm…” Sirius stood up, and walked towards you, slowly getting closer “Do you have to wear any?” he smirked, and tilted your chin up “How am I supposed to kiss you then, love?” 

“Now, is that a thing that you were planning on doing?” you arched your eyebrow, an amused look, spread across your face.

“Oh, I have planned so much more for tonight” he looked straight into your eyes, his already twinkling with excitement. 

“Then what are you waiting for, Black?” you dared him. 

“Where is your patience, Y/N?”he winked at you, and jumped back on your bed.

“Mine is perfectly fine actually, now it’s time to test yours” you smirked, and turned around.

“You know, it’s really hot today” you said in an innocent voice, already hearing a nervous movement behind you “I think I’m going to change”

You removed your top, in the slowest way possible, hearing with satisfaction, as a low growl rumbled in his throat. You proceeded to unzipping your pants, as in a matter of seconds you found yourself pinned to the nearest wall. 

“That patient, aren’t you?” you whispered into his ear, your warm breath lingering over his neck.

“Oh, fuck that” he pressed his lips on yours, in a crushing, yet passionate kiss, that only being a taste of what’s yet to come.

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“You know, that you don’t even need all of that, right?” Remus smiled at you, while putting aside your makeup bag.

“Believe me, I do” you laughed, at his statement, waving it off “You don’t have to lie, Rems”

“I’m not lying” he said, his voice suddenly more serious, than earlier “You are beautiful, just the way you are” he seated himself beside you, and pulled you into a warm embrace.

“You are sweet, but I know that it’s the boyfriend code, that makes you tell me such things” you giggled, clearly having none of it. Makeup was a type of shield for you, that made you more confident. It protected you from the others judgment, and you were clearly not ready to give it up, yet.

“I’m not, Y/N” he said, pulling you even closer “You are the most beautiful girl, I have ever known”

“Oh, really?” you turned your head, his face now only a few inches away, from yours.

“Mhmm” he mumbled quietly, while leaning over, and placing a soft, and delicate kiss on your lips. 

In that moment, as he held you in his arms, you truly felt like the most beautiful girl in the entire world.


“Yyy…You look nice”


(Sorry I had to do it! He was one of the Marauders after all )

 Love you all! ❤

Seventeen Reaction to: You Always Waking Them Up With Kisses All Over Their Face

S.Coups: Immediately tries to convince you to go back to sleep. “Taking care of the others is so hard. Let’s lie in a little longer.” He’ll wrap you up in a blanket cocoon, arms and legs encasing you so you can’t move. Not that you want to. With his warm arms and thick legs, you find that he’s right. Maybe you should stay in bed a little longer. He does this every morning, thinking up new excuses to sleep a bit more.

Jeonghan: This particular morning, he was in the middle of some of the boys, who had watched a horror movie and crawled in with you both when they got scared. He beamed at the feeling of your kisses, as he always does, unwrapping his arms from Seokmin to lazily hug you.

“Good morning. Is it time to wake the kids already?”

Originally posted by ldks

Joshua: Smiles sweetly, lifting his head up to meet your lips in a chaste kiss. “Hi ~ Good morning. Did you sleep well?” Even though he’s groggy, his first thought is always you. Sometimes he returns the kisses but mostly he’s too tired, needing a few moments to wake up fully.

Originally posted by visual-17

Jun: ”Why did you wake me up?” Depending on how well he slept, he may be annoyed that you’re waking him up but finds that annoyance disappearing with each of your kisses. He crinkles his nose when you press a kiss to his eyebrow and smiles. “You’re so weird ~” he hums lovingly.

Originally posted by 00-05-18

Hoshi: He just wants to stay in bed a little longer. He’ll groan and bury his face in your neck or shoulder or maybe turn away from you altogether, making cute puppy noises. “Five more minutes … please.”

Originally posted by sebongies101

Wonwoo: Tries to play dead sometimes, just wanting to sleep. But eventually he can’t help but smile shyly. He sits up, fluffy hair pointed in all directions. “Do you want kisses in return? Is that why you woke me up?”

Originally posted by jeon-wwoo

Woozi: Always pretends to still be asleep, until you tell him you know he’s faking. Then he’ll laugh, eyes cracking open. “Ah, I’m not faking! I’d still be asleep if you hadn’t woken me up.” You’re the only one he’ll wake up for, and not kill. But that doesn’t mean he wants to get up. “Let’s stay together for a while longer,” he offers, trying to convince you to join him.

DK: Doesn’t want to wake up. Will turn over, trapping you in his arms and laugh. “Stop trying to wake me! I have no schedule today!” Once fully awake, however, he always thanks you for being his gentle alarm and retells horror stories of how some of the others have tried waking him up: “Hoshi stuck his finger up my nose once!”

Mingyu: Barely awake but still enough to notice that “You missed the most important spot.” He puckers his lips, swearing he won’t get out of bed until you kiss him properly. And he means it. Every morning, without fail, he needs his good morning kiss.

Originally posted by mingyiu

The8: Hates having to get up and has a snarky comment prepared. But when his eyes open and he sees your loving face, that anger fades. “Babe, why are you waking me up early? This is time for us to sleep in.” Can be grumpy but in general, that fades when he reminds himself that your kisses aren’t something to ever be annoyed about.

Originally posted by minghaeo

Seungkwan: Wakes up with a smile, giggling. “What’s with the kisses?” Will be shy but actually loves the affection and hates if you don’t wake him up like this every morning. He’ll return the gesture, pressing kisses to your face.

“This is embarrassing ~” he’ll say, planting a kiss to your nose.

Originally posted by seungkvvan

Vernon: Will blearily crack his eyes open and smile. “Morning,” he grumbles, in a sleepy morning voice. “Do you want to climb in?” Sleepily opens his arms, hoping to entice you and get more time in bed. If that doesn’t work then he will get up, since he knows you always wake him up for a reason.

Originally posted by mc-gyu

Dino: ”Jeonghan hyung, leave me alone!” Will initially think it’s one of the boys but when his eyes finally flutter open, a soft smile falls on his lips. “Ah, it’s you, jagi ~”

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why wasn’t art taught at hogwarts???? imagine how cool a magical art lesson would be. we’d finally learn how they enchant the paintings to come to life and how they move from one canvas to another. do the people come to life while they’re being painted or after it’s finished?? do you reckon they just stand there impatiently moaning at the artists to “just hURRY UP AND PAINT MY ARMS ALREADY”???? do they offer encouragement and tips like “oh hey you missed a spot on my eyebrow could you just fix that for me”??? do the paintings have to be of a certain standard to come to life or are there a bunch of magical stick figures babbling at each other incoherently somewhere out there??? can you enchant muggle paintings to come alive or do they have to be painted by witches/wizards??? i need answers ok

The Tenant ;

Originally posted by cyyphr

Summary: After failing to pay your rent on time, you’re extremely close to being evicted so you decide to take matters into your own hands.

Disclaimer: All the things that are mentioned in this are words of fiction aka it’s not real. I’ve literally just made this up and as always credits to @cyyphr for the gif

Member: Yoongi from bts x fem reader

Rating: Mature

Words:  2430

[masterlist] | [request]

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BTS Reactions To Their Girlfriend Being a Night Owl


Jin woke up in the middle of the night only to find you missing from your usual spot beside him. Confused, he got up and headed downstairs only to find you sitting comfortably on the sofa with your laptop on your lap and earbuds in your ears. He tilted his head as he made towards you. As he neared, you finally noticed his presence and looked up a bit surprised to find him awake.

“Oh no,” you frowned, “did I wake you up?”

He shook his head, “no…what are you doing?”

You turned your laptop towards him so he could see the YouTube video you had been watching.

“I usually don’t sleep until late,” you explained.

“Oh…that explains why you sleep in so much. I can’t believe I havent  noticed until now.”

“I didn’t tell you because then I felt like you’d feel obligated to stay up with me.”

He nodded in understanding before he looked at you with a pout, “I can’t sleep without you in my arms though jagiya.”

“You sleep perfectly fine without me while you’re on tour,” you pointed out only making him pout more finally making you give in.

“Fine let’s go,” you said as he grabbed your hand and led you back to bed.

Originally posted by aestheticvbts


Yoongi felt the bed dip as your weight was suddenly lifted off. He didn’t think much of it though as he quickly fell back asleep. Your laugh is what ultimately woke him up.

His eyes were scrunched in annoyance as he tiredly reached for his phone on the bedside table. He could barely see as he typed you a message telling you to shut up and let him sleep.

His annoyance rose as he felt your phone buzz not too far from his. He contemplated whether to just fall back asleep again when he heard you laugh louder this time. He groaned as he begrudgingly rose from the bed and headed to the living room.

Your eyes widened as you covered your mouth, “I woke you up didn’t I?”

He just silently glared, before he grabbed you by the hand and led you back to bed. Once you were settled he rested his head on your stomach and closed his eyes.

“This is your punishment for waking me up,” he murmured before drifting back into the unconscious.

Originally posted by jeonbase


Hoseok  could feel his eyelids begin to droop as he stared at the TV screen. He looked at the time and was surprised to find that it was already 1am. How had time flown so quickly?

You on the other hand, were the complete opposite of him. You were wide awake. Your feet rested on his lap as you browsed the internet through your phone.

Hoseok had become used to your late sleeping habits but he still worried you weren’t getting enough sleep. However,  he knew that there wasn’t much that he could do, as it was just who you were.

He stayed up a bit longer having decided to keep you company before the urge to sleep became unbearable.

He lightly patted your leg to get your attention before he moved to get up, “hey baby, I think I’m going to head off to bed now.”

You looked up from your phone and frowned as you could see the exhaustion paint his face.

“You should’ve gone to sleep sooner,” you told him with soft eyes.

He shook his head and gave you a warm smile, “don’t worry just try not to stay up too long.”

He leaned down to give you a kiss, before he headed off towards the bedroom.

Originally posted by hoseokwhy


You were trying to decide whether to watch another episode of your drama or sleep when your eyes wandered to the spot beside you. You could barely contain your laugh as you saw Namjoon with his mouth hung open as his chest rose and fell; a snore occasionally leaving his mouth here alnd there.

Though you usually stayed up late to catch up on your dramas or browse the Internet, moments like these are what you truly looked forward to. Seeing him sleep so peacefully was something you didn’t often get to see as he’d usually wake up before you.

Namjoon was well aware of your sleeping habits but they never seemed to bother him. He was quick to fall into a deep sleep regardless of how much noise you made.

A yawn escaped you as you noticed how the blanket had slighty slid off Namjoon in his sleep. You closed your laptop and put it away and readjusted his blanket before you turned the bedside lamp off,  and drifted to sleep.

Originally posted by fyeahbangtaned


Jimin let out a yawn as he sat up in bed and stretched his arms. He looked towards your side of the bed and wasn’t surprised to find it empty. With a small sleepy smile, he got up and made his way to the kitchen.

He couldn’t help but notice how cold the floor felt against his bare feet. In fact, the whole house felt a bit chilly. Making a small detour he rose the heat so you’d be more comfortable staying up.

You heard him before you saw him. You found it funny that you could now identify his steps from others. 

“Hello,” you chirped from the dining table as he walked to the fridge and grabbed a bottle of water. 

“Hey,” he returned as he sat down beside you, “so what are you up to, today?”

You shifted your laptop to show him the picture you had just been editing.

“It looks good,” he smiled.

He kept you company for a few minutes before he placed a kiss on your temple, “I’m going to head off back to bed. Make sure to sleep relatively early, ok? Oh! Also, it’s a bit cold so maybe move to the living room where there’s blankets.”

Originally posted by suga-com


Taehyung didn’t always wake up, but it did happen occasionally. However, today, or rather tonight, happened to be one of the times he did. 

You felt him stir awake beside you and you took your earbuds out, “I didn’t wake you did I?”

His eyes still a bit hazy, he sat up in the bed and shook his head, “no.” You felt relieved, the last thing you wanted was to rob him of his sleep since it was so important that he was always rested. 

“What are you watching?” He murmured as he looked towards the screen of your laptop. 

“It’s a new kdrama that came out,” you explained as you saw that he was unfamiliar with what he was seeing. 

“Is it any good?” He asked genuinely curious. This was something that happened occasionally too. You often stayed up to watch dramas or youtube videos and if he happened to wake up and find them interesting, he’d stay up with you.

You took a few minutes to explain the basic plot line to him and after garnering his attention he went to the kitchen to grab some snacks before joining you again. After laying the laptop in front of you both, you finished another 2 episodes before dozing off.

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Jungkook was already waiting on the couch for you, having gotten used to this habit of yours. As you came back down from changing into your pyjamas, you noticed various snacks strewn all over the coffee table.

Your eyes slightly widened, “where did all those come from?” You were genuinely curious as you hadn’t seen them in the kitchen earlier.

“I bought them on my way home,” he explained with a smile as he moved over on the couch so you could sit down.

“So what anime are we watching today?” He asked curiously as it was your turn to choose.

“Hmm I was thinking Your Lie in April, maybe?” 

“Isn’t that one supposed to be sad?”

“Yeah, but I heard it was really good!” 

With a nod he agreed to your choice and you laid on the couch and rested your head on his thighs. Once you were settled he kissed the top of your head before he reached over to throw a blanket over you so you wouldn’t be cold. 

After each of you picked your choice of snack, you began your usual long night. 

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Both admin k and i felt this request on a personal level. We both stay up too late these days lol….anyways, I hope it came out ok and that you guys like it!

~Admin Coffee

Harry Hart flirting with you would include :

(Woooo more prompts! Woooo Harry 😊 Hope it is as requested and you all like it :3 Gif not mine/found it on google/credit to the original owners.)

-Him loving to casually mention to you that his day just got better since you showed up whenever you’d ask him about it

-Him being nothing but a gentleman towards you yet going the extra mile for you, genuinely smiling at you and complimenting you whenever the opportunity arises

-Him casually mentioning he’s always free whenever there isn’t any work as he’s single, hinting at you that he wouldn’t mind a change for once all while looking at you

-Him always mentioning to you how you “missed a spot” whenever it comes to your hair or clothes, just so he could get closer and touch you himself despite there not being any problem

-Him subtly winking or smirking at you whenever he’d catch you staring at him, thinking to himself of how lucky he was to catch you at the right moment

-Him giving you his arm to hold onto whenever he notices you needing his help or simply because he wants you to accompany him

-Him insisting that Merlin isn’t showing you how it’s done whenever it comes to the newer gadgets, before making way to help you out himself

-Him always asking you if you’re alright or if you need him to get closer to you through the mic, simply because he genuinely worries about you

-Him leaning in to kiss your cheeks and whispering to you casually, whenever you’d greet him and anticipate a simple handshake

-Him casually denying that he’s flirting with you and insisting that he’s simply courting you because he’s a gentleman, making you laugh

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BTS| Meeting their s/o’s touchy and gay foreign friend

Requested by Anon. 

Tysm for the request and I hope you like it.


Scenario: It’s been 3 years since you saw best friend, as he is involved in many enviroment projects and travels around the world. You were more than happy when you got a message saying that he’s in town again. Luckily you and your boyfriend where shopping, so you could meet your friend immediately…


When you spotted your bf in the crowd, you let go of  Jin and run up to him, while Jin followed you. You hugged y/f/n tight and welcomed him in your mother tongue. While he answered he let his hands slide further down, but you didn’t cared because you knew that it was his personality. When you finally let go of him you turned around to introduce him to Jin you saw your boyfriend. His face spoke volumes and he had a baffled look on his face. 

“Jin, thats y/f/n.” 


“You know, my best friend since my childhood I told you about.”

“Ohhh, yeah, that friend, sorry I’m Jin, y/n’s boyfriend.”

Originally posted by eyomo


 When someone suddenly pulled you away from him, Suga would be confused. This feeling would raise when he saw another man tightly hugging you while talking to you in a language he couldn’t understand. But he wouldn’t do more than raise his brow because he knew you would enlighten the situation.

(He wouldnt give you the satisfaction of showing an hint of jalousy)

“Yoongi, this is y/f/n.”


Originally posted by jeonbase


He wanted to show you the new bookstore read he about in the internet when suddenly someone screamed and you let go of his hand. When he turned around he saw you cuddling another, good looking boy. When the boy put his hands on each side of your face he coughed slightly and you turned your attention towards him.

“So…who’s that?”

“Joonie, thats y/f/n. I told you about him, didn’t I ?”

Oh…..*awkward silence”

Originally posted by nnochu


Hobi was about to buy ice cream for both of you, when he turned around, your strawberry-mint ice in his right hand when he saw a boy kissing you on the lips. The ice cream met he floor and his jaw dropped. When he saw that you didn’t cared about that the slightest bit, his view of life would be shattered. Why would someone kiss his jagi ? The fact that he didn’t understood what you were talking about, made things even more worse. When you eventually turned your face to his, a expression of pure shook would hit you.

“Hoseok, are you okay ?”

“I-I, y-y-yo, h-h-i-…”

“That’s y/f/n, do you remember when we skyped with him?”

*fainting hobi*

Originally posted by cleolux


Jimin and you were cloth shopping. When he jumped out ot his cabine to make you laugh he couldn’t see you anywhere. He immediately was worried but this feeling got replaced by fright. You, the most important person in his life stood there, hugging a handsome guy while he stood there in the idiotic outfit he tried on to see you giggling. When he sipped back to the cabins to change, a hand grabed his arm.

“Chim Chim?” 

“Forget it“

“Jimin? Whats wrong? Didn’t you always told me that you want to meet y/f/n ?”


Originally posted by fullfangirling27


You were walking in the park, tired from the whole shpping. When suddenly someone grabbed your hand and tried to pull you away from Tae, he wouldn’t let go of you. He would  drag you on his chest while putting his arms around you. When you fought against his strong hug he would let go of you, a confused look on his face. His face would turn blank after you hugged the boy tight while talking to him in your first language. But when your bf tried to let his hands slide down he would get protective.

“Ya, what do you think you’re doing ?”


“You think you can come and touch my beautiful Jagi?”


“There’s a reason whe she’s my jagi.”



“Thats y/f/n ! “


Originally posted by sugataecups


He wanted to by a new game when you suddenly disappeared. But he didn’t missed you long since he spotted you hugging another boy. Suddenly the boy kissed your lips for a short moment and Jungkook turned into Jungshook. When you turned and waved you to come over, he would freeze in his position until you sighed and tugged your friend while walking over to him.



“This is y/f/n. I tld you about him. Do you remember ?”


Originally posted by baekon-stripss

When Their Girlfriend Wears A Maid Outfit To Tease Them (Requested)

~Kim Namjoon~

Namjoon bit his plump bottom lip and shifted in his chair. You bent low to dust off the table, exposing the fact that your also wore no panties. Joonie snatched you up by the back of your dress and pulled you into his lap.

“What a good girl. Dressing up for her Daddy like this.”

~Kim Seokjin~

Jin watched from the kitchen table as you carefully wiped off the counter. The fluffy bow was just tempting him to pull it. So he did. The fabric loosened and your breasts were exposed completely.

“You should finish cleaning like that.”

~Min Yoongi~

Yoongi was not one to play around. He ordered you to drop down to his feet and lifted his fine black shoe to your mouth. When you raised an eyebrow, Yoongi grabbed a fist full of your hair.

“Stick out your tongue. Clean my shoe like the dirty slut you are. Tongue only.”

~Jung Hoseok~

Hoseok spat out his water at the sight of you reaching the top shelf to clean the books. You had to strain so the maid outfit exposed nearly all of your ass and the thigh high socks. He came up behind you and pressed his erection to your ass.

“Let me help you, Y/n.”

~Park Jimin~

Jimin watched you mop up the floor from afar. The water had splashed on your when you dropped the mop too hard on the kitchen floor. Your thighs and neck were soaked and Jimin couldn’t wait any longer.

“Let’s get you out of that uniform.”

~Kim Taehyung~

Tae was enjoying this way too much. He’d make you bend over in the most erotic ways to pick up a speck of dirt on the ground. If you got close enough, his hand would drift up the back of your dress and run along your slit.

“You missed a spot.”

~Jeon Jungkook~

Jungkook would be giddy from the start. You had enforced the no touching rule, but that didn’t stop him from watching. You bent in front of him to pick up the dust pan and in that moment, Kookie couldn’t keep his hands to himself.

“Clean me instead, I’ve been dirty too.”

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Could you do a fic where Sebastian (from Black Butler) is always hitting in the reader and making her flustered until she snaps and they kiss?

He was the devil.

That was the only explanation. It must have been for him to torture you so. He was the manifestation of the literal monster underneath your bed you’d thought you’d gotten rid of as a child. Your grim reaper, the skeletor come to claim your begotten soul-

“Miss Y/N?”


You froze in the middle of the conversation you’d been having with Bard at the call of your name. That voice was unmistakable.

“Bard!” You hissed, the hairs on the back of your neck stiffly rising as if you were a frightened feline. The useless chef rose an eyebrow at your display, a wisp of smoke escaping his pale lips from the loosely held cigarette between them. “I wasn’t here!”

Bard blinked as you frantically glanced around the room for a hiding spot, your body twitching like you had been possessed. Time was running short and you finally settled on diving into the pantry, slamming the doors shut just as you heard his voice a second time.

“I’m sure you know who I’m looking for, yes?”

A nervous chuckle.

“Ah, Y/N? No I don’t know where she is - that is if you’re even searching for her anyways, though I don’t know why you would - but I can definitely tell you that she is not in here.”

You stifled a groan, pinching the bridge of your nose. Your friend was a terrible liar, maybe even worse than his nonexistent cooking skills.

“I see. I must say, it would not hurt to look.”

When you had closed the pantry doors you had enclosed yourself into total darkness. This just made your other senses that much more sensitive, and you could feel your pulse racing as you registered movement outside. His footsteps were light, impossibly light - as if he were walking on air - but you could still hear the faint scuffle of his shoes on the kitchen floor. They were completely in time, sustaining a tempo you found to be ridiculously rhythmic for the simple act of walking.

The footfalls increasingly came closer to your shelter. If you listened hard enough, you swore you heard the chains dragging behind him, links and cuffs chinkling - your jailer - the drag of metal across the tile promising your inescapable future.

A moment of silence.

Another, and you sighed in relief.

Then light.

Bright crimson eyes split through the darkness, then disappeared into that close-eyed smile you were all too familiar with.

“Ah, there you are.”

You gulped.

This was it. This was why you ran away from him the moment you even caught a glimpse of silken gloves, of all black. You liked to consider yourself a spitfire, a blistering ball of courage. A fierce personality that could take down anyone in your way with your bare fists. After all, you did have to have a talent to be on the young master’s staff.


“H-Hey t-there haha….w-were you looking for me?”

But the moment this guy’s eyes met yours you found yourself turning into a puddle.

Sebastian tilted his head, observing you, before he outstretched his hand.

“Indeed I was. I merely wished to tell you that the young master has requested your presence. Do you need assistance?”

You attempted to keep even a shred of your dignity and shook your head. “N-No that’s alright. I’ll b-be fine.”

You were quick to get up, maybe too quick. The close proximity of your bodies made it hard for you to find any space to maneuver yourself, and consequently you tripped over your own feet in the act.

Quicker than you could comprehend, Sebastian caught you, one hand wrapped around your wrist, the other pressing into the arch of your back to steady you against his chest.

You swear you heard angels singing in the distance.

“You should be more careful,” He spoke calmly, the smooth, deep baritone heard clearly in your ear.

You wondered if someone could die from being overly embarrassed, and if not, there was always a first for everything, right?

“No - I mean yes, I mean uh,” You were sure you were going to pass out in five point nine seconds. “I will.”

“Good,” He said, holding you for longer than necessary, the corner of his lips twitching upwards. The bastard, he knew exactly what he was doing to you!

Before you could jam your knee up into where the sun doesn’t shine, he let go, walking away like nothing had happened.

Your hands fisted, and you returned to normal as you fought off the sensation of your knees turning to jelly.

“That arrogant little-”

“- piece of crap!”

The duster in your grip nearly snapped in two as you brushed it violently against the surfaces of the porcelain statues in the glass case you had been admiring. It was only when you nearly knocked over all the precious figures in your anger that you moved on from them, stopping at the piano in the corner.

“Thinks he’s so great,” You continued to mutter underneath your breath, lifting the fall-board to lightly dust the black and white piano keys beneath the cover. “With his crazy reflexes and ridiculously flawless skin. Stupid fairy. Has the audacity to mess with me. The next time I see him I swear I’ll-”


A sound equivalent to that of a dying hyena emitted from your throat as you jumped almost fifteen feet into the air. If not for the buttons on your clothes, you were sure you would have escaped them as well. The duster went flying from your fingers, but it was not a surprise to you to see that the bane of your life had caught it as easily as one would swat a mosquito.

Freaking ninja.


He shifted, his voice taking on that scolding tone he often used with hte rest of the staff that made them run with their tails behind their legs.

“Why, you did not quite finish your thought. You’d what?”

I’d take that tie of yours and shove it down your throat then hang you up by your coat tails you insufferable twat. See if you’d laugh then.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” Was all you said instead. You’d chastise yourself later on your cowardice when the literal embodiment of perfection wasn’t standing three feet in front of you.

“I think you do,” He smiled again, but the expression did nothing to calm your nerves. If anything, knowing him, it made them worse.

He took a step towards you.

Naturally, you took one back.

Then he took another.

You followed suit.

Another, and you turned to leg it out of there as quickly as possible.


Turns out you had been backing into the piano you’d been cleaning, and as such ran right into it. Within the time it took for you to register this, Sebastian was behind you, so close you could feel the collar of his suit brushing the back of your neck.

“I thought I told you to be more careful. You have a way with disobeying good advice.”

He pressed closer to you from behind and you leaned away, your hands flattening down into the piano keys and creating an unpleasant, chaotic series of sounds.

“It’s not like I do it on purpose.” Pest.

Sebastian hummed. “Somehow that doesn’t make it better. Will I have to punish you?”

You ignored the way your stomach turned to goo at that comment.

“You demon,” You mumbled bitterly.

The hand hovering by your waist landed, and you heard a faint sardonic chuckle. “You’d be surprised.”


He gave you no time to even dwell on that thought, twisting you around to face him. He dipped down even closer, and all you could see was the tunnel of red that was his eyes, sucking you in.

Wait, closer?

“H-Hey!” You lifted a hand to push at his chest but found that it only trapped you further. “Wait!”

Your cheeks burned brighter, breath hitching in your throat as his nose brushed yours. Close. He was so close you could count every eyelash framing that unnatural crimson gaze. You’d have thought you would be able to feel his breath but there was none? His skin was ice to the touch where it skimmed yours, a good contrast to how high your temperature was running at the moment.

You shut your eyes tight, waiting for something, anything.


And waiting.


Your eyes opened in confusion only to see that he had backed up, amusement dancing in his expression again.

“There,” He said simply.

“What?” Was your intelligent response.

He lifted the duster you’d forgotten he even had, pointing it towards a section on the piano, before placing it down. “You missed a spot; I fixed it. That was all.”

You resisted the urge to let your mouth fall open.


“Me?” He questioned innocently. A tsk left him. “Why, Y/N, were you perhaps expecting something else?”

You were speechless, the flush crawling up your neck and spreading across the apple of your cheeks now becoming uncomfortably hot. A splutter left you in anger, but you knew you couldn’t even argue.

“Now if you’d excuse me.” He walked away yet again, leaving you a mess. Before he was completely out of the doorway he paused. “Oh and before I forget, your punishment. An extra hour of helping Finnian in the gardens should suffice.”

The moment he left, the duster was flung into the wall, truly snapping in two this time as an enraged shout filled the air.

“I’m going to kill him!”

The spoon left the cup of ice-cream to land in your mouth.

You melted with a delighted hum around the metal on your tongue. Usually any and everything sweet in the household was used for the young master and him only, but you’d managed to be rewarded the rare delicacy that day on your lunch break.

You ate another scoop, stepping outside to enjoy the breeze. The sky was bluer than you’d ever seen it, and you sighed happily. Nothing could ruin your mood now.


Was that a cat?

You turned, only for the cheerful song playing in your mind to come to a sudden halt, like a record malfunctioning. There was a cat yes, but next to the kitty was a certain butler. Your first reaction was to run, or perhaps become one with the side wall of the mansion, but everything changed when you cleared your panicked thoughts to actually just look.

It was not one cat like you originally thought, but three that crowded around the man. His face was content, and you were shocked at the fact that he was letting the felines rub their heads into the palm of his hand, one of them merely curling up by his foot.

It was, dare you say, cute?

Nope. Nope, nope. You would not fall prey to his manipulative charms. You were stronger than that, a feared, respected member of the Phantomhive mansio-

Okay that cat just yawned and cuddled his shoe and you were gone.

“I didn’t take you for someone that would spy on others.”

You were knocked out of your fantasy by the words, and you took a startled step back. Sebastian’s focus was still on the affectionate kittens, but you knew he was talking to you.

“I am not!” You found you were quick to defend, and cleared your throat, calming. “I was only out here to enjoy the breeze. Don’t act like you own the garden, Sebastian.” You took another bite of your treat in defiance.

He lifted from his crouch, in front of you with only three long strides. You stayed rooted in your spot. He narrowed his eyes, as if looking at something, then nodded to himself. You could only stare as he removed one of his gloves, pinching the fabric in his teeth and pulling it clean off.


That was not needed. Why couldn’t he just take it off like a normal person?? Did he want you to faint??

“You’ve got something…right here.” He reached upwards to brush his thumb across the corner of your bottom lip. When he removed it, it came away with a pink, milky substance. It must have been a trick of the light, but his eyes seemed to flash the same colour as he slowly licked his thumb.

A smirk. “Delicious.”

Everything stopped.

In the distance, you think you heard something cracking, but maybe that was just the dam of restraint snapping within you. 

It was as if you were watching yourself from outside your own body as you saw your hands reach out to grab his collar. The motions felt distant, detached when you yanked him down, but you were spun widely into control again once your lips connected harshly to his.

The cup fell to the floor, spilling its contents.

He froze, but you were not stopping, not now, and you took this rare chance to tangle your fingers in that soft mass of midnight hair you’d always wanted to touch. Heat seared your lips as you pulled yourself into him, forced his mouth open under yours, a long shiver rolling down your spine.

It was only when you felt him get over his initial shock and begin to respond - which must have taken what, four seconds? - that you disconnected.

That,” you growled, chest heaving. “is for antagonizing me. Feel free to forget I ever did it, please do.”

He stared.

With that you whipped around and stormed away, face red but your steps hard and infuriated. “And you owe me ice-cream!”

Sebastian’s eyes contracted into fuchsia slits, predatory excitement conflicting with another emotion that had him tightening his hold on his glove.

This was the first time he could honestly say in the last hundred years, that he had been made utterly, completely, surprised.


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how about MC couldn't get a present for the twins (probably because they didn't tell her it was their birthday), so MC puts on a bow and tell them she will be their gift? it's up to you if this is smutty or not?

Countdown to the Cake: 2

MC as a bithday gift


“Oh MC~~ you missed a spot!” Saeyoung points and smiles teasingly.

“Saeyoung, I’m tired, I’m hungry, my clothes are wet and I look like a mess. Don’t you think it’s enough?”

“MC… I’m kind enough to help you clean my babies in my birthday and that’s how you pay me? Oh… I guess people like me aren’t meant to have a happy birthday after all…” he says dramatically, you roll your eyes.

“You’re just taking advantage of me! I told you I was gonna be your gift, not your maid or…” oh no, you should not have used that word, you look at him and his eyes gleam mischievously.

“Yes, you’re right… and your clothes are all wet, maybe you should change? I might have some spare clothes for you…”

How did you end up here? Oh yeah…  it was this morning, you dropped by to grab the HBC bags he promised you and smelled something burning in the kitchen.

“Shit! My birthday cake!”

“Why were you doing birthday cake?”

“For my birthday, obviously!”

“Your birthday? When is your birthday, Saeyoung?”

“June 11th

“Do you mean today?” he nodded, then sighed in frustration, looking at the amount of black burnt dough. “Now what will I have for my birthday?”

You felt bad for him… “Well, you…  you can have me!” you stated, smiling nervously and hoping he wouldn’t take this in the wrong way… “I’ll be… you birthday gift! We can do whatever you want!”

When you said that, you were expecting he would want to hang out in the amusement park or in an arcade, how could you imagine he would want you to help him wash his cars? And how could you imagine he would turn into this sadistic evil little monster throwing water in you on purpose?

So now, here you are changing to a freaking maid costume, of course those would be the only spare clothes he would have for you! You just hope he doesn’t ask for nothing weird like speaking in a French accent or something like this.

“Come out, MC! I wanna see you…~” he smiles teasingly, but his smile fades away as you timidly step out of his room. “MC… you look…”

“Pathetic, I know.” Not what he was thinking of at all… oh god… you looked adorable and… sexy… and the tiara with a little bow on it made you really resemble a birthday gift.

He looks away, blushing. You look down, feeling ridiculous. Why this silence right now? You two never have a problem finding interests in common and subjects to talk about, the deepest and meaningful conversations or the silliest and weirderst ones, you two can always feel a true connection.

“Can we finish polishing the cars?” you ask, finally gathering some courage to look at him.

“Y-yeah, le-let’s do it…” he doesn’t look back at you.

The polishing is torture, he is trying to focus, but it’s impossible as you bent down in one of the cars to polish its hood, your skirt is so short! His hands works in circles, but only then he realizes there is no car, he is polishing the air, looking at you, his mouth ajar.

“I finished this one, Saeyoung, do you want some help?” he is still staring and doesn’t answer. “Saeyoung?” you look at him, curious.

“It’s good, MC… you did a great job… you look… great, you… are… great…” he gulps when you start walking towards him.

“I… am?” you tilt your head and smile. “Saeyoung?”


“Why didn’t you tell me it was your birthday before?”

“I… I don’t know. I’m just very used to spend this day alone. I… didn’t know if I could tell you, I still have these habits of not telling much about me to people I… like.” your heart flutter, is he trying to confess? Oh… You knew there was more behind this tease sadistic side of him.

“You could have told me. I would have known what to do for you.” You come really close, he can feel your breath against his face.

“I think you know exactly what you’re doing right now, MC.” He says, his eyes following your lips with lust.

“Only if you know what to do next.”

He smirks before attacking your lips, wrapping his arms around your waist and pulling you even closer. Your tongues dance together as you two trip in your own feet till the back of your knees meet the car’s hood, making you sit.

His tongue travels down you moth to your jaw, making you spread your legs to bring him closer as he kisses your neck, the hand which was holding you tight against him goes a little up, reaching for the zipper in the maid dress.

“H-Happy birthday, Saeyoung…”

“Oh, for the very fisrt time in a long time, it will be…” he says breathlessly, making you lie in the car’s hood as his body keeps pressed against yours.


Saeyoung was busy for the day and asked you to pick Saeran in the therapy. He usually would get back quieter than usual after the sessions. Although it concerned you and made you wonder if the therapy was really helping, you wouldn’t say anything in order to get him even more nervous.

“Hey, how was it?”

“Fine.” Yes, that’s what he usually says.

“Okay, wanna get some ice cream?”

“No, not today.” Oh… that was weird… he never turned down ice cream.

“Okay… so I’ll take you home.”

“I wanna go to your place.” He says, looking away, you can’t help feeling surprise. “What? Something wrong?”

“No, not at all. It’s just… you never want to go to my place without Saeyoung.”

“Today it’s different.” Then he looks at you, and even though you don’t know why, how can you say no?

You get home and tell him to make himself comfortable. He sits in the couch and starts messing with his phone.

“So, uhm… your therapist… how is she?”

“She’s okay, I guess. Why?”

“I don’t know, it’s just…  I don’t know much about her, that’s all.”

“She’s fine, she says some weird stuff sometimes, but I don’t hate her.” Wow, okay, so maybe he likes her, that’s good. “Do you have cupcakes? I want cupcakes.”

“I don’t, but… maybe I can try to make a few. Do you want to help me?”


You put on your apron and help him with his, he looks slightly embarrassed when you almost hug him as you tie a bow in the apron. You start working on making the cupcakes, and and now you are waiting to take it out of the oven.

“So… if you don’t mind me asking, why cupcakes? Why not ice cream?”

“She says I need to do different things in special days, so I can feel the difference and know what’s special and what’s not, some bullshit like that.” Some bullshit he’s listening to.

“Oh… so today is a special day, huh?” why could that be?

“Yeah, Saeyoung even got me a present. Though he’s always giving me presents, I don’t know what changes just because it’s our birthday. Can you put sprinkles in the frosting? Will you do some frosting?” you blink a couple of times, staring at him. “I guess not, then…”

“Saeran… today it’s your birthday?”

“Yeah. Why?”

“Oh, it’s just… I didn’t know.”

“Of course you didn’t, I didn’t tell you.” Well, yeah… that’s the point. You look really embarrassed, clearing your throat and avoiding his gaze. “What’s wrong?”

“I… nothing. I… am sorry, I didn’t know, I… didn’t get you anything. I thought this was just a regular day. I mean, I’ve been wondering when your birthday would be and what could I get you, but… I could never imagine it was today…”

“It’s fine. So, uhm… what did you think about getting me for a gift?”

“I… here’s the thing, I… couldn’t think of anything, so I was… wondering about offering myself as your gift. You know… going to anywhere you want to go, do what you would like to do for the day, stupid cheesy things that, now that I come to think of it, are awf…” he grabs your chin and makes you look at him.

“I’ll take it.” You blush, so does he. Now you wonder how long it’s gonna take for him to let you go and get all flustered and weird, but… he doesn’t. He keeps looking at you, and his face is getting closer, and closer… you close your eyes in anticipation and… the timer dings, indicating the baked cupcakes are ready.

You two get away from each other, both really embarrassed and giving these quick glances to each other. Well, maybe this is a sign to not make bold moves like that, he’s not ready for this kind of relationship.

You two start working on the frosting, he’s so focused and dedicated, it’s absolutely adorable. He looks at you, mimicking everything you do. It’s been like this in almost everything, he’s always looking up for you in order to act as normal as possible. Your eyes lock to his, and you’ll think t’s going to be one of those moments, but he starts chuckling, you look at him confused.

“It’s just… you have something in your face.” Oh yeah… there’s some frosting in your cheek, you didn’t bother to clean because you were trying to finish this. “Let me get that for you.” You think he’ll wipe it off with his fingers, but your breath hitches when he leans closer and licks it off your face. “Yummy” he says, smiling softly. Today really is a different day, huh?

You can see the other days here!

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Can I request a Dean smut - you guys are on a date and some random dude comes up and starts hitting on you (while Dean goes to the bathroom or something idk) and Dean sees this and tells him off (and you find that really hot). Rough smut & dirty talk please?

“Ok, hurry up.” You tell Dean as you see him with a smile watching as he walked towards the back into the bathrooms in the clothing store. Today you were both on a date just celebrating being in the company of one another again before he had to go off to tour in whatever place. You had managed to have him the whole day and some fans had asked for his autograph but it wasn’t anything that was too unbearable. You let your eyes drift away from the direction that he had walked in, walking around the store your hands skimmed over the shirts, and skirts that you had found intriguing and you wanted.  Everything in the store was beautiful to you and if you could buy up everything you would be a broke person.

“I can get that for you.” A deep voice spoke behind you. Turning around on your heels, you looked up at a male who had blonde hair and a bunch of tattoos across his body. He was hot, and maybe if you were single you would take him up on that offer. Then again you were independent so taking things from strangers were not something you indulged in.

“Ah, it’s fine I was just looking and besides I don’t think my boyfriend would be happy to see you buying me something.” You smiled holding out your arms to show off the big leather jacket of Dean’s that you were wearing over your small sundress.

“But he’s not here, so what he doesn’t know won’t hurt you. Besides you look pretty lonely to me gorgeous.” The male rasped and you couldn’t help but smile sheepishly and comb your hair behind your ear. “You missed a spot.” He teased reaching his hand out to tug a free strand of hair behind your ear.

“O-oh thank you. You’re too sweet but really I’m a loyal girl.” You grabbed his hand smiling up at him and gently pushing his hand down.

“Loyal, beautiful and independent? Damn I hate that I haven’t been able to meet a girl like you. Dude must be lucky but I can take you from him, just give me once chance.” He laughed softly and you couldn’t help but laugh with him because he was persistent and you had to respect it because he wasn’t overbearing he just seemed fun to be around.

“You’re never going to get that chance, dude.” Dean came up behind you, fists clenched you looked up at him turning flustered because you couldn’t believe he was here, but of course it didn’t take a person long to pee so of course he would be back.

“H-hyuk.” You whispered his name, he took your hand from the other male’s hand with a light jerk holding his own hand inside of yours.

“I’m sorry, don’t get me wrong I know how fine she is. I know she’s beautiful and that smile is to die for. I know that body looks taught and right with her curves and I can guarantee you that if you wondered if her pussy was tight and it would be easy to slip that dress up and taste her then you’re right because I do it all the time but she’s mine and I’m not stepping off for a while.” Dean bowed his head pulling you back from the male and you bowed your head with an apologetic smile as Dean lead you towards the car. Walking outside in the parking lots towards your car wasn’t anything less than awkward. He didn’t say a mumbling word. Jaw clenched he lead you towards the car and you were worried because he was never one to be like this, you were sure nothing ever got you done and seeing this made you feel guilty because you allowed someone else to flirt with you, but it wasn’t like that at all. Once you both made it to the car you opened your mouth to say something, instead Dean turned you around and pressed his lips to yours roughly hands tangling into your hair pulling your face closer to his. He sucked on your bottom lip backing you up against the car his hands roaming over your body feeling every ounce of skin that he could get. He only broke the kiss when he felt you both needed air, opening up the back door he pushed you into the car moving to place you on your knees facing the back seat. You didn’t have to guess what he was up to from the way he slammed the door and got behind you. Burying his face in your neck he kissed along your skin, grazing his teeth against your spots to turn you on as quickly as possible. His hand slid down to your panties, pushing them to the side as his other hand quickly tried to get his dick out of the confines of his boxers. Once he was free he rubbed his tip against your opening before slamming inside of you quickly.

“Dean!” You urged quietly pushing your hips back in a needy manner.

“No baby. Say my name.” He pleaded out bracing his legs on either side of yours bunching up your dress around your hips starting to fuck you harder making the car rock. His hard shaft slipping past your tight entrance and slamming into you.

“Hyuk!” You whimpered out pushing your hips back against his and he gave you a moan of approval slapping your ass cheeks. He grazed his length against your walls rolling his hips as he pushed harder into you. The car shook becoming filled with light cries of your moans and his heavy grunts. He was creating more hickeys on your neck breathing heavily against your skin.

“Don’t leave me baby. I love you.” He groaned out as his hand rubbed your clit quickly and that made you quickly realize what this was about. Your hips jerked forward, gasping you reached your hand back to grip at his hips bouncing backwards, the windows fogged up and the risk of getting caught was heavier but it was more exciting this way.

“I love you Hyuk! I only want you I promise, only you Hyuk please make me cum!” You whimpered out in a needy state squeezing your dripping pussy around him. You could feel the juice sliding down from your parted legs and onto the seats but you wanted more and you urged it. Your hips meeting as he bit on your ear groaning he husked out sweet nothings urging you to cum. In a few more thrusts you were cumming first spilling it out onto his shaft, and he was loving every moment of it. Hands locking around your waist he slammed you backwards until he was burying his load deep inside of you. Holding you to him as he filled you up, he took a few calming breaths kissing over your sweaty skin.

“I should get you jealous more often.” You teased earning a pout and a shove from Hyuk as you both straightened up yourselves.  

BTS | When Their GF Squishes Their Cheeks And Kisses Them

Anonymous said:

Bts reaction when their girlfriend squish their cheeks and kiss them.

*You begin to leave after the kiss* “Jagi…you’re leaving? But I thought you wanted to kiss.”

Originally posted by bwiseoks

“I think you missed a spot, jagi.” *points to cheek* 

Originally posted by yoongijae

*Sunshine mode activated* 

Originally posted by jhope-ah

Rap Monster/Namjoon:
*Caught completely off guard by the sudden squishing of his cheeks* “Y/N…what was….why are you so adorable at times?”

Originally posted by taestylips

*Sudden kiss attack* “You didn’t think you would get away with that did you?”

Originally posted by keepingupwithbts

*Squishes your cheeks and kisses you back* “You are so cute, Y/N!”

Originally posted by bwipsul

*Turns into a giggly squish* “I love you too.”

Originally posted by hohbi