Road Trip !!!!

Hey loves! Dates aren’t definite yet, but just a little sneak peak of what I’ll be doing next month.

I’ll be going on a super fun road trip with agirlnamedally next month! Our end destination is Orlanda,Florida to visit the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, but it’s quite a long 20 hour car ride, so we’ll be stopping in other states where I would love to do some meet-ups and yoga sessions!

I’m thinking we might stop for a chat in:

  • Maryland
  • Virginia Beach
  • North or South Carolina
  • Maybe Chattanooga Tennessee??

Message me if you’re interested in hanging out with us in these areas! It’ll be a free yoga sesh and meet up of course, but donations would be greatly greatly appreciated as I would love to continue teaching yoga to you guys. Even $3 would mean the world!

Also, if you know of any spots we would regret missing in these states, let me know! I’m dying to see some beautiful waterfalls and state parks. Maybe we could go hiking together and do yoga by the waterfall!! AHHHH


You Missed a Spot

“Hot tea with larmon?”

“No, I want Carmen”

Suddenly you realize you’re the target demographic for eye creams. 

In the last year, I have come to personally understand what the beauty industry means by “fine lines”, though I prefer to pronounce it like “FOINE lines” to make myself feel better about them.  :/ 


This is who I really am


Dalia Royce is the best…


This shit is gold.


Best song ever?




Great thing, or the greatest thing?