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Dark nsfw of poly roadrat fucking their crush at the same time? Like she sandwiched in the middle and one is fucking her in the ass while the other fucks her in her pussy while she's crying from how much it hurts and begging them to stop but they don't listen cause they enjoy how tight she feels? Darkest nsfw possible plz.

Poly! RoadRat: 

There was absolutely nothing that could be worse than what was happening yo you right now. 

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got7 reacts to you having a cold

jaebum: would frown and be really worried and overprotective, and would bring you to the doctor personally even if fans recognize him in public (“it doesn’t matter if it’s just a cold (y/n), it can evolve into something worse..”) , and slightly jut his chin out in frustration when he’s not with you (lmao)

mark: “(y/n), are you ok? want me to get medicine for you?” would be worried and concerned in a quieter and more subtle way, give you his hoodies to stay warm and cozy, get lukewarm chicken noodle soup for you and buy lots of tissues for your snot and some salve for your chafed nose

jackson: would be very vocal with his concern and say things like “AAAAHH (Y/N) ARE YOU OK I’LL TAKE CARE OF YOU BABE”, buy you lots of different medicine just in case, make warm drinks for you

jinyoung: would say “aish (y/n), you should take better care of yourself,” and stuff like that, wrap tons of blankets around you, lecture you on how to prevent sicknesses and how to improve immune system etc idek lol

youngjae: would be really sad because his bae is sick, cuddle with you even though he might get infected with sickness too, make ginger tea and be like “my mother told me this was a good home remedy for colds.. you should drink it” (insert cute otter smile)

bambam: “aigoo, i told you to wear that new jacket i bought, it keeps you so warm…” would give you tons of warm and stylish clothes to wear, tell you to eat spicy food because thats what Thai people do as a home remedy (idk if bambam does it but i googled it so yea)

yugyeom: would be like “oh no (y/n), now you’ve gotten yourself sick… i hope you get better really soon :)”, give you his blue scarf (you know, THAT one? no? ok.) to keep warm, snuggle up against you despite your sickness, tell you to rest more, magically cure you with his smile (sry i’m biased im a yugyeom stan lol)

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but first. can someone plz tell me whether i should do a mark or yugyeom one shot cuz i have one in mind but im not sure which member i should write about 

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Oh my god I just love the Family AU it's just so amazing and ahh!!! Thanks for the link for the fic I was actually going to ask how Keith would react to Lance saying he hated him That aside how would Shiro and the kids react to Keith being sick? (It's okay if you don't answer I know you get a lot of asks so just thanks for all the wonderful and fluffy Voltron Family posts!!)

Thank you!! I’m happy to know you love The Voltron Family AU! :D I find it quite amusing how there’s always have to be the opposite side. Like, there’s one where Shiro is away and Keith handles the kids alone, and then there’s one where Keith is the one who’s away and Shiro handles the kids. I’m guessing this ask is from when Shiro is sick and Keith and the kids tried helping him? If so, I’m definitely going to answer this one lmao (but honestly you’re welcome! i love making these voltron fam posts! 8D)

Keith is sick and he’s lying on the bed. Shiro wanted to take a leave at the hospital but Keith told him that it’s different if he’s the one who’s sick because Keith can just work from home–Shiro cannot. 

Keith: You can’t bring your patients at home, Shiro. Don’t be ridiculous. I can handle myself. It’s just a fever. No big deal. *coughs* *shoos him away*
Shiro: *frowns* Make sure you call me though if anything happens okay? I’ll take the kids to school. I’ll drop by to check on you at lunch.
Keith: *rolls his eyes* Yeah yeah, Mum.
Shiro: Don’t forget your paracetamol. And drink heaps of water.
Keith: *pushes him weakly off the bed* Just go will you?
Shiro: *kisses Keith on the lips*
Keith: I’m sick. Oh my god.
Shiro: *smirks* We can share it. In sickness and in health remember?
Keith: *raises an eyebrow* Are you seducing me, Takashi Shirogane?
Shiro: Is it working? 
Keith: *very very monotone* On I am turned.
Shiro: *laughs* So snarky even when you’re sick. Shit. I’m so turned on right now. *eyes widens but laughs at his own joke*
Keith: I can’t believe we’re flirting while I’m sick. Just go you dumb turtle!

True to his word, Shiro did come back at lunch to check on Keith and then returned again to the hospital. The kids arrived with Shiro after picking them up from school.

Hunk: *tugs Shiro’s hand* *hears Keith’s cough echoing inside the house* Daddy Keith doesn’t sound good. *frowns* I have an idea. *lets go of Shiro’s hand and walks towards his room* 
Lance: So can we go see him now or are we still not allowed in the room? Back then when you were sick, Daddy Keith allowed us to see you. Why won’t you? *frowns*
Shiro: You might get infected, buddy. Daddy Keith is really really sick.
Pidge: Just let him wear a mask then! *frowns* I wanna see Daddy Keith. I want to show him my perfect score.
Shiro: I’m sure you do, sweetheart. Why don’t you two go to Hunk’s room first while I check on your Daddy then I’ll get you three to see him? How’s that sound?
Pidge and Lance: *nods and goes to Hunk’s room*

After a while, while Shiro and Keith were in their room, there was a knock on their door.

Lance: Can we come in now? We have a surpri–
Pidge: *whispers* Stupid Lance! Don’t say that!!!
Lance: *whispers* Oooops! Sorry I didn’t mean to!!
Keith and Shiro: *looks at each other curiously*
Shiro: Yeah, you can come in now.

The kids open the door only to reveal Hunk, Pidge and Lance with paper crowns on top of their heads coloured by them. Shiro and Keith smiled.

Lance: *announces proudly* Prince Lance, Princess Pidge and Prince Hunk has arrived to visit His Royal Highness King Keith.
Keith: *hands on his chest* Oh my. What have I done to deserve your glorious visit, Prince Lance, Prince Hunk and Princess Pidge?
Pidge: We have been informed by your Royal Adviser Daddy Shiro that you were sick. It has come to our attention that we must pay the King a visit to see ourselves to make sure our kingdom is still in one piece. 
Shiro: *whispers to Keith* I’m your Royal Adviser? I’m not even your husband here. Unbelievable.
Keith: Ah, as you can see. My Royal Adviser turned husband King Shiro is ruling in my stead. You have nothing to worry about. *winks at Shiro*
Shiro: I have been promoted. *laughs*
Hunk: We bring gifts, King Keith and King Shiro! *holds out a stack of papers messily stapled together to make it look like a book* May we sit beside you in bed so we can read you our stor–I mean our gift?
Keith: *looks at Shiro*
Shiro: *smiles* *turns to the kids acting all serious* King Shiro allows you. *nods and gestures to Keith’s side*

All three kids just kinda dropped their acts and rushed towards the bed to sit beside their Daddy Keith.

Lance: It was Hunk’s idea, Daddy Keith! We made you a storybook!
Pidge: Cause we know you’ve read all the books here so we thought of making you a new one!!
Keith: *turns to Hunk* *restrains himself from coughing* Did you really?
Hunk: I did! *grins* I hope you like it!

So Hunk opened their hand-made storybook and Lance, Pidge and Hunk took turns doing different voices. It was a story of two kings who found three kids and adopted them to be their children. They go to different kingdoms and they would fight dragons. Then King Keith and King Shiro were taken by the evil witch. Princess Pidge was the one who took on the evil witch with her sword alongside with Prince Lance with his bow and arrows, while Prince Hunk tried to look for the two kings while the witch was distracted. In the end, the witch was defeated and the two kings were saved and they all lived happily ever after.

Keith was crying and that caused the three kids to panic.

Hunk: Oh no! Daddy Keith are you okay?
Keith: *wipes tears* Yeah, yeah. I’m okay.
Lance: Did you like our story?! 
Keith: *nods while still wiping his tears*
Pidge: Then why are you crying if you liked it? *frowns*
Shiro: Let’s just say your Daddy Keith is crying tears of joy.
Lance: Bet he was impressed by Prince Lance’s shooting skills!
Keith: *smiles* I loved it. *sniff* I loved everything about it.
Three kids: *beams and hugs their Daddy Keith*
Keith: Can I keep it though? The storybook I mean.
Three kids: OF COURSE YOU CAN!!! *laughs*

When the kids left, Keith just sobbed into his hands while shaking.

Shiro: Keith? Are you sure you’re okay?
Keith: I’m so emo wtf. *laughs weakly thru his tears* I love them so much. *coughs* *voice gets muffled by his hands* I wanna kiss all of you but I’m sick and it sucks! *coughs*
Shiro: *laughs* Well I’m always ready to accept your sick kisses.
Keith: *punches him softly* I told you not to seduce me while I’m sick, Shirogane! *laughs* *coughs*

today i was on the phone with a friend and she told me she was picking at a scab and i told her to stop and she said OKAY DAD and i said oh my god, if you pick it it might get infected and then you would have to go to the vet

or like… the human… vet

the human doctor


it’s just… doctor

it’s just….

been a long day

You Fall Out Of Bed

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A/N: I had way too much fun writing this…


 Luke’s always been a restless sleeper. From sleep talking to sleep dancing he’s gone through all the stages during the time you’ve been together. The first time he began yelling the lyrics to Catch Fire you almost had a heart attack; it was three in the morning and he’d began randomly singing, what were you supposed to do? 

 After a few more months of being together you’re sure you’ve figured out his sleeping patterns. Or so you thought. 

 "Baby I’m tired.“ Luke’s scratchy voice comes from the pillows beside you. You laugh softly and quickly bookmark the page in your book before turning off the table lamp and snuggling down under the covers beside him. "Well we’d better sleep then, hmm?” He rolls his eyes as you move about under the duvet. “Big or little?” You contemplate his question for a moment before answering. 

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What do you think about dogs having their dewclaws removed as puppies?

I think it’s like deciding to amputate your pinkie toe because it constantly has an ingrown toe nail.

Like, can you live without your pinkie toe? Yea probably. But is it really necessary? No.

Dogs use their dew claws for a great many things and any potential injuries can be prevented with appropriate footwear.

I personally am of the mindset that medical procedures that are not necessary for the health of the animal should be avoided. Removing the dew claw because it MIGHT be an inconvenience later on is like removing your finger because you MIGHT get a fungal infection in your nail.

Please note this isn’t about any pain or trauma I think the puppies may or may not feel, so I am really not interested in any arguments about how harmless it is. I’m not saying it’s dangerous or horrible, I simply believe that it’s utterly unnecessary at that age. If it becomes a medical problem later on, you can deal with it then.