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What? You actually think it means something that one co-star mentions his co-star a few times during an interview and it has some hidden meaning or something? What the hell is wrong with some of you people? Really. They are co-leads and work together - You need to make more of that too?

Shut up, you don’t even exist.

i think i’ll be hitting ask limit soon but dude, yo, i’m so glad to be here. in this fandom, even if it gets toxic and dramatic af at times.

im awful with saying this bc honestly, i never say i love you. i really don’t. not to one person in my family bc we just never say it? we show each other more than saying it, but…yeah. i say it to you guys more than anything.

i can’t really show on here with actions so much as written words, but i hope every one of you know that someone loves you. hidden behind a screen or not, halfway across the world or not, you mean something!


‘I chose this life and I chose you. And I don’t understand why we can’t have both’

[Felicity’s version] [Oliver’s version]

And here comes one of those "lose follower" posts...

I’m watching “The Talk” and they showed a snippet of some video with Hiddleston asking about Swifty and if she like Australia or whatever and he said he didn’t want to talk about it.


Motherfucker are you serious? We know you two are together; you basically shoved it down our goddamed throats for a month now. And you don’t want to talk about it? I’m sorry, but it’s far too late to ask for your privacy. Whether you knew you were being photographed or not (and let’s be real, you knew), it’s out there. Hell, SHE put it out there. So sack up, say something nice about your girl (“I think she is having a good time here while I film the next Thor.” Boom, done) and jog on.


It’s brave to keep holding on, it means that you want something that much and you’re willing to fight for it. But it gets tiring when all you do is pull and tug. Sometimes you just need to let go, you’ll breathe easier. New things are waiting for you out there.
—  turn around, and now walk.
It means something, you know? This struggle you’re on? It’s all part of something bigger you can’t quite see yet. The important part is to keep going.
—  note to self