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While we all know that today is Valentine’s Day, it is also Congenital Heart Disease Awareness Day!

I am a CHD patient.  Six hours after I was born blue I was diagnosed with multiple heart defects.  I had open heart surgery when I was 2 days old, again when I was 9 months, and then when I was 2 and a half years old.

CHD is America’s most common birth defect but there is very little awareness and funding for medical research.  So today, a day where hearts are a pretty big deal, I just want to do my part and spread awareness.

I am so lucky to be where I am thanks to incredible doctors, surgeons, nurses, and technicians.  CHD kids like me are never cured, I will most likely need another surgery in my future.  But I am so proud of my scar and I am so proud to be a CHD patient.

Happy Valentine’s Day to you all and a very Happy CHD Awareness Day!!

All the love,

Lauren xx


Little Ten | Tenth Doctor | Doctor Who

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I’ve really been nostalgic for Doctor Who lately, so I drew a little chibi Ten, ‘cause he was my Doctor.  Probably chibi Eleven will be next.  :)

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eruris always saying that they are so much more morally right than ereri shippers when their ship has Levi, who looks the same as Eren in terms of age, and Erwin, who looks like an old man. Who really has the pedo ship? eruris are disgusting daddy kink shippers.


I have the biggest daddy kink of all eruri shippers on this godforsaken site

Thanks for confirming this tho

Erwin Smith is my daddy :3

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k so to the ace rey thing - you can be ace and still be in a romantic relationship? she can be homoromantic+ace and she can be biromantic+ace and she can be any romantic identity and still identify as ace as her sexual identity so this isnt a reason to not ship it? like i dont even REALLY ship finnrey i just think saying shes ace as a reason not to ship it is trying to come up w a reason so they dont have to say theyre racist/not having a real understanding of what asexuality is

DAMN, YOU RIGHT. You’re totally right. I feel like I just thought about it for me specifically, because I like homoromantic ace Rey and that’s the reason why I’m not like actively shipping Finn / Rey (although I do love them together). BUT YOU ARE SO RIGHT. 


Hey everyone!

Aaaa it feels so weird to be talking in front of a camera! Anyway, this is just a little video where I try my best to give a short introduction of myself and what I do as a harpist. I feel so impossibly awkward and silly, but it’s worth a shot, right?

The reason for this video is that I just made an account on Patreon:

This is a small step towards my big dream of one day being able to help support myself through my music.

If you would like to be my patron, you can pledge a small amount per harp video, or if you are unable to do so, it would mean so much if you could share my Patreon page or this post with your friends and followers!

Thank you so much, dears!

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congrats on lunael rising, michael and miles stayed up till midnight and possibly even later watching anime according to twitter

i can’t believe we witnessed miles and michael making their date plans live and then they tweeted about it to just remind everyone that, yeah, they’re in love