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18 new list maybe? With extra angst if you may :^)

OHOHOHO EXTRA ANGST, YOU SAY, ANON?! The Angst Queen is here to satisfy! Buckle those angst seatbelts, kiddos, because this is gonna be a bumpy ride ;) <333 (Want me to write you a lil fic, too? Choose a prompt from the old list or new one and just let me know which list you used!)

“I’m alive… I can tell because of the pain.”

Alexander was filled with fog. Fog, sticky and thick, not worth the effort of pushing through. He had no idea what was on the other side, and he didn’t care to find out just then. He knew it was only a matter of time. He was, for once, content to float, to wait for whatever was to happen next.

There was one voice calling out to him through the fog, though, disrupting the tranquility. One voice, so distant, but so panicked.

Why, he wondered, would anyone be so frantic here? It was the most peaceful place he’d ever been. He felt weightless. He felt calm.

Alexander! Alex! Baby! Please! the voice shouted, growing more shrill with each word. No no no… the voice was beginning to fade. Why did it sound familiar? Why did he feel drawn to it?

That’s when the lightning tore through him. Or at least it felt like lightning. Something heavy and sharp shot through his chest and pulsed through his entire body. He wanted to scream, but he couldn’t seem to find his voice. He still felt so distant from that, from anything concrete except for the pain that was now wracking his body.

We have a heartbeat! somebody, not the same voice as before, said.

Suddenly, the fog was gone. Alexander was falling, falling, falling, but the fall didn’t hurt nearly as much as he’d expected. It instead felt like slipping on a well-worn shoe. It was opening his eyes that nearly blinded him.

He tried to move his arms up to block his eyes from the light, but they felt heavy. He tried to look at them, but his eyes were still adjusting. He couldn’t see much else other than that light, that light and… an angel?

An angel, face covered in freckles, brown curls of hair frizzing up to form his halo, stared down at him, tears in his eyes, blood smeared across one side of his perfect face. Alexander wanted to reach up and touch the heavenly being, but his arms were still too heavy.

“Alex,” the angel said, voice cracking. “Oh my god, Alexander.” This was no angel.

“John?” Alex said, his voice hoarse.

“Baby, oh baby, I’m so sorry. I don’t know what happened. Everything was fine, then, then, the road was slick. I lost control. I’m so sorry,” the other boy sobbed. “I nearly lost you. I can never forgive myself.” He ducked his head, hiding it in his hands, hands Alexander knew so well.

“John, shh, I’m alive,” Alex said, trying to shift so he could take his boyfriend’s hand. That’s when shooting pain ran through his chest and arms. “I can tell because of the pain,” he said with a forced laugh.

His effort only made Laurens cry even harder. “All my fault,” he said. “They had to revive you. Your arms are broken, ribs, you lost so much blood,” he cried.

“But you?” Alex asked, sucking in a sharp breath and doing his best to ignore the pain for the time being.

“Me?” Laurens said as if Alex had asked an absurd question.

“You were there too,” Alex retorted. He hated when Laurens devalued himself.

“I’m fine,” the other boy said too quickly.

Alexander sighed. “Baby,” he chided. “I can tell you’re lying.”

“It was your side of the car that got struck by the tree when we, or, I, spiraled out of control,” Laurens said. “I just…” He took a deep breath. “I have your blood on me,” he whispered. “I can never wash it all the way off. I hurt you, I hurt you, I hurt you,” Laurens kept saying over and over.

“Babe,” Alex said. He was starting to worry about Laurens. His normally calm, cool, and collected boyfriend was cracking, and Alex felt helpless to do anything.

“I hurt you, I hurt you, I hurt you,” Laurens repeated, his eyes out-of-focus, rocking back and forth. “I hurt you, I hurt you, I hurt you,” he said louder and louder.

“Help!” Alexander shouted, even though doing so made him feel as if he were being torn apart. The pain was secondary to Laurens, though. He’d rather be torn to pieces than live without him. “My boyfriend! Help!” he shouted louder.

Two nurses came rushing in, but Laurens didn’t react in the slightest. They took one look at the boy before pulling the curtain by Alex’s bed so Laurens was out of his view.

Alex could only listen as the nurses talked to Laurens in calm, soothing tones. As they instructed him to breath. As one of them left and came back with something to help him calm down. After about a half hour, the nurses emerged, pulling the curtain back.

Laurens was seated in the chair near Alex’s bed, looking paler than usual, but his features were relaxed once again, his eyes fluttering, as if he could barely keep them open.

One of the nurses fiddled with Alexander’s IV for a moment, and within minutes he felt some of the pain melt away. He sighed, relieved that his boyfriend had calmed down and that he was in a little less pain, as well. The nurse smiled at him before leaving, and he felt like maybe things would actually be okay.

“Hey,” Alex said softly.

Laurens turned his head toward Alexander. “Babe,” he said, his voice heavy.

“Yeah, it’s me. I’m okay, and so are you,” Alex reassured his boyfriend.

Laurens reached out a hand, placing his on top of Alex’s. It took some effort, but Alex managed to weave their fingers together.

They both shut their eyes, and, in their dreams, there was nothing but a comforting mist.

Every time I come across another dating profile that’s like “I suck, I’m a mean person, I like being an asshole and hate fun and people who like having it, this is sarcastic and I don’t care even though I am on here every day, you probably suck as much as me so don’t expect a reply” I roll my eyes halfway out of my skull. That whole personality is so obnoxious jfc. Who likes being mean and annoying?

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did you see that Rhett shaved? lol I'm sorry but it looks so bad

yeah haha, like the first thing i saw when i woke up! and i get where you’re coming from, since everyone has their preferences, and it’s important to note that you don’t have to feel positively about this (though i hope you show him some white-lied love somewhere he might see it e.g. his insta or youtube) but i feel so good that he did it? i got the feeling, when they talked about link’s hair and then rhett’s beard and shaving it off, he was always like Nope. no, never, nada. whether it be cause he thought he had a look to uphold because of the brand or cause he thought he looked wonky, i don’t know - i don’t remember exact instances of him putting himself down about this but he’d always felt bad about his jaw being nonexistent or something, and it makes me so happy that he finally got over that. and when you think you look bad, doing something like this is just amazing. it’s not like “oh i’ll shave my beard and see what it looks like maybe a few coworkers will see me and it’ll pass, it’ll grow back” it’s like, he knows millions of people will see it. it’ll never pass cause the internet will forever be full of the images. and he doesn’t care! and maybe it’s not a major act of courage that i make it up to be but something that was needed to film one of the scenes for buddy system (remember how he asked if anyone knew a way for a bearded man to appear beardless without having to shave? which sounds a tiny bit impossible) or something else entirely, maybe we’ll see him with some beard in s10, but if we don’t, i’ll love him all the same, if not more. and i think he looks good, foreals! this is coming from someone who can unabashedly say that they prefer link with his old hair, link with a beard, rhett with glasses and/or his hair down, etc etc. and anyway, seeing him on a regular basis might make me love or hate his new look, blurry darkened snaps is no basis for a decision. 

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Lol, you're so funny. You "made a rule" as if you speak for the whole of the community or that a few dozen bashful teenagers get to decide what's acceptable and what isn't in terms of the content produced by fans. That's jsut rich.

i didn’t make anything. we, as in this fandom, predebut made an understanding that we won’t make a a sixteen year old who blushes at the thought of a cheek kiss say ‘suck my dick’ in any shape of form. there’s a difference 


you love him. the story still ends. 

very long story short, when i was reading the great gatsby my sophomore year, i saw way more of myself in jay than i wanted to and i saw a very particular parallel between his life and mine; we were both desperately in love with the idea of a person. i’m sure y'all may have seen my posts tagged with “#notp:daisy buchanan” and so yeah that kind of explains that tag. this playlist is songs that either i once related to, in the midst of it all, or i relate to now, since everything is over. you’ll probably see a trending theme in these songs which, yeah there is. this is a time in my life that i still am having a hard time getting past and dealing with the trauma that i have as a result of it and so.. idk this playlist was therapeutic to make. idk if anyone else will enjoy it, but you may just simply like the songs so.. but if you do listen or save for later please like/reblog. i would really appreciate it, especially on as personal of a thing as this. thanks. xx 

tracklist; i. pale blue eyes by velvet underground, ii. plain gold ring by kimbra, iii. sad girl by lana del rey, iv. smitten with you by nicole dollanganger, v. blue moon motel by nicole dollanganger, vi. carousel by melanie martinez, vii. wildest dream by taylor swift, viii. magic man by heart, ix. the heart wants what it wants by selena gomez, x. big girls cry by sia, xi. the blackest day by lana del rey, xii. total eclipse of the heart by bonnie tyler, xiii. haunting by halsey, ivx. dead to me by melanie martinez, vx. eye of the needle by sia, vix. habits (stay high) by tove lo, viix. piledriver waltz by arctic monkeys.


Congratulations to Preslava who has won the Bulgarian National Final! She will be representing Bulgaria in the first ever Tmblrvision Song Contest with her song “Няма да ти пиша” or Nyama Da Ti Pisha! The song can be found here. Thank you to all who voted!