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Niall and I were always such a single entity, NiallandAndy™, that it seemed impossible not to let him under my skin as if he belonged there. It had taken me so long to stop thinking constantly about where he was or what he was doing, and now painful little splices of him were scattered everywhere I could see. And I knew the second I let myself get too involved too fast, I would be gone, right back into his atmosphere.

Then, there was the sheer awkwardness. I tried to remember how long it usually took after a breakup for that blinking neon light above his head screaming “I’VE HAD SEX WITH YOU!! I KNOW WHAT YOU LOOK LIKE WHEN YOU COME!!” to turn off, but this was different. All sorts of memories were etched into Niall’s presence- his hair may have been different and his expressions didn’t match up but a certain pitch of his laugh could send me time travelling, thinking of things I really shouldn’t at Sunday morning brunch.

Chapter 12  of Laughter Lines posted now | catch up on the prequel Worth the Fight 

to be honest: tumblr has made me feel awful about liking so many places and cultures. Since I was about 9 I was lucky enough to be able to travel to many places around europe. For the amount of time i was there, I saw and learned so much. I went to school and was surrounded by people from all corners of the globe. Speaking and being able to be friends with them was an amazing experience. From religion, to language, to tradition and other things i learned from my peers and got to view a bit of their own world. All the countries amaze me, and one of the things I want to do the most in life is travel. I want to be able to meet people,see extraordinary things and places and try different foods. Sorry this was nothing but a long ramble, I just needed to write this down..

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How do you feel about lilo? Always being together... Touching. Like it's over done and yet it still happens. All the supporting I get but they have the same hotel, in the same place the whole time, partying together all the time touching all the time, super close physically always serenading each other, like they dating? Liam's like in love with Louis. And also. Louis is loving it. And the whole Louis being a cockslut is good but Harry can't. It's not cool.


Fitz/Simmons + dan/blair or when harry met sally or enemies to friends to lovers au (for misscouchpotato: happy birthday babe  ♥♥♥)

S: Fitz and Simmons. Individual entities, two proper nouns separated by a conjunction.
F: Or a comma, if if mentioned in a list.
S: Which is rare, since we have nothing in common, and are, in fact, opposites.
F: The kind of opposites who do not attract.
S: Most definitely not.
F: No.


So I haven’t seen this on my dash yet, but here’s Harry encouraging the dads and men in the audience to yell.

Pep Talks

[Yoongi] Maybe you could do one where you are producing a song with him(or idk youre the producer for the upcoming bighit girl group and you collab with yoongi for some of the songs)

Of all the times to be late, this was probably the worst one, by far.

You didn’t want to make a bad impression on one of your seniors, but traffic, your alarm clock, and the elevator this morning were just against you in all means possible.

Your group was finally going to debut in the coming months, and being the songwriter and producer of the group, the company wanted you to talk and get to know one of their older artists, hoping to give you any tips or critique some of your work . Something you were more than just a little nervous about.

You tripped on your way towards that door, knocking into it slightly, like the cluts you were. As you brushed off your pants, and fixed your hair, he opened the door.

He caught you slightly off guard, but before he could say anything, you bowed your head respectively.

As your head rose, he smiled.

“Come in, they told me you’d be coming, but I thought it would of been earlier.” he started as you entered the dorm, heading to the back hallway towards their studio.

“I don’t have a lot of time, but we might as well start, hm?”

He grabbed a chair from the other side of the room and brought it in front of the desk with his laptop, taking a seat after you.

“So, did you have anything in mind? Any lyrics? Melody? Beat?” he asked, his fingers typing away at his keyboard.

“Um, I have a track, but I’m pretty sure it needs work. I don’t have any lyrics for it though.” you began, shuffling through your bag, looking for your USB that had your recorded music on it.

“Ah, here it is.” you awkwardly pulled it out of your purse, along with your entire set of keys.

Without even giving you another glance, he held out his palm, waiting for you to place the USB within his pale fingers.

He noticed you hesitating and calmly looked over to you, his bleached hair gently falling onto his eyes. He quickly flipped his hair, and like magic, his stray locks stayed just above his eye lids, resting on his eyebrows.

After handing it to him, he plugged the USB into the side of his computer, waiting for the files to pop it.

“What’s the track labeled under?” he asked, his mouse trailing over the variety of folders and sound files.

“It should be the only thing there. I think it’s just ‘track1’ or something.”

“Oh here it is. Okay, let’s see how much work this needs.” he trailed off just as the intro kicked in.

“I’m Yoongi by the way.” he smiled cutely, his eyes looking to you as they traveled down a tad before connecting with yours once more.

After about a minute, his head was nodding to the steady beat and his eyes shut to really absorb the music.

As he continued to blend himself with the music, you couldn’t help but stare at him. The way the light of the desktop reflected onto his face left you stunned. You could tell that he dyed his hair a decent while ago. You could see the hints of black underneath the lightened hair, and how well it looked on him. You were mesmerized.

“That’s pretty chill. There’s only a few parts that you should tweak, like when the second chorus overlaps, and on the fourth measure on the downbeat, that should be a little more crisp. Other than that, it sounds good.”

“Wow.. Thanks. I listened to some of your stuff before coming here and it’s really amazing.. So that means a lot coming from you.” you moved your hand to your face, afraid that he’d see that patches of blush appearing on your shy cheeks.

“Do you have any plans for this? Or do you want to leave it as an instrumental?” he asked, his mouth hanging agape at the end of his sentence, his eyes repeating their motion from before.

“Um. I made most of it in one go, and it was one of those emotional phases, so I’m not sure if it’s good enough to be turned into an actual song..” you bit your lip, remembering what caused you to write that stupid song in the first place.

“Emotional phases? Damn. Who dumped you?” he smirked, knowing all too well those sour feelings, the bitter taste they left on your tongue.

“How’d you know-”

“It’s happened to me one too many times. It’s bittersweet knowing that your best stuff comes from the hardest of times.”

He didn’t look away from his screen, but instead, pulled up one of his earlier files, the title on it reading ‘Let Me Know’.

“I wrote this right after a pretty nasty breakup, and it hurt to write, but it’s the thing I’m most proud of.”

You could tell he was starting to reminisce. His fingers began to trace little circles onto the hardwood table, and his eyelids got heavy before finally closing.

“It’s every time that I perform that song, every time, it brings back all these memories. Memories that I’d give anything to forget about.. It’s like I relive the heartache over and over again..- Oh, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to get so serious.” he chuckled, catching himself.

“No no, it’s fine. If you’re comfortable with sharing that, I really don’t mind. But you’re right. My boyfriend dumped me a couple months back, and that’s where that came from.” a small laugh escaped from you, but your eyes stayed fixed onto the carpeted floors, the feelings of that specific day giving your goosebumps.

“Ah, anyways. I wouldn’t mind.. if you were okay with it.. if we did some kind of collab?” you mustered out, almost afraid of what he’d say.

He lowered his head before smiling, his head turning to you.

“That’d be fine by me~”

“Really?!” you grinned a bit more than he was expecting, his lips curling up enough to reveal his gummy smile.

“Also, I’m sorry about this, but I’m afraid I’m going to have to kick you out now. I have to go down to the studio, So come on, out out out~”

He shut his laptop and stretched his arms over his head, taking in a deep breathe.

“Alright, I’ll be on my way then~ Thanks again for the help.” you bowed your head before heading towards the door, slinging your bag over your shoulder.

“Wait-” he grabbed onto your wrist before you could get too far from him.

“I uh. I don’t mind walking you down. I mean, we’re heading to the same place anyways.” he ruffled his hair, trying his best to look like the cool and calm Yoongi everyone was used to seeing.

“Sure. I don’t see why not.” you were sure he saw you blush, but eh, screw it.

As the two of you walked down to the lobby, you just so happen to elaborate more on the breakup of yours.

“So, just curious. Why’d he breakup with you? That instrumental sounded pretty deep.” he asked with his head hung low, and his hands calmly sitting within his pockets.

“Hm. I’m still unsure myself. I was pretty confused for a good couple of weeks. Beating myself up for it. Saying and thinking it was my fault that the relationship failed. I found out from one of his friends that he was cheating on me, and instead of me finding out, he’d rather just break up with me.”

“Wow. That really shows what kind of character he had. So, when did you sit down and write that track?”

“Like I said before, I wrote most of it all in one go. The first half was right after the breakup, and the second half was after I found out about the other girl. But shit happens, so I try to make sure it doesn’t get to me.”

“You really shouldn’t. It was his mistake for cheating, nothing was your fault. I personally think things all happen for a reason. And maybe ending the relationship with him will open a new door for you, maybe a happier one.” his hand slipped out from his pocket and made it’s way to your shoulder, giving you an encouraging pat on the back.

“Who knows, maybe it was for the best.”