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i just read both of ur fics and im sobbing i love your characterization of poe and finn but i also love how you focus on how finn feels a lot? like, no shade to the rest of the fandom or anything but we're really quick to forget finn as his own character bc of anti-black racism so its just refreshing when i see really good finn-centric fic tbh. +even better when its finnpoe asdfghj this was like total word vomit but just... ur fics are so good like just... good job

thank you so very much omgosh this is soooo sweet it absolutely lit up my day you have no idea love <3 thank you thank you thank you thank you!!! i adore finn a lot and i wanted to pay a lot of attention to his ptsd which unfortunately is dismissed all too often. and re: the rest of the fandom;

and yes i do agree that the rest of the stormpilot fandom seems to place an over-large emphasis on poe rather than finn (seeing as most people are more besotted w oscar isaac in comp. to john boyega) and i think it calls for a lot of interesting discussion, because in particular fics you get the overwhelming sense of idea that finn is infantilised in order to put poe dameron on a higher platform…? like, a lot of finn’s qualities (brave, wonderfully competent, incredibly intelligent, among many others) are erased and it’s? sometimes i read a fic and i’m like, who is this? where is the finn i know, who’s noted to be among the top 1% of the stormtroopers? 

i’m not saying that every single fic reads like this, of course, i understand that a lot of writers still have a very good grasp of finn’s personality, but sometimes his ptsd and his qualities are put on the backburner in favour of highlighting poe as someone who’s handsome and beautiful and etc etc and he’s reduced to a secondary, one-dimensional character? this really pisses me off, because if you’re not going to appreciate the attention given to poc characters and HOW AMAZINGLY THEY’RE WRITTEN, why champion for it in the first place? you want amazing characters of colour, you treat them right, you show these studios and whatever that you love them. and maybe finn’s characterisation in fanfiction doesn’t say much about this, but by looking at how he’s written? i’m going to go out and a limb and say that a lot of people in the stormpilot fandom are just sidelining him as a character who’s ordinary and boring which he is anything but. 

I believe with all my heart that Finn is an amazingly-written character and it’s really disheartening to see that most of the fandom refuse to give him the attention he deserves. Some of us even call him boring? And I’m like…. How? If he was white, you bet his ass will be so popular that it’s on fire. lmao. 

Command Words:

As part of the conditioning process, Hux instilled the stormtroopers with a series of command words, with varying levels of effectiveness. Ideally, he would like to be able to use this as a failsafe, using words to trigger things like pain, unconsciousness, or death. As it is, they haven’t quite found the technique to make such a thing possible, but the words certainly influence a trooper’s willpower, and cause an emotional response. They are therefore more useful in conjunction with commands, as reinforcement to an order rather than the order itself.

Due to the speed of processing– and the frequency of reeducation– favourable results are not guaranteed. He’s still very much testing this idea, seeing to what limits he can push it. Nonetheless, he takes great pleasure in slipping the command words into casual conversation– and especially into his speeches. 

By way of fortifying the conditioning, General Hux has ordered that all personnel take part in bi-daily loyalty pledges, which have been written in such a way as to reinforce the effects of the trigger words. 


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AU where Jimin is a teacher who just got a divorce. He told himself that he would never fall in love again and ever since the divorce, the science teacher from across the hall, Kim Taehyung, has been giving him flowers and asking him to hang out after school
Sign the petition: Gov. Rauner, pass a budget and keep college dreams alive!
I just signed a petition to Governor Bruce Rauner: We demand Governor Rauner stop playing games with the state budget and restore funding for MAP grants, making college an option for students in need.

I know I don’t have many followers, but the college students of Illinois really need your help. 

I am a sophomore at a small university in Illinois. I am a first generation college student. I am a woman of color. The MAP Grant helps many like me attend higher education in hopes of making better lives for ourselves and society as a whole. The Governor hasn’t signed the bill to fund the MAP Grant, and right now the prognosis is bleak. 

State schools like NIU, U of I, and University of Chicago are feeling the crunch as 150,000 students statewide receive this grant. Without these returning students, some universities may even have to close their doors for good.

I attended a rally today to garner the support in passing the bill that would earn a collective sigh of relief from the 150,000 students who need this and our fellow colleagues who will catch the shrapnel from lack of funding. The personal stories were heartbreaking, and what once were stories of hope and inspiration now sounded desolate and uncertain.

Children of immigrants whose parents, siblings, and themselves all having jobs in order to receive education and help themselves stay afloat. Students who were planning to receive degrees in May who might not get to even walk across the stage due to outstanding balances. Students like me who will not only lose the ability to attend their school, but lose their jobs as a student worker as well. 

This defunding ends the dreams of hundreds of thousands of students. It undoubtedly takes away careers that people who were once like us earned. It tells high school students who have been working towards college that they don’t deserve to go because their parents aren’t rich. The MAP Grant isn’t just affecting college students, it’s affecting Illinois. 

#MAPmatters #FeeltheBern 

i hadn’t made a facebook post in literally 6+ months until yesterday when i posted something about hp and how much i was loving it/how i couldn’t believe i had waited so long to read it and the result was a bunch of my facebook “friends” screaming at me about it and asking me what took so long to get my shit together