Work: So we need you to come up for another week of training…like week after next.

Me: *struggling to control rage and frustration* I was under the impression that I’d be dialing in for that training.

Boss: Well, now we need you up here in person. Deal with it.

Me: LISTEN HERE, YOU-….*grr arrgh…deep cleansing breath* I’m not sure that’s feasible due to finances. My rent is due that week and I can’t afford both.

Most Excellent Manager: If you need your expenses paid in advance, I can make that happen. Just tell me how much you’d need.

Me: *still fuming* Very well. *tallies the costs for travel, hotel, meals, etc, and pulls no punches* This much. (Like $1300 and change) And I definitely need that hotel. Because my family’s on vacation, so I won’t have a place to stay.

Boss: We’ll pay for meals and gas…but not a hotel.

Me: ….So you want me to come up and you’ll pay for my gas and you’ll pay for me to eat…but you want me to sleep in my car. Because I can’t just drop $700 for a hotel stay at random.

Boss: You’re required by your contract. You figure it out.


The Guardian print copy

So, thanks to a lovely lady in the Co-op near me, I received my copy of the Monday edition of the Guardian. Looked it through three times and I have found NO TRACE OF SH’S ARTICLE IN THE PRINT EDITION. So if we can believe that lovely anon, this writing of hers was a paid for play time for SH.

happilyhardarcade​, did you manage to get the other two?

In pictures:

Now. Monday’s edition consist of thee parts, the main body of the paper, that has news (national, international, financial) and a journal section with different relevant topics like computer security Tour De France, Domestic politics, Opera (!!!! Shock and horror, not SH related, it’s about Tristan and Isolde in Germany)Theatre, a Corrections and clarification and a media section.

A separate Sport section:

And a separate Entertainment, Art Section:

This art section contains BC’s article, it looks like this:

And this is the Art section page by page (which I can send you if you want, all pages as separate images)


So apart from a tiny sentence about him being married in BC’s article in the Monday edition there’s absolutely no reference to SH, or the festival, or the article we’ve seen online.

Zig and Maya had sex.

Maya had sex with Zig.
Zig had sex with Maya.
They actually had the sex.
They actually gave their v-cards to each other.
His fictional D was in her fictional V.

*moment of silence for their virginities*

But goddamnit, there were drugs involved. And possibly no protection? I get the realism angle they were going for with an imperfect first-time experience, but if you’re gonna write them having sex now, can it at least be SAFE, SOBER SEX from now on? Do you think you can manage that, writers?

I think I need to sit down for a minute and just pray that these two are spared the baby drama-rama that so often ensues when young people at this school have unprotected sex.

Lawd only knows Zaya is complex enough right now as it is. Lovely, but complex. We really don’t need a Zaya baby happening at this juncture, please and thank you.

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No questions, I just wanted to say that since I first discovered you when I just started cosplaying, you have been a massive inspiration to me. You have such a nice personality, and you're super nice to spend your time putting together Cosplay 101 videos and answer questions people ask you! Your videos always manage to inspire me to be the best I can be, both in and out of the costume. *hands you virtual cookie plate* I hope you know how much everyone loves you. You deserve it.

Thank you so much for this message, I really needed it today. :’D I feel so bad because questions have piled up in my inbox again and I haven’t had a chance to sit down and answer many of them – hopefully I’ll be able to knock some of those out later this week, thank you all for your patience! OTL

“’Anyhow, let me tell you something. Courting heiresses is an exceedingly expensive occupation. You didn’t give me time just then to count exactly how much you have managed to extract from the till, but I’m pretty sure it wasn’t enough to finance a racket of that sort. Why, you don’t know what these girls run you in for, nights out, lunches, orchids, weekends to all parts of the Continent, that’s not the beginning, I’ve been through it, I know what I’m talking about. I suppose the worst part of it,’ he went on, warming to his subject, ‘is the early-morning telephoning. The precious little poppet, buried in lace pillows, likes to have a nice long cosy chat between 9 and 10 a.m., she doesn’t realize that you, meanwhile, are shivering half-way up your landlady’s staircase with an old woman scrubbing the linoleum round your feet. And what’s the end of it all? When she marries her Roumanian prince she may remember to ask you to be one of those pretty young gentlemen who leave the guests to find their own pews at weddings. It’s all fearfully dismal I can tell you.’”

- Nancy Mitford, Wigs on the Green

Logan Paul knew nothing about Hollywood when he moved there with dreams of transcending internet stardom. When he hired a financial planner and a manager, he wasn’t clear on what exactly those representatives were supposed to do. He told me: “I had to ask my manager, I go, ‘Are you my manager or my agent and why?’ He goes, ‘Do me a favor, watch “Entourage.”’ I watched the whole season.”

OMG what sort of professional tells someone to watch a TV show when they’re wondering what you can do for them.

Concussed (Avengers x Reader) Part 4

Your body felt stiff, and heavy, like your bones and muscle had been replaced with concrete. Your mouth felt chapped and dry, and as if it had been filled with cotton and wherever you were, you were surrounded by




Where the hell were you? And why the hell did your head feel so foggy?

You had vague memories of groggily opening your eyes a few times, it seemed like days between each time you managed to pry them open, and you remembered trying to focus on whoever sat beside you calling your name, before you were gone again, lulled back into the soft buzz of sleep.

To be quite honest, you didn’t want to open your eyes. You were fully aware of what had landed you-wherever you were, and if you did open your eyes? Well Steve was going to give you another concussion.

Groaning, you started to roll over and hissed, snapping your eyes open at the sudden pain in your leg-and hand…and head…and foot…man what the shit!

Grunting, you pulled your head up a bit and peered down at yourself, a noise of displeasure erupting from you when you noted the bandages around your thigh, foot and hand. Were there any-

Reaching up, you gingerly touched your head and sighed in relief when you only felt your own hair. Thank the Lord.

There was a sudden creak across the room and your head snapped up. The door was opening and your breath halted when you saw who entered the room.

A disheveled Steve, clad only in loose, grey track pants, which sat low enough on his hips that you could see his v line, came shuffling in, while sleepily rubbing his eyes and yawning. His hair was a mess, you were fairly certain-wait, did he only have one sock on?


The man’s sleepy voice could’ve made even Fury’s heart flutter.

“Hi,” You offered shyly, afraid of just how mad he might be that you a) didn’t listen to him and got out of bed all that while ago, b) got yourself hurt again, and c) closed your eyes and fell into unconsciousness when he very clearly told you not to.

“You’re awake.” He stood there at the foot of your bed, looking stupified for a few more seconds before he was rushing at you.

“What’re you doing?!” You shouted, panicked as you struggled to pull farther into the bed and away from the man who was now poking and prodding you.

“Checking your vitals,” He answered distractedly, warm fingers pressing against your neck.

You swatted his hand away in a huff, irritated with him already. You’d only been awake for a minute tops and he was already smothering you. “Get off of me you psycho!” You huffed, slapping his hands away with your good hand. “I’m fine! You’re making it worse!”

You shot him an indignant glare and he only raised his thick blonde eyebrow. “Picking fights with me already?”

“You don’t need to check my pulse, dummy,” You said, rolling your eyes. “I’m awake and alive and hungry as hell.”

“Well I suspect you’d be,” He answered, sitting down on the bed next to you. It dipped quite noticeably. “You’ve been asleep for four days.”

Your eyes bulged out of your head. Four days? Four. Days. Four days?!
“And nobody thought to put in a feeding tube? How did you hydrate me because I don’t see that tube either,” You said, casting a glance around the room. It was definitely emergency equipped, but there was nothing to imply you’d been kept coma ready. “Have I just been food and liquid deprived for four days?”

Steve only raised his eyebrows again. “You kept waking up and choking on them. I tried to get you to keep the tubes in but you’d keep pulling them out. It happened seven times before I gave up and waited for you to just stay awake on your own.”

Seven times? You woke up seven times and fell back asleep? Damn.

Staring down at your hands in your lap as you felt guilt rise like bile in you. “I’m sorry Steve…I really should have listened to you.”

“Yes, you should have,” He chastised, frowning at you. “You could have serious damage now because you’ve landed yourself two concussions in the span of two weeks. You’ll be out for the count, especially mission wise, for even longer.”

You gawked at him, disbelief widening your eyes. “That’s not fair! I was eating cereal! And Bucky’s the one who asked me t-” You froze when you remembered the poor man’s state.

Steve must have seen your emotional distress because he set a gentle hand on your knee. “He’s fine. He’s been awake since the morning after it all happened.”

You nodded, relief swelling in your chest. You didn’t know what you would have done if he’d been more hurt than you’d been. “And his leg?” You asked, looking up at Steve. “There was a piece of the counter I think through his calf when I got him out of there. Is his leg okay?”

“He’s on crutches,” The blonde answered, nodding all the while. “But he’s okay. He was worried about you too. Everyone is. They’ll be glad to hear you’re awake.”

You beamed at the idea of everyone wanting to see you. It was nice to feel loved and missed.

* * *

It was days before you were allowed to leave bed and begin to mosy around the tower again, or even go back to your own room. And it was a damn good thing too because you didn’t know how much longer you could’ve taken people bringing you food and trying to make you eat chocolate pudding as you stared at the wall because ‘no brain activity, think about things as little as you can!’ Your hand and thigh were still bandaged, although the wounds were healing nicely, and the cut on your foot was almost gone so no bandage was needed for that.

Bucky had come to see you plenty of times during your stay (as did Tony, although all your best friend did was whine and complain about how he was going to be alone for even longer now) and while the rest of the team had been visiting frequently, it seemed neither Bucky nor Steve left your side.

“It’s my fault this happened to you (Y/N),” Bucky had said, resting his crutches against the edge of the bed before sinking down onto it next to you. “If I hadn’t texted you-”

“It’s alright Bucky!” You’d insisted. “If you hadn’t texted me, maybe you would have gone on your own and been hurt and you would have had no one to help you.”

And then there was Steve.

“No TV, no reading, no cell phone, no-”

“Life,” You’d finished for him. “I get it Steve, no life.”

“I’m trying to help you here (Y/N),” He’d said, tidying up your nightstand. “The team’s not exactly the greatest with one of its soldiers missing.”

You’d been a little proud at that, but after murse Steve had left, you were stuck lying in bed, alone and bored. But the boredom didn’t end there.

While you were allowed to wander, you were allowed minimal TV privileges, small doses of reading, your phone every once in a while and there was zero excersizing involved whatsoever. Bruce and Tony said it was so your brain could fully recover, but you could feel yourself losing muscle and gaining fat.

“One match,” You’d begged Natasha. “You can even go easy on me. Please.”

But she’d only shake her head, and say no.

“I can feel myself wasting away,” You’d whine. “I won’t be as good when I come back to work and I’ll drag the team down! Please! It’s for your safety too!”

But 'no’ seemed to be everyone’s favorite word when it came to you.

ONCE you’d snuck into the training area at night to do some weight training, but Steve only hauled your ass back to bed. You got that concussions were really bad, and yes your short term memory was rusty and it freaked you out, and your time perception was off, but you really didn’t think sitting around was helping anyone.

Which is why you gladly welcomed the next mission that took everyone out of the tower. Pepper could only watch you for so long before she got tired, and Jarvis could only say no so many times.

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speaking of your url, how did you actually manage to get it? like, how was it not taken?????

I asked for it. Shockingly being nice can get u things

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Hi, sorry to bother you, but I have a question. How do you manage your time effectively. I guess I'm looking for advice, but I just want to hear how you do it personally.

Hi, it’s not a bother at all! I’m happy to help!

I’m probably not the best person to be answering this question considering I am the queen of procrastination but I’ll give it a go!!

Most of the time I have poor time management but when it comes down to the crunch time and I really need to be effective, I’m all about the alarms and schedules and timers.

I have a few steps I take in order to manage my time:

  1. I make a to-do list of everything that needs to be done and everything that is happening on the specific day/week in question
    1. planners are your absolute best friend here - its best to stick to one type of planner - diaries, bullet journals, whatever works for you.
    2. for the to-do list, I like to use medium to large post-its to keep everything simple - like my dad says, follow the KISS principle - Keep It Simple, Stupid
  2. I then grab a timer of some sort and get working
    1. one time management technique I’ve fallen in love with is the Pomodoro technique - it is super good for assignments etc. because it makes you work for set amounts of time and forces you to have a break and is super motivating
    2. if i’m doing something not school related, I’ll use music as a timer - if I’m cleaning my room I’ll listen to one cd and then it should be done

Everything I’ve just mentioned is really specific to completing school work I realise and the actual best piece of advice I can give is that you need to work out something that works best for you!

tldr; planners, to-do lists and timer techniques are the best things in the world for time management. at the end of the day though, the time management should be one that works best for you 

sorry if this didn’t answer your question properly! don’t forget guys, my ask box is always open for questions like this!!

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Sherlock has been struck by a sudden magical illness and you've managed to concoct a cure--however, the side-effects are monstrous and terrifying, but Mycroft demands you give it to him, because he's not losing his brother. What's the illness, the side-effects, and what happens next?

Marvel Crossover AU


There’s flashes of light and an Aurora borlies effect on the edge of town, a Nordic like pattern burned into the ground. As the light clears she and Dor ride full speed toward where Sherlock is. It was a good thing Fandral owed them a favor. Though they we’re made of lesser stuff than the Asgardian’s. Getting certain ingredients was hard tasking for them as well.  

Still wearing their questing and semi more traditional asgardian like gear with things more closer to home mixed in hood robes flapping behind them. They hurried to their dear friend’s bed side. As thunder started to rumble over head. As She bend to gently lift up his head, What he’d gotten was from experimenting with some sort of artifact he found in London. Good thing for them he was found by one Phil Coulson and his small team. And he’d had their number in his phone under speed dial emergency contacts. 

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main characters in a play that fall in love and they really do fall in love (Featuring Jamie getting a bigger theater budget as a thank you from Bill)

Okay you managed to fulfill my want to make something theatre-related with this ship, and I hope you are pleased to see the 9-page long result. (also this is completely unedited so rip in rip. its also almost 3 AM so…yeah….)

Keep reading

when you play your first bbtc in ages as meg maley

when you join a bombsquad made up of fembots, julia, jackie, vanessa and you, and end up being a majority alliance because you manage to win almost every comp you compete in, for a total of 5 HoH’s and 4 vetos ! but then you end up nominated by sabrina in a double eviction and learn that someone in your alliance betrayed you so you ask for screenshots to find the fake but quickly realize the host miscounted the votes and everyone in the house saved you

but then naturally people get afraid of you comp queen ass so your bae Julia evicts you after you lose the F4 veto like a true queen and you go from happy clown to sad clown but at least you love everyone in F3 so you’re not a petty clown