I am a person who prefers to stay neat and organized. These after photos weren’t staged. I am also pretty private, so when I mentioned I was going through a bad time I don’t think the full scope of what that meant hit, but I think the before photos say it all. I was like that for months. I just…stopped.

So maybe seeing this will help someone. It all started with simple tips from ufyh like preparing your morning coffee the night before and making your bed. Correcting your sleep schedule is a BIG one. Start simple. It’s okay if you slip, you can get back up. Take it one step at a time.

I’m still not finished by a long shot, but I wanted to post the progress I had made so far. Now I’m excited to finish painting and start on the kitchen and put together the other storage furniture I got. It’s manageable. I have so much art from friends I can’t wait to hang up! I’ve started taking active steps to be healthy again both physically and mentally. Hopefully in a few weeks I can proudly show off the finished product. It’s a constant battle, but it’s something worth fighting for. I’m glad I can say I realize that now.

One of the best things you can do for yourself is become acutely aware of your energy and how you manage and care for it.
—  Indigo Williams

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omg i saw your 8month before and after art images and i just-- h O W omfg tell us your secrets how did you manage to improve SO MUCH in just eight months what resources did you use what tutoritals, what books i'm so interested bc i want to improve this much too oh gosh-- you're like one of those artist on dA doing the 'draw this again' meme, truly inspiring

im really flattered thank you! i don’t really have any secrets. I just draw a lot I guess, thats really it. I don’t have any books, I don’t look and read tutorials often. Though there are some things that I did help a ton.

sketchbooks! yes, my friends!

seriously, sketch books are so useful and damn important to me. I don’t only keep one, but several that are different sizes. I take the smallest one when I go out of the house. As you can see, these sketchbooks are filled with anatomy, its something that I like to practice so I do it quite often. Next thing I want to talk about is gesture drawing.

gesture drawing is very important. the point of gesture drawing is to understand the body movement, how the body works in general, and also where to place things if you know what I mean by that.

heres a few gesture drawings. In my opinion, my gesture drawings show too much detail and needs to be more flowy, but thats just how I draw. These drawings took about 30 seconds each. You will start to get athe hang of it once you do it more and more. Looking at references is very very important because you understand things better from looking at real refs.  These are two websites I use for references (x) (x). 

observe a lot and closely, everything around you is a useful reference. When drawing isn’t available for you at some point, look and pay attention to the people sitting in front of you in a bus, how are they sitting, what are their hands doing, how does the persons jacket crease differently compared to the scarf around their necks. look at your own room, see how the sunlight seeping through the windows makes the colors pop, are the colors more saturated? study ones emotions while they talk to you, how do you see that in their face. - i do this and it helps me so much, I can draw clothes much better now because I paid close attention to wrinkles/creases.

keep a folder of saved art, yes i have a folder and it is FULL. dont worry, I dont show this folder to anyone and I don’t claim any of it as my own work. Its simply for myself. looking at other peoples art is very cool, its also a good way of getting inspiration! + its good for understanding how people draw things and how different/similar every artist is!

okay, i think thats a lot of information to take in already. dont forget to create a playlist while you draw! its very relaxing :) I rarely draw without music playing, its useful for inspiration. 8 months may seem like a very short amount of time (i suppose it is i guess) but if you lay out ALL my artwork in one place, I think you’d be surprised how much I drew during that period of time. also note that its very important to take breaks, dont overload it.

good luck!

You Argue About Management - Part 4

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You throw his phone at him and head to your closet to dress yourself. How could you be so foolish to think things would be working out for you? After all this time you’ve been putting so much faith into this man and yet there are more lies. “Let me explain,” he says pulling his pants up his thighs and buttoning them. He comes up behind you, putting a hand on your shoulder but you swat it away. “Don’t you ever touch me,” you scoff. “Please don’t act like this,” he says and you put your hands on his chest, pushing back into the wall. “leave me alone, okay? just leave.” He stands against the wall as you drop to your knees, holding your head in your hands. The tears start coming and dont have intentions of stopping. This hurt, so bad. Harry meant the most to you out of everyone. He is your world and so much more and it broke your heart with how things were turning out for you two. He slides down next to you and brushes your hair back away from your face. “I didn’t mean to hurt you,” he whimpers. You look up and see his green eyes, clouded with tears. He’s in just as much emotional pain as you are. But he could fix everything if he just stopped all of this anyway, the lying and the fake arrangements. “I guess, I thought I could just get away with it. Like an idiot. I’m such an idiot y/n. I don’t want to do this anymore.”

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Just for fun: If you and your Inventory Manager were to get into a fight, who would win? I'm leaning more towards it being an even match. You both seem pretty sneaky and mischievous!... But how does one kill a ghost?

Oh, ho ho ho! A fight?
Why, there’d be no fight at all. Because, you see, this is what I’d do:

I’d bottle it up. Bottling a poe isn’t very difficult, you understand–but it’d still be the hardest part of this whole ‘fight’. 

After that, the rest is easy, why–all I would have to do is label the bottle as ‘milk’ and leave it in some easy to reach location.

At which point, my dear assistant, Salami, would provide the finishing move.

And that, my morbidly curious patron, is how you kill a ghost! Hee hee hee! 

ASK:  How do I stop being so sensitive? How do I prevent the little things from ruining my day? And my problem is I overthink everything and that’s not a gd thing..


If you are emotionally over-sensitive, it can be difficult for you to manage and change because you may feel vulnerable, defensive, threatened or you may not know what to do to become less sensitive. However, it is worthwhile to work on overcoming emotional over-sensitivity because it may be hampering your ability to live a full and happy life, to be more connected to others and to express yourself better. It is possible to adjust your emotional sensitivity. Do it with patience and understanding.

Being overly sensitive is not, in itself, a bad trait but it is likely to lead you to assume slights that you imagined, or are not intentional. You will be easily hurt by comments and actions that are ‘normal’, that most people do not find hurtful. Misinterpreting constructive, everyday interactions can limit your ability to lead a happier life.

It’s important to balance your sensitivity with common sense, confidence and resilience so that you do not over-react to life’s everyday events. Explore ways for you to overcome emotional over-sensitivity that may be holding you back.

1. While others certainly can assist you, you are your own master and always will be. Be sincere about your feelings and look within. One of the greatest difficulties is the way the mind responds to events and therein lies the big challenge. The mind often reacts out of habit and sometimes because it wants to, but there is a variety of reasons a person may feel sensitivity. You can reach this realization once you have done some insight work into yourself and your own life. It might help to understand that this first step usually is the hardest, as it is possible to spend many hours of conflicted self-talk and contemplation before you can really admit that you could be too sensitive for your own well-being. This includes going over the whats, hows and whys. Generally, there are not many people who are really able to honestly look inside themselves and admit to the truth of what they see is happening, so you probably find this step is a big challenge. Set yourself some ground rules as that way you have a scope within to explore and can still be in control. The very fact you’ve chosen to examine your sensitivity is a big step forward and can be an act of kindness to yourself when done to improve your emotional well-being.

2. Explore your sensitivity. There is a host of questions you can ask to gain understanding, such as the subject of the sensitivity as well as if you feel sensitive to many things in general (perhaps social-wide issues). Perhaps you’re very sensitive to a particular person or group of people? Does the depth of your usual sensitivity vary? Do you react in a big way or a small way to things you perceive as hurts or emotional harm? Try to explore all the subtle details of what or who sets off your sensitivities.

  • Meditation is also an activity you can look into for exploring the sensitivity. If you’ve been resisting it, such as because you think it’s a waste of time, or feel nervous or afraid, then it is an excellent way to understand what is prompting you to think that way. It is wise for beginners to find themselves an instructor, or an experienced friend who can give good advice. You might be surprised at how it can open pathways inside yourself to greater personal understanding, especially for a person with many self-perceived sensitivities. Mindfulness is an excellent format of meditation to look into as you can start to identify the individual feelings, motivations and complexities and address each issue in your own time.

3. Find out if there is a particular trigger for your sensitivity. Often sensitivity rests in specific areas that have key triggers. For the main part, these triggers form from our five senses such as an image, colour, a scent, sound, or a sensation recalling a past event or reminding you of a person. Or, the trigger may be more direct, such as being in a certain place, such as a cemetery, hospital, school, open spaces, someone’s house, etc. Other triggers might be patterns or habits you’ve developed over time to cope with work, or relationships that you find challenging without questioning whether this pattern is healthy for you. In the case of a pattern or a habit, it can be harder to discern the impact on your sensitivity because it’s likely to have become an avoidance strategy in order to calm your sensitivities, but recognising it is essential.

  • Writing down your sensitivity triggers in a journal can be helpful as this allows you to transfer the abstract thoughts about your alleged sensitivities and turn them into concrete words upon paper. Sometimes just in the doing of this, you can begin to see the idea of the sensitivity changing and being replaced by a more realistic view of the trigger or situation.
  • The triggers are individual in nature. Even if someone you know has the same trigger about the same issue, how it affects you might not affect them the same way. It really is coincidental, not universal.

4. Take your time. You have to know something really well before you can act on it, otherwise it is like heading into a new area after glancing at a map without understanding the map first - you haven’t enough understanding of the area to be able to travel it well and getting lost is almost certain. Only once you have identified the how, what, why, when and how of your sensitivity, can you start to train the mind. Go over the exploration and the trigger finding outlined in the previous steps as many times as needed until you feel comfortable that you’ve grasped a better understanding of your own sensitivities, their source and their impact on your daily life.

5. Be brave and begin to unpack the sensitivity.
Study it intently, studiously and compassionately. Only once you really can admit that you don’t find that this particular sensitivity helps you at all will the mind actually start to see that it’s better not to be so sensitive.

  • Ask yourself whenever the sensitivity occurs, what benefit is it, how is the feeling or the thought chain helping you? If it helps you more, write down the process in your journal but it is recommended that you get used to questioning your sensitivity wherever you may be, whether or not you have the opportunity to write it down.

6. Beware that you’re not deceiving yourself or entrapping yourself in a bigger problem. There is a danger of being upset or “haunted” that you are experiencing sensitivity at all. This is the most subtle if not dangerous aspect as it piles one problem onto another. It can also lead towards harming yourself and other people sometimes out of anger, but also out of fear and despair. Some cases, as well as dishonest cases, have been known also to use their emotional state as a way to manipulate themselves and others.

If you do find that you have been feeling overly sensitive about issues and other people but feel that nobody is aware or cares about your sensitivity, it can help to remind yourself that everyone is sensitive about something – it does not just affect the few. What does differ is that some people have learnt to shrug their shoulders when something sensitive confronts them and to keep on walking without letting it harm them.

This detachment doesn’t mean they’re cold-hearted or uncaring; it means that they too have struggled to overcome sensitivities but have made a choice to know which battles to fight and which things are best left as they are so that they can expend their energies in the most constructive ways possible.

  • The most difficult part of letting go is that mind knows all the tricks and indeed it supplies us with them. The problem is the parts of the mind that enjoy being wild with emotions and desires prefers to stay that way. This part of the mind cares little for the wellbeing of the person or others and will present a host of challenges to prevent you from training the mind. Often a person may defend themselves by assuming that everyone else is callous and shallow of heart, when the reality is more likely that it is the mind trying to hold on to the way it is. Occasionally people who appear to cope better are more emotionally resilient, a state of being gained through self-courage and personal choice (often arrived at through much reflection) to remain strong in the face of adversity and the less kind things in life.

7. Take your time and realize that it’s a matter of balance. Consider that it’s possible for one part of the mind to want to be sensitive and think about the issue and that it’s possible for another part to not want to be involved.

As you progress in your desire to overcome excessive emotional sensitivity, seek to let the side that wants to get upset or overly sensitive wane or slide into the background, all while bolstering and strengthening the side that says “thanks, but no thanks, I’d rather stand tall and strong”. Tell yourself that it is both okay and desirable to allow yourself to strengthen the more resilient part of your mind.

  • This doesn’t mean you discard your sensitivity. It means that you learn to balance it by allowing more time to really make the best choices you can. By all means use your emotional intelligence to create and maintain great, emphatic relations with others but take things a step at a time.

8. Continue being patient and resourceful. Eventually you will have a foundation to build on, but it really does take time. Sensitivity is much like a habit and you have to retrain your mind to not get involved. It can be as simple as to think “There is sensitivity arising again” so that you can then say thanks but no thanks and let it go, just as you’d shut the door on a hawker who has come to ply their wares at the most inconvenient of times. Focus on looking for the good or the tolerable in whatever situation you’re in, even if it’s just the reality that things will change soon.

  • Take care that you don’t go too far the other way, and become frozen or aloof; you should still be yourself. The parts of the mind that enjoys running wild is an extremophile, so it finds one extreme to another just as desirable. In practice however it is the middle ground that makes the best result.
  • Determine if you may be codependent; it is very prevalent in the developed world, and a prime symptom is over-emotionalism, or “young emotions.”

9. Build strength. With continued observation of the mind, eventually you will just “know” sensitivity for what it is whenever it arises. At that instant of recognition, you’ll be reminded that you have no interest in being that way and you can let it go quickly without becoming distressed. Eventually you can retrain the mind to not be so sensitive. It is wise to remember that this is a personal internal journey that can take a lifetime and it is likely to be something that you will need to revisit regularly. When it gets hard, think about the impact on the generation looking up to you for an example. It can really help to realize that you are not only helping yourself to be a stronger, more balanced person but you’re also teaching your children how to do the same, and to implement the thinking tools to improve health and wellbeing.

  • One small step at a time, as hard is it is, is better than sinking into despair, stress and worry. Take your steps as and when you can; you’re more likely to succeed with small changes regularly than a large attempt that causes you to give up completely.


  • Try not to tell everyone your thoughts/anxiety. There’s a possibility that they might find it needy or annoying.
  • Compassion for your imperfection eliminates your shame and increases empathy for others.
  • Stay strong and do what you have to do to overcome this.
  • Avoid the trap of self-pity. Its roots go deep into egotism. Don’t feed it. To compensate, do something you really enjoy.


  • Overcoming Emotional Sensitivity is not something one should attempt on their own. It is very difficult and requires strength and dedication so seek out counselling from a licensed professional who may aid you in this process. Depression, anxiety, PTSD, and other types of emotionally charged problems require specialized help to deal with, let alone overcome. Failure to overcome emotional sensitivity on your own can lead to a worsening of the situation; and that is the wrong direction to go.

Things You’ll Need

  • A journal (optional but highly recommended)

When faced with stressful periods in their life people react in many different ways. One common way is over thinking or over-analyzing a situation which is then aggravated by the mental exhaustion that follows. We all over-think aspects of our lives. Whether it’s decisions, regrets, self-worth, or general worries about the future, we’re so often stuck inside our own heads that it feels like there’s no way out. Here’s how to quit over-thinking everything and move on.

Why We Over-think?

When we talk about over-thinking, we’re talking about a couple of different things. On one hand, over-thinking is when you get caught in those loops where you’re just thinking about one single event over and over. You might start over-analyzing something that happened, regretting an action you took, or worrying about the future of something. On the other hand, you can over-think decisions in a similar way. Here, you’ll often analyze them into the ground to the point where you can’t make a decision anymore.

Either way, over-thinking is basically when you can’t think about anything else, and it’s affecting your life in a negative way. The end goal here is the same: get out of that thinking loop and move on.

1. Take Action Now

If you’re over-thinking an idea you can actually do something about, the best thing you can do is take action now. This doesn’t mean you have to suddenly run off to make something, it just means you start taking a step forward.

For example, let’s say you’re considering moving to a new city. You can’t move immediately, but if you sit and think about the process, you’re going to go around in circles in your head. So, it’s important to do something. In this case, you can start planning. Make a list of where you want to go. Start researching housing prices, jobs, and whatever else. Create a financial plan and goals. Write out a timeline. It doesn’t matter what you do, you just need to make a move toward the idea you’re over-thinking. Making those plans and comparisons may even help you make your decision

Moving is a pretty simplistic example, but the basic process works for everything you’re over-thinking related to your own future—from quitting a job to asking someone out on date—you can draw up a plan of action to make yourself feel better.

As I’ve pointed out before, getting started is everything , and that’s a big part when you’re over-thinking projects. We tend to over-think because we fear failure, but if we just start working, that dissipates quickly.

2. Direct Your Attention Elsewhere

Sometimes, you can’t take action, and the only thing you can do to get past over-thinking an idea is to distract your mind. Find a hobby, task, or activity that engages your mind. When you’re doing this, you allow yourself to put off overthinking and eventually those thoughts start to disappear.

Personally, I usually go do art/something creative during these moments. Like getting deep into a project, exercise can shut your brain down for brief periods of time so you can just relax without your stupid thoughts bothering you.

Of course, exercise isn’t the only way to do this. Throwing yourself into anything can usually produce a “void.” It’s that place where your mind is close to blank and you’re just concentrating on what you’re doing. For me, doing art or creative things has always been my go-to for this. If I’m over-thinking something, it’s hard for me to get invested in anything else. My mind’s too distracted and I’m too paralyzed with the annoyance of having an idea pop into my line of thought all the time to dive into anything too productive. So, like I do art until my mind’s as empty as possible.

For others, meditation is a great way to calm your over-thinking brain , but it can backfire if you’re not in a good space. Likewise, most techniques to deal with anxiety , like listening to music or practicing personal rituals help distract you from your thoughts.

3. Stop Talking About It

When faced with the type of difficult decision that causes most of us to over-think, it’s natural to seek out advice from others. This usually means we talk through a problem with so many people that it’s impossible not to over-think.

Remember, too many cooks in the kitchen leads to poor decision making. As you talk with more people and get more data, you get more confused, which leads to more over-thinking.

Psychology Today explains what’s going on in your brain:

The human mind hates uncertainty. Uncertainty implies volatility, randomness, and danger. When we notice information is missing, our brain raises a metaphorical red flag and says, “Pay attention. This could be important…” When data is missing, we overestimate its value. Our mind assumes that since we are expending resources locating information, it must be useful.

We all want to get details and information from other people, but at a certain point it stops being helpful. When we limit information, we can look at it more productively.

Psychologist Gerd Gigerenzer refers to this as the “take the best” strategy:

“Take the best” means that you reason and calculate only as much as you absolutely have to; then you stop and do something else. So, for example, if there are 10 pieces of information that you might weigh in a thorough decision, but one piece of information is clearly more important than the others, then that one piece of information is often enough to make a choice. You don’t need the rest; other details just complicate things and waste time.

Even if you’re over-thinking an event that happened to you, your relationship with your significant other, or a mistake at work, limiting how many people you talk with can help make the process better.

4. Figure Out Why You’re Over-thinking

Sometimes, we over-think because we can. We’ll get caught in a loop where we’re recreating an event over and over, or attempting to analyze an idea from every perspective imaginable. After hours of thinking and days of no sleep, we’ll often get nowhere. Psychology Today suggests that even though our brains are often hard-wired to over-think, you can move the process along a little. Here’s their definition of the problem:

Whether it’s worrying about social interactions, our self-worth, our future, our families or something else, over-analyzing in these repetitive ways is exhausting and rarely leads to a productive or helpful outcome. Rather, we waste time over-thinking events, ourselves, actions, people’s intentions or thoughts, or repeatedly trying to plan for all potential future outcomes, even though most times none of those scenarios ever play out…

One of our biggest challenges - and why we keep reminding people that you are not your brain! - is that we often take those initial brain-based thoughts, urges, emotional sensations, impulses and desires at face value and assume they must be true…

They suggests a four step plan to moving on:

  1. Relabel the ideas you’re overthinking (“self-doubt,” “anxiety,” etc)
  2. Reframe your experience and identify your thinking errors
  3. Refocus your attention on the part that matters
  4. Revalue your brains messages with the new information

After running through these four steps, you’ll often realize just how often your brain has no idea what it’s doing. With a little bit of distance, you can figure out why you’re overthinking an idea, close the loop, and move on.

We’re all going to over-think, over-analyze, and waste a lot of our days inside our own brains sometimes. The trick, really, is about minimizing those thoughts and making them as productive as possible so they don’t get in the way.


1. Do not believe you have gone mad. You are not alone. Other people may look composed and calm on the outside but there is a very good chance that behind closed doors these people are subjecting themselves to a rather heated internal dialogue as well. It’s natural, the trick is to try and keep it spiraling out of proportion.

2. Do something that requires you to concentrate. Not driving, not walking, not running it is far too easy to go onto autopilot and start re-visiting arguments and counter arguments. Playing an instrument, learn to speak German mein lieblings , competitive team sports, anything that requires you to have to actively engage your brain.

3. Think black. If you are lying in bed and your brain is humming like a power-line, try to imagine you are in a vacuum, you are powering off your brain like a computer… or if that doesn’t work, try to think of only the color black!

4. Talk shows, not music. If it’s heartbreak that’s causing you to over-think then listening to music can often be the worst thing to do. Go for talk shows, something that engages your mind rather than something that causes you to lament. If you are currently listening to Total Eclipse of the Heart or Nothing Compares to You, turn it off NOW.

5. Avoid alcohol. Just don’t do it. It is a depressant and no matter what you think at the time, the grand conclusions you will have come to in your head will be shaky at best.

6. Cliche time. Yes, it’s a dreadful cliche but time is the greatest healer. Whether it be a tongue lashing from the boss at work or the trials and tribulations of being in love, the situation will become less raw over time. Over analysis will not solve anything, it will only slow down time rather than speed it up.

7. Get the balance right with your friends. It is important to talk to someone about the situation you are facing but your friends can be too sympathetic and it will cause you to re-visit a situation multiple times. This can lead you into a bout of wallowing in self pity. Think about which of your friend’s 'shoots from the hip’ their advice is valuable and might kick you out of the martyrdom rut!

8. Laugh at yourself. There is a very good chance that you are over egging the pudding! Your boss is probably not the sadistic ogre that you have painted them as, the row that you have just had with your partner is probably not the raging battle between 'Heaven and Hell’ that you have created in your mind. Look at your problems through an independent observer’s eyes and decide whether the end of the world is really nigh.

9. Realize the over-analysis and over-thinking really can be debilitating. 


  • Get yourself a notebook and pen.
  • Take a break from the media. The media is beautiful, useful and brilliant, however, if you are predisposed to over thinking it can be a double edged sword.
  • You will inevitably 'bad cop’ yourself. It is very easy to be harsh on yourself. Try and give yourself a break.
  • Some people who over-think athletics, believe they cannot perform well or that they will fall behind and be looked down upon. Don’t fall into this trap! Believe that you can do it and you will; the pain and breathlessness will fall away.

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“What do you mean?” She asked as she stared down at her plate.

“It makes you wonder how you’ve managed to stay alive so long.” Arno replied. “You’re so picky. It’s a miracle you’ve made it this far.”

“I’m not picky, I just… I don’t know what escargot is.” She frowned and poked at the dish with her fork. “Is that a snail shell?”

“Try it.” Arno smirked… “I paid good money for that, you know.”

Just A Kiss [ Submission ]

Author: jotbab

Genre: Romance, fluff

Rating: PG 13

Summary: “Can I kiss you?“ Baekhyun somehow manages to bring Kyungsoo to the party claiming that it’ll be fun and not because his crush is the one hosting the party. Jongin is Chanyeol’s friend and he’s only going to the party because he knows a certain someone is coming, and not because Chanyeol pestered him to help him dress up for when his big-mouthed crush shows up.

Note: Shameless advertising tbh, this is the only fic that I’ve made that I really like so far so please check it out!


I think I might actually be able to tell my mom one day.

Braking, Karori Tunnel

When you walk, drive or ride a bus through it daily, you forget that this is a strange portal to a suburb just minutes from town. There are other routes in and out of this elevated valley, but they are long and indirect. The tunnel has a wonderfully resonant acoustic, if you manage to sing a note or two as you walk through, in a lull between passing vehicles.

From an anon…

Nobody has to grasp at straws. Neal and Emma aren’t true love. If they were, Henry would have powers like Emma does, and he doesn’t. Pan wouldn’t have been able to take his heart out of him, Emma’s heart was protected from Cora because she was born from True Love. Belle saying some bullshit about the necklace being true love doesn’t make it true.

It’s impressive the way you managed to fit every single desperate, grasping at straws, easily refuted attempt in one message. Thank you, because it makes it easier to address them all.

  1. From a post by oncefire: “ They actually said in one of the most recent episode that Emma has powers and is the savior because of whatever the wizard did when he took the darkness out of Emma. It is not because she was born of true love.” (I would appreciate some confirmation on this, since I haven’t been keeping up with the episodes
  2. Aurora was born of True Love (her mother was the original Sleeping Beauty, and the curse was broken through TLK from Aurora’s father), but she does not have magic (could someone provide the episode/episodes from which this info comes?)
  3. Again, Aurora is a product of TL and Hook was able to take her heart.
  4. Pan didn’t remove Henry’s heart, Henry took it out himself.
  5. Why doesn’t Belle’s line support the possibility that Swanfire is TL? Because you say so? Saying it doesn’t just make it fact, you need to be able to back it up with canon evidence, and you failed to do that. There’s every reason to think that Belle knows what she’s talking about since she is very much about research and is very familiar with magic. What’s more, there are other instances of TL objects moving between world, specifically Rumbelle’s chipped cup and Snowing’s ring. This supports the idea that the necklace moving between worlds is due to TL, and that idea supports the possible that SF is TL

Imagine going to a 5sos meet and greet. Your heart is beating so loud you can hear it in your ears. You were next up and had a perfect view of the boys. It was Luke, Ash, Mikey, And Cal. You had everything planned out about what you were going to say, but that didn’t go as planned.
“Next,” said the guard.
Your heart stopped and your mind went blank. Everything that you had planned out left your mind.
“Hi Babe,” Luke said before being you into a hug.
His arms wrapped tightly around your neck. “Hi” is all you managed to get out.
You then pushed your head into his chest. His cologne filled your nose and you thought you were going to melt in his arms. When you pulled away his hands ran down his arms and held onto your fingers. His smell still lingered. You he gently pulled away and moved to Ashton.
“Hello gorgeous, what’s your name?” Ash smiled.
“Y/N” you rushed.
“Awe c'mere” Ash said opening his arms wide.
His arms wrapped around your waist and you flung your arms around his neck. His hands moved up and down your back. It was strange because you felt at home and safe with Ashton yet this was your first time meeting him. You pulled away and gave him a quick smile.
“Hey beautiful,” Mikey smirked.
“Hi Mikey” you cheered.
You began getting more comfortable around them.
“You have a pretty smile” Mikey complimented.
“Thanks, I love your hair!” you blushed.
“Bring it in cutie,” Mikey said.
Your arms went around his waist and you could feel him rest his chin on your head. Mikey’s hug was your new favorite thing. You never wanted to let go. He let go so you could go to Calum.
“Hello love,” Cal smiled, “How are you?”
“I’m amazing, how are you?”
“I’m good,” he responded while putting his arm out. You stood on your tip toes and put your arms around his neck. you could feels his muscles and his abs. His hands moved down your sides to you waist and you pulled away. He gave you a smile and you stood in between Mikey and Cal. They took your picture and went to walk away.
“I just wanted to say thank you for being my lifesavers” You said trying not to cry.
“Awe y/n” Ash said, “group hug.”
All the boys hugged you and you felt like the luckiest girl in the world.
“We love you!” Cal stated.
“I love you guys” You said before walking away.

I DONT KNOW WHAT TO WRITE. pls forgive me. I don’t even know how you even managed to maneuver yourself out of the “absolute SENPAI PLS STEP ON MEEE“- status?? I didn’t know that was possible?? Magic, it is, absolutely magical, you are. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

In Celebration of your birthday, have this >3h doodle (im that bad yeah) that was totally inspired by our diary-entries and this cowboy bebop thing.

Airport departures


Your arms clung around Niall torso as he buried his face into the crook of your neck.

“You’ll be fine,” you managed to say, almost chocking on a tear as you attempted to reassure Niall.

Niall nodded into the crook of your neck. “I know I’ll seem fine but I’m going to miss you.”

“Yes,” you whispered, knowing that no matter how brave you tried to be it wouldn’t end up working. “But, you continued, “We will appreciate each other even more.”


For once, both Louis and yourself remained quite, simply leaning on each other for support before Louis flight was called to board.

Finally, he spoke, “Do you think management would notice if i ran away?”

A small smile formed on your lips, “Sadly, I think they would Lou.”

Louis nodded before resting his chin on your shoulder again.“It was worth the thought.”

“It definitely was.”


Zayn bored the plane, glancing over his shoulder yet again, blowing a kiss. He soon diapered from sight, leaving you standing there, in the middle of the gates waiting area. You hadn’t cried until now. The tears cascaded down the cheeks whilst you hastily pushed them away with your jumpers sleeve. Sighing, you stood up straight and turned around, heading back to the home that you shared, but this time it would seem different, Zayn with not be with you. The home would seem as if it was not even yours anymore.


“I’ll only be away for two months,” murmured Liam into your ear. “It will go past in a flash, I’ll be back before you know it.”

You violently shook your head.

“No, it will take forever, it will seem forever, I’ll be wanting you back in 2 hours, you know exactly how i feel so don’t hide it,” you exclaimed, looking into Liam’s eyes.

He seemed to break right in front off you, now that he knew that you had figured out that he was upset. He pulled you closer to him, his arms tightly wrapped around you.


Both of you sat in the airports seats, your head resting on Harry’s shoulder.

“My life is going to be weird for the next 4 months,” you stated quietly.

“Why weird?” Harry questioned.

“Because you are going to be else where and I’m just going to be an emotional wreck by myself.”

“Please don’t be an emotional wreck, that makes me feel horrible,” Harry said softly, placing a kiss on your head.

“OK, I’ll be a slightly…sad but overall positive person… which makes no sense.”

Authors note: This is short but good things often come in small packages.