Happy Valentine’s Day!! (◕‿◕✿)

This is my present for you all! This a comic of the Figure Skating AU, it’s 26 pages-long but due to the fact that some days ago I lost all the work I was doing, I managed to complete only the first part (11 pages). The second part will come out in 4 days, tho, on Miyusawa day 2/18 (*≧▽≦)

It was inspired by and a continuation of the ask lovely @starrwinter sent me some time ago! 

Miyuki and Sawamura went to Alberta for the ISU Grand Prix of the Figure Skating. They’re sharing a hotel room. 

First part is Sawamura-centered. Second part will be Miyuki-centered

I hope you enjoy this!

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How did you manage to get to Superwomans Movie premiere?! Were you invited to go? Did you walk the red carpet? Did Ally go with you? WAS IT AMAZING?! Sorry I'll calm down, you and Lilly are my favourite youtubers/people in general.

IT WAS AMAZING. If Lilly and I are your favorite you tubers than I am in damn good company. Lilly invited me, actually. We met when we made this video. 

Ally didn’t go because she had work to do (the video that she uploaded today) so I brought Amber’s Closet as my plus one. I saw A Trip To Unicorn Island and I cried several times and then I went home and watched it AGAIN with Ally. So inspired. 

captainsnumple submitted:

(consider it fanart of fanart)




Summary: Things get spicy after you, Jimin, and Tae get drunk and somehow you guys manage to drag the poor maknae into it.

Warnings: Drunk sex, rough sex, foursome, BL, sex toys, orgasm denial, begging, overstimulation, spanking, excessive use of the word hyung and noona (i was gonna puke while writing so i had to warn yall), oh my god what else, idk, its just dirty

Word Count:  5977

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TITLE: The Light in the Dark

CHAPTER NO./ONE SHOT: Chapter Thirteen

AUTHOR: wolfpawn

ORIGINAL IMAGINE: Imagine being blinded in an accident while helping S.H.I.E.L.D., you live in the Tower with everyone but dread the way they treat you like a helpless child. When Loki arrives on Midgard to carry out the rest of his sentence he becomes curious with your condition and how you manage to read and such. Over the months the two of you grow closer than the others thought possible. You come to love him without ever seeing him. 

RATING: Teen and Up

“Wait, so you are telling me that Dorian Grey and Oscar Wilde are not actually Midgardian?” Your mouth was almost on the floor with shock and awe at that fact.

“Those two men whose images you have shown me, are none other than two brothers from Vanaheim, and they are most certainly not named as you have named them.

“Oh my…wow, that is incredible, how many others are there I wonder?” You just sat back and thought of that. How many great people of the world aren’t actually of the world?

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Most conversations I don’t enjoy anymore. I’m either bored or feeling exhausted from the need to talk. It’s rarely effortless, I rarely find an effortless connection. If it is not effortless it feels forced, unnatural. 

I can only have these quiet shared moments with couple of people. We can sit there right next to each other, sharing space & time, yet not talk. Not feel the need to constantly talk, to fill up that silence with sound. When you manage to effortlessly stay quiet with someone - that’s the connection you should be looking for. When you don’t have to feel as if you’re on a race or competition while talking to someone who keeps on constantly interrupting you. Find people who don’t rush. People who take time, who actually hear you. 

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Imagine this, someone manages to steal/hack into Hux's datapad, but only ends up finding numerous pictures of Millicent.

HUX [triumphantly]: Ha-HAH! I’ve outsmarted you again, Ren! You thought you had managed to hack me, but that’s not even my real datapad! THIS is my real datapad! [holds it up]

KYLO [telekinetically yanks it out of Hux’s hands and into his own]


KYLO [looking through it]: There’s nothing in *this* one but cat pictures, either! Look, here’s a - oh my Force, did you actually pay for a professional portrait sitting? With your cat? [falls over laughing]

HUX: …I hate you so much.

the abcs of being a larrie™

A is for antis are the evil scum of the earth
B is for briana wasn’t really pregnant :)
C is for critical thinking skills™
D is for devastated not because i believe it but because i don’t
E is for eleanor’s secret twin
F is for fuck you management
G is for gay rainbow bears
H is for happily 5 years strong 
I is for irving pls come save us !!
J is for jeff and louis are friends too 
K is for kendall jenner is a lesbian <3 harry is her beard
L is for louis for the dagger
M is for my friend’s cousin’s boyfriend saw them make out once it was awesome
N is for nothing can make me believe this not even a birth certificate  
O is for one direction sucks i’m only here for larry
P is for pool girl that management forced louis to kiss
Q is for question everything
R is read relief next to me 
S is for simon cowell can suck my larrie dick
T is for tmz is gonna announce the paternity denial any day now
U is for ur all such bullies respect our beliefs
V is for very stressed :( 
W is for what happened in wellington
X is for xander was just harry’s friend he’s actually straight
Y is for your blog is the first one i’m coming to when larry comes out
Z is for zayn and liam lied in those interviews :(

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*slides you kylo rens lightsaber that looks like a five year old made it*


(Part I.) (Part II.) (Part III.) (Part IV.) (Part V.) (Part VI.) (Part VII.) (Part VIII.) (Part IX.) (Part X.) (Part XI.) (Part XII.)

Another night spent restless.
In what trivial sleep you managed, you dreamt of the green planet again: the remarkable height of the trees and the castle draped in banners.  TR-8R was there, in full armor, on the ground next to a Z6 riot control baton.  It buzzed louder, cracking with electricity, as you approached.  You nudged him, looking for a sign of movement.  Nothing.  Hastily, you searched for a pulse.  Nothing.  As if being fed by your grief, the shadow you cast grew and split, becoming a separate entity.  Before you, it transformed into the silhouette of Matt in the hallway with the broken light.  Another body slumped over on the floor, the nameless stormtrooper from the hallway, appeared to you as Zack.

You woke in a cold sweat.  There was no sleeping after that, burdened with further cerebral symptoms.  You had not yet seen the last of Kylo Ren.

Socialization was minimal, adding hours to your day.  No reverberation of laughter, only stooped postures coupled with looks of defeat.  Morale in your sector had suffered a tremendous blow with TR-8R’s absence.  Day two of collective mourning proved no less severe than the first.
You had been waiting for the lieutenant colonel to come by, eager to continue your last conversation about TR-8R’s plans to run, plans you had never been aware of and still did not believe to be truthful.

It was nearly time to leave for the administration block when the Zack finally shuffled into the room.  Everything about his body language was abnormal; as you got closer, you could see why.  Austere behind bruises and cuts.

What happened to you?
“They’re watching,” skill of a ventriloquist, through closed lips.


You didn’t have a voice to respond with, only able to mouth, “Who?”

He offered you a kind look, wincing though the black eye and split lip.

You knew it was one of two people.  Someone understood that he knew something; he had been interrogated.  You were sure you had inadvertently been the cause.

You retreated to your office and sobbed, inconsolably. 
What had you done?

Had it been five minutes? Twenty-five minutes?

This marked the third day without productivity.  You were certain that the higher-ups had noticed your blatant inefficiencies.  Regardless, you had no motivation to do the job.
With your forearms, you cleared the stacks of paper that had pilled up around your workspace.  Information and data integral to someone or sector scattered in all directions from your desk.  Useless.  Still, the heaviness in your chest proved no closer to being alleviated.  You hadn’t noticed, through your impulse, that you had begun tearing up again.
I need to get out of here.  I need-
A rarity.  You had received a holocomm.  You answered before you were fully aware of who it could have been, before your common sense advised you otherwise.

You were met by a projection of Kylo Ren, mask and all. 
At least you weren’t subjected to his eyes and the stare that came with it.

Your tears fully confused him.  There was a long bout of silence before he decided to speak.  Finally, “Stop.”

“Stop what?” You continue to sob; he makes a point of ignoring it.
“How’s Matt doing?”

He is stoic in response to you, further degradation.

You’re convinced you’ve absorbed some of TR-8R’s personality. 
You spoke again, dragging your sleeve under both eyes, “I saw what you did to the lieutenant colonel.”

No immediate response; he turned from you, still in view.  Pulling up information on monitors, you saw the screen mirrored in the reflective portion of his helmet.  Once he had turned back to you, his voice changed, “I had nothing to do with that.”
Thickly distorted, not only by the vocabulator.  Livid.


“Y/N,” he was resentful, each syllable chopped, “My quarters.  Now.”
The hologram collapsed into itself.

Upon leaving your office, a pair of stormtroopers were waiting outside for you, one at either side of the door.  In fearful symmetry, both holding blasters at ready across their chests.
You said nothing to either, knowing they would only speak if spoken to.  There was a sting of bitterness in you, and poorly placed curiosity.  You wondered if Kylo Ren would have sent newly conditioned TR-8R to collect you you.
If he knew.
Do I want to know?

Thinking about TR-8R, your closest friend, was the emotional equivalent to a knife in the chest. 

It was strange to imagine, as you did in contemplation while being escorted, that the only other person you feasibly had left was the person you hated most.
Hux was working his way up to number one.  For now, it was Kylo Ren who held the title.

The base was endless.  It felt alive, always growing.  You passed the observation deck, resisting the urge to stop along the catwalk and look out, to claim a moment of peace.
With the door to Kylo Ren’s private quarters in sight, a phantom pain surged through your hands.  One of the stormtroopers used the stock of his blaster as they knocked for entry.  The sound it made as it struck the surface grated on you.  Bad memories.  You couldn’t liberally recall anything on the base, as expansive as it was, that evoked a good feeling, let alone neutrality.
The door, with a hydraulic hiss, opened.  You turned to the trooper, who motioned again with the blaster.  They remained outside as the door shut behind you.

The whole atmosphere of his quarters was noxious, entirely saturated with his temper.
Awkwardly barren.  Tessellated floors in a reflective onyx, some rare stone from some inaccessible planet.  A quiet luxury in the details.  The surface you had slept on, blankets twisted and unmade.  Chrome and coal.  Aside from the state of the bed, impeccable cleanliness.  No hint of personal items, all surfaces were uncluttered.  Nothing on the polished desk, nothing along the bookshelves.  Everything was either hidden away in small compartments lining the walls, or, he had nothing.  No attachment to material goods.
Or people.

Three doors.  One to a refresher unit.  One revealing a smaller room off the main.  The last: likely a closet.
All were details you had missed with the lights off.
Kylo Ren, in the middle of it all, his back to you.  “The lieutenant colonel was questioned, without my knowledge.  Tell me why.”

You know why.

“Yes, Y/N.  I do.  Do you?”  He challenged you, still, not deeming you worthy of his full attention.  Fortunately, with the helmet gone, there was depth in his words.  You found it slightly easier to gauge his reaction.  “Do you know why someone found reason to interrogate the lieutenant colonel?”


“Say it,” far from a request, he demanded of you.


It’s all the same to you.

His full attention was now yours.  You fell inside his sightlines with a turn of his head.  His face subtly contorted with anger.  He began speaking as if he was trying to convince himself first, before you, “People, like you… need to be controlled.”

Just as the officious whispering in his brain had assured him, a voice he had heard all his life.  Listening and obeying, the supreme leader’s eulogy had turned him into what he was.

Searching for the words in the space between you, you felt safer at the distance but not as brave as you preferred.  Your voice trembled, “You don’t understand.”

He took in a breath, facing away from you once again as he did so to collect himself.  “I understand freedom,” his low voice, dogmatic, “creates rebels… traitors.”

Traitor: the misuse of the word, epitomized.  It began to feel like a person all on its own, a person you didn’t like speaking about.

“The first order creates murderers,” you respond with less quivering in your voice, to the best of your ability.

Movement.  He stirs.  A single, dreadful step towards you. 

He monitored your response, seemingly delighted by your fear.  He was self-righteous; withholding a litany of Snoke’s words, of evil.  The look conveyed it all.
You shook your head, defiantly, speaking again, “The First Order failed.  You couldn’t make FN-2187 a murderer.” 

Your own eyes widened at the words, surprised they had come from you. 

A bad taste to him.

“But you will not fail me.  You will obey me,” a gloved hand rose, to stifle you, “or you will die.”

The insinuation being force-frozen you was enough.  You remained motionless as he advanced.  Habitually he came too close; you flinched.
He leaned in, words soft again.  You could feel the warmth of his exhale before he murmured, “I wonder what you’ll choose.”

There was something so startling about his face.  How it was rounded and curved, continuously hinting at the child he had once been.  You wished him older.  You wished him scars and broken bones.  Had his face, under the mask, looked sharper or worn, it would have fit him.
He shouldn’t look like this.

You wanted to turn away, but felt pulled in.
By his eyes.

He shouldn’t look at me like this.

Present tense was malleable; your mind recounted the moment when he had restrained you in the hallway.  He had proved there was someone else behind the veil, the deception of his rage.

You had seen him. 
Not a monster, a human. 
Like now, once again.

Almost like you.

There was light.

His face turned with rage as you made the association.

You asked for my help.

Your conscious thoughts were far from private.

He tore away from you, cape swallowing him.  Billowing in all his sharp movements.  Blackness.  He yelled in certain, unhinged frustration.  Your body understood his feral energy; it recoiled physically.
His dominant hand reached for his lightsaber, pulling it free from his side.  A phoenix; bursting forward with fire and light.  You hear it, the blade breathing.  The ethereal glow, like a flame simultaneously growing and dying.

It stayed at his side, his arm locked.  Panting, he sounded breathless, “Get out.”

To spare you?
You couldn’t stop the words, “I know what I saw.”

His lips pull tightly, swallowing back words.  More heaving.  Tapping the blade against the ground, he walked forward through a wave of sparks, “I am master of the Knights of Ren…”
More taps.  Then it crashed into the floor, releasing a wave of fury.  Intimidation.
You’re washed in spark and ash.  He created smoke, twisting up around you and him. 
“There is no one else.”
Pulling the saber out of the floor, the blade ushers you back.

TR-8R’s voice, from the archive of your memory:
Don’t loose it, okay?
  Whatever happens, Y/N, don’t forget.

He snarled; threatened by the innocent string of words.  

The phase was ignition, understanding in the moment that there had been gravity to the situation, importance you failed to recognize. 

You had no weapon to match his. 

Only a blind, visceral reaction: through cataclysmic fear, the soft of your palm met the side of his cheek.

You held the devil’s face.

Me @ Watch The Thrones
  • Me @ Clarke:Girl, you trynna get yourself killed? Seriously, you have some extremely dangerous ideas. And don't worry, Lexa can take care of herself. Btw, why don't you just kiss Lexa and get it over with?
  • Me @ Lexa:You are so badass ily. Seriously, I've never loved you so much.
  • Me @ Bellamy:You nasty. Why you do this? Why you break everyone's heart? Why you break Kane's heart? I loved you, my sweet child, but look what you've done now.
  • Me @ Pike:You son of a bitch. Not only are you the Donald Trump of Arkadia, but you have now managed to take sweet little Bellamy and force him into your stupid plans. I hope a gorilla rips of your arm.
  • Me @ Octavia:You are so smol and feisty and ily and I'm sorry you are hurting so much bby plz hold on.
  • Me @ Jasper:Finn's ashes? really? Really Jasper? I cannot believe you right now. You gotta get off your drunken ass rn and fix yourself. I get that you are hurting inside but that doesn't give you the right to hurt everyone else too.
  • Me @ Monty:I'm sorry my sweet summer child, I'm sorry for what you have gone through. Let me love you.
  • Me @ Miller:Cute boyfriend for a cute boy.
  • Me @ Raven:Where were you??????
  • Me @ Roan:Idk why but I love you and I'm glad you aren't dead.
  • Me @ Ice Nation Queen:BYE FELICIA
  • Me @ Abby:Okay I love you but why on Earth did you have to decide there be an election right then? You should have just kept being chancellor until this whole mess is over. AND WHY FOR THE LOVE OF GO HAVE YOU NOT KISSED KANE YET????
  • Me @ Kane:Hello my sweet sweet muffin. I'm so sorry that you had your heart broken so much. Ily. But can you please get to banging Abby a little faster?

HMMM, I’m so excited to show you guys this picture for Warptale. Under specific circumstances there are a few points in the Genocide run where you may have doomed yourself to fight two bosses at once.

If there was a hard mode all boss fights would have two bosses, and the end boss fight (shown above) has a third character that jumps in halfway through. (The third character will join every time in easy mode, if you managed to kill one of the skelebros before the end) But, they’re a secret, shhh.

More about Warptale | Warptale Pages + More

Want to use the Background? Here you go! DA LINK   

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The worst lie I've heard was 'Well I called earlier and your manager said you'd replace it'. I'd been on shift all morning, our phone did ring once but I answered it and they were asking about birthday parties. He was trying to replace a product that his child took scissors to.

I’ll Be Waitin’ (Skinny!40s!Steve)

A/N: Hi! This is my first shot at something like this, so all feedback is appreciated. Send in your requests for oneshots and I’ll get them done for you, but please read the FAQ if you’re unsure on what to request! If there’s any errors please do tell me and I’ll fix them up for you (: Happy Reading.

Pairing: Skinny!40s!Steve x Reader
Word Count: 1, 136
Genre: Romance/Fluff

It was your typical Friday night, sipping on your usual drink, sitting in your usual spot, listening to the swing music playing and the chattering of everyone in the hustling bar. This was the usual for you when Charlie, the manager and one of your closest friends, didn’t have you serving up drinks for him, which of course you always obliged to do because it was Charlie after all.

But this night wasn’t typical, it was anything but that. You were propped up on your seat, your crimson dress tickling yours knees, laughing at the stupid thing Charlie had to say about the very drunk man ordering more drinks, when the tall brunette strolled in with two dames hanging off both arms and a smaller man straggling behind them. The taller man looked smug with himself as he directed the girls over to a booth, sliding in next to them as the blonde man stood there awkwardly before planting himself down.

“Hey Charlie,” You called as he grabbed a bottle of beer from under the counter and handing it to a man in a sergeants uniform. “Who are those guys that just came in?”
“You mean Barnes and Rogers? What’s it to you?” Charlie said, narrowing his eyes.
“Oh hush up, who’s the blonde one?” You smiled back at him.
“You sure you don’t mean the brunette one, not to sound too punchy but Steve ain’t got much luck with the dames, certainly not you.” Steve. That was his name. He looked like a Steve in an odd sorta way.

You turned and looked back over to their booth, Barnes, as Charlie called him, was babbling on to the red lipstick and pin-curl encrusted girls who were no doubt falling for his charms. From the look of it, he knew what he was doing, whereas Steve didn’t, he sat there like a loose part in his high khaki trousers and his button down. You smiled to yourself as he stared mindlessly at the bar, probably not even meaning to look at you, but he did, and you definitely noticed that his cheeks tinged pink after looking at you.

You adjusted the skirt of your dress and turned your back away from Steve, facing the bar again. You were waiting until one of them came to the bar, most probably Steve, seeing as Barnes was too cosied up with the girls. That’s when you saw the skinny man leaning his elbow on the counter, clearly waiting for Charlie. 

His blonde hair was combed backwards neatly, but looked so soft, so easy to tangle your fingers in. He wore an unamused look on his face as he watched his friend playing with one of the girl’s hair.

“Rough night?” You smiled over at him. You knew you caught him off guard because he jumped slightly, his knees knocking together, before laughing a bit at his foolishness.

“No ma’am, just a double date gone wrong,” He smiled sadly before clearing his throat and ordering 4 drinks. He turned his attention back to you. “What’s a pretty dame like you sitting here on her own for?”

“What a charmer, callin’ me pretty before even knowing my name,” you grinned, Steve turning paler, taking what you said seriously. “Calm it sweet cheeks, I was pullin’ your leg. I’m Y/N.”

Steve sighed in relief before responding, looking at the drinks Charlie just placed in front of him. He stood up and grabbed the drinks. “I’m Steve, nice to meet you Y/N. But I best be gettin’ back with these drinks, otherwise Buck will start worrying.”

“Buck looks pretty busy to me Steve, but suit yourself, see you around,” You turned back to your drink, feeling pleased with yourself, as Steve carried the drinks away to Bucky. You was about to call over to Charlie when the stool next to you was filled by a lopsided grinning blonde, staring straight at you. “Had a change a’ heart did we?”

You and Steve talked for what seemed like hours. Him telling you about his family, and how he had been rejected by the army and how all he wanted was to do right by his country. This made your heart swell. You told him about yourself, how you work here most days, and about your love for Frank Sinatra and literature, causing him to roll his eyes at you, which earned him a gentle nudge with your elbow.

“Interrupting something, Rogers?” A towering man said, smirking at you both. You looked up, taking in his features. Baby blue eyes, perfectly styled hair, you understood what Charlie meant now. “Sorry ‘bout my friend here, he didn’t think to introduce his ol’ pal to a little doll like yourself. I’m James, but people call me Bucky.”

“Sorry Buck, this is Y/N, I met her here tonight,” Steve said nervously, scratching the back of his neck. You looked up at Bucky, who was now clapping a large hand on Steve’s back, confidence oozing off of him, but if he thought he could try to sweet talk you, he’d have another thing coming.

“Steve here was just telling me about you, how you’re doll dizzy, a real sweet talker, huh?” Bucky laughed back at you before sending a wink your way. “I was tellin’ him how I’m over guys that mess me around, never fall for the charm, that’s what I say.” 

With that Bucky’s faced dropped, clearly thinking he was going to win you over, which caused Steve to splutter his drink before gaining his composure and smiling widely at Bucky. You giggled at Steve before Bucky mumbled something about ‘Rogers meeting him back at the booth to take the dames home.’ 

“Well played, Miss. Y/N. I don’t think I’ve ever seen Bucky turned down by someone before, it’s usually the other way around,” Steve laughed, spinning the rim of his glass around on the table as he spoke. 

“He had it comin’ one day,” 

“Tonight has been swell, really Y/N, but I gotta get goin’, Buck needs me to take these girls home with him,” Steve sighed, a small smile still visible on his face. “But, if you want to I mean- we can ya’know do this again soon- not that you have to-“

“You carry on stutterin’ like that and it’ll be closing time before you finish your sentence,” You laughed, causing Steve to blush again, one of the most heart warming things you’ve ever seen, you were fond of him already. “But yes.”

“Ye-“Steve began.

“Steve we’re leavin’ pal,” Bucky called as he walked towards the door, the two ladies gripping his arms.

“You know where to find me, Rogers,” You whispered, leaning over and kissing him softly on the cheek, the blush creeping on both of your faces now. “I’ll be waitin’.”

Be Mine (Yoongi Smut/Fluff)

“The things I do for you.” He sighed and placed the popcorn on the table. You managed to get your obviously annoyed boyfriend to watch the new ‘chick-flick’ in his words with you. You smiled at him and he sat next to you. His arm was around you and he leaned back on the couch.

Your eyes watched the screen in anticipation, seeing the main character first met each other. It was a cliché setting, in the rain and their umbrellas bumped into each other. You looked at Yoongi, who could barely stay awake. You considered how his week’s been and you felt guilty. He has been working late lately and you nudged him a little.

“Yoongi?” You said softly and he looked at you.


“Go to bed.”

“Y/N, you’re not my mother.”

“You’re obviously tired, so go to sleep. I’m not going to keep you awake.”

You two stared at each other, the other not willing to get in and he sighed again. He kissed your head before going to the bedroom. The movie droned on, continuing like the stereotypical romantic film. You, yourself found that you were about to fall asleep. The movie ended like you expected, the main characters get married after all the mess they went through to be together.

You shut off the TV, going to take a shower before joining Yoongi in slumber. You closed the door, turning on the shower and started to strip off your clothes. You looked at yourself for a bit, only noticing your flaws. You’ve been very insecure about yourself since dating Yoongi, due to the other women that flock around him. You were worried one day he would stop looking at you, and look at someone more beautiful, someone better than you.

You tied up your hair, and took out your scented soap and loofa. It was your favourite scent, most of the perfumes and candles you own being of this certain scent. The stream started to fog up the mirrors and you opened the shower door.

You tested the water, getting engulfed in the stream and the hot water hit your skin. You started humming a little bit, enjoying the water touching your skin. You heard footsteps enter the bathroom and lock the door. The shower door opened and closed, with a naked Yoongi entering and you stopped humming.

“Y-Yoongi? Weren’t you sleeping?”

“Not with your humming waking me up.”

“Sorry, was I too loud?”

“That’s not the only thing you woke up.”

You looked down, seeing his cock hard. You were blushing at the sight and he made you get on your knees. The water hit you both and you pumped him slowly.

“Were you dreaming me, Yoongi?”

You played with his tip, your thumb running over the slit. He cursed under his breath, and you ran your tongue along his shaft. You gave slow licks, watching him slowly crumble in front of you. Finally giving in to him, you take him in your mouth.

“Fuck, sweetheart.”

You bobbed your head, making his cock hit the back of your throat and watching him while you did so. He grabbed the back of your head, undoing your tied hair and pushing more of his cock in your mouth. You let him fuck your face, your hand on his pelvis as he continued to be rough with your mouth. You took it all, knowing he would reward you.

“So fucking good, sweetheart.”

He let go, letting you suck him off a bit longer before getting up. He kissed you, your tongues overlapping each other. His hand was on your hips, pulling you closer to him. The hot water added to the heat your body was feeling. He pushed you against the shower wall and pulled away. His lips pressed against your neck, sucking and biting on your skin. You tugged on his wet hair

His lips planted kisses down your body, softly biting on spots he knew that drove you wild. You watched his every move and he lifted your leg, gaining access to you exposed clit.

“Even in this water, I see your clit glistening. Did you want me here, sweetheart?”

He pressed soft kisses against your clit, your head rolling back against the wall. He licked your clit slowly, teasing you on purpose. He brushed his lips against your clit, making your moan out for him a little. He slid a finger into you while he licked your clit faster.

“Shit, Yoongi.”

His tongue never stopped moving against your clit and you felt his fingers start to stretch you out. Two, three, four, his whole hand was almost inside you.


“You like that, sweetheart? You like how my fingers stretch your little clit, huh?”


“Are you about to cum, sweetheart?’


He stopped, your body missing the feeling of his fingers and he pumped himself a bit before teasing your clit with his tip. You moaned in response before he finally slid himself into you, you holding onto him immediately. You nails pressed into his back and the water soothed the marks you were leaving on him.

Your back hit the wall repeatedly as he thrusted into you hard. His name kept bleeding out of your lips and he nibble on your ear as his hips continued to move at inhumanely fast pace. You felt as if your body was going to break at this rate and he kept pounded you. He pulled out of you and turned you around, pressing your face against the wet shower wall.

“I love you so much, sweetheart.”

“I love you more.”

Familiar knots in your stomach tied themselves and his hand came down your ass. His thrusts became sloppy and you felt yourself getting close to your climax. He starts to rub against your nub, squeezing it to make you scream out his name.

“Cum, sweetheart.”

You came, your body tensing around him as he thrusted into you more before he came on your back. His cum mixed with the water and your breathing was heavy. You back around with your head against the wall.

“Let me wash you off, sweetheart.”

He took advantage of how sensitive your body was, taking his time on your breast and between your legs. You cleaned him off too, your fingers lingering on his torso and his cock.

“You’re amazing, sweetheart.” You turned off the shower, both of you immediately grabbing a towel. You dried his hair, making him look like a green fluff ball.

“Yoongi, you’re so cute.”

“Yah, I’m a man. Men aren’t cute.”

“Then, you’re not a man. You’re cute.”

He covered you with a towel and flicked your head.

“Ow, Yoongi~” He dried your hair in fairness and held the towel to your cheek. He squeezed your face, smiling to himself and you looked at him in awe.


You slipped your underwear back on, earning a wink and a little smack from Yoongi. You blush and go to the closet. You stole a shirt from him and laid down next to him. Your head rested on his chest and he wrapped his arm around you.

“Marry me.”

You looked at him, and he opened the drawer next to him. He pulled out a little black box and handled it in his hands.

“Yoongi..” You both sat up and he opened the little box, revealing a rose gold ring with your birth gem in the middle and little engraving around the band

“I know it’s not romantic like the movies do it but I love you too much to hide it anymore. Marry me, Y/N.”

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Ooh so your facial hair is natural is it? You never took T? That's awesome somehow. How different people can be. I'm glad you manage to embrace yourself as you are!

Hello friend! Ahwwhh, you’re really wonderful and sweet. Thanks so much for chatting with me! :3 I’m not used to talking this much about myself and I hope nobody minds about today, but I’m happy to chat a little about my appearance and gender experience to answer questions. XD Thanks so much for asking and being so kind. I decided to respond with a video, but I’ll also type the same basic message below since I know text might be easier for some people.

For people who might not have paid attention to the amount of facial hair I have, I tried to take some pictures to show what I’ve got. Ironic that I literally trimmed my chin last night. It does give my appearance some “masculine”-esque qualities to it and I’m pretty happy about that. :) (All I mean by “masculine” is the assigned-at-birth male physical appearance tendencies).

I indeed have not taken T; the facial hair comes about because of genetics! As you may hear in the video, I have a distinctly assigned-at-birth biologically “feminine” voice which has not been lowered from T. By and large, since I am non-binary and like to visually balance my gender aspects in my expression, I have let my body “just do its thing.” On different days I will emphasize more masculine-esque traits, and other days feminine-esque. Today I decided to try to semi-emphasize the “extremes” of society’s expressed gender continuum and take photographs of myself expressing different sides to my gender. These two pictures were taken thirty minutes apart from one another.

I must say I’m really happy that my body decided to naturally give me more facial hair. I love my family so much and they’re amazing people, but they wouldn’t be so keen were I to take T and intentionally give myself more masculine traits. The fact this comes by genetics means that I have a simple way to express and mentally relate to the masculine-esque sides of my non-binary gender. I hope the facial hair continues to grow - it’s gotten a lot thicker in the last few years, and I am only twenty-three. There’s room to grow, right? I hope so. I think it’d be awesome if someday I could get a full beard lining my jaw. Nothing too thick, but a nice consistent brim I think would look classy.

Genetics are what have gifted me with this facial hair. My father’s side of the family is all very hairy; my dad is a wonderful bear. I also have a medical condition which causes higher than average levels of androgen and testosterone in assigned-at-birth female bodies. If you want to know TMI about this medical condition, called PCOS, I talk about my experiences in depth here.

I hope it hasn’t been weird for people for blabbing about my story and experiences with gender identity and expression. I hope you have a wonderful day. Take care, and may the Force be with you!

Faking it

So to be an absolute bitch, for Valentines Day I’m giving romantic previews from some of my upcoming Klaroline stories.

This is a continuation from my Klaroline Celebrity Porn Stars drabble. 


Caroline barely registered the sound of her head writer shouting in protest. She only glanced up when the poor woman came into view, thrown over Nik’s shoulder, struggling admirably although unsuccessfully, 

“You know the rules, Angie,” he grunted as they reached the door leading to the parking lot, “One hour of fresh air a day and then you can get back to writing,”

“But I was so close to…”

The door slams shut and the sound of arguing is muffled until Nik comes back in with an air of triumph about him,

“Congratulations,” Caroline drawls as he comes over to the couch, 

“You managed to prevent the violation of labour laws for one more day.”

He shrugs his shoulders and reaches for her latte, wincing as she smacks his hand and continues reading over the business documents, 

“Woman was on a roll but I could smell the caffeine from all the way down the hall, we cannot have her dying on us, not when her scripts are worth their weight in gold.”

Caroline hums in agreement and hands over her ipad, showing him what she’d been reading,

“MTV wants us to do a reality show,” she tells him, 

“Covering our company and our home life…like the Kardashians but with more sex and less plastic.”

Nik and Caroline were still keeping up the appearance of being a couple for the public and so far, it had worked splendidly, the ‘leaking’ of their video had caused their website to crash from the sheer number of views, had their names trending on twitter and garnered them national attention across media networks, subscriptions were up, as were corporate sponsors and they were ready to take their company public and start selling stock.

It hadn’t been difficult pretending to be together, after all, very few people were interested in dating a porn star long term and the ones that were…well, they weren’t really Caroline’s type. In fact, so far, their fake relationship was doing pretty well, with Nik being a very attentive fake boyfriend. After long days, they hung out at his place watching Netflix, when they weren’t exhausted they went on romantic dates and occasionally had no-strings attached sex when they were in the mood.

Although after a long day of having sex or directing it, they were rarely feeling in the mood.

“I assume you’ve already started your pros and cons list?” Nik asks with a knowing smirk and she nods, “Yep, but we have to be at the airport in an hour so it can wait until we’re at the hotel.”

It was February eleventh and Nik had booked them a four-day getaway in Mexico, in a private beachfront bungalow, it offered them a break but also the opportunity to garner some publicity with a few posts on social media.

He grins, “Well then love, let’s go!”

Two days later

“Truth or dare?”

Nik snorted as he held the tequila bottle to his lips, 

“We’re sitting in front of a large body of water, sweetheart, do you really think I’m stupid enough to pick dare?”

Caroline scowled before bursting into giggles and reached for the tequila bottle, “Fine then, truth or truth?”

“Truth,” he answered dutifully and she leaned back on her elbows, tossing her head back to look up at the starry night sky,

“Who was your first crush?”

He settled back on the sand beside her and closed his eyes in thought,

“Bloody hell it’s been a while, but I was six and her name was Tatia, she grew up next door to us and when we were teens, she cheated on me with my brother.”

Caroline made a face, “Bitch!

He shakes his head mirthfully, “Seems like centuries ago now, how about yours?”

Caroline sighed dramatically, “Matt Donovan, we were four and I was already planning our sandbox wedding when he decided that he liked Elena Gilbert.”

Nik winces sympathetically, “Tough break.”

She takes another pull of the bottle and hands it back to him, 

“You and I have had tragic lives haven’t we?”

His face falls then and he drinks deeply from the bottle, “I don’t think we should be rehashing our lives prior to Mystic, Caroline, that way lies danger.”

She hums in agreement and draws a circle in the sand, 

“Thing is…if we do this show with MTV, they’ll want to know how we got into the industry and…I’m guessing your story isn’t any better than mine.”

He shakes his head, “You think they’ll want to play the morality angle? Hold us up as cautionary tales for the masses?”

“You think they won’t?” she asks, having almost laced her words with sarcasm before genuine curiosity won out.

“I think sex and hedonism will get them a lot more views than righteous judgement will,” he turns to face her with a smirk, 

“Think about it, sweetheart, if they focus on our lives now, then we’re hot, young porn stars, getting rich pandering to the erotic desires of America, but if they delve into our pasts, we stop being seen as sexy and start being seen as what we are- victims of the industry. It would make their show a disgusting exploitation of us, no better than the ones who got us into this life and that would get them into trouble, both ethically and legally,”

“So…” he exhales, “They’ll want the sex, the glamour and the glitter, not the tarnished souls underneath.”

She trembles, shaken but not cold and takes another swig of the tequila to chase away the bad memories, “Truth or truth?” she repeats and he smiles,


She realises that she doesn’t have a question for him and gives herself a few seconds, the alcohol making her head feel pleasantly light and the moonlight beach before them really beautiful,

“Tell me something about yourself that I don’t already know.” She requests and he laughs before falling quiet, clearly sorting through the secrets in his head, and even in the dark, she swears that he’s beginning to blush,

“Alright then…” he begins, pausing for a moment and when he speaks, his voice is quiet,

“Tomorrow will be the first Valentine’s Day I’ve ever celebrated with someone.”

She chokes on the tequila and struggles to swallow, feeling it burn as it runs down her throat,

“Seriously?!” she blurts, wiping the liquor from her lips, 

“How is that even possible?”

He shrugs, ducking his head in clear embarrassment, “Tatia and I weren’t ever together during Valentine’s Day and I left home when I was fourteen, after that, there was never really anyone around who I thought was worth sharing the day with.”

Caroline’s heart breaks a little at that, especially when she considers how, when booking their day tomorrow, she’d valued publicity over everything else.

His first Valentine’s Day and she was being just as exploitative as anyone else in the industry.

Half an hour later, they stagger to their feet, heading back up the path to their bungalow and Caroline lingers behind before coming to an impulsive decision,


She took a step forward, hesitated and then, throwing caution to the wind, pulled him down for a quick kiss. He tasted of warmth, tequila and a hint of the ocean from their earlier swim. He lets her control the kiss, take the lead and pull back when she wants, which firms her resolve,

“Will you go on a date with me tomorrow?”

He frowned in confusion, having already seen her fully-planned itinerary and charged his phone in preparation of all the photos that would be taken, 

“Of course…?”

“No,” she stops him with a finger on his lips, “A real Valentine’s Day date, a boyfriend-girlfriend kind of date.”

“Oh,” his eyes widen but he nods, “Yes…I mean…I’d love to.”

She blushes and bites her lip, suddenly shy, “Good…I’ll uh…I’m gonna go take a shower now.”

She tries to fight the wide smile on her face as she hurries inside, kicking off her shoes and underneath the spray of the shower before realising that she’s still in her dress.

She knows that it’s foolish of her to be so nervous and excited but still…

She had a feeling that tomorrow was going to be great.


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Summary: During a Block B concert, Zico throws a water bottle out into the audience and hits you right in the head, knocking you out unconscious, but he makes it up to you backstage. 

Genre: comedy/smut

Length: 1846

Requested by @pandoranohako 

You screamed as you watched Block B perform before your eyes. You managed to win front row seats to the concert, so the handsome boys were up close and personal. So many girls were shrieking behind you, fangirling over their favorite members as the men danced their hearts out on stage, but your eyes were only on one person. Zico licked his lips as he moved to the front, unleashing a powerful rap that was so fast you could hardly understand what he was saying. Afterwards, he did some fancy footwork, gave his fans a sexy, over-the-shoulder look, and then walked to the back of the stage, swaying his shoulders like he owned the world.

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You let loose & opened yourself up to new & exciting experiences. Tobias slowed as he approached his lover cautiously. He wasn’t sure what, if anything, Archer could recall from the previous night. You also drank. A lot. How are you feeling?

Like death, the young man mumbled.

I can’t say I’m surprised, Tobias laughed heartily. I thought you said you were a lightweight. You out drank me by a mile. I thought I was going to have to cut you off at one point. 

Archer sat quietly, deep in thought as he tried to piece together what flashes of memory from the night before he could. I’ve left you a bottle of water & something for your head on the side table, Tobias continued, more sympathetic than before. You must be incredibly dehydrated so I suggest you drink as much of that water as you can manage. I’ve packed our things. Your suitcase is on the sofa so you can get yourself a change of clothes & then pack your toothbrush & such when you’re ready. I have to go make sure everyone else is awake; we leave for the airport soon. I’ll be back with breakfast & coffee for us, my love.