Fucking baby crying, fucking stupid girl I’m so sad I’m so angry and all I can think about it’s you and I don’t even know who you are anymore I’m so angry you can’t even express your feelings your fucking real feelings that you hide inside of your fancy decorated words that you fucking told yourself a hundred times and you don’t even can believe them. Call me a bitch, come on. You can call me a bitch whenever you want it doesn’t gonna make you feel less alone neither abandoned you did it to yourself don’t fucking blame me don’t you dare fucking try to blame me I’m so tired sick and tired of all this stupid bullshit I could shoot myself in my face but I won’t.

This is just one of those posts you can ignore..

So, my dad talked about his view on suicide today with my grandpa and I kinda got mad. It shocked me how he felt about it, really. He was calling it selfish (which personally I think it is, too, but not in the same way he does), and saying this person, who he was originally talking about, had no reason to be depressed and do what he did.. That isn’t true, my dad didn’t know what what really going on in that mans life so he had no right to say it was for no reason. You can’t tell me there wasn’t a reason for it and you can’t say someone doesn’t feel a way they do. This kind of stuff isn’t a joke. You shouldn’t be a jerk about it, either. Depression is a serious thing.

I actually am very tired of my aunt comparing me to this girl that goes to my church !!! Like I really don’t give a damn about what summer is doing . Oh she wrote a book ? Yeah I have too the only diff is hers was published . Oh she’s in college? YEAH ME FUCKING TOO ?? She’s gets straight As! BITCH HAVE YOU SEEN THE SHIT WE HAVE TO LEARN IN SCHOOL ??? I’m very satisfied with my grades . Oh she got this oh she got that . She did this and she did that . WHY ARE YOU COMPARING ME TO THIS GIRL ??? I’m honestly doing the best I can rn and you making me feel crappy about the shit SOMEONE ELSES child is doing is making me want to shoot myself in the face .