I really want to come out to my family cos I’m proud of my sexuality and it’s no big deal to me and I’m also v proud of having such an awesome girlfriend and I want to show her off like “look at this amazing person I have the honour to call mine!!!!!! Aren’t u proud of me????” but then I hear my brother call somebody “a fucking disgusting fag” and my dad just laughs in agreement and I want to fucking shoot myself in the face.

Fuck you for making me feel like I can’t trust my own fucking family.

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For that one series ask (/post/114869555753/), could you do Evangelion and Hunter x Hunter?

omg sure!!! i’m so happy you asked this (especially for hxh)

alright let see for neon genesis evagelion

❤ Favorite Male: kaworu nagisa
❤ Favorite Female: definitely rei
Favorite Pairing: kawoshin
❤ Least Favorite Character: genDO ikari lmao. that’s a given
❤ who’s most like me: SHINJI. HOLY CRAp he reminds me tooooo much of myself
❤ most attractive: misato she’s the bae
❤ three more characters that I like:
 misato, shinji and ritsuko

for hxh

❤ Favorite Male: kiLLUA, HE’S M Y SO N!!!
❤ Favorite Female: fuckkk this one’s hard shoot i guess machi tho i do like palm and shizuku a lot too!
Favorite Pairing: killugon/kirugon however the hell you say it. i l ove them!!
❤ Least Favorite Character: probably paristan because his face makes me want to punch him in the face or tonpa because his nose makes me want to punch him in the face
❤ who’s most like me: oh god idk for this one. i guess i would say killua but i don’t think that’s really true. for sure i act like pouf a lot of the times believe it or not rofl
❤ most attractive: palm and………………………………..hisoka DONT JUDGE. i hate the damn clown but he’s hot…oh GOd
❤ three more characters that I like:
 P OUF (HE’S MY 2ND FAVECHARACTER FUCKIN LOVE), hisoka, and shalnark 

honorable mention to: steve carell, googly eyes, and mama kurapika

I fucking hate it when people look at me when I’m not talking to them or we aren’t interacting in any way. I always ask people to stop looking or staring at me when they do but its never worked the seem to just stare more and it makes me so fucking anxious and when it happens it makes me want to shoot myself in the fucking face ughhhh 😡😡😡😭😭😭🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫 If I ask you to stop looking at me every-fucking-day multiple times a day, there’s obviously a god damned fucking reason whether I tell you it or not why can’t you just stop ffs mom stop staring at me it legit makes me want to grab one of our guns and off myself uuufggghhhhhhhhhhh 😭🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫