So basically I asked Richard if I could put my hand on his cheek like that for our photo op and just when they were shooting the photo, he put his hand on my arm. He asked the photographer to shoot another one (GOD BLESS YOU RICHARD) because he changed his mind about the pose and then he came up with that second one. He was super sweet and as you can see I wanted to keep a straight face at first but then I really couldn’t help myself and I smiled from the bottom of my heart in that second photo. I am so in love with this and it makes me unbelievably happy. Hope you don’t mind me sharing :’)

So my expos teacher, bless her heart, decided to make us do presentations on our research papers. Not only was I nervous about having to talk about rape culture in front of my class but the fact that not everyone is presenting and she’s choosing names out of a hat make me want to shoot myself in the face. Listen, I will seriously pay one of you to kill me, I cannot do this. Btw she keeps saying that she doesn’t want to make people uncomfortable, well sweetie we’re talking about rape and sexual, everyone is about to get hella uncomfortable.

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Dude I've had a crush on a straight girl for like five years now and she knows and now she has a boyfriend that she talks about all the time and it makes me want to shoot myself in the face :( I just want her to love meeeeee

Ooh god that must really suck but there’s not much to do I’m afraid, unless you’re like puck from a midsummer night’s dream and can get a flower for a love potion. But then maybe Oberon would get mad. I wonder if that would work and change sexuality.  Oh but what if the first thing she sees is a donkey like Titania did? I’m probably not helping, but if she’s straight and in a relationship (and you’re a girl, which I’m kinda inferring from context) she probably won’t be interested, but you are without a doubt hella cute (because so is everyone on tumblr except me somehow) so take some time to get over her and find a girl (or boy you might be pan or bi or poly no erasure) who is also interested in girls and then beautifulness *phwoosh*, although you don’t have to necessarily cut her out completely, but if you do have to, you probs should. Just remember you don’t have to look straight away, you may need some time to get over her but when you do, as stated above, beautifulness *phwoosh*. Hope this helps! ^-^