The signs as things said by my roommate part 2
  • Aries:I just want to make some soup! and then give it to him. and then make more soup. and drink it myself
  • Taurus:gargles earl grey tea* fuck you charles dickins! fuck you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Gemini:If there’s one thing I love it’s the jealousy of peasants
  • Cancer:stop niggle-ing my elbow! whats wrong with you!!
  • Leo:all romance is comedy. It’s a joke!!
  • Virgo:Just shrink me down and Put me in a plane
  • Libra:What’s the plan?? Put tomato sauce on your hair then eat it
  • Scorpio:It's like I wanna shoot him in the face with a shotgun but instead of blowing his face off I wanna kiss him
  • Sagittarius:Woe my shit that's old
  • Capricorn:god dammit leonard nimoy!! stop being so racy! (I’m sorry leonard. I’m so sorry)
  • Aquarius:Jessie McCartney wrote "beautiful soul" for Dwayne the rock Johnson
  • Pisces:Thousands of tiny penises hitting you in the face and dissolving on your skin!