spending time with you :) makes me want to :) set myself on fire :) bury myself underground :) scratch my face from existence :) take my eyeballs out and throw them away before i cry :) shoot myself :) multiple times :) hang myself with a glass coated string :) because u make me feel like shit :) congrats :)

I’d shoot myself in the head if it meant I’d see your face when you found out. Although it’d probably only make me want to kill myself all over again.

I fuckng hate this, we do they have to make it worse, they say I’m selfish and arrogant and got a shit attitude, I just trying to keep myself happy, I can’t do that if you fucking shoot me down every chance you get for fucking stupid shit that doesn’t matter! I’ve done nothing to you! And now you’re saying to my face that it would be better if I leave! What kind of fucking parent says that to their own child! You say I’m fighting you cos you think I don’t give a shit about what you say! I obviously do care or I wouldn’t fucking have thoughts of hurting myself! And yes I am fighting, but not you! I fucking fighting to keep myself going for one more fucking day!
I can’t do this anymore, I don’t know what I’ve done to you, you can scream and shout at me cos you think I’m doing it first, but I barely said a word, you say I don’t understand when my tone changes, I do, because you always make me feel like shit after, you ask me what’s wrong and I tell you, but nothing changes. I’ve gone to the doctor, nothing’s changed, you say I can talk to you, but why would I talk to the people who call me pointless. I’m at breaking point, and you don’t seem to see the damage you’re causing