Isn’t Tsukiyama also like that?


September 1980

This is by far one of my favorite bootlegs and live shows I’ve found on youtube, it’s a shame that this one is a little bit slowed down but I wanted to share it with all of you anyways, I posted this previously on a list of my favorite live shows but the yt link doesn’t works anymore bc the channel was deleted by youtube altogether with a lot of gems of the early days of New Order, I think this was like their 4th ever gig, Gillian wasn’t part of the band yet and they were trying to find out who will became the lead singer that’s why the 3 of them take turns to sing:

1. In a Lonely Place: One of the darkest versions I ever listened tbh. Steve is playing synths and drum machine, Hooky playing cymbals and bass, bernie playing melodica and singing. (that’s the obvious way for me at least)

2.Cries & Whispers: I’ve cried about this song before bc I think is underrated and the earlier versions are my favorites, it has some great synths (it sounds distorted here tho) and a powerfull and raw bass, Hooky and Steve aternate in vocals, I guess bc Bernie was playing synths.

3. Hour: An unrealsead but great song, vocals by Hooky.

4. Procession: This early and really short version of procession features drum machine and vocals (omg lol) by Steve ( I think this song was originally composed by steve but correct me if I’m wrong), this is one of my favorite versions tho

5. Truth: Not too much to say tbh. Bernie’s voice make it for an obscure and depressing atmosphere though.

6. Mesh: A very punk version of this song brought to you by Hooky’s singing style.

7. Dreams Never End: Hooky has said that this was the first riff he composed after the death of Ian and Joy Division and this is one of my favorite NO songs ever, you can hear he changes his voice tone at the begining but ends up almost screaming, the lyrics are slightly different to the final version in Movement. Really good imo.

‘We’re New Order… this is our last song’

8.Ceremony: Steve Hooky and Bernie take turns to sing, this is great or what? at the end they sound as if they were using autotune lol but still, this my ultimate favorite version of Ceremony and the fact that the the three of them sing fucks me up and make me feel things jfc Iconic..


i wastagged by a smoll friend (cyanide galactita) tto do the stop drop n roll selfie cgallenge?? keep in midn that my phone only hass a front camera lol

anyways idk i tag herrfeuchtigkeit, cowardly-lion-of-oz, cosmic-queer, ferretkit, misfoiah, 00dani, itswhycantweshutup, cecace, sparkleseal, ryumakos, adn literaly anyone else that woants to do it!!! if i tagged u an you dont wanna do it thats cool too lol

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E-Excuse me sir... I'm lost, may you please help me find my way?

“Huh?” Lucas turned around and saw one of the Grey Skins. He drew his sword at it. “What do you want!? Haven’t you made me suffer enough? Is this all you Grey Skins do all day? Torment people?”

Geralt’s last wish...

“Wait,’ she whispered. ‘That wish of yours … I heard what you wished for. I was astounded, simply astounded. I’d have expected anything but to … What made you do it, Geralt? Why … Why me?’
'Don’t you know?' 

She leant over him, touched him. He felt her hair, smelling of lilac and gooseberries, brush his face and he suddenly knew that he’d never forget that scent, that soft touch, knew that he’d never be able to compare it to any other scent or touch. Yennefer kissed him and he understood that he’d never desire any lips other than hers, so soft and moist, sweet with lipstick. He knew that, from that moment, only she would exist, her neck, shoulders and breasts freed from her black dress, her delicate, cool skin, which couldn’t be compared to any other he had ever touched. He gazed into her violet eyes, the most beautiful eyes in the world, eyes which he feared would become …
Everything. He knew. 

'Your wish,’ she whispered, her lips very near his ear. 'I don’t know whether such a wish can ever be fulfilled. I don’t know whether there’s such a Force in Nature that could fulfil such a wish. But if there is, then you’ve condemned yourself. Condemned yourself to me.' 

He interrupted her with a kiss, an embrace, a touch, caresses and then with everything, his whole being, his every thought, his only thought, everything, everything, everything. They broke the silence with sighs and the rustle of clothing strewn on the floor. They broke the silence very gently, lazily, and they were considerate and very thorough. They were caring and tender and, although neither quite knew what caring and tenderness were, they succeeded
because they very much wanted to. And they were in no hurry whatsoever. The whole world had ceased to exist for a brief moment, but to them, it seemed like a whole eternity. 

And then the world started to exist again; but it existed very differently.

'What now?’
'I don’t know.’
'Nor do I. Because, you see, I … I don’t know whether it was worth condemning yourself to me. I don’t know how— Wait, what are you doing …? I wanted to tell you—’
'Yennefer … Yen.’
'Yen,’ she repeated, giving in to him completely. 'Nobody’s ever called me that. Say it again.’
'Yen.’ 'Geralt.' 

Text: The Last Wish - Andrzej Sapkowski

Artwork: The Last Wish by avalat

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Sharing some thoughts I've had lately. I read a quote that said "don't burn yourself to keep someone else warm" and then I read your advice and it made me think if you do burn yourself well that's okay because much like a forest fire the ashes will eventually fertilize the ground and it will allow a new Forest to grow in its place... But like I said just sharing some thoughts. -18

Thanks for sharing :-)

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yayayaya!!! IM SO GLAD :))

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Okay but Kevin makes Manny into a vampire. Now whenever Kevin and Manny are in bat forms, Kevin likes to rest on Manny's back.

“Will you stop laying on me?!”

“No, what do you think I made you for?”

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ok 4. me, adrie, claire and 2. marina, brandon flowers, and patrick stump :-)

YAY more of these i love them! thank you darling :-) 

adopt adrie (hello u smol lovely peach), be adopted by claire (hello my wonderful mom?), marry ana ♥ {memescometrue davesapartment so you can see what ana made me do}

LORD THIS ONE IS IMPOSSIBLE i’m gonna say marry brandon flowers, cuddle patrick stump, and sleep with marina diamandis

lesbiass thank you so much katie for being so kind i love you so much <3

stimpatch ty dad for the song thank you so much!!

crashcandy thank you so much for the concern!

tallasskouhai where do I even begin? I didn’t know what you were going for at first, but when I got the second ask from you I cried. Like, I started full on sobbing. Thank you so much, Leelee, thank you so much. You made me feel so much better, I literally cried because you were doing this all for me. Thank you so much, I really, really love you <333 like, honestly, I got that second ask, and I sat up and starting fucking sobbing into my hands, because I got exactly what you were going for. Thank you so, so, so, so much.


18 June 2014 - Now
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