HEY TAYLOR <3 :) remember when you liked my album review on 1989 back in November? Well I FINALLY got the article in a frame I’m so happy <3 <3 <3 looks nice don’t it? :) anyways it’s been almost half a year since you liked it :) I know I say this a lot already but again THANK YOU so much for liking my album review back then. It was my first ever newspaper article and album review and I felt so happy and excited when I reviewed your album and had it published in the newspaper and I was even more happy when you liked it on Tumblr :) I’ll never forget it because you really made my day that day and you definitely inspired me to do more newspaper articles so thank you Taylor I love you so much <3 taylorswift <3

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Kyungsoo's face when Jongin goes down on him tbh

i feel like it’d be more like, you know, this

with his hands in jongin’s hair, the strands soft against his fingers as he tugs on them with enough force to make jongin whimper around his cock, and peer up at him with watery eyes. kyungsoo would look back down at him with lidded, sultry eyes, maybe bite his lip and furrow his brows because jongin’s mouth is like heaven. he’d watch himself go in and out, the pleasure only growing at the sight of jongin deep throating him, gagging a bit but moaning because he loves choking on it, lives for pleasing kyungsoo. when he’s finally allowed to breathe, he gets to put his hand around kyungsoo’s cock and look at him with a hanging jaw and that sinful, aroused expression. then kyungsoo can’t take it anymore, wanting to see white on jongin’s face, so he fucks his mouth even harder this time, needing his orgasm, falling in love with the way jongin’s lips stretch over his dick so prettily. and when he climaxes, he pulls out, breathing hard, sweat running down his temples, and comes all over jongin’s face. jongin swallows everything that lands on his tongue, and uses it afterward to lick the come off his lips in a way that makes kyungsoo want to ruin him.

Maybe this decision will bite me in the ass someday but I’m going to go out more.

So I’ve acknowledged that I’m an introvert and going out requires a lot of effort for me, but part of it was due to my health issues. I’m recovering from that and maybe it’s time to push myself a little.

Staying in was comforting when I had difficulties gathering energy for surviving a day. Now it’s just bothering me more.

In case that leap proves to be a little too much for me, I won’t be telling my friends just yet. I don’t want them to expect social wonders from me. I don’t want to break any promises, like I did when all of this begun.

For now, I just want to live a little more and I finally have the energy to do so.

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A year ago I went vegan. I found your blog when I saw a post on my dash about a breed of tiger going extinct in a few years. I saw the animal count and that's what got me looking into veganism. I skipped vegetarian and went straight to vegan. My boyf now only eats seafood (he's gonna stop when he moves in with me he says), my little brother is vegetarian now and my friend is now vegan!! Thank you so much and all other true vegans for doing what you do for animals!

Dear anon, this message made me smile and to feel hope. It’s amazing the power of the social media and how open you guys are to the message. Thanks very much for spreading the vegan message with love, you’ll see that a lot more peole will be influenced by you to change :)

It’s been days and I’m still wondering what was it in you that made me trust you in a flash. What was it that was so true about you that made me take such a reckless decision? I can’t explain how you made me feel and I hate that. I hate that I can’t talk about it with anyone else. I hate that I can’t put it into words. You made me do something that I never did before and you’ve been on my mind ever since. I think I’m starting to understand why people can’t forget their first love, to whom they gave away their virginity to. It’s hard to forget people who touch your soul and not just your body. You’ve touched me in places, I never knew existed. I’m starting to love the body I’ve hated for years because the only time I felt beautiful was when you looked at it with the most honest and blissful smile. You’ve lit up the darkest corners of my head but that’s making it hard for me to think about anything else. You made flowers bloom in my lungs but darling, it’s making hard for me to breathe. I knew you were a storm but you were so fascinating and lovely; I let it happen because I had a death wish of my own.
—  It’s 4 AM and I want to be where you are

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Whitney, I just wanted to tell you how proud I am of you for going on walks and jogs. Not because you need it - you don't. You're absolutely beautiful now inside and out. But because not many people make the effort, and it can be hard in the beginning. I read your last tweet about how you jogged for ten minutes longer than usual with no breaks and applauded because I'm so happy you're doing well. Stay safe and ily <3

this made me smile and tear up. thank you so so much. it’s been so hard to convince myself to be consistent with working out but i’ve already lost two pounds and for some reason i finally feel like i can do it. i can go to college in shape and a size or two down than how i am now.

i’m already so, so happy and it’s only just begun.

Happy late birthday to artiztcly-speaking from Wilford Warfstache
  • Happy late birthday to artiztcly-speaking from Wilford Warfstache
  • Austinger

Sorry artiztcly-speaking for it being so late. But here you go!

This was requested by tiediecatsloveyoutube No tie die, you’re still not on my good side, but I still made a promise and I kept it.

Would you like me to do a voice? Just head on over to my blog and put your request in my ask box! It’s completely free!

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So what was up with that coin toss you and Robert made me do? And why the board being filled with tallies for heads? -theheroofcolumbia

It’s quite fascinating actually, my dear. All those tallies were how many times ‘you’ from other universes flipped the coin and got heads. My brother was right every time in speculating you would always get heads, but I was somewhat hoping that you would end up with tails in one universe. At the same time though, it proved our theories about constants and variables. It is constant in every universe then you will always get heads when we prompt you to flip the coin.

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Height: I don't know? average. Age: 20 Voice pitch: Good, I imagine you having one of those awesome clear voices that would read audio books, or something. Sleeping position, Normal? No snoring :Favorite Color: red Morning, Noon, Or Evening Person?: Night owl Anything Else: You wear glasses, you have a super dignified posture which contrast with your excited nature, very bookish. Also you're made of awesome.


also I am only 18 I am mere child

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lmfao it's fine, you can use this one to shamelessly self-promote too!

Haha no, no, I wouldn’t want to annoy my follow—





(I am so sorry, you really don’t have to. Please just ignore me <3)

P.S. Don’t unfollow me I love you all.

1. First impression:

2. Truth is:
Ur gay

3. How old do you look:

4. Have you ever made me laugh:

5. Have you ever made me mad:

6. Best feature:
Ur gayness

7. Have I ever had a crush on you:

8. You’re my:

9. Name in my phone:
I dun have ur number

10. Should you post this too?
Why not

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I may hate your views, but I gotta say I love your hair. I apologize for hating but some things just have to be said. You look really pretty, sorry that I hate almost everything that you reblog or post. Have a nice life, stop being misandristic, bye.

What is this? You’ve been calling me a bitch all day, now you’re like “oh you’re really pretty and I like your hair”. Like are you trying to show me how moderate and reasonable you are?

But I do say these messages have made me want to be the most misandristic I can be.