Guys. If you intimidate a female stranger with your friends by ganging up on her and crowding around her on what is a very spaciously empty train, put your arm around her on the back of her seat so she feels she can’t sit back and try to touch her “subtly” to make your friends laugh and then say “My friend wants your number” whilst thrusting your phone at her…I can guarantee you their answer will be the same as mine: “Well you’re not gonna get it.” And if you THEN have the audacity to tell her, like you told me, “You don’t have to be so rude about it!” after making her feel the way you just made me feel, then you have some serious rethinking to do and whatever comes your way next is well deserved.

Don’t be an arsehole. It’s really not that hard.


Sterek Au - Portraits of Summer

The first Summer Stiles and Derek spend together, they had to stay in Beacon Hills and fight harpias of all other things. To say that Stiles wasn’t happy is an understanding. 

To make Stiles shut up about it Derek promised him that they would travel next summer to any place he wanted, and every other summer Stiles wanted to be with him.

Waking up next to Stiles in Punta Mita in the next year made Derek realize that he didn’t wanted spend any other summer away from him. Ever.

#14 - "Just Relax"

*warning: mature language*

i honestly don’t know why i’m putting that warning up there but i don’t want any more whiny bitches in my ask telling me to put a warning up there



Harry: You groaned loudly as you shut your front door and pulled of your shoes. You stumbled into the living room, exhausted from your busy day at work. You didn’t notice Harry coming from the kitchen so you jumped a little when he spoke so suddenly. “Hi baby, how was work?” He said as he set a warm cup of tea in front of you on the coffeetable. “Shitty” you mumbled. “She made me do extra work because she said I was getting lousy at my job when I do nothing but work hard every single day” you ranted. You were surprised when Harry moved you from your seating position and made you lie and your stomach, but it all quickly made sense when he began to rub over your tense back. You felt yourself physically and mentally relax as he massaged your whole back and shoulders and whispered sweet nothings into your ear. “Shh, baby” he whispered. “Just relax.”

Louis: “Can you seriously just relax?” You yelled at Louis as he stood at the kitchen counter with his head down. “It was nothing, he was trying to be nice!” You continued. His head suddenly snapped up and he looked you dead angry in the eyes. If looks could kill, you thought. “Oh, sure he was trying to be nice!” He said sarcastically. “Because that’s all it takes for you, huh? Just be nice, be a drink and I’m ready for you to fuck m-” I didn’t dare let him finish that sentence before I slapped him across the face, hard. He stood with his face in his hand for a good 5 minutes as I tried to calm myself down. His hand rubbed his cheek where a red print of my hand was clearly visible and it’d probably still be there tomorrow. But honestly I didn’t feel sorry for him at all. “You can sleep in the guest room tonight” I started. I had calmed down myself enough to not freak out on him again. “You can get your pillow when I’m in the bathroom because I really don’t want to you see your face right now” you finished before you walked upstairs.

Niall: The moment you walked through the door, the lump you had been feeling in your throat on your ride home from a day out with your best friends, finally seemed to come loose and all the emotion you were trying so hard to hide until you were alone in the comfort of your own home came out. You slipped off your shoes and you jacket, threw them somewhere and slumped to the living room. Niall looked at you ad you walked in and plopped down on the couch. “What’s wrong princess?” You sighed loudly, your fingers rubbed your eyes. “I saw my mom at the mall today” you sniffled. You never had a good connection to your mom and yet you were surprised and really hurt when she threw your out the house when you started dating Niall. And it still hurts to this day. “She didn’t say anything, she just gave me that judgy, deadly glare she always gave me. See? She doesn’t even fucking care about me!” you screamed, mostly at yourself. You felt Niall pull you on his lap and you let your head rest against his shoulder. He rubbed your hair and slowly rocked you back and forth while whispering “Shh, baby girl, it’s going to be fine, just relax, baby” as you cried your eyes out.

Liam: The moment you two walked out of the hotel it was chaos. And you knew this and you were prepared. You knew there would be a lot of screams and there would also be some gnarly things being thrown your way, from both fans and paps. You were kind of used to it now, but that didn’t mean that it didn’t hurt your feelings a bit. Like every other day, they were shouting all the same things; “You’re such a whore!” “Liam why don’t you leave that slut for me?!” “You’re so ugly!” “What does Liam even see in you?!”. But when suddenly a fan got through the fence and security and launched towards you, you were completely surprised. The fan started to hit you and pushed you. She pushed you so hard one time that you fell to the ground and hit your head on the pavement. You heard Liam yell and scream at everyone, but mostly the fan. “Just fucking stop!” He yelled. “Please leave he alone and stay the fuck away from us! If you touch her one more time, I swear to God–” “Liam!” You said after you had stood up from the ground again. Liam looked at you and you motioned him to come with you to the car which was waiting for you. You sat down in the back of the car and the driver quickly drove away from the hotel and all the madness. “Dammit, why can’t they just ever leave us alone?” Liam growled and slammed his hand down on his seat. “Liam, please calm down” You tried to caress his face, but he turned away. “Please look at me” He finally turned to look at you. “Please relax. I’m fine, that’s all that matters right? It’s okay, just relax” He nodded and leaned in to lean his head on your shoulder.

anonymous asked:

You're wonderful, your art always makes me feel better. I couldn't make it another day so finding your blog made me so happy. Please keep up everything you're doing. Your art saved my life.

dear anon, i’m both happy and very sad to hear this :[ i don’t know what you’re going through, but i do have depression, so i know what it’s like to have that hopeless feeling. i’m truly glad that my art has been an escape for you. i’ll be praying for you anon! <3

i only finally understood today what having a “problematic fave” really feels like

cause like, ghetsis, alex, joshua, aoba, they’re just total shits whom i love and giggle over, but they’re complete shit. they’re terrible. i get feels over them and like to think about a few good points they might have, but mostly i just enjoy their terribleness.

but tonight

i remembered about kannazuki no miko and himemiya chikane.

there are problems with kannamiko, it’s not even a really good anime, and chikane fucks up and does something not-cool like at least 3 separate times even before she consciously and in cold blood makes the decision to plan and do something completely unforgivable, and i love himemiya chikane so much. my heart bleeds for chikane. i cry over chikane every time (and i don’t even mean just in the finale — i mean, i cry from episode 8 to the finale non-stop every time, but i start crying in episode one and through the whole series.)

so. fuck.

my lysandre trash friends, finally i understand how you guys feel

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So everyone usually focusses on the Disney heroines, and the post you reblogged made me think - what do you think of the female Disney villains? While obviously they're not portrayed positively, I do enjoy the range displayed in body shapes and sizes, as well as personalities and how they take charge of themselves and their destiny without needing a man to prompt them (ok I'm being harsh on the heroines here lol). Again I'm aware they're villains ofc haha. What do you think?

 On the one hand, I do enjoy the Disney female villains, but you pretty much hit the nail on the head as to why associating these traits with only villains is damning.


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  • 466 rp icons (100x100) of Shannon Williams under the cut
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Grandma told me that I used to laugh so much and I always had that huge smile on my face tryin to make everybody smile .. Then she asked me: what do you think made that change?
I said : I think I just grew up
She said : growing up doesn’t ruin a beautiful soul!! .. People does ..

Wierd ●_●

maeamian asked:

Words: Flavor, Fluorine, and Flabbergasted

Flavor: “I has a flavor” has been an injoke for years among our social circles. I have forgotten where it came from (some meme probably).

Fluorine: I have a hard time pronouncing this word.  I like the taste of toothpaste?

Flabbergasted: This was my grandmother’s favorite “curse word" when I was younger.  She would get all flustered and chide under her breath, “Now I’m all flabbergasted.  Look what you made me do! Darn it!”.  Now she just says shit a lot. She’s adorable. 


  • 397 rp icons (100x100) of Jonathan Jackson in Tuck Everlasting under the cut
    • 33 (20 in Tuck Everlasting), b.1982
    • Ethnicity: Unknown
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In all honesty, I'm pleased with whatever art you draw if it makes you happy and you enjoy doing it ♡ Please you made me start Haikyuu and I love it, thank you Ally~

EEEE you’re welcome anon. thanks for making my day! :’)

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I followed you because I was looking to be more motivated and focused whilst studying for my AS levels. I do really feel that following you has made me do better than I did for my GCSEs. I was also looking for a way to be more organised and use my free time wisely :)

Thank you!