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captain canary kiss or captain canary “me and you” talk

My Top 10 People with amazing splatoon OCs


10. @chuumin

9. @flashcatx

8. @son-of-joy

7. @askvincent

6. @mayorsquidkid

5. @sonikku0691

4. @helpful-yellow-inkling

3. @tamarinfrog

2. @schizo-sean

1. EVERYONE!!! (including a lot of people not on the list)

If You Love Something, Chapter 12

Synopsis: Gwendolyn lived a marvelous life, with the camera flashing on her, “The daughter of the billionaire of the century”, and her picture showing up in the latest magazines every week. Yes, to everyone it seemed she lived lavished and content, but to her, it was horrible. Her life had been planned out from the day she was born, and if one toe was out of line she would rather resort to tearing her own ear off than listening to her mother rant about it, and then the week before her father’s new company was supposed to open, she gets kidnapped and held hostage by a mysterious, foreign, crude, asshole of a man who’s forcing her to travel the country with him. How could her life possibly get worse?

Last we saw Boomerang, he and Gwen were getting out of the motel they had been staying at, where Boomerang had none-too-gently hurt Gwen. Find out what’s next here!

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Hiya love ! Could you write something from the song Paralyzed by NF ? I only trust YOU with that hehe

@genesianp HERE IT IS LOVE! Guys, guys, seriously. Listen this s song. :’(

Also! If you’ve sent any message that I haven’t replied, it’s because my inbox is not working (again). I’m sorry, I’m not ignoring you.



His heartbeat is the only thing he hears on his ears, a beat that he can’t recognize as his own. There’s only darkness around him. He hates it. It makes him feel lost.

When his stare starts to focus again he knows he needs to stop. His metal hand is tightly wrapped around your neck, your mouth open, trying to catch air and your hand holding his arm, not trying to pry him away, just trying to make him know that you are there. His tight just loosens a little and the sounds around him start to fill his ears again; a banging on the door and the constant screams of Steve, telling him to ‘wake up’.

But he’s paralyzed. He can’t stop. Your lids start to close; your hands around his arm fall to your sides. And Bucky panics. He wants to stop, but there’s something inside him that tells him he needs to finish it.

This is not him. He’s not the asset. He’s not Bucky.  Where is the real me?

Steve finally takes down the door and hurries to tackle Bucky off of you. “Hey, man, I know you can hear me”. Steve says, struggling to keep Bucky on the ground, resisting the punches of his flesh hand. “I know you would never hurt (Y/N)”.

(Y/N), no. Of course he would never hurt you.

Bruce kneels next to your figure, checking the pulse on your wrist before nodding to Steve in relief. There’s when Bucky sees it. You’re wearing your usual white coat; he remembers when you told him you were going to work extra hours in the infirmary. He remembers he saw you entering in the room, just after he had another Hydra nightmare and he just lost it.

“Take her out of here” Bucky mumbles, dragging himself to one corner, resting his back on the wall, his right arm holding the metal one. Averting his gaze when Steve picks you up and your arm hangs loosely next to you.

“Bucky, I’m fine”. You whisper with a hoarse voice. But Bucky knows you’re not, he can see even in the dark the purple mark you’re now wearing on your neck. He covers his face with both of his hands.

“Steve please, take her away from me”. He replies coldly, Steve nodding once.

He’s left alone in your room; he feels numb and it’s just then when he realizes; it’s not the darkness what makes him feel lost, it’s your absence.

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Which outfit would ya consider your masterpiece? (*’∀’人)

I do not think have made my “masterpiece “, or that I ever will.

Declaring something your “masterpiece” limits you in what you can do in the future.

You might be tempted to replicate your “masterpiece”, over and over again, and turn away from innovation.

But you will never know if something you have never heard of, something you could not even dream of, becomes something you love so much that you cannot live without it.

So, no, I cannot say which of my dresses is my “masterpiece”, but I still hope that everyone of my dresses is wonderful in itself.

Now, this piece is for Heartistry ( @asktheartpone ), and I do hope she will enjoy it!

🍃 Vegan Gains 💪🏽 because plants have protein too and eating plants gives me so much energy to lift weights and get stronger - ahh I’m just buzzing after my workout.
If you’re struggling to get healthy, the one thing that’ll help you is to stop looking at it like a chore. If you want to get stronger, fitter and healthier find something you love doing. Is it cycling? Running? Swimming? Going to the gym? Dancing?
Do what YOU love and you’ll start craving that feeling you get when you move your body 😘
YT: Samara de Silva
IG: @urbanveganstudent

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You ever had trouble with family or friends saying that they find it crazy that you spend so much money on 'just' a doll? I don't bother that they think it's too much money and sometimes joke about it or that they say it's not their hobby, but they just keep saying that to me.. It is starting to hurt my feelings.. And yes, I said something of it, but they were just like 'okay'.. It's not that I will stop collecting because of this, but it just bothers me..

Yeah I’ve definitely had that problem with both my friends and my family. It does suck when something you love is being criticized by people you care about. I really have no good solution because I havent even found one lol The biggest thing that helps me is the community surrounding doll collecting. Ive come to realize that when i want to talk about dolls i never go to my friends or family, i come to tumblr or go to a Facebook group or chat with a friend I’ve made through collecting. That way i can go crazy on here talking about collecting and then when I’m around people who dont understand i just dont even mention it. I know that doesnt fix the problem….hopefully theyll eventually come around. I found that since I’ve been collecting for almost three years my family has just kind of accepted it haha my mom went from hating the whole thing to actually asking me whats coming out next and even spending 1500$ on snow for me lol I hope things get better for you, and if they dont you’ll always have a collecting family to vent to ;)

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Your lucky that your boyfriend understands your collection! I'm afraid to tell mine. I think he might find it creepy and leave me. 😔

Aww it’s not creepy to collect something you love. Would he really leave you for something like that? Maybe he likes it more than you think. I would definitly tell him. In the beginning I was also afraid of telling people, when I had like 5 ponies. People think that’s silly. But after a while, when they start realizing it’s something you’re very serious about, they understand it better and even support you.

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lmao you're not bi, you have a fucking girlfriend

lmao okay buddy well let me tell you something. 

I love my girlfriend very much, and am super duper happy that we’re in this relationship, and it’s going to last a very very long time.

but the thing is: I still like dick. 

so get the fuck out of here with your biphobia.