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What do you think about the scene in Bangbang with gd, the dancer and the collar? Because gd's wearing the collar himself too, so im not sure of what to think

I saw you talking about the leash scene on twitter. Do you not like BDSM anymore?

First of all, LOL yes, I still love bdsm. I think bdsm kinks and dynamics are beautiful and should be explored even more, esp wrt gtop.

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Wherever you are, whatever you’re doing, whatever time it is, just remember that if you’re sad or your day isn’t going how you wanted it to, just remember that tomorrow is a new day, a lot can happen in a new day, you could make a new friend, you could fall in love, just know something good will happen eventually. Give it time.

Okay let’s get one thing straight....

I’ve been noticing around here that some of the people in this fandom are getting a little too comfortable with social media. You need to speak up. If you love something, make sure you let the writers/network know via tumblr/twitter. If you want to see something happen, speak up. If you have Felicity/Oliver/Olicity questions for Marc, ask him. If you have concerns, speak up. Lately, I don’t know if it’s just Arrow is not on anymore or because you think olicity is safe for now, that you don’t feel the need to speak up. Wrong. You need to speak up. Even if things are going our way. Quit slacking. SPEAK UP…

Here is the secret to fandom:

Give zero fucks about what anyone else is doing.

Seriously.  I mean it.  Because inevitably you will love something that no one else loves.  Or you will love something that everyone loves and people will shit all over it because it’s “so trite and unimaginative and done.” Or you will love something that no one else has ever heard of.  Or you will love something dark and edgy and or obscure and people will roll their eyes and say, “What, do you want people to think you’re dark and edgy and obscure?”

Alternatively, you will not love the thing that everyone else loves, and you will wonder what precisely is wrong with you that the sight of that thing is aggravating the shit out of you now when the whole world sings its praises as one.

People will irritate you.  They’ll irritate you with headcanons that make no sense and misinterpretations of canon.  They will make the same jokes 500 times.  They will overwhelm your corner of fandom with something you either are tired of hearing about or don’t care about.  They will post art that isn’t theirs.  You will meet people who think you are the greatest person ever and bombard you with messages  only to wander off when they find someone new or shinier; you will meet people whom you admire and who do not really seem to notice you exist. 

So give zero fucks about it.  Seriously.  Like what you like, blacklist what you need to blacklist, and ignore everything else.  Be friends, play nice, enjoy it.  And in the meantime, just do you.  Like what you like, love what you love, and to hell with all the rest of it. 

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How do you even the industry? I graduated some years back wanted to get into boarding but my shorthand sucks so pivoted into vis dev which I'm pretty good at (so the twitterverse and hr recruiters say), but am having trouble finding work. Applied to studios big and small and I kind of just want to give up and make shorts on my own time but it must be gratifying to make money from something you love. What's this shield around the industry? How do you even? accd? calarts? nepotism, cronyism? help

I would just say make you’re art and show it off. Put it on your tumblr, blog, website, whatever you have that can present your work to the world!!!!!!
Honestly, I got every opportunity because someone saw my work online. The job i have now is from the art director following my tumblr. 

I hope that helps. it’s really all about putting yourself out there.

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57, 58, 59 :)

57. Top ten life values

-Dreams are possible, chase them and don’t stop until you catch it
-Once you do achieve your dream, find a new one. Don’t ever stop learning.
-Spend time with people you love. Time is scary. Show gratitude. Tell people you love them. Take risks.
-Love the simple things in life. Don’t take anything for granted.
-Believe in yourself, and don’t limit yourself. Don’t let anyone else tell you what you can or can’t be, either.
-Be rational. Be honest.
-Be YOURSELF. Don’t let anyone push you around, or put you down about something you love. Don’t change yourself to fit in with the masses.
-Show loyalty, and speak kindly. Don’t spread hate.
-Surround yourself with friends who will change you for the better.
-These aren’t even values anymore just things I believe so yeah

58. How do you fall asleep


I fall asleep by writing fanfics or stories. I have so many non-uploaded fics, it’s ridiculous.

59. When was the last time you smiled and the last time you cried

Answered already~
But last time I smiled was reading your username because I remembered…