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“You know the man you truly are, Remus! This heart is where you truly live, this heart here!”

Easy to Learn Korean 1335 – Informal expressive speech.


Hello I’m auditioning for the role of ‘hot friend in the movie that hardly goes out and only consumes discount pocky knock-offs and vodka.’
What’s that? I got the part?

So I tried to narrow down my absolute favorite webcomics...

Stand Still Stay Silent


Wilde Life

Friends Till Death

Unknown Lands

Blood Splattered Socks

Demon of the Underground

Sharp Zero

Rock and Riot


The Meek


Never Satisfied


Always Raining Here

No End


Tied in Red



Let’s talk about Vent. This is an incredible cool, useful and easy to use app, which lets you vent effectively. When you make a new post- a so called vent-, you will be brought to this screen: 

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10 Best Alexa Chung Looks - Fashion & Lifestyle Blog | You're SO Pretty

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10 Best Alexa Chung Looks - Fashion & Lifestyle Blog | You’re SO Pretty

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