• Sherlock:*sulking in the lab*
  • Sherlock:*turns to Molly's empty desk; sighs*
  • New Pathologist:*entering* Well, if it isn't the sunshine of Bart's. Didn't expect to see you again *grins*
  • Sherlock:Mmm.
  • New Pathologist:*mock pouts* Why the frown?
  • Sherlock:Kindly remember you're no longer working in paediatrics.
  • New Pathologist:*laughs* Sorry, love, it's hard to stop. Anyway, here's the test thingy you wanted *waving the paper*
  • Sherlock:*snatches it; reading* Hmm.
  • New Pathologist:What?
  • Sherlock:Molly used to circle the anomalies, she'd also include a note at the bottom informing me of anything she might have found in her autopsy. Or if she'd needed to run more tests. She always finishes with a smiley face, too.
  • New Pathologist:*raises an eyebrow*
  • Sherlock:*frowns* I don't miss her *storms out*
  • *via Skype*
  • Molly:*smiles* How's my replacement?
  • Sherlock:Like a children's TV presenter on acid.
  • Molly:*giggles* For some that might be considered a good thing.
  • Sherlock:*smiles at her for quite a while; quickly clears his throat* Um, I miss...well, it's not the- the...Bart's is empty without-
  • Molly:*softly* I miss you, too. And, um, everyone else.
  • Sherlock:*hopeful* Come home?
  • Molly:*rolls her eyes* I've only got a week left.
  • Sherlock:*nods* Right, yes... *awkward* Listen, I was thinking...when you get back, we should-
  • *knocking at Molly's door*
  • Sherlock:*narrows his eyes* Are you...expecting someone?
  • Molly:*grinning* Oh, yeah, that's Ryan. He's taking me to dinner tonight *jumps to her feet, revealing a lovely dress*
  • Sherlock:...
  • Molly:*bites her lip* I'm sorry. We'll talk later, yeah?
  • Sherlock:Well, I-
  • Molly:*blows a kiss* Thanks, Sherlock, I'll see you later *closes her laptop*
  • Sherlock:...
  • Sherlock:*sighs* ...have dinner *closes his laptop*

tagged by saeuri to do the 20 beautiful people thing! thank you for tagging me! you are so gorgeous!!!!

i have to 20 people, im just going to tag some of my fav mutuals : twerking-komaeda, kaoneki, ssleeepy-y, onyasumi, scawrymonster, krystalbloodz scarletkurapika, chiriiko, sinnamayonaise, digital-symphonygilbert-noodleschmidt, makos-girl, supersmashbrosandotherrandomness and anyone else who want to do this

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Congratulations sis ( majin-mirajane ) on getting your driving liscence

and here goes my first try at using my tab . I just hope that you won’t get a car like the one I drew cause it looks like a pudding . At least Mira looks decent and I also tried making Mira wear the good luck shirt . 

Hey whiskeyinducedwords! *throws art at you*

Okay so actually I wanted to draw something for you when your birthday came up buuuut I somehow didn’t come around to do anything..
But then I - me being the amazing follower - saw the post ‘@everyone please draw me’ and I thought “hmmm well I could try to”

To be totally honest, your hair was such a pain and that’s why I just put something something together (I apologize that it doesn’t really look like your real hair OTL)

This also is kinda a thank you gift for writing Neon Signs and Coffee Grinds because I love the story with all my shipper heart~


hi :)  so more cool things have been happening.  i made a website finally at the prime age of 28.  its a work in progress of course, as is life but it exists and soon you will be able to purchase my first real art book on it! here are some pics from my most recent proof.

the books lookin hecka ill if i do say so myself.

what else is new, you may ask?  well i have a broken foot so i cant skate but its ok bc im working building some sculptures for a show on September 13th at a gallery on Chicago’s west side called South of the Tracks.  here are some seflies but im keeping the art work a secret for now, muhah.

lets see, oh and life is really fun if you say so and remember to every day.  here look how pretty it can be.

and lastly, now that i have a real website im going to use this tumblr more to dump my inspirations, u know, like a blog, so unfollow me now if u dont like me or later when ur over my iphone pics.

k peace :)

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Thank you so much for giving me advice Sam! It really helped me! I hope (and am pretty sure) I'll get more confident in time! Also: you look really pretty! - anon with the hate problem

I hope so too! Here’s to us becoming more confident! [arm flex] and thank you so much!

also to atinypyramid (i see u bein smooth), pearlthedragonair, sailor-solar-lasers, murasakibarascandy, thatweirdpersonwiththeweirdname, kawaii—ness y’all always know how to explode my ego thank you so much :”>

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I nod *And a Valpolicella Wine Thank you *I hand the menu to the waiter, before diverting my attention to you* - Michael

*I smile at you* “It’s so pretty here.” *I say, looking around* “Anyways, what would you like to talk about?” -Robyn