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sometimes it feels like i draw and draw and draw and no art happens at all, so then I make photoposts and find out it really adds up to more than I thought it did. :)


so i said i’d do this when i got home and i figured i’d lighten the mood a bit with a few pics ft. me mum (she kind of forced me to duckface bear with me ok)

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Am I the only one who wants this to happen or???

I don’t know if it’s just me but I really want a classroom scene in gmw where Maya says something & Sarah agrees with her and Zay goes like “You know I’m just now realizing how much you two look so much alike” and then the class, plus Mr. Matthews, all turns their heads sideways and have like a ‘oh yeah’ 'I see it’ moment & then Lucas will be like “Are you sure that you guys aren’t sisters or related at all?” And Maya & Sarahw will look at each other & copy one another’s movement (sort of like looking at your own reflection in the mirror) and Maya will be like “I don’t see it” follow with Sarah “Me either”

Like in the zack & cody episode where they did the HSM play and Maddie kept saying how people tell her that she looks like Ashley Tisdale and how the director, Zack, & Cody said how they don’t see it

Idk I just think it would be funny considering that Sabrina & Sarah are actually sisters in real life and I kind of want a scene like this…Tbh I’m surprised no one hasn’t mentioned it yet

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Jeff & Annie - Looking for the truth and getting near each other…
03x17 - 05x03 parallels

instead of angsty shimadas, i raise you:

little sibling things™ shimada content (feel free to add)

for example:

  • “brother!! what are you DOING” “I am taking a shower.” “but i was gonna do that!!!”
     “…You are fully clothed.” “SO ARE YOU!!”
  • mutual tattling 
  • “Genji, fetch something for me.” “get it yourself lololol” “I will time you.”
  • “I’m not touching you. I am not touching you.” “HANZO KEEPS NOT TOUCHING ME!!!” 
    “stop not touching each other.”
  • hanzo marking his food with passive aggressive sticky notes. genji never listens.
  • either “ride or die” or “i dont know that man officer”
  • “Nuh uh.” “uh huh.” “Nuh uh.” “uh huh”
  • “you and your brother look so much alike!!!!” (mutual disgust)

Today we played a tag game in the woods with a staff member from the nature program. She had short, curly brown hair, a baseball cap, and glasses… and one of the campers kept mistaking us for one another.

“Why do you look so much alike?” he asked.

“She’s my identical twin,” I joked. 

“Oh! That explains so much!” He wandered back to the game, and apparently told all the other campers that she was my sister. 

When she heard about it, she came up to me, gave me a high five, and said, “Dude! We should make a camp club for all the counselors who look ‘just like’ like us! I swear I get mistaken for other people three times a day.”

“We’ll tell all the campers that we’re sextuplets,” I said. “They’ll believe us.”

Lazy Writing Prompt #79

Person A has been receiving anonymous love notes in their locker/mailbox.

They started off cute and flattering; “You’re beautiful,” “You have the sweetest smile,” “You always make me laugh.”

They start to escalate with things like, “You look cute in your pajamas,” “We’re so much alike; I love frozen grapes, too!” “Why were you talking to Person B?”

And, eventually, the notes become dark and include pictures; “Your underwear looks amazing, but I’d prefer it if they were off,” “This is my favorite picture of you,” “I can’t wait to taste you,” “Stop talking to Person B. I mean it.”

Person A gets a new note taped to their bedroom window with a picture of Person B with their eyes X'ed out.

What happens now? What does Person A do to warn Person B? Who is Person C, the one sending the notes?