instead of angsty shimadas, i raise you:

little sibling things™ shimada content (feel free to add)

for example:

  • “brother!! what are you DOING” “I am taking a shower.” “but i was gonna do that!!!”
     “…You are fully clothed.” “SO ARE YOU!!”
  • mutual tattling 
  • “Genji, fetch something for me.” “get it yourself lololol” “I will time you.”
  • “I’m not touching you. I am not touching you.” “HANZO KEEPS NOT TOUCHING ME!!!” 
    “stop not touching each other.”
  • hanzo marking his food with passive aggressive sticky notes. genji never listens.
  • either “ride or die” or “i dont know that man officer”
  • “Nuh uh.” “uh huh.” “Nuh uh.” “uh huh”
  • “you and your brother look so much alike!!!!” (mutual disgust)
Got7 react to you wearing a onesie with your dog

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“You’re so cute!”


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“Stop being so adorable.”


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“Amazing. Beautiful. Cute. 10/10.”


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“You two looks so much alike it’s almost creepy!”


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“Wait, Coco and I will dress the same too!” *unless Jaebum eats Coco first*


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*his face when he saw you*


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“You two look really cute!”

requests are open!

hoseoks make life so hard for me

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Lazy Writing Prompt #79

Person A has been receiving anonymous love notes in their locker/mailbox.

They started off cute and flattering; “You’re beautiful,” “You have the sweetest smile,” “You always make me laugh.”

They start to escalate with things like, “You look cute in your pajamas,” “We’re so much alike; I love frozen grapes, too!” “Why were you talking to Person B?”

And, eventually, the notes become dark and include pictures; “Your underwear looks amazing, but I’d prefer it if they were off,” “This is my favorite picture of you,” “I can’t wait to taste you,” “Stop talking to Person B. I mean it.”

Person A gets a new note taped to their bedroom window with a picture of Person B with their eyes X'ed out.

What happens now? What does Person A do to warn Person B? Who is Person C, the one sending the notes?

Imagine being hired to torture Happy.

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Warnings: None really..
Written by: Terry

Planning on doing two parts of this one.

Chapter one: So much alike.

You looked over at him, he didn’t seem to be panicked or uncomfortable at all, he seemed to be doing perfect. Not that this was disturbing you, not at all, you’ve just never seen anybody like this before, so calm. This is the guy who had killed a brother of the Irish, when they captured him they had called you, hoping you would get some answers from the guy. You walked up to him, getting a better look, his head lifted as he heard you walking towards him “you know my brothers will be here soon right?” his voice was low and deep, kinda hot actually, you ignored him. As you started to circle around him you noticed the guy was covered in tattoo’s, also kinda hot..
Jesus Christ what the fuck was happening to you, normally you would’ve chopped off at least a pinky by now, but there was something so appealing to this man, you just couldn’t hurt him.

You stood behind him, your fingers were tracing the tattoo he had on his scalp, he shifted in his chair probably not knowing what the fuck was going on or that you were a girl. You took of his blindfold, still standing behind him so he couldn’t see who you were.
“So listen up” you said in your most seductive voice, he was shocked, the man who earlier had punched him and taped him up was a girl… “I don’t really want to take your fingers or an eyeball” you walked around the chair exposing yourself, you felt his eyes on you the whole time you moved, you were now standing right in front of him. Folding your arms in front of you you looked him right in the eyes, damn how could you take those beautiful eyes. “So don’t” he looked back at you. You could tell he was impressed with you and how ‘cool’ you were, there was something about you, you simply took his breath away, you could tell by his look. Ignoring all that you continued “I simply need to know why you killed that stupid Irishman” you smiled at him, knowing he wasn’t going to talk. “So I can assume you aren’t with the Irish then?” he looked really confused but quickly got rid of the look as he saw you were bending forward towards him, his jaw clenched and his eyes narrowed. “I’m on my own, always have always will be” you whispers into his ear. “Yeah I know that feeling” he turned his head and looked your right in the eye, only breaking eye contact when he was staring at your mouth.

You stood up, you didn’t recognize yourself anymore, I’ll never be able to finish my job on this guy, i’ll just walk away, yeah like it never happened, your thoughts were like a whirlwind.

“I’m y/n, here’s my card may your club ever need somebody to rip some skin off, you know where to find me” you walked away, grabbing a knife out of your purse. “Well the club has me to do it, we’re quite alike you know?” he said smiling to you.
You walked back to him and punched him “Jesus Christ your sexy” he laughed. You cut his arm pretty bad and stabbed him in his leg. “The Irish won’t give me my money if you don’t bleed you know” he looked up at you and nodded, him looking even hotter with a black eye and an eyebrow that was split open, blood streaming down his face. “I’ll just tell them some bullshit story about why you killed their guy” you walked away “It was nice meeting you…?” you looked back, realizing you didn’t know his name..  He smiled “Happy”As soon as you walked out of the warehouse your heard a couple of bikers pull up along with a black suv, you hid as they all stormed in, probably surprised to find Happy there alone. “Hap you okay man?” the Blond one with a beard spoke. “Yep, I think i’m in love brother” you smiled as you quickly made your way out. You whispered to yourself “See you in another life Happy”
Am I the only one who wants this to happen or???

I don’t know if it’s just me but I really want a classroom scene in gmw where Maya says something & Sarah agrees with her and Zay goes like “You know I’m just now realizing how much you two look so much alike” and then the class, plus Mr. Matthews, all turns their heads sideways and have like a ‘oh yeah’ 'I see it’ moment & then Lucas will be like “Are you sure that you guys aren’t sisters or related at all?” And Maya & Sarahw will look at each other & copy one another’s movement (sort of like looking at your own reflection in the mirror) and Maya will be like “I don’t see it” follow with Sarah “Me either”

Like in the zack & cody episode where they did the HSM play and Maddie kept saying how people tell her that she looks like Ashley Tisdale and how the director, Zack, & Cody said how they don’t see it

Idk I just think it would be funny considering that Sabrina & Sarah are actually sisters in real life and I kind of want a scene like this…Tbh I’m surprised no one hasn’t mentioned it yet

SSheeples VS Anti SS

SSheeples:There no way Karin is the true mother, Sarada is to pretty to be a Karin offspring

Anti SS: But Karin and Saled look so much alike 

SSheeples: Are you blind? A mother could never leave their child for 12 years

Anti SS:Sasuke has never been in Salad’s life for 12 years either

SSheeples: But that is OK, because Sasuke loves Sakura :)

Anti SS:


so i said i’d do this when i got home and i figured i’d lighten the mood a bit with a few pics ft. me mum (she kind of forced me to duckface bear with me ok)

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