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Hey there! I LOOOOOVE your blog and the way you guys describe the turtles! It's so AMAZING! So... I was wondering if the guys could differentiate their S/O from their twin and if they couldn't what would happen if the turtles kissed the twin instead of the S/O? Thanks! And keep up with the amazing work!

this is a really good question tbh

I mean, if the guys had knew the two for a long time, they could probably tell the difference between them; personality, certain marks, looks, body language, the kind of language they use— spot on they could tell who was who, no matter how much they looked alike.

If they couldn’t, however, oh boy. I imagine that the twin would be pretty steamed that the turtle they’re interested in couldn’t tell it wasn’t them. The excuse of “how could I have known?” or “you both look so much alike” wouldn’t help matters at all. Or there’s the possibility their S/O would probably understand, but I think they’d still be pretty upset about it, even if they didn’t show it. Or their S/O would maybe shrug it off, like they were used to it, but I’m not so sure about that.

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sometimes it feels like i draw and draw and draw and no art happens at all, so then I make photoposts and find out it really adds up to more than I thought it did. :)

all of my selfies look so much alike, why aren’t you bored? :|
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so i said i’d do this when i got home and i figured i’d lighten the mood a bit with a few pics ft. me mum (she kind of forced me to duckface bear with me ok)

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Am I the only one who wants this to happen or???

I don’t know if it’s just me but I really want a classroom scene in gmw where Maya says something & Sarah agrees with her and Zay goes like “You know I’m just now realizing how much you two look so much alike” and then the class, plus Mr. Matthews, all turns their heads sideways and have like a ‘oh yeah’ 'I see it’ moment & then Lucas will be like “Are you sure that you guys aren’t sisters or related at all?” And Maya & Sarahw will look at each other & copy one another’s movement (sort of like looking at your own reflection in the mirror) and Maya will be like “I don’t see it” follow with Sarah “Me either”

Like in the zack & cody episode where they did the HSM play and Maddie kept saying how people tell her that she looks like Ashley Tisdale and how the director, Zack, & Cody said how they don’t see it

Idk I just think it would be funny considering that Sabrina & Sarah are actually sisters in real life and I kind of want a scene like this…Tbh I’m surprised no one hasn’t mentioned it yet

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Jeff & Annie - Looking for the truth and getting near each other…
03x17 - 05x03 parallels

I find it VERY ANNOYING when I’m with my brother and someone will come up to us and say something along the lines of “Wow you two look so much alike! Are you related?”, when we say yes the first thing that almost everyone says something like “But he’s black and you’re white so you two can’t be related”.

It makes no sense that you would even ask us if we are related and then say that we can’t be related because of the color of our skin. My brother and I aren’t just black and white we’re actually mixed with a number of races, however people only focus on black and white. If either of us our by ourselves then no one could guess our race because from past experience everyone assumes that we’re mixed, yet whenever we’re together it’s always “YOU’RE BLACK AND SHE’S WHITE SO YOU’RE NOT RELATED”. I NEVER have this problem when I’m with my other sibling (keep in mind my other siblings and I have different dads but the same mom and we don’t actually look alike at all.) when I’m with my other siblings people will say “oh is this your sister? You look so alike!” of course my other siblings and I have lighter skin which is probably the only reason why anyone would believe us when we say we’re related.

So please for the sake of my sanity




Today we played a tag game in the woods with a staff member from the nature program. She had short, curly brown hair, a baseball cap, and glasses… and one of the campers kept mistaking us for one another.

“Why do you look so much alike?” he asked.

“She’s my identical twin,” I joked. 

“Oh! That explains so much!” He wandered back to the game, and apparently told all the other campers that she was my sister. 

When she heard about it, she came up to me, gave me a high five, and said, “Dude! We should make a camp club for all the counselors who look ‘just like’ like us! I swear I get mistaken for other people three times a day.”

“We’ll tell all the campers that we’re sextuplets,” I said. “They’ll believe us.”

I’m not usually one to post on Benedict Cumberbatch, except to praise his acting but since I haven’t heard anyone talk about this, I’m going to go all caps on you:

BENEDICT CUMBERBATCH AND HIS FIANCEE LOOK SO MUCH ALIKE, IT’S CRAZY!  They both have smallish, almond-shaped eyes that turn up at the outer corner, they both have a thin/ish angular nose with a defined point, they both have full lips with defined cupid’s bows, they both have small, tapered jaws, a long face, they’re both tall and lean, even their body language is the same (I know that comes from hanging out together but it really drives my point home, here, I think).  They are literally twins!  (Not literally).  

I remember when my mom was studying sociology her telling me that they had some study about how people find faces similar to theirs attractive. Well, these humans certainly found someone that looks like them.  I hope I’m not the only one who can see it.

FTR, I think this has zero relevance to anything I just can’t believe no one’s talked about it because it’s literally all I think about this couple.  Besides, like, ‘They look happy’, 'Good for them’, and other such general well-wishing.

PS If you have talked about it, bless you and do send me a link.