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Hey could you do some headcannons for sodas fem!twin and dally having a crush on her


- you guys are known as the movie star twins
- you guys look so much alike it’s scary
- and y'all would be connected at the hip
- Dallas would literally do anything for you but in a tough cool guy way
- “You son of a bitch…”
- at first Dallas was like pfft ok sure ya I’ll leave her alone but after leaving the Curtis house he couldn’t help but feel the sore lump in his throats when he thought about what Soda said and how true it was
- Dallas isn’t one to give up so he starts shaping up…subtly
- let’s be real here he didnt think u noticed but you did and you were kinda rooting for the dork
- then one day he finally swallows his pride (and a few shots of liquid courage) and puts on the best clothes he owned and marched all the way to your house to talk to Soda (he knew Darry wouldn’t be a problem because Darry trusted soda and if soda was cool with it darry would understand)
- you just happened to be there to see what went down
- “What the fuck do you want Winston?”
- “I wanted to ask you if I could date your sister.”
- “Good one, buddy.”
- “Soda please what do I have to do to prove to you that I won’t hurt her?!”
- abort AboRt abORt ABORT
- Dallas ran out that house so fast
- they mustn’t know that I have emotions
- You followed him tho :-)
- “Were you telling the truth?”
- Dallas stopped in his tracks, he would know that voice anywhere
- he didn’t want to turn around to look at you
- with a crackly, raspy voice he responded with “Ya”
- you walked right up to that big dork and kissed him

- Soda was very reluctant at first
- he would glare at dally when ever he saw him
- you snapped him out of it tho and he slowly started to notice how dally was treating you and how much he actually cared
- Darry learns to accept it tho over time

Mary + twins?

What if Mary thinks that not only did the Hastings adopt Spencer, but they adopted her twin, and she thinks that Melissa is the twin? She did say ‘you look so much alike, almost like twins’ hinting that she wants Spencer to know they’re 'twins’ as she thinks, but she doesn’t actually know that Twincer was given to someone else/put into services? This would also be backed up by the flashback where she says 'where are they?’, she probably was looking for them both because she thinks they’re both her children.

She’s also presumably never met Melissa, so she wouldn’t know she is older. 

When Saeran is Mistaken for Saeyoung after Dying His Hair Red Again.
  • Zen: *throws arm around him* So about that Tripter bot! Can I give you some pictures to put on it? ^^
  • Saeran: What are you talking about?
  • Zen: Quit pretending like you don't know, you confessed you were behind it.
  • Saeran: I'm not Saeyoung.
  • Zen: Hahaha, you're so funny.
  • Saeran: And you're a moron.
  • Zen: Oh. You are Saeran.
  • ___________________________________________________________
  • Jumin: Get away from Elizabeth the Third. Why the hell are you in my apartment, Saeyoung?! Out!
  • Saeran: Saeyoung told me to come give you this piece of paper. The bodyguards let me in. Your cat likes me. I don't know why.
  • Jumin: Saeyoung sent Saeyoung over? Quit acting, Saeyoung and put her down!
  • Saeran: Here, cat. Be careful getting down. I'm leaving now.
  • Jumin: So easily, Saeyoung?
  • Saeran: *sighs*
  • Elizabeth 3rd: *meows sadly after Saeran*
  • Jumin: That wasn't Saeyoung, was it?
  • Elizabeth 3rd: *meows exasperatedly*
  • ___________________________________________________________
  • Yoosung: Hey, Saeyoung, how did you do on LOLOL last night?!
  • Saeran: I'm not Saeyoung.
  • Yoosung: Okay! How did you do on LOLOL last night, other Saeyoung?
  • Saeran: *groans*
  • ___________________________________________________________
  • Jaehee: *opens mouth as Saeran walks into cafe*
  • Saeran: I'm not Saeyoung!
  • Jaehee: Can you do mixed coffee drinks if you have a book?
  • Saeran: Uh.
  • Jaehee: That's a yes. I need help. You're hired. Get to work.
  • Saeran: *sighs, again*
  • ___________________________________________________________
  • V: ....
  • Saeran: You can't even see! I'm not Saeyoung!
  • V: Ouch.
  • ___________________________________________________________
  • Rika: Hi!
  • ___________________________________________________________
  • Vanderwood: ......
  • Saeran: ......
  • Vanderwood: So....
  • Saeran: I'm not Saeyoung.
  • Vanderwood: Right. Sorry about last time! You all look so much alike!
  • Saeran: You're. A. Moron.
  • ___________________________________________________________
  • MC: Hi, Saeran!
  • Saeran: MARRY ME!
  • MC: *confused as to why Saeran is suddenly clinging to her after he visited the others to drop off things Saeyoung had "borrowed" from them*
  • ___________________________________________________________
  • Saeyoung: Hi, second Saeyoung!
  • Saeran: I hate all of you.
  • ___________________________________________________________
  • Saeyoung: *secretly told all the members he would be the one visiting them* *troll*

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How do you think our Ciel felt when he received attention and affection from everyone that knew both twins? I'm afraid he felt sad or maybe he didn't even care that much...

Hey Anon and thanks for the question.

Honestly, I think our!Ciel was loved. From flashbacks we’ve seen, it appears that Vincent and Rachel cared for both their children. When our!Ciel had the asthma attack at the circus, his memory showed a concerned Madam Red, Rachel, and Lizzie.

I think he was loved, and he never wanted for any material thing. The issues, however, was that he wasn’t like his brother.

Imagine growing up and having a brother or sister that’s so alike you in many ways. You look so much alike, yet you know that you’re very different. Real!Ciel was the one going to inherit the title, the position, and fiance. Our!Ciel had love and wouldn’t have had to worry about his future, but he wouldn’t have had the same respect.

You also have the issue of health. There were probably many times that our!Ciel would be stuck inside watching his brother play happily with Lizzie. Perhaps he could have been weakened by a current asthma attack or couldn’t go out because of a certain pollen in the air that could trigger an attack. Real!Ciel was being trained to fence. Our!Ciel could have been told he didn’t need to learn such things.

In short, our!Ciel was loved, but he probably wouldn’t have felt as loved as his brother or as special. He would have been burdened by the knowledge that he was considered weaker, and he might have felt very alone. He could have felt like he was growing apart from his own twin; the person he should have been closest to in the world.

I personally feel our!Ciel received love and attention, but he wanted, he coveted the special attention given to his brother. He might not have felt as loved, and he could have even done things in order to get noticed more. He might have thought he was wasn’t loved or at least wasn’t loved as much as his brother, and this would have upset him. Unfortunately, while there were difference made between the boys, I don’t think that was the case.

Thanks for writing, Anon. Have a lovely day!

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hello!! do you maybe.... have platonic keith and pidge Angst headcanons?

oh boy let’s go…

  • when keith yells at pidge for wanting to leave she really hates him at that moment because they haven’t known each other long and he’s trying to stop her from finding her family 
  • what the fuck how could she want to do anything but find her family? she misses them. doesn’t keith get that?
  • no, he doesn’t. 
  • he doesn’t get why she thinks her family is more important than the whole universe. he thinks she’s being selfish and immature. he’s never had a family. how would he know what missing one is like?
  • pidge finds keith after he gives her his “everyone in the universe has a family” speech, after she’s decided she’s gonna stay with the team and her mind is clearer and he’s alone and she’s like “so…if everyone in the universe has a family…where’s yours?”
  • keith isn’t expecting to be asked that because no one ever really cares and he’s taken off guard. finally he’s just like “wish i knew” and pidge is like “well…we’re here, and we’re your family now” and she says it so casually that it’s not weird or anything and she slings an arm around him a little roughly and gives him a dorky smile and keith thinks about it all the time after
  • pidge isn’t as closed off emotionally as keith is but she still tries to hide it when she’s upset and keith can always tell 
  • keith comes into her room and she’s staring at that picture of matt she has and keith is like “you two look so much alike. even if we end up not finding him…you kinda bring him with you everywhere you go.” and pidge gives him a look and he’s like “ah shit” bc he thinks he’s said too much but then she hugs him (like that tight hug she gave shiro after she found out he saved matt. that one) and keith just awkwardly pats her back
  • keith comes in her room one time and he has this look on his face that makes pidge stop and put her laptop away and keith just asks “what’s it like to have a mom?” and pidge’s heart breaks a little but then she smiles and she says “kinda like having shiro around, honestly.” and keith just nods and they stare at the ceiling
  • he sort of thinks of pidge as his little sister
  • which makes it hurt more when he remembers that she’s up here because she wants to find her real brother
  • keith is just a stand-in and pidge will leave him when she finds matt
  • shiro might leave him too once he finds his old crew
  • and keith will be alone again
  • but it works for now
‘Misunderstandings’ -starter sentences

Originally from memesforyourpleasure, but they deactivated.

“I swear, I have nothing to do with that!”
“So you’re the one he is cheating on!”
“Oh god the police is after me now!”
“Why do you think it’s me?”
“The code word is ‘oil’. “
“What are you talking about?”
“No I wasn’t out yesterday?”
“So, ___$ as we agreed yes?”
“These money aren’t mine?”
“Just because I’m wearing few clothes, I’m suddenly a prostitute?”
“Get in the car now!”
“I found a woman’s lipstick in your jacket, are you having an affair?”
“You must be mistaking me for someone else.”
“Oh, thought it was __. You two look so much alike.”
“I have the ropes and dildos, so just get on the bed and I’ll get ready.”
“Uhm, I don’t know much about modern literature, but I can try to talk about it?”
“Hey professor, what is the meaning of the theory on page 6?”
“Yo! Cleaning person, -take the trash will you?”
“That is my jacket! You stole it!”
“I think you just have such a generic face that many share.”
“Oh, I didn’t mean The Ring as in the movie–”
“I thought there would just be us two, -you invited the whole family!”
“I didn’t order pizza, - but you’re cute so it’s ok.”
“Who the hell are you?”
“So the work is done. I’ve transported the dirt to a different place, it’s ready.”
“I want to shover you with kisses all night and—hang on. Who are you?!”
“Sorry, wrong number. Oh wait–it is you afterall!”
“I know nothing! Please let me go!”
“You are now charged for theft and fraud.”
“Oh it was your glass–sorry! Woah, what are you drinking?”

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Naturally blond Montparnasse tho??

And thus we go back to the age old trope of “Enjolras and Montparnasse as brothers”

Enjolras’ hair is naturally lush and blonde, shining under the sun like a halo, crowning a handsome face. It falls into soft ringlets when he lets it grow, and it’s soft to the touch.

All of that also applies to Montparnasse. Until he’s 13 or so, and discovers hair dye. He got tired of the whole “You boys look so much alike!” spiel. He’s not his brother. He doesn’t want to “look like someone”. He wants to be intrinsically unique and handsome, not compared like a knock off brand of his brother.

Years later, no one can tell Enjolras and Montparnasse are brothers. There’s a slight family resemblance, but nothing you can catch at first sight. But what is bred in the bone comes out in the flesh. So it’s with great amusement that Grantaire looks at Enjolras and Montparnasse’s baby pictures and discovers two chubby blonde cherubs. Then two blonde toddlers. And two blond preteens. Followed by a radical shift in hair colour when teen years hit.

The pics end up pinned on a cork board at the Musain.

Montparnasse isn’t pleased 


Ychelle and I are walking arm and arm through our front gate, home from the church. We spot Dahl speaking with a lady through our fence. Through the corner of my eye, I let my Aura vision get a look at her soul. 

Pink. Strong willed. Social. Likes to be in the know. Loving. Values justice fairness. Very generous. There’s some darkening in there too… the pink is dulled, desaturated… what can that be from?

Ah, this is my wife and daughter! Ychelle, my love, this is Georgina Preston. She lives just across from us. And this is Precious, our pride and joy.” Dahl says, and I beam. 

“Do all you Alaskians look alike, then?” Georgina said with a snort. 

“I’m sorry?” Ychelle asked.

“Well, both you and your husband look similar enough to be brother and sister! Funny that you should look so much alike as a married couple, haha! Nothing wrong with it of course, just a funny coincidence.” 

“Why… yes…” Ychelle said. 

“Ychelle, you’ve been out in the hot sun all day. Why don’t you come inside and sit down?” Dahl said, tightening his arm around his wife. “Ms. Preston, hopefully sometime we could see you on this side of our fence! See you later.”

Kryptonite Eyes

Request: Could you write one for tim drake fluff? He has a girlfriend from Tamaran. Tim met her because of Dick and Kori. Tim remembers her every first time, first time eating pizza or drinking coffe, or trying a new earth game and for that he celebrates an anniversary.

“No no no Dick! It has to be perfect! I’ve been organizing this too long for the three if you to mess this up!” Tim squilled out in anger.

“Relax at instant Drake or else I’ll murder you!” Damian threatened.

“I don’t have time for your shit you demon spawn. Make sure you don’t say such things when (y/T/n) gets here! Or else I’ll be the one murdering you…”


Dick jumped on Damian to prevent him from attacking Tim at the moment. Poor boy was really tired with all the preparations for tonight’s celebration. He knew Tim did all of this to impress you and maybe eventually make you his.

Ever since he met you he was dazzled by your witty  personality and amazing looks. Your eyes were a little brighter than Kor'i’s, your skin a little paler and your hair was black. You were one of the blackhead Tanaraneans that Kor'i was talking about all the time. And you were more breathtaking that she had promised.


“She’s here!” Tim yelled out at the sound of the doorbell ringing. He felt his whole body damping with sweat and he turned back on his tracks midway, only to be pushed by Dick.

“You can do this Tim!” He assured him. “And it will be the best thing knowing you did this all by your self.”

Tim took a deep breath and opened the door. His heart fell at the sight of you. You were dressed in a plain white sundress that complemented your body perfectly. He loved that you were different from Kor'i. Your hair was shorter and straighter, your breasts smaller, and you always did your best to cover them, unlike Kor'i’.  The two of you looked alike so much yet were so different at the same time.

“Come in!” He exhaled and you stepped in with a huge smile on your face.

“Hello Tim!” You greeted him with a bone crushing hug.

“H-hello too (y/T/n)” he stuttered due to his sudden anxiety. He felt how knees weaken and a cracked smile formed on his lips. Awkward silence followed as Tim wouldn’t get his words into order as to speak in confidence. Never had he been like that near a girl. He’d usually have something witty to say that along with a rub on the back if his neck would make them drop dead on the floor.

But he realised the moment he met you, you were never going to fall for this game. Tim’s eyes widened as he saw Dick in the corner of the room, making kissing faces and giving him thumbs up. Without thinking at all he lifted his hand to facepalms, something he seemed to do very often these days, but it never reached its destination. It took a moment for him to realise he had hit you in the nose at his attempt to lift his palm.

“I’m so so sorry (y/T/n). Oh my god!” He reached out to cup your face and you gripped on your aching nose.

“X'hal” you muttered at the sight of blood on your fingertips


“Shit! Help. Dick come here it’s your fault!” You looked around in lack of comprehension. How could this be Dick’s fault. You watched as Dick appeared from the corner of the room with an apologetic look on his face.

“Tim, man, I’m so sorry… I shouldn’t have done what I did.”

“What did you do?” You asked in your melodic voice

“Nothing (y/T/n)” Dick chuckled and placed his palms on your shoulders. “Let’s get you to the kitchen so I can help you get rid of the blood.”

You thanked him as you wiped some more blood that run from down your nose to your plump lips.


“And all done. Thank you Tim for holding the first aid kid for me” Dick grinned at you and pat your hair like a child’s. “I’ll leave you two alone”

“Thanks” you muttered and watched him as he left the kitchen and headed to god knows where.

“I apologize once again.”

“Oh Tim it’s fine. Stop saying you’re sorry. It’s all fine. Really!” You smiled and took his hand in yours.

Tim’s heart beating started to rush once again, he felt his insides throb at the sudden touch. He needed to tell you what he had intended from the start, or else he would never be able to.

“I uhm.. I need to tell you why I called you here” he struggled to speak at first but with your shy nod of approval he took a deep a breath and places his other hand on top of yours.

“I organized this small and unsuccessful celebration as to celebrate your second year on earth. I remember how you were then, and I admire the person you’ve become now. I’m so glad I’ve always been a part of this. I remember your every first time. Your first tie eating pizza and your first time drinking coffee. Your first time ever playing monopoly with us. What I mean to say is that I’m in love with you I think… I’m sure actually and uhm…” Tim felt his words leaning his mouth as vomit. “ I love your eyes, they’re like shining kryptonite.”

Your face fell at the realisation of Tim’s words. You felt flushed he had taken that interest on you because you had as well and he knew that this confessing thing was a first one too for you. Everything happening tonight was a first for you. So you took the chance and leaned in close to Tim. You approached him a little more so that your lips brushed against his. He had probably done this before, but you hadn’t and you could basically listen to your own heartbeat in your eardrums.

It might have been the first time kissing him but it sure wasn’t the last one.
Got7 react to you wearing a onesie with your dog

There you go @finasmind13! I’ll uploead the BTS one soon!

(I had so much fun making this ahh~)


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“You’re so cute!”


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“Stop being so adorable.”


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“Amazing. Beautiful. Cute. 10/10.”


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“You two looks so much alike it’s almost creepy!”


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“Wait, Coco and I will dress the same too!” *unless Jaebum eats Coco first*


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*his face when he saw you*


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“You two look really cute!”

requests are open!

“What is this?” Scooter said as he dropped the magazine flat on the table in front of Ariana.

Ariana looked down at the magazine seeing a photo. “Well it looks like a girl with a very good sense of fashion is on the back of a bike with a mysterious young man.” She joked.

“What in the world were you thinking! This is bad press, you can’t do this type of thing right before you release your album.”

“Oh come on scoot, give Ari a break.” Justin said spinning his chair around to face them. “There’s no crime in riding on the back of a guys bike.”

“No crime at all, but the press can damn sure make it into something bad.”

“Oh yeah, he’s definitely right about that one.” Justin said sticking a piece of gum into his mouth.

“He was just helping me get away from the paparazzi, that all. I probably won’t even see him again. I never got to even see his face.”

Justin picked up the photo; taking in every single detail. On the side of the bike Justin noticed an Initial written In bold grey letters.
“J.M.” Justin mumbled. He wasn’t to sure but the hand writing looked very familiar.

“Just, don’t get anymore bad press, go home, get some rest.” He gave her a stern look before walking out of the door.

Ariana sighed. “I just can’t get a break can I? How do you deal with scooter?” She joked.

Justin wasn’t paying any attention. He was to zoned out in the picture.

“Hellooooo.” Ariana waved he hand in front of Justin’s face to get his attention. “Earth to Justin!”

“Oh sorry.” He looked up from the picture as Ariana sat back down.

“The picture isn’t a big deal you know.”

“I know, I know.” He looked at the picture and back at Ariana. “Hey, I know you didn’t see the guy, but-“ he paused in mid sentence thinking about it for a while. “Never mind.”

“Are you sure?”

“Yeah, want me to take you home.”
Ariana nodded as they both stood up and went for the entrance to leave out. They walked towards the car and got inside. Ariana wanted Starbucks of course so she told Justin to drop her off.

“Ari, you know if you need someone to talk to, I’m here for you.” He stated.

Ariana just looked out the window sighing. “I know, and I appreciate you for that.”

“Is this a phase…you know the phase you girls go through after a break up.” Justin asked looking at her and then quickly putting his eyes back on the road.

Ariana snickered at the comment. “What does he have to do with this? I’m fine Justin, really.”

Justin bit his lip in frustration of Ariana. He wanted to help her get this album done but he can’t do that if she won’t tell him what’s on her mind. They share everything and her not saying anything about it when he clearly knows something is wrong isn’t helping.

“you can pull up right here, I’ll go through the back.”

“Want me to walk you in?” Justin Asked.

“No, I’m fine, I’ll text my friend to meet me out back.”

He nods. “Text me when you get inside to.”

Ariana put her thumbs up signalling him that she got the message. As she made her way through the back alley she started texting Lindsey to come meet her at the back but before she could answer she spotted two shadows. One being dragged on the floor and the other one dragging him. Ariana didn’t know what to do. All she did was stay still. She didn’t know if the guy was dead or not. While the guy was still occupied she slowly steeped back trying to get away without making noise.

“I know you’re there.” The guy said squatting down by the body digging in his pockets for the money that the guy owed him. He obviously got it. “Dumb fuck.” He said standing back up and turning around seeing Ariana, he smirked.

Ariana was so afraid that she couldn’t move. The guy walked towards her as her heart started beating out of her chest. The first thing she could think about was not trying to upset the guy by doing something stupid.
There was a glimpse of light that shined in the alley, as he stepped through she spotted blue eyes; but the face.

“J-Justin?” She whispered confused as to what she’s seeing right now. He got closer to her and he took off his hood. But his hair was black, not brown, he had a piercing on his bottom lip and as all stud in his nose.

“Not even close.”

Ariana looked past the standing figure that was right in front of her seeing the guy still laying limb on the floor.

“Don’t worry, he’s not dead, just knocked out.” He said looking into those big brown eyes answering her Euston that she didn’t need to ask. “Good thing out of this, you get to see your Hero’s face.”

Ariana’s eyes glowed up as she remembered those words from last night. Before she could comment, he was making his way into the shop. As he walked past the counter top he taps the desk making Lindsey look up from her note pad.

“The usual.” He said not even bothering to stop, he just sat at a table.

The store was closed with just a few lights on. Just enough to see. Ariana walked over towards the desk with a bright smile.

“Hey Ariana, what’s up?”

“I’m sorry, I know you guys are clo-“
She laughs softly waving her hand. “No no, it’s fine, as long as it’s just you to.”

Ariana looks at the guy in all black who was pulling down the shades to the window and then calmly leaning back in the chair putting his feet on the table. She looked right back at Lindsey. “Are you sure you want him in here? He seems pretty dangerous.”

Lindsey looked at her cluelessly and then caught on to what she was saying. “Well if he wasn’t my foster brother then of course I wouldn’t let him in here, nor would he have the key to the back door.”

“Wait, your foster brother?”Ariana whispered. “You live-“

“Oh no no.” She said making the coffee. “He’s adopted, my family adopted him, he got separated from his family at birth.”

“Really? Why?” She said being inquisitive.

Before Lindsey could say anything else the guy in all black sternly calls out her name.

“Jason stop rushing me, I’m off shift give me a break.” She rolled her eyes as she made her way back to the front giving him his coffee. Ariana couldn’t hear what he told her but he wasn’t being nice about it, his facial expressions said it all. She walked back over towards Ariana annoyed. “I’m gonna go clean, I’ll make your coffee first, the usual right?” She planted a smile on her lips before making the drink.

Ariana nodded, but not before taking another glimpse at the man or should I say her hero; Jason McCann. To her surprise his sharp blue eyes glared at her sternly. She instantly felt uncomfortable. He moved his finger signalling for her to come over. She hesitated at first but made her way towards him and sat down in front of him. He damn sure didn’t even bother to put his feet down.

The beautiful blue eyed man just sat back looking at her. Trying to figure her out. He finally took his feet off of the table and sat up straight leaning his elbows on the table.

“It would be great if you kept your nose out of my business.”

Ariana took in every aspect of his face. She constantly compared every little thing to Justin. She was entirely confused. They looked so identical but everything looked so different at the same time. She thought about what his sister told her but still couldn’t quite understand.

Jason disturbed her thoughts as he banged on the table making her jump. Jason chuckled and sat back in his seat. “Didn’t your parents ever tell you how rude it is to stare?”

Ariana licked her lips before answering. “I’m sorry, I’m just trying to figure you out, you look so much alike.”

Again Jason eyes lit up knowing exactly who she was talking about and then quickly returned back to ice cold and dark. “What are you talking about?”

“You look exactly like my friend, Justin Bieber? Does that sound familiar to you?”

Jason just glared at her seemingly remembering how every single person he comes across tells him the exact same thing.

“The Bieber kid huh?” He asked coldly. “Im gonna tell you just like I tell everyone else. don’t speak of him in my presence, and I don’t see it.”

Jason’s cold eyes stared into her soul which sent shivers down her spine. She broke eye contact looking at the wall ahead of her. Lindsey finally came over to give Ariana her drink. Ariana gave a slight smile in return.

“By the way mom is picking me up in a few.” Lindsey stated.

“Yeah, I know, I told her to.” He said coldly as he sat back throwing the cup of coffee in the garbage behind him.

“You know, if you’re gonna waist my hard work, I’d advice you to stop asking for it.” And with that she walked off back to her station closing the rest of the shop down.

“So bigs you-“

“What the hell is a bigs?” Ariana asked confused.

“Isn’t your last name Grande?”

she nods her head.

“And doesn’t Grande mean big in Spanish?”

“Ah, makes sense…but I’d advice you not to call me that.”

“I’ll call you whatever and you’ll answer to it wether you like it or not.” He said sitting up leaning on the table again with his elbows. “Aren’t you supposed to be in the studio finishing your work or something?”

“If you’re talking about my album, I have any inspiration to write anything.” She looks up at him. “do you have any ideas?”

He snickered. “Does it look like I have any ideas for you? Not ones that you would like anyway.”

“Honestly, I’ll take any chance I could get.” She sits up in the same Position as Jason leaning her elbows on the table. He realized how close her face was he lenses back in his cheer, putting his feet back up on the table in Ariana’s face making her sit back again.

“Like I said Bigs, I don’t have any ideas for you.”

She pushed his feet off of the table. “You’re so damn rude, don’t ever out your dirty shoes in my face.” She said through clenched teeth clearly pissed.

Jason wasn’t expecting that and he didn’t like her tone at all, he moved his chair closer to her. She was getting uncomfortable and Jason of course seen it in the way she was shifting in her seat. He smirked. “Oooor what?”

Ariana growled silently. The eye contact they had was unbreakable. Jason’s eyes grew darker in anger with every second. To her luck someone started beeping outside.

“Come on you guys.” Lindsey spoke out as she put her bag on her back. Jason gave Ariana one last glance before getting up slowly,mourning away and walking towards the back door.

“You’re really gonna-“ before she could finish the door closed. She rolled her eyes in response as she put his chair back into place.

“Sorry to say this, but your brother is a real dick.” Ariana spoke with no filter.

“Tell me about it.”

”Want a ride?” Lindsey asked opening the front door.

Ariana looked back towards the back door and back towards Lindsey. “No thank you, I’ll see you tomorrow okay?”

Lindsey nods smiling knowing exactly Why she didn’t want a ride. Ariana gives Lindsey a hug and runs off towards the back as Lindsey left out through the front locking up the shop.

Ariana made it out just in time before Jason could pull off on his bike. Ariana just stood there as Jason’s eyes landed onto her figure through his helmet.

“Can I ride with you?” She asked biting her bottom lip and shifting from one leg to the other.

His snicker sound stuffed from the helmet along with his voice. “Little Ms. Princess wants a ride with the bad guy?”

“Your name sounds familiar but I can’t judge you if I don’t know you.”

He drives his bike in front of her. “Exactly, so why would you get on the bike with me, if you don’t know me?”

“There was no trouble with you before, so why can’t I do it again.”

“If you knew the real me, then you wouldn’t want to get on the bike with me.”

“Then I can get to know you.” She smirked a little.

He looks at her for a while thinking if he should let her on or not. He caved in and took the extra helmet out the trunk and shoved it in her hands. He looked forward.

“Get on, hurry up, I don’t have all night Bigs.” He spoke in an exasperated tone.

She puts her helmet on and climbs in the back of his bike. She wraps her arms around his waist before he drove off.

The silence of the ride was a nice feeling for her, until the unthinkable happened.

“Shit!” Jason yelled as all of a sudden he stated speeding.

Ariana lift her head up wondering what was going on and why was he now speeding.

“What’s going on? Slow down!” She yelled.

He could barley hear her over the roaring of the bike. She held on tighter as she seen another guy on a bike pull up next to them pointing a gun towards them. Arianas eyes widened. “Jason!!”

Jason seen him but before the guy could shoot he sped up even more. Jason looked in the rear view mirror seeing there were three others chasing after him. Of course he didn’t bother to tell Ariana about it.

“Hold on tight bigs, it’s gonna be a bumpy ride.”

Jason twisted the grip and pulled on the lever speeding ahead, moving right and left passing all cars, but that wasn’t enough because the three guys were still on his tail. Ariana was frightened but all she could do was hold on tight and that’s exactly what she did. Soon enough the cops were now behind them. Red and blue lights flashing as the sirens were heard throughout the road. The men that were chasing after him went there separate ways for now to get the cops off their tails.

“fuck.” Jason spat through his teeth. He looked ahead seeing that there was a way he could cut through. An alley way. He turned the bike riding into the small road. One cop was behind them but far enough for him to stop so Ariana could get off.

“Hide here!”

Ariana quickly got off. She took off her helmet and gave stuck it in the truck and ran towards the brick wall.

“I’ll come back around once I shake them!” Jason yelled. As he sped off down the small road.

The cops followed him not realising Ariana had climbed over the brick wall falling into something mushy.

“Shit!” She said in disgust.

A few minutes later Jason came riding back with no police on his tail. He shook them off like he said he would. He pulled up in front of the wall where he told Ariana to hide behind. He cut off the engine looking back to see if anyone was there.

“Bigs!” He called out but no answer. “Bigs!” He called out again.
“I’m here!”


“Here.” She said raising her hand a little but just enough so he could see where she was.

“Come out now, they’re gone.”

“Um there’s a hug dog out there.”

“I don’t see any dog out here.” Jason said taking his helmet off.

“I still can’t come out.”

“And why is that?”

“You’ll laugh if I do.”

He cut the engine of his bike back on. “Come out or I’m leaving you.” Jason said roaring the engine acting like he was leaving.

“No! Okay wait!”

He cut the bike off again.

“Promise me you won’t laugh.”

Jason rolled his eyes. “Whatever just come out.”

Ariana slowly stood up climbing over the small wall again and standing on her feet once she reaches the ground again. Jason beamed his bike light on her seeing that she was covered in mud?

“what have you done kid?” He asked “are you covered in mud?”

“It's…” She paused. “Manure.”

“Manure? Really?” Jason frowned his face in disgust.

“Can you just take me home please.” She said walking towards him trying to get on the bike.

“What are you doing?” He asked pushing her back.

“I’m getting on the bike!”

“Are you crazy? You’re covered in shit.”

“Are you serious?”

“Hell yeah, I’m beyond serious.” He put the break on his bike before getting off and standing in front of her. He smirked slightly. “If you want, you can wear my jacket.”

Jason took off his army jacket holding it out for her. As she approved she was about to take his jacket when he snatched it back. “But first, take off those filthy clothes, or you’re not getting on.”

Ariana growled and snatched the jacket as she walked past him, 4 inches behind the bike. He laughed holding his nose. “You Stink.”

He said turning around getting back on the bike. “Look Jason-“

“I like how that sounds.” He interrupted her before she could finish her sentence. He smirked looking ahead of him as she took her clothes off.

“That’s the first time you’ve said my name.”

She was now taking off her shirt. “If you turn around I swear I will punch your eyes shut.. And I do keep my promises.”

Justin looked back and so did she. “Don’t look!!”

Jason quickly turned his head. “I’ve got no interest in looking. As Ariana got fully naked he fixed the mirror on her naked body. He looked at every aspect of the back of her body. “I’d appreciate if you’d hurry up.” He joked.

She put his jacket on and closed it up. She turned around seeing what he was doing and quickly ran over towards him smacking him in the back of his head. “You perv!”

He didn’t like the hitting but he knew he was wrong for doing that so he let her. He snickered as she got onto the bike and he turned his head around looking at her. “I didn’t turn around though…but you have a nice ass.”

She was an inch away from his face. “I wish I’d rubbed the manure in your face.”

Jason snickered again before looking ahead and turning his bike on before riding off. No helmets this time. Jason decided to take a short cut. They drove in silence. Ariana loved the rush of the wind bowling through her hair. The smell of his cologne slithered through her nose. At this moment she forgot about the chase and just wanted to ride with him forever. After a few minutes of riding her finally pulled up at the gate of her mansion. He cut the engine off as she got off.

“Thank you for the ride.”

“So I’ll pick you up tomorrow to?” He joked getting off the bike. She turned around walking towards him as he leaned on his bike. “What time?”

“Sure, guys and the police can chase us again.” She said sarcastically and rolled her eyes.

“Right.” He smirked as she turned away about to walk off when he grabbed her arm. She looked back at him as they made eye contact again. His eyes weren’t hard, but they were soft and bright. He slithered his hand towards her wrist and then towards her balled up fist. He held it and pulled her closer towards him. She let him. Their faces were only an inch apart. Ariana looked at his pink plumped lips before returning her eyes on his. He put his hand on her small waist pulling her closer. She didn’t know whether to move or what; but it felt like he took control over her whole body.

He whispered in her ear. “You were a brave brunette…are you going to report me now?”

Ariana frowned getting upset but didn’t bother to move. “Yes.”


She nodded.

“Really? Do you swear?”he spoke softly into her ear.

Ariana closed her eyes loving the feeling of his breath tingling her ear. Jason’s hand moved up towards her face moving her hair back kissing on her neck and then her cheek. Ariana let him. She loved the feeling he had on her. It felt to good. He moved his lips slightly on hers making it seem like he was about to kiss her. He seen her eyes closed. He looked at her laughing. Ariana quickly opened her eyes seeing he was joking about this whole thing.

“You’re an asshole!” She turned around walking towards the gate.

“You were practically begging me to kiss you.” He followed her. Ariana quickly spun around on her heels giving him a good smack across the cheek. She turned around again walking off as his eyes went dark in anger. He grabbed her arm again. The guy in the stand who opens her gate called the security.

Jason pulled her close. “Get off of me!”

“I’ll let that slide, but next time I won’t go so easy on you.”

“Ooooh, is that supposed to be a threat.”

He tightened his grip on her arm. “No.” He looked behind her seeing the security making there way down the hill, he then returned his eye contact to Ariana. “It’s a promise, and I keep those…but just know if you say anything about tonight you won’t see the light of day tomorrow.”

He pushed her off making her tumble back a little, she caught her balance before she fell. Jason got on his bike speeding off. The guy opened the gate as Justin and the security came in next to her. She was focused on Jason but she could hear them asking if she was okay, and Justin in one ear saying he was calling and texting her and how worried he was. In all in all as they made there way towards her house all Ariana could think about is even beyond what just happened she still wanted to see him again. The thrill being with him tonight was the most amazing thrill she has had throughout her life and she wanted to feel it again. He more she thought about it, the more her album came in mind. She was sitting at her desk as she jotted down her first idea, she wrote the title of her album down in her note book. “Dangerous Women.” In big bold letters.

Edited, complete theory Spencer's Twin/Mary/Alice Drake

I have read a couple of very nice theories on here the last few days. 
There were four that stood out to me and I support and on which I’d like to base my little theorie (if one of them is yours, please, tell me so I can credit you)

1. Spencer has a twin
2. Mary is Spencer’s birth mother
3. There are triplets, based on the story about the two girls (Mary and Alice): Mary Drake, Jessica DiLaurentis, Alice Drake (AD)
4. Jessica and Mary can be compared to Alison and Courtney in the books @aliarstheorypll

Now for my thinking:
Spencer does indeed have a twin and Mary is their birth mother. Now, I don’t think there are triplets but I do think there is an Alice Drake.

I think that Jessica and Mary are Alison and Courtney in the books. In this case Jessica is Alison (the crazy one) and Mary is Courtney (the one that was initially admitted to Radley because of her sister).
Like Mary said: ‘I was born first, she was born jealous.’

Hear me out.

When Mary give birth to the twins (fathered by Peter Hastings), one stayed with Peter and received his last name and the other initially stayed with Mary and therefore received her last name, Drake.

What happened to her in the course of her life, we don’t know but it can not be pretty.
*Scroll down to the end of this post to read my thoughts on Peter, Mary and Jessica.

*Peter, Jessica and Mary:

This is gonna be crazy, so sit tight. Even I think this is far-fetched and I don’t necessary believe this will be the case but it might.

If Peter had an affair with both Jessica and Mary (he would have to according to my theory) this would mean that these affairs happened in the same time frame. Even for these fucked up families, I think that is hard to believe.

I do indeed think he slept with both sisters but I don’t think he knows he did.

I think his intention was to be having an affair with Mary, not Jessica. They might even have really loved each other but didn’t get into a relationship because Mary got admitted to Radley (we all know that image is important in Rosewood).

Like I said in the beginning of this post, Jessica was jealous and therefore pretended to be Mary and slept with Peter.

In this way it makes sense that he slept with both sister in the same period of time.

Who killed Jessica?

Because of this I think either Peter or Mary did, to get their revenge.

This twin of Spencer’s is named Alice Drake and she is A.D., maybe even Uber A.
Her motive? ‘One was born jealous.’

The course of Alice’s life hasn’t been easy by far and she has grown jealous of Spencer, who has lead the perfect life according to her.

What makes me think Spencer has a twin/is mothered by Mary?

- Spencer looks way more like Mary than Veronica. I think Melissa is Veronica’s kid, Melissa looks more like Veronica.

- In earlier seasons, Veronica Hastings tells Spencer something along the lines of ‘we never knew if it would be you or your evil twin coming down for breakfast.’ I think Spencer having a twin has been alluded to throughout several seasons and explains why Spencer cannot remember some of the bad things she has done/been accused of doing. (Thanks to @diggingupbones)

- The caffeine and the language things have been mentioned very specifically for Spencer throughout all the seasons. Now, in 7x01 they have been associated with Mary very clearly as well, especially in the scene between the two. Technically nothing happened in this scene except for clues that Mary is her mother. If she is not, why bother to make this scene?

- 'You and your sister look so much alike, almost like twins.’ Mary says while looking at a picture of Spencer and Melissa. She does not mention Melissa’s name in this line so I think she wasn’t talking about Melissa but Spencer’s twin, her own child, so she would know. I think her looking at the picture was done to throw us off.

Remember this the scene in a previous season where 'Jessica’ is standing in Spencer’s room and staring at her?

I think this was Mary, not Jessica. The facial expression is so Mary-like. Why on earth would Jessica do this?

- The scene with Spencer and the creepy dancing girl in Radley.
We never really found out the relevance of this scene. Let alone why this scene was with Spencer? The dancing girl could be Alice and the scene would be based on their twin connection. I wouldn’t be surprised if Alice herself went to Radley, or spent time there as a child because her mother was in there and she had nowhere else to go.

- Mary seemed to feel a little too comfortable drinking tea with Spencer.

- Spencer kept on asking a lot of question about Mary’s connection to the Hastings and was very persistent. Instead of asking questions about Charlotte only she asked a lot about her parents, why? You would think she wanted to find out about the Mary-Charlotte history and not the one with Peter and/or Veronica. She could be already suspecting something.

Now let’s continue…

The ‘Spencer’ that Hanna saw, is Alice, A.D., the one who captured her and wants to know who killed Charlotte, her sister. 
She sang 'Hush little baby’ to Hanna. Where would she have heard this before? Yes, she heard Mona sing it in the dollhouse.

Hear this:

I think that Alice and Charlotte have been working together and built the dollhouse. Remember how the masked person in the dollhouse seemed familiar to Spencer? Yes indeed, I think this was Alice, Spencer’s twin. You often hear twins have special connections, even though they have hardly/never spent time together.

Why do I think it was Alice talking to Hanna?

- The obvious reason that this 'Spencer’ did not have her current hair. Yes, it might be Hanna’s memory from Spencer like she was years ago BUT this Spencer mentioned A.D. And Hanna doesn’t know this name/reference for this new 'A’ person.

- This 'Spencer’ seemed to be very confused to realize that Hanna really didn’t know who killed Charlotte. She must have really thought they knew or had something to do with it (which is reasonable since the girls were terrorized by Charlotte). Real Spencer or hallucination Spencer would never be confused about this because she knows they don’t know who did it.

- But then the question arises: why did Alice/A.D. help Hanna escape? This could be just for the simple reason to keep her secret and make Hanna believe that it was really a dream about real Spencer. Hanna wasn’t useful anymore anyway. If A.D./Alice is working with Mary, she might have known that Hanna would be 'caught’ again by Mary. From the promo we don’t know if Mary actually takes Hanna back home or back to the barn or wherever. From the three girls digging scene we can assume that Hanna is not safely back home yet and it sounds like their plan to safe her didn’t go so well.

Who was Spencer texting?

I don’t really know but I have two options:

1. She knows about Alice and texted her about Hannah. I that case she does know that Alice is A.D. (Spencer would definitely be able to put two and two together and realize that A.D. could be Alice Drake) but doesn’t tell the rest for some reason.

2. The text was NOT about Hannah being alive it was about ALICE. Spencer knows about her twin and is trying to find out whether SHE is still alive and therefore if she could possibly be A.D. Spencer’s friends don’t know about this possible twin and I think it is quite Spencer-like to not tell them until she knows everything for sure.

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