These amazing All Love postcards by @kurozawa46 arrived today and they’ve totally made my day, they are so pretty!!

Thank you so much for doing this, it was a lovely idea, and the postcards are just beautiful! *^*

Their wife and daughter wear matching outfits (EXO)

Xiumin: -he would think it’s perfect- “you guys always look cute”

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Suho: -he was enjoying every moment of it- “look at you guys”

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Lay: -he would go to your daughter- “how about you and I get matching outfits as well”

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Baekhyun: -he was smiling the moment he saw the two of you walk into the room- “you guys look just amazing”

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Chen: -he was so happy to see you like that with your daughter- “ah you guys are so cute together like that”

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Chanyeol: -he would be blushing from the cuteness that was going on- “oh no why do you guys always look so cute”

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D.O: -when you came in carrying your daughter he was so happy to see it- “you guys are just perfect all matching and everything”

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Kai: -he was touched by it more than anything- “you’re outfits are just great on you”

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Sehun: -he liked it more than anything else you guys normally wore- “twin more often”

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I honestly wish I could be friends with you but I'm probably too young and not cool enough, which you probably don't like to hear since you might not think too highly of yourself, but you're way outta my league xD that's pretty saddening aw, okie bye

man why the fuck you guys like to put yourselves down so much just to raise someone else up? i’ve been getting these messages more often and damn…you guys make me so uncomfortable haha examples:

“man i love your art!! my art looks like garbage :(”

“you’re so cute! i wish i was cute too but im so ugly and awkward :(”

You guys…don’t have to tear yourself down just to compliment someone else…that doesn’t have to be an option haha and I’ve heard other people talk about this too and they always say it’s awkward for them. 

i get having self esteem issues but….you still don’t have to word your compliments like this lmao 

Boyfriend Jimin ♡

•so at first he’s vvv shy and doesn’t know what to say

•but then when u guys get closer he’s so cute and smol

•omg he would say such punny lines what a cringe

•he does the cute thing where you guys hold pinkies instead of hands

•he really likes skinship ahhhhhhhh

•smiles at you whenever you’re eating bcus he thinks u look so cute omg

•"what?“ “nothing” *smiles at you*

•he loves it when you lay your head on him

•he makes plans for cheesy dates like amusement parks or movie drive-ins aw what a dork

•loves feeding you bcus he thinks you’re so cute

•calls you “princess” and “darling”

•literally cares about u so much omg you are his whole world

•you both share one pair of earbuds together all the time awwww

•he always wakes up before you so he can look at you sleeping

•"ahh how did I end up with someone so beautiful?“

•you guys would have random dance battles

•you would always lose but he laughed at how cute you look when dancing

•loves it when you wear cute things like skirts and sweaters

•lets you steal his hoodies and hats

•constant little pecks on your forehead and nose what a cutieeeee

•u two would always go out at night and star gaze

•he would turn toward you and u don’t notice and then he sneaks a quick kiss what a sweaty

•he would make you take super aesthetic couple selfies with him omg cute

•he’d also buy the two of you couple outfits imjskdkka

•singing practices with Jimin

•he ditches you for Kookie or Tae half the time

•"Jimin wtf u doin” “sorry babe it’s Kookie day"

•u get salty so he makes it up to you with hardcore cuddles

•"do u forgive me princess?” “fine since you’re cute af”

•so many bear hugs from him omg he would make any excuse or reason to hug you

•he loves doing cheesy things like picking you up and spinning you around

•whenever he gets jealous he just looks at you with those puppy eyes

•and you’re just like “you’re park fucking jimin who could I possibly leave you for wtf”

•he gets so surprised when you cuss, like he does the whole gasping like a little kid thing what a dork

•you continuously forget each other’s real ages and just assume you’re both 5

•overall this whole relationship would be so fluffy and amazing bcus PARK JIMIN

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Before I know what’s happening he’s lifting me up and laying me on my back, spreading my legs before climbing on top of me. 

As he tries to bring his mouth back to mine I push on his chest, “Cam stop.” My voice is thick, trembling with emotion. 

He leans all the way back and looks down at me, his chest heaves as he pulls in air, trying to calm down and catch his breath, “What’s wrong?” He looks concerned and it makes me feel a little bit better, like maybe he just got carried away. 

I push up so I’m leaning on my elbows and he helps me up the rest of the way. 

“It’s just, you’re moving to fast.” I feel silly and I can feel the blush growing across my cheeks. I mean I probably should have said something before it got that far. 

He doesn’t look mad, in fact he smiles, “Sorry it’s just you look so cute and feel so good.I got completely carried away CC, I never meant to make you feel uncomfortable. ” His tone is apologetic as he runs his hand up and down my arms. 

“It’s okay, I mean I probably should have said something before.” 

Cam stands up and pulls the covers back, “How about we get some sleep.” 

“I like that plan.” 

He leans his long lean body down so he can press a kiss to my temple. I scoot over and climb under the covers while he shuts off the lights. 

I feel the bed dip with his weight when he climbs in, “Would it be okay for e to hold you?” 

“God yes.” 

He turns on his side, pulling my body close to his he drops his arm across my stomach, his face nuzzles close to my neck, so close I can feel his breath. I close my eyes surrounded by the comfort of his strong warm arms. 

“Goodnight CC.” It’s a soft whisper against my neck. 

“Goodnight Cam.” I mumble sleepily. 

Different but the same.

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BTS AU (werewolf)

Part1 / Part2 / Part3 / Part4 / Part5 /…

A/N. Here we go again with part5. I am still thinking how things are going to move in this Au and I don’t know how long it will end up being ,or how it will end.But I think it will be a fun journey for all of us, hope you like it. Sorry for any mistakes made.Requests are open.😁

Word count:  1,735

Warnings: Swearing from time to time

  Your mind was slowly coming back to reality and a warm sensation covered your body. Your eyes fluttered open and you found yourself in someone’s embrace. Jimin had carried you back to your home and had fallen asleep with you in his arms. Or maybe he didn’t want to let go of you in the first place.

  You moved a bit so you could look at his cute sleeping face, but just by the small movement you made, he quickly opened his eyes and looked at you.

“Jagya!” he gasped

“Who else do you expect?” he joked a bit to lighten up the mood, but he was dead serious

“Are you ok?”he asked you

“Yes, don’t worry about me.”you jumped up fast after remembering what had happened “How is Jungkook?Is he ok?”

  Jimin pulled you back into his embrace, covering your body with the blanket.He ran his hand through your hair, which calmed you down and you relaxed completely.

“I don’t know, once I saw you I didn’t go and look for him. But I am sure he is ok, you were the one who got hurt the most.If he wasn’t of my pack I would have bitten off his throat.” you could feel a bit of anger lingering in his voice

“Don’t say that, it was my fault for not warning him.”you said

“That is not true, you did warn him when you realized, but it was too late.” he continued playing with your hair soothingly. 

  You could feel that something was troubling him, but you didn’t want to openly ask him. If he didn’t say anything than maybe he doesn’t want you to know, yet it was starting to bug you as well. You tried not to think about it, but it didn’t want to get out of your brain, so you decided to ask him in the most not oblivious way possible.

“Jimin.”you turned your body to face him “Is something troubling you?” the best way isn’t always the direct approach, but then again there was no use in beating around the bush

“Call me oppa.” he pouted cutely 


“Is it that obvious?”he asked looking down at you

“It is.”

  He sighed “I just wanted to know what those symbols on your body were?”

“Oh that.” you hit his chest lightly “Don’t make me worry like that.” you lifted your hand “Look close.”

“They are still there.” he squinted his eyes to focus on your skin better

“You didn’t think that the power of the first clan was so little did you?” you asked him and he nodded “Oh come on. Really?” he nodded again and you sighed “Listen well. The power I have is far greater than what you saw today, but I have to hide it from other werewolves.I know how to do that, but just in case my grandfather placed the 4 seals on me.Every single one of them contains a part of my power.I made a promise with him ,that I won’t remove them, if it isn’t a in crucial situations.”

“But why are they still kind of visible? I wouldn’t have noticed them if you didn’t show me thought.” he asked 

“If the seal is placed on someone, that means it is there for a reason. The marks stay on the body for 2 days. By remaining on my body for sometime, they show the person who placed this on me, that I have released a seal.In a way it serves as evidence.” you explained 

“So in one day it will be fully gone?”

“Yes, it is just lightly visible because I released only the first seal…wait 1 day?”

“You were asleep for a whole day jagya.”

  You jumped up “What!” looking at him you asked “Why didn’t you wake me up?”

“You needed to rest.” he stood up “Come let’s go down stairs.” he extended his arm and you took it

  Jimin started walking towards the door when he heard a loud falling sound. He turned around and saw you on the floor. Quickly he ran to you, picking your body up in his hands.

“Jagya are you ok?!” he asked you

“I am fine don’t worry. “he looked at your legs

“Is there something wrong?”he asked with a concerned look in his eyes

“Well…I won’t be able to move normally until the symbols disappear, which will be till tomorrow.” you explained 

  Jimin made sure you were comfortable in his arms and went downstairs.Holding you tight he gave you a glass of water and sat down on the couch. You placed the glass to your lips and took a sip.

“I envy this glass.”he looked at the cup of water

“Do you want to be a glass now?”you asked him

“If your lips were constantly on me, I wouldn’t mind.”he grinned playfully at you

“Look who is back to his old self.”you smiled

  You placed the empty glass on the coffee table and looked out of the window.After sometime Jimin noticed where you were staring off to and decided to take you out. You had been in the house for a day and a half almost, it was normal for you to want to go outside.

  Making sure he had a good grip on you, Jimin lifted your body up and walked through the door of your house.

“Sorry if I am heavy.”you said

“Heavy? You need to eat more I can’t even feel you.”he said “More importantly it’s cold outside.” he ran in the house with and placed a jacked around your body so you don’t get cold

  Jimin was looking for a good place to sit for awhile, until a lonely but lovely bench appeared out of nowhere. It was looking towards all the house and the big mountain behind them. He sat down with you in his lap, making sure you were warm and comfortable.

  Looking at the mountain you told him “I miss that place, I used to go there everyday and train with my grandfather.” you sighed

“You miss him a lot don’t you?”Jimin asked you

“Of course I do, but there is nothing I can do about it. I don’t know if he still lives there, normally he would have killed me if he knew I released a seal with out his permission” you explained to Jimin

“If he will get mad, why did you do it?” he pulled you closer 

“It was a risk I had to take and plus that I only removed one seal, no big deal.” you laughed 

“Is there something that can make you remove 2 seals?” Jimin asked you

“If something happens to you I would remove all 4 of them.”you looked at him “I was told that all seals are meant to protect the once you love.In this moment, you are the only one important to me.” you leaned your head to rest onto his chest

“If you end up like this and it is all my fault I will never forgive myself.I am not worthy of saving, if you have to get hurt in the process, if something happens just leave me and save yourself jagya. I would rather die that have you go through all of this again. It’s not like anything will change you know, everyone will find a new pack alpha and things will go on.”

  The blowing wind that had turned into music, which made the leaves dance in an astonishingly beautiful way, was starting to stop. Jimin’s words were like a instrument loosing a string during a performance.

  The music stopped and the leaves fell onto the ground ,with a loud sound accompanying their end. The sound vibrated through out the world around you, spreading itself in the air without any troubles. 

  Even if the wind was cold, it had stopped and wasn’t able to sooth the red patch that was forming onto Jimin’s cheek. Surprised, his eyes focused on you.The last leaf touched the ground hand in hand with a lonely tear, which had just left the warmth of your eye, cooling down in it’s travel.

“J-jagya…”he stuttered not being able to comprehend what just happened ,even if the throbbing pain on his cheek was evidence enough 

“Don’t even say that again…”you muttered under your nose “DON’T YOU DARE SAY THAT AGAIN!”you yelled out and the wind almost like obeying your words began blowing once more, playing a song filled with anger.

“I hate hearing bullshit Jimin! Everyone will be sad if you weren’t here, I would go to the ends of this world for you. If you jumped in a volcano, I would follow you.” another tear left your eye

  Jimin’s warm hand wiped it gently away, placing a kiss onto your forehead.His strong arms pulled you closer.

“I am sorry jagya. I promise that I will always stay with you, no matter what.” he covered your hands to make sure they were warm

  Maybe it was from the cold weather, or from the sudden emotions you felt, but they were cold as ice. You lifted one of them and placed your palm onto his cheek.

“I know they are cold, but bear with it a bit. It should help with what I caused you.” the feeling of cold onto his warm slap mark was soothing and nice”I am sorry I slapped you, I didn’t mean to do that.”you said

  Jimin’s hand traveled to his face, grabbing yours and pulling it to his lips. He started placing little butterfly kisses on it ,which made you giggle.

“It was my fault jagya. I was talking too much without thinking about how you felt.

  The sound of your cute and sweet voice echoed ,turning the angry song of the wind into a melody of love. The leaves had found a partner and were dancing happily to the now blossoming emotions.

  Jimin’s hand traveled to your body and he started tickling you all around.

“Jimin stop!”you laughed out

“Nope, I want to hear your cute voice more. It is a melody to my ears.”

  He continued teasing you. But once he stopped ,you were once more tight in his embrace. This day will be remembered by you two and the forest forever, until the world exists and eternity continues to create time. Even the mountains that were away could feel the love you had for each other, thanks to the sweet song the wind carried with itself.

BTS MTL likely to like a sassy and sarcastic yet innocent faced girl










Yoongi and Junkook: Would eat that shit up! They would tease you constantly about how innocent and cute you looked just to get to hear you snap back with a sarcastic comment or to sass them. They’d find it so cool that you could come up with such funny/good comments and would have constant sarcasm wars with you.

Hoseok and Namjoon: Would think it was hilarious. They’d tease you like Yoongi and Jungkook did, but would be more likely to ask you to help him coming up with a comeback for something someone said to him. He’d turn your sass towards other people instead of himself, laughing when you came up with the perfect remark

Taehyung, Jimin, and Jin: Would be so confused at first. Like “what?? You look so cute and innocent though??” They’d find it cool like the others, and I think you would end up best friends if anything.

You’d have awesome sassy adventures together with all of bts!

aha I didn’t realize how badly my last two FP’s fucked up my ability to accept compliments until someone I know has feelings for me says something like “you look cute” and I’m so anxious about responding that I blow it off with an “lmao that’s gay” or something. The idea that someone genuinely means a compliment is so scary to me??????

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How about a beauty and the beast au where Edd is belle and Matt is the beast who has the spell cast on him for being such a vain person? I guess Tom and Tord could be lumiere and cogsworth and the Gaston could be whoever you find villainous. And Edd still wears the dress because he looks so cute in it and how it's so fluffy when Edd and Matt dance together. I hope this isn't silly.

(the gaston is eduardo)
-mod candle

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"You look really cute in that sweater," "Could you hold my hand?" and/or "You made these cupcakes for me?" 😀

Here you are! Sorry they took so long! Ao3 is broken so they will be up soon!


“You look really cute in that sweater”

“Babe, are you ready? Movie’s starting” Ben called up the stairs to Leslie.

There was a dissatisfied grunt coming from their bedroom, knowing that his very pregnant wife had been irritable at the smallest things recently. He took very tentative steps towards his bedroom.

“Leslie?” He asked as he poked his head around the door. “Everything ok?”

“I’m cold” Leslie growled. “But none of my sweaters fit.”

Ben smiled gently and walked over to her drawer, pulling out several maternity sweaters. “What about these?” He suggested.

“I hate them,” Leslie snapped. “They itch.”

“Alright” Ben mumbled, searching his room desperately for anything to save him right now, he just wanted to enjoy Harrison Ford movie night. You could only see ‘Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom’ for the eighteenth time only once.

He pulled open a nearby drawer and gestured it to Leslie, “Here, grab one of my sweaters, you like them right?”

Leslie silently nodded.

“Ok, put one of these on and come downstairs and join me? I’ll get the popcorn sorted.” Ben told her, rubbing his arms up and down her arms while Leslie pouted at him.

Ben walked back down the stairs, sensing that if he stuck around any longer trying to fix Leslie’s problems she’d rip his head off. Chris warned him about that, he said just to step away and let her ask him for help.

He was just fetching the popcorn out of microwave when Leslie waddled into the kitchen. A warm smile spread across his face as he took in the sight of her, she was wearing one of his navy Christmas sweaters but the arms were far too long for her and bunched up around her wrists, however it fit just perfectly and snugly around her pregnant belly.

“You look really cute in that sweater, babe.” Ben said lovingly as he placed the bowl on the side and wrapped Leslie into his arms.

“Thanks, I really like it, it’s warm and smells like you” Leslie said as she nuzzled into his chest.

“What do I smell like?” Ben asked coyly, raising his eyebrows.

“Cinnamon. And cloves” Leslie said, sniffing the sleeve of the sweater. “And your cologne. It’s pretty great, I think the babies like it too.”

Ben’s hand dropped to her belly, rubbing it gently. “Come on, we’ve got a movie night to begin” he grabbed the bowl of popcorn and Leslie’s hand, taking her over to the couch.

“You know” Leslie mumbled as Ben re-arranged the cushions around her, giving her as much comfort as possible. “We should do something else other than Harrison Ford movie night, maybe Julie Andrews movie night?”

“No way!” Ben immediately cut in. “I was under strict instructions from Ann not to let you watch anything with Julie Andrews in it before bed.”

He couldn’t help but laugh at her adorable pout as he settled next to her.


“Could you hold my hand?”

“Alright, receptionist says we’re next.” Ben said as he took an empty seat next to his son.

They were in the waiting room, ready for Wesley’s appointment with the optometrist. His glasses-wearing son shifted nervously in his seat and Ben patted his shoulder.

“You okay, buddy?” Ben asked and Wesley quickly nodded without saying a word.

Ben could tell his youngest was nervous. The annual appointments to have his eyes checked weren’t great and they always made Wesley nervous, even though he knew what he was in for. The doctor would ask Wesley to hold a piece of card over his eyes and read from letters in the distance. Then he’d have to place his head in some sort of contraption and hold very still while the doctor examined his eyes.

It didn’t cause him any pain or discomfort, but it did cause him a lot of anxiety. He was the only one in his family who wore glasses all the time, they had spoken about contacts but they wanted to wait until he was a little older and could maintain them himself. Their twelve year old still relied on his parents for practically everything.

Ben had hoped things would get easier after he himself had been prescribed with reading glasses, it did for a while, Wesley seemed more attached to him and could talk to him about their glasses. But Ben didn’t wear them all the time like him.

Ben gently nudged his son, who was reading something on his Gryzzl tablet. “Hey, it’s ok to be nervous, you know? But nothing will happen, it’s just a routine check that you have to do to make sure those glasses are still ok for your eyes.”

“I know I…” Wesley trailed off and bit his lip. “I just don’t like it ok? They always tell me to hold still and they shine these really bright lights into my eyes and…why does it have to be me? Why can’t it have been Stephen or Sonia?”

“It makes you special” Ben said quickly, wrapping his arm around his son. “Glasses are cool, sure they take time to get used to but you’ve been wearing them all your life. Plus Stephen or Sonia don’t get taken out of school early for their appointment, and they most definitely don’t get taken out for lunch afterwards.

That made Wesley smile a little. “Really? We’re going out after?”

“If you want?” Ben said, “We can go to that place that does those amazing calzones?”

Wesley nodded vigorously, “Y-yeah that sounds cool…but, Dad?”


“Can you hold my hand…y’know…when we get in there?” Wesley asked shyly.

Ben felt tears stinging the corners of his eyes and he quickly blinked them away. His children were old enough to not want to hold their parents hands anymore, but Wesley was so anxious about the whole thing he just wanted to feel some comfort from Ben.

“Sure, buddy.” Ben said, rubbing his hand on Wesley’s shoulder. “It’s going to be ok though, you know that right?”

Wesley just silently nodded.

“You made these cupcakes for me?”

Ben laid his briefcase down on the dining table with a sigh. Today had been his first day back at City Hall after his paternity leave. He got a little extra than usual because of the triplets being born prematurely, which gave him some extra time to spend with his new family. But today had been difficult.

It was hard getting up in the morning when each of the triplets decided to have a meltdown in the middle of the night, resulting in him having a grand total of two hours broken sleep. It didn’t help as well that Leslie was still very emotional, and cried as she watched Ben get dressed. She had Marlene coming over to help her take care of the babies, but she wanted Ben. And that made his heart hurt.

When he got to his office there were gifts everywhere sent from different departments in City Hall, congratulating him on their new arrivals. It took him most of the morning sorting through them and making mental notes to visit the departments who sent them gifts to say thank you.

He had been kept in the loop with everything that had happened in his absence and had done some work from home, but nothing could have prepared him for how much work had built up since he had been gone.

He had assistants, but they could only do so much. So Ben had a very full on first day trying to get back up to speed with everything.

All he wanted to do now was lie down, maybe with a triplet on his chest and sleep.

Leslie walked out of the kitchen, wiping her hands on a kitchen towel when she heard Ben walk in. “Hey! How was your first day back?”

“Ok, I guess.” Ben said, walking towards her and pulling her into a kiss and a hug. “I missed you though.”

“I missed you too, but it’s ok, I have a surprise for you!” She said, almost giddy with excitement.

She grabbed his hands and led him into the kitchen; there on the side was a tray of cupcakes, each with blue frosted letter on them that spelt out ‘Best Daddy Ever’.

“You made these cupcakes for me?” Ben whispered, awe in his voice as he examined them closer.

Leslie nodded. “I knew you’d be sad about going back to work so I thought I’d make these for you to remind you that you are an amazing husband and father and it’s ok that you have to go back to work, we need someone to bring home the bacon.”

Ben sniffed back tears and grabbed hold of Leslie, pulling her into another hug; he rested his head on her shoulder and rubbed her back. “God, I love you so much, what would I do without you?”

“You’d be cupcake-less” Leslie joked, and Ben chuckled into her hair.

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i don't really know why but i cried a lil when i saw your ornaments, they're so nice and i hope you really have a wonderful time making them they look great!

this is so cute haha thank you!! I’m getting better with each one it’s actually really soothing making them lol I love them

Things you do that turn them on:

1. Jin

The most effective way to turn Jin on is when you reach for something you can’t get. It’s a little strange but every time you can’t reach something and you stand on the tips of your toes it makes him very horny. It’s probably because you look so cute doing it, he deliberately puts things on the highest shelf so that you would reach for them with all your might. He walks in and sees you reaching for it, he smirks, completely pleased with himself. He walks towards you and instead of getting the object of your attention, he wraps his arms around your waist and gently kisses your neck. Then when that successfully seduces you, well you can guess what happens after that.

2. Suga

Stretching. Not the sexy, booty right up in his face kind of stretching, the usual raising your arms above your head kind. He likes the way you arch your back and push your breasts forward, the way your eyes close and your face contorts and then relaxes. He would watch you stretch when you study. You would stand up and raise your arms, arch your back and close your eyes. He would place his hand in the arch of your back and grip your wrists, keeping them above your head. He would pull you close, flush up against him and gently bite your ear. His words would be soft and husky as he tries to convince you to forget your work and go into the bedroom with him.

3. J-Hope

J-Hope loves it when you’re jealous. You are a very secure girlfriend and you don’t usually mind the fangirls but sometimes they get very forward and handsy with your boyfriend. Not just the fangirls but other celebrities as well, you even get jealous of V and Jimin if they hold onto J-Hope too long. You never say anything though, you just grab him and walk off. At first J-Hope was confused and annoyed by your actions and you never told him why you would just randomly take him away from the people he was talking to. Namjoon was the first to notice that you were jealous. When he told J-Hope, the boy was ecstatic. He would go out of his way to make you jealous and reveled in the expressions you made. Later he would realize that they were actually hot and used your jealousy as an excuse for quickies.

4. Rap Monster

He finds you all dressed up attractive. You are a very laid-back, down to earth girl and you don’t really dress up to go out. He loves taking you out places where he can show you off just so you would dress up. He likes how the seductive your make-up would look, how graceful you moved in your high heels, how the dresses you wore always clinged to you in the right ways and still managed to look classy and tasteful. The best part however, was when you socialized with others. You would be polite and formal and it would always please him to know that you could behave in public. Then you guys would go home and…I don’t really know how to describe it. It was like the whole night was a prelude to him messing up your perfect make-up and hair, ripping your gorgeous dress and biting, lots of biting. In the end it’s kinda worth dressing up.

5. Jimin

Jimin can’t control himself when he sees your bra straps. The best time is when you are washing the dishes and your straps start to fall off your shoulders. He usually pulls them back up for you and drops soft, sweet kisses on your shoulder and up your neck. His arms wrap around your waist and he is flushed up against your back. He whispers dirty, hot words in your ears while you attempt to finish washing up. Sometimes you manage to finish them but most of the time you end up turning around in his arms and kissing him, begging him to take you to your bedroom. Jimin just loves it when your straps are exposed by your top, especially by accident because then he can take you by surprise. It’s great too, when you do it on purpose, because then you are the one wanting him first and it makes him proud.

6. Taehyung

V adores your blushes. He loves when your face turns red and you try to hide it, he likes how innocent you look. He always pushes your hands away and drops kisses on your face, making you blush more. He then wraps you in a hug and buries his face in your neck. This usually leads to playful sex that has you giggling and blushing and V wearing a smirk. He always makes you feel relaxed. V trying to make you blush is pretty much the only way to tell that he is horny. He doesn’t outright tell you and if you don’t notice his boner then the only other way is when he tries to make you blush. He always succeeds and gets his way, but it doesn’t really matter because you enjoy it too.

7. Jungkook

Jungkook’s one is a little weird. He is very attracted to your laugh, it’s his favourite sound and turns him on faster than anything else. It is usually something that he can control but when the two of you are home alone, he will try to make you laugh. Little things like telling you funny stories of Bangtan, watching a comedy together or telling you really corny jokes. It got a lot easier for him when he realized that you are ticklish…pretty much everywhere. After that it became a pretty good excuse for him to touch you and things would escalate from there. his hands would stop moving so quickly and would end up gently touching you. He would bite his lip shyly and start teasing you so that you ended up just as wound up as he is. After that it’s up to you, you make the next move by kissing him or pulling him closer. Sometimes you pin him under you and take control.