Boyfriend Series; Hoshi/Soonyoung

- what time is it now??
- time to cry because hoshi is the most fun and most playful boyfriend ever
- for your first date, hoshi takes you skating outdoors but you know what
- this guy pretends he doesn’t know how to skate so he has an excuse to hold your hand the entire time
- after renting some skates, hoshi dramatically falls on the ice after taking ONE step and cutely scratches his head while grinning sheepishly as he says “i uh…. don’t really know how to skate…..”
- you laugh and take both of his hands and start skating backwards slowly while he clumsily skates forward and everyone in the skating rink are looking at you two like that’s so cute omg
- after going around like this a few times, you decide to let go of one of his hands to skate side by side
- but somewhere along the way, hoshi falls for real this time, dragging you down with him
- you both fall on the ice but when you look up at each other, the two of you start laughing and right there is where you both share your first kiss
- spontaneous dates
- calls you all those embarrassing nicknames like cutie pie and honey bunny out loud in public and you always just cover his mouth like SHHH HOSHI STOP PLEASE
- you guys have matching baseball caps and you both like to steal each other’s and wear them
- the other members are like ??? but there’s no difference ???
- the type to swing your arms while holding hands with you
- hoshi loves it when you cup his cheeks, his eyes actually sparkle and he smiles a little wider
- when it’s cold, he likes pressing hot packs against your cheeks to warm you up
- takes pictures of everything and he keeps them all no matter how embarrassing or blurry they are, he really does want to capture every moment he spends with you
- his lock screen is always a picture of both of you, and he changes it like every hour because he loves all your pictures together and feels like they each deserve to be his wallpaper at least once
- the members are so confused
- “how many pictures do you have???” “isn’t that the same as the other one but from a different angle???”
- hoshi teases you A LOT
- he teases you when you get emotional over something like a movie or a drama
- he teases you when you blush over something cute he did
- he even teases you while kissing, he’s the type to be leaning in for a kiss on the lips but then he’d stop just inches away from your face and grin
- he also smiles in the middle of kisses
- hoshi loves kisses on the cheek because they’re innocent
- always asks for one when you see him and when you’re about to leave
- he loves building pillow forts with you and cuddling inside while watching a movie or just talking about anything really
- when he’s tired, he likes to nuzzle you and bury his face in the crook of your neck
- he’s always pulling pranks on you and you’re always pulling pranks on him
- the members get so annoyed because some of them have fallen for your pranks before, jihoon even scolded you and hoshi for like an hour
- piggyback rides all day every day, and sometimes he sprints while you’re on his back and you’re like HOSHI SLOW DOWN YOU’RE GOING TO TRIP AND WE’LL BOTH DIE
- in the winter, he’s a little kid who likes rolling around in the snow and having snowball fights with you
- in the spring, he likes jumping in puddles of rain with you
- in the summer, he likes going to the beach and building sand castles with you
- and in the fall, he likes jumping in piles of leaves with you
- serenades you with shinee songs
- “song request? none? ok i’m singing shinee sunbaenim then” “hoshi i didn’t even get to say anything”
- he loves teaching you seventeen dances and finds it really cute when you get flustered because you messed up
- he always brings up some of your embarrassing moments to tease you about it
- like when you guys first started dating, you REALLY wanted to make sure you’re dressed nicely so you went out and bought this cute cardigan last minute
- when you met up with hoshi, he looked at your cardigan and asked “oh is that new??” and you said “what, this?? nooo i’ve had it for a while”
-  hoshi then lifted up a hand and started moving it closer to your face and you thought he was going to cup your cheek or something but no
- he reached out for the price tag attached to your cardigan and laughed “really?? you keep your price tags on your clothes??”
- he can’t cook to save his life, so you’re always he one cooking for him
- but he loves your cooking and always asks for seconds and compliments your meals
- he likes to tell you a bunch of cute but cliché boyfriend lines he had to film in the past for carats
- and you don’t even know what’s worse, the cringe or the fact that deeeeep down you like it
- sometimes you surprise him after dance practice, and it makes hoshi so happy, he tackles you even though he’s covered in sweat
- your relationship with hoshi is filled with pranks and jokes and fun, and you never have to worry about hiding a part of yourself from him
- because hoshi loves everything about you
- and that will never change
- “my name is soonyoung, but you can call me—”
- “soon?”
- “no. yours.”



Hey, brahs. I totally fucking forgot some of the St. Patricks Day photos we took last friday, so I figured I post some of them now. If you’re wondering where Abe was, he went to a friend’s house that Friday. Little shit knew we had plans but I couldn’t say no to him. He hasn’t been with them in a while. So, here’s some of the pics we took. 

Kyle got this hella gross shot of me when I was drinking my beer. I got hammered that night, Kyle didn’t want to do jackshit with me I guess? I have no fucking idea. I was out of it. 

Look at my daughter, you guys. She’s so fucking cute. She pulled off that light yellow and shamrock green so well. She’s a little model.

Kyle left my hella expensive camera on the kitchen table and Eva, being the little shit she is, took it and tried taking pictures with it. She managed to get this one picture that came out kind of nice. I guess, for a small kid… I guess I was trying to drunk kiss Kyle and Kyle was not having it. I don’t know, he told me the next day that I was pretty touchy feely. 

Yeah, dudes. This is all I got today. I was planning to post some shit about Eva’s birth or whatever since we have Abe’s shit up. But Kyle lost our damn USB with our family photos on it. I put it in our special drawer for all of our important shit but somehow he fucking lost it on me. So, instead, you got these. I hope you brahs liked them.

It wasn’t me who misplaced it, he flicked it under his desk. He always blames me for losing his shit. 


Working Title: Kuroo “Common Sense” Tetsurou leaves for one second and Stuff Happens

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of all the photos i’ve ever taken, this one of a highland cow may be my favorite. look at it’s tongue, look at it.

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Diego Luna/Felicity Jones + mescal