After Eren is sent to the back room with the higher ranking officers, after Hanji has cleaned his wounds and after the awful tribunal, Eren is so tired. He can`t keep his eyes open, in fact, this couch he so comfortable he may just…

Levi stiffened when the brat fell over onto him as he fell asleep, his head falling across his lap like a pillow. He instinctively went to push him off but Hanji shook her head harshly, 

“He needs his rest!” They hissed, Mike and Erwin both nodded, pleading with him to just let the boy sleep. Levi rolled his eyes and dealt with the warmth in his lap, the way the brunet hair was tickling even through his pant leg, how the brat was mumbling and it was probably the most sickeningly cute thing he`d ever heard.

“Aw, you two look so cute together!” Hanji squealed.

Eren wound up flung on the floor and waking up with a start when Levi jumped up from the couch and proceeded to chase the mad scientist around the small room.

Flowers in the Window: Chapter 3

Here you go! Chapter 3 is ready to go.  Hope you enjoy it! Many thanks, as always, to my lovely beta and friend Heidi @italk-too-much for her amazing editing and for brilliant ideas for this chapter.  This is for you Duuuuude…

You can also read this chapter and chapters 1 & 2 on A03 here:

University of Panem Dorms – 5 years ago

 “Come out Katniss, please, I’m sure it looks fine.”  Madge rapped on the bathroom door a little more insistently this time.

“Madge I’m in a gingham, frilly dress voluntarily, this look is never fine,” Katniss muttered to Madge as she opened the door slowly.  Madge covered her mouth with her hand to suppress a giggle as she drew Katniss into a hug.

“Awwww you look so cute! Blue gingham and Katniss Everdeen, who knew?!”

“Not me!” Katniss groaned.

Damn you Gale.  She was not supposed to be attending her best friend Madge Undersees Halloween party as god damned Dorothy.  She and Gale were supposed to be going as Diana the Huntress and Zeus.  Hell she’d even borrowed her favourite bow and arrow set from the archery club – being Vice President has its perks - especially for the night.  Gale had turned around that morning to inform her that he was now going to the French Society’s exclusive horror film night soiree because he had promised them months back and had ‘forgotten’. 

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Good morning, everyone! How are you today? 😆 I love these two phone boxes, they look so cute ☎☎ (at Berkeley Square)

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okAy so i can't get this out of my head so i'm gonna tell u :-) picture this: you and yunhyeong sitting on a park bench. he keeps looking at you and blushing bc !! you're so cute!! so thEN he starts like inching his hand closer to yours but he's too shy to hold your hand yet so he just keeps moving his hand back and forth until he fINALLy get up the nerve and as soon as he grabs your hand you turn to him and he falls off the bench bc he's so embarrassed and all you can do is laugh bc what a goof


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Will you do a Odin/Keaton support in the future? They would look so cute together, they're such kids inside despite being adult on the outside. Maybe also a Odin/Xander and Odin/Ryoma? I would see Odin drooling over their swords. What do you think?

Those all sound great! ^^

@amazingphil and @danisnotonfire are officially team Blanche!!! 

What a great team. viva team mystic. 
hope they catch some kangashkan in australia and take over some gyms