Time Out (Or the time we met when I was clad in only my underwear; not that you were complaining)

malec prompt: You’re working on a project with my younger sibling but I didn’t know that when I walked downstairs in only my underwear to get some food (ps send me prompts guys also ily thanks for reading)

8:00 PM

Alec stretched out, sprawled across his bed. He was still groggy from his nap and mentally reprimanded himself. He never took naps, it was never a good idea. Because now it was 8pm and there was no way he was falling back asleep again. He was just so exhausted, classes at the university were driving him crazy and he was burrowed under lab after lab. Maybe going into medicine wasn’t such a great idea. He ran his hand through his mussed hair that was lined with sweat. He’d fallen asleep in his baggy sweater and dark jeans and it was so damn hot. He grimaced when he felt a lining of sweat down his back and opted for a shower.

He tiredly wiped his hand over his face before slowly getting out of bed, ignoring how his sweater was sticking uncomfortably to his back. He passed a mirror and steadfastly avoided it, he probably looked half dead and did he really want to kill whatever shred of self confidence he had? Bleary eyed and still in the process of waking up wholeheartedly, he trudged towards the bathroom and shut the door.

He emerged from the bathroom, billowing in steam. He usually took a maximum of ten minutes in the shower but tonight he enjoyed the heat washing over his body and waking up every cell. The fatigue swept away and he felt a little more energized. He wrapped a towel around his waist and stepped out onto the cool tiles. He left the bathroom and moved into his room (he was the only sibling who had an attached bathroom and it never failed to make Izzy erupt with jealousy). He was about to reach into his closet to put on a comfy tee and some baggy shorts before he felt his stomach growl. It was almost painful when he felt it tighten and he realized he hadn’t eaten since this morning. He quickly slipped on some boxers and trampled down the hallway and towards the stairs. His sister was the only one home; Jace was out with Clary (big surprise) and his parents were out for some sort of business errand (another big surprise). Mentally praying that there were some left overs in the fridge and he wouldn’t bump into his sister (even though he was starving, he didn’t think he’d be able to stomach another one of Izzy’s culinary disasters. He wasn’t that hungry), he slipped into the kitchen. He wouldn’t know that his sister would be sitting in the room right next to the kitchen, propped onto the dining table. And he wouldn’t know that she had some company over. He wouldn’t know until he emerged from the kitchen clad in his underwear and clutching a bowl of reheated pasta from the night before.

2:00 PM (6 Hours Before)

Isabelle sighed, it was her last class and even though ‘Fashion Photography’ wasn’t necessarily difficult, it was boring and she huffed in her seat. She was minoring in Fashion Design and unfortunately this photography class was required for her degree. It wasn’t like she hated taking photos or anything, it was just she’d rather be in them than behind the camera. However, she sat upright, taking notes and listening intently because fashion was what she was good at and she’d be damned if some camera class brought down her GPA. The professor was discussing an upcoming project and that they needed to be in pairs and right when the teacher mentioned that they needed a partner, she quickly scanned the room. She was always stuck with some loser, who wouldn’t stop gaping at her, she knew she was hot but she was taken and attention wasn’t something she was looking for anymore. She looked across the room, seeing a familiar glittered face. He was bright, wearing a maroon blazer and darker pants, his hair spiked up to perfection. She’d seen him a few times, never really talking to him because he always left so quickly and though she was curious, she wasn’t obsessive. However, she wanted this presentation to have flair and he looked like the right person for the job. Deciding that a compliment was the best approach and really, he looked fantastic, she strutted over before plunking down beside him.

“Your blazer is incredible, where did you get it?”

“This blazer is an original, I don’t like to be seen wearing something that someone else owns.” He winked. “I like to be unique that way.”

Her hand shot out, cool and confident, “Isabelle Lightwood.”

The man smiled before grabbing her hand and shaking it. “Magnus Bane.”

“Wait I think I’ve heard of you!” She gaped. “I saw your fashion show on campus that was raising money for whatever. I definitely would have joined in if I knew a little earlier.”

Ha laughed. “It was fun, though I can’t say I wouldn’t have enjoyed having you model. The line would’ve looked perfect on you.”

“So you’re in third year? I didn’t know you were the same age as me.”

“Actually this is my last semester, I might’ve really prolonged taking this class. I want to design, not take pictures of my designs. I can hire someone for that.” Confidence oozed from this guys pores and Izzy revelled finding someone in one of her classes who was confident, good at what they did and hot as hell.

“Well, you want to design and I want to model.” She grinned. “Why don’t we collaborate? I’ll model your designs and you can photograph.”

He beamed. “I think that sounds fantastic. I’ve got tons of ideas and you darling would be an excellent model. You’re fucking hot.”

She flipped her hair teasingly. “Sorry I’ve got a nerd boyfriend at home.” She laughed.

“I am bisexual, but I do prefer the males over the females.” He winked. “Got a hot brother you’re hiding or did you take all of the good genes?”

She outright laughed. “We’re a family of stone cold foxes.”

“Well then,” He smirked. “I look forward to meeting this family. Based on you though, I don’t doubt it.” If he had the opportunity to meet the guy who shared genes with her, he would take it.

“Alright, why don’t you come over tonight? We can do all of the planning and see where we’re going to take this project.”

“Good idea. I’ll give you my number and you can send me your address, unless you want me to guess. Highly inefficient. I wouldn’t recommend it.”

She rolled her eyes before clasping her hands together, gleefully. “We’re going to be fucking incredible. Our presentation is going to be engraved in everyone’s minds.”

“Darling, with us, no one will ever forget it.”

9:00 PM

Alec saw the lights underneath the door that led from the kitchen to the dining room and groaned, assuming that his sister was working on some other fashion project. He sucked with anything that had to do with looking good and sighed because Izzy would ask for his opinion and he’d have no damn clue what to say because those two shades of blue look identical and what’s wrong with a few holes it builds character. Alec strolled into the dining room, intent on ravishing the food and maybe reading until he didn’t think he could keep his eyes open anymore before he walked in and saw that his sister was not alone.

He saw his sister, and the company she had, before freezing, dead in his tracks. The man, for lack of a better word, was gorgeous. He was sitting down beside her, ravenous hair spiked up, defying gravity and Alec briefly wondered how he got it so up without it deflating during the day. He had toned, creamy skin that looked completely unblemished. How is that possible? The most interesting part of him though were his eyes. They were a dark shade of green with swirling masses of gold dotted around the eye and Alec felt himself staring. He flushed an ugly red and stuttered before back-pedalling and bumping into the counter behind him. Suddenly he became hyper aware about his state of undress and anger and embarrassment flared in his chest.

“Izzy.” He hissed, his face felt hot and he could only imagine just how much red had splashed on his face and was slowly creeping down his neck like some sort of alien disease. “You could have told me you were going to have company before I started prancing around naked!” He was borderline shrieking and Izzy had to cover her mouth to keep from spewing insensitive laughs. She knew her brother was a little timid and a lot self conscious but she could see the faint attraction towards Magnus . Magnus’ expression was practically screaming “I want to take you home.” He couldn’t be subtle if his life depended on it, he expressed himself like a sign surrounded by bright, blinking lights; Unable to turn away and a little blinding sometimes.

“Almost naked.” Magnus put in.

“Alec! Calm down.” She sighed sympathetically when the red on his face started to receed somewhat. “You were asleep and I didn’t want to wake you up.”

“I would have been perfectly okay with a wake up call. You know I hate naps.” He completely avoided bringing Magnus into the conversation, ignoring his gaze and focussing wholeheartedly on his sister.

“Well too bad, you looked tired and I can’t remember the last time I saw you sleeping.”

Alec grumbled. “You should have woke me up.”

5:00 PM

Izzy trampled inside, just arriving home, before immediately scavenging the kitchen, she grinned when she saw some cut up fruits and a premade salad, silently thanking whatever god existed that she had a brother who always made sure she had something to eat. She grabbed the food and inhaled it, she hadn’t eaten in hours she was so busy at the library planning her project with Magnus and occasionally checking social networks (she was only human). She quickly deposited the dishes in the sink when she’d finished before trampling down the hall, calling for Alec.

“Alec,” she hollered. “My friend is coming over in a couple-” She froze when she saw her brother sprawled out across his much too small mattress, utterly asleep. He looked like he was propped in an incredibly uncomfortable position, he head dug in his elbow and his other arm, laying out beside him. One of his knees was bent, the other leg was falling over the edge of the bed, dangling helplessly in the air. She sighed before moving inside and quickly pecking him on the cheek. She smiled and wiped away the few black strands of hair that had fallen over his eyes before walking out and shutting the door.

9:10 PM

“Well Magnus this is my brother, Alec. Alec this is my fashion partner Magnus. For fashion photography.”

Magnus waved, grinning widely and Alec thought about booking it out of there. He’d never see Magnus again and he could live with his sister teasing him about it everyday. Feeling the fight or flight response take effect in his body, Alec was about to make an excuse and hide in his bedroom before Izzy waggled her finger.

“Don’t even think about leaving Alec. Look at what we’re doing. I think you might like this project, it’s a photography thing.”

Alec, embarrassed and repulsed by the fact that he was practically naked in front of a stranger sat on the chair directly across from his sister, hoping the table would obscure any view of his chest.

“I uh thought you hated that photography class Iz.”

“I do but that doesn’t mean I can’t get an A anyways. If I want to be the best I need to work hard.”

Magnus outwardly smiled at Isabelle’s determination, something hard to find and he knew that they’d be meeting again in the future, when his designs were world famous and she was one of the top models. There was no doubt she’d get there. He heard the eldest Lightwood clear his throat and Magnus could not tear his gaze away from him. He was fucking beautiful and Magnus wished that he had a minute alone with him.

“So.” Alec started, his eyes darting around the room nervously. “How’d you two end up being partners?” He looked like he wanted to run away and Magnus decided to suppress the urge to completely flirt the boy to oblivion. He was nervously chomping on the pasta and when his tongue darted out to catch some sauce that had appeared at the corner of his mouth, Magnus had to stop himself from ravishing the boy on the table.

“Saw what Magnus was wearing and immediately knew we were going to kill this presentation if we were paired.” Izzy responded at the same time Magnus said. “She was the only one who I knew could dress in whatever and pull it off.”

She grinned. “Our sex appeal is too much.

He scoffed, his lips upturned. “Not that I consider that a problem.”

Alec hummed in his bowl, in agreeance with the two before scooping another forkful into his mouth. He saw Magnus’ eyes flitting toward the bowl and suddenly realized he hadn’t even offered if they wanted any. What if they were starving?

“Um do you guys want any? Pasta I mean.”

“Already ate darling.” Magnus responded with a wave of his hand at the same time Izzy shook her head. 

Alec briefly zoned out, focussing on his pasta and the act of eating it because he thought that if he looked up even once, he’d blush and then blush more and hadn’t he already embarrassed himself enough in front of the hot stranger? He managed to zone back in when he heard his sister mentioning his undressed state. Again. He mentally groaned.

“Unfortunately I’m the only Lightwood with a sense of style” she looked over at Alec’s attire. Or lack of it. “Usually he’s covered in baggy sweaters and awful jeans.”

“Don’t worry.” Magnus gleamed. “I quite enjoy this look.”

Alec huffed defensively, flushing. “I didn’t know there would be people over or else I wouldn’t have- maybe i should put on a shirt.”

“I see no need for that darling.”

Alec, embarrassed, moved anyways and quickly swiped a shirt over his head that he’d found lying on the counter behind him. He had a bad habit of leaving things places where they shouldn’t be. He didn’t think it was much of a problem, he always knew where they were, but when you lived with a brother like Jace, leaving things around was a big fat no.

“Anyways, you guys are doing a photography project right? Maybe y-you’d like me to photograph it?”

Izzy widened her eyes. “What?”

“Well I’m assuming that both of you are modelling?”

“Darling.” Magnus interrupted. “Is that your way of telling me you think I’m model material? I’m flattered but I’m the designer.

Alec was rendered silent and looking intently at his lap before Izzy puffed. “I don’t know Magnus you could totally model. I mean why not right? You’ve got the looks. We’d be the most devastatingly attractive presenters this class has ever seen.”

“Hmm… I’m not sure.” Magnus teasingly tapped his chin. “What do you think Alec? Do you think I’m hot enough for this?”

Alec’s mouth suddenly felt too dry and he looked like a fish taken out of water. He stuttered, “Uh… well um yes?” He winced as if this was the wrong answer and Magnus physically brightened at the response.

“Brilliant then.” He clasped “I guess you’ve got yourself a photography position.”

“Okay Magnus stop flirting or my brother might implode-”

“Izzy!” Alec hissed.

“-and lets start really planning this. Now we need two sets of outfits. And a theme that fits both of us.”

They sat there for the next couple of hours discussing and occasionally (constantly) getting off topic. The tension and awkwardness started to diffuse out and by the end of the night, they could have been mistaken for long lost friends. Alec was slowly becoming more and more comfortable, despite the nervous glances he flashed Magnus and the returning flirtatious winks. Izzy rolled her eyes at the clear atmosphere of flirting titillating between the two of them and decided that her brother, shy and cautious and completely oblivious on the sexiness of any Lightwood, needed a little push.

11:45 PM

Izzy had left them about an hour ago, claiming that she was exhausted, though Alec couldn’t help but miss the annoying all knowing glint in her eyes. Magnus, on the other hand, was eternally grateful for the younger Lightwood. He knew she was one of a kind but her matchmaking skills were incredible and he wasn’t sure how to find the alone time he wanted with Alec. They’d abandoned the table completely and fled to the living room, both draped on the sofa, “Housewives” playing in the background whilst they discussed the perils of being a housewife.

“I’m telling you Alec.” Magnus started. “It’s hard work. I mean you’re friends with a bunch of complete bitches and you’ve got to always look nice and wear jewelry. Those rocks can be heavy.”

He rolled his eyes. “They literally do nothing. They have a tv show for doing nothing. They drink alcohol and go to events. Who would want to watch this crap?”

“I would be one of those crap watchers as you so eloquently put.” Alec flushed. “I like to make fun of them and relate to them.”

“What? You planning on being a housewife when you’re older?” Alec teased.

“Please.” Magnus scoffed. “I’m going to be widely-known, my designs sold everywhere and I’ll be spending my own money on lavish necessities.”

Alec smiled. “And then when I see you on tv or something I’ll say, ‘hey I met that famous fashion designer once, he saw me in my underwear’.” They both burst into laugher, the embarrassment lingering but fading.

“A view I don’t quite mind. Not one bit.”

Alec blushed and turned his head away, glancing at the clock on the wall. “Wow it’s late. You uh should probably head back. What with your early er… classes and all.”

“You’re right I should probably get going. Believe me when I say I don’t want to, but I do need my beauty sleep.” He gestured towards his flawless face. “This doesn’t just happen darling, I work for it.”

Tons of genuine compliments swirled in his mind but Alec because of the complete awkward dork he was, pushed them away before getting up from the couch, briefly brushing Magnus’ hand.

Alec pushed forward, trying to ignore the warm presence behind him when he was reluctantly pathing the way to the door. He knew the night had to end at some point, but he couldn’t hide the disappointment out of his expression when he turned around, showing Magnus out.

Alec sighed. “So I guess I’ll see you at some point?”

The silence was heavy and Alec could feel the beginning of a laugh coming from Magnus.

“Ah fuck it.” He heard Magnus murmur and before he knew what was happening Magnus leaned in and brushed his lips, silently asking for permission and Alec, pushed forward, crashing their lips together, giving Magnus his answer. It was intense and Magnus’ lips were so incredibly soft. Magnus slipped his tongue into Alec’s mouth and he heard him gasp in surprise before a small moan vibrated from his mouth. Magnus smiled into the kiss, relishing in the sounds he could make Alec murmur before they both reluctantly pulled away, catching their breath.

“Well.” Magnus huffed. “I certainly enjoyed that. We should probably meet up. Do it again sometime.” He grinned flirtatiously and Alec, the adorable minx, blushed.

“Y-yeah, that sounds um… nice.”

“Your sister has my number and you’ll probably be seeing me a lot more around here.” He winked. “Call me darling.”

Before Magnus could move passed the door, Alec grabbed onto his forearm and kissed him again. Softly and sweetly, promising more kisses to come and Magnus wrapped his arms around Alec’s waist, pulling them closer.

“Sorry.” Alec gasped, seconds after the kiss ended. “Just wanted to.”

Magnus gleamed. “You can kiss me whenever you want darling.” He brushed his lips over Alec’s cheek before moving back and fluttering out the door, ignoring the eruption of butterflies in the pit of his stomach. Alec shut the door and slumped over it, where Magnus had just been seconds before. The feeling was overwhelming and and he couldn’t fight the smile that had overridden his face, leaving him blissfully happy. He’d call Magnus tomorrow. 

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