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Ooh! Can you do relationship headcanons for the US brothers?


- He needs attention, and he needs lots of it. But he’s kind of picky with it. Some days he will be around you constantly asking for a hug or a kiss or just anything. Other days he’s a little calmer, and sometimes he needs his space. He’s very good at showing what kind of a day it is though.

-He always seems to know when you need a hug or a compliment. Some of them are a little weird because he doesn’t want to give generic compliments like ‘’Your shirt looks nice today’’ (He always makes sure to tell you that anyway) He once complimented you on how your hands looks when you type on your keyboard. Basically every positive thing he thinks about you he has to say.

-He is high-key romantic. And he always remembers your anniversaries, and sometimes he makes up his own. If you’re not one to remember or pay attention to these things, you’re in for some surprises. You’ll come home from work just to find that he’s prepared a nice dinner (Yes, his food is edible. Most of the time) with candles and flowers. And then he tells you that it’s because on this day, x number of years ago you held hands for the first time. At least you know he’s paying attention to you and the relationship. He’s very thoughtful but sometimes he goes a little overboard. 

-He’s not good at taking critique, especially not from you. You’re his safe space and he doesn’t like people reminding him of his flaws. It makes him frustrated and irritated and he gets obsessed with doing whatever was wrong better. You’ll have to slowly teach him that it’s okay to not do things perfectly, and that you’re not trying to be mean. He loves when you praise him though, so that evens it out a bit. 


-He teases you about everything. It’s how he copes with anger and frustration. This means that sometimes he doesn’t notice when he’s pushing it too far, simply because he doesn’t want to care. You’re going to have to set some clear boundaries of what’s okay and what’s not. If he goes to far, give him the silent treatment. He deserves it and it scares the living daylight out of him. 

-He is super cuddly, especially in the morning. He pulls you close and wraps the two of you in blankets, thus creating a blanket burito of snuggles. He might be a bit pokey but it’s not that bad. He generates a lot of heat so it’s like a warm toasty oven of pure bliss. It’s great on weekends when you don’t have anything to do, but basically impossible to get up for work when he does this. 

-He’s really great at de-stressing you. If you’re overwhelmed by work or school or just any big task or project he helps break it down into smaller tasks. And then he makes sure that you follow those without pushing you too hard. He’s incredibly sweet when he wants to be. 

-He spoils you rotten. Mostly because he’s trying to make up for being a bit of a jerk sometimes. He figures that he’s probably always done something wrong so he might as well buy you something to make  up for it. 

-He shows affection through flirting, teasing, cuddling and buying you stuff. He’s not good with direct verbal affirmation or showing how much he appreciates you through words. You’re gonna have to look between the lines in his teasing and flirting. He really loves you and he knows that he’s lucky to have you.


shh don’t tell anyone she’s reading on the job when she should be learning the dewey decimal system 

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im rlly enjoying Hlex a whoooole lot ! thank u for that precious lil bean 💕

You know what the best thing is about having a job and your own money??? You can spoil your parents, like I can literally go out and get my mum a present just bc I can and I just think it’s wonderful and I like giving back to her bc she always used to spoil me as a kid and teenager and it’s the least I can do to give back to her 

His//Im Jaebum

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Pairing: Jaebum x Reader

Genre: Smut

Summary:Jaebum becomes possessive over you after he becomes jealous.

Author’s Note: This is some pure ass smut enjoy

WARNING: dirty talk, slight daddy kink.

xoxo Sara

You got up early one morning with the intentions of getting ready and making yourself look presentable.  You were meeting an old friend for the first time today and you wanted to make sure you looked nice. You slid quietly out of your bed, doing your best not to wake up your boyfriend. You knew he would need as much sleep as he could get due to his busy schedule as of late, and you didn’t want to interrupt his dreams. You sat by your mirror and hummed softly as you did your makeup, entertaining yourself while managing to not wake him.

You got dressed and headed out of your room, making sure to close the door as lightly as you could behind you, when you heard him stir in your bed. You heard his soft groans that he let out every morning circle through your usually silent apartment, making you smile to yourself as you reached the living room. You heard the door to your room open.

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