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hiiii i'm looking for vegan/running blogs - lots of food and lots of running (i've followed everyone in your fave blogs and i wondered if theres anyone else or something idk sorry ahah i just assume lots of runners/vegans will follow you xx love ya sweet cheeks keep smiling xx

Hey! Okay so you’ve already seen blogs tagged in my “favorite blogs” so here are a few more that I am thinking of coming to mind that I don’t know if I’ve linked before :)













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rules : tag 10 people you want to get to know better

countries you’ve lived in : Australia

favorite fandom : There is to many but mainly 5SOS and The Vamps

languages you speak : English

favourite film of 2015 : Avengers: Age Of Ultron

last article you read: I think it was about the government shooting in Syria

last book you read : I just finished re-reading The Maze Runner series

shuffle your song library and put the first 4 here: 
1. Be With You by The Vamps
2. Beside You by 5 Seconds Of Summer
3. Mr Impatient by After Romeo
4. Greenlight by 5 Seconds Of Summer

last thing you bought online: I bought my sister an Elephant Charm bracelet

last person you dreamt of: Luke Hemmings (we had hot chocolate while we spoke about our favourite authors😂)

any recurring dreams: Being unable to move while someone cuts me open (it’s gross I know, but also terrifying

phobias or fears: bugs, heights, losing my family, public speaking

how would your friends describe you: Loyal, gives good advice, always there to listen, friendly.

how would your enemies describe you:
Protective of friends and family

would you take a bullet for someone/who?: Yes, my friends and family

if you had money to spare, what would you buy first?: I’d buy a house for my Mum and Nanna.

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“Get off of tumblr and give me love!”

Pairing: Dylan O’Brien x Reader

Warnings: None

A/N: Thank you so so so much for 1k! It’s so crazy to think that 1,000+ of you beautiful creatures are enjoying my writing and presence on this site. I don’t know how to thank you guys other than to continue to put out content to stir up your feels and make you feel special. Thank you babies! I love you all!!!! XOXOXO  

“Babe,” I talk over the sound of her fingers tapping on the laptop keys. Her slightly messy hair frames her face, keeping me from taking her attention off of the computer screen. “Babe,” I say louder, inching closer to the blogger in her natural habitat that she calls her bedroom. Despite me moving closer to her, she acts unfazed and continues to write yet another story for her blog. Alright, it’s time to take these matters into my own hands. “Babe!” I startle her as I quickly wrap my arms around her waist to pull her close to me. She clutches onto her laptop for dear life and tries to squirm her way out of my grasp. 

“Dylan, stop!” She says as she continues to struggle. “I’m serious! I need to finish that story! It’s important!” Rolling my eyes, I release her, allowing her to continue her writing. Dating a “fandom” tumblr blogger could sometimes be a pain in the ass. I mean, she has an actual job that she does during the day, but then she’s back on tumblr as soon as she gets home. Most nights, she’s on for a bit and then cuddles or has fun with me. Other nights, she’s glued to the laptop, trying to get an imagine done for her followers. I love that she’s passionate about her blog and her growing group of followers, but sometimes she’s too focused on her writing than me. I move to the end of the bed, resting my head on her long legs under the covers. “Can I help you with something Dylan?” She asks, still not looking up from the screen.

“Yeah,” I look up to the gorgeous girl in front of me. “Get off of tumblr and give me love!” She looks up from her writing and her eyes meet mine. Pulling out my best puppy eyes, I continue to stare into her eyes until she groans and I know that I have won. Slamming her laptop closed, she plugs it into it’s charger by the bed. 

“Well?” She looks at me expectantly, her eyebrows raised. “Now that you’ve prevented me from finishing one of the best imagines of my time on tumblr, what do you want?”  I know her attitude right now is only because of the long day she’s had… And also the fact that I just took her away from one of her outlets to release that attitude into something really great and well written. But hey, it’s not my fault that I miss her sometimes and just want her all to myself. 

“Is it really that hard to get off that dumb computer of yours and just give me attention once in a while?” I rub her legs from under the covers absent mindedly and look to her beautiful face. “Look, I know you’ve had a rough day at work and all, but you don’t have to only go to tumblr to relieve some of the stress. I can be quite the stress reliever myself, if you give me the chance,” I smirk as a blush floods her cheeks. I continue to give her my famous puppy dog eyes, trying to break her. Groaning, she rolls her eyes and pats the spot next to her.  

“Alright, enough with the puppy dog eyes! Just come here and lay with me then!” Grinning victoriously, I crawl over to her and nestle my head on her lap. “There, are you happy now?” I look up to her with a cheeky smile.

“Well, now that you mention it, I am feeling a bit better,” she rolls her eyes and slaps my chest lightly before attaching her fingers to my hair. “What were you writing about this time anyway?” She hangs her head low to her chest, the blush getting redder and her smile getting wider. “Oh my god, (Y/N) no! You were NOT writing smut!” 

“No! No, of course not!” She pushes me lightly. “I could never write a good smut. I leave that to blogs like smutandahalf and stilinski-jpeg.”

“So you’re telling me that you read that stuff?” At this point, (Y/N)’s as red as the tomatoes I had in my salad earlier. 

“I mean, if they happen to show up on my dash then I might just skim them,” I smirk to myself at the thought of (Y/N) reading those kind of stories in her free time or on her breaks at work. Who would’ve thought? 

“Well I’ll be damned,” I look up at her. “A year and a half later and I’m still finding more and more to love about you,” She smiles and continues to twirl her fingers through my hair. 

“If you must know, Mr. Nosey, I was writing about you,” I take a moment to take in what she said, heat rushing to my cheeks as well. “See? I knew I shouldn’t have told you! You think it’s weird!” I reach up to bring her face down to mine, connecting our lips together. “I’m sorry,” she mumbles against my lips. 

“I’m not,” I smile. “In fact, I’m pretty flattered that you’d write about me of all people,” Her eyebrows furrow in confusion.  

“Wait, you’re flattered?” She asks to be sure. 

“Why wouldn’t I be? My gorgeous girlfriend writes all her fantasies about me for the world to see! Of course I’m flattered!” She re-positions herself so that were laying side by side but facing each other. 

“So me writing about you to tons of stories about you doesn’t freak you out or anything?” I kiss her forehead and pull her body closer to mine. 

“Not even in the slightest bit, actually,” she smiles and hums in content. “But that all depends on one thing…”

“What?” She rolls onto me, resting on my chest.

“When will I get to read these stories?” 

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  • Minho:There's a rumor going around, you know.
  • You:What rumor?
  • Minho:Apparently there's this guy who really likes you but doesnt have the guts to tell you.
  • You:Who is it?
  • Minho:He'd kill me if I told you.
  • You:I thought we were best friends.
  • Minho:He's also one of my best friends.
  • You:Minho, you're only other best friends are Thomas, and Newt and it's definitely not one of them.
  • -
  • Thomas:Hey (Y/N), I heard about the guy who's in love with you.
  • You:Oh, so he's in love with me?
  • Newt:No he isnt.
  • You:Can't you shanks just admit that there is no guy. If there were, you'd at the least give me a name.
  • Thomas:Mm, no names. But you know him. *winks*
  • (walk away)
  • You:I know everyone in the bloody glade.
  • -
  • Minho:Do you want to know more about your secret admirer?
  • You:Not really.
  • Minho:And why not?
  • You:Because you shanks are playing with me.
  • -
  • Newt:You alright?
  • You:*laughs* Just doing my best to stay away from the boys and their secret admirer crap.
  • Newt:Don't think you have one?
  • You:Have you met the boys? Of course not. Besides if there were, I dont understand why he wouldn't talk to me.
  • Newt:Maybe he's afraid you won't like him back.
  • You:How will he ever know if he wont talk to me?
  • Newt:Give the shank a break, he's a shy one.
  • You:So you know him?
  • Newt:*under his breath* Better than you'd think.
  • -
  • You:The hints you gave me about the guy.. Are they true?
  • Minho:Yeah he's a shy dude, one of my best friends and won't shut up about you when you're not around.
  • You:I think I have a clue about who it is.
  • Minho:It's not all that hard to tell if your pay attention to the way he looks at you.
  • You:What if it's the guy I'm thinking of?
  • Minho:I think you know exactly who he is, (Y/N).
  • -
  • You:Guess what? I found out who the secret admirer is.
  • You:Doesn't matter. Do you think now I know he'll grow a pair and ask me out?
  • Newt:If he does, will you say yes?
  • You:Only if he stops referring to himself in the third person.
  • Newt:Okay (Y/N), would you like to go out with me?
  • You:Y'know I always had a thing for boys with accents.
Little Do You Know(P.17)

Title: Little Do you Know (P.17)
Pairing: NewtxReader
Summary: Soulmates share everything in this world, wounds, bruises, scars, tattoos. One day the reader draws on her arm with a sharpie and later that night she gets a response.

The blonde stopped his small kisses as he slowly looked up at me, a smirk on his face. “I hate to tell you this, Y/N, but you’re far from normal.”

I giggled, leaning down to bite his neck, earning a good moan from the Brit. “You know what I mean, Isaac.”

“Mmm. I like how you say my name, love.” He always avoided this subject. It worried him. We never talked about it in public, or anywhere someone could hear us, but we still avoided talking about it when we were alone like right now.

“Someday we need to talk about it…”

He ran a hand up my thigh and nodded. “But not today.”

“Or tomorrow.” I said with a shiver, kissing my way up his neck, finding his lips soon after.

“Maybe not next week, I’ll be super busy.” He added, his voice low as he moved to undo the buttons of my shirt. His hands slid over my bare skin, making me moan softly.

I kept my lips close against his as I nodded, slowly lifting his t-shirt up his sides. “And the week after is finals….so that won’t work.”

“Mhm…” He kissed me lightly before laying me back on his bed. “It’s senior year too, so we have to worry about college.”

I turned in my sleep, shutting my eyes tightly, I was trying to stay awake, stay in the dream. I wanted to see more of him, to know who he was…to keep feeling his touch. But something was tugging me from the dream world and back into reality. 

When I finally came back to my senses, I could feel the hands shaking me lightly. “Y/N, wake up.” 

Minho’s voice was low and smooth, it was warm and familiar and I smiled lightly. It wasn’t however, the voice I was longing to hear. What had I called him? 


I thought about the face that went with that name, his tussled blonde hair and deep brown eyes. That sweet and charming smile, his accent. I opened my eyes slowly, frowning a bit. How did I miss someone so much, when I didn’t even know them?

But…if that dream wasn’t a dream…if it was a memory…Then I did know him.

Minho caught my gaze, his eyes full of worry, but he was trying to hide it. “Y/N…There’s…There’s someone here to see you.”

I sat up a bit, looking a bit alarmed. “Is it Isaac?” 

The boy tilted his head, his brow furrowing and I could see the hurt flash through his gaze. “Isaac…How did you know to call him — No, it’s not him.”

I frowned. “Oh…” Slowly, I got out of the bed and Minho handed me my clothes. “Who is it?”

I tugged on the dress and looked over at him, pulling my hair up into a ponytail. “Just…someone from the hospital that wants to check in on you…His name is Jansen.”

That name seems familiar…Jansen? Who is that?

Newt’s eyes snapped open when her voice rang through his mind. She had said his name, he knew it, there was no way that wasn’t her. 

He instantly tried to connect back with her. He said her name in his mind so many times it gave him a headache. When she never responded, he sighed, sitting up in the makeshift bed that Thomas had made him. 

“Bad dream?” Thomas asked, sitting up in his own bed. 

Newt shook his head and shrugged. “I heard her voice. Just for a moment, but she said my name.”

Thomas frowned this time. “Maybe you heard it cause you wanted too.”

“No…No she said Isaac…No one says my name the way she does.” He shut his eyes, a small smile on his face. “Nah, it was her. Which means the connection is coming back. Their method of keeping us apart is getting weaker.”

Thomas nodded. “Well, in that case, you need to get a plan ready so we can rescue her when they come after her.”

“Do you think they will?” Newt asked, suddenly even more worried then he already was when she didn’t respond back to him.

“It’s only a matter of time.” Thomas shrugged, tugging back his blankets. “If they have something implanted in her to stop her connection to you, then if it starts coming back, they probably have a way of knowing.”

That name seems familiar…Jansen? Who is that?

Newt snapped his head forward, eyes wide. Thomas moved to the edge of his bed, reaching an arm out to the blonde. “Hey, I didn’t mean to freak you out, Newt, I just–”

“No you were right!” Newt growled, throwing his blankets off of him as he started gathering his clothes. 

“What?! Where are you going?!” Thomas asked, rushing up to get his own stuff together. 

“To Minho’s! Jansen’s there!”

“How do you know?” The dark haired boy moved to shove at Tylee’s shoulder, she had somehow been sleeping through the whole thing.

“I just do.” The blonde replied quietly, frowning some as he turned his attention to Thomas who kissed Tylee’s cheek when she sat up, rubbing at her eyes. “I have to go. I have to help.”

“What’s going on?” Tylee mumbled. 

“Newt says Jansen is at Minho’s.” Thomas answered, handing her a jacket. The girl grabbed it quickly, tugging it on as she moved off the bed. 

“What are we standing around for then?? Let’s go!” She cried, following after Newt as he ran for his car. Thomas hurried close behind them. 

“Whoa, whoa! Are we all just going to show up there? What if it’s not just Jansen? You guys do remember that I was shot, right? They don’t joke around!” Thomas said as he slid into the passenger seat. 

“No.” Newt answered sternly. “No, you guys aren’t going. I’m going to park away from Minho’s and walk…If you see anything get bad or hear anything, you can go for help. Get her parents or the police…Someone’s gotta be on our side.”

Thomas and Tylee nodded quietly. “Take this.” Thomas said when they turned towards Minho’s road, he handed a small handgun to the Brit. 

“Where in the world did you get that?” Newt asked in surprise, sliding the gun into his pocket. 

He shrugged. “My dad’s safe. He won’t miss it.”

The blonde gave a small laugh, parking the car a few houses down from Minho’s. “That’s not Minho’s car.”

“Guess you were right.” Tylee said, looking out the window. 

“Guess so.” Newt unbuckled, tugging the door open. “Thomas, get in the drivers seat, if anything happens…”

His friend nodded. “I know. We got your back.”

Newt smiled lightly before hurrying down the road towards Minho’s house. His eyes widened when Jansen came out and got in the car before pulling out and driving away, he never even saw Newt. 

Minho was standing on the porch when Newt made his way over, the jock looked terrified and his eyes seemed puffy as if he was about to cry, or already had. 

“What the hell just happened?!” Newt yelled, startling the boy who only sent him a glare. 

“You happened!!” Minho yelled, rushing off the porch steps to slam his hands into the blond’s shoulders. “You showed up here! You triggered something and she was in so much pain! And then…Then he showed up and…”

Minho trailed off, leaving an angered Newt staring at him. “And what?!”

“And he took her, Newt!” Minho screamed, pointing at the car that had driven away. 

“They–” Newt froze, his eyes on the car that turned right at the end of the street. He bolted from his spot, running towards Thomas and Tylee. “The car!”

Thomas was already putting the car in drive while Tylee shoved the door open for Newt to jump in. “She’s in that car, go!” 

He slammed the door shut, giving one last glare at Minho, before touching Thomas’ shoulder and letting him slow the car down.

Newt pushed the door back open and looked up at the Jock. “Get in. We’re gonna need your help.”

Without a moments hesitation, the boy jumped in the car, shutting the door so Thomas could follow after Jansen and Y/N. 

I’m coming, Y/N…I’m gonna save you, I love you.

Is hockey hard? “I don’t know, you tell me. We need to have the strength and power of a football player, the stamina of a marathon runner, and the concentration of a brain surgeon. But we need to put all this together while moving at high speeds on a cold and slippery surface while 5 other guys use clubs to try and kill us, oh yeah did I mention that this whole time we’re standing on blades 1/8 of an inch thick? Is ice hockey hard? I don’t know, you tell me. Next question.
—  Brendan Shanahan

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A Chat With The Greenie [Newt]
  • Newt:And one more thing Greenie, see that girl over there laughing by the fire?
  • Thomas:Yeah, who's that?
  • Newt:That's (Y/N)
  • Thomas:She's got quite the body.
  • Newt:Oh, I know. And Greenie. If you want to live, I suggest never looking at her like that again. Honestly mate, you will find yourself fed to the Greavers if you even think about touching her. Have I made myself clear?
  • Thomas:G-got it.
  • Newt:Good.


LISTENER:  Hey, fellas. Listen, I’m glad the runners are bring back supplies. Those crutches and fresh batteries went a long way, but… do they have to bring back so many sports bras? I mean, yeah, we need fresh underwear, but are they just lying around randomly everywhere they go? It just seems a bit excessive, is all I’m saying.

JACK HOLDEN: Well, I think we all know who he’s talking about.

EUGENE WOODS: You know the Major doesn’t like us gossiping.

JACK HOLDEN: But! No, okay, but naming no names, it does seem to be a certain runner in particular who’s the culprit here.

EUGENE WOODS: Naming no names.

JACK HOLDEN: [coughs] Runner Five? [coughs]

EUGENE WOODS: It’s like some sort of… fixation.

JACK HOLDEN: Weird, right?

EUGENE WOODS: Now, now. No judging.

JACK HOLDEN: Speak for yourself.

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hi brielle, i was wondering if u had any advice for first time runners? i really want to get into running, but don't really know how to go about it, cause i've been a couch potato all my life

that’s so awesome that you want to get into running!

i’ve been pretty active for as long as i can remember so you should take my advice with a grain of salt (since you come from different beginning circumstances), but here are a few tips for you:

  • invest in a good pair of running shoes - know how much arch support you need, your pronation, all that good stuff
  • try not to run on hard cement as that can be very damaging for your joints in the long run (no pun intended…heh okay maybe a little pun intended) - aim instead for dirt, track, or something similar
  • always warm up before going on a run and make sure you’re stretching before and after - shin splints ain’t no joke
  • pace, breathing, and posture are v important
    • run at a pace that feels comfortable to you and won’t tire you out too quickly
    • figure out what breathing count works best for you - i usually do a 3-to-3 count for long distance runs and a 2-to-1 count for sprints
      • deep breaths - not quick, shallow ones
    • posture is important for breathing and making you a better runner
      • don’t look at your shoes - look straight ahead
      • straight neck, straight back
      • why do people always slump when they’re running?? don’t do that ok
  • wait at least half an hour after eating to go for a run or your tummy will be v upset with you
  • always. double. knot. your. running. shoes.
  • make sure to eat/drink after a run to replenish your body

hope this helped! ^_^

Writing prompts for ya guys XD

I thought maybe is i gave some prompts it might be easier for you guys to send me stuff you want me to write :3 Keep in mind I don’t do smut or actor imagines. Thx guys hope you find something you like.

1. Oh my Gosh your bleeding

2. You know we could get arrested for this

3. Dude, Sorry… Dudette STAAAPPPP

4. Who doesn’t like cake?!

5. Babe, You punched him? That’s so hot

6. When in Rome….

7. You touch me and you die

8. Twilight, Really I thought you were better than that?

9. I thought I almost lost you… again

10. I didn’t know you danced

11. You have a nice voice

12. I’m dying

13. …Then who can we trust?

14. Merry Christmas

15. Guess what?

16. Were lost aren’t we?

17.  I’m not worried


19. Well I thought I’d never see the day

20. I regret nothing, ok, somethings… well, everything


22. When were you going to tell me?

23. Cake?

24. It’s four in the morning what the heck are you doing?

25. Its a revolution!

26. Homework must have been created by the devil

27. Put a shirt on, fool


29. Are you kidding me? Doctor who is awesome!

30. Get out of this room before I make you leave


For: Anon

Imagine: Pretending to be a boy in the Glade until Newt finds out that you are actually a girl.  

Your hair was already on the shorter end when you came up in that box, on top of that, your baggy clothes helped hide your figure, and if you could conceal your voice well enough no one would ever discover you were a girl. You were stuck in this place full of boys, who knows what they would do to you if they discovered your identity, it just wasn’t safe. You had been in the Glade for a month now and so far, you had hidden things pretty well by doing things such as taking showers when all the boys were done with their own.

Over this past month, you had developed a very close friendship with one boy in particular; Newt. He’s the only one you had ever thought about telling, but of course you had never had the guts to do so. To be honest, you had started falling for Newt, but of course, he thought of you as just another one of the guys, and you forced yourself to believe that it was better this way.

That evening, after dinner you make your way into the deadheads, this was a routine of yours ever since you got here; as you were the only girl here, it could get hard to find some time just to yourself, the deadheads were the perfect place to finally do so after a long day. You climb up onto one of the trees as usual and let your thoughts consume you. You had been up there longer than you normally are and you started to feel tired, you couldn’t sleep the previous night so you thought it would be best to get down and call it a night. It still wasn’t too dark out and the boys were all out and about having fun. You attempt to get down but because of the drowsiness from the lack of sleep and a pathetic slip of the hand, you fall, you scream, loud, hopefully catching the attention of the Gladers. A tree branch scraps your torso on your way down and you land flat on your back, leaving you winded. Newt is the first one by your side, and he was surround by a few of the others, he glances down at the small bit of exposed skin on your side, seeing the wound he attempts to pull your shirt up, but you stop him, “Newt, what are you doing?”

“You have a huge cut on your stomach; we need to take a look at it. Here let me help you get your shirt off Kyle,” Kyle, the name the Gladers gave you after three days of you telling them you that you couldn’t remember your name, of course you remembered it; Y/N. You repeated it to yourself every time someone used this fake name, it’s the only thing you remember, you refused to lose that.

“Newt, no,” You grab his hand stopping him from taking your shirt off, “I’m okay.”

“Really? Look at you Greenie,” Newt gestures at you, while the other Gladers exchange confused glances at you behaviour. You struggle to get yourself up, but once you do, you instantly push away from the crowd.

“I’m fine,” you call once more before making your way toward the homestead. You feel someone’s presence behind you, you turn around, Newt. “Newt, what are you doing here? I told you I was fine.”

“So why did you refuse to take you shirt off? Is it because you’re too proud to admit that you hurt yourself, or is it because you’re a girl?” Newt asks so nonchalantly that you didn’t even realize what he was asking for a moment, but you’re flustered as the realization hits.

“Wh-what the shuck are you talking about?” You ask as if it’s the stupidest thing you’ve ever heard. Newt takes your hand dragging you towards his room.

“Do you think I’m as stupid as the rest of these shanks?” Newt questions, letting you go once you’re safe in his room.


“Alright then take you shirt off, as a guy you should have no problem in doing so,” Fucking shit.

“Newt please, you can’t tell anyone,” You take his hand, looking deeply into his eyes, “Please?”

“No one’s going to hurt you love, you can trust these boys.”

“Y/N,” He looks at you confused, “M-my name.”

“You remembered it?”

“I’ve known it since I came up in that box. Newt, I’m not ready to tell anyone. Please Newt, if you’ve ever considered me to be a friend then promise me that you won’t tell anyone.”

He touches your face, “They won’t hear it from me, at least, not until you’re ready.”

“Thank you,” You smile warily before hugging him.

“And I promise that I will protect you,” He cups your cheek, “From anything.”

“Newt-” He cuts you off with a sweet and passionate kiss, you stay like that for a minute before pulling away.

“I always thought you were special,” He whispers, brushing your cheek with the pad of your thumb, “Now, are you sure you don’t want me to take a look at your wound?”

You smile up at him before shift away from him a bit and pulling up your shirt, “Thank you Newt.”

A/N: Can any of you figure out where I got the way that Newt confronts Y/N ;) ?

The professor will be renamed!

Even though the poll was up for a day, this option won by a landslide.

Way back when in 2013, the runner up name in the original Professor name poll was Sequoia. We feel that we should give this name to the Professor, but we want to know what you guys think!

So community, should we:

1. Rename the Professor Professor Sequoia

2. Do a new poll about new names

What do you think is best?

Bad Haircut

*Requested: Y/N doesn’t want to shoot a gun at the Right Arm camp until someone from WICKED shoots her and gives her a weird haircut.*

You picked up a rock and threw it.

“Really, Y/N? A rock?” Minho spat and you huffed.

“I refuse to shoot that thing.” you said and motioned towards the huge machine gun lying in between you and Newt.

“I know you’re against the violence, but it would help.” Newt said calmly as he aimed a Launcher and shot it.

There was chaos all around you and you didn’t want to contribute. Rocks were one thing. Bullets were another.

“No.” you said strongly and stood up.

You heard one bullet ring out clearly and everything moved a little slower, your brain taking in the moments like photographs. Every detail became clear and your senses became sharper. Minho and Newt’s faces grew scared and panicked and angry in the two seconds that the bullet moved towards you. You felt the air of it by your left cheek, and your hair moved slightly but just oddly enough for you to flinch.

“Y/N!” you heard Minho shout but you weren’t in pain. You looked down, expecting blood to be pouring out of your chest or stomach or something, but you saw nothing and felt less.

“Your hair. You’re one lucky shank.” Newt said and gestured towards your head. Your hand went to the left side of your face quickly and felt something. Well, more like nothing. Your hair was cut short and at an angle, but only on the left side of your head. You looked down and saw a few clumps of hair on the ground by your dirty boots.

“That’s it. If WICKED wants to play dirty, then I’m in.” you said with fury dripping over your words as you reached over and picked up the machine gun on the ground.

You aimed towards the WICKED members and dropped the bullets into place.

“WICKED is good? We’ll see about that.” you said and squeezed your finger over the tigger, letting the bullets shoot out.

“Your aim is fantastic.” Newt said as he watched in awe at your sudden change of heart. You glanced at him and rolled your eyes but couldn’t hide the smile tugging at your lips and the flush if your cheeks.

“Slim it and let’s take these shanks down.”

The signs as A-Tom IG captions

| Hansol ver |

Aries: its called a breakfast burger

Taurus: “I don’t even know what’s important”

Gemini:  ● Δ ●

Cancer: Woo!!

Leo: I think I’ll be able to be in Maze Runner!

Virgo: I’m giving you all a picture, have a better New Years than you could ever have imagined!!!

Libra: Harbin weather

Scorpio: 67.9kg I’m becoming big howboutit?

Sagittarius: (one of his no caption pics)

Capricorn: Damn A-Tom back at it again with the white cap

Aquarius: Heh

Pisces: ._.