Dear Housing

I wish during training you would sit the RAs down and say “Look, we are going to do our best to prepare you for this job and make sure you know the arsenal of resources available to you. But there will be situations we cannot possibly prepare you for. There will be moments when you cannot look back to training for help and you’ll just have to go with your gut. Understand you were hired because we trust you, so in those moments when you have no idea what to do, trust your instinct.”

  • “Our RA is so weird,” my residents whisper as they walk past my open door.
  • “Our RA is never here!” my residents complain when I keep my door shut past quiet hours.
  • “Our RA is a bitch!” my residents shout when they’re being documented for breaking policy.
  • “Our RA is pretty cool!” my residents exclaim when they come to programs and get to know me.
  • “Our RA is so boring!” my residents tell their friends as they see me studying on Friday and Saturday nights.



Hello Everyone,

I hope your new semester is off to a great start.  I wanted to write and let you all know of some changes that are going to happen with this blog.

I am currently in grad school for student affairs and am now 1.5 years out of being an RA, and I just cannot give this blog the attention that it is deserves.  This blog, and all of you, are very special to me and I want it to continue to be a community and a resource for RAs to share stories, ideas, and vent to one another.  So I had to figure out how to continue the blog without being the one who administrates it anymore.  I racked my brain to think if there was anyone who I knew I could trust to keep it going, and luckily, I thought of one person.

Iair (pronounced ya-ear) was my coworker for a year and a half, and I consider him to be my brother.  He loves all things RA just as much as I do and I am confident that he will be able to answer your questions and give good advice to all of you.  He will be running youknowyoureanrawhen for a while.

I’m not completely leaving.  I will still be an admin on the blog, and will check back in from time to time, but Iair will do most of the posting from here on out.  

I wanted to say thank you to all of you who have stuck with me from the beginning, and to those of you who have helped me create an amazing community and network for RAs all across the country (and continent!).  I will miss you all and love you very dearly.

Happy RA-ing!


Mandy Rae