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would you accept fanmixes about your writing (for those who have significantly less artistic talent)?

The fact that you want to do ANYTHING because of MY writing makes me giddy af. So yes. I accept any and all things. Even when you guys come in and say something reminded you of one of my stories or muses I just !!!!!! a lot over here in my little part of the world. Just so you know. I love it. I love you guys.

—  So have you got the guts?
Been wondering if your heart’s still open And if so I wanna know what time it shuts
Simmer down and pucker up
I’m sorry to interrupt
It’s just I’m constantly on the cusp of trying
To kiss you
I don’t know if you
Feel the same as I do
But we could be together
If you wanted to
(Do I wanna know?)
If this feeling flows both ways
(Sad to see you go)
Sort of hoping that you’d stay
(Baby we both know)
That the nights were mainly made for saying things
That you can’t say tomorrow day

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✿ for whoever you want

send me a ✿ and i’ll generate a number.

nose kiss

“You’re cute,” Brian declared, leaning forward to press his lips against the tip of Bentley’s nose. Post-sex bliss was his favorite, when they were both sweaty and tired and loose. He snuggled closer, throwing an arm over his boyfriend before pecking his nose again. “I love you. Too much. I don’t know how I got it all in me because I’m gonna explode.”

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♢ for Nixon and Piper (because their friends are dicks probably)

Send me ♢ for my muse to get dared to kiss yours

«Do people even play this game anymore?» Piper wanted to know as she begrudgingly sat down in the circle next to Nixon. He couldn’t blame her - he wasn’t too keen on a round of “truth or dare” himself. He felt like he was back in middle school again - he guessed that’s what happened when college students had a drink too many.

No one answered Piper, but one of Nixon’s friend shouted, «I’ll start!» and immediately pointed towards Nixon. «Dare,» Nixon muttered before even thinking it through. He, too, had been drinking excessively. And so came the inevitable, because his friends were major assholes and Nixon was majorly dumb. «Kiss her,» his friend said mid-giggle and pointed towards Piper who immediately flustered and looked directly at Nixon as if she couldn’t believe what was happening.

Too drunk to function, Nixon went for it and Piper was so taken aback by the fact that he actually did it to even respond to the brief kiss. There wasn’t anything spectacular about it, except for the fact that it was a kiss and only now did Nixon realize how much he had wanted to do that. But now he cussed himself for it instead and didn’t dare to meet Piper’s eyes. How dumb could he be? Things would only get complicated and awkward now. He looked at his friend who had dared him in the first place and made a face as if nothing had happened. «Fine, my turn.»

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“i think i’d know when someone is flirting with you, i did it first remember?” ( ooc: don't blame me )

“Well, it’s none of your damn business if someone is flirting with me, now is it?” There’s that familiar chill, that strong dislike for the other joking about any of this shit- and the fear that honestly, one day, it wouldn’t be a joke.  The other wasn’t exactly perfectly sane, but he wasn’t really insane either.  Dean, he could predict, other people in his life, he could predict, Lucifer- he knew decently well enough from the cage, but at the same time- you never really knew what was coming.