I decided to mix things up and draw some characters from that other story that I mentioned. I hardly draw these kids and since my mom and I were talking about this story, so this is what came out of it! So meet Claire Duff and Daniel Rodriguez, best friends who hunt and exorcize ghosts when they’re not busy with school and other life drama. Only Claire can really sense and exorcize ghosts, really, Daniel’s just here to make sure she doesn’t get herself killed. Here in this picture, they are scouting for ghosts until Claire spots Daniel’s crush from across the street and is suggesting he go talk to them.

“Hey Daniel, is that who I think it is?”

“Oh gosh, Claire! Hide me!”

“Hey! Vanessa, right!?”


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From EW Superhero Insider, a hint about next year’s crossover…

Marc Guggenheim: “Very early on in the process of doing last year’s crossover, Greg said that there’s probably no way to get bigger than aliens. So the way to make next year’s crossover especially epic is, if you can’t increase the bombast, increase the emotional stake and payoff. So that’s a very oblique comment on where our heads are at.”

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Excluding English what do you think should be the lingua franca? And why?

This is possibly the most interesting and thought-provoking ask I’ve ever gotten, and it’s a lot of fun to think about this! I’d love to open this for a discussion, so if you want to share your opinion/thoughts, please add them or send me an ask! 

Let’s see the options (leaving out English): 

  • Spanish is a viable candidate, already present as a main language in Europe and South America and taught widely in schools across Europe and North America. It’s close to Italian, Portuguese and French, which adds a huge number of people who could easily acquire it. If a South American country rises in (economic) influence, I could see it happening. The same scenario applies to Portuguese. Also to French, since they also have the advantage of Canada, are well-established in Europe and also in Africa. 
  • Chinese is another option simply because of the huge number of native speakers. Right now, it’s more regionally bound to China, but if China’s economic influence increases further, the language could become even more important. I think the biggest obstacle here is that it would require the majority of the world to learn and use a completely different writing system (logographic instead of segmental). 
  • Russian could well be as well, again depending on the development of Russia’s economy and politics. With almost 150 million native speakers and a segmental system (thus maybe easier to learn for speakers of other European languages with segmental system) it’s definitely on the list. 


  • German probably won’t happen since we don’t have nearly enough native speakers. If it were to happen, it would take a very very very long time - Germany (or Austria) would have to rise significantly in importance within Europe while other economic centres like the US would have to diminish in importance, which is highly unlikely. German is also not very accessible, unless maybe to native speakers of Scandinavian languages. 
  • Hindi is a possibility, but since English is so well-established in India, there’s no real need for it. If English ceased to exist tomorrow, there would be a chance, I suppose. 
  • Japanese is an option following the same logic as Chinese, but since it has significantly less native speakers than Chinese, I wouldn’t deem it likely. 
  • I don’t believe that languages like Esperanto which were especially designed to become linguae francae will ever become one. There are various reasons, for example in this article, the main one being that languages live off the culture they embody, and Esperanto having no such thing. 

If we’re talking about what I personally and subjectively would want as a lingua franca, I’d definitely take us all back to Roman times and vote for Latin. All speakers of French, Spanish, Portuguese, and related languages would have it quite easy, as well as speakers of languages with a similar grammatical system, like German. It’s a bit like Esperanto considering it would be “artificially” revived, but since it actually was used at some point, it has a cultural context and well-developed grammar. We’d have to update Latin a bit in terms of vocabulary (which should be possible), but otherwise it’s a precise language and since no one is a native speaker of it, we’d all have the same disadvantage and no one could make fun of others for making mistakes. Medical, botanical, and legal terms are mostly already in or derived from Latin anyways. I also think that learning Latin would teach everyone a lot about history which is a nice side effect. Also, it just sounds really cool. 

(If we were to choose an invented language as a lingua franca, my vote would go to Elvish. It looks damn beautiful.) 

I know neither of those will happen, but it’s fun to think about, haha! 

Let me know what you think! 


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SO still working on what I can possibly do for charms! I’ll let you all know when I have something figured out, in the meantime please give my some feedback and opinions on these charms as the designs become available! 

I’m really excited with how these are turning out! stay tuned for more!

Also if you wanna know what bottle Vince is in “it’s Fucking Everclear”

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The Librarians Sentence Starter
  • 1: "You people... DON'T APPRECIATE ART!"
  • 2: "That this house is the Star Trek transporter or maybe even the TARDIS!"
  • 3: "Just out of curiosity, what roles are you playing?"
  • 4: "Are there any languages you don't speak?"
  • 5: "Why in the hell should I listen to you?"
  • 6: "How about we just all hold hands, bow our heads and be grateful that we're all here safe together."
  • 7: "Love is the supreme power! It trumps everything!"
  • 8: "And you're willing to risk your life for him?"
  • 9: "I never know what I'm doing. That's my superpower."
  • 10: "You know what I'm thinking?"
  • 11: "I'm thinking that I can can run faster than you 'cause you've been stabbed."
  • 12: "Who's up for movies? I've got "Night," "Day," "Dawn," "Land," and "City" of the Living Dead!"
  • 13: "Your mother did not hug you enough, did she?"
  • 14: "You have an incredible talent for turning a bad situation into a worse-case scenario."
  • 15: "Excuse me, I'm going to take care of my desperately not wanting to be here."
  • 16: "I've gone into the field with experienced soldiers with a good plan, good Intel, and still come home with nothing but dog tags."
  • 17: "It wasn't your fault. You did good but sometimes, you just lose."
  • 18: "Again? This is the third time this place has been attacked since I started working here. We need to have a serious talk about the so-called security."

because I haven’t been playing with photoshop for ages, because I have a fetish and because sassy, snarky punk!cas (hipster!cas?) with tattoos is so my jam

“Listen, Winchester, you’ve been checking me out for the last two hours and although I’m flattered because - let’s be serious - my ass looks ravishing in these slacks - it’s getting really frustrating. So either you come to terms with your raging bi-curiousity and let me devastate your beautifull ass upstairs.. or go home and keep jerking off to the fantasy of being sodomized by my gorgeous self.” Cas winked. “My tongue piercing looks good but feels even better”.