Awakened Destiny- Part 5

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The knock at the door made the two of you snap out of it as you turned towards the door, raising an eyebrow. Sam quickly walked in front of you, looking through the peephole before opening the door. You expected to see Dean standing there with food, but your face dropped when it wasn’t.

“Long time no see, Y/N”

“…Bucky” you gasped, your body momentarily freezing as you looked into those oh so familiar eyes.

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Missing Something.

Requested: Hey can you do an imagine a pretty lengthy one too were the reader is Daryl’s daughter and rick and carl are on a run and find her and ask her what’s her name she ends up saying (y/n) Dixon and they knew they had to bring her to Daryl where they meet at Hilltop

a/n:  Please let me know if you liked this? Idk I feel like its shit or that there’s something better that I can do. Lol thanks xo :)

You sat trying to catch your breath as you look at the three walkers laying in front of you. You clutch the knife closer to your chest as your head rests against the wall. Your chest heaves rapidly as your stomach grumbles. You sit for a while, maybe 15 minutes or so, until you hear voices.

“I can help, you know I can.” It’s a boys voice, a young boy.

“No, Carl, for the last time you’re not coming with us. Now c’mon on help me find some stuff so the whole of Alexandria doesn’t starve.” The second voice is an older mans voice. He sounded strong. You ducked your head more to make sure you were out of sight. You hand the knife in hand as you listened to the strangers’ voices.

“Come on dad, you know I can help take some of them out right. I mean it is an extra pair of hands.” The younger voice begs as the voices get closer.

“Maybe I’ll think about it you’re still young.” The manlier voice protests. You hear they’re footsteps and hold you knife harder, in case they decided to ambush. In case there were more of them. You listen closely as the voices and the footsteps stop altogether. You turn yourself to find two people pointing their guns at you. The taller man had a jacket with white fur at the top, a knife in his holster and greyish curls. You figured that his voice was the deeper voice because the other guy looked much, much younger. Around 17. He wore a sheriff hat, had bright blue eyes and a blue checked shirt on. They both aimed their guns at you and you fully turned to face them.

“I’m gonna need you to drop the weapon and raise your hands, and yourself for that matter.” The older one points to the knife with the gun and you stand, drop the knife, and raise your hands. The younger guy looks you up and down as he stills aims the gun at you. The older one walks over to you and starts to pa you down, checking that you have no more weapons on you. He backs away from you, finding nothing and puts his gun away, though the younger one keeps his pointing at you.

“I’m Rick Grimes. This is Carl Grimes, my son.” The older one, Rick, nods to you and you nod back. You start to feel shy as the both assess you, looking you up and down. “Who are you?”

“(Y/n). (Y/n) Dixon.” You mutter and they both tense up and look at each other, then back to you.

“Could be a coincidence. They might just have the same last name.” Carl mutters lowering his gun, finally. Rick shakes his head back and forth at his son.

“When has anything ever been a coincidence in this world?” Rick looks back to you. “Do you by any chance happen to know, Daryl Dixon?” Your breath catches in your throat the instance you hear your dads name. You tried to find him when the outbreak happened. You searched everywhere. You gave up after a while because it was no use. But now your heart raced within your chest at the fact that your father could still be alive. You nod slowly.

“Why? Do you know him? Is he alive? Is he okay?” You speak quickly and Rick and Carl furrow their eyebrows,

“Look don’t take this the wrong way but we’ve never been the type of people to trust easily.” Carl says as he walks over to you and ties your hands together with rope. You look at him as he ties up your wrists. “We’ve been screwed too many times.” He whispers so only you are able to hear

“How long have you been out here?” Rick asks.

“2 months. I was with a group but they’re gone now.” You whisper the last part as you remember your friends and your boyfriend.

“Look I only have three questions for you to answer. How many walkers have you killed?” He gets his gun back out but doesn’t aim it at you. Carl stands by you in case you try anything stupid.

“I don’t know. Never kept count. A lot I guess.” You mutter as you shrug your shoulders.

“How many people have you killed.” He looks you dead in the eye and you sigh.

“Enough.” You whisper

“Why?” He huffs.

“Either to stop them from changing, because they were too dangerous or because they were trying to kill me.” You shrug as he looks at you and studies you. You know exactly what was going through his head right now. “I know, I’m too young to have gone through such trauma. It’s what happens now in this world. It’s how you survive.” you whisper while looking away.

“Carl untie her.” Rick says and Carl looks at his dad, angry and confused, but he still does it while huffing and rolling his eyes. “We’re gonna take you to a place called Hilltop. There’s someone there waiting for you.” He says as he leaves and you follow.

You stand next to Carl waiting and tapping your foot. The big gates in front of you open and you stare.

“You live here?” You whisper to Carl and he shakes his head and looks at you.

“No. I live in a place called Alexandria, bit like this place but I like Alexandria better.” He smiles at you and you flush. You follow Rick in and up to a smart looking building. He opens the door and it’s a little like you’re in a royal house. Everything is so clean and you start to feel a little intimidated by the things you don’t have. Then another set of doors to your left open to reveal and beautiful looking woman with a sword. You step back a little.

“Is um- is Daryl in there with you Michonne.” Rick questions and the girl looks at you and hesitantly nods and steps back. Someone else walks out and you freeze as you breath heavily.

“Dad?” You whisper as you feel a tear slip down your cheek. You see eyebrows raise and eyebrows furrow.

“(Y/n)?” Your dad says as he walks up to you and hugs you tightly. His arms are like home.

“I looked for you everywhere for 2 years. I stopped when I realised there was no hope. I thought you died.” You exclaim within his arms. A tall ginger guy coughs from behind your dad as he lets go of you.

“I’ve missed you everyday. God I looked for you too. And your mother, but I just couldn’t find you. I’ve been with these guys for about 6 years. Guys this is (Y/n), my daughter. Long story.” He says as everyone looks very surprised.

“Wow, I uh didn’t expect that.” A guy with a gun whispers. He’s stood next to a tall girl with shoulder length hair. She was pretty too.

“Come in here here sit ya ass down you look tired. I can’t believe you’re here. I really had lost hope of finding you.  How long where you out there?” He pulls you into the room he came out of and everyone follows.

“2 months. It’s not that bad.” You huff.

“Is it just you?” He whispers and you nod slowly and look down to your fingers in your lap as you start to feel nervous that all the attention is on you. “What about your mom?” He whispers.

“No. She became one of them before I could stop it. So did Jake. What about Merle?” Your dads head whips up at the sound of Merle’s name. He just shakes his head. “I’m sorry.” You whisper, barely audible.

“Don’t be. He was a dick. Especially to Rick.” He points up to Rick and he chuckles.

“You’re welcome to stay at Alexandria with us (Y/n). Any nice family member of Daryl’s is our family too.” Rick mutters and you know he’s referring to Merle. He may have been your uncle but God you hated him. “You know me, Carl and Daryl of course. These people here are Michonne, Abraham, Glenn, Maggie and Rosita.” Rick introduces you to everyone in the room and you nod to them. “C'mon, we should get back.” You stand and while everyone moves to leave, you and Daryl stay at the back.

“I’m sorry about your Mom and your brother. I didn’t know Jake as much as I knew you. But I still can’t believe that you’re here.” He whispers. “We probably could’ve avoided all this if your Mom let me see you more. You loved coming over mine just because you loved eatin’ peanut butter with your finger but your Mom would hate it when you’d do it.” He chuckles.  You missed those days.

“When all this happened I went to your house to look for you. You weren’t there so I went over to Uncle Merle’s house. He wasn’t there either.” You sighed and looked up at him.” I looked for you for almost 3 hours and when I got back it was too late. One must’ve bit mom because she was one of them when I got back. She must’ve gotten Jake shortly after because he was also one.” He looks at you with sympathy as you start to sniffle.

“I’m sorry. You have me, we’re together now. No more being alone okay?” He puts his arm around your neck and you smile. No more being alone.

You look at the gates of Alexandria as they slide open and you take a deep breath.

“You ready kid?” Your dad stands next to you as you smile.

“Sure.” You whisper as you look at Carl. He looks at you and smiles. It was like your life had finally found the missing piece it needed. You always felt that you were missing something and now you had finally found it and you weren’t going to let go of it this time. The gates slide open as you feel your heart flutter. You were going to be happy in Alexandria and just that thought made you ecstatic. You had your dad back and that was all that mattered.

Monsta X finds out their girlfriend is a Victoria Secret model

Lol okay this one should be good. thank you for your request. Judging by those faces you’re looking for some sexiness haha. ill try my best, i’ll make some as if you had told them.


“Say what now?”

goes to his computer desk and pulls out a Victoria Secret catalog “I haven’t seen you before in this. show me”

Y/N: This is an old catalog babe~ i’m in the new one. you giggle cutely

“…..Babe… let’s go, i’ve got to get me the new catalog!… You’ll show me your modeling skills later right? i’ll evaluate ~” wiggles eyebrows


“You’re a Victoria Secret model babe? congrats~ all the guys want you and you’re all mine~~~~ I love you so much~” give you lots of love and kisses


Swallows hard and looks to his bedroom door. he says nothing but you know exactly whats going through his head.

Y/N : babe you’re so dirty~~~

“The offer is there”


“Are you reaaaaally?~ babe how about we have a mini shoot in my room? should we?” lifts eyebrows and takes you to his room


“why didn’t you say?” rips open shirt “it’s time to model baby~” backs up into his room


“Ehm… i’m trying to work out why you haven’t told me sooner and why you haven’t shown me some of that lingerie of yours. You should go show me babe, i’d really like to see~”


“what? since when? i’m dating a model? and one that all the guys want? eyyyyyy babe~ do you get to take any of those pieces home?~” slight smirk

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