Klance is literally so pure idk why ya’ll are saying “look at this sin” when talking about klance they compliment each other so much and work so well together like I don’t know about you folks but this is a pretty pure ship probably more pure than a cinnamon roll given to us by jesus.

Why Her Stans Love Her: As an artist, Rihanna’s stans love her because she is essentially a Tumblr account with a record contract. All that is great about her (photos, singles, videos, and Tweets) can be enjoyed on your mobile device and her concert tickets cost less than price of personal pan pizza. This means that being a Rihanna stan requires no big imposition on your wallet, attention span or brain cells. As an overall personality, Rihanna stans love her because she doesn’t pretend to be perfect. Unlike Gaga stans, Rihanna stans aren’t looking for mothering and mentoring, but like Gaga stans, Rihanna stans are looking for someone to tell the it’s okay. It is okay to not be good at anything as long as you’re overstyled and have no gag reflex. Rihanna and her stans may not have it all together, but so what? Most people in their teens and 20’s don’t know their bussies from a hole in a tree, but that’s okay. They still have time to figure it out and even if they don’t they still had fun along the way.

@joshaya shippers please keep in mind that the actress who plays Maya,Sabrina Carpenter, is 17 years old and she doesn’t look like 14-15 at all. I know Maya and Josh look good together but if you imagine an actual 14 y/o girl with a 18 y/o guy you will understand why some people in our fandom think it’s not appropriate to ship them. Just imagine your little sister or niece going out with a college guy. Would you be ok with it? I honestly don’t think so. And it’s not just about their age difference. Maya is a freshman in high school. She just graduated from middle school. She has no experience in sexual relationships whatsover. Josh, is a 18 years old college guy, so you can guess what he’s probably looking for in a relationship. I respected Josh when Maya went after him and he didn’t lead her on because he knew that they cannot engage in any kind of sexual/romantic relationship but what he did in GM Ski lodge was inappropriate. And for those who say that he didn’t ask her out, but they just made a “promise” for the future, I still believe it’s not ok considering that he knows very well what Maya thinks of him.  He’s older, he should be able to understand that saying to a 14 years old girl who has a huge crush on him that he likes her and then proceed to give her false hope is not fair to her because let’s be real, any 14 years old girl would hold on to that ‘promise’. 

 I’m not trying to attack you. I get it. Uriah and Sabrina look good together, they have chemistry on screen and their scenes were cute. But please consider that this is a Disney show. We don’t want young girls to think that’s it’s ok to go out with a college guy. 

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I shipped Tobin and Shirley so hard when I found out about it, but when they broke up and Tobin got together with Christen -- the absolute best human being on the USWNT (and ever) if you ask me -- I was like, hey can't blame Tobes, I SHIP IT. But now seeing those Tobin and Shirley pictures kinda makes me sad. I know it's T&C now, and I love them, but T&S looked good together. I guess it's good they're talking, but still hurts a bit.


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Imagine, with me, Magneto trying to be a Good Dad and give Kurt a shovel talk. And he gets as far as 'if you hurt him' before Mystique appears behind her son and glares. Because Erik might try to be a Good Dad, but Mystique is the best Secret Protective Mom. And then it becomes 'I'm sure it'll be an accident and you'll talk through it and I have to go now'

This is the greatest mental image. Mystique glaring at Erik from the doorway behind Kurt, and Kurt still doesn’t know that Mystique is his mother but Erik does (because really, he knew Azazel and Mystique had a Thing for a while and if this kid doesn’t look like the two of them put together then he’ll eat that fedora he keeps wearing.) So mystique has to like be super sneaky about it because she’s only just realized and how do you tell a kid you’re his mother based on conjecture and pictures of his potential father from 1962? It could also be a coincidence! But Mystique distinctly remembers having a child somewhere in France. She also remembers getting drugged to help with the pain and waking up in a church a mile from the hospital with the baby nowhere in sight.

So. It stands to reason that the baby was blue, and she shouldn’t have gone to the hospital. (The same hospital that she goes to after Erik shoots her in DOFP (part of her hopes that she’ll be able to find some medical records of the birth and what they did with the child before dropping her off at the church, but she also knows how unlikely that is. They wouldn’t have kept the records of something like that))

She keeps her son safe, though, now that she’s found him again.

She just…

hasn’t told him yet.

And she and Pietro have this pact where if one of them sacks up and tells, then the other has to as well.

After Pietro tells Erik (poor, shell shocked Erik) he keeps waiting and waiting and well looks like their kids are dating now.

Pietro makes her tell Kurt anyway because they’re dating now and he does not want to keep a secret like this. He didn’t even mean to find out, really. He found a picture of her with Azazel and connected the dots. It was purely by chance, for once.

And Erik knows that Kurt would never hurt Pietro but DAMMIT he wants to be a father to him somehow, and mystique is messing up his one chance to really do that.

“You sure this guy is good?”

“Yeah, he’s great!” 

“Okay…I’m trusting you, but if he gives me the same crap that you have on your head then I’m never trusting you again.” 

“My hair is good!” 



“Wait…wait. Don’t you think it’ll look a bit…strange? Y’know…two guys walking into a barber shop together…might be a little suggestive….-” 


“That suggestive enough, Kev?” 


@tylerfebreezey this isn’t the answer to your ask ‘cause I’m going to try and flesh that out a little and make it a full thing.


SHADOWHUNTERS MEME [6/8] Favorite Relationships/Dynamics

 Clary and Isabelle

You’re not on your own, Clary. You’re part of us now.

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Mashton is life though I want more Mashton :( 😂😂

Ok, but seriously Mashton is so underappricated!! 

First off the way they look at each other, they both respect each other so much and Ashton just stares at Michael all the time..I mEAN LOOOK 


and he just smiles contently when Michael’s being a goof!😅 

But don’t get me wrong Michael looks at Ashton..

I mean we all knew Ashton looked good and Michael’s just stood there admiring can see his heart eyes

This GIF you can literally see Michael’s heart who looks at someone like that, I want to know what he was thinking😏

They also act like douches together…

Pokemon, gotta catch them all!!!Ok but Michael was holding on to tight omf😂

The ROCK video was Mashton AF!😃 They literally are the oldest and the most wisest (although most of the time I forget that Michael is the second oldest like boy could be 7)

This was at MSG and Ashton literally has his arms so tightly around Mikey and they’re so happy and smiley 

Why so cuddly?


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Oh hello hope you're good. I'd like to request a blurb where Harry and Y/N wake up and it's a rainy day so they stay in bed and they like hug and kiss and have a lovely time together. Thank you x Love your blog!

I really want this to become a real life thing that I get to experience this with Harry; it’s not fair that he walks around looking so good and I’m not allowed to have cuddles or kisses with him. 

Feedback would be much appreciated - let me know what you thought. I hope this is what you were after, dear Anon. Enjoy. x

“Don’ leave me t’day. S’rainin’ and and I wan’ t’ stay in bed all day wi’you,” he grumbled, his voice tired and straining from the sleep still lingering in his dry throat, his words cracking and his speech going hoarse as the words rolled off of his tongue. “S’pourin’ down out there. We can just stay in bed and never leave my bed. How good does tha’ sound?”

As background noise, the rain falling from the sky could be heard through the closed bedroom windows, hitting the top of his car as well as the bins set around his house to hold the rubbish from his kitchen bin over a week. Soft and distinct yet loud bangs of thunder could be heard in the distance, the bedroom of Harry’s home darkened with a grey atmosphere emitting from the clouds in the sky; a colour more associated with the late night hours rather than nine o’clock in the morning. Waking up that morning with Harry’s body sprawled out and stretched along his mattress, and with the sound being heard around the bedroom, you didn’t want to leave the comforts and the warmth coming from around you. 

A bedroom you had become so accustomed to waking up and falling asleep in, as well as a bedroom you had become accustomed in partaking in activities that required to be beneath the sheets. A bedroom you hated leaving because it meant that you had to leave the extravagance of Harry’s bedroom and go back to your own that you considered nothing when comparing against his. And when it came to changing atmospheres from a warm and filled-to-the-brim-with-love bedroom, it made your mood change entirely.

“Harry, I need to go back to my flat and get some clean clothes for today. I don’t exactly want to stay in this, do I?” You stated, looking down at your stained t-shirt from the night before – spaghetti sauce from the dinner Harry had made for you and wine from a glass that Harry had knocked from your hand by accident dotting around the material beneath the neckline – and your jeans that you’d taken to putting on as soon as you left the warmth and the comforts of the duvet upon Harry’s bed. “I’ll get a taxi home, get changed and then I’ll come right back, I promise.”

You didn’t want to leave him and his home to go out as the skies opened up more. All you wanted was to stay with him, cuddled up in bed, but your stained t-shirt was screaming to be washed and your legs clad in your uncomfortable jeans were screaming to be changed for something better and more comfortable. 

“I have clothes,” he pointed out, leaning up on his forearms and shuffling his legs around beneath the white comforter. His legs bare and coming into contact with the room, as he used his feet to kick the thick blanket-type comforter off of his body. A smirk on his lips as he watched you button your jeans at your waist – the denim material being taken off before you got comfortably upon Harry’s bed, turning down the idea of wearing his clothes through the night when he had offered through the bathroom door as he went about his nightly routine.

“I know you do, Harry. Everybody has clothes,” you teased, sitting down upon the edge of the bed and reaching for your shoes. “I’ll be an hour tops. I might stop off for breakfast and get us some food from Starbucks,” you grunted, hunching over and tugging on your trainers and adjusting the laces tighter and securing them on your feet.

“No,” he whined, drawing out the vowel, and dropping himself back against the bed behind him. “Jus’ stay here and wear my clothes. I have t-shirts and shorts you can wear,” he reasoned, rubbing the heels of his hands against his sleepy eyes and brushing the tiredness from the corners. Even after the copious hours of sleep – his tired figure finding itself slouching on the sofa the previous night as you watched a film on his TV. “Don’ leave me t’day.”

“Harry, I’ve been here al night,” you sighed, his body shuffling up on the bed and changing his position from his laid down stature. The mattress moving with each movement he made to get closer to you. His legs wrapping around your waist with his crossed ankles sitting in your lap. His toes wiggling as he shuffled comfortably behind you. “Harry, you big lump,” you mumbled beneath his weight, his arms wrapping around your neck and pulling you gently back against his chest.

“Take those shoes off. Take those jeans off. And take that dirty t-shirt off,” he murmured against your ear before you felt his his lips curve into a devilish smile.

A soft squeal left your throat as he rolled back, his back hitting the bed as he held you on top of his body. The heels of your trainers knocking against his shins as the movement jolted your body, a heavy sigh disguised as a laugh leaving Harry’s lips, leaving the both of you in a fit of bumbling laughter. His chest rumbling and expanding with his laugh that left his mouth; a sound that was sweet and soft and at the top of a list of your favourite sounds.

“I knew you wanted me naked,” you giggled, dropping your head back against his bare shoulder. His ominous whines and cheeky comments all coming together as you felt his hands sneak beneath your t-shirt. His fingers tickling along your hips and sending shiver through your spine. “Harry, I want food. We need to go and get food.”

And a Starbucks bacon sandwich was something on your mind, with a cup of tea on the side as a beverage to wash it down. After having a sparse amount of public dates between you and Harry, a breakfast date sounded perfect. Settling down in a coffee shop and spicing up where you ate – rather than sitting at a dining room table in either yours or Harry’s kitchen – experimenting and getting as much fresh air outside of the four walls, as best as you could. 

“And I have food downstairs. Just, please. Stay here wi’ me. We can even get Niall t’ drop some food off for us if we get too lazy,” he suggested, his lips brushing over your hair. “I’m leaving again soon for tour, ‘n I just want t’ be with you as long as I can before I’m away for months,” he sighed.

With a second world tour being announced just weeks prior, he hadn’t kept back that he was going to miss you. With the first date in just 3 months time, and with him being gone for almost 9 months, he wanted to squeeze in as much time together as he could before he was stripped of your company and deprived of your touch and kisses. Squeezing in dates and trips back to Cheshire to see his mother and private moments behind the bedroom door had become a common thing for you, with him hot on your heels pretty much wherever you went with his arms wrapped around your waist and always making sure part of his body was touching you. Whether you were walking down the streets or sitting on the sofa, he made sure he had a hold of you – his hand lodged between yours, an arm thrown over your shoulders as you walked down the streets, his legs strewn across your lap or his head resting upon your shoulder as you lounged on the sofa to watch a programme you’d been meaning to catch up on or his ankles hooked around your own as you laid in bed after a busy night of love-making and kissing. 

He knew you would visit. You always found a way to visit when he was on tour.

It was just the idea of leaving on the first day and not knowing how long he would have to wait until he had you back by his side. 

“Hey, I’m going to come and visit, Harry. You know, if you need me to come and visit, all you have to do is ask me,” you grinned, resting your palms around his wrists; his wrists still hanging in front of you from where his arms were resting upon your shoulders. “Besides, I’ve got a big few weeks off work coming up, and you know where I’m going to be spending that?”

“Sleeping in your own bed? Binge eating whilst waiting for me to come back? Or binge watching crap shows to pass the time?” He teased, a hint of humour and amusement in his voice.

“No, actually. I looked over that schedule you were given by management. You know the one you left on your desk in your office? And I’ll be flying out to you when you’re in Mexico,” you grinned, your lips pressing against the spot between his thumb and his forefinger. “I’ll fly out as soon as I can and I’m with you for about a month when you tour South America.” 

“Oh, so, we can go to Peru and Brazil together? Do some sight-seeing together?” He wondered excitedly. “We can go to Christ the Redeemer and Machu Picchu and take photos and be all romantic and spend time together,” he grinned, his lips pressed against the spot behind your ear. 

It sounded wonderful.

And hiking and travelling together had been topic of your pillow talk at night, when the sun had disappeared and the moon was bright and large in the sky, the nightlife below going quiet with the odd car driving down the street.

“And you think that being romantic is hiking in the hot weather?” 

You could only begin to imagine the picturesque view at the top, yet, the hiking and the walking and heat was something you had to compromise with if it meant spending time with a man who enjoyed travelling and snapping shots of his journeys.

“I can carry you?” He grinned, his legs unwrapping from around your waist and falling to the bed, his feet just inches from touching the carpet of his bedroom. “Have you seen these biceps? They’re almost the size of your head.”

“You’re so vain,” you grumbled, tilting your head and sighing. “Can you get me some clothes? I don’t really want to leave you now. You’re so cuddly. Like a teddy-bear. My safe place and my favourite place.”

“You know, I’ve been called some things in my, but I’ve never once been called a teddy-bear by my own girlfriend,” he chuckled, watching as you toed off your trainers and body-rolled over upon his naked front. Your front pressed against his bare chest, your forearms resting upon the bed beside his head with your fingers raking through his long curls. “We don’t have to leave the bed, if you don’t want too. You have no reason t’ go home, you know that? You’ve got a toothbrush here, which you may want to use on your god-damn awful and smelly morning breath right now,” he teased, your eyes widening and your cheeks blushing. Your palm swatting at his shoulder creating a wince from his throat. “M’jokin’. M’serious though, aren’t I? You have a toothbrush here. You have a drawer ready for your clothes. You use my hairbrush and my hairdryer and even my hairspray after your showers. You can wear my clothes when we lay around my house. And if I remember rightly, one of your blankets is laid across the back of my sofa,” he grinned.

“S’only the same for you. When you stay at mine, you leave t-shirts in my dryer that I either have to bring here or keep in my wardrobe, and you left your juice-cup at mine the other day when you arrived on my doorstep with that awful-smelling kale smoothie,” you grinned, your knees straddling his thighs as you pushed up on your hands. “And I know for a fact I’ve got a couple of your hair ties sitting on my sink. And they aren’t mine because mine are black, and yours are brown,” you smirked, the corners of your lips twitching as you watched his teeth appear beneath the slight sunlight creeping through the curtains of his bedroom; the rain seeming to have arrived at a stop with the atmosphere of the bedroom becoming a warmer colour. “Also, I’m sure you left a bottle of your cologne at mine when you got ready for an award show in my flat.”

Settled on a shelf behind your bathroom mirror, in between a bottle of your own perfume and your moisturiser, sat a bottle of his Tom Ford cologne.

“Ah, yeah. I remember that. My wardrobe was a mess and I had Gemma come and sort it out, didn’t I?” He chuckled, looking over at the door for the walk-in wardrobe built in beside his bathroom. A wardrobe that had been reorganised by his sister who was shocked at the sight she walked in to when looking for a pair of boots she needed. “I had to take my suit to your flat and get changed in your very tiny bathroom.”

“S’not tiny for me. It’s only tiny for a giant like you,” you retorted, your finger poking at the dimple of his cheeks.

“Hey, m’not a giant. I just happen to be abnormally tall,” he slurred tiredly, a grin on his lips as he tilted his head to your touch and closed his eyes.

“Oh, you are indeed. Double my height,” you whispered, pressing your lips against his cheek and letting your flesh linger longer than normal. Stubble forming ever so lightly-coloured upon his skin, tickling and prickling at your lips as you applied pressure to the kiss. A snort leaving his mouth as he closed his green eyes and sighed softly.

“You’re a donut,” he murmured, wrapping his arms around your waist and pulling you closer to his body. Heat radiating from his tanned and bare skin. “But, I love you.”

“I love you too, mister. I love you too.”

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Screw everyone who says otherwise, Keith is the absolute PINNACLE of fashion

Okay I wouldn’t go that far. Keith is a Grade A Mess™, he just happens to look good. It’s his niche as it were.

Lance on the other hand is put together everywhere Keith isn’t. You’ve seen Lance’s skincare routine; I firmly believe that Lance is lowkey the most fashionably put together member of the paladins. 

I say ‘paladins’ because Allura, Queen of my Life and my GODDAMN girlfriend, is quite frankly the most beautiful person I have ever laid eyes on. And I know for a fact that Lance agrees with me lmao.

One Night Stand: Part 1

Prompt: The results of a one night stand with Bruce Wayne

AN: I really tried to banish this plot bunny, but it just kept hopping back. This will indeed be a series, cause I need another one …  Either way I’m really excited about it!

Words: 551

           You know exactly what you’re getting into. From the time he says hello, until that last drink you know exactly how the night will end. Then again, every woman who accepts a drink from Bruce Wayne has a pretty good idea of how the night will end. A lot of women go looking for it. After all, Bruce Wayne isn’t only known for his money.

           The two of you stumble into the hotel room, with your lips locked together. You giggle a bit as he lifts you us, and on to the bed. His fingers glide the zipper of your dress down, and you unbutton his shirt. Your last thought before you fully give into the moment is that this gala was conveniently well placed.

           You wake up early, the clock says it’s only five am. You’ve gotten all of two hours of sleep. His arm is still wrapped around your waist. You slip out of his embrace, find your clothes, redress, and slip out of the room.

           You’re back in your own room not even ten minutes later. You shower, change, grab your bag, and check out. Then, without another thought, you’re on your way home, and just like that you’re back in reality.

           You don’t really give that night a second thought. That is, until you get sick. You’re not one to get sick regularly, so you don’t really give it a second thought. You figure it’s just about time for you to get sick again. When hints of the bug are still there after a month, your sister forces you to go to the doctor.

           She literally forces you. She loads you into the car, and drives you there herself. She even goes as far as to wait with you. “It’s just, you never get sick like this. When we were in school you didn’t have a sick day until sixth grade.” You smile at your sister as you lean back into your chair. Hunterlyn, or Hunter to her friends and family had always been your best friend. She took better care of you than you did yourself.

           You give her a small smile “It probably just means I’m due.”

           She looks you in the eyes and says “You’ve been throwing up for the past month. Something is wrong. What if you contracted some weird parasite or something?”

           “And where would I have gotten this weird parasite?”

           She just shrugs “Well, you were in Gotham a few months ago. They have all sorts of crazy stuff going on.”

           That comment makes you pause, and it hits you like a ton of bricks. Your body goes stiff as your mind goes back to that night. “We didn’t use protection.”

           It comes out in a whisper and your sister’s eyes go wide “You mean …”

           You cover your face with your hands “It was a one-night stand, no strings attached. We were both a bit tipsy … :

           “You mean?”

           The nurse calls your name before you can answer, and all you can say is “I guess we’re about to find out.”

           Hunter simply holds out her hand and says “I’m here for you.” That hand is the only thing that keeps you from sinking to the floor as you begin walking towards the examine room.  

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Why do you ship Sterek? A friend was asking me why and I had no "legitimate" awnser became I've never seen a episode of TW,and all I know comes from fics,so I just wanted someone to give me an awnser. A link to someone else's awnser is OK too.

oh my gawd lol

Uhm okay I’ve been shipping them for more than 4 years and I still don’t have a “good” answer???? I just fell in love with their chemistry?????? And how good they looked together (physically and psychologically if that makes sense) but I also fell in love with other things:

I fell in love with how you could put them in any AU imaginable and it worked.

I love how the fandom made me fall even deeper in love with them.

I love how the Sterek fanfics I read are the best fanfics I have ever read in any fandom combined (i read lots of fics in lots of different fandoms).

I love how DEDICATED the Sterek fandom was to the ship and still is to this day…

Stiles and Derek are fucking amazing and the show destroyed their precious potential but the Sterek fandom didn’t let Stiles and Derek down.

They continued to dedicate themselves to this amazing pairing and create amazing works for it. That’s why fandom is SO SO SO MUCH better than canon. It’s also why so many people ship Sterek without ever had watched the show :D The fanworks are so good and diverse and abundant, who fucking needs canon?!? Lmao

I don’t know about you guys, but when i look at pics of Taylor and Tom, they just seem right together. You know what I mean? Like, two sides of the same coin. Her and Adam looked good together, but it was just like something wasn’t quite right. But with Tom, Taylor really looks sure of herself and of him. And is obviously not afraid to be seen with him in public. So, maybe you feel the same as me. I really think Taylor and Tom look like the best thing I’ve ever seen as a couple. Not gonna say “endgame” because we don’t know what the future holds, but i could see them having a life together. And in the last month we’ve seen Taylor’s style go back to the way she used to dress before the vogue article, and before Adam. So take it how you will, but these are my thoughts. Thank you for reading them.

Dating Merlin would include...

  • thinking of stupid excuses to give Arthur when he comes looking for him
  • being one of the few people who knows about his magic and isn’t scared of it
  • going into the forest together to gather herbs
  • cute forehead kisses
  • you helping out whenever possible to keep Merlin out of trouble
  • taking long walks outside of town together
  • Gaius teaching you everything he knows
  • getting particularly good at criminal activities because you have to break people out of prison on numerous occasions
  • Merlin smiling like an idiot whenever you enter the room
  • becoming friends with all the knights
  • begging Merlin to take a ride on a dragon 
Years Of Summer - A CS AU Ficlet [1/2]

Every year, she spent the summer in the house just across the rocky shoreline. Every year, it became a little harder for him to keep from wishing for more than that. A two shot for CS AU Week with a modern somewhat Lieutenant Duckling theme. Inspired partly by this music video. Also on FF.NET and AO3. Part 2 will be posted soon!

Rated: T (for now)
Word Count: 7K

The house on the rocky coastline had once been his grandfather’s - not that he’d ever met the man. He didn’t really need to when he had a storyteller like his older brother to fill in the blanks. Over the years, Liam had become a master at cloaking those tales in the salty sea breeze during the warm summer months. They had endless days of recounting the family history that Killian was fairly sure was at least partly false, but his brother had always had a way with crafting words into a convincing saga. Plus, with a widowed and very absentee father being the only other man he had to look up to, finding entertainment in his brother’s tellings was definitely a preferred pastime.

“You know, he built that house all by himself, Killian,” Liam explained, his clumsy teenage feet navigating the boulders by the shore. “He said it was a good place for him and grandma to have a future together.”

“Oh,” Killian sighed as his little legs fought to keep up. “Well….did they have one?”

“One what?”

“A future?”

“Well, yeah,” Liam answered, raising an eyebrow. “They lived here all their lives - and they loved each other.”

Love? That’s gross, Liam.”

“Maybe so,” his brother laughed, handing over a stone that was begging to be skipped across the water. “But one day it probably won’t be anymore.”

The timeline of ‘one day’ dwindled faster than Killian knew it would, his summer walks to the waves with his hero became more sporadic as Liam started taking an interest in that dreaded four letter word. Waking early in the mornings, his brother would take off on his bike with other lads his own age in pursuit of the series of carnivals downtown and the throes of vacationing girls. It was a way to spend the sunshine filled hours that Killian knew he’d never enjoy - not in a million years.

It would actually take much less time than that to change his stubborn mind - not even the remainder of the summer in fact.

“Who are you?”

The voice was soft and simple, a sweet tone of curiosity to it that quickly pulled him out of the lonely and rather redundant task of searching for seashells. His head snapped up in the direction of the inquiry as his shaggy hair blew in messy patterns across his forehead. The ground seemed to shift under his well worn sandals as he caught sight of where the question was coming from - and his bright blue eyes opened just a bit wider.

“Uhhh,” he stammered, straightening his posture. “Who are you?”

“I asked you first.”

It was a girl - one that appeared to be roughly his same age. She had the fairest porcelain skin and deep green eyes that he couldn’t escape as he watched her hide her smile. Long blonde hair tumbled down her narrow shoulders and the fabric of her red sundress hit just below her knees. His voice became hard to find quite suddenly as he tilted his head in consideration of her.

Whoever she was, she certainly wasn’t from the sleepy seaside town he called home.

Keep reading

Nathan Drake (not so serious) HCs: 

  • Cries at every Disney movie because the soundtrack is too moving for him. He loves a happy ending.
  • Amazing at Guitar Hero.
  • Loves going clothes shopping; knows which colours look good on you. E.g. Elena wants a red dress but Nate insists on coral; “It suits your skin tone! You suit summer colours.” + Bonus: loves watching people apply make up.
  • Leaves long ass birthday messages (with pic collages) on Facebook, e.g; “Sam, my brother, my friend; we’ve been through so much together…”
  • Says duck tape instead of duct tape
  • Doodles when he talks on the phone. If it’s a really good phone call he walks around the whole house; lies on the bed and puts his feet against the wall, or sits on the stairs and scoots down them one by one. 

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oh man if no one's asked you yet you should do a post of all your non-cis characters too! :D

Anonymous said to mothsbymoonlight: YOUR NONCIS CHARACTERS TOO GOGOGOGO
Anonymous said to mothsbymoonlight:do you have any intersex characters?

I didn’t know non-binary day was today but it felt like a good time to throw this together- i do have a few other noncis characters i just… need to draw them… or update them.. or both… ugh. ANYWAY PLS BEAR WITH ME

- Darga (Ocean of Cycles): NB masc leaning; intersex, he/they pronouns. At the moment Darga is my only named & sketched intersex character.
- Pujca (Ocean of Cycles): Fae genders are decided by magical elemental affinity at birth, so in OoC he’s a cisboy, but in a “real world” context he’s a trans boy. he/him
- Oorok (Ocean of Cycles): As Ty explained about ogres here, they are a nonbinary culture, and mum would be very NB IRL too. they/them 
- Ti JInh (Solaris, art by naf) trans man, he/they (Solaris uses they/them pronouns as the default regardless of gender identity)

- Gwen (Sam&Sara): Questioning Trans man, she/they/he (currently questioning pronouns too)
- Stella (Imagine That): Trans woman, she/her
- Ji-Yoon (some spacewitch verse): neutrois, xir/xe
- Georgie (Princess lilypad) questioning trans boy, they/he

- Evelyn (WWP; old human design but): Trans girl, she/her
- Graham (WWP/WoL) Trans man, he/him
- Yamka (WWP/WoL) Twospirit, she/her
- Pheyd (Children of Pathos) Genderless, she/they

- Gabrielle (TMM citron bonbon) trans girl, she/her
- Clementine (TMM citron bonbon) nonbinary, they/them
- “Boo” (Sleep Tight) genderless, any pronouns
- Theodora (Bookeepers) genderqueer trans femme, she/her

Honorable mentions: GNC (gender non-conforming) characters that ID as Cis
- Jessica (Picture This) she/her
- Imori (Ocean of Cycles, art by naf) he/him
- Yrai (Solaris) she/her
- Bruce (Imagine That, art by naf) he/him

aaannd that’s about all for now! wowie zowie all my children