This is how I imagine it’d go down if Blueberry tried teaching Error how to be good.

Has this been done yet?


Oh, well.


Error!Sans belongs to @loverofpiggies

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if season 2 doesn’t have the “we’re stuck stranded on this deserted planet and we have to work together to survive— oh wow you’re not as bad as i thought you were, maybe we can be friends? also i saw you making the fire and i saw how rippling your muscles are, damn you’re cute— holy shit i don’t know if i want to leave this situation anymore because i’m happy here with you” type episode, i want my money back.

It’s okay to be scared of big crowds. It’s okay to be scared of talking to people on the phone. It’s okay to be scared to ask someone for help in a shop. It’s okay to be nervous and not be able to say something to someone. It’s okay to get anxious when you’re around certain people. It’s okay to get nervous around strangers. It’s okay to be scared of something. It’s okay to be nervous or anxious because of something.

Anyone else get the feeling that antis are gonna drop Rey like a hot potato once Kelly Marie Tran’s character comes along? I mean, I’ve seen the discourse these people engage in; they deal in absolutes and seem to have no concept of duality. It’ll be quite interesting to see Kelly Marie Tran’s undoubtedly amazing character (yes I’m excite) make her debut and suddenly if you’re a Rey fan, you’re racist and how could you possibly ship Rey with Finn when he’s got this amazing chemistry with Kelly Marie Tran’s character? Sorry if you like Rey and or ship Fin**ey, unfollow me now you are obviously a white supremacist!!!!!!1!!

They will do this. Mark my words. Because these people aren’t Rey fans or Finn fans. They’re not even Star Wars fans. They’re radicals, first and foremost. And they will drop Finn and Rey and Star Wars as soon as their self righteous asses find something else that makes their pathetic lives spent on this warped website seem anything but what they are: empty.


Boyfriend Jongin moodboard 2/??

  • Takes you to art galleries/the zoo
  • Walking your dogs together super early or late at night 
  • loves to be the little spoon
  • grabs your ass a lot at home 
  • calls you “babe” or “baby girl”
  • Calls you while he’s on tour late at night cus he misses your voice
  • “Tell our dogs I love them too”
  • says “babe lets have another baby” but you both know he’s talking about a dog 
  • Secretly puts his hand on your thigh in public
  • Lets you “borrow” his sweaters even tho he knows he’ll never see it in his closet again
  • Loves it when you play with his hair
  • Loves to play with your curls even tho you tell ‘em to stop cus it’ll get frizzy 
  • “Why are you sleeping on my butt??” “Because it’s so soft and big~”
  • simple matching outfits
  • sleepy deep conversations late at night
  • waffles w/fried chicken
  • lets you & his niece give him “makeovers”
  • likes how flustered & embarrassed you get when he compliments you (and vice versa)
  • likes to have his back rubbed and scratched
  • loves it when you kiss on his jaw and nape
  • you two used to go to pet shops “just to look at the dogs” but suho banned you two from going cus you kept adopting them
  • we both know you suck at dancing but i’m still going to teach you
  • bubble baths together
  • singing your hearts out to r&b jams alone together
  • his cold ass feet keep touching you when you’re trying to sleep and you nag him to put socks on every night
  • peaceful late night drives
  • extreme competitiveness while playing mario kart or mario party
  • nose & forehead kisses
  • he loves it when you give him back hugs