30 Day Challenge / Day 16

Camille or Charlotte

“The thing that you are too young to understand is that we all hide things. We hide them from our lovers because we wish to present our best selves, but also because if it is real love, we expect our loved one to simply understand it, without needing to ask. In a true partnership, the kind that lasts through the ages, there is an unspoken communion.”

[DAI TALKS] Here, have one more fan acc for BF’s concert in Brazil

Alright. Hello everyone. If you’re going to translate it, feel free: but PLEASE tell me.

Everything started on thursday, 30th, april. It was supposed I’d go for the Press Conference (I was invited by my friend, so we could represent BoyFriend Brasil there). But BoyFriend missed their connection, and (as you see on MinWoo’s post on instagram) it took they 48 hours to come from South Korea to Brazil. With this mess, the staff had no other option but cancel the press conference. And my plans. And my happiness. 

So, I hadn’t much to do. I met my friend and waited for friday to come. 

Good. Friday was finally real. I woke up at 4 am, took a shower and run to the venue. There were many people there. I sat with my friends to finish our gift to the guys, we worked for one hour aprox. and when we were done, we had to wait to get our numbers. (This is how they organized us: by numbers. Mine was 76, which was PERFECT)

Let’s jump to 03:30 pm. I came back to Carioca Club, and waited for one hour i think, until we started walking in the direction of the place where te Meet&Greet was happening. 


The second i was inside the place, my eyes found KwangMin. He’s very, vERY tall (i mean i’m 163 cm tall looking him in the eyes is like looking to the sky), and he got me breaTHLESS. My heart started going so fast I thought it would jump outta my chest. He’s flawless. His skin is perfect. He is God.

I need to be honest. I didn’t really pay attention to the others. They were just fine. But KwangMin. Aaaaaah, KwangMin. Aaaaaaaah…

We waited on line. 10 people + boipeu per photo, but luckly enough, our group was only 8. Since I was the only Champion there, running into K-man was eASY. 

BoyFriend was: YoungMin, HyunSeong, DongHyun, KwangMin, MinWoo and JeongMin. While we where waiting, me and my friends agreed to pose like this to the photo. But we were so eggcited that i think only me and my friend this this.

When i stopped in front of him… i had my frontal camera opened…. i asked for a selca with him, which he replies “aaaaaaah, selca, selca… aaah”. And took a pic of himself. (I’m not sharing this pic, i heard manager Lee herself got very angry with me). The problem was that i was hesitating too much. So i just turned my phone to him, and he took the shot alone. ;;

When we were leaving, I turned to KwangMin and said “you are handsome”. He smiled at me, did a positive sign with hand, pointed at me and “Aaaaaah, thank you, thank you” and tHEN HE WINKED AT ME. He tried.

Then we quit the place. And right off to the next line: The one for the FanSign. 


I got my BoyFriend In Wonderland ready in hands. Terrible choice (you can only see the autographs when there’s a direct light). Read all my post-it questions again. Good. I thought of taking off the one I ask KwangMin to be my husband, but i thought again “it’s just a joke”. Now i feel I was very invasive and childish of not doing so. I beg for his perdon. 

Listen, everyting was very fast. And I ain’t saying this because I liked everything so much that time was flying away. It was fast because the staffs wanted. You couldn’t stop to talk to them, to ask them how they were that day, if they did rest or eat. You could only give your album, and say a “Hello” or a very short phrase.

This time they were: YoungMin, HyunSeong, K-man, DongHyun, MinWoo and Jeongmeme. Not very different.

Yams was very, very kind. Smile, said “Hello!”, and looked for his name between the six post-its i added. He didn’t even finish his autograph and he was already reading my question. He smiled agAIN, a big smile, and said something. I didnt understand so asked again and he repeated. [BREAKING NEWS]  He’s not over it yet, guys. 

HyunSeong was also very kind to me. He got my album first, and only then he looked at me when i said “Annyeong~”. Jesus Christ. He was using those bLUE lenses, i got amazed when we made eye contact. I literally screamed “YOU ARE SO BEAUTIFUL” And he gave me such a big smile i died once again with him. When he was going to give my album to KwangMin I stopped him and asked him to answer my question. He wrote this and I discovered it means “practice”. (thanks, friend for helping me!)

Then ma man. Again, i’m so sorry for being this stupid. Shouldave ripped that green post it when i got the chance. I’m sorry, kman. But i greeted him with a “Hello, my angel”, and saw he got very very shy. As HyunSeong, he was going to sign in any page when I had to show him the blue post-its had a reason to be there. 4D. Never forget.  He signed, and I was so busy admiring him I didn’t really notice he ignored my pink post-it and gave my album to Dongles.

DongHyun was dangerous. I said “Hello, Dongl- DongHyunnie oppar”, he laughed, greeted me, and signed. AGAIN, he was going to give my album away and i HAD to stop him. “This one, this one”, I pointed. He read it, laughed again and draw an arrow. I got so confused, so i look in the direction of it. It points to KwangMin. DONGHYUN IS AWESOME AND I LOVE HIM.

Then MinWoo. Ridiculous. Greeted me, took off my post it (i was like “what ye gon’ do”) sIGNED AND PUT MY POST IT BACK AS IF I HADNT ASKED HIM A STUPID QUESTION. WOW THANKS MINWOO. I don’t know why I didnt stop him too.

Ending, JeongMin. His cheeks are so big! He smiles and his eyes are gonne. A cutie pie. Signed and ignored my post it as everybody (Thanks YoungMinnie for loving me at least once). I was going to tell him about it but the closed the album and a staff was pushing me to get out. I said, everything was very fast because of the god damn staffs.

CONCERT (only nice points, i already wrote a lot)

- DongHyun was in a terrible day. He did look tired, but i didnt thought it was tHAT MUCH. He was somehow different. He didnt had much pacience and missed many steps. 

- I was one girl away from the stage. Which means only a few pictures of mine have zoom.

- I don’t remember the order, really. The first was WITCH, the second I YAH, and i guess it was BOUNCE next… After this i was in pure ecstasy.  mmm

- YoungMinnie solo was the first one. “Falling Slowy”. Jesus, how much did i pray to you? Thanks for listening to me. We sang together, unfortunately. I wanted to listen only to Yams. His voice is very powerful. He’s in the right way. I can’t deny but since i was very close to the stage I could see he was one step away from crying. He was flattered witth us.

- DongHyun’s solo was important. He sang to Listen, and i was nothing but happy. It’s my favorite solo of his :< He also called a fan to finish his performance. Called number 77. Mine was 76. I got so angry. But then, i remembered who were 77 > She is the nicest person I know. Instead of running to DongHyun, she ran to me and hugged me. We all started screaming to catch his attention.  DongHyun asked her to make her way to the stage twice, because we didn’t understand what he did at the first time. (Yes, the second time he did the signal he was like “hello can you please do what i’m sayin? Or is it too hard?” He was in very bad mood.)

- JeongMin solo was Thousand Miles. Why. I laughed a lot because I could only think of this. Meanwhile, my friend was all emotional because it was her favorite solo of JeongMinnie’s. I sang until I was breathless because this song gives me the best memoried i could get from High School.

- KwangMin solos was a surprise. Since YoungMin had already performed alone, I knew I wouldnt had to watch to Catallena. Or TMB. Thanks god. He appeared with MinWoo, and they performed to Don’t Stop. Unfortunately, KwangMin thought the other side was more interesting. He come for me, later, but he came and made me the happiest woman alive.

- HyunSeong solo. What was that song??? What happened??? sweet baby jesus, he can’t be real.  He doesnt have a single flaw. His abs looks like has a texture like velvet.

- During ON&ON I grabbed a candy from DongHyun’s hand. Actually I  stole it. No, just kidding. He got like five candies per hand and put his hands in front of me. I grabbed one for me, i ain’t crazy, yknow. Later I’d give it to my friend, since DongHyun is her ultimate, I think she deserves it more than me.

- MinWoo, HyunSeong, and YoungMin were pROUD. That’s the word. HyunSeong the most. Very thankful towards the fans.

- I know it was stupid, but i was offering my board to any of the members, hoping they’d give it to KwangMin. But in the end, the girl who was in front of me grabbed it and waved until KwangMin noticed and took it off her hands. Friend, if you’re reading this: Thank you sO MUCH, I owe you this. KwangMin, during the last songs, played a lot with my board. I’ll never forget.

- In the end, to take this picture, MinWoo sat right in front of me. So i did what any fan would do: I did him some affection on his back. And you know wHY i am so happy ? Well, he DID take my hand off, but he hold me for 2 or 3 seconds. and i didnt feel ONE single bone. So, he is, indeed, eating well. And since HyunSeong is also very healthy ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) i can believe the others are too.


sO, the concert ended. I took me like 10 minutes to notice the happiest day of my life was with its end by the door. And then I started crying. I cried like nothing before. I couldn’t breath. 

Me and my friend were to say thanks to Manager Lee (I’m not sure if it’s her, but I called her like this the whole time and she always’d look at me). I calmed down, but started crying again in front of her, she felt so sorry for me that even gave me a hug! HAHAHA Thank you very much, manager-nim <3

We did another line to the High Touch. This time the order was: KwangMin, YoungMin, HyunSeong, DongHyun, JeongMin and MinWoo.

KwangMin was the first. He looked at my sad face (in Brasil we say “Cara da Derrota”) and say “aaaaaaaaah”, laughing a little bit. Then he did a funny coment like “be happy, we love you” and some strange noises for me to smile. I cried even more. I said “Thank you so much”. He’s so sweet. He gives you all the attention he has while you’re in front of him. 

Then YoungMin. Laughed at me, but was very nice to me. Thanks, Yams. I got surprised. Every meeting I had with him just happened for me to be sure of one thing: His heart if very pure and warm. Of all the members, YoungMinnie was the one i thought that would be the coldest. But I was very mistaken. 

HyunSeong got upset I was crying so much. He said to me “awww, don’t cry, don’t cry, please”. I tried to say I’m sorry for that but I couldnt. Too many tears for me.

I think DongHyun did a joke for JeongMin while I was with HyunSeong. He was looking at JM when I was in front of him, and I needed to call “Dongl— Donnyun oppa!” Looked at me for half a second. He was definitely in a bad day. BUT His hands are soft as puppies. 

JeongMin was adorable again. All smiles. That man can’t do much but smile. Said thanks and i fell his heart was aching i was crying tHAT MUCH. I mean, I couldn’t breath. He smiles and his eyes disappear. It’s adorable.

MinWoo. I fell in love with him. You probably know he used to be like my seventh favorite member in BoyFriend, but when I stopped in front of him, I was in love, hahah. He has such a sweet voice. That kind of voice you can listen to for a life time and never get tired. He gave me a bright smile and said some (what I believe) good words. I couldn’t understand. I was exhausted, everything was very noisy and I was stunned by his smile. Since no one is as perfect as KwangMin, his hands are very rough. The opposite of DongHyunnie’s.


So, remember I said that on thursday we’d have the press conf but it was canceled because youngmin made then miss the connection of some problems? They gave us the information it’d be on Saturday, then.

Bene, I got my credential, and followed one of the staffs to the room. We sat in the second row of chairs (there were only three rows, only a few people, actually).

We waited. Me and my friend got desperate because we didn’t prepared questions for Boipeu. We created two stupid questions and talked to one of the big guys inside the production. He allowed us and we relax.

She did the process of asking Boyfriend. I was the photographer. An excuse for me to stand still in the middle of the room. 

They were: HyunSeong, KwangMin, DongHyun, YoungMin, JeongMin and MinWoo.

When BoyFriend came in, KwangMin stared at me, as if he was thinking “why are you here? Wow!”. He smiled many, many times at me, and me, instead of taking pictures of these moments, smiled back and waved at him. I’m sorry, I’m such a fool when KwangMin is in front of me.

DongHyun and the others recognized me. HyunSeong didn’t look much, though. YoungMin also looked at me a few times, but nothing compared to KwangMin.

Ah, DongHyun was so MUCH better than on Friday. He smiled a lot, the played with both twins.. But this time, KwangMin was the one who looked terribly tired. I called him when he were leaving to ask if he remembered me from a meet and greet by mwave but he didn’t listen. I’m not sad. I saw him to the max, and there’s nothing that I’m more proud/happy to remember than this. I hope he’s better by now.

And I think that’s it! 

Sorry it’s bigger than a Bible. Too many details to remember. 

Please, tell me if you take this,

That’s so weird, because I didn’t realize that I was going to be attending the best concert of my life tonight.

Like the first second this man opened his mouth, I said out loud ‘You’ve got to be fucking kidding me. This is a joke.’

He sounded so fucking amazing. He is the only artist I have ever seen where I can truly say that they are better live. I’ve never cried at a concert either, but I did for the first time tonight. Everything sounded so fucking good, and he writes such gorgeous lyrics and my bitch ass wept in awe of this man and his beautiful ass voice.

10/10 Would see again


“How in the hell did you two idjits pull this move off?” Bobby demanded as he strode forward. He turned back to Sam when he received no reply. “What?”

“Nothing. It’s just…I’ve just never heard you call Y/N an…uh, an idjit before,” Sam said, stifling a smile.

“I’ve never had cause to until she started dating you and ended up in Purgatory,” Bobby said. “Now did you want my help getting her out or not?”

“Right. Yes, let’s find Y/N,” Sam replied, following Bobby into the woods, wanting to find you all the more now, practically feeling the frustration Bobby was radiating.



Marvel Studios is hard at work promoting Ant-Man, the next film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, featuring a petty criminal-turned superhero who can shrink himself to the size of, you know, an ant. Back in January Marvel created an ant-sized movie trailer. That was soon followed by an ant-sized poster. Now they’ve launched a playful series of miniature billboards in Australia. If ants do like to watch movies (we know they frequent literary centers), we’re pretty sure they don’t bother to buy tickets, but we still love the idea.

Ant-Man opens in theaters on July 17, 2015. Keep your eyes peeled for teeny-tiny insects in attendance so they don’t get crushed.

[via /FilmScreenCrush, and Uproxx]

Why I Need Men To Chill The Fuck Out With Street Harassment.

Riding my bike to work, late at night these boys I passed said something stupid. So I said “screw off” 

and one of them said “OH DAMN! THAT’S A GIRL! HONEY YOU SHOULD BE NICER! How you know I wasn’t trying to get with it.” 

I stopped, turned around and rode back to them. They got excited, started grabbing their crotch and shit. (why do men do that? are they making sure it’s still there??)

And I said. “First of all, never gonna happen. Second of all, your walking somewhere after 9 pm. I’m going to assume your life prospects aren’t that great. And LAST of all, women in general don’t exactly ENJOY being cat called. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to go to work.”

As I rode off all I could hear was one saying to the other “Bruh. Bruh, that was sick.”


One hot summer day I decided that since it was so hot I was gonna wear a spaghetti strap shirt under my work shirt so I could be a little cooler on the way home.

I wasn’t even a block from work at this grizzly old man was watching me, and whistled. 


Not a even a block later I turned a corner and saw a car turn the same corner …. weirdly close to me. So, because I know people are jackasses, I pulled off to the side to let this asshole through. (Because I ain’t up for the whole “My obit is gonna be ‘Got Splattered By Asshole Driver’ shit.)

I’m on the curb, riding, frustrated, and this asshole stops his car and ASKS ME IF I WANT A RIDE.

I stop, level my best death glare and said. “No, I’m fine thanks.” And rode off. (It should be noted I took several detours and had 911 up on my celly in case he tried to fucking FOLLOW ME.)

Like, prossies don’t advertise via riding bicycles through residential areas. The shirt wasn’t even that revealing. AND FUCK YOU ALL IT WAS HOT OUTSIDE! JEEBUS!

One foggy morning I was walking home and saw a guy on the sidewalk down the way, and decided that I wanted to avoid him, so I crossed the street.

HE FOLLOWED ME! ALMOST RAN INTO ME, and said “foggy huh” so close to be he almost got an elbow to the center of his chest. I was practically sprinting away, dialling 911, and was ready to press send the moment he touched me. (Cause I’m not HIP to being a corpse that they find in the ditch after the fog lifts.)  When suddenly a car pulled a U turn so sharp it was almost a V turn.

My co-worker apparently saw him make a beeline from the intersection and said “oh HELL no.” and decided to save my ass from creepy mccreeperson.


So yes, men of the world, yall need to chill the fuck out with the street harassment. 

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