D&D Session Complete


  • Jess literally bending the basic laws of probability and science (seriously dude, throw those dice away)
  • “I just want to talk to my friends”
  • It’s… Elven Family Wine sweetie… that’s the brand…
  • Strawberry Fizz (And my list of 100 different types of drinks… I’m gonna burn through it so fast I can feel it)
  • “Man, Dave’s gonna flip when he hears I saw you!”
  • Mimi
  • Tony the Tiger is a chaotic neutral merchant flirting with the already inflated-ego elf
  • Toffee Apple confusion

Thanks for a fun session @vagueenthusiast @seriouslyprongs @sirussly @asklilyluna @curly-haired-wizard

Yo, heads up to anyone playing the new Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery game: you can explore the castle and click on different objects in order to get a few extra energy points. I don’t know how frequently you can do this, but at the very least, it helps make the waiting a little more bearable.