i got locked out of the wifi at 10 again last night grumble grumble so i did what i always do when that happens and i watched some of the TAG episodes i have saved. ‘runaway’ is the only one i’ve got in HQ but i stopped it here cause i was so freaked out by brains’ thousand-mile stare and i noticed that like

he has freckles. they are really subtle and waaaaay less noticeable than alan’s but he’s got em. brains has freckles brains has f-r-e-c-k-l-e-s on his silly face

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I think this one would be hilarious.: "i’m a prince/ss from a small country nobody’s heard of and i’m in college pretending not to be royal and you’re another student who’s always calling me out on my bs" au.

But…isn’t this a bit like the subplot of HTTYD already?

I see all of y'all hopping on the Bernie Sanders train and that’s cool, because he has some awesome ideas. But, if he gets elected, please remember that he’ll more than likely be fighting a Republican controlled Congress and the President’s powers are limited.

Please don’t get this guy elected because you want things to change and then abandon him when that change can’t happen immediately.

Don’t you love looking at 5sos do interviews and just giggle at their banter and reactions towards the questions they get asked…I feel like I know them sometimes and I am like “wow lmao calum wOULD so do that I’m not surprised” LIKE WTF I SHOULD BE SURPRISED I DONT KNOW CALUM LIKE THAT!????