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omg... potentially raul in a fancy outfit? first kiss?? please lou you're going to kill this poor soul who loves him

Yes to all of the above. I’ve also been working on a family reunion scene which is… something. Let’s just say I will not be satisfied until I make at least one of you cry.

“My father is a sick man and I should be kinder - I know this. I try to forgive; I try to forget. But I fear there is not enough good in my heart to absolve him of all he has done.”

Dating a Ravenclaw

  • They will sit quietly with you and give random facts from the article they are reading
  • They want attention but also don’t want to be bothered
  • They won’t make any definite choice for what to have for dinner
  • Or for plans in general
  • Great gift givers
  • They will over think everything, so they need reassurance that they are still loved
  • Flirting equals sarcasm?!
  • They will talk your ear off about their lastest obsession
  • They can be a bit clingy
  • Overall they make for very caring S/Os, even if they don’t always show it


this was just. what i saw 
great issue tho, you should check it out ! Detective comics #617. 

And it starts with Bat’s monologue about how bad he wants the Joker. I mean it. 

  • Person A: I really like somebody but I don't know how to tell them...
  • Person B: You can practise on me if you want!
  • Person A: uh okay? I love you <3
  • Person B: I love you too <3 see? not that hard! go tell them!
  • Person A: Already did ;) <3
  • Person B: Awesome what did they say?