In a couple minutes, I will be posting one college au imagine and thus starting a series of college au imagines! It will basically describe how you, the reader, will be involved in their college lives. From dorky meetings to hilarious dates (I don’t do smut, sorry).

I did write the AU in a free style, straight-out-of-my-mind format, and not my usual professional way like I do now. I apologize ahead of time if you don’t like it in that format, but that is how I will be doing this.

This series will consist of mostly captains, unless someone requests ONE specific character (please don’t request AN ENTIRE TEAM, seeing as it is overwhelming for me). NOTICE: I understand that this is a mainly Nekoma blog, but I felt like doing something special for all the dorks in Haikyuu!!

Below will be the list of characters I will be writing the imagine for.

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