The Notebook: An Alternate Version

The Notebook: What Should Have Happened (According to Me)

Things to Keep

The Summer Romance

Being Torn Apart by her family

The Lost Letters

Allie, after moving to New York, meeting and falling in love with Lon

Things to Change

Instead of getting involved with recent widowed women who deserve better, growing a beard and obsessively building a house, have Noah move on with his life, get married and have kids.

Keep the doubt, hesitation and moment of clarity when Allie sees Noah’s picture in the paper and realizes she can’t forget him. But instead of having her leave with a vague explanation, have her talk to Lon about it. Have her explain it. Sure it’s hard and heartbreaking and mostly he has to coax it out of her, get her to admit she’s still in love, but at least have her try to be honest with him.. Let them have it out, let there be tears. Let it backfire. Let them ultimately break it off, him mostly understanding, a little angry, totally heartbroken, her hardly less heartbroken (she does love him after all) but knowing she’ll regret it forever if she doesn’t at least see and talk to Noah.

Have her show up at his door (a free, if confused woman) and realize that time hasn’t stood still for him, that he has a family and a life and children.

Have them both realize they missed their shot. Have them realize IT’S NOT GOING TO HAPPEN. Let there be pain, tears, drama, maybe fighting but have one or both admit the truth that their ship sailed and that Noah leaving his wife is nOT THE ANSWER. Make Allie, in the midst of the pain of her rejection, have sympathy for his wife and how she would feel in her situation, how she would like it if her husband were to leave her for his first love. Have Noah unable to admit he doesn’t love his wife. (HE DOES.) Let it be messy and painful, but let them come to the right answer. Your own happiness can’t come at the expense of someone else’s pain. Even if it means she leaves in a storm of tears or anger that she has to put on to mask the pain. Make it dramatic. Make it a fight. But make it happen.

Let Noah spend all night in the rain if he needs to, let him roam the fields trying to come to grips with everything but, in the end, by morning. let him come home again. Instead of brushing it off when his wife asks him where he’s been or how he’s feeling, let him behave like a husband. Have him talk to her. Have him explain everything, his history with Allie, what tore them apart, even how much it hurts. Have her break down crying when she hears this. She’s not stupid and she saw and suspected enough, saw what was there. The surprise and relief are too much and she starts crying. End with a profession of love on his part, don’t overdo it, but let it be unmistakeable. He’s going to keep his promise to love her and raise his children with her. Make it about her, make it about them. Show us that the person who gets left behind matters too, make the audience confront the cost of Noah’s potential selfishness, make us be glad he didn’t break her heart. 

Have Allie return to New York, heartbroken, hurt, humiliated. Have her avoid Lon at all cost even though, deep down, she wants to see him. After all, how could she explain? “I left you for someone else but instead he has someone else and now i’m heartbroken and want you again.” She couldn’t do that, her pride wouldn’t let her. And, anyway, why would he want her anyway, her, the girl who threw his love back in his face and ran away to chase a teenage romance, like the fool she was? Make him show up anyway. Make him light-hearted and comforting and loving, he still feels the same way about her. Make her apologetic and miserable and ashamed at first, sure, (she’s still hurting from Noah and her pride is stinging) but eventually have that mellow into an ability to laugh at herself. Have it mellow into the realization that she both loves and needs him. That she can and will get over Noah and move on with her life. Have him brush away her worries over the fact that he’s been slighted but then have him tease her about being her second choice. He’s selfless, he’s sweet, he loves her. If anyone could deal with the fact that at one point she wanted to leave him for another man, he could. If anyone could be happy that it didn’t work out without resenting her for still having feelings in the first place it would be him. Don’t throw that away. Lean into his goodness, trust James Marsden’s charm. It would work. It would totally work. It would be beautiful. And that way, everybody (everybody!) would get their happy ending.

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rick riordan: here look at these two teen girls that i intentionally paralleled to one of the most iconic gay romances in ancient history!!!

the straights: ….anyway

I learned something… disturbing… today:

In 1860-something this guy named Charles Lutwidge Dodgson wrote a book about determinants. According to my professor, for years it was the book on determinants. Now here’s my problem: Dodgson was his real name. But the name you probably know him by? Lewis Carroll.

The dude that wrote Alice in Wonderland also wrote a book about determinants. 

Maybe that’s why they’re so freaking weird.