Well figures she wouldn’t be sneaky enough to hide for long. Magic users like Skylar were a target, and when people were as clumsy as Skylar, things tended to get hairy very quickly.

They all came at once. Whispers had gone around about a mage doing small performances or healing citizens. Apparently that wasn’t acceptable, and she was quickly scooped up and taken away.

“Hey!! Hey let me go!!” She shrieked as she was carried off by two men. “You put me down right now!! Let go!!” Kicking and thrashing were her only means of combat because she was so shocked. “I swear I’ll do something we all regret!!”

They reached their destination, albeit slowly due to Skylar kicking the men in the shins. She was strung up, hands at her sides.

“You know, I’m going to make you regret this.” She explained, relaxing against what she was tied to. There was no need for her to be terribly worried. She could handle it.

“How am I doing?? Well mom I lost my job and am legitimately worried about paying for food let alone the tires I’ve needed for over a year. One is basically bald and you went back on your promises to help me out 3 separate times earlier. ” “Well I’m sorry to hear that [misgenders me] but I think it’ll turn out okay. How’s everything else? ” ahh yes thank you mother the good wishes will do so much when you’re talking about all the people you’re going to have over for Thanksgiving and say fuckin nothing to me about how maybe you could spare a little bit of the money I know you have since you bought the rest of the family fucking iPhones 3 months after you kicked me out after finishing your job of completely fucking destroying my mental health yeah thanks I’ll see if I can make it down. I tell you I don’t have a job or money to buy food or let alone do the urgent maintenance on my car and you literally said “well Ms Lincoln how was the play” and that’s the first time you’ve come close to generating me right until I realized what it meant. You don’t fucking care about me, not really, you’re just trying to maintain your image until I die off from the aftershocks of the trauma and your continuing bullshit. I’m not going to though, fuck you, I’m going to keep transitioning and I’m going to be betrayer than you ever were and I’m going to get enough money to send my sister to therapy and ensure her and her girlfriend have a good life and your bigoted asses can rot.



That post about Jason weighing more than Bruce made me start thinking about him literally throwing his weight around just to be obnoxious. 

Like, when he’s working a mission with Dick and he wants to show Dick something on the batcomputer but Dick’s hogging it, he sits down hard on Dick’s lap and Dick’s like “jesus, ow, you weigh a ton,” and Jason doesn’t let him up until he’s lost feeling in his legs.

Or Cass is kicking his ass at sparring so he just lays down in the middle of the mat and refuses to move, then goes boneless when she starts dragging him off so she can keep practicing.

Tim’s doing push-ups so Jason sits on him. “Work for it Tim, work for it.”

Damian trying to physically push Jason out of the Batcave, all “don’t you have your own home?” and Jason’s basically like, “oh no, gravity is increasing on me!” like in Lilo and Stitch, and starts falling back on him until Damian just ducks out of the way and lets him fall on his ass.

There’s a rooftop batfam meeting™ during a team-up mission and the entire time everyone’s talking shop, Jason’s just leaning on Steph, and she’s trying to concentrate but he just keeps putting more and more weight on her until she finally elbows him in the kidney.

Basically just Jason using his size to be the most annoying batbro ever.


“I’m the one who steps from the shadows, all trenchcoat and cigarette and arrogance, ready to deal with the madness. Oh, I’ve got it all sewn up. I can save you. If it takes the last drop of your blood, I’ll drive your demons away. I’ll kick them in the bollocks and spit on them when they’re down and then I’ll be gone back into darkness, leaving only a nod and a wink and a wisecrack. I walk my path alone… who would walk with me?”

- John Constantine, Hellblazer #41

*kicks door down*


*aggressively throws chair*


*takes deep breath*


*pause for effect*


Shit Slytherins Say: #35
  • Don't kick me when I'm down, because when I get up ... You're fucked.

Your attitude is a choice. Real fun – there’s no choice in that. But at other times, when it feels like it’s down to you whether or not you enjoy yourself? I’m lucky in that it’s easier for me to get a kick at work than most people. Even so it’s important for me to behave like that. It’s how I was raised. Are you going to leave people feeling good? It’s about understanding that your attitude is contagious and asking yourself if it’s worth catching.

i tried building us a home.
but every night
you would kick the walls in
and break up the pieces.

you cried as you blamed me for the splinters in your hands from when you were ripping apart the frame,
but never acknowledged that i’m the one with the torn down building.

you wanted me to fix it.
you told me that you needed my roof to keep you safe.

that’s when i realized that you didn’t want a home,
you just wanted a place to stay.
and that’s when i put up a no vacancy sign.

i’ll be rebuilding my home,
but this time it’s only for me.


‘‘You have to believe in yourself. You can’t just accept what other people say all the time, otherwise you’ll become them, and not yourself.


When I hear The Kick Inside now, I still wish I’d written those songs. I don’t belive in God, but if I did, her music would be my bible. She should be more treasured than the Beatles. That she isn’t is probably down to her own personality, because she can walk away from everything. And I respect her for that. Just to live your life, and not play the game - to me, that’s success.—  Tricky

Liam Payne and Harry Styles in 2014

Better known as LIRRY, my first loves had quite a year. Between onstage sexual innuendos to being the goofiest cornballs in the history of cornballs, these two kept my lirry heart filled to the brim and STILL wanting more. They are a delight. From sweet and caring to laugh out loud moments, I present to you….

M’s fave Lirry moments of 2014

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What do the signs say when drunk

Aries: “WHY DOES EVERY SINGLE FUCK HUMAN WANTS TO FIGHTA ME, IF THEY ALREADY KNOW IMMA THE STRONGEST BITCH IN UNIVERSE. Anyways I don’t give a fuck, coz Imma gonna kick up all the asses in this world and make sure to bring them down to hell with me, MUHAHAHAHAHA” >:D 

Taurus: “Where’s my food. I want FREE food. NOW, but Imma just too lazy, so could please someone put food in my mouth. Everything’s eatable.” -3-

Gemini: “Dude, you know my neighbours, you don’t right? Anyway, I don’t care, coz Imma having soo much gossip material of them; COZ THEY HAVE SO MUCH SECRETS, you won’t even believe me…wait…I think I have to puke…(talks during the puking)” ^x^

Cancer: “I just want to be loved, but everyone hates meee… WHYYY?” T.T

Leo: “Imma not only the greatest ruler of the world, nooo, Imma much mooore. Imma the GOD of the universe. Everything’s miiiinne. HEY YOU THERE, GIVE ME ANOTHER DRINK, SO I CAN SHOW GREAT I AM.” *o*

Virgo: “She went to this party in a brown dress and I told her, she  looks like literally shit in it and she was like totally angry at me and I totally didn’t understand why, coz I only told the whole fucking truth.” -.-

Libra: “Imma not drunk, coz I didn’t drink anything except water. Have you ever wondered why water is water? Actually people are water with brain and stuff LOL” :o

Scorpio: “My ex wants me back, but…I don’t know…I have this feeling we will break up again in like…24 hours..or so. GOSH, why is my love life sooo complicated??? (strips, dances on the table, searches for a sex partner).” xP


Capricorn: “I’m not drunk, Imma just a little” -.-’


Pisces: “I want to be an unicorn or a rainbow fish or a human with superpowers or a banana. What does it feel like to be a banananananana? Do banananananas have souls? Ohhh…I wait..I want to be…(pukes).” x§


Casper Sentence Meme
  • “Can I keep you?”
  • “Don’t come near me, you spiteful spook, or I’ll knock you into the next world.”
  • “Don’t worry.You always look cute.”
  • “French fries are not a breakfast food.”
  • “Hmm? Guess ‘cause when you’re a ghost, life doesn’t matter that much anymore.”
  • “If there’s one thing I’ve learned from you, it’s: Always kick ‘em when they’re down. And, baby, you’re six feet under.”
  • “I have-a quite a bit of experience. Not, you know, like, exactly doin’ it. But I’ve studied it, and I’ve talked to people who have done it.”
  • “I thought we almost lost each other for a minute there.”
  • “I told you I was a good dancer.”
  • “It’s my party and I’ll die if I want to.”
  • “Listen! Cut the crap, okay? If you don’t show yourself, I’m gonna have you arrested for trespassing!”
  • “Not bad for my first party, huh?”
  • “Not so fast, little man. The bitch is back.”
  • “Oh, man, how am I gonna do this? I couldn’t even get my Easy Bake oven to work.”
  • “Oh, that felt like the strangest dream.”
  • “Please. Do not think I’m as crazy as I thought you were”
  • “Please don’t scream! I promise I won’t hurt you!”
  • “Scream or sugar?”
  • “Sorry, sweetheart. We’re through.”
  • “There’s no such thing as ghosts.”
  • “We’re gonna booze it until we lose it.”
  • “What do I usually do when something stands in my way?”
  • “What were you like when you were alive?”
  • “What’s it like to die?”
  • “You don’t have to be scared of death anymore.”
  • “You know on a scale of one to ten- ten being fun, and one being you.”
I hate you [I love you]

Finally deleted the pictures of you
That had been living in my phone so long
Does that make me the stronger man?
Or the weaker one, because I couldn’t handle
Another day still clutching at the memories of you

And it breaks my heart to say so
But maybe we were made to let go.

To be really honest with myself
I can’t fucking believe
I let you ruin my favorite places
And make me turn around to see
You in everyone’s faces

I still look for you in every crowd
Even when I know for a fact you will not be around

You broke me in ways
I didn’t think were possible
Humanity itself had never seen
So many broken bones,
Or such a massacred heart

Because I didn’t just fall for you
I rolled and stumbled -
Kicked and screamed for you.
Like the mad woman I am
I fought for you
I cried and bled from my lungs for you
All the way down
And you stood at the top,
Watching me go

Losing him was hard,
It was like the feeling you get
When you turn off the music
And are left in the silence of a room

The saddest part was that
Once the music was off
I had to suffer in silence
Unable to turn it back on

Nothing lingered. Not even you

It’s strange that I could even believe
Even if just for a moment
That you couldve loved me too
I guess you were kissing a fool

And yet, I still think of you so much.
I wonder if you think of me
As often as I think of you

And now,
The sun will rise again
And so will I
Maybe not brighter than before
But definitely stronger
Because I will mend the cracks you left on me
And someday light will shine through them
Just you wait and see

“What was your biggest heartbreak or heartbreaks?”
I had asked you.

You chuckled. “There’s two-and-a half.”

"Half?“ What does the half mean?"

You chuckled again. “Half as in, it was my fault. I didn’t realize till it was too late.”

"You loved her after she left?” I asked.

"I didn’t realize I wanted to be with her till she left.“ You looked at me with a bittersweet smile, "By then it was too late.”

I nodded.

I understood.

It is too late to love someone who has already walked away.
It is too late to chase someone who has already decided to leave.
It is too late to catch up to someone who won’t slow down for you to catch up.

I couldn’t stand around any longer. Day after day, without a sound of your voice - how was I to stay when you kicked me out of your house? How was I to wait when the time has already passed?
So I left.

I am gone.

I wonder if you’re sitting by your phone, contemplating whether or not to call me, then thinking it’s too late.

It might be too late.

It is too late.

I can hear your voice inside your head thinking it, saying it once again. 
”It is too late. She left and I didn’t realize I wanted to be with her.”
You pull off your blue long sleeve and put on a green T because it’s so hot in your apartment. You stare at my name on your phone and your fingers fidget with the call button for a while.

Then you think, “She’s probably long gone by now.”

You’re right. It might be too late darling, and you’re the one who made me run.
Yet a part of me might pause and turn around, but only if you run fast enough.
—  Ming D. Liu, “He wants to see if it could still work with us being together. I think should be happy, but now all I feel is pressure to get things going as they were.”
  • Mary:*bored; looks to Sherlock*
  • Sherlock:*discreetly watching Molly*
  • Mary:*smiles; turns to Molly*
  • Molly:*occasionally side-glancing at Sherlock*
  • Mary:*sniffing* Can you two smell something?
  • Molly:*distracted* Dead bodies? Chemicals? I'm used to it, Mary.
  • Sherlock:*shrugs* Could be the coconut. Your new shampoo.
  • Molly:*blushes* What about you? You smell good, too.
  • Mary:*shaking her head; still sniffing* No, no...more like smoke *moves to stand by the door* Like something's burning.
  • Sherlock:*snaps* Well, what do you want us to do about it?
  • Molly:*worried* We should tell Mike-
  • Mary:*dismissive* Ah, you know what, never mind. It's probably just your passion for each other *winks; leaves the lab*
  • Sherlock:...
  • Molly:...
  • Sherlock:...
  • Molly:...
  • Sherlock:*scoffs* I-I don't-
  • Molly:*awkward* Me neither.
  • Sherlock:*ruffling his hair* The coconut thing was just a guess.
  • Molly:*sighs* Oh, who are we trying to kid?
  • Sherlock:*nods* Fair point.
  • Molly:*steps closer* So now what?
  • Sherlock:*quickly* Dinner? Followed by breakfast? Not immediately, obviously, that would be weird-
  • Molly:*kisses his cheek* I'd love to.
just the signs

Aries: they work hard and will punch you in the dick if you hate on their family. they’re honest and straight to the point, full of wisdom, even though this wisdom doesn’t make sense to anyone but themselves most of the time. 
Taurus: laughs at almost anything, is lazy af but a good worker once they get to it. height is either super tall or super small.
Gemini: super creative even though they might not show it. usually enjoys time outside but is rather quiet whenever they are with others, once out of their shells they are great to be around and are caring af.
Cancer: “omg no one understands me”>because they hide their feelings so much. procrastinates like crazy and is super passionate about what and who they love.
Leo: will literally fight you to the death for friends. omg so loyal like wtf, a fiery ball of “i will kick your ass” but will not harm a fly when it boils down to it. 
Virgo: are always a little bit weird but never in a bad way, this weirdness adds to their character and make people love them more. amazing with people and always socialites well when within their comfort zones. 
Libra: always fairly goofy but is good in class and work. can take a good joke but is sometimes hard to please. is great banter but is serious when the time is right.
Scorpio: super stoic and has a hard surface. but on the inside they are just squish, much like a turtle. they are super caring once you break away from the gruff exterior. will protect you if they believe they should. 
Sagittarius: smiles with all they have and this comes through in a lot of photos they have. is usually very chatty and hand gestures are key to getting their point across. they fake stupidity and being an extrovert a lot to make themselves more comfortable.
Capricorn: they blush a lot. they have major insecurities but keep them to themselves and are happier that way. people come to them for help a lot and most of the time they just say bs and see what happens, good at comforting.
Aquarius: literally the biggest nerd ever, they stand by what they believe in and is super difficult to sway with their opinions. is super funny in their own way but is a good people person. 
Pisces: o m g w t f literally is an enigma of whatever. is confusing and lies a lot but once you get to it they can be honest. they have too much love for their own good and always fill others lives with happiness and banter if they’re not too busy causing mischief.