“I suggest you hold on Flambo” I look at her but she can’t look at me. “You’re lucky I’m paralyzed Nelson or I would kick your slimy ass right now” She says poison dripping off of her words.“I saved your ass back there.” I scowl at her. “Yeah what good is that going to do me now that you’re leading me to my improbable death you imbecile.” She yells at me. And truthfully I feel like I deserve it. “Look we’re supposed to be enemies this is what happens between enemies cupcake.” I exclaim. “Then why do you not kill me when I’m down. Why did you save me a few minutes ago?” “I don’t know.” I refuse to say anymore as I take off with her in my arms.

I don’t know why the hell people can’t just live and let live.
Who cares who the hell you are or what the hell you do as long as you’re happy doing you and I can be happy doing me
And if I die, who the hell cares, atleast I died not worrying about what others think and fighting when you can just relax and just fucking live your life.
I may be cisgender, but who cares? I’m a Native American, who cares? I’m a lesbian, who cares? I sure as hell don’t, and I won’t let anyone take me down. People kick my ass all the time for everything but who the hell cares. Let them. I’m me, and I’m proud to be me. Let em try and hurt me, let em try and kill me, who cares, man. Life’s too short to fight anyone. Don’t fight anyone for who they are and don’t fight anyone who intends to fight you for who you are.

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(3) have now and called me a slut and he took my glasses and broke them in half and he pushed me to the ground and twisted my arm. I was screaming but no one in the street did anything and I got really afraid when he whispered in my ear "I don't give a fuck how loud you get ill still fuck you up" and he started kicking me in my stomach and he ran away and I just lied down on the concrete street crying because no one helped people saw. I felt helpless and I didn't say anything to anyone until now

So he violently harassed you and slut shamed you, and abused you. His behind would be sitting in jail if I were to see something like that happen. And it’s pitiful people saw a teenage girl struggling and and being abused by a man and did nothing about it. This is why I hate society, because young girls are subjected to this type of harassment and violence because we don’t teach boys to respect women when they refuse their advances. Obviously his little fragile ego was hurt because you refused to let him violate you. You’re my hero just based on that alone. You should’ve alerted someone so he could be punished. That assault, he played with your life and that’s unacceptable.

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Hello young man, my name is scrunt the clown, I'm from Texas. I'm a juggalo, and I have to get something off my fat tits, When I was at juggalo fest 10 years ago and I was high as a kite and I was tripping out and kicked this ugly demon I saw coming to steal my weed, when I came down it turns out it was someone's kid, who I kicked in the vagina, she was only six and she was permanently deformed. She emails me these days, says she's had to run to BDSM, it's like a labyrinth of horror Thanks DN

You live quite the life

a ways back ari [ari you’re invading my kanayas not that i can complain] was talking abt how there were very few emerald gemstuck kanayas, if any

naturally, getting hooked after aquamarine feferi, iiii,, can’t stop

Emerald, gemstuck kanaya! not rly one for nitty gritty ruff n buff gems but she’ll Kick Ass when needed, while still looking like a human doll ofc

AN: Hey, sorry for the late updating, yesterday was…complicated. Anyway, I am here now, so yay! Thank you to the anon that sent this into me, I really do hope that this is what you were looking for! *I do not own the gif, found on google. Please ignore any spelling errors! Xoxoxoxoxoxo :3

Pairing: Steve X Reader

Prompt: Can you do a Steve (he’s y/n’s best friend) imagine where a guy roofies your drink and it starts kicking in and Steve calls you only to realize what’s happening and he tracks you down and saves you?

Warnings: Drinking, being drugged, swearing, some violence.

((I have never been in a situation like this (thank goodness) so forgive me if there are any inaccuracies. Also, this is a very serious issue. ALWAYS be careful when you are out on your own or with someone you don’t know very well. Here is some ways that you can tell you have been drugged and what to avoid, please read!>>>>>> ( XXXXXXX ) .))


“Your Savior”

It was hard having Steve Roger’s as your best friend sometimes.

You practically made yourself sick worrying over him when he was out on his missions, and even when he made it back, he never had any time to be with you. A few random hours here and there, but between his own personal training and his getting the new recruits ready for the team, he was almost never available.

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you locked the door but you knew if Eric really wanted to get into the room he could probably kick it down. he was on the other side of the door, “Y/N.” he was saying softly, “let me explain.”

“explain how you killed people? its pretty self explanatory.”

“it wasnt me-” he said but he stopped mid sentence, “its not the me i am when im with you.”


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Who remembers when I was stuck with Windows Movie Maker?

…People didn’t want know me back then. They told me “You’re shit”, “Get a life”, “What the hell is this crap?”. The kindest comment I probably got was “What episode is 3:11 from?" 

And now look at me. I get 100 subs each month. I’m part of three amazing YouTube studios. I get fan-mail in my inbox every week, and the comments I get send me to the moon. But even back then, I didn’t stop making videos. I trudged on, despite the hate I got. I applaud those people with WMM, and whatever else that’s not very good. Those people still want to pour their hearts out and express their love for their passion.

To those who stuck with me and are still right to this very moment, I give you a million kisses and hugs. You guys are amazing~ <3

Don’t judge someone by the quality they give. See the effort they put in their work, and you can see something beautiful.


My name is John Constantine. I am the one who steps on the shadows, all trench coat and arrogance. I’ll drive your demons away, kick ‘em in the bullocks, and spit on them when they’re down, leaving only a nod and a wink and a wisecrack. I walk my path alone because, let’s be honest… who would be crazy enough to walk it with me?

The baby kicks for him #9
  • Harry:“I want to be the very first to feel him, I mean, of course you’ll feel it too, but I just really really want to feel him kick.” Harry explains as his large hands feel around your stomach. “It’s gonna happen, give it some time. The doctor said it could be a bit longer until our little guy starts moving.” You remind reaching up to ruffle his hair. Painstaking time passes, and it’s almost been 2 weeks since the conversation took place. Harry is in his usual position, knelt down with his hands pressed to the sides of your pregnant belly, when suddenly a huge smile breaks across his face. “Did you feel that?” He asks in a giggle “I’m pretty sure that was gas.. we had takeout tonight and you know..” “No, no it was him! He kicked for me, awh man this is great. I’ve got to call the boys. He kicked for me.” He giggles pressing a feather light kiss to your stomach before running off. “I really do think it was just gas, but alright.” You admit walking after him.
  • Liam:Through the earlier months of your pregnancy Liam had been away, leaving you to deal with the prenatal vitamins and the doctor visits and the changing of your body, which was odd, but you couldn’t of been happier to know that your family was finally growing, and to be able to video call Liam and tell him the exciting advancements, or little things your baby could now do as the early weeks passed by was so exciting, to see how giddy he would get at the smallest of news. However you prefer to have Liam at home, because it’s so nice to know he’s there for whatever new events arise in the pregnancy, like the baby kicking. “Li, come here.” you smile reaching out for him, as soon as his hands land on your stomach tears spring to his eyes. “It’s like, I really know she’s in there now, you know?” He asks quietly with a smile “It’s wild.”
  • Louis:“My mom told me that when she was about 10 weeks pregnant with me should could already feel me moving, so girl tommo needs to hurry up.” Louis states flipping through his latest pregnancy book. Ever since you found out you were expecting Louis ran to the book store picking up almost every parenting book he could carry in is arms claiming he’s had real life practice with his sisters, it’s just the books are keeping his skills sharp. “First, stop calling her girl tommo she doesn't like that and second, not every advances as fast as you Louis, give her time.” So weeks pass, girl tommo has started kicking now but the only one to not feel it yet is Louis. “She kicks for everyone else besides, holy shit.” Quickly he moves his hands, his joyful laugh filling the air. “She kicked for me.” He whispers grinning at you. “She really kicked for me.” “I’m telling you, she didn’t like being called girl tommo and as soon as you stopped calling her that she kicked for you.” Louis doesn’t even look up, he’s too busy laughing and caressing your ever growing belly.
  • Niall:“Niall! Come on he’s kicking!” You exclaim from your spot on the bed. In seconds Niall is out of the bathroom, a towel wrapped around his waist and a toothbrush sticking from the side of his mouth. “Nu uh!” He chuckles, dropping the toothbrush on the bedside table before laying down beside you pressing two warm hands to your bare stomach causing the growing baby to stop moving. “He gets so still whenever I come close.” Niall glumly admits as he pulls his hands away. This had been the upteenth time that this had happened and it was really dampening Niall’s spirit. “You calm him, it’s not a bad thing. He just gets relaxed when you come close.” You explain with a smile pressing his hand back to your stomach allowing him to feel the small kicks. “There really is a baby in there.” Niall laughs brushing his thumb over your hand. “Our baby.”
  • Zayn:You’re into the later stages of pregnancy which means there's hardly any time at all that you don’t feel your growing boy moving. He moves specifically more whenever he hears Zayn sing, and you’re used to hearing him sing around the house but whenever you tell him just how much the little boy moves whenever he begins, you never hear Zayn stop singing. From the time he wakes up he is humming the tune to a song, he doesn’t do it very long, just long enough for the baby to hear and long enough for him to place his hands on your stomach and grin. “What can we say, we love your voice.” You admit causing him to grin and reach up to peck your lips. “Well, I love the two of you.” He admits before turning on his heels starting another song.

Quinn was moving around a corner when she heard the gun shots. Closing her eyes, she pulled up her shield. She glanced around the corner to see six men around. “I have six in the room with me,” she whispered into her walkie to Santana. “Give me an update when you can.” The blonde threw her shield then, bouncing it off the wall and then to all six of the men. One got up, making Quinn run towards him and do a jump kick. When he was down, she took a deep breath. “Six down.”

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Dear Pine Brothers, Do you both ever regret not sharing a life with someone and having children--a family to raise. The joys of raising and developing a relationship with your children and having a loving relationship with your wife? I hope it's not a too personal of a question.

Stanley: Well, when ya put it that way, I suppose I do kinda regret not settlin’ down and havin’ some kids of my own. A wife would be nice, too. You know, someone to share your life with and have fun with and… and die together with…

Well, sometimes it just doesn’t happen. I got kicked out when I was seventeen and turned to a life of crime. No sane woman woulda put up with that, even if she loved me. And I wouldn’t expect her to, either. Nah, the life I led was a life I had to lead alone.

Now that I’m settled down and ‘get my brother back’ is checked off on my bucket list, I s’pose I could find a nice woman. My dating pool in this town is limited to crazy old cat ladies and illegal moonshine operators, though, so it’s not lookin’ likely.

Besides, I’ve got enough kids to take care of already:

Stanford: Well, I never had much luck with women. Believe me, I tried on many occasions to unlock the secrets of their gender.

Like why they always go to the bathroom together, or why they appreciate dishonesty when they ask if their dress makes them look fat, or why they always want to keep discussing things after you’ve already given them a solution, or…

Why do they always smell so nice? Does anyone know the answer to this mystery? Is it just their perfume? Is it pheromones? What is the secret?

In any case, I eventually discovered a new elusive and mysterious creature to pursue: science. If I became the first man to successfully implement a trans-dimensional portal that would allow mankind to jump from one universe to another, surely feminine attention would follow? And if all else failed, I thought I might find a companion in another dimension…

Stanley: Riiiiiigght… and how did babe huntin’ in sci-fi sideburn land work out for ya?

Stanford: She tried to eat me.

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Hello, I've been a Buffy fan for years but just recently got into the fandom on tumblr, and I wanted your opinion on something that has always bothered me. Am I the only one that was so pissed when they kicked Buffy out of the house in season 7? I just didn't like the way it went down at all, especially considering that Buffy was right about Caleb guarding something important at that vineyard. Thanks.

No, dear Anon, you’re not the only one. That episode is so hard to watch because it’s really sad to see almost everyone turning against Buffy, especially the Scoobies and Dawn. Dawn! Buffy had sacrificed herself in order to save her and now she didn’t even bat an eye when she kicked her out of the house. 

This had happened countless times before, although it never was as harsh as this time. They always doubted Buffy’s instincts and judgement, even when time and time again her instincts proved to be right (I’m currently rewatching the show from the beginning and it certainly happens in every other episode with the monsters of the week.) It is kind of mind-boggling how after 7 years they still didn’t trust her instincts. And I know she was asking too much, the memory of the previous battle in the vineyard was still very fresh, but she made a great point and not a single person stood by her side. Well, except Spike. 

And this was her greatest fear, that threat that had always been hanging over her - she alone will stand against etc etc. Alone. And here they were, proving that was true, that in the end she would always be alone. 

But you know what’s the greatest lesson Buffy has ever taught us? That in the end, she alone was enough. You alone are enough. You are enough.

It was a lesson we learned in season 2, and here Buffy had to relearn that lesson, she had to rely on herself and her strength and her instincts and do it alone, because she alone was enough. I love her so fucking much. 

Sometimes we are too proud to say we’re sorry, admit our mistakes, or look like a fool. I used to be like that. There was a moment when after multiple trips to India that I thought I had the inside scoop, that I was special. My pride kicked in and suddenly I thought I was somebody because I could press up into a handstand. My teachers proceeded to show me otherwise. When I thought I was strong enough they asked me to be stronger. Where I thought I would be first they put me last. Every place where I felt satisfied with myself they sought out and broke down the guard of my ego until I realized that I was no better than anyone else, that a handstand isn’t a measure of strength. Being strong has nothing to do with what you can and can’t do physically. It has to do with how much you’re willing to open your heart. Guruji said that pride is one of the six enemies that surrounds the heart and blocks the path to liberation. Called Mada in Sanskrit, pride and stubborn-mindedness take shape as a giant Asura in the Mahabharata known as the intoxicator who has the power to swallow up the entire universe in one gulp. Pride is just like that. It has the power to destroy all your happiness in a flash. Today’s #YogiAssignment is Pride. The first step down the road of knowledge is to admit that you do not have all the answers, that you need a teacher. There is a fine line to walk between a healthy sense of self-esteem and an inflated ego. Admitting that you’re not perfect, that you need help, that you haven’t got it all together on your own is sometimes a bigger act of strength and faith that trying to cover up your mess. Having a humble, teachable spirit paves the way for your heart to open and for the power of grace to step in and take the reigns of your life. Pride gets in the way. As long as you think you have all the answers, that you can teach yourself, that you’ve got it all perfectly under control, then your heart will harden and your pride will keep you distant from everyone, including yourself. What matters in life is to be humble, to be kind, to share more love. Nobody cares about handstands if you’re not a nice person. #practiceyogachangeyourworld #onebreathatatime (at Wynwood Walls)

One-Nighter (Niall Horan)

AN: Hey guys! Just whipped this one up for y’all. Kind of an outlet for the feelings I’ve been having leading up to last night (my concert was last night and it fucking rocked) and all through last night and today. If it’s shitty, let me know. If there are any mistakes that don’t look like a style choice, let me know. I’m super drained from last night. If you wanna tell me what you think or whatever, don’t be afraid to message me! Thanks!

You awoke the next morning with a consistent pounding in your head. You groaned and rolled onto your back, squeezing your eyes closed and placing your arm across your face. You took a deep breath and kicked your legs out of the covers becoming hot in the enormous, heavy hotel duvet. When you finally settled your legs back down, you realized that you were not the only one in the king size bed. Lifting your arm off of your eyes, you turned your head and looked in the general direction of the person laying beside you. You gasped, however, when you didn’t recognized the sleeping form as that of the good friend you had been sharing the room with. Come to think of it you noticed, as you practically jumped into a sitting position, that the room you were in was not the one you had checked in to.

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Realistic ≠ Fat

The whole ‘______ characters if that hat realistic bodies’ needs to be shot in 

the fucking skull and buried in a shallow grave only to be dug up again 15 years later so a cop can shake his head and sigh ‘poor thing didn’t stand a chance’. 

Fat does not mean realistic, it more so doesn’t mean realistic if you are taking very athletic female characters and throwing stomachs and flab on them with a thick paintbrush.  Laura Croft has a fucking gym in her house, explain to me how the fuck that woman would start getting flabby when she has the power to kick raptors in the teeth and scale cliff walls like a less secretive spider man? 

The second picture is more my body type and I never work out, eat fucking junk food all day and sit at my computer 20 hours doing nothing but drawing and guzzling down ice coffee. I know I’m not healthy or in shape but Sonya fucking is. She’s not only a cop but one that beats the ever living shit out of people on the daily! 

Sure you can make the argument of ‘hur dur but female weight lifters are bigger sometimes’ Yes, they are, because they lift, they don’t run sprints or parkore, they fucking lift. Sure they can throw something really far but they don’t have the training to fight, that’s not what they do. 

Female wight lifters bodies normally look like this but guess what a lifter / gymnastics body looks like? 

OH GOSH GOLLY LOOK AT THAT! Is that a tiny waist I see? Who would have fuckin guessed it. And guess what else women can also have when they have toned bodies 

Dem titties, fake as they may be you can still have them, that can still be a thing. In SJW land rushing to make things ‘realistic’ means throwing as much fat on them as possible so they would look unhealthy, yes that’s real and yes people are fat but not taking into account the active life styles of these characters makes it no where near realistic. In fact it’s a near impossibility for women who do as much as said character do to be fat. In the new games Laura is scrounging for food! She would get skinny even if she was just sitting around waiting to be found. 

So get the fuck outta video games and leave those women’s bodies alone. 

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Hey yknow, I've been thinking about it and... Did u see how easily Stanford was able to counter Stanley's attack after he blames him for opening the portal? It seems that Stanley was always the better fighter, but here Stanford is pinning him down in only a few seconds. What the heck happened when he was in that portal?

actually i saw a post someone made about it a couple of days ago, i cant remember exactly who made it but its just more reason for me to feel bad for stanley
he grew up being the brawns of their duo, next thing you know they get separated for 10 years and suddenly fords an equal match, able to toss stan around and kicks him into the desk, branding stan, and now, fast forward 30 more years and stanley cant even so much as lay a finger on him before ford pins him to the ground

also who knows what the hell that man encountered on the other side of the portal, whatever it was though, it makes me very suspicious of ford