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Will The Good Counsellor be the last book concerning Hades and Persephone or there are more to come? How many books have you planned revolving around their story!

That’s…. actually a good question.

I have a total of six stories in mind for Hades and Persephone so far (including Receiver of Many and Destroyer of Light), but we all know how badly I underestimate when I predict what I’m going to write, so like, between six and twenty novels just to be safe. :p

But realistically, I have a somewhat solid plan for what their future holds, and the current plot line extends up through the end of antiquity and involves not only a lot of other Hellenic and later Roman lore, but also incorporates a bunch of historical happenings.

Okay so I have a little story I want to share to everybody.

For many years I’ve tried to have a decent relationship. You know, one where you’re happy and you both like each other instead of one where you like them and the other not liking you back. I kept having relationships like this so I decided they’re not relationships. They’re just me being with someone.

About 6 months ago I started developing a crush on this lad I went to college with. I thought things were going well but in the end I was badly broken. I fell in love with this lad and he just played with my feelings and broke my heart. It made me want to kill myself, cut myself or just run away from everything. I was even going to drop out of college cause of him!

After a while I got over him. I went through the whole ‘I’ll never love again’ phase. Then I found out that this lass from college liked me. After finding that out I started getting feelings for her. Eventually we got together. It was the best moment of my life.

The only bad thing is that she’s his best friend. Everyone seems to think that I only got together with her to get back at him. Now that’s not true. I’d never use a person like that. We’ve been together for a month and its been great. We’ve cuddled, kissed, talked and just generally had fun. I’m even taking her to the cinema on Thursday. That’s our first date and my first ever date with somebody.

I’m so happy with her. She is my sunlight on the cloudy days. She makes me smile even if I feel like there’s nothing to smile about. She makes me want to live, to laugh, to enjoy life. She is my soul mate. I don’t know what I’d do without her!

Never give up. If somebody hurts you as badly as that lad hurt me then you got to get up and carry on with life. Nothing and nobody should bring you down. Your soul mate is out there, you just got to keep looking.

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It was a simple mission, go to the airship docs and make sure nothing was out of the ordinary. How did it end up with Blake and Cardin strapped into chairs in a darkly lit room with four white fang soldiers just on the other side of a wall and on a plane headed to Dust knows where "Got any plans?" He asked to the girl -cardinneverloses

Blake struggled in her restraints, thankfully able to see despite the badly lit room they were in. “Not really. What about you?” She asked in return, still trying to get herself free. Though it didn’t seem like it was doing much good, considering the fact that she wasn’t free, and this was really just getting them absolutely nowhere.

We start from the fact that Juvia is not stupid so it’s a really smart person and who has shown more than once. So, why keep saying that if she came to know everything would not understand ?!
It is absolutely not true, maybe you would have some complained (but who would not have done ?!) but then she would understand and just. If we go back with the battle rufus vs gray … gray was clearly in trouble, and Juvia wanted to go and help him but the only things that he said “I BELIEVE IN GRAY” understand … and it’s been going on . I do not think to know juvia their intentions would mandate upstream whole plan. Then for his own good … well it is a nice thought but it is also selfish because in the end she is so badly … and then Juvia is a MAGICIAN EVEN YOU let’s not forget. And is also strong has always faced his enemies with courage and beat them … And do not forget even the promise he made with silver “entrust gray to you” she would feel too guilty if something happens to him. I would urge you to put at least a little bit in the shoes of Juvia and would like to see how you would feel if you were abandoned for six months without an explanation … you did not think that the mission would last so much, well not for me is still a justification. Because she was injured but not visibly Y _ Y
And I admire the way Juvia believed to gray at 100% and not only in him even in his companions.
I just hope hope that they apologizing to her well, and who speak clear !!
(( sorry for my bad English syubsyub ))

Gesture not directed at anyone lol

Had a few rough couple of days and some bad news that all hit at the same time. There’s a difference between faking a happy face while being hurt and letting your positivity get you through the rough times. No matter what happens I’ll always be smiling because sure sometimes things can suck or not go as planned or fall through, or sometimes you just want something so badly, but at the end of the day I’ll always have myself and I’m the only one I’ll ever need to get me through the tough times.

I may not always love everything about myself, but I’ll always have myself and that’s what matters.

I used to be my own worst enemy but since I was able to push through my past by myself when I was 16, I know that I can push through anything moving forward.

Things can suck sometimes, but don’t let those challenges stop you from moving forward. And never let them stop you from smiling. I don’t.


That reminds me of my old friend, actually. She was the one who got me to watch ‘Up All Night’. She was spot on in her recommendations, except maybe about Karmin, who was always very bad. Gosh, we very close for awhile. I needed a friend like that, you know? I guess we all do. Then she screwed me, badly, and never apologized or took ownership for what she did. I was going to try to *not* cut her out of my life, I had some remote hopes we could become civil again, but then she pulled some shit that hurt me so much that I just totally pulled the plug, and I barred her from my life. I have no interest in ever speaking with her again, or trying to rebuild anything, but it’s so hard to forget or discount the great friendship we had.

It’s important to remember when something ends badly that it doesn’t undo the good stuff. The good stuff was real.

Occasionally, her new twitter handle will favorite a random tweet, and I will see a post of hers drift across my dash. I don’t like it, but it doesn’t make my heart contract with hurt and anger anymore. Just a twinge of nostalgia for our old friendship. I don’t wish her the best, I don’t want her to fail, I just don’t care anymore. I think that’s about all we can hope for, huh?

Watching OUAT lately is basically like reading this fanfiction which started with a good plot and well thought characters but then it suddenly starts getting progressively awful yet you are too deep in…you cannot help it…you need to know what’s going to happen because you have spent so much time invested in it….

Then… there it is! there’s a light at the end of the tunnel of this badly written fiction! you think maybe, just maybe things are taking a good turn: there are new interesting characters, the plot actually starts making sense….BUT GUESS WHAT YOU WERE WRONG TO TRUST THEM BECAUSE BAM! FUCKING ZELENA IS BACK GOD KNOWS HOW AND NOW SHE IS FUCKING PREGNANT HOW DOES THAT EVEN—-?!!!


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okay so I know a big thing has been the definition of racism, changing vs refining it but has anyone ever thought for a second, it really doesn't fucking matter what you call it? I'm sorry black people have been so oppressed and for all the shit going on, but even if it's not on equal level, it's still hateful to treat white people altogether badly for it. I get which side's a bigger issue, but still. there shouldn't be hate added to hate (not saying you contribute to that, just what I've seen)

I know what you’re saying. But at the end of the day people of color are going to experience racial persecution and equating that with being called a cracker is the key issue.

I will not call you a cracker or mayo because that’s just silly to me. I know what helps and doesn’t, but I’m not going to act like that’s even a real problem for the majority of white people! I’m just tired of white people making things about them, acting like they don’t benefit from the continuous exploitation of us. I’m tired of it and I’m done. It makes me sick. I’m tired of people acting like some dictionary holds more relevance than professionals. I’m tired of whiten people acting like “lol thin lips” is equivalent to internalized racism. I’m sick of it.

People start to hate white people because you guys are collectively problematic when it comes to race issues. You always try to make it so that you’re still one step ahead of us because you guys are afraid of equality. People don’t hate white people for no reason. It’s bad to stereotype and I hate it. But when you stereotype and dehumanize a race for hundreds of years, people can only take so much. People don’t hate white people out of some thirst for power the same way white people do, people hate because that’s what happens when you persecute us. So yes, it’s all wrong.

Hate breeds hate.

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Leon tries to propose in a romantic, carefully planned way, but every worse case scenario happens all at once. D:

He plans out a few scenarios in case it doesn’t work. I’m sure at some point, he plans like a romantic boat ride or something as a last resort because he’s so sure he can’t get interrupted now but he ends up fumbling with the ring and dropping it in the water and the rest of the boat ride is leon with his head in bae’s lap as he cries about how badly he wanted everything to go so right and perfect and beautifully and bae is just like “If you want to know, I still say yes” and leon is a happy lil boy because even if he didn’t get the exact way he wanted, he still got the best result he could ever dream of. 

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What do you do when you're so deeply in love with someone but you know their bad for you..?

My god, I don’t know. I have done this before very badly. It’s a poor decision usually. My boyfriend that I loved so much was terrible. Before we even started dating, too. My best advice is honestly so cliché but follow your heart and head. If it’s just bad because maybe his friends don’t get along with you/yours than ignore it and go for it. If he’s rude and disgusting towards you, please don’t.
You have to weigh the consequences. If you know it’s going to end bad, weigh that feeling of pain with this that you’re feeling and decide carefully.

matt goes out a lil bit drunk and a hell of a lot angry, looking for someone to punch, to punish, and I just… no, please don’t matty. you’re pretty much looking for punishment for failing to protect everyone and you know this is going to end badly and I just want to wrap him up and hold him and tell him it’s not his fault and please don’t go out fighting while drunk and angry and just

(writing cause I need to)


Here I sit, 6 a.m. and sleepy once more because of another night spent tossing around in the sheets with you.

I want to know so badly how this is going to end. I read the last page of novels first; I look up the ending of movies on Google as I start the movie. I’ve figured out so many endings I can basically predict any of them with ease now.
Out of all the endings I’ve gotten right - this is the one ending I can’t quite put my finger on. Do you know how mad this is driving me? Almost to the point of insanity.

What I failed to just state is that this is such a marvelous, exhilarating state of insanity… I’m constantly in a glorious haze of emotions; gazing at you and in a happy daze with the feelings you send right through me.

Words like hot and beautiful don’t exist in our world (I feel nauseous simply typing those…)
We are nothing but young, and free, elegant, and so so lovely.

From all the things my eyes have seen, the best by far is you.


This is my first single called “Paint” off my Live EP called “Reflection” coming out on 4/21. Let me know what you think !

Paint is a song about the few months after a split between two people. When people ask you how things ended and you kinda give them a shortened down version of the story but in reality it is a lot more complicated. You can tell people that things ended badly, on good terms, or terrible but just know that it is never black and white and is always more complicated.

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hey i want to start playing football again but i'm nervous bc the last time i played football, it ended badly and i sort of lost confidence in my skill. do you have any advice? :/ sorry if i bothered you!!

You’re never bothering me babe! I think with anything you do in life you always try and try again. I know it may be hard, there are some bumps in the road but you’ll improve! I think you should give football another go. If you really love the sport and you’ve dreamed of playing it, i say take the risk and just try your best! Most importantly is if you have fun playing it, it’s definitely worth taking the risk. If you don’t enjoy it then don’t waste your time on something not worth it to you. But if you believe you can do it, i think you can too. Always try and try again. Trust me, I’ve failed at a lot of things but you always have to retry it because the next time will be a lot better than your first, i promise!

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so i had a thing with this guy but recently it's kinda collapsed. i feel really awful. whenever i like someone i tend to put all my energy into that person, and without them i kinda feel like i'm nothing. i feel like i can't feel whole unless i'm in a relationship. i feel like im not enough for myself, like i need someone else, if that makes any sense. sorry this is really badly worded i just feel really awful right now.

Hey there. I’m really sorry you’re going through this situation. :(

There’s something really important here that you need to remember: you are you. I know how we sometimes feel like we are one with another person, especially when we’re romantically involved with them… But that only brings pain in the end. When we depend on another human being to actually function, then there’s something wrong with this relationship. You gotta remember that YOU ARE YOU. You’re not them. You’re not one with them. You’re two with them.

My father used to tell me that whenever we’re in a relationship, we must keep in mind that “1 + 1 = 1 + 1″. The answer isn’t even “2″ because that mean we become one. I know this is confusing and I’m really hoping I’m making myself understandable… But if we become “2″ with another person, then that means we’ve become one algarism. And that’s what can’t happen. So we gotta keep being one plus one. Two human beings. You are you and they are they; being together and being in love doesn’t mean we gotta literally bend with another person.

I know that it’s hard to change from that, but I really suggest that you try. Focus on yourself for a while. Focus on your self care, on how to watch out for yourself. Remember that you are you, and that’s what makes you so special. You are the only you. If you become one with another person, then where would you go? You’re special. You matter. You’re important. And that’s why you should keep being you.

I hope you find some comfort in what I said, and I apologize if I somehow offended anyone. I hope I made myself understandable, too. I wish you the best, and hope you feel fine about yourself soon. You are wanted, you are loved, you are cared about - because you are you. I’ll be here. I’m with you. <3

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How do you think a Scorpio m and a gemini f would go about living together as a couple? Could it work? So far I hear it'll end up terribly and its a toxic relationship 😂 😭😭

It could definitely work! If someone’s telling you based on your sun signs that it’s going to end up badly, that person either doesn’t know anything about astrology or is just exaggerating for entertainment value. This depends on your whole chart, as well as your relationship as a whole!

But benefits that I can see are scorpio’s observant nature can help any potential problems with their partner. Gemini will motivate scorpio on the days when they feel like they can’t do anything :)