because people are selfish. disregarding each other’s feelings for their own gain whether it be monetary or simply reputation. but to be honest, it’s to be expected when joining something, especially with a large audience, you are going to have your things stolen no matter what you do and you just have to live with it. anyone’s a fool for thinking that anything they share will be respected and left alone. you just have to live with the fact that it will be and understand that no matter who takes what, especially if you’re an artist, you can at least prove your skills unlike someone who claims they have them. and at least, for something that big, most people will know the original source, yeah? i’m not a writer, but i know for a fact that nobody’s going to be able to “claim” to be leviticus and write like them. i’ve never seen someone write like that. and nobody’s going to be able to pull off the personal level they did. just like i know nobody can do what i do; draw, feel, and think of the ideas i do, exactly how i do it. not unless you live my life day by day. but anyway, some people can’t handle being taken from, and that’s understandable. just have to deal with the consequences of disrespecting someone. anyway, that’s just my two cents. and blah blah something something, a general fuck you to thieves and reposters. ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ

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How long before they Netflix and Chill?


Movie nights are just, you know, a part of their lives and always have been. It’s a tradition, it’s normal. They’re used to that.

But, yeah, it’s weird when you’re openly attracted to someone, in love with them, and cuddling up. It takes on a whole new meaning, then.

Barry would initiate it because I’ve always been in love with the idea of Barry making more of the moves once they start dating. He’s known he’s been in love with her for way longer, he’s been ready for this, he’s comfortable with the change. Iris would take some getting used to it, she’d let him lead AT FIRST. Later on is another story.

They’d takr their time to be cute and sweet – yeah, they’ve been a couple forever, they din’t realize it, but they’d want to do all of those couple-y things and actually do it RIGHT.

SO it wold probably take a few weeks and then Barry slyly leaning over to nuzzle and kiss at her neck and she’d let him. He’d go slow, way slower than he wanted and IT WOULD DRIVE HIM CRAZY but he’d see how far she let him push it~ until they did the do.

mom: you should leave your room for more than just getting food

me: if you have a problem with the way i live my life you can take it up with my crippling anxiety and depression

  • Me:*rambling about historical fashion*
  • Dad:Ok, but you do realize that the end of one century doesn't mean that everybody automatically switches to a new style, right? I mean, out of all the centuries that I've lived through, there's been some overlap at the end of one century and the beginning of the next.
  • Mom:And HOW many centuries have you lived through??
  • Dad:...
  • Dad:Just two.
‘Scuse me, Ms. Rowling

If you’re going to tell us that Cursed Child isn’t about to be made into a movie (and, by transitive logic, filmed in its staged production format), then tell your actors to stop tweeting “you’ll just have to wait to see it live.” 

Almost none of us are ever going to be able to see it live. There are rumors of a Broadway run, but, again, almost None.None% of the fans will get to see the show. 

Give. Us. A. Flipping. Filmed. Version. Harry potter is for everyone. Keeping it in its theatre format denies 99% of fans the pleasure of experiencing something magical. 


Love Live Wallpapers

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I’m going to NASA’s #JourneyToMars Tomorrow

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For those who don’t yet know, I have been 1 out of 100 social media people selected to attend the NASA Social event ‪#‎JourneyToMars‬ (tomorrow & Thursday) at the NASA Michoud Assembly Facility in New Orleans and at NASA’s John C. Stennis Space Center nearby in Mississippi.

I will be live-blogging and live-tweeting throughout it, so be sure to check out this Star Wars blog and my twitter (@maddie_fett) to keep up with everything…especially on Thursday!

I may do live streams as well (specifically of the rocket engine test), so if you’re interested in seeing all this exclusive, behind-the-scenes stuff about NASA’s #JourneyToMars, be sure to look out for livestream notifications on here and twitter (and snapchat).

Also feel free to check my snapchat (maddiesun99) for random, unofficial posts/updates, if you haven’t already.

That’s all for now, may the force be with you all!

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Okay, but we know Ross doesn’t care much about his appearance. He usually takes pains when he’s going among gentlemen - occasions such as Elizabeth’s wedding, Charles’s funeral, his own wedding - but not always (the Warleggan Ball, for example).

Deep in misery over Julia’s death, and anger over his impending trial, and and bitterness at the Warleggans, and poverty because of the failure of Carnmore…I really can’t see him bothering about getting his hair cut before going to his trial.

But Demelza - Demelza clearly knows how important this is, and she’s not going to let his appearance cause any negative impact on the jurors. Or her own; even in the midst of their poverty she finds a decent dress and a coat and a nice hat, and makes sure her hair is as tame as possible. And Ross’s clothes are clean and tidy and presentable.

There’s no way she’s going to let him go to his trial with long hair. And Ross tells her not to bother, it doesn’t matter - but Demelza insists, so Ross finally says ‘Well, give me the kitchen scissors and I’ll cut some off.’ But Demelza’s seen Ross’s attempts at hair cutting before, and she puts her foot down, so somehow Ross finds himself sitting in the farm yard, a towel draped across his shoulders, with Demelza carefully combing and cutting his hair. It’s unexpectedly pleasant, and unexpectedly intimate, and when it’s done he catches hold of her hand and squeezes it. He can’t say anything, because let’s face it, Ross has a problem with finding the right words to say to Demelza, but he feels gratitude. And Demelza brushes stray hairs from his shoulders and says ‘There, that’s better’ and if she’s crying a bit, neither of them mention it.

Because really…Ross wouldn’t bother with a haircut for the trial, without her. He just wouldn’t.

     the newly turned wolf strolled into the shop, looking for a gift for each of her brothers; something that might soften the blow when she told them her news; fingers crossed. “i’m looking for something cheap and perfect” she called out to the shop owner, all the while not noticing someone else in the store.

… and then they went out to eat steaks together :)

2016.08.16 Happy Birthday, Shukashuu!! ( ゚ω゚ )ゝ

You is actually a ballerina and no one can convince me otherwise. (✿◡‿◡)ゝ

When I see this (online bullying) happen it makes me think about how when we’re little kids if you want to go up and say something mean to someone you have to look and see the expression on their face after you say it and it teaches you the feeling of remorse, what it’s like to make someone else cry or what it’s like to make someone else hurt and today no one has to see your face when you read a comment that says you’re ugly or everyone hates you or why even bother, no one has to see how much it hurts you but you have to live with it. And I just wanted to let you know that I don’t think it’s fair and I don’t think it’s right and I don’t know how to fix it but I love you and I’m sorry if that’s ever happened to you. We have enough of our mean voices saying things into our own mean minds telling our own selves that we’re not good enough. We don’t need other people, we have our own insecurities, that’s bad enough. So I guess if there’s one thing that you remember from this concert please let it be this. Instead of trying to tell yourself every single day the things that might be wrong with you, that you’re not good enough, that you’re not special, or you’re not living the life the way you should, whatever.. Let me tell you that those things are completely wrong, irrelevant and untrue. Let me tell you what you actually are not.. These 3 things are the things that you are actually not okay? Number 1- You are NOT someone else’s opinion of you. Number 2- You are not going nowhere just because you haven’t gotten where you want to go yet. Number 3- You are not damaged goods just because you have made mistakes in your life. Okay now I want to tell you what you are. You are your own definition of beautiful, cool, worthwhile, those things are what you are, your own definition of that. You are someone who is wiser, stronger and smarter because you made mistakes, NOT damaged, those are the things you are. And most importantly- You are someone who is going through your own set of dramas, problems, struggles, insecurities, tragedies, ghosts, scars, your own unique bag of problems that you are dealing with every moment of your life….Remember, mistakes don’t make you damaged, they make you clean.
—  Taylor Swift, part of the Clean speech, in Ottawa during The 1989 Tour

…so someone on the “colder months are awesome” post……..

commented like “oh you must live up north where winter is pretty HERE IN TEXAS winter sucks and it’s just cold”

and like. okay no offense but. my new england ass is sitting here like

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have you… ever….. felt real cold in your life just askin cause our average winter temp is 0 degrees with a feels like temperature of -20 from wind chill so.

I don’t know where this “north” is where “winter is pretty” but I’d like to go there, instead of living a life of “it feels warm if the temperature manages to get above 9 degrees.” 

We've had this same conversation at least 3 times

There is a furniture and toxic chemical drop off thing tomorrow. One day’s notice for something that Murble got a notification on, probably months ago.

Me: well, I have the basement chemicals pretty much sorted but one day is not enough notice to do the garage. I’m not doing that.

Auntmurble: okay. I want to get rid of the coffee table.

Me: ?????!!!!???? Seriously? And what is Ducey going to use instead?

Auntmurble: I don’t know.

Me: he uses every inch of that thing and you have stuff in the drawers.

Auntmurble: ugh. Fine. You’re right.

Me: *internal screaming and swearing*

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Hi! I was just wondering how do you think things would have been different had Carla lived? Would Eren, Mikasa, and Armin still have joined the Scouting Regiment? Love you and your work ^-^

They probably would’ve because Eren would have been too stubborn to put that dream down.

The things you learn in school won’t prepare you for life. A million sad movies about love can’t make you ready for the first time you will actually have to experience heartbreak yourself. That’s the thing about life: people will try to show you how it’s done, how it’s supposed to be, but once it happens you can’t be prepared; life is a spontaneous mess that you just have to live.
—  e.e.