Warnings: swearing, child abandonment

You had been more than excited as you had learned, that your sister had come down to Earth. The prospect, that she would be with you, had made living on Earth a whole lot better, given the fact, that you had barely had the chance to see her while still on the Ark.
Apparently your mother had hid you around two years underneath her clothes, in some kind of drawer – the clothes muffling your crying – until you became too big for it, and she just left you somewhere, all by yourself. Years had passed, until you learned who your mother had been, and she had immediately been floated.
Yet, sometimes, after all this had happened, Raven would pass by to visit you.
She told you what was going on outside, and that she hoped you’d get out once you’re eighteen – even though both of you knew you wouldn’t – but the older you got, the fewer she visited. You assumed that it must have been hard for her as well, seeing the sister she barely knew imprisoned, and guilty of her mother’s death.

But as you finally realised that Raven hadn’t come all the way down for you, but for her boyfriend, you had been more than devastated.

Okay, you never had much to do with each other, considering that you had been imprisoned almost right after you could walk. But still, the fact that she seemed to care about Finn more than about her own sister, hurt you. 

So, one day, when you watched her screw something together, you couldn’t stop yourself, but to direct the conversation to said topic.
You had never been good at shutting your mouth.

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I want to thank everyone who has been so supportive of me and my cause, and have reblogged the post almost thirty times, and it hasn’t even been twenty-four hours! I am overwhelmed. Truly, even a simple reblog means a lot to me. I wanted to take the time and tell you my story in depth. Again, thank you to all of you who have reblogged my post. I am overwhelmed by the love and support I have had over night, it just means so much to me.

When I was sixteen, I was discouraged by my own father to get a learners permit in a rather hurtful way. He is a negative person who I believe is narcissistic, and has shown a lot of signs leading to that belief over the years. Ever since I could remember he has done nothing but emotionally abuse my mother, and from time to time me as well as I got older. He often speaks before he thinks, and finds his words funny when they are either wrong or hurtful. Living with him is difficult and has often led me to cry my eyes out in my room. I am now twenty-two with a license – only the DMV was supposed to give me a permit but because I was 18 at the time in Texas there was a law where anyone at the age of 18 could simply have a license and by pass the driving test. That screwed me over big time, and while I have a friend who is willing to teach me to drive she is extremely busy with school as she is studying to be a doctor, and our lessons are very scarce. We have ever only had one lesson, and I honestly don’t know when the next one will be.

I can’t get a job. Because of my lack of work experience, hardly any companies will consider me and just throw my application away, and those who do consider me it is very hard and stressful to find a way to get there. I worked last year at Walmart but did not work very long due to health complications, which lead to the discovery of my thyroid disease. I have been out of work for almost a year and have been actively seeking work the entire year, but have been unsuccessful.

No, I am not lazy. I am stuck between a rock and a hard place. I can’t work without a car, and I can’t have a car without knowing how to drive it and without a job. Meanwhile, I suffer from PCOS, Thyroid disease, and severe anxiety. Living at home can be depressing at times. I want to live on my own. I want to have more freedom. It is my life long dream to become a teacher but tuition costs roughly $40,000 for a BA degree. I do not qualify for any loans or grants because my father makes too much money, but we have extremely high bills to where he can’t lend a hand.

I started a GoFundMe cause because I am honestly desperate and it is my only choice. I am stuck. Really stuck. I don’t know how many times I have cried myself to sleep at night because I am just so stuck and I don’t know what else to do. Know that any donations will be eternally, eternally grateful. You don’t even have to donate – just a simple reblog will even help my cause. It will mean so much to me.

Thank you for taking the time to read my story. Below is the link to the GoFundMe cause if you ever want to take a look at my story or share it with a friend.



August: And I’ve been trying to tell her that I got a girlfriend and she doesn’t believe me. 

Luka: Of course no one believes you, you haven’t even gotten the girl you’ve liked for seven years to remember your name. She calls you Website. 

August: Her husband calls me that and he doesn’t matter. 

Luka: Dude, the point is that you’re memorable to some ladies. 

Roosje: Ohhh they have taco casserole here! Luka, buy your older sister that! Oh they also have shrimp soup and tuna casserole! I’m ordering all those! 

August: This is her sixth meal since breakfast. Just let her eat or she’ll trip. 

I swear to god my summer job is like a cliche dating sim
you’ve got the boys
coworker one: funny, talkative, a lot of friends around the workspace and is always open and likeable
coworker two: quiet, shy, and younger. Super sweet and wears glasses
my supervisor: a couple of years older but is always Super Stressed and seriously needs a hug. but is always really nice to me and smiles a lot despite him being constantly on edge
and I’m always talking to all of them
like. bro I could write a god dammed visual novel off this shit

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How did you get into drawing, and how many years have you been drawing so far? ^^

I started drawing after I saw Dreamwork’s Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron. It was just horses at first, cause I saw one of the drawing lessons they had on the dvd for it, haha. You can actually watch it here. I started giving a horse drawing a day to my band teacher in middle school, 6th grade I think. 

I switched to people once my older sister threw Ranma ½ and Inuyasha books at me. So I got into anime. It’s pretty funny to see my early stuff. You could tell which show I was watching based on how my style changed. Most noticably OHSHC, and Detective Conan.

So since 6th grade, it’s been 11 years. Pretty crazy, feels shorter than that ^^

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The reason why people don't want Zendaya to play Mary Jane is because she is a terrible fucking actress. The only reason why she's known right now is because of a bad Disney tv show that ended ages ago, and her stupid Vine and Snapchat videos. I couldn't go and say Kirsten Dunst is that better, but she's at least been in good movies in the past (you can't say the same for Zendaya).

Kirsten Dunst is 14 years older, so that’s not really a fair comparison. I mean, you’ve got to start somewhere, right? You haven’t even seen her act in this movie. Just admit that your objections are based on racist prejudices.

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So, we have three dogs at home. One of them is a 13 year old lab, with some health issues. Our trouble is that our 3 year old got here back when our lab was still very active. Now he's always jumping on the older dog and we are pretty sure he just wants to play like they used to, but he ends up hurting the older one and we are getting pretty worried. We have no idea how to stop him from doing so and we can't keep them apart. Do you have any suggestions?

Make sure you’re not only discouraging play. Dog’s need to know what they can do, otherwise they are just left to guess! You don’t want him rough housing, so how do you want him to play? You can discourage the bull in a china shop routine, but encourage and praise when he is gentle and playing politely. I would also take this opportunity to play with him individually. He shouldn’t be seeking his buddy to rid himself of his excess energy - if you exercise him sufficiently, he will take it easier on your old friend.

Calling out bigoted minors is fine but there’s a way to do it and sexually charged statements isn’t the way to do it. Also, like, if they start expressing distress, back off. Or at least change your tone??

If you come in being aggressive and saying shit that has no educational merit and refuse to back down when called out, especially as an adult, you’re in the wrong.

I understand sometimes their age isn’t always apparent but the second you find out, you apologize and listen.

Just yesterday, I got a message saying that I reblogged something from a 14 year old and they were upset. I took down the post and asked if they were okay. (They are.) It’s that simple.

It isn’t discourse if you’re just flinging sexual stuff everywhere and telling people to fuck off, especially if you’re on the verge of turning 23. Apparently I’m a day older than them, so like, I know how people our age should be acting.

This is why I’ve made posts before about people being careful when they had hostile comments onto things I reblog. Like, I know I’m not always in line, but you gotta at least TRY to be appropriate. And admit when you were wrong. Or at least fucking stop what you’re doing when you realize that you were wrong.

I really do try to watch my tone on this blog, knowing I have a lot of vulnerable followers. IRL when I’m arguing with my friends and I know our boundaries, I’m a lot different,  Because that’s not discourse. And it’s not strangers who might be experiencing personal shit behind the scenes I know nothing about.

There’s some behavior you can absolutely go off on–stuff that warrants outright hostility and disgust and anger–but you gotta be careful.

TL;DR:  Be aware of who you’re talking to. Never bring sexual comments into the discourse, the fuck is wrong with you?? Make sure your anger is proportional.

I’m not trying to police tone, like I absolutely believe you don’t need to be polite to your oppressor but when you’re talking to minors and mentally ill people, just, y’unno, realize you’re hurting your case in the longterm.

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Ok so hoe story. I submitted to you saying I was planning on fucking my moms friend and last week I went over to his place and we got high and just chilled. Then a few hours later we had sex and I stayed the night then he fucked me again in the morning. He's also 15 years older than me. Such good dick

this is the epitome of life goals, she got all of us beat, none of u hoes compare RIP

Of  Foxes and Family- Chapter 12 Pt. 1

“Hurry up, Nick!” Shouts a little fox as he runs across the sand head to head  with a rabbit.

“Yeah, Nick! Keep up!” Shouted the rabbit as her foot paws plunged into the ocean.

“Am I in a rush like you two? No, I am not.” Shouted the snarky older fox, Nick who was a few feet behind the duo.

“Come on, Pops!” Laughed, Huey.

Don’t rush me, Son!” Laughed Nick, making his way to them at his own pace through the sand.

Judy smiled at the exchange. Nick had officially adopted Huey early this morning and she had planned a beach trip to celebrate. They had only been “father” and “son” for a few hours but it seemed like years to her. They just got along that well.

“Pops… That’s adorable.” Judy giggled to herself. 

“You’re adorable, Carrots.” Nick said with a smirk as he finally stood beside her.

“Nick. You know why that’s not okay to say.” Judy said furrowing her brows at him.

Nick laughed, “Relax Carrots. You know it was a joke.” Nick patted her head.

“It’s hard to tell with you sometimes.” Judy replied, bashfully.

The two shared a look then. Lost in the moment the two began to lean toward each other. A harsh splash of ocean water, however, startled them from the brief connection they were sharing. They both yelped.

“Sneak attack!” Shouted Huey, holding his red pale above his black tipped ears in victory.

Nick laughed and shook out his wet fur, “So that’s how you want to play, huh?” Nick dashed for Huey and snatched him from the ocean shore. 

“Agh! Put me down!” Huey laughed, dropping his pale as he squirmed in Nick’s firm yet gentle grip.

“Not happening, little man. Carrots!” Nick bellowed.

Judy sprung into action, laughing all the way and grabbed the pale. She filled it to the brim and adjusted her grip. Nick stretched his arms and held Huey as far away from him as possible.

“Wait! Haha! No! No!” Huey was laughing hysterically as he tried to escape Nick.

“Ready?” Judy said with a smile.

“Ready!” Nick returned with a smile and a nod.




“Ah!” Huey yelled as Judy dumped the entire pale of water over Huey’s head.

Nick put Huey down and the three burst out in laughs. The entire beach trip reminded Nick of some cheesy family movie. Not quite but close enough. This made Nick think of how drastically different his life is now compared to a few years ago. If he were the conman he used to be he would’ve been using Huey to scam people instead of Finnick. He and Huey were the same species of fox so more people would’ve bought it. The thought made Nick chuckle. 

“Things really are different. It’s almost hard to believe how different it all is. Life works out in pretty crazy ways I guess.” Nick thought.

As Huey began to frolic on the shore with Judy, Nick thought back to the events of Huey’s adoption process that began months ago. It had taken a bit of research and a lot of Judy’s help but Nick had finally connected with an adoption agency. He set up his appointment and met with the agent. Everything seemed to be going well. He spoke well and professionally during his interview. Then the agent began asking about Nick’s criminal background. That’s when things turned to shit.

“To think this almost didn’t happen…”

BAMMMMMM. My job is more demanding then I first realized. Anyways this is a two part chapter. Part two shall be posted on the morrow (In the evening sometime) and it’ll fill in all the blanks you guys are likely curious about. It will also be longer, this chap was just a warm up. Welp. As always I hope you enjoy and thank you for all the likes, reads, comments, and shares. Stay beautiful.

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Hi, can you explain to me everyone's age and relationships? (Like, was Hamilton married to Eliza? Are they divorced?) That's the only thing that makes me confused hahah Sorry if you have answered this before but I searched and found nothing! I love your blog and you're very sweet! <3

As far as ages go, I’ve got it roughly figured out. 

Eliza just turned 35 (Pippa is 26 I know but the level of divinity that comes with being a cinnamon roll has kept Eliza looking v young let’s just say that), which puts Alexander at 36/37 (like Lin). Burr, Mulligan, Madison, and Adrian are all the same age as Alexander. Eliza shares a birth year with Lafayette and Lee. Laurens is in the 30 range (yes Laurens was older historically but RAMOS IS 24 OKAY), along with George III, Peggy, and Maria. America is the baby of the group at 24 (aside from Philip and Eliza’s other babs). Angelica, John Church, and Jefferson are The Adults at ~40 (yes Dee is 34 but if Chadwick Boseman can look 25 at 40 I can strech ages stop judging me). And Washington is 57, because that was the man’s actual age when he took office.

If you wanted to know more about the characters in general, you can find my big fat ramble here, and if you think that’s a lot of information I was showing restraint.

Here’s the short and long on Ham and Eliza:

They started dating in their early twenties, fell madly in love and all that jazz, decided to elope (after like five months the crazy impatient nerds) bc Angie’s boyfriend at the time had just proposed and they didn’t want to steal the thunder. After a little over a year of being together, Eliza figured out that she was asexual and their relationship became polyamorous (because Alexander is a giant slut), though it was all agreed-upon flings, with the exception of one particular . No one but Angelica knew that they were married at the time. the two of them settled into a routine after a while, and didn’t really consider themselves to be married, especially after their careers took different paths and Ham moved into his own place for work/so Eliza could have her foster kids. At the time that he met John, Alexander and Eliza were more friends than anything and he literally called her at 3 am saying I MET THIS CUTE GUY AND I LOVE HIM ALREADY PLEASE GIVE ME PERMISSION TO RUIN MYSELF  (John knows about the marriage, which they’re both too lazy to get annulled, and he’s cool with it, because marriage is not at the forefront of his concerns.)

And, because I mentioned Angelica: she and John Church were high school sweethearts who broke up after graduation but reunited when they coincidentally got an internship at the same place like two years later and got back together. They dated for a while, and while JC did propose, their engagement lasted several years (mostly because they were building a news empire) before Angelica called it off. It was awkward for a while, but they’re starting to be good friends again.

Ahhhh that was long. Sorry! Thanks for calling me sweet and enjoying my blog!!

some Joan/Vanessa headcanons bc it’s like 12:30 am and i’m bored:

•Vanessa used to practice her telekinesis by using it for repetitive tasks at work when no one was looking. it never made the work faster but she ended up with pretty decent, if unpredictable, skills

•when Dr. Bright is talking to Chloe, she makes it sound like Vanessa confided in her about her telekinesis and they had a nice heart-to-heart or smth but. that’s not what happened. what happened was Joan was at the university late working on something and Vanessa happened to be there also working late and Joan just walked in on her practicing telekinesis and her first reaction was: a) omg Vanessa is an atypical, followed closely by: b) wow just got 200% more bi than before rip

• Joan called Vanessa “Nessie.” Vanessa pretended to hate the nickname (“that makes me sound like the Loch Ness monster!”) but she secretly thought it was kinda cute

•Vanessa loves musicals and if Fun Home had been around when they were together, she would 100% have been constantly singing “Changing My Major” around Joan

So, I just wanted to post a little something about the next couple of weeks and activity and all that. I know we’ve been having some slower periods and from what I’ve been told by many members, as well as what I’ve experienced myself, the reason for this is the start of the new semester! So first, I want to say to all those starting school, GOOD LUCK! It’s going to be a great school year, though I know as we get older, things get more difficult. But take deep breaths and have patience! You got this!

However, with school and all this, I know this means less time for RP! I’m already dropping like a damn hot cake because of my schedule. Thus, I want to repeat this… If you are too busy, but don’t want to lose your role, ASK FOR A HIATUS! Please please please ask! I am going on Semi right now because I’m already swamped. So please just ask if you need one. I promise we won’t get mad, we’ll be understanding and hell, we might even encourage it. So please remember to ask, this way you aren’t entirely stressed about RP and you can find a way to balance both.

Again, for activity, if you’re not super busy, please be sure to be as active as possible. The group can only survive as long as you guys are willing to be here, reply to starters, plot, make threads and keep things going! It’s alive because of you all. So thank you, also, considering we’re almost to our ONE YEAR mark!! 

Anyway, good luck to new students, workers and all that! You’re all going to do great! Now give this a like if you’ve read and understand it!!


  • Brother:(who is a good decade older than my 22 year old self) What are you watching?
  • Me:Oh! Uh, it's kinda like a cartoon, and it's about this guy who fights monsters with a stupidly big sword -
  • Brother:Oh, you mean an anime? Yeah I think I saw that one back in the 90s, sure was a lot of work streaming a single episode over dial-up internet -
  • Me:What.
  • Brother:Of course most of the time we just rented them on dvd -
  • Me:what
  • Brother:I remember this one series that never got switched over from VHS -
  • Me:W H A T

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Can you recommend some series for me to watch after finishing stranger things?

11.22.63! it’s a time travel sci-fi thriller/drama. my sister and I finished this series right after watching ST and we loved it! can’t say it’s much like ST because that show is a unique mish mash of inspirations taken from 80s films, but it was still great. after finishing that we are now watching The Strain (infection outbreak/vampires) which tbh is so different from ST but we just like horror. you should also check out The Twilight Zone (1959 - 1964) I think some people may be put off by it being a much older series, but I watched every episode maybe 6 years ago and dang it was so awesome, I still rewatch episodes to this day. the stories are so good and eerie. same goes for Twin Peaks, which I know is excellent, but I haven’t got around to continuing yet.

It's my birthday today!

Yay! I’m now one year older!

And I got a little early birthday present a couple of days ago: I got 50 followers!

I just want to thank all of you for following, it makes me super happy that people actually like what I post! Thank you guys!

Anyways, I should go and get ready!

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So, I have PTSD, basically. My therapist and doctors agree it's valid and like. I found my older sister. Lying dead. In my living room floor. I had to call police and paramedics and I was by myself for hours dealing with these things until other people got there. All these fucking kids acting like they have PTSD piss me off so bad because PTSD isn't fucking easy and it's been a year (Friday was the anniversary) and just seeing blueish skin sends me into panic attacks I'm still recovering lmao

I’m so sorry this happened to you, and I really hope that you’re able to heal from something like this happening in your life.

PTSD isn’t something that people should just claim to have, it honestly makes you a pretty big asshole if you claim to have illnesses like these, they aren’t something you should just throw around and say you have. -Mod A

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Hey there! I've stumbled across your work on Twitter a couple of weeks back and have been a huge fan since I saw your amazing style! Your characters are so full of life and emotion! I was just wondering, and I know you get these questions all the time, so I hope you will at least throw a reply someday, but where did you start when you started drawing? :) Very vague question, I know >.< But reason I am asking is, HOW do you create these magical beings?! D: Your creations are beautiful! T^T

Hello! Well I started drawing when I was 5 years old. Video games got me into drawing a lot because my older brother use to collect a lot of consoles back then like snes, ps1, sega saturn, n64, game boy etc. He bought a lot of games such as street fighter 2, darkstalkers, resident evil, silent hill, metal gear solid, crash bandicoot, super mario, starfox, tekken, bloody roar, so on. I really adore videos games concept art a lot! I love fighting games sprites. Horror games got me into loving monsters. And the lovable mascots I grew up with is crash, spyro, mario, sonic etc. Capcom artist team is a huge influence for me when i start drawing then i look back like jak and daxter, sly cooper, ratchet and clank cartoon style I adore so much. As a child I always adore animation shows with monsters in it like Digimon and Pokemon. For original characters I just mostly inspired characters i adore so much in video games only and just mess around with it. I have been drawing for years and I was stubborn back then I couldn’t stop drawing because I want to improve my skills and style of my own. I’m pretty self-taught! Nobody taught me how to draw I just went practicing my own way to climb the mountain to get better. 

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@ ( my body is ready XD )

21. Summer camp!AU

Lance sighed as he watched his parents drive away, throwing his duffle bag over his shoulder and walking towards the cabin he had been assigned too. His parents made him go to summer camp every year, but it just kept getting more and more annoying as he got older. He never ended up in a cabin with people he knew, so it always ended up being boring a dull.

As he walked into the cabin he did a double take, seeing his friend? Was he actually in a cabin with someone he knew this year? But as the boy straightened he realized it wasn’t Pidge, he was too tall. Lance, raised a brow, walking over and tossing his bag onto the bunk about the boy’s. He paused, watching the other for a moment before speaking. “You wouldn’t know someone named Pidge, would you?”

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Good morning Mod! Great job ur doing. I've had a few celebrity crushes along the years like George Cloiney in his ER years & Wentworth Miller from Prison Break. But as soon as GC got older looking & married and WM came out as gay (sorry it just kills it for me), I stopped crushing for them. I know my love for Norman will dry up eventually. He'll date a chick no one likes again or he'll get killed off TWD & go bald. I admit, I'm shallow! I like my celebrity men single, straight & hot!😜😎😘

Thanks for the love anon, are you into awkward bum touches. 😄. I may have crushed a little on GC back in his ER days. I’ll fully admit my 2 new ones are Kit Harington (yes I’m late to the GoT party) and Kevin Ryan from Copper.

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