I know everyone remembers Alix as the reckless angry one who’s always ready to fight, and she is, but like… she’s also, in canon, really dorky and sweet?? Like how excited she is to get the pocket watch as her birthday present after seeing how cool it is, and reassuring her dad that she’s not gonna ditch him, and waving at Marinette’s parents, and just… look at this sweet happy child

And at the end of the episode when she thanks Ladybug for fixing her watch and says she’ll take better care of it next time and will try not to be irresponsible, it’s so Pure and Humble, she’s just such a Good

And Christmas episode??? Where she’s so happy to get sweets??? And happy to see Adrien’s okay??? And just generally so adorable and happy??? I’m love this child so much???


In conclusion: Alix is an adorable precious bean in addition to being a terrifying little monster, this has been a PSA

  • JIM: I'm just saying that you can't be sure that it wasn't you.
  • DWIGHT: That's ridiculous. Of course it wasn't me.
  • JIM: Marijuana is a memory loss drug, so maybe you just don't remember.
  • DWIGHT: I would remember.
  • JIM: Well, how could you if it just erased your memory?
  • DWIGHT: That's not how it works.
  • JIM: Now, how do you know how it works?
  • DWIGHT: Knock it off, okay? I'm interviewing you.
  • JIM: No! You said I'd be conducting the interview when I walked in here. Now, exactly how much pot did you smoke?
  • Usopp: I'm just saying that you can't be sure that it wasn't you.
  • Marine: That's ridiculous! Of course it wasn't me.
  • Usopp: Marijuana is a memory loss drug. So maybe you just don't remember.
  • Marine: I would remember.
  • Usopp: Well how could you if it erased your memory.
  • Marine: That's not how it works.
  • Usopp: Now, how do you how it works?
  • Marine: Knock it off, okay? I am interviewing you.
  • Usopp: No, you said that I'd be conducting the interview when I walked in here. Now, exactly how much pot did you smoke?

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Fun fact because this is something I'm working on myself lately, if you write down everything you remember about your dreams when you wake up you'll be more likely to "have more." Because you dream every night you just don't always remember them. But actively trying to recall and describe your dreams significantly increases how much you'll remember, and you'll dream more vividly and frequently

thank u for this tip on how to meet up w ford more frequently

After The Wedding: 5SOS

Here is the after the wedding for 5sos! I hope you guys like it, oh also I’m going to post the first pictures wedding thing soon. Remember requests are open!-Jess
After The Wedding:


Being a newlywed was difficult especially when your husband was an international music star who was constantly needed for this or that. For example, it hadn’t even been a two days since the two of you had gotten back from your honeymoon when management called Ashton for a meeting. This was what the two of you were currently arguing about.

“I don’t see why you can’t tell them that you can’t come” you say.

“Because y/n, I’ve been gone for four weeks while the rest of the guys have been working. I have a lot of catching up to do and little time to do it” he says.

“But we just got back” you say.

“I know, but management needs me” he says.

You sigh as Ashton puts his jacket on. He walks over to you and puts his hands on your arms rubbing up and down.

“I know you don’t like this but I promise you that I won’t be gone long. An hour at the most then I’ll tell them to give me a few days to get settled” he says.

“You say that but you know management will try to talk you into working again” you say.

“And it won’t work. I won’t let them. I promise you I’ll be back in time for our first newlywed at home dinner” he says kissing your forehead.

“Okay” you say.

“See you in an hour?” he asks.

“See you in a hour” you say.

Three Hours Later….

Three hours, Ashton had been gone for three hours. He hadn’t even called to tell you that something had come up and that he needed to stay a little longer. You were sitting at the table sipping a glass of wine from the bottle given to you by your parents when you heard the front door open.

“Y/n?” Ashton calls.

You hear him walking through the house until he gets to the dining room where he finds you.

“Hey babe” he says.

“Hi” you say short.

“I’m so sorry I didn’t call or come home. Management decided they needed to tell me everything that had happened and was going to happen at that exact moment. I tried telling them that I needed to come home but they weren’t having it” Ashton says.

“Whatever Ash, I don’t care. I’ve gotten used to it anyway” you say standing up to dump your glass of wine in the sink.

Ashton followed you unsure of what you meant and wanting an explanation.

“What do you mean you’re used to it?” he asks.

“I’m used to management taking a priority over our relationship” you say.

“Management doesn’t take priority over our relationship” Ashton says.

“Yeah it does, but like I said don’t worry about I’m used to it by now” you say.

“Y/n…” Ashton starts.

“Please don’t…I’m really tired so I think I’m just going to go to bed. Your dinner is in the oven” you say walking away.

Ashton stood there in silence, unsure of what to say. He never knew that you felt like he was always putting management first. He of course had never really noticed what he was doing but now that he was thinking back on it, he realized that he had put what management wanted or needed above your relationship. He shook his head, all that was about to change.

You woke up the next day and found Ashton’s spot in the bed empty, curiosity getting the best of you, you decided to find out where he was. You walked through the house twice before you concluded that Ashton was not there. You were just about to call him when you heard the key turn in the door and Ashton walked in holding coffee.

“Hey babe, I didn’t think you would be up for another hour” he says.

“I noticed that you were gone” you say.

“Yeah, sorry about that I had something to take care of” he says.

You sigh, assuming he meant that management had something he needed to take care of.

“Coffee?” he asks holding out the cup.

You take it and follow him into the kitchen where he starts pulling out things to make breakfast.

“What do you want to eat?” he asks.

“Pancakes would be nice, but Ash what are you doing? Don’t you have somewhere to be?” you ask

“What? Oh no, I told Management that I was done putting them first and from now on I require at least two days off and to be done with work by eight. Also that from now on they have to run any and all decisions about travel and when we’re going by me and the boys” he says.

“Wait, you told them all that?” you ask.

“Yep, the boys agreed with it too. In fact they all want the same things set for them” Ashton says.


He walks over to you and wraps his arms around you, “I may have put management before our relationship but there is no way I’m putting it before our marriage” he says.

He kisses you and you smile.

“I love you Mrs. Irwin” he says.

“I love you too Mr. Irwin” you say smiling.


You roll over and look at the clock, groaning. It was four in the morning and you couldn’t get to sleep because little Hemmings had decided that now would be a good time to be active. You sigh and her movement behind you as Luke turns the lamp on.

“What’s wrong love?” he asks.

“I can’t get to sleep” you say.

“Not tired?” he asks.

“No I am, but little Hemmings has decided that now would be a good time to play kick mommy” you say rubbing your stomach.

Luke laughs, “little soccer stars are they?”

“It’s not funny, I’m exhausted” you say.

“I know love, how about I sing a little. Maybe that will calm them down some” he says.

You nod and Luke moves himself down so that he’s level with your stomach.

“Hello in there? Testing…Testing…one, two” he says.

You shake your head at him, rolling your eyes and he smiles back at you, laughing.

“Alright here we go…. Goodnight, my angel Now it’s time to dream,And dream how wonderful your life will be. Someday your child may cry,And if you sing this lullaby.Then in your heart. There will always be a part of me.”

After a few minutes you motion for Luke to stop.

“Did it work?” he asks.

“Yeah, I think it did” you say.

“Good, now get some sleep love” he says.

You nod and Luke turns out the light, you lay your head on his chest and fall asleep but not before hearing him say.

“Goodnight my beautiful girls.”


It wasn’t even a week since the two of you got back before all the “when are you going to have a baby” questions start flooding in. In all honesty you and Michael hadn’t talked about having kids yet and you weren’t even sure how to bring it up. However, you didn’t have to because Michael brought it up to you one day while the two of you were curled up on the couch.

“Hey babe?” he says pausing the movie.

“Hmm?” you ask.

“Do you think we should talk about the whole kid thing?” he asks.

You look over at him, “do you want to talk about it?”

“I don’t know, I think we should just to see where the other stands.”

You nod at him and move yourself so you’re sitting facing him and he turns so he’s facing you.

“Do you want to go first or should I?” you ask.

“I’ll go” he says.

You nod for him to start and he clears his throat.

“I want kids….”

You were about to say something but he pressed a finger to your lips.

“But I want us to give being married a year or two before we start trying” he says.

He moves his finger and signals for you to say what you had to say.

“I agree” you say.

He looks shocked at your answer and you look at him.

“Why are you looking at me like that?” you ask.

“It’s just that your mom told me that you had told her that you wanted to start trying soon.”

You laugh and shake your head, “I told my mom that I wanted to start trying yoga soon. There’s a class at the gym that I want to do. My mom must have misinterpreted it to mean that I wanted kids now.”

“So you’re okay with waiting a year or two before we start trying to make a baby?” he asks.

“Yes, but I think we should also address the issue of accidents” you say.


“Yeah, you know what if one day you forget to put a condom on or it breaks and I end up pregnant. What do we do then?” you ask.

“We celebrate” Michael says. “Yeah, it maybe earlier than we wanted to but that doesn’t mean it’s not a blessing. So, we would celebrate just like we would if it was two years from now.”

“Sounds great to me” you say.

He nods and you curl back into his side and he unpausing the movie. But it didn’t stay unpaused long because Michael had started thinking about godparents and who you would name godparents of your kids. So that’s what the two of you did the rest of the afternoon, you planned baby names, godparents, and anything else the two of you could think of.


He was watching you get ready for a day out with girls, he was supposed to be getting ready to go out with the guys but had gotten distracted by you walking by in nothing but your undergarments. Which was why you were currently trying to get away from him so you could finish getting ready.

“Cal, we don’t have time” you say.

“I think we do” he says kissing your shoulder.

“No, we don’t. You have ten minutes before the boys get here and I have to leave” you say.

“I can make do with ten minutes” he says kissing your neck.

You laugh and try to get out of the circle of his arms.

“No Cal! I have to go!” you laugh.

You finally get free and he frowns before you kiss him on the lips.

“Don’t worry, we can do that later on. It’s not like we have anything to worry about anymore” you say gesturing to your growing stomach.

He chuckles, “true.”

You slip on your shoes and plant another kiss on his lips just as the doorbell rings.

“Alright, that would be the boys. I’ve got to go and I would suggest that you put some pants on. Not that the boys haven’t seen you in your underwear but you know…”

He rolls his eyes but quickly grabs a pair of jeans and throws them on before walking you to the back door. You guys didn’t want anyone finding out before you told so you were going out the back while Calum let the guys in through the front. He kisses you one the lips.

“See you later beautiful and remember your promise” he says in your ear.

“I don’t recall promising” you say.

“You did, you just don't’ remember it” he says.

“Uh huh” you say.

“Don’t you have somewhere to be?” he asks.

You laugh, “I’ll see you later.”

He watches as you go halfway between the front and the back and shuts the door before going to let the boys in. He let’s them in and waves to you as you get in your car and pull out of the driveway. He walks into the living room where all the guys were waiting.

“Hey Cal, so what’s up what did you need us over here for?” Ashton asks.

“Please tell me it’s not another one of Y/n’s renovation projects because I still haven’t recovered from the last one” Michael says.

He laughs, “no it’s nothing like that. Although we made need your help in the near future.”

They all look at him questioningly and he clears his throat.

“So the reason I called you all over here is to tell you something…” he starts.

“What? Wait, are you leaving the band?” Luke asks.

“Dude, you can’t leave we need you” Ashton says.

“Yeah, what will we do without you?” Michael asks.

Calum shakes his head, “it’s nothing like that guys.”

“Then what is it?” Ashton asks.

“Well…y/n and I are pregnant” Calum says.

It was silence for a few minutes as the boys processed what Calum had just told them. Then all kinds of crazy broke loose, there was a massive group hug and a lot of screaming and yelling of congratulations. There was even some beers opened to toast the occasion, but before that Calum had decided to call you to see how things were going on your end.
“Hello?” you say.

“Babe, how’s it going over on your end?” he asks.

“Oh, great. The girls are going crazy and they’ve even started planning the baby shower” you laugh. “How is it over there?”

He peeks into the living room from the kitchen.

“Ashton is standing on the table making a speech about how great fatherhood is” he says.

“That well, huh?” you say.

“Yep” he laughs.

You laugh and he hears a voice call for you on your end.

“I gotta go Grace, is yelling at me to get my butt over to her” you say.

“I heard, I’ll let you go then. Love you.”

“Love you too” you say.

He hangs up and goes back to the boys who spend the whole afternoon celebrating the joys of fatherhood.

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When you mentioned angels having PTSD, I just remembered Naomi and ep 8x21. "There was that day, back in Egypt..." "Well, I wasn't there." "Oh, you were there. You just don't remember it." This probably isn't the first time for Cas

I know. That one comment from Naomi just opened up SO many questions for me. I want to know so much more about Castiel’s history. Can you imagine, though, all of the atrocities that God (or maybe the angel higher-ups) commanded that the angels commit against humanity… and it makes me wonder if Cas put up a fight for all of them. 

I want to know if Cas had to be reprogrammed after Noah’s great flood. Did he argue against all of the plagues of Egypt and the drowning of thousands of Egyptian soldiers? What about the time God ordered the Israelites to kill all of the Midianite men, boys and non-virgin women and take the virgins and girls as their slaves? I can’t imagine Cas just sat by idly for that mess. I wonder if he tried to stop the destruction of Sodom & Gomorrah. 

How could Castiel, who loves humanity and free will so much, not have incredible PTSD? He has been through so much. I love that our rebellious Cas has always been the famous spanner in the works. Some angel needed to be.

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Can you explain how twilight is abusive? I'm not disagreeing with you I just don't really remember the books

I’m gonna forget some stuff too bc I also don’t remember details but 

  • Bella is 17 and, despite being turned at 17, Edward was born in 1901. Like it’s hella creepy to be waiting for an underage girl to turn 18 in of itself, but edward was 100+ years old so that’s just Yikes af
  • Edward tries to isolate Bella from her friends and family, controlling where she goes and who she talks to
  • He’s extremely jealous, controlling, and violent- and essentailly stalked her throughout the series (I’m p sure he’d watch her sleep too?? Like he just came in her room and watched her sleep w/o permission)
  • constantly threatens her physically, insisting he can and will kill her and she should be scared- while also stalking her instead of leaving her alone, which shows it’s about power and control not concern

Here’s an article I found with some more detail and examples bc I only remember this stuff generally