Yoongi had been your brother’s supplier for years, you were familiar with his name and reputation but never cared enough to meet the man who was indirectly tearing your family apart. That was until your brother got himself into trouble, real trouble, and you found yourself on Yoongi’s doorstep with a very tempting offer. If he cleared your brother’s debts he would get the one thing he never even knew he wanted.


warnings: graphic smut, dirty talk, rough sex, dom!yoongi + sub!reader, spanking, substance abuse, physical violence, family issues, threatened non-con & strong language

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What about shopping trips for the batfamily? I know Alfred probably does them most of the time but I bet Dick managed to get a family shopping trip out of Bruce at least once or twice

-I feel like they would be so incredibly hectic that Bruce would make some sort of extremely detailed game plan so he can escape the store with all of his kids (and the store) intact at any cost

-Dick is definitely an impulse buyer so he comes back with eight boxes of pop tarts in crazy flavours, a ton of lunchables, some jellybeans (he doesn’t even like them and yet he got them) and five gallons of cranberry juice (among other things) and Bruce is just like “uh… no, put it all back”

-Jason is very practical when it comes to shopping but he likes to mess around with his siblings, so if they’re looking for one specific item, Jason will swipe every single box/bag/etc of that item so they don’t get it

-Tim lives off of the free samples (he has gone to the store before and eaten breakfast, lunch, and dinner for free through samples). He then ranks them weekly and will buy whatever is in his top three

-Damian reads all of the ingredients on the food that they’re buying and will start going on about how unhealthy and unnatural everything is which makes everyone feel bad about themselves (but they still eat the stuff anyways). He also tries to fight the younger kids in the store for some reason

-Steph and Cass go off together and Steph gets any makeup, books, basically any non food items that seem interesting. Cass likes the colouring books with words to colour instead of pictures

-Duke is pretty much the only person who Alfred knows will get the shopping done without buying unnecessary items or just not buy the stuff he needs (@Bruce who just doesn’t buy things because “we don’t need milk, we have some” “B that is from last month, you just refuse to buy more”) so he’s entrusted with the list

-The kids have competitions on who can carry the most bags on one arm so they can make it to the house in one trip

-It’s a miracle if they get out of the store in under two hours without spending under $100 dollars and trying to rip each other’s throats out

Choose Something

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Characters: Y/n, John, Dean, Sam

Pairing: John x Y/n (FEMALE READER)

Warnings: Fluff, pure fluff. 

Word Count: 526

Summary: Y/n takes her boys Christmas shopping.

A/N: Part two to a new series. Just a random idea that I thought was cute. Hope u like it!!

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The Family They Deserve Masterlist

“Dean Winchester! Get your ass over here!”

Y/n heard a little giggle, looking down at Sammy who was smiling up at her.

“What’s so funny, baby?”

“You said a bad word”.

Y/n hissed out loud, making the boy laugh even more.

“Sorry. But you know not to say that. Ok?”

He nodded, his hair bobbing.

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rose-tinted glasses

*requested –> Anonymous said: Hello! I am INLOVE with your generously length works that keep me reading!!!! I was wondering if you could do a WGM scenario with Jaehyun but both of them are trying not to fall in love with each other because SCANDALS and RABID FANS and it becomes like a fluff/angst thingy??? Ugh sorry if this is a Jaeffry request but I like him ok so yea ._. Love you~

different anon: Im sorry If I have ever sent you a repeated request like idk if people request the same thing as I do. Maybe all fans have the same ideas?? Like i wish no one has requested this but could you do a jjh fic where the girl he likes/dating is a known “bad girl” (plot twist she really isnt she just has a snarky attitude and a case of bitch face syndrome but she fluff) and everyone around him is being curious and dramatic on why he likes her?? Please and if you can’t do it it’s ok too :)

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author’s note: 1,794 words. I combined these two requests + didn’t use the wgm setting because it was easier to write that way. 

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Wedding vows and apologies

Moving in with your famous superstar boyfriend could be fun.

But scratch that! Replace fun with tiring. And we’re not talking about the sex here.

Because since Jo moved into Shawn’s Toronto bachelor pad, all they did was fight.

And now that they were getting ready to attend the wedding of Shawn’s older cousin, all they did was fight some more.

About really silly, stupid stuff.

Like Shawn leaving his wet towel on the bed. Again.

Or Jo taking too much place up in the bathroom.

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❝ Khutulun! Come see all of the— ❞ 

❝ Tell me you did not just buy more useless junk, Ara. ❞ 

❝ You don’t understand, I had to!! Khovon needed it desperately.❞ 

❝ The sheep!? And where is Khovon now, Songbird.❞ 

❝ Uh, well!! You see…❞ 

ft. @paissa-brat!!

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hey 💖 i wondering if i could request a headcannon about how the hamilsquad would react to Rosie experiencing her period for the first time and going through all the stuff (eating a lot, mood swings etc.). If you're not comfortable with that, it's fineeee. Love you and your works 💖💕

okay i wrote these, thought i posted them, but i didn’t so when i refreshed the page i lost everything :(

take two!


  • when rosie first tells him, he freezes
    • rosie: “…papi? did you hear me?” 
    • alex: “did it…uh, um…i can -” 
    • it’ll take him a minute to get moving
  • he has to ask the others or you for help
    • “(y/n) uses motrin when she’s not feeling well, right?” 
    • “um,, are the pads down here?” 
  • once he gets the hang of it though, he’s not as nervous!
    • alex: “i’m sorry, kiddo. i got ibuprofen and your heating pad here for you, okay?” 
  • his biggest thing is that he doesn’t want rosie to feel embarrassed about her period
    • it’s just something that happens to her each month and it’s okay!
    • if she bleeds through her sheets, he’ll clean it up 
    • rosie’s super embarrassed but he insists that it’s okay
    • rosie: “i’ll clean it up, papi. i-i’m sorry” 
    • alex: “no, no no. i got it, sweetheart. don’t worry.” 
  • he’ll buy tampons/pads if rosie needs some
    • he’s not ashamed at all
    • the stares don’t bother him


  • he’s a little nervous
    • not because he’s disgusted 
    • it’s just that he’s not entirely sure what to do,,
    • he’s always expected rosie to go to you for help so he’s taken aback
  • he calls you to make sure he’s doing everything right
    • if you’re at home, you help rosie and laf
    • you: “i always keep my pads here and i keep my heating pads here…laf, are you listening?” 
    • laf, probably: *nodding, taking notes*
    • if you’re at work though, you just talk him through it over the phone
  • the hardest part for him is seeing rosie in pain
    • laf: “rosie, mon fleur, are you okay?” 
    • rosie, sniffling: “n-no, everything hurts”
    • laf: “i know…it will be over soon?” 
    • rosie: “not soon enough”
  • he tries to make sure she’s as comfortable as possible
  • makes her tea for her cramps
    • rosie appreciates it. 
    • chamomile tea is her favorite since it helps the most


  • he’s got sisters so he understands
    • rosie: “um, papi? i think i started my period…” 
    • john: “oh, okay. well, do you have pads? i know you might feel sick but have you eaten anything today?”
  • he’ll take rosie out of school if she’s not feeling that good
    • rosie: “do you think mom will be mad? i’m not missing anything…”
    • john: “i’ll talk to mama. you just take it easy, okay?” 
  • he tries to get rosie to nap/relax
    • she tends to still try to do everything even when she’s not feeling good
    • john will pop in a movie and sit with her if she doesn’t want to sleep
  • he read somewhere that baths help with cramps so he buys rosie lots of bath bombs
    • the more colorful they are, the better
    • she really likes them
    • usually, she feels better after her bath and feels sleepy enough to nap


  • he’s not as nervous as laf and alex, but he’s not as prepared as john
    • but he recovers pretty quick
  • he’s noticed what you do while you’re on your period so he tries to do the same for rosie
    • herc: “your mom usually takes two of these. here’s some water, love” 
    • he remembers how you huff and grumble when you head the the cupboards or the bathroom so that’s how he knows where you keep most of your things
    • if he can’t find it, he calls you or just buys some more for rosie
  • he totally indulges when it comes to rosie’s cravings
    • herc: “i usually get your mom whatever she wants. are you craving anything? do you want anything?”
    • rosie: “a-anything?”
    • rosie’s so excited
    • herc is too–they both love to eat but this is like an excuse to eat more than usual
    • chinese? okay. pizza? sure! chinese and pizza? why not.
  • it makes rosie feel a little better


mood swings

  • rosie’s all over the place so you never know which rosie you’re going to get
    • your advice: “just do whatever she says. if you’re not sure what to do, just ask.”
  • she cries a lot on the first day–it’s the hardest day for her
    • alex and laf freak out (”but…you were fine a minute ago??”) but john and herc are just trying to figure out what’s wrong (”did i do something wrong? do you need me?”)
    • sometimes she cries because of the pain, but the boys have found her crying over dogs at least once
  • she’s grumpy
    • you/your husbands: “hey, rosie. you feeling okay?”
    • rosie, sarcastically as she glares at you: “just dandy.” 
    • you/your husbands: “…okay, well, do you need anything?”
    • rosie, sighing dramatically: “no...can you just go now?”
  • she rants a ton too
    • rosie: “like he just breathes and i’m like oh my gosh can you shut up”
    • alex likes this rosie the most
  • she can be really self critical
    • “i’m breaking out oh my gosh i’m so ugly” 
    • “i feel so bloated i’m not going out today”
    • the boys are supportive (”no, honey, you’re beautiful/lovely”) but rosie responds sarcastically (”I don’t have time for these lies”)
    • which leaves them confused
    • your husbands: “but…i complimented her?”
    • you, shrugging: “only so much you can do”
  • they’ve learned to be patient with her
  • rosie apologizes for whatever she’s said during her period
    • it’s a small price to pay. 
    • they love her + just want to make sure she’s okay.

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Don't use spaghetti! It's dangerous and can harm your equpiment. But you CAN buy thin weed wacker wire and cut it to your needs!

Look, I didn’t make that post, I just reblogged it, and I assume people are only using spaghetti in a pinch where they need to get something done but don’t have immediate access to more nibs.  

For the cost of weed eater line you could also just… buy more nibs.  They’re like $10 on wacom’s site, and cheaper if you look around for a deal on ebay. 

I just thought the novelty of using a piece of spaghetti was worth a reblog.  

(ALSO LIKE… I don’t know about you guys but I’ve had my pen for like …. over a decade and I’ve only changed the nibs maybe 2 or 3 times so….  either y’all aren’t doing something right or I’M not doing something right.)

Playing Games

This is based on a prompt I got and instantly got ideas for. 
I changed it a bit, I hope that’s fine. I’ll add the prompt at the end to not spoil anything. 

This is the first part:

Sana should have known better.
No, Sana knew better.
She knew it was a bad idea bringing her friends, her brother and his friends together. 
She knew it wouldn’t end well.

Now, she curses herself for not having done more to prevent all of them hanging out together.

Mikael had the brilliant idea of playing Truth or Dare. 
And for the most part it was all fun until it was Sana’s turn for a Dare. 
It’s not like Sana is afraid if dares. She’s pretty good at doing whatever she is given as a dare and since especially her brother and his friends know that, they thought of something she might reject doing.

“You have to egg someone’s house.”

Sana narrows her eyes at Adam and then looks around the circle. They’re all sitting at a park, on the grass, and just talking. And now playing this game for about an hour now.

“Do you have eggs here?”, Eva asks, obviously amused by the thought of Sana egging a house.

While Adam and Elias look at each other with a frown, not having thought of that, another of the boys saves their asses.

“I do!”, Mutta exclaims. And when he is met with confused looks he explains:“ I went to the store for my mom, before meeting you all. I can just buy more later.”, rummaging through his backpack. 

“Yes, Mutta!”, Elias claps him on the shoulder to then turn around to grin at his little sister. Challenging her is one of his favorite things to do.

Crossing her arms over her chest, Sana looks unimpressed.

“Why would I egg some stranger’s house? That’s mean.”, Sana says.

“Because we dare you.”, Adam grins. “Or is Ms. Sana Bakkoush backing down from a dare?”

“Oooh.”, Mikael reacts and makes Chris and Vilde laugh out loud.

Then Noora and Eva give their input: “It’s kinda fun. And if you only throw one or two it won’t be that bad.”

“Plus it’s going to rain the whole rest of the week so you won’t have to worry about the eggs being stuck on the facade of the house.”

Sana sighs. She knows, if she doesn’t do this, the boys (and the girls) will not let her live that down. Especially not her older brother Elias. Sana and him might have had a stupid argument that escalated before they left the house a couple of hours ago. So Sana knows exactly why he grins at her mischievously. 
As much as she loves her brother, they do get into verbal fights a lot. 

“Whose house?”, Sana simply asks. 
She already feels bad about it. She never thought she would egg someone’s house. Well, that happens when her friends get together with her brother and his friends. 

Elias has an awesome idea for that. He sits up straight and asks Noora for a number between 1 and 5. “Four”
Then Mikael. “One”
Then Chris. “Two”
And finally Eva. “Five”

“Okay, so.. We’ll walk up this street and turn right at the fourth junction. Turn left after one traffic light. Walk for two minutes, stop. And the fifth house from there on is the one Sana is going to egg.”

While Sana just sits there, glaring at her brother who has the time of his life, her friends all seem to love this idea. 

So they all stand up and do as Elias said. 

At least the sun is setting. It won’t be too obvious then. Sana knows she shouldn’t do that. But she really doesn’t want to be teased by her friends for the rest of the year just because she would’ve backed down from a dare. 

As soon as they stand in front of the house they randomly choose with the numbers, Mutta gives Sana two eggs. Then, all of her friends vanish. They run away, to the other side of the street and hide behind bushes to watch. 

Sana looks at them a bit weirded out and confused but just wants to get this over with. But first Sana thinks to herself. Where would the eggs make the least damage? 

Hoping she’ll be forgiven for this, Sana throws the first egg after making sure nobody that lives there is at the windows or something. 

From the other side of the street she can hear one of the boys exclaim: “She really did it." 
Rolling her eyes Sana lifts her hand to throw the next one and get out of there as quickly as possible. 
Well, she doesn’t get to throw it. 

"Hey!”, someone shouts. 

Sana thinks it’s one of her friends and turns around. But the person walking towards her is not one of the people that were or still are hiding behind the bushes.
It’s a woman wearing a hijab and a police uniform. Sana’s initial reaction is pride, somehow. She’s really happy to see a police officer wearing a hijab. 

But then panic ensues. 

Quickly, probably too fast, Sana hides the egg she is holding in the pocket of her jacket. Smiling sheepishly but trying to look like she didn’t do anything she shouldn’t have done, Sana tries to move away slowly.

“What were you just doing, dear?”, the woman asks without a trace of sarcasm in that last part. She genuinely just wants to know.

“Eh..”, Sana says, trying to look over the woman’s head to see if her friends are still there.

“Anne! Let me help you wi…”, both women hear a third voice.

The voice is coming from behind Sana and both her and the woman turn towards the source of the voice. 
It relieves Sana. She gets more time to think of a believable excuse as to why she was egging that house. That police officer’s house.

The interruption of Sana’s most likely following interrogation finally comes to stand next to the women.

It’s a guy with dark hair, fairly tall. 
He smiles at the woman, his mother, and turns his gaze towards Sana.

“What’s going on?”, he asks.

Sana is still so busy with trying to think of a good excuse that she doesn’t really look at him.

The police officer says: “Well, this girl here threw something, I believe an egg, at our house. Right when I parked the car at the street.”

She did? Sana didn’t even realize that someone was parking their car.

“If you don’t give me a good explanation I’ll have to file a report for vandalism, since you have another egg in your pocket.”

Then both of the strangers turn to Sana, with a questioning look.

Sana blurts out the first excuse she can think of, why someone would egg a house. She doesn’t want a report to be filed. Not because of a stupid dare. And she can’t say it was a dare, can she now?

“I was mad at him and didn’t think about what I was doing.”, Sana says quickly, pointing at the dark haired boy.

The woman takes a step towards Sana, and then looks back at her son and back at Sana again.

The boy, who is standing behind his mother, looks at Sana with the most confused face so Sana tries to convey to him to just play along please.

“Why were you mad at Yousef?”, the police officer asks. She really seems to ask as a mother, not as a police officer.

When she looks at the boy again, Sana stands on her tiptoes and shakes her head at the boy. He’s still looking at her.

Sana mouths a ‘Please’ and hopes he understands what she means.

Only now Sana realizes how attractive that boy is. It’s the worst timing.

The police officer lady narrows her eyes at her son and when he doesn’t answer, she looks at Sana again.

“It’s… it’s something between us…”, Sana says, not sounding very convincing.

She hates this situation. She starts panicking but forces herself to not act on it in any way. Not now. But she’ll definitely kill Adam and Elias in a bit, if she can go home later.

“Since you were egging my house too..”, the woman says, “.. I think I should get to know too.”

Sana opens her mouth to object but no words come out. What can she say that makes this less awkward and looking less bad?

“Mom, it’s really just between us.”

Sana’s head snaps up and she tries to conceal her surprised look when Yousef’s mother looks from him to her a few times. She looks at the two teenagers as if she’s trying to figure out what they are referring to.

“Okay then. I’ll let you off with a warning for now.”, Sana hears the woman say. 
However, Sana’s eyes are still on that boy, Yousef. When his mother is not looking he looks at Sana with wide eyes, as if he doesn’t believe that he just said that. But Sana is grateful.

“Thank you! I’m really sorry. I shouldn’t have done that. I just didn’t really think.”, Sana says hastily. Her relief is very obvious.

“But..”, the woman says with a soft smile playing on her lips, her eyes trailing from her son to Sana. “… I want you two to sit down and talk over whatever your issue is. So something like this doesn’t happen again.”

“That’s not necessary… I’m sorry. This won’t happen again, I promise.”, Sana tries to talk her way out of this. Just when she thought she got away.

Yousef and Sana look at each other with wide eyes, both not knowing what exactly to do.

Sana doesn’t know him.

Yousef doesn’t know her.

“No, I think it’d be wise.”, the officer’s voice is strict now. Sana imagines that’s how she talks during her job.

“Mom.”, Yousef interrupts but just a look shuts him up.

“What’s your name, dear?”, Sana is asked by her. Now she smiles softly again.


“Sana, I really think you two should settle this. Why don’t you come over tomorrow afternoon and you’ll solve this problem.”

The prompt this is based on:
'im egging your house for a dare but your parent is a cop and they’re yelling at me so i told them that you were my ex and you wronged me and now you’re coming outside and please go along with this i don’t want to go to jail’ au for yousana (yousef is the one who plays along)  

Relieve The Stress

Characters: Sam x Reader, Dean

Word Count: 1,444

Warnings: Unless you get stressed about reading stressful situations, then read with caution

Summary: You have a stressful day and your husband wants to help. (should I still do these? I suck ass.)

A/N: This fic, I do not like but I really wanted to post something. I have just finished writing a 4,000 word Dean fic that may be up tomorrow or Wednesday. So keep out a look for that. 

Originally posted by hunterchesters

Today has started out great; you got to convince Dean to take his precious car out on a supply run. You say convince when you really used the puppy dog eyes that you learned from your husband, Sam. Within no time, you had the keys to Baby and was driving her down to the local supermarket to get food for the three of you.

You knew what Sam and Dean both loved to eat and you always seem to get the right non-food items so they always let you go out by yourself with the money they give to you.

You parked fairly close to the store and got out, making your way inside with a cart, ready to fill it up with food. You took out your list and checked off each item one by one until you got to the pie. Your whole shopping day trip was ruined because you couldn’t find the pie Dean loves.

You were the type of person who would stress over every little thing. You try to not let things get to you but you can’t help it. You always worry and if you didn’t get the things you wanted or needed, you would stress about it until you had it.

You knew that Dean wouldn’t be too upset if he didn’t get apple pie but you knew that was his absolute favorite. He’s been so good to you and Sam this past couple of weeks, you wanted to get him all the apple pies there were but none were available.

You walked right up to the deli and caught the eye of an employee.

“Hi, do you happen to have any apple pies in the back? I see you must be out.” You said in the sweetest voice you could manage.

“I’m sorry, miss, but we are actually all out. We did order more but won’t come until next week.” You sighed at the answer you were afraid of. You nodded and gave her a smile, walking away. You picked up the pecan pie and went about your business. Pecan wasn’t Dean’s favorite but he’ll eat it.

All the rest of the items came easily to you and you were ready to go home. You went to pay for your things and got out the credit card that Dean gave you. The three of you have jointing accounts for one card so that if any of you could ever need it, it would be easily accessible.

You swiped the card and put in the pin but frowned when it said declined. You looked up at the cashier, waiting for her to tell you what went wrong.

“I’m sorry, this is what it’s saying.” She slid over a piece of paper with the reason why it was declining.

Debit not available

“I am so sorry for this. Let me check my account and transfer over some money.” Your cheeks were burning with embarrassment. This just added to your stress levels and you wanted to go home. You checked your bank account and saw that there wasn’t enough money in there.

Damn Sam and Dean; they always spend money without letting you know and you think you have enough money but you really don’t. It bugged the shit out of you, always nagging them about this but they never listen.

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Anon says: can u do a oneshot when he first go down on you (either by choice or u ask him too) anyway i like ur blog and ur love towards jiyong is cute

Thanks for the request nonster. Here it is for you, all done and dusted. It feels a bit weak because it’s not very plot intensive, but I guess that’s what smut is all about.

Warning: Jiyong does some kinky stuff including sexing and butt smacking so please avert your innocent eyes if you are too young to read this. 

After a fight at a party, Jiyong comes home eager to try and make it up to you with some advice from Seungri. 

Originally posted by areumdawomonster

‘Yah!,’ Jiyong’s voice calls across the apartment. ‘That’s my seat, and that’s my girl. Don’t sit there.’ He points a finger angrily at the man who had taken residence next to you on the plush white couch. You inch your body slightly, turning away from the man in an attempt to block any conversation he wanted to start up. Jiyong had left the seat empty to get another drink. He’d been gone for less than two minutes, and already someone was trying to hit on you. That’s why you hated parties at Seungri’s apartment. You couldn’t get any peace because the people he associated with were all just trashy boneheads who wanted to fuck the nearest thing with tits. You’d even tried to dress slightly conservatively tonight, a pair of black skinny jeans and a white shirt you’d borrowed from Jiyong covering you fully, but even that hadn’t worked. You sigh, flicking your hair off your shoulder before standing. You walk towards Jiyong, your hand snaking around his waist as you joined him near the drinks table. 

‘Can we just go?,’ You pout, an annoyed sound evident in your voice. ‘That’s the third guy that has tried to hit on me tonight.’ He glances at you, scanning your face to take in your disapproval, before returning his gaze to his drink.  

‘I told Seungri we’d be in his spare room tonight. I have to go to the studio tomorrow anyway, and his house is closer.’ He says nonchalantly, filling his glass with a clear alcoholic liquid from a crystal bottle. You had no idea what it was.

‘Are you fucking kidding me?,’ You shoot him an angry look, unable to conceal your displeasure. ‘There is no way I am staying here and having to put up with this bunch of creeps. Do you know how many of his sick friends have had sex in that bed? Knowing Seungri, he probably doesn’t change the sheets either.’  

‘Calm down, Jagi.,’ He places the bottle back down on the table. His arm reaches up to rub against your back in an attempt to soothe you. ‘It will be fine.’ 

‘This is bullshit, Jiyong. You know how much I hate these parties.,’ His tenderness doesn’t soften your resolve. ‘I’m not staying here. You can sleep in Seungri’s spare room alone tonight. I’m going.’ 


You stare at the glowing red digits peering out of the darkness. 4 A.M. You pull the silky sheets around your chin, hugging them closer to you. Your foot stretches out, hitting the empty cold spot that was usually occupied by Jiyong’s body. You let out a deep sigh, withdrawing your foot before rolling onto your back. Jiyong hadn’t followed you when you’d left. That had annoyed you more than his insistence on sleeping in that filthy bed. He’d just let you go. And here you were, at 4 in the morning, unable to fall asleep because he wasn’t beside you. You were almost tempted to reach for your phone and call him, asking him what the hell he was thinking not coming home when you’d left so angry. The door creeks open, and a crack of light fills the room. Your eyes squint at the sudden brightness, and you can just make out Jiyong’s figure in the doorway.

‘What?’ You snap at him instantly. 

‘Sorry, baby. Did I wake you?’ His question is soft. You shake your head.

‘Not at all. I couldn’t sleep.’ Even in the dark, you are sure he could see the daggers you were sending him with your eyes. He shifts closer to the bed, his hands reaching to peel off the shirt he had been wearing. His torso is exposed slowly as it moves over his head, his muscles flexing and tattoos rippling with the movement. His low hanging jeans expose the band of his Calvin Klein underwear. You feel a prick of longing, but it is quickly suppressed by your anger. He unbuckles his jeans, shedding them instantly. He always slept in his underwear. 

‘Is it because I wasn’t here?’ He questions knowingly, shifting back the covers on the bed. 

‘No. It was because I couldn’t stop thinking about how pissed off I am with you.’ Your tone is flat, no amusement evident. 

‘Hey, hey now… I’m home and we didn’t sleep at Seungri’s, huh?,’ He offers. ‘You got your way.’ He enters the bed, attempting to snuggle close to you. Your hand pushes him gently, but he is persistent, pulling you into him. 

‘Ji… stop.’ Your voice comes out as a giggle, and as angry as you are with him, he knew how irresistible he was to you. Your anger dissolves with his persistence to hug you. 

‘I know you can’t stay mad at me baby girl.’ He presses you into him further, and you feel the pressure of his growing erection against you. 

‘You wouldn’t have just come home because you were horny, now, would you?’ You question with a raised eyebrow. 

‘Never. I came home because I love you and couldn’t bare spending the night without you.,’ He fluffs, a smirk appearing on his face. ‘You know that.’ 

‘Then why is your dick so damn hard?’ You counter. A sly look covers his face.

‘I wanna try something a little different tonight, baby. But only if you’re okay with it.’ His head shifts forward, kissing you gently. You meet his lips with apprehension. 

‘What do you want to do?,’ You question, slight worry creeping into your voice. 

‘I was talking to Seungri at the party and…’ 

‘No.,’ You interject immediately. ‘If it was Seungri’s idea, I know it will be terrible.’ Jiyong lets out a laugh.

‘Let me just show you. It’s nothing kinky, I promise.,’ He leans forward to kiss you, but your hand reaches up, a finger meeting his lips in protest.

‘Jiyong.’ You warn. 

‘I think you’ll love it. If you don’t, just say stop and we will forget we even tried it.’ Before you can complain further, Jiyong’s head has dipped below the covers. You feel his hands applying pressure on your thighs, requesting you to open your legs. You oblige, but throw the sheets off, a curious look on your face.

‘Jiyong, what’s gotten into you?’

‘I just wanna try something new, okay?,’ A gleam skips through his eyes, his hands trailing up your inner thigh. His tongue peeks through his lips, licking seductively, and you knew instantly what he was talking about. His hands reach your panties and he rubs his thumb along the outside.

‘Ji…’ You start to protest, but the feeling is building a familiar burning sensation in the pit of your abdomen. He trails a long string of butterfly kisses up the inside of your thigh, his lips hovering just over your lacy underwear.

‘Mmm?,’ The sound hums strongly and you are able to feel the vibrations against you. He shifts his thumb, a single kiss grazing lightly against the navy and gold lace material. You spark, your hips involuntarily pushing forward. ‘What is it, Jagi?’ He grins devilishly upwards at you. 

‘Don’t ruin my underwear… This pair was really expensive.’ Jiyong had a thing for your panties. He loved to quite literally rip them off you, and it had cost you countless pairs. 

‘It’s okay baby…,’ His warm breath dusts your mound. ‘I’ll just buy you some more.’ Another kiss follows his words, gently caressing you, before you feel his finger shift your panties to the side. His tongue slides delicately over your already wet folds, and a low moan escapes your lips. 

‘Jiyong… Shit.’ You let out a deep sigh as he flattens his tongue, running it over the full length. He chuckles, the vibrations causing you to moan louder. You throw your head back on the pillow, your breathing heavy. Jiyong’s tongue finds your clitoris, circling around it lightly. His mouth twists into a smile at the sounds he is eliciting from you. 

‘That’s it, baby.,’ He whispers into you. Your hips raise against his mouth, your legs opening wider to allow him better access. You don’t feel him raise his hand until he guides two fingers inside of you, curling them against your g spot in unison with his working tongue. You grind harder against him, the pressure of his mouth increasing in response to your eagerness. He continues working on your slit, his tongue delving into the folds for some time before he pulls away. You let out a weak whine in protest. ‘Fuck, baby. I didn’t think you’d get this turned on…’ His fingers continue to pump inside you. His eyes meet yours, and the only expression you see on his face is lust. His fingers leave you, and your whine increases in volume. 

‘Ji… Baby… No.,’ You beg, your hand reaching up to grasp his arm. ‘Please, keep going.’ He chuckles again, twisting out of your grip. 

‘Shhh, Jagi.,’ His fingers twist around your underwear, pulling them aggressively. You hear the distinct tear of the fabric, and you know you’ve lost another pair. ‘I can’t take it. I’ve got to fuck you, huh? You’re just so fucking sexy when you’re this hot and bothered.’ Before you can say anything, your torn panties have been discarded on the floor, and Jiyong is sliding his length slowly inside you. You groan as his body comes to press on top of yours, his movements start fast and hard almost instantly. Already turned on from his tongue, you climax after a few thrusts, your muscles tightening around his swollen cock. 

‘Fuck…’ You cry out as he continues relentlessly, placing a soft kiss on your forehead, his arms resting either side to steady himself. He kisses your nose, before his lips link with your mouth. You engage his tongue with yours as he pushes deeper into you. You lose track of time as the enjoyment he is giving you pulses through your groin.  

‘Get up.’ He orders you, his arms flexing as he presses himself off you. He comes to stand at the edge of the bed. You obey him obediently, also standing. He spins you so you are facing the bed, pushing you forward quickly. He bends you at the waist before his hands reach to grasp your hips. He enters you swiftly, pounding against you. You push your ass back, eager for him to reach deeper. His hips thrust at the perfect angle, his tip hitting you perfectly inside. He doesn’t stop, your groans becoming louder, until eventually you are cumming again, your pussy tightening around his cock. He let’s go, filling you as he cums. His thrusts slow slightly, until they cease all together. He gives your ass a sharp slap before withdrawing. You both collapse on the bed, Jiyong pulling you into his arm. 

‘Twice, huh?’ He asks you with a cheeky smirk. 

‘It could have been three times if you kept on with the tongue a little longer.’ You counter. 

‘I’ll have to tell Seungri it was a success then.’ He lifts a hand up to brush a strand of hair off your face. 

‘Or we could not tell Seungri.,’ You smile back. ‘It can be our little secret.’ 

SNK characters as things my father has said.

Eren: “No man, I’m serious! There were no walls!”

Jean: *hits me with a hard stuffed Bunny* “Don’t be a whimp.”
*hits himself with it*
“Ow, that shit hurts!”

Erwin: “you’re in college! Cover your damn books!”

Connie: “Wait, what? Madagascar is a real country?”
Bonus- “Egypt is not in Africa!… Is it?”

Sasha: “Don’t be stupid, that’s your brother’s job.”

Levi: “I’ve never met a kid who cries about eating ice cream.”

Mikasa: “Have you seen my gun? I lost it about a week ago.”

Armin: “I know a lot of usless information, Don’t I?”

Hanji: “I swear, I’m going to sell you kids and just buy more dogs.”


Stages of a Relationship: 5/10 - Bonding

Hello everyone! How are you all doing today? It’s still technically thursday here so I’m not late lol.

This is the next part of the SOAR Yoongi Series. It’s kinda long. I didn’t realize it until now. It’s actually 10 pages. Oops. lol

Okay, I feel like I should warn you all that not all the stages of a relationship are light happy…. And we are halfway through the cycle so um it’s gonna get angsty soon. 

 (As always the gif isn’t mine).

Stage One - Stage Two - Stage Three - Stage Four

The bonding stage is about the symbolic commitment of your relationship.

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It was Friday.

You and Yoongi were sitting comfortably on your sofa, eating takeout and watching a movie. Yoongi had stopped eating minutes ago and his hand rested on your thigh. You noticed out of the corner of your eye how he would open his mouth to speak but then to close it right back up. You internally shrug at the strange action.

He cleared his throat, trying to gain your attention. You were too focus on the drama happening on screen. He cleared his throat again.

“Do you need a cough drop?” you asked, raising an eyebrow at him.

He huffed as he removed his hand from you thigh. He slightly leaned away from you as he pouted. “I was trying to ask you something….”

“Oh,” you turned to face him. “I’m sorry. Go ahead and ask.” He looked over at you. You could tell he was hesitating. “What is it?” you pushed.

“Do you want to get breakfast on Tuesday?”

You face scrunched up in confusion. “Why are you asking me that?” you questioned back. “We always get breakfast on Tuesday,” you chuckled it off. “Stop being weird.”

Yoongi huffed again. “I was trying to - You know what? Nevermind. Just forget I said anything.” He leaned the back of his head against the arm of the couch as he draped his arm over his face. He continued to grumble incoherently. “I’m just going to take a nap.”

You eyed him for a moment, only returning to the movie you were watching when you realized that he was done with whatever tantrum he was throwing. You chuckled to yourself, “why are you so weird?”

“I can still hear you. I’m not asleep yet,” he grumbled, causing you break out into a full on laugh.

“What?” You stood at your front door, staring at Jin who stood in front you. He had knocked on your door quite insistently, dragging you out of you slumber. Once you had opened the door, he spewed out a request so fast, you weren’t completely sure that you heard him correctly.

He stood in front of you, nervously twiddling his fingers together. “Uh… I was wondering if you wanted to go on a date….”

“With you?”

“What’s wrong with me?” Jin asked as he casually strolled into your apartment, disregarding the confused look you threw at him. “I’m handsome. I’m desirable too, you know.” He walked straight into your kitchen with you following behind him. “But no, not me.”

“Then who?” You watched as he opened up your fridge and began analyzing the contents. He pulled out a jug of milk and sniffed before dry heaving.

“That is disgusting,” he quickly capped it and tossed it into the trash. “Ooh bacon!” he pulled out bacon and turned to you. “Breakfast?” he asked as he moved to your stove.

“Stop trying to distract me with food. Who are you trying to set me up with?” You crossed your arms and your eyes narrowed.

“It’s a blind date. It wouldn’t be a blind date if you knew who it was!” He rolled his eyes. “I promise that it’s not a creep or anything. You’ll probably like him.”

“I doubt that…” you mumbled. “I’m not going on a blind date. I’m not going on any date. So you can drop the bacon and leave.”

Jin pouts at you. “Okay, no date. But come on, let me make you breakfast for waking you up so early.”

“This is so a trap,” you whispered to yourself as you eyed him suspiciously. You relented the kitchen to him as you moved to cuddled into your couch in the living room.

Jungkook was being shady and you should have known the moment he called you up to study later that day. Before you could even give an answer he had hung up the phone and was knocking on you day ten minutes later. You huffed a sigh as you let him.

He stopped at you dining table and dropped a pile of books on top. You raised an eyebrow, surprised that he even brought books over. “Jungkook, what class are we studying for?” you asked.

“Biology, of course,” he declared as he sat down. You sat next to him and began to look through the book pile. “Why are you asking?”

“Because this book is for history, and this is a math book, and I think this is some kind of strategy guide for a video game,” you said as you pointed out each book. “None of these will help you with biology.”

“Oh, I must have grabbed the wrong books…” his voice trailed off at the end. “Well then we should just talk then!” he looked at you with a bright smile on his face.

“Talk?” you asked back. “About what?”

“Well, I have this friend-”

“Oh my god!” you interrupted with a gasp.


“You have friends, Jungkook. I had no idea,” you joked.

Jungkook scoffed and pushed you slightly. “Shut up and listen, okay,” he ordered. You nodded you head to encourage him to keep talking. “Okay, so I have this friend. And he likes this girl, and he’s pretty sure that the girl likes him too-”

“How does he know that? Did the girl confess?” You asked.

“Well…no, but like they spend a lot of time together. And it’s like they are practically dating, but they’re not,” he explained. He took a deep breath before continuing. “Anyways, how should he ask the girl out on a date or to be his girlfriend?”

You bit your bottom lip and hummed slightly as you thought it over. “Well, Jungkook, you should just be direct and ask her if you are sure that she likes you back.”

“Ah! It’s not me. It’s a friend!” Jungkook whined. “I have no issues with girls.”

“Jungkook,” you patted his back comfortingly, “you have no friends.”

The knocking on the door interrupted your movie. You let out an exasperated sigh as you placed your plate of pizza on the coffee table in front of you. You swung the door open to find Taehyung standing on the other side holding a measuring cup.

“Can I get a cup of sugar?” he asked.

“Sure,” you mumbled as you took at the measuring tool and walked into your kitchen. “What do you need sugar for anyways, you don’t even cook?”

“Well, maybe if someone took sugar away from you, you would realize how much you need him - I mean it, how much you need it, it being sugar…not a person….”

You scrunched your eyebrows together as you tried to piece together what he was saying. “Okay…” you opened up a cabinet and took down a bag of sugar. “You just need a cup?” you asked.

“Actually, can let me take the whole thing.” Taehyung grabbed the bag of sugar out of your hands. “Because you’ll appreciate it better when you don’t have it.”

“Are you saying I don’t appreciate sugar?” you questioned slowly, trying to make sense of the conversation you were having.

“That is exactly what I am saying!” He smiled proudly.

“You know I can just buy more sugar at the store, right?” you asked.

Taehyung’s eyes widened. “Well, maybe I’ll buy all the sugar the store has then! So then you can learn how to appreciate sugar!”

“Taehyung…” you chuckled lightly. “What is this really about?”

“Um nothing. Absolutely nothing at all.” He began to back away from you but you only followed after him.

“In fact, this whole day has been weird. First Jin and then Jungkook, and now you? It can’t be all a coincident now, can it?” You tilted your head slightly.

“Um, I have to go. I left my stove on. I’ll see you later, Y/N!” he quickly ran off, slamming the door behind him. You laughed to yourself before going back to your pizza.

“You know, Yoongi has the nickname of Suga?”

When you answered Hoseok’s phone call, you weren’t expecting that. “Um…okay?” you answered unsurely. You had just gotten out of the shower and was relaxing in bed.

“I just thought you should know,” Hoseok continued casually.

“It must not have been because of his personality, that grump,” you joked lightly, yawning in the process.

“Nah, I don’t remember why we called him that,” he agreed easily. “But I thought the knowledge would make sense of some recent events,” he hinted, you could hear the giddiness in his voice.

“Um…not really. But I’ll sleep on it and get back to you.” You yawned again before exchanging goodbyes and hanging up. “What is up with people today?”

The following days were just as confusing and weird. Everyone around you seemed to be talking in cryptic messages that just didn’t make any sense to you and it was driving you absolutely insane. And you swore that if Taehyung came buy to steal the sugar you keep having to re-buy it at the store in order to teach you to appreciate it better, you were going to end up stabbing him.

So when you sat across from Yoongi on Tuesday morning at the dinner, the first words that spilled out of your mouth was “What is wrong with your friends?”

Yoongi glanced up from his menu with a confused look, his mouth twitched slightly. “What do you mean?”

“I mean Jin, Jimin, Jungkook, Namjoon, Hoseok, and Taehyung are getting on my nerves and I don’t know what is wrong with them!” you complained with a frustrated groan. “Jin keeps trying to put me on this blind date. Jungkook keep asking me advice about girls. Namjoon just keeps patting my head and calling me oblivious. And oh my god, if I have to buy sugar one more time because of Taehyung - the cashier at the store probably thinks I’m crazy for buying so much. And it’s like he know just when I buy it because 10 minutes later he’s coming through my door to confiscate it.” You glared at Yoongi as he laughed at you. “It’s not funny, you try living through that!”

“Just ignore them,” Yoongi finally gets out as he catches his breath. “I’ll talk to them for you.”

You pursed your lips as you eyed him suspiciously. “You wouldn’t be the one to put them up to this would you?”

“Why would I do that?” he asked back seriously. “You know how they are. They’re probably just pulling a joke on you.”

Thursday came around and you were at another party. Hoseok had pulled you to dance as always, but he cut the dance short to talk with you.

“So Yoongi told us to leave you alone,” he began as he poured you a drink. “He said that we were upsetting you,” he smiled sheepishly at you as to apologize.

“You guys were driving me crazy!” You responded as you punched his shoulder. He flinched back dramatically causing you to laugh. “Why were you acting like that anyways?” you questioned.

“Yoongi’s nickname is Suga,” he answered.

“Okay? And?”

“What did Taehyung take away from you?” he questioned.

“Sugar?” You answered, still confused. He nodded his head, encouraging you to think harder about it but it just wasn’t connecting.

He sighed in disappointment before patting your head. “Namjoon was right, you really are oblivious.”

“Hey!” you shouted, offended.

“Oh look, the dance floor is calling my name!” he sang as he scurried away from you.

You pouted. You glanced around the room to find Yoongi. When your eyes settled on him, you smiled and went to go towards him but stopping when you realized who he was with.

Yoongi was leaning casually against the wall as he smile down at some girl in front of him. As he laughed, you grip on your cup tightened endangering the flimsy plastic to crumple. The girl laughed along with him and you glared at the pair. You sipped at your drink and soon you couldn’t tell if it was anger or alcohol that made your blood warm.

Why were you so upset anyways? Not like you were dating Yoongi.

You scoffed and attempted to look else where. But you eyes always managed to fall back on them. Her hand grazed his arm and you could no longer watch as she dug her nicely manicured claws into him.

Suddenly it made sense: appreciate sugar because Taehyung just might break your door down to steal it.

You sighed before slipping out of the party unnoticed. Or at least you thought it was unnoticed. You were shivering as you walked the sidewalk towards your home. Not even a block away, you felt the warmth of a jacket draping over your arms and a pine scent overwhelmed you.

“Why’d you leave like that?” Yoongi asked. “You could have froze to death.”

“You looked busy,” you mumbled back as you stared at the ground.

“I’m never too busy for you,” Yoongi argued as he swung his arm around your shoulder. You nodded along but remained silent.

Friday morning, you woke up next to Yoongi in his bed. You sighed quietly as you moved out of the bed, making sure not wake him. You silently gathered your things and looked back at him once last time before slipping out of the door.

He had called you the moment he woke up. You texted back saying an emergency came up but in reality you were just laying in your own bed, staring up at the ceiling and contemplating life.

“What’s a romantic way to ask a girl out?” Jungkook had asked.

You looked up from the biology homework you were attempting to complete. “You’re back at it with those questions for your so called friend?” You asked back jokingly.

“Just help me. He’s desperate!” Jungkook whines. “All he does is talk about her.”

You think it over in your head, “You should surprise her and get her a bouquet of her favorite flowers. Oh, you should sing for her too! You have such a nice voice,” you answered with a playful shove.

“I told you, it isn’t me. It’s for a friend!” Jungkook complained, but he had a cocky smile on his face from the compliment.

“Sure Jungkook,” you patted his head teasingly before turning back to your work.

Jungkook pouted as he started to play on his phone.

“Hey. Y/N?”


“What’s you favorite flower?” he asked in a sickly sweet tone.

You narrowed your eyes suspiciously. “Why?”

“Well, he doesn’t know her favorite flower. So I thought that maybe you would have a suggestion…” he answered hesitantly as he bit down on his lower lip and shrugged.

“I like white lilies,” you answered but your suspicion never dropped. “Jungkook, what are you up to?”

“Nothing! I swear. Now help me with number three,” he pushed his paper in front of you, successfully distracting you for the moment.

You walked out of English later that Monday, freezing when you noticed Yoongi standing on the other side of the hall with a bouquet of flowers in his hand - more specifically white lilies. He was concentrated on the flowers that he didn’t notice you at first. Sensing you gaze on him, he finally looked up. He smiled at you nervously before walking over.

“I got you flowers,” he commented as he handed the bouquet over to you. You took them in you hand and looked down at them.

“They’re pretty, thank you,” you whispered back. You looked up at him with a shy smile, bringing Yoongi’s gummy smile out.

“I’m not really a singer but I could rap if you want….” he trailed off, shrugging his shoulders.

You shook your head. “You don’t have to do that.”

“Okay. Um.” He cleared his throat. “Do you want to go out on a date with me?”

You nodded eagerly. “Yeah.”



You both laughed at the awkwardness.

He showed up at your door Tuesday morning with another bouquet of flowers. You walked to your normal breakfast spot while holding hands. You sat across from each other in silence, not really knowing what to say.

“Why are you being so awkward?” he blurted out.

“I’m awkward? You’re awkward!” You argued back. You crossed your arms and leaned back in your seat. “Great way to start a first date, Yoongi,” you said accusingly.

Yoongi rolled his eyes. “As if this is our first date,” he retorted. “What has everything else we have been doing together been? Were those not dates?”

“We were just hanging out,” you answered.

“If I paid, then it was a date.”

“That’s not how it works! Just because you paid doesn’t mean that it’s a date Yoongi” you argued back.

He huffed and mumbled something you couldn’t understand. You rolled your eyes at him. “Why are you playing hard to get?” he asked. “I know you like me.”

“I’m not playing hard to get!” You shouted back. You leaned forward and your hands were placed on the table in front of you.

“Oh hey Yoongi.” The outside voice broke you both out of your bubble. You both looked to see the girl from the party standing beside your table with the waitress uniform on. “Oh is this the girlfriend you were talking about? She’s so pretty!”

The scowl you had on your face immediately disappeared. Yoongi had a smirk on his face as he grabbed your hand. “She seems to think that we have never dated,” Yoongi answered.

“It’s not a date you don’t ask me,” you explained as your cheeks warmed up.

“I did ask you. Did I not ask you to get breakfast with me?” Yoongi retorted.

“Yes. To get breakfast! Not to go on a date.”

The waitress giggled at the two of you. “Yoongi, it’s not a date unless you say it’s a date. She can’t just assume that every time someone asks her to do something with them that it’s a date,” she agreed with you.

You smiled up at her for the support. “See! She gets it.”

Yoongi scowled as he leaned back and crossed his arms. “Fine. Then I’m asking you to be my girlfriend.”

“What?” you asked, your jaw was slightly dropped.

“Be my girlfriend,” he started again.

“What?” you repeated, this time your voice was laced with challenge.

“Ah, how many times do I have to say it. Be my girlfriend.” He was clearly annoyed by this point.

“Yoongi, you might have better luck if you phrase it as a question,” the waitress explained as she giggled at the exchange. “You really are hopeless at this stuff, huh?” She shook her head jokingly as she walked away from the table to help another guest.

You sat in front of him with cross arms and a raised eyebrow challenging him. Yoongi took a deep breath before he started in. “Y/N. I really like you. You are really beautiful and you put up with my attitude,” he smiled as you chuckled at the comment. “And sometimes you can drive me crazy by being difficult, but I’m difficult too so that’s fair. Will you be my girlfriend?” As you opened you mouth to respond, Yoongi quickly interjected to add something. “If you say no, I’ll have Taehyung still all your sugar fro the rest of your life until you agree!” he declared happily.

“I knew you put them up to that!” You gasped as you pointed your finger at him accusingly.

“Yeah, yeah, whatever. Just answer the question.” He waved his hand.

“Yeah, yeah, whatever. I guess I’ll be your girlfriend,” you mocked back.

“Well, girlfriend. Can I have a kiss?”

Exo Dorm III
  • Suho: it's time to go! Are you all packed?
  • Sehun: Hyung, we don't have enough bags for 12 peeeeeeeeopleeeeeee! I had to aegyo like 3 hyungs just for a whole suitcase!
  • Tao: Hyung, Chanyeol took a whole suitcase for his shoes and hats!
  • Chanyeol: he's just salty because he can't find his nightlight. Don't worry, I'll share my hats.
  • Chen: yeah, with Baek maybe.
  • Baekhyun: I will fight you, Jongdae. I am sTiLL mad about that whole lets-tell-xiumin-baekhyun-sexted-luhan thing. My phone password is uNcrAcKAble now.
  • Kai: is it hapkido-badass-69?
  • Baekhyun: shit
  • Galaxy: *sighs* okay this is a serious issue, who wants to share their suitcase with Tao?
  • Lay: he can share with me
  • Tao: only if you leave your ukulele here and I can bring my iron for my clothes
  • Lay: that's fine, all I really need is a briefcase. I'm a badass dontcha know (^▪^)
  • Xiumin: so here's my question why does the unicorn badass get to pack 1 shirt and 10 underwear but the manager has to pack MY stuff and there's 1 shirt and the rest is actual 5-year-old's clothes?
  • Luhan: you can use my suitcase Minnie
  • Suho: aw, that's nice, how much space do you have lu-- DeAR LOrD HOW MUCH LINGERIE can you fit into one suitcase
  • Luhan: it's man lingerie. I'm a man.
  • Suho: jfc I'll just buy you all some more luggage
  • Kyungsoo: or you could just get rid of some members... or most of them...
  • Kai: yeah, I'd rather travel with exo-l's anyway jagi, you're so right
Close Call

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Hello lovely :) It’s my birthday tomorrow and I wanted to send a wish for a Bucky imagine :) You and him are fighting all the time , but secretly you both fell in love. One mission Bucky is mad that you joined the mission even though he asked you not to. Then you get shot while saving Bucky and he nearly loses you in his arms as he holds you. - anon


A/N- Okay I realise that’s it’s been at least a month or two since your birthday but happy belated birthday and I hope this is what you were after!

“Bucky I swear to God if you eat all my cereal again I’m going to kill you,” you screamed holding the empty box of your favourite cereal, you had only bought it a few days ago and Bucky had already eaten all of it, you only got one bowl. It happened almost every time you got it and you were sick of it.

“Calm down,” Bucky rolled his eyes as he walked casually into the kitchen, “You can just buy some more.”

“I shouldn’t have to buy some more if you hadn’t eaten it all on me again. It’s not even funny, if you like it so much buy your own or maybe ask if you can have some. This shit is expensive,” you complained angrily.

Bucky rolled his eyes and held his hands up in defense, “Fine, fine, jesus. I’ll go out to the store and buy some more. Happy now?”

“Yes,” you said through clenched teeth and stormed out of the room.

Keep reading